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1957666 * S HISTORICAL 



3 1833 01092 3446 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 

©cion papers. 







Embracing some Documents, interesting and valuable, not 

heretofore published, including the Census of 

New Hampshire of 1790 in detail. 








1 884. 



JOINT RESOLUTION relating to the preservation and publication of 
portions of the early state and provincial records and other state 
papers of New Hampshire. 

Resolved by the Senate a?id House of Representatives in General 
Court convened : 

That his excellency the governor be hereby authorized and empow- 
ered, with the advice and consent of the council, to employ some suit- 
able person — and fix his compensation, to be paid out of any money in 
the treasury not otherwise appropriated — to collect, arrange, transcribe, 
and superintend the publication of such portions of the early state and 
provincial records and other state papers of New Hampshire as the 
governor may deem proper ; and that eight hundred copies of each 
volume of the same be printed by the state printer, and distributed as 
follows : namely, one copy to each city and town in the state, one copy 
to such of the public libraries in the state as the governor may desig- 
nate, fifty copies to the New Hampshire Historical Society, and the 
remainder placed in the custody of the state librarian, who is hereby 
authorized to exchange the same for similar publications by other states. 

Approved August 4, 1881. 

In accordance with the foregoing resolution, the governor, with'ad- 
vice of the council, on the 12th day of October, 1881, appointed and 
commissioned Isaac W. Hammond as "Editor and Compiler of State 


This volume completes the public. ition of the documents 
relating to the towns in this state, which were collected by 
the editor in 1879 and 1SS0, placed in volumes in the office 
of the secretary of state, and labelled " Town Papers, Collec- 
tion of 18S0," and " Indian and French Wars, and Revolution- 
ary Papers, Collection of 1880." There are twelve of the 
former and four of the latter ; and the figures in brackets at the 
beginning of each article in this volume refer to the number 
and page of the manuscript volume where the original docu- 
ment may be found. The characteristics of this volume are 
similar to the two next preceding, and it will be necessary, in 
most cases, to examine the three, to find all the matter relating 
to any town. An abstract of the contents may be found at the 
commencement, which will give the reader an idea of the nature 
of each document ; and at the end is a copious index, containing 
all the names of towns and persons mentioned, with reference 
to every place in which they occur. The compilation of said 
index required a large amount of labor, but without one full 
and complete, an historical work loses a large portion of its 
value ; — and the editor respectfully calls the attention of gentle- 
men who are compiling town histories, to the importance of 
indexing the same fully and completely. 

The increasing interest manifested by the citizens of the state, 
generally, in matters relating to its early history, is strong evi- 
dence of their intelligence and patriotism, and augurs well for 
the future. 

The amount of time and money expended in the publication 
of these volumes is small, compared with the benefits that will 
accrue to our citizens in various ways ; and it is believed that 
the wisdom of our legislature in authorizing their publication, 


and of the governors and councils in causing the same to be 
done, will become more apparent and be still better appre- 
ciated as time passes on, and that these volumes will be highly 
valued by succeeding generations. 

The editor desires to express his grateful acknowledgments 
to His Excellency Samuel W. Hale and the honorable council 
for their cordial support and encouragement, in his labors ; to 
Hon. A. B. Thompson, secretary of state, for valued counsel ; 
and to many other citizens of the state for the helpful- interest 
they have shown in the work, and their readiness to answer 
any and all requests made of them in furtherance of its compi- 

In accordance with the provisions of a joint resolution of the 
legislature, approved August 4, 18S1, the governor, with the 
advice of the council, has authorized the publication of the 
Revolutionary War Rolls of this state, and the work has been 
commenced. These rolls do not exist in duplicate, and many 
of them are torn and defaced in consequence of much handling. 
The importance of their publication as the best way to preserve 
the names of those brave and determined men is apparent to 
every patriotic citizen of the state who has examined them. 

Concord, May, 1884. 




Record of Masonian Grant, 1773, 

Petition for incorporation, 1778, . 

Petition of Jonas Minot relative to taxes, 1780, 

Petition relative to a road from Kearsarge Gore to Pro 

tectworth, . . 

Vote for an issue of paper-money, 1786, 
Petition for appointment of a magistrate, 1787, 
Petition for authority to tax non-residents, 1790 
Vote relative to annexation of part of Kearsarge Gore 

1792, . . . . . . 

Petition relative to proprietors' meetings, 1795, 
Petition relative to proprietary matters, 1796, 


Introduction, . . . . . . 

Case of assault, 1731, ..... 

Decision of court in foregoing case, 

Warrant for arrest of Sambo, 1 73 1 , 

Petition relative to an election, 1745, . 

Petition for a ferry over Exeter river, 1750, 

Remonstrance to said petition, 

Petition relative to New Market bridge, 1755, 

Petition of Edward Fox, soldier, 1756, 

Petition of Chase Wiggin, soldier, 1761, 

Petition of Josiah Wiggin, soldier, 1760, 

Account of supplies furnished a soldier, 1779, 

Petition of Jonathan Mason, soldier, 17S0, . 

Relative to assistance to soldiers' families, 1775. 

Reference to a plan of land, 1764, 

Request for permit to send stock out of the province, 


l 9 
l 9 



Petition relative to militia, 1775, . . 
Petition relative to rnilitia affairs, 1775, 
Petition relative to militia officers, 1775, 
Petition relative to church matters, 1777, 
Members of the west society, 1778, 
Petition relative to New Market bridge, 1780 
Relative to the adoption of U. S. articles of confedera 
tion, ........ 

Petition for the appointment of a magistrate, 1884, 
Petition for authority to call a special meeting, 1785, 
Petition relative to repairing New Market bridge, 17S5 
Report of committee on foregoing, 
Petition for removal of said bridge, 17S5, 
Remonstrance to said removal, 1786, . 
Remonstrance from citizens of Epping to same, 
Deposition of Hubartus Neal relative to same, 
Deposition of Walter Bryent relative to same, 
Vote relative to church matters, 1793, . 
Petition relative to church matters, 1793. 
Relative to a soldier who died of small-pox, 1761 
Account of supplies furnished same, . 

' 20 

2 5 


3 1 ' 32 

4 1 




Introduction, ....... 

Names of men residing at Sugar river, 

Petition for a new grant of the township, 1768, . 

Return of ratable polls, 1783, .... 

Petition to have proceedings of lown-meeting legalized 

■783, • 

Remonstrance to same, ..... 

Vote of town relative to issuing paper money, 1786, 
Concerning service in the Revolution, 17S4, 
Statement of James Doud relative to same, . 


4 £ 



5 1 


Introduction, ..... 
Rev. Thomas W. Powers ordained, 1755 
Bounds of a highway, 1747, 
Relative to a road laid out in 1699, 
Action relative to highways, 1755, 
Statement relative to highways, 1755, 
Report of committee on same, 
Petition for opening a highway, 1755, 
Consent of inhabitants relative to same 
Warrant for town-meeting, 176S, 




5 l 





Proceedings at said meeting, 1768, 

Proceedings at town-meeting, 1769, 

Committee appointed to request a redress of grievances 

Depositions relative to illegal proceedings in town-meet 

ing, 1769, 

Relative to trouble between the churches, 1770, . 
Relative to line between Newton and South Hampton, 
Report of committee on the same, 1 771 , 
Relative to assessment of taxes, 1777, . 
Protest against seating a representative, 1776, 
Soldier's order, 1784, ...... 







Introduction, ...... 

Relative to first town-meeting, 1780, . 
Petition of Thomas Lyford, soldier, 1782, . 
Soldiers' orders, ...... 

Civil magistrate wanted, 1785, 

Relative to a ferry over Merrimack river, 1785, 

Petition for a ferry, 1785, .... 

Petition for a magistrate, 1786, . 
Petition for a magistrate, 1787, . 







Introduction, . . . . 

Petition for the confirmation of a town line, 1742, 

Action of the legislature on foregoing, 

Petition relative to church affairs, 

Petition of Palmer and Fogg to be "set off to Rye, 

J 744> • • • 

Petition for a land grant, i749> .... 

Liist of associates, ...... 

Petition relative to election of representatives, 1758, 
Petition relative to same, ..... 

Petition relative to parish affairs, 1779, 

Petition relative to election of representative, 1783? 

Petition of Stephen Brown, soldier, 1759, • 

Petition of Jonathan Wedgwood, 1 761, 

Petition of Samuel Davis, soldier, 1763, 

Soldier's order, 177S, ...... 

Petition of Abraham Marston and James Wedgwood 

soldiers, ........ 

Account for supplies to soldier's wife, 1782, 
Petition of Daniel Gookin, soldier, 1785, 
Relative to the town's quota of soldiers, 1786, 

7 i 

7 2 


f 3 




I 7 




Introduction, ....... 

Petition relative to a road from Conway, 1780, 

Report of a committee relative to building a road, 

Return of ratable polls, 17S3, . 

Petition for authority to establish a lottery, 1791, 

Petition for grant of a ferry, 1785, 

Petition for a new county, 1791, . 

Petition for a special tax to build a bridge, 1799, 


S o 9 


9 1 



Introduction, ...... 

Petition for a magistrate, 1774, . 

Petition for a magistrate, 1785, . 

Petition of William Glidden, soldier, 1785, . 

Petition of Samuel Trickey, soldier, 17S6, . 

Petition for a magistrate, 17S5, . 

Petition for incorporation of the Baptist society, 

Remonstrance to same, .... 

Petition relative to laying out a road, 1788, . 
Report of committee on same, 1789, . 





Introduction, ...... 

Soldiers in First N. H. Regiment, 
Soldiers in the service in Revolutionary war, 
Petitions of sundry Presbyterians to be joined to Wind 
ham, ...... 

Relative to town line, 1756, 
Trouble at town-meeting, 1756, . 
Vote of town relative to minister rates, 
Petition of Robert Mason, soldier, 1760, 
Petition of Israel Blake, soldier, 1761, 
Vote relative to a division of the town, 1765, 
Vote relative to a division of the town, 1771, 
Petition for a division of the town, 1 77 1 •• 
Petition of Peter Hanson for a divorce, 1778, 
Petition of John McCoy, marine, 1779, 
Relative to John Whitehorn, soldier, . 
Petition of Anna Thomas, soldier's widow, 17S1, 
Soldier's receipt, 17S1, 
Deposition relative to a soldier, 1782, . 
Petition for a magistrate, 17S5, . 
Vote relative to paper currency, 17S5, 





1 10 







Introduction, ....... 

Petition of Simeon Olcott for grant of Cardigan, . 

Petition of Fellows and Larabee for grant of Cardigan 

Captain Joseph Kinne's return of soldiers, 1777, 

Captain Joseph Kinne's return of soldiers, 1779, 

Petition for incorporation of the town, 1779, 

Petition relative to assessing taxes, 1780, 

Inventory of lands of non-residents, 17S0, 

Inventory of polls and ratable estate, . 

Service done in the army by the town, 

Petition of inhabitants relative to taxes, 1783, 

Petition relative to taxing non-residents, 1783, 

Petition relative to a road, 17S3, 

Petition to be incorporated, 17S3, 

Petition for relief in the matter of taxes, 

Petition for authority to tax non-residents, 1785, 

Petition relative to a magistrate, 1785, 

Petition relative to raising money to repair roads, 

Petition relative to selling land for taxes, 17SS, 

Petition relative to raising money to repair roads, 1788 

Petition to have the town incorporated, 1789, 

Petition relative to raising money to repair roads, 1791 , 


Introduction, ....... 

Record of convention, Vermont controversy, 1778, 
Nehemiah Estabrook to Meshech Weare, 177S, 
Petition for authority to tax non-residents, 1 77 1 ' 
Proposal of proprietors relative to minister's salary 


Proprietors' expenditures, .... 

Petition of William Simpson for a ferry. i773» 

Proceedings at a proprietors' meeting, 1773, 

Inventory of polls and estates, 1779, 

Soldiers' receipts, 1778 and 1782, 

John Lapish's discharge from the army, 17S3, 

Note relative to other discharges, 17S3, 

Petition relative to doomage, 17S3, 

Petition relative to supplies furnished scouts, 1786, 

Petition relative to taxes, ..... 

Petition relative to suppressing thistles, 1795' 

Petition for incorporating an academy, 1 797' 

Petition for incorporating a school, 1797, 


Introduction, ....... 

Petition for an incorporation, 1785, 


IT 3 
IJ 3 

TI 5 













I3 1 




Petition for abatement of taxes, 17S8, . 

Soldier's order, 1781, . 

Petition for authority to raise money by a special tax to 
repair roads, 1791, ....... 

Relative to a discovery of iron ore, 1790, 




Introduction, ........ 142 

Petition of citizens of Salem and Pelham for a grant of 

land, 1750, . . . . . . . . 143 

Petition of Phebe Gage, soldier's widow, 1758, . . 144 

Petition of William Bell, soldier, 175S, . . . 145 

Petition of Francis Knowlton, soldier, 1760, . . 145 

Bounty to Reuben Hamblet, 1782, .... 145 

Petition relative to tories and deserters, . . . 145 

Petition relative to procuring soldiers, 1777, . . 146 

Petition relative to procuring soldiers, 1779, . . 147 

Petition relative to forming counties, 1769, . . . 148 

Petition relative to a poll parish, 17S6, . . . 149 

Vote relative to a poll parish, 1786, .... 150 

Return of ratable polls, 1783, ..... 150 

Petition relative to the observance of Sunday, 1784, . 150 

Petition for a poll parish, 17S6, ..... 151 

Petition to have a library incorporated, 1797, . . 152 


Introduction, . . . . . 

Soldiers in First N. H. Regiment, 

Petition for a guard against Indians, 1747, • 

Petition for incorporation, 1757, .... 

Consent of citizens of Buckstreet to same, 1758, . 

Committee's report on foregoing, 1759, 

Petition relative to ministerial affairs, 1763, 

Action of the legislature on same, 

Petition of Jonathan Dix for a ferry, 1774, . 

Reference to plan of Merrimack river, 

Inhabitants recommend Dix, 

Measurements relative to said ferry, 

Petition for ammunition, 1776, . . . 

Relative to Captain McConnell, 1777, 

Statement relative to a town-meeting, 1777, 

Petition to be annexed to Col. Stickney's Regiment, 

Soldier's discharge, 17S0, ..... 

Captain Nathaniel Head's return, 17S0, 

Captain Nathaniel Head's return, 17S1, 


lS l 
lS i 
I5 $ 



160, 161 





Petition relative to Samuel Daniell, 17S2, . 
Petition relative to electing a representative, 1788, 
Petition of Bryant and Bartlett for liberty to erect a toll 

bridge, 1790, 

Memorial concerning same, .... 

Petition for authority to raise money by lottery to build 

a bridge, 1791, 

Petition of Green and Noyes for authority to erect a toll 

bridge, 1791, . 

Petition of Duncan and Livermoi e for authority to erect 

atoll-bridge, 1791, 

Petition for a lottery to build the bridge, 1791, 
Remonstrance of citizens of Buckstreet against being 

annexed to Allenstovvn, 1798, 
Petition of citizens to be annexed to Allenstovvn, 179S 
Measurements of sundry roads, .... 











Introduction, ....... 

Petition for help to build a fort, 

Petition relative to Rev. John Morrison, 1 77 1 , 

Extract from minutes of presbytery, 1771, 

Action of the presbytery, 1771, 

Petition of William Scott relative to bounties, 1777, 

Relative to the town's quota of soldiers, 1779, 

Relative to Major Robert Wilson, 1778, 

Statement of Daniel Russell, soldier, 17S0, 

Statement relative to John Halfpenny, soldier, 1783, 

Soldiers' orders, 17S4, ..... 

Petition of John Young, soldier, 17S5, 

Return of ratable polls, 17S3, .... 

Relative to Rev. John Morrison, 17S3, 
Petition of selectmen relative to same, 
Petition of selectmen relative to setting off the east part 
of the town, 17S4, ...... 

Vote of town relative to same, .... 

Petition relative to same, 17S5, . .". ■ . 

Petition for authority to tax non-residents, . 
Petition relative to a school, 17S8, 
Petition of Sarson Belcher, relative to some land, i7^7» 
Petition of sundry citizens to be set oft', 1790, 






Introduction, ..... 
Notice to proprietors of a meeting, 1765 
Arms and ammunition wanted, 1776, 




Petition for an abatement of taxes, 17S3, 

Inventory of polls and estates, ijSo-'Si* 

Soldier's order, 1786, .... 

Relative to the town's quota of soldiers, 17S6, 

Report of committee on same, 

Sundry persons annexed to Wentworth, 1786, 

Soldier's certificate, 1786, 

Petition of Parker Stevens for a ferry, 1788, 

Petition for authority to tax non-residents, 1789, 

Petition for the annexation of an island, 1794, 


J 93 




Introduction, ..... 

Return of ratable polls, 1783, 

Petition of Ebenezer Bean, soldier, 1791 



Introduction, ....... 

Inventory of 1773, . . . . 

Return of Capt. Russell's company, 1777, . 

Plainfield men at Saratoga, 1777, 

Plainfield Continental soldiers, .... 

Petition of citizens of Meriden relative to the formation 

of a military company, 1 78 1, 
Names of members of said company, 1781, 
Soldiers' orders, 1784, ..... 

Sundry inhabitants relative to taxes, 1785, . 
Petition of Joseph Kimball for a ferry, 17S5, 
Tax on Gov. Wentvvorth's rights, 1786, 
Petition for a poll parish, 17S8, 
Rank of sundry officers, 178S. .... 

Relative to services in the Revolution, 1791, 

Amos Stafford for an allowance, 1 795 5 soldier, . 

Relative to glebe reservation, 1795, 

Kimball & Gallup for authority to construct locks, 1796, 

Petition for incorporation of a library, 1797, 





Relative to election of a representative, 1774, 

Relative to Hugh Potter, 1775, 

Petition for settlement of town lines, 177S, 

Ezekiel Gile's resignation, 17S0, 

Return of ratable polls, 1783, 

Petition of John Pollard, soldier, 1760, 

Petition of Matthew Bryant, soldier, 1763, 







Soldier's order, 1778, . . . 

Soldiers' receipts, 1783, 

Enlistment, 1783, 

Petition of Jesse Davis, soldier, 1783, . 

Actionof legislature on same, 

Relative to representative class, 1786, . 

Vote relative to an issue of paper money, 1786, 

Recommendations to the legislature, paper money, 

Petition for appointment of Joseph Welch, 

Relative to the claim of Allen's heirs, 1786, 

218, 219 


Introduction, ........ 222 

Petition for a survey of the town, 1772, . . . 223 

Relative to orders for raising soldiers, 1775, . . 225 

Relative to election of representative, 1775, . . 226 

Supplies furnished soldiers, 1 77S— '79, . . . 227 

Resignation of Col. David Hobart, 1779, . . . 227 

David Nevens, soldier, 1784, ..... 227 

Soldier's widow's order, 1784, . • . . . . 228 

Return of ratable polls, 1783, ..... 228 
Petition for authority to raise money by lottery to build 

a bridge, 1785, ....... 228 

Consent of town to the taking off of the south-west part 

thereof, 1791 , . . . . . . . 230 

Petition of sundry citizens for a new town, 1791, . 230 
Relative to a disputed town line, . . . 231, 232 
Relative to setting off the south-west part of the town, 

1792, .... . ...... 232 

Petition for annexation of the territory in dispute, . 233 

Petition of town agent for same, 1792, • . . 234 

Petition for authority to elect a representative, 1799, . '235 


Introduction, ..... 
Patriotic offer of John Langdon, 
Account of soldiers' wages, 1696, 170S, 
Warning for a militia muster, 1697, . 
Precept for election of assemblymen, 1693, 
Return of assemblymen 1694, 1695, 
Precept for election of assemblymen, 1697, 
Return of assemblymen, 1698, 
Relative to dealers in strong drink, 1701, 
Relative to parochial matters, 1714, 
Relative to taxes; complaint, 1716, 
Relative to a purchased servant, 1721, 



238, 239 




Act relative to ministers' salaries, 1720, 

Relative to parochial matters, 1723, 

Vote of first parish, 1728, .... 

Relative to a bridge over the mill-dam, 1732, 

South parish petition, 1737, 

Answer to committee of the first parish, 1737, 

Statement relative to parish matters, 1737, 

First parish rates, 1737, 

South parish rates, 1737, .... 

Action of the legislature on foregoing, 173S, 

Petition of sundry inhabitants for the grant of a town 


Relative to some French prisoners of war, 1745, 
Petition of Benjamin Thomas, Louisbourg soldier, 
Petition of Mary, wife of Col. Moore, 1745, 
Petition of Dr. Joseph Pierce, Louisbourg soldier 
Petition of Louisbourg soldiers, 1746, 
Petition for the establishment of a workhouse, 1752, 
Relative to a road through John Pickering's land, 
Petition of Samuel Penhallow, soldier, 1759, 
Objections to a bridge over Little Harbor, 1757, . 
Petition of William RacklifF, soldier, 1759, 
Complaint against market-men, 1765, 
Petition for the erection of a lighthouse, 1765, 
Action of the legislature on same, 
Petition relative to stamp-act riot, 1766, 
.Relative to hogs running at large, 
Petition for the passage of an act to oblige tax-payers to 

give in their property under oath, 1769, . 
Petition relative to market, fire-wards, taverns, etc 

rt J 77^ 

Statement relative to a market, etc., . 
Protest against theatrical performances, 1773* 
Relative to small-pox. 1773? .... 

Pest-house regulations recommended, 1773' 
Departure of Gov. Wentworth, 1775, . 
Communication from committee of safety, i775> • 
John Carpenter's statement, 1776, 
Instructions to assemblymen. 1776, 
Petition to have a price fixed on commodities, 1777? 
Letter from John Langdon relative to the enemy at 

Penobscot, 1 779" •••••« 
Petition to send the ship Hampden to Penobscot, 
Statement of matters in town, 1779, 
Relative to town affairs, 1780, .... 
Instructions to representatives, 17S0, . 
Memorial of Maj. Sherburne, wounded soldier, 


2 55 

25 l 



2 73 





Simeon Fernald, soldier, 1 7S0, 291 

Petition of Elizabeth Lewis, soldier's mother, 1782, . 292 

Petition of Richard Sherman, soldier, 1782, . . 293 

Soldier's order, 1782, ...... 293 

Supplies to soldiers' families i78i-'83, . . 294, 295 

Bounties to soldiers, ....... 295 

Portsmouth men in Revolution, 1777— '8r , . . . 296 

Vote on eighth article of confederation, 1783, . . 297 

Petition of wardens of Queen's Chapel, 1785, . . 297 

Relative to laying out a road, 1786, . . . . 298 

Relative to duties on imported goods, 1787, . . . 299 

Petition to have imported books exempted from duties, 300 
Petition for authority to raise money by lottery to build 

a market-house, 1790, ...... 301 

Petition for incorporation of the first parish, 1791, . 302 

Petition for incorporation of Episcopal church, 1791, . 302 

Petition for incorporation of Universalist church, 1793, 303 

Petition for authority to bridge Sagamore creek, 1797, 303 

Piscataqua bridge, cost and revenue, 1798, . . 304 

Petition for the incorporation of an aqueduct, 1797, . 305 
Petition for the incorporation of St. John's Lodge, 

F. & A. M., 305 


Introduction, '...... 

Relative to locating a meeting-house, 1768, 

Report of committee on same, 

Vote of town relative to same, 1769-70, 

Relative to the election of representative, 1774, 

Account of supplies to soldiers, 17S2, 

Certificate; Judith Wormwood, 

Return of ratable polls, 1783, 

Samuel Nay recommended for a magistrate, 







Introduction, . . . . . 

Certificate of soldiers mustered, 177S, 

Joseph Blanchard's bounds of the town, 1752, 

Richmond proprietors' names, 

Justice of the peace chosen, 1776, 

Petition for change of date of annual meeting, 

Allowances to soldiers, 1778, 

Soldier's order, 17S5, ..... 

Oliver Capron for a magistrate, 17S2, 

Instructions to representative, 17S6, 

Henry Ingalls for a magistrate, 17S5, . 






Henry Ingalls's petition in favor of, 

Quaker's petition to be exempted from military duty, 
i788-' 9 6, . . 

>tv<-! u* w\ ■ 


Introduction, ....... 

Petition of the proprietors for incorporation, 1751, 

Petition for confirmation of the first grant, 1750, . 

Relative to counterfeit money, 1776, 

Petition of David Russell, soldier, 1778, 

Petition of James Crombie, 1779, 

Col. Enoch Hale's return, 1779, 

Petition from the wife of Col. Nathan Hale, 1780, 

Petition from Samuel Whiting, soldier, 1780, 

Bounties paid to soldiers, . . . 

Resignation of Col. Enoch Hale, 17S3, 

Relative to Isaac Leeland, soldier, 1785, 

Selectmen relative to soldier's pay, 1782, 

Petition relative to soldier's pay, 17S3, 

Petition for authority to elect a representative, 1785, 


3 2 4 

3 2 7 
3 2 7 


33 l 



Relative to ministerial affairs, 1737, 

Action of legislature on foregoing, 

Petition for a guard, 1744, . 

Petition for representation, 1762, 

Governor's 01-ders respecting the same, 

Petition relative to Dover bridge, 1770, 

Stephen Berry, Jr., soldier, 1748, 

Soldier's order, 1778, .... 

Maj. Tebbetts's petition, 1779, 

Soldiers' orders, i7So-'S4, 

Daniel Wingate's bounty, 1783, . 

Petition of Jotham Nute, soldier, 17S9, 

Petition relative to lumber act, paper money, etc. 

Petition of Samuel Nute, soldier, 1790, 

Petition of John Tanner, soldier, 1791, 

Report of a committee on a division of the town, 1794 

Petition for incorporation of the north-west parish 


Petition for incorporation of Congregational Society, 
Vote relative to a division of the town, 179S, 
Petition from the north part to be set off, 1802, . 
Consent of town to foregoing, .... 



34 6 




Introduction, .... 
Petition for incorporation, 1796, . 
Report of a committee on foregoing, 



Introduction, ..... 

Statement of grievances, 1770, 

Committee to procure arms and ammunition, 1776, 

Petition for a supply of arms and ammunition, 

Certificate of Peter Mahew, 1779, 

Return of ratable polls, 1783, 

Soldier's order, 1780, 

Soldier's receipt, 1781, 

Samuel Holland's land tax, 1785, 

Petition for a magistrate, 17S5, 

Petition for authority to raise money by special tax, 


Introduction, ...... 

Petition for a lottery, to drain a pond, 1756, 
Lottery scheme, ..... 

Alleged illegal election, 1775, 

Petition of Jonathan Philbrick, soldier, 1760, 

Petition of Joseph Towle, soldier, 1761, 

Petition of Samuel and Nicholas Marden, soldiers 

Soldiers' enlistment, 1776, 

Soldiers' orders, 17S1-84, 

Petition of Peter Akerman, soldier, i777> 

Rye men in 2d N. H. Battalion, 

Relative to Continental soldiers, 1783, ' 

Samuel Jenness for a magistrate, 17S4, 

Relative to a class for representative, 17S4, 

Report of a committee on laying out a road, 

Petition relative to military grievances, 1785, 


3 6 3 
3 6 4 
3 6 4 



Introduction, ...... 

Petition relative to formation of counties, 1769, 
Petition relative to service in the army, 1778? 
Soldiers' orders, 1778, 
Petition of Aaron Copp, soldier, i779i 
Salem man, in 2d N. II. Battalion, 
Petition for incorporation, Baptist Society, 
Return of ratable polls, 1 7S3, 

37 2 



Petition to have an election set aside, 1783, 
Statement relative to said election, 
Petition for the appointment of a field officer, 1784, 
Petition Baptist Society for incorporation, 1797, . 



Introduction, ....... 

Salisbury men in First N. H. Regiment, 
Action of legislature to guard the frontiers, 1754, 
Petition of Samuel Scribner relative to his capture by 
the Indians, 1759, ...... 

Vote relative to a division of lots, 1773, 

Petition of Peter Bowen, soldier, 1755, 

List of Capt. Ebenezer Webster's company, 1776, 

Alarm list, and men in the army, 1776, 

Dr. Joseph Bartlett chosen justice of the peace, 1779 

Capt. Webster's return, 1777, . . . . 

Return of men for abatement of poll tax, 
Enlistment, 17S1, ...... 

Depositions relative to John Ash, soldier, 

Account for bounties, men's names, 

Petition for authority to erect a toll-bridge, 1793, 

Report of a committee on same, 1794, 

Petition for incorporation of Salisbury Academy, 

Petition for incorporation of a toll-bridge, 1800, 

381 i 

382 1 

3S4 I 




Introduction, ..... 

Justice of the peace wanted, 1770, 

Petition in favor of David Sanborn, 1770, 

Petition of Capt. Chase Taylor, soldier, 1778, 

Petition of Thomas Lyfoid, soldier, 1780, 

Soldier's order, 1792, 

Petition of Solomon Copps for a ferry, 1781 

Petition for a magistrate, 17S4, . 

Number of ratable polls, 1 7S3, 

More justices of the peace wanted, 1785, 

Petition in favor of a paper currency, 17851 

Petition for change of date of annual meeting, 

Petition of Tilton Bennett for a ferry, 179S, 

Petition for incorporation of a library, 1797? 

Petition for incorporation of Sanbornton Musical 

ciety, 1799, . . . . 

Petition for incorporation of Baptist Society, 1802, 
Vote of town relative to same, 


395. 39 6 









Introduction, ....... 

Petition relative to election of representative, 1776, 
Return of ratable polls, 17S3, ... 
Relative to line between Sandown and Chester, 
Relative to militia affairs, 1785, . 
Relative to paper currency, etc., 1786, 
Petition from one of the Exeter insurgents, . 
Petition from John Colby, soldier, 1761, 


Introduction, ........ 

Sandwich and Moultonborough inventories, 1773, 
Petition relative to Moses Page, soldier, 1778, 
Petition to have a town-meeting legalized, 1780, 
Petition relative to an illegal election, 1776, 
Taxes on Exeter Academy lands, i78i-'82, 
Petition for an issue of paper money, 1786, 
Disputed line between this town and Tamworth, 1782, 
Return of ratable polls, 1783, . 
Relative to taxes on academy lands, 17S8, . 
Statement relative to roads, bridges, etc., 1791, . 
Non-resident's answer to foregoing, 1791, . 
Petition for special tax to build roads, 1796, 
Non-resident's remonstrance to same, . 


Introduction, ........ 

Relative to payment of Rev. Samuel Perley, i77°> 
Civil magistrate wanted, 1776, . . . . . 

Petition relative to town's quota of soldier's, 1778, 
Petition from sundry Quakers, 1784, . 
Return of ratable polls, 17S3, . 



Introduction, ........ 

Statement of town affairs in 1786, . . • 


Introduction, ........ 

Act incorporating Somersworth as a parish, 1729? 

Enlistments under Capt. Job Clements, 1748, 

Soldiers' petitions, 1753, 1 757^ 1760, . 

Petition for a separation from Dover, 1754, 

Petition relative to mills on Salmon Falls river, 1760, 



























4 2 3 











Relative to incorporating the same, 1761, 

Maj. Wentworth's account, 177S, .... 

Soldiers' orders, Noble, Wentworth, Cromwell, and 


Somersworth men in 2d N. H. Battalion, 

Return of Capt. James Carr s company, 

Soldiers in 1775— '76, ....... 


Introduction, ....... 

Town fast-day appointed, 1742, .... 

Vote to settle Rev. William Parsons, 1742, 
Vote relative to setting off the west part, 1748, 
Order to impress Christopher Flanders, 1759, 
Statement of several Crown Point soldiers, 1761, 
Certificate of enlistment, 17S0, .... 

Petition of sundry persons to be annexed to Newton 


Return of ratable polls. 1783, .... 

Declination of Hon. Phillips White, 1783, . 

Protest against the adoption of articles 8 and 9 of the 

confederation, 1783, ..... 

Hon. Phillips White declines a senatorship, 
Petition relative to a town line, 1794, 









Introduction, ...... 

Relative to Wentworth's reservation, 
Relative to Wentworth's reservation, 17S0, 
Petition of settlers on same, 17S0, 
Report of committee on same, 17S0, 
Oliver Whipple's statement relative to same, 
Samuel Gilman's statement relative to same, 
Names of settlers, ..... 

Petition for a lot for a grist-mill, 17S1, 
Petition relative to road through New London, 
David Bean chosen justice of the peace, 1786, 
Petition for incorporation, 1793, 


Introduction, ...... 

Petition for incorporation, 


Introduction, . 

Petition for leave to tax non-residents, 1795 5 

Petition for amendment to act of incorporation, 







45 2 




Introduction, ..... 

Men in First N. H. Regiment, . 

Warrant for town-meeting, 1776, 

Protest against election of representative, 1776, 

Disorder at a town-meeting, 1776, 

Summons to Oliver Parker, 1776, 

Proceedings of town committee of safety, 1776, 

Recipe to make a whig (unique), 

Petition of Oliver Parker, 1776, 

Petition in favor of Oliver Parker, 1776, 

Petition relative to a disputed line, 1776, 

Petition relative to same, 

Action of the legislature on same, 

Relative to an illegal town-meeting, . 

John Robbe, wounded soldier, 1778, . 

Richard Richardson, soldier, 1782, 

Soldier's order, 1784, 

Return of ratable polls, 1783, 

Petition for authority to levy a special tax to build a 

meeting-house, etc., 1787, 
Committee to locate the meeting-house, 
Report of same, .... 

Petition for authority to tax non-residents, 1794, 
Relative to disputed line, 1798, . 


Introduction, ..... 

Statement of town affairs, 

Petition for incorporation, 1778, . 

Inventory, ..... 

Relative to an attack by French and Indians 

Petition for a guard, 17S0, . 

Return of ratable polls, 1 7S3, 

Soldier's order, 

Relative to two redeemed captives, 1785? 

Relative to Burnside's ferry, 1786, 

Petition for a new county, 1791, 

Petition for abatement of taxes, 

Petition for grant of Governor's island, 1794? 


Introduction, ...... 

Petition for grant of Wiggin's ferry, i74 3 > • 
Warrant for a meeting to settle a minister, 1744; 
Vote relative to ministerial affairs, 1747' 








469, 470 






John Leavitt, Jr., soldier, 1748, 

Documents relative to Crown Point soldiers, 

Statement relative to George March, 1776, 

Petition for appointment of John Taylor, 1775 

Petition relative to military affairs, 1777, 

Soldier's order, 1781, 

Accounts for supplies to soldiers, 1780, 

Return of ratable polls, 1783, 

Vote on the paper money question, 1786, 

Paine Wingate for a magistrate, 1785, 

Petition in favor of Nicholas Rawlings, 

Committee chosen to present a plan for an issue of 

paper money, 1786, 
Report of said committtee, 


Introduction, .... 
Petition for incorporation, 17S6, 
Report of committee on foregoing, 
Petition relative to boundaries, 1793, 
Petition for grant of a township, 1798, 

48 c 

4 8e 




49 * 

492 j 

492 1 


Introduction, ...... 

Petition for arms and ammunition, 1776, 
Petition for incorporation, 17S1, 
Statement of condition of inhabitants, 1782, 
Soldiers' orders, ..... 

Certificate relative to Mrs. McBritton, 

Statement of men in the Revolution, 

Statement relative to service in the war, 1786, 

Statement relative to soldiers' bounties, 1789, 

Petition for a new town, 1789, 

Remonstrance to same, 1790, 

Vote of town of Lempster on same, 179I5 

The town objects to same, 

Petition to have corner bound of Goshen fixed, 


498, 499 



Introduction, ...... 

Petition for annexation to Peterborough, 1777? 
Petition for incorporation, 17S6, 
Petition for authority to levy taxes, 1787, 



Introduction, ..... 
Petition of Lemuel Holmes, soldier, 1780, 




Petition of Thomas Dodge, soldier, 1783, . . . 510 
Petition of Lemuel Holmes, soldier, . . . 510,511 

Biographical sketch of Hon. L. Holmes, . . . 512 

Relative to collection of beef for the army, . . 512 

Return of ratable polls, 1 7S3, 513 

Relative to date of annual meeting, 1784, . . . 513 
Petition for authority to raise money by lottery to work 

a silver mine, 1786, . . . . . . 514 

Remonstrance against incorporating a Baptist Society, 

1800, . . . ... . . . 515 

Sundry persons consent to said incorporation, . . 515 


Introduction, ........ 516 

Sutton soldiers, 1777, ...... 516 

Assistance to soldier's family, 17S3, . . . 517 

Petition for incorporation, 1783, .... 517 

Benjamin Wadleigh for magistrate, 1786, . . . 518 
Petition for the appointment of a committee to fix un- 
certain bounds, 1794, . . . . 518, 519 


Introduction, ...... 

Swanzey soldiers in First N. H. Regiment, 

Fort Dummer committee, 1744, 

Petition of Timothy Harvey, soldier, 1778, 

Resignation of Lieut. Col. Joseph Hammond, 

Relative to Moses Belding, soldier, 1778, 

Relative to Noah Parkhurst, soldier, 1781, 

Petition from several soldiers, 17S2, 

Soldiers' orders, 1784, . . , 

Petition of Joseph Hammond, soldier, 1786 

Statement concerning town affairs, 17S1, 

Petition concerning Amasa Parker, soldier, 

Winchester claims said Parker, 1786, 

Parker's receipt for bounty, 

Concerning Samuel Epperson, soldier, 

Certificate of muster-master, 

Certificate of Jonathan Woodcock, soldier, 

Relative to bounties paid to soldiers, 

Relative to Jonathan Wooley, soldier, 

Bill for pasturing government cattle, 1789, 

Vote on adopting articles of confederation, 

Return of ratable polls, 1 7S3, 

Relative to beef tax, 17S4, 

Relative to an issue of paper money, 17S6, 





5 2 9 


5 2 9 
533> 534 



Petition of sundry citizens to be annexed to Marl- 
borough, 1793, 

Consent of town to same, ...... 


Introduction, ....... 

Answer to Sandwich petition, representative, 1776, 

Petition relative to state tax, 1778, 

Return of ratable polls, 17S3, 

Soldiers' orders, ..... 

Certificate of bounty to Jos. Ames, 
Petition of selectmen, taxation, etc., 1793, . 
Petition for a committee to settle disputed lines 
Directions for perambulating the line between 
town and Eaton, 1796, .... 

Return of said perambulation, . . . 


Introduction, ...... 

Vote relative to incorporation of the town, 1768, 

Some inhabitants of Wilton join, ' . 

Petition of sundry persons for separation, 176S, 

Petition for incorporation, 1768. 

Statement of proceedings of Wilton, 

Relative to a road over the mountain, 1768, 

Petition from Wilton, 176S, 

Remonstrance from Wilton, 

Petition of inhabitants for incorporation, 1768, 

Relative to some New York tories, 1776, 

Soldiers' receipts, 1777-' 78, 

Petition of William Drury, soldier, 1778, 

Petition of Robert Fletcher, soldier, 1779, ,. 

Petition of Ezekiel Goodale, soldier, 17S0, . 

Petition of inhabitants of Borland's farm, 1780, 

Petition for a lottery to build glass-works, 1781, 

Statement of the lottery managers, 1782, 

Return of ratable polls, 17S3, 

Petition for leave to elect a representative, 1784? 

Petition relative to militia, 1785, 

Petition for incorporation of a library, 






542, 543 



55°, 55i 



557 a 



5 6o > 5 6 4 



Introduction, ..... 
Petition for a second grant, 1768, 
List of grantees, .... 

Town inventory, 1773, 
Petition for arms and ammunition, 1776, 







Petition for an incorporation, 1781, 
Letter from John Pierce to Mr. Thornton, 1780, 
Receipt of Jonathan Child, 17S1, 
Return of ratable polls, 1783-85, 
Certificate of George Patterson, soldier, 1793, 
Statement relative to a dispute between this town 
the town of Peeling, 1797, . 


Introduction, ....... 

Statement relative to town affairs, 1789, 
Petition for abatement of soldier tax, 1794, . 
Complaint against Woodbury Langdon, 1797, 


Introduction, ... . . 

Warrant for town-meeting, 1779, 

Concerning Jonathan Pettingill, soldier, 

Concerning state tax, 1786, 

Concerning warning a man out of town, 17S6, 

Oath of allegiance, 17S7, .... 

Vote relative to the formation of Goshen, 1790, 

Petition relative to dividing the town, 

Vote relative to dividing the town, 

Remonstrance to same, 1791, 

Petition for a new town, 1794, . 

Remonstrance to same, 

Account for feeding soldiers, 1777, 

Petition of Jos. Huntoon, soldier, 1779? 

Relative to Richard Brown, soldier, . 


Introduction, ..... 
Account of supplies furnished soldiers, 
Soldiers* receipts, i7Si-'S2, 
Petition of Peter Barter, 1782, 
Soldiers' orders, .... 

Petition for a repeal of the lumber act, 
Relative to arrears of taxes, 1791, 
Petition for incorporation of Union Library, 














, 589 

. 589 

589, 590 





Introduction, 592 

Records of proprietors' meeting, 1 736^38, . . 593 > 595 
Names of original grantees, ..... 596 
Petition for encouragement to manufacture linseed oil, 
*773> • • • • 597 



Petition in favor of Dr. Silas Baldwin, 1763, 
Statement of county committee of safety, 1776, 
Return of officers in the T6th Regiment, 1776, 
Relative to the manufacture of fire-arms, 
Relative to a sick soldier, 1777, . 
Petition of Isaac Calcott, soldier, 1778, 
Soldier's order, 17S0, 
Petition for a lottery, 1780, 
Statement of grievances, 
Statement relative to Vermont controversy, 1781, 
Petition for authority to erect a toll-bridge, 
Soldiers' orders, 17S4, 
Petition of Samuel Eastman, soldier, . 
Petition of B. Bellows for a ferry, 1785, 
Petition for help to clear the river channel, 
Petition relative to formation of Langdon, 
Petition of J. Bellows for a ferry, 1792, 
Petition of John Nott, 1793, 


Introduction, . . 

Record of proprietors' meeting, 1741, 

Roil of Capt. Flood's company, . 

Soldiers' deposition relative to back pay, 

Return of soldiers enlisted, 1778, 

Relative to election of representative, 1778, 

Returns of soldiers, 1780, 

Simon Ward, certificate of service, 1780, 

William Lowell, wounded at Bunker Hill, 

William Lowell, certificate of Maj. Ballard, 

Soldier's order, . . . . . 

Relative to allowance for soldiers, 17S6, 

Relative to Dr. John Currier, 17S6, 

Relative to locating a meeting-house, 1788, 

Relative to Joseph Sawyer for justice of the peace 

Relative to Zebulon Morrill for coroner, 

Kearsarge Gore for a division, 179 2 ? • 

Kearsarge Gore, annual meeting, 1799, 



Introduction, ..... 
Tames Aiken, Bunker Hill soldier, 
Return of ratable polls, 1783, 
Petition relative to an election, 17S6, . 
Petition for authority to tax non-residents, 






Petition for incorporation, 1776, . 

Men in First N. H. Regiment, Revolution, 

Petition relative to town bounds, 177S, 

Soldiers credited to Washington, T782, 

Petition of Samuel Lowell, soldier, 17S4, 

Petition in favor of Dr. Harris, 1784, . 

Petition relative to locating a meeting-house, 1786, 

A portion of the town voted off, 1787, 

Memorial relative to representative class, 

Relative to sale of lands for taxes, 1790, 

Relative to disputed line, 1793, 

Relative to election of representative, 1794, 


Introduction, . . . . 

Weare men in First N. H. Regiment, Revolution, 
Petition of Thomas Kennedy, soldier, 1760, 
Petition of Stockman Sweat, soldier, 1781, 
Petition of Mary Sinclear, soldier's widow, 
Record of a meeting in the east part of the town, 
Petition for a parish in east part of the town, 1786, 
Report of committee on same, .... 
Return of ratable polls, 1783, .... 
Relative to a grammar school, 1788, . 

6 33 




6 39 


Introduction, ....... 

Petition for a new grant of forfeited shares, 

Statement relative to taxation, etc., 1777, 

Return of ratable polls, 1783, 

Petition for a represenatation, 1799, 

Soldier's order, 1792, ..... 

Remonstrance to the incorporation of the Universalist 
Society, 1801, ...... 

Petition for incorporation of same, 

Another remonstrance, ..... 


6 43 






Petition for a grant of the township, 1773, 
Petition for incorporation, 1S04, 
Action of the legislature on same, 





Introduction, . , 

Men in First N. H. Regiment, 

Petition for a grant from New Hampshire, 1750. 

List of grantees, .... 

Disputed boundaries, 1752, 

Petition for arms and ammunition. 1776, 

Jonathan Holton, Bennington soldier, 

Col. Bellows's return of enlistments, 1779, 

Ensign Aldrich's order, 1776, 

Soldier's petition, 1779? 

Petition relative to Moses Thompson, 1780, 

Relative to Ezra Gates, soldier, 1780, 

Petition of Dr. Heber Miller, 

Relative to David Johnson, soldier, 1779, 

Petition of David Johnson, 1780, 

Petition of Lois Johnson, 1 7S6, 

Statement of disturbances in town, 1781, 

Memorial of some citizens against a union with Ver 

mont, 1781, ..... 
Petition of James Simonds, soldier, 1781, 
Soldiers in Capt. Stone's company, 1780, 
Relative to collecting taxes, 1782, 
Bounties to soldiers, 1783, 
Relative to Nehemiah Pierce, soldier, . 
Recommendations for magistrates, 17S4, 
Josiah Willard, relative to a ferry, 1785, 
Solomon Rollins, relative to a ferry, 17S5, 
Micah Reed, relative to a ferry, 17S5, 
Relative to a horse lost in the service, 1785, 
Isaac Butterfield, relative to a ferry, 17S5, 
Ebenezer Britton recommended for major, 
Vote on paper-money question, 1786, 
Certificate of nails made, 1 791, 
Certificate of nails made, 1792, 
John Kathan, for a ferry, 1799, 
Josiah Marsh, for a ferry, 1799, • 
Petition for the incorporation of the Baptist Society, 



Introduction, . .... 

Men in First N. H. Regiment, 
Petition relative to county bounds, 1769, 
Petition relative to bridge over Souhegan river, 
Account of provisions sent to Cambridge, 1775, 
Objections to articles of confederation, 177S, 




Wilton soldiers, 1776, 
Jonathan Gray, Bunker Hill soldier, . 
Petition for town representation, 17S0, 
Justice of the peace wanted, 17S3, 
Recommendations for field officers, 
Vote relative to issuing paper money, 1786, 
Statement relative to militia affairs, 1786, 
Statement relative to school matters, 1788, 
Certificates relative to same, 1788, 


Introduction, ..... 
Men in First N. H. Regiment, . 
Relative to the original grantees, 1753, 
Col. Samuel Ashley's resignation, 1779, 
Relative to an omission in return of soldiers 
Relative to fish in Ashuclot river, 17S4, 
Petition to be restored to citizenship, 1785, 
Relative to fish in Ashuelot river, 1786-88, 
Petition for a lottery, 1795, 


Introduction, ..... 

Men in First N. H. Regiment, . 

Relative to province taxes, 1743, 

Men assessed in the Methuen and Dracut district, 

Petition for incorporation, 1750, 

Relative to an illegal election, 1768, 

Certificate of publication of warrant, . 

Statement of Samuel Barr, 

Warrant for town-meeting, 1768, 

Constable's statement, 

Remonstrance to foregoing petition, 

Several petitioners recant 

Statements of Hugh Graham and others, 

Relative to an astronomical instrument, 

Letter from James Betton, 1776, 

Instructions to James Betton, 1776, 

Petition for a lottery, 1777, 

Relative to a disputed line, Salem, 17S2, 

Remonstrance to taking oath of allegiance, 

Windham soldiers, ' 777 _ '7^, 

John Simson, Bunker Hill soldier, 

Dr. Thorn's certificate, 

James Wilson, soldier, 

Petition for enlargement of the town, 1782, 

Instructions to representative, 17S3, 


692, 693 

6 93 








Vote on eighth article of confederation, 1783, 
Petition for authority to elect representative, 
More effective Sunday laws wanted, 
James Betton for a magistrate, 17S4, . 
Complaint concerning meeting-house, 1791, 
Account of James Betton's travelling expenses, 


Introduction, . . . 

Petition for authority to tax non-residents, 

Petition for incorporation, 1790, 

Report of committee on same, 

List of voters in Campbell's Gore, 1791, 

Remonstrance of sundry citizens, 

Petition for authority to levy taxes, 1793, 

Petition for incorporation, 1798, 



7 2 3 
724, 726 



Introduction, . . . . . 

Minutes of laying out a road from Wolfeborough to 

Plymouth, ....... 

Account of taxes on Gov. Wentworth's estate, 
Men in the army, 1776, ..... 

James Wiggin, soldier, 17S0, .... 

Soldier's order, ....... 

Petition of Reuben Libbey, soldier, 1786, . 
Petition relative to a new town, 1785, 
Report of a committee on same, 
Remonstrance to same, 17S6, .... 

Petition to be annexed to Ossipee, 1795, 
Petition from Wolfeborough Addition, 1800, 
Consent of non-resident proprietors, . 
Certificate of amount of land taxed, 1800, . - . 
Dates of incorporation, etc., of towns not mentioned 

in the three volumes, ..... 

List of towns in the state of Vermont granted by Gov 

Went worth, ....... 



Letter from Sabastian Ralle, 17 16, 

Letter from Gov. John Belcher concerning line be 

tween New Hampshire and Massachusetts, i733» 
Letter from Gov. Francis Bernard concerning same, 
Theodore Atkinson concerning same, 1767, 
Dover militia officers, i73i-*32, .... 
Soldier's order, 1775, 





















Piermont drafted men, 1777, 758 

Lloyd's Hills, 758 

Documents relating to Vermont controversy, . . 760 

Proceedings of committee meeting at Hanover, . . 762 

Report of committee, 1777, 764 

Statement of Jonathan Chase relative to Gen. Sulli- 
van's opinion, 1 78 1, . . . . . . 765 

Census of New Hampshire in detail, 1790, . . . 767" 

Index to names of towns, places, etc., . . . 775 

Index to names of persons, ..... 781 



The documents in this volume were copied from the manuscripts in 
Vols. VIII, IX, X, and XI, "Town Papers," collection of 1880, and 
Vols. Ill and IV, "Indian and French Wars, and Revolutionary Pa- 
pers," in the office of the secretary of state. 

The numbers in brackets at the commencement of each article indi- 
cate the volume and page where the original may be found. 


Page 127, 7th line from top, for 1773, read 1778. 

133, 1 8th line from bottom, for 1882, read 1782. 

241, 9th line from bottom, for 1793, read 1693. 

264, bottom line, for 1856, read 1756. 

339, 2d line from top, insert Tebbits after Ebenezer. 

393, 17th line from top, read Daniel Sanborn instead of David. 



Early. Town Papers. 


The largest part of the territory now contained in this 
town was granted by the Masonian proprietors, July 7, 1773, 
to Jonas Minot and others, as an addition to the Alexandria 
grant, previously made by the same proprietors. The ter- 
ritory had been known by the name of Heidleburg for some 
years previous to this grant, and was subsequently so 
called by some ; although in all official documents which 
I have seen, it is designated Alexandria Addition, from the 
date of the grant until it was incorporated June 25, 1779, 
by its present name. It was surveyed by Jeremiah Page 
prior to the grant (Vol. XI, p. 10), and granted in accord- 
ance with a plan by him made. The first meeting under 
the incorporation was called by Samuel Messer, and held 
Aug. 3, 1779. 

June 19, 1793, lots numbered from 19 to 25, inclusive, in 
the north-west part of Kearsarge Gore, were annexed to 
New London. 

The town has been enlarged by the addition of territory 
taken from Wendell (Sunapee) as follows : A portion taken 
by an act approved Dec. 11, 1804, and another June 19, 
18 1 7. 

The northerly part was severed by an act approved June 
18, 1807, combined with a portion of Kearsarge Gore, and 
incorporated into the town of Wilmot. 


[8— i] [Record of Masonian Grant, 1773. ~\ 

Province of New Hampshire — 

At a meeting of the Proprietors of the lands purchased of 
John Tufton Mason Esq 1 " in New Hampshire, held at Ports- 
mouth on the 7 th day of July 1773 — 

Voted also that there be and hereby is granted unto the be- 
forenamed Jonas Minott Jonathan Bagley William Bailey John 
Talford, William Talford, Matthew Thornton, .Robert Mc- 
Murphy Daniel Rindge and Joshua Talford, on the Terms, 
Conditions, Limitations & Reservations herein after exprest — 
a certain tract of land Situate in the County of Hillsborough 
and province of New Hampshire, bounded as follows, viz' be- 
gining at the Southwesterly Corner of Alexandria aforesaid, on 
the Patent line and running on said Patent line to Fishersfield 
Corner, in great Sunipe Pond, from thence East on the north- 
erly Side line of Fishersfield, four hundred Seventy two rods, 
to Parrys Town Corner, then north eighty five degrees east, 
about four miles to a Beach tree marked on Parrys town 
line ; from thence north thirty nine degrees east, about Sixteen 
hundred and Seventy two rods, to a Beach tree marked in 
alexandria Corner ; from thence north twelve degrees West, 
to the Patent line aforementioned, on the Westerly Side of 
said alexandria — To have and to hold to the said Minot his 
Heirs and assigns for ever, the one moiety of said land, 
and to the said Jonathan Bagley, William Bailey, John Tal- 
ford, William Talford, Mathew Thornton, Robert M c Murphy ? 
Daniel Rindge And Joshua Talford, and to their respective 
Heirs and assigns for ever, the other Moiety, thereof ac- 
cording to their Respective Rights and Shares in said alex- 
andria upon the following Terms Conditions, Limitations, and 
Reservations, that is to Say — That one third part of said land 
is hereby reserved to the said Grantors, their Heirs and Assigns 
for ever, Viz 1 Lot N° 74, N° 40, N° 12S, N° 38 N° 49, N° 122, 
N° 24, N° 94, N° 119, N° 121, N° 70, N° 95, N° 58, N° 10, N° 
50, N° 36, N° 55 N° 67, N° 136, N° 126 N° 3, N° S4, N° 125, 
N° 17 N° 42, N° 29, N° 61, N° 90, N° iS, N° 37, N° 83, N° 102 
N° 120 N°43 N° 92 N° 1 iS, N° 4, N° 106 N° 19 N° 14, N° 
71, N° 7, N° 15 N° 39, N° 46 — and two lots in the plan re- 
turned of said tract, a third of which said two lots is reserved 
to said Grantors, and belongs to their said third part of said 
land, besides the particular lotts before-mentioned, which said 
reserved third part shall be held by said Grantors, free from all 
Taxes and charges whatever, that may arise Concerning the 
roads, buildings, Ministry Settlements and other publick affairs 


whatever, untill the Grantors lands Shall be improved, and 
then only the particular lott so improved, shall be liable — 

Copy of Record 

Attest Geo : Jaffrey Prop" CI 

[8-2] [Petition for Incorporation, 1778. ~] 


To the Hono 11 Councel and house of Representives Convened 
at Exeter the Secont Wednesday of march Next 


The humble Portion of a number of inhabetants of a Tract 

(of land in the State of Newhampshire Known by the name of 
Alaxandria addition or newlondon Sitivat Between old Alax- 
Iander and fishers field and Parrytown : humbly Sheweth that 
your Portisherners Labour under a Grat Disadvantage Being 
Joyined to Old Alaxander on the accont of Tax Sation the 
Distance being Seven or Eight miles threw the Woods whare 
there is no Road, nor Cannot be aney Easley had the Ground 
Being so- Ruff and mountanies, and your Portisherners being 
Wholy Deprived of anney Privilege of assessing ower Selves 
as Selectmen Can be Expected in the Sitevation we are in at 
Present among us Tharefore your Portisherners Prayer is that 
we may be incorporated into a Town and have the Same Privi- 
leges that other Towns in this State have your Portisherners 
1 ar willing Cheerefully to Pay ower Equill Porpotion of Taxes 

with aney other Town in this State Provided we are in Ca- 
pasety to asses ower Selves and like wise your Portisherners at 
Present Laboure under Grat Disadvantages Concurning Clear- 
ing and Repairing highways among us, as your Portisherner in 
Duty Bound Doth Ever Pray — 

January y" 22 : 1779 — 

Samuel Messer Ephraim Gile 

Nathan Goodwin Jedidiah Jewett 

Noah Kidder Israel Huntting 

James Lam Jacob Hadley 

Ebn r Huntting Nathaniel Stevins 
Benj a Eastman 

[In H. of Rep., March 10, 1779, a hearing was ordered 
for next session. The town was incorporated June 25, 
1 779— Ed.] 


[8~3] \_yonas Minot, relative to Taxes, I/80.'] 

To the Hon'ble Counsel and House of Representatives for the 
state of Nevvhampshire : In Generall Court Convened att 
Exeter on Wedensday the Ninth Day of February in the year 
of our Lord 1780 — 

the Petetion of Jonas Minot of Concord in the County of 
Middlesex and State of the Massachusetts who humbly Shew- 
eth, that the State and Contenentall Tax, on the Town of New- 
london, in this State, for the year 1779 was £641-13-4, that 
your Petitioner acording to his Interest in Said Newlondon 
Should Not Pay one fifth of the above Said Sum owning Not 
one third of the Land in Said Town of Newlondon which s d 
Lays in the State of Nature Except Small Improvements on 
one Lot that your Petitioner is Assessed toward the above s d 
Sum £268-6-2 — furthermore that your Petetioner is Assessed to 
the State and Contenental Tax in the Township of Alexandria 
in this wState for ye year 1779 — for his unimproved Lands More 
than twenty Percent, for the Surae total those Lands we are 
Aprised at, by the Select Men of S fl Alexandria under their 
hand in February AD 177S — 

your Petetioner. although Taxt Something in the Same man- 
ner in boath Said Townships, for the year 1777 and 17781 find- 
ing the Expence of a Redress — Grate, and in Expectation, of 
No Such Agreviance in Future Submitted. & Paid the whole 
of the Taxes for those two years — your Petetioner being Sensa- 
ble at that Time that the Assessers for those Townships had 
assessed for much Larger Sums than they had Precept for — and 
with an Intent as one of those Assessers him Self Declared to 
Trim up the Non resident Proprietors — further more the In- 
habitants of Said Newlondon having Specialy Bargained and 
agreed to pay the High way Tax, on your Petitioners Land 
untill improved for which your Petetioner Paid them in Lands — 
yet they have Taxt your Petitioner towards the Highways in 
S d Town for the year 1779 in the Sum of £125-5-8 your Peti- 
tioner in this Situation finding him Self to have Voice in the 
Proceedings of those Towns & Driven to Dispare of any other 
Remedy. Prays this Honourable Court would Take his Case 
into Consideration : and in their wisdom Give order that his 
Lands in those Townships May Not be Sold for those Taxes 
untill he is heard in Court on the Premises your Petetioner as 
In Duty Bound Shall Ever Pray 

Jonas Minot 



[8-4] [Relative to a Road from Kearsarge Gore to Pro- 
tectworth, 1784.] 

New London May 31 st 1784 

To the Honorable, the General Court of New Hampsheir, your 
Petitiners the Inhabitants of New London 

Humbly Sheweth that we have Receiv d a Request from the 
Select men of Protect worth, Reqtiireing of us that we within 
Eighteen Days from the Date of their Request, do Lay out Si, 
Cut & Repair a road from Keirsearge Gore through the North- 
erly Part of New London to Protectworth, being about four 
miles, & in Case of our Neglecting to do the Same, do Declare 
that they Shall Send to the County of Hillsborough, & that they 
will Send a Commite to Lay out a Road on our Cost, & this 
Place where they do Require a Road bein Remote from any of 
the Inhabitants of this town, and the Land Very Broken, the 
Cost of a Road must be Great, which the Inhabitants of this 
town are Not able at Present to do without other Assistance, 
we Being but thirty two Poles of the Inhabitants Paying Pole 
tax for them Selves, & the Greatest Part of us in Low Circum- 
stance, their Not being one fourth Part of the Land in this 
town, owned by the Inhabitants, and also their Not being any 
Land Left for Road, in the Laying out of this town, adds to 
our Dificultys — 

For which Reasons we your Petitioners Humbly Pray, your 
Honours, that we may be Impowered to tax the wild Land of 
the Non Residants, Lying in this town, with ourSelves, for the 
Purchasing of Land for Roads, that are Nessasary in this town, 
& also for the Opening and Repairing of the above mentioned 
Road, Requested by the Select men of Protectworth, which 
Request if your Honours Shall See Cause to Grant you will 
favor your Humble Petitioners 

Levi Harvey 
Eben r Huntting 
John Adams Juner 
James Brocklebank 
John Ardway 
Ezekiel Knowlton 
Penuel Everett 
Eliphalet Gay 
Levi Everett 

Nathanael Everitt 
Joseph Ardway 
Sam 1 Brockelbank 
John morgan 
Ephraim Gile 
John Astens 
David Astens 
Nathan Goodwin 
Abner Whittier 

Peter Sargent 
Eben r Sargent 
Tohomas Whitier 
Anthony Sergent 
Samuel messer 
Benjamin Adams 
John Dole 
How Messer 



[8-5~] [ Vote for Paper Money. ~\ 

to the General Cort of the State of New Hampshier Holden at 
Exeter on the first wensday of this instent 

I would begg Leave to in forme your Honours that the in- 
habitants of New London have voted to have paper money 
made at a metting held on the 31 st of Augst Last that was Noti- 
fied for that purpos — 

witnes my hand — 

Levi Harvey town Clark 

New London Sep* 2 d 1786 

[8-6~\ \_Petition for Civil Magistrate, 1787. .] 

State of Newhampshier Hillsbourough. ss 

To His Exelency the President and Council met at Concord the 
first wenday of June Next: 1787 Convean d 

Humbly Shueth that ware has we are Disteute of a Justice of 
the Peace in this Place begs Leave to ask the favor that you 
wod in your wisdom and Prudence Comishon Lieu* Levi Har- 
vey in that office So that the good order of Peace may be keep 
up and the athority of this State be not Abrogaded, for which 
we your Humble Petitionors are in Duty Ever bound to pray 

Newlondon Aprill 13 th 1787 

Eben r Shepard 
Levi Everett 
Israel Slack 
Penuel Everett 
David Smith 
Eliphalet Gay 
Ezekiel Knowlton 
Nathanael Everitt 
Jonathan Herrick 
Joseph Colby 
William Hutchins 

John Adams 
Jonathan Everitt 
Jonathan Adams 
Benjamin Adams 
Solomon Adams 
John Adams juner 
Thomas Burpe 
Asa Burpe 
John Dole 
James How Messer 
Samuel Messer 

James Brocklebank 
Peter Sargent 
Sam 11 Brockelbank 
Nathan Goodwin 
Jedidiah Jewett 
Abner Whittier 
Anthony Sargent 
John morgan 
Ephraim Gile 
Sam 1 Brockelbank 

[8-7] [Petition for authority to tax Non- Residents, I?p0.~] 

To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives of the 
State of New hampshire at Concord in Said State in General 
Court Convened 

[8-$] [ Vote relative to annexing a fart of Kearsarge 

Gore, 1792.] 

Newlondon Sept 3 rd 1792 

this may Sertify that at A town meeting held this Day in 
Said town by A Request of A Nomber of inhabetance of Kear- 
sarge Gore and persenting the Substance of A petition and the 


we your petitioners inhabitants of the town of New London 
in Said State hereby beggs leave to aquaint your honours that 
the taxes in this town are Verey heavy — and perticulery to the 
Roads their being three main roads throw this town from the 
Country above us which Contains Sixteen miles Exclusive of 
our Cross roads where their is a Considerable of traviling — the 
roads being So bad that it is Dangerous for teams to pass we 
are Commanded by the publick to make them pasable forth with 
which we are not able to Do at present we would also begg 
Leave to inform your Honours that three quarters of the Land 
in this town is owned by Nonresident which pays no taxes to 
the Roads we your humble petitioners pray that your Honours 
would remove or at Least helpe our Dificulties by Empowering 
us to Lay a tax on the Lands of Nonresidents in this town of 
One penny per acre yearly During the terme of three years to 
repair the roads in S d town which if it Shall be Consistant with 
your honours to do your humble petitioners as in Duty bound 
Shall ever pray 

New London June 9 th 1790 

Sam 1 Brockelbank Asa Burpe Thomas Burpee 

John morgan Nathaniel S messer John Brocklebank 

Ephraim Gile John Adams juner Eben r Huntting 

James Lamb James Brocklebank Zebedee Hayse 

Nathan Goodwin Jonathan Everet Joseph Colby 

Jedidiah Jewett John Adams Solomen Admans 

Thomas Currier Jonathan Adams Rob* Knowlton 

Ebenezer Sargent Benjamin Adams Eliphalet Gay 

iuner Thomas Burpe : J r Penuel Everett 

Jonathan Herrick Peter Sargent John Lyon 

Josiah Davis Peter Sargent Juner Israel Huntting 

Anthony Sargent Amasa Sargent Sam 11 How Messer 

John Morgan Jun r Thomas Pick John Slack 

Eben r Sargent John Dole 

[Authority was granted to tax non-resident lands for the 
purpose of repairing highways. — Ed.] 


order of the general Coart there on, to have part of the Said 
Kearsarge Goar incorperated with Newlondon, there fore 
Voted to Receve Seven Lots of the westerly Corner of Said 
Goar to Newlondon, witnes my hand — 

Levi Harvey town Clerk for 

[By an act passed June 19, 1793, a portion of Kearsarge 
Gore was annexed to this town. — Ed.] 

[8—9]. [Relative to place of holding Proprietors' Meet- 

ings, I795>~\ 

To the Honourable Senate and House of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire in General Court conveaned at 

we your petitioners Select Men of New-London in said State ; 
for and in behalf of said Town Humbly shueth that the inhab- 
itants of said Town do Labour under many and great disadvan- 
tages by reason of the extent of the proprietors Law so called. 
in as much as it impowers the Proprietors of Land to hold their 
meetings any where they please, whereby the inhabitence of 
this Town have suffered much of late ; by reason of A proprie- 
tors meeting ; the same being held sixty Miles distant from this 
Town, and at such a season of the year which rendered it ex- 
tremely dificult for the inhabitance to attend, which practice is 
verry detremental to the inhabitence of New-Towns. 

Therefore we your Petitioners humbly pray your honors, will 
take our case under your wise consideration and grant us some 
relief by altering or amending said Law so far as to direct s d 
proprietors to hold their meetings in filter, in such Towns, 
where sd proprietors Lands lye : 

or grant such relief as you in your wisdom shall think fit 

as your Petitioners in duty bound shall ever pray. 

New-London December 14th 1795 

Levi Everett 

Peter Sargent J- Select- 


Rob 4 Knowlton ) men 
[The petitioners were granted leave to withdraw. — Ed.] 



[8-10] [Petition relative to Proprietary Affairs, 1796.] 

New London May 27 th 1796 

To the Honorable Senate and house of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire in General Court to be convened at 
Exeter on Wednesday the first day of June next 

humble Sheweth that whereas the Selectmen of the Town of 
New London exhibited a petition to the General Court of Said 
State last Session Setting - forth their grievances whereby they 
have Suffered much of late by the operation of a perticular law 
called the proprietor's act or law which grants the proprietor's 
liberty to whole! meetings in any part of Said State — We your 
Humble petitioners renewedly request that the Prayer of Said 
petition may be granted or that part of Said law may be re- 
pealed whereby the Said Proprietors are impowered to tax all 
and Every lot of Land in the respective towns in Said state to 
defray proprietors accompts and charges or grant your petition- 
ers relief in some other way as you in your wisdom shall think 
proper. And we in duty bound shall ever pray 

Levi Harvey 
Levi Everett 


Anthony Sargent 
Tho 8 Pike 
W m Clay 

Sam 11 Brocklebank 
Sam 11 Messer 
Jo 8 Messer 
Peter Sargent 
Jonathan Everett 
Peter Sargent J r 
Eliphalet Gay 
William Gay 
Joseph Colby 
John Slack 
Benj a Woodbery 
Josiah Brown 

Jeremiah Pingre 
Amasa Sargent 
John Sargent 
Robert Knoulton 
Eben r Sargent 
John Emery 
John Morgan 
Jedediah Juet 
Thomas Currier 
Nathan Goodwin 
Zaccheus Messer 
Calven Burpe 
thomas Burpe 
Aase Burpe 
Nathaniel meser 

Ebenz p Sargent 
Jonathan Herrick 
Eben r Hunting 
Zebedy Hayse 
Moses Adams 
John Adams 
Solomon Adams 
Jonathan Adams 
James Brocklebank 
John Dole 
James Coleby 
Caleb Seager 
Sam 11 Morgan 
Jonathan Harvey 
Jo 8 Harvey 


The territory now contained in this town and in South 
New Market was severed from Exeter, December 15, 1727, 


and incorporated as a parish by the name of " New- 

By this act of incorporation, Edward Hall, Andrew Glid- 
den, and William Perkins, Jr., were appointed selectmen to 
act until others were elected. 

An additional act, granting full town privileges, includ- 
ing representation in the general assembly, was passed Au- 
gust 26, 1737. 

By an act passed December 28, 1805, tne boundary line 
of the town was extended to the " Ship's channel in the 
centre" of Exeter river, except where the bridge was. At 
that place it was to extend to the draw. This act was re- 
pealed June 17, 1807. 

The north line of the town was established by an act 
passed June 19, 18 18. (See Vol. XII, page 390.) 

June 27, 1849, tne town was divided by a line running 
nearly east and west, and the southerly portion incorporated 
into a town named " South New Market." 

December 17, 1852, the farm of Wm. Lyford was severed 
from South New Market, and annexed to New Market. 

July 2, 1870, some territory was severed from Durham, 
and annexed to this town. 

[8-1 2] [ Case of Assault, 1731^ 

Pro : of N Hamp 

To any or Either of His Majestys Justices of The Peace for 
the Said Province 

Edward Hilton of the Parish of New-Market, in The Town 
of Exeter, in the Province of New-Hampshire aforesaid yeoman 
Complaineth (In His Maj ty8 behalf) 

That he the Said Edw d Hilton, being in the Peace of our 
Sovereign Lord y e King, and about his lawful occasions, at 
New-Market aforesaid, on monday the twenty eighth day of 
the last month, was Put in Great fear (even of his life) by the 
threatening, Speeches, and actual attempts made against him 
with force & arms, by a negro man (of the Parish Town & 
Province afores d ) Called Sambo, who was formerly a Servant 
to Andrew Glidden dece d , & belongs now to the Widdow of 
Said Glidden, or her son in law Joseph Smith of Said New 
Market husbandman : The Said Sambo at the time and in The 


Parish aforesaid, holding an ax in his hands of y e value of 12/ 
Struck at the Complanant a ful blow with the Said ax, andpro- 
phanly Swore, that he the Said Sambo would split out the 
brains of the Complainant, and bury him in the Swamp : and 
other Enormitys the Said Sambo then & there did, contrary to 
the Peace of our Sovereign Lord the King his Crown and dig- 
nity and to the law or laws, in Such cases made and Provided. 
and pleadable in this Province. Wherefore the Said Edw d Hil- 
ton Prays Process against the Said Sambo, and that the Said 
Sambo may be dealt with as to law and Justice doth appertain — 
In Witness whereof the Said Edw d Hilton hath hereunto set his 
hand the first day of January 1730/31. — 

Edward Hilton 

Pro: N. Plamp'Jan^ 5 th 1730 th Ed w d Hilton made oath to 
the truth of y e foregoing Complaint 

It is Considerd that for prophane Swearing the S d Sambo : 
pay a fine of ten Shillings according to law, & that for his 
threatening & Attempts ag st Edw d Hilton He procure 2 Suretis 
to recognise in y e Sum of io£ to be of good behaviour til y e 
next q r Sessions of y e peace and pay Costs of Court & Stand 
committed til Sentence perform'd Mem Jos: Smith y e Master 
of The S d Sambo Paid y e line of 10 / w ch I sent by Edw d Hilton 
to y e select men of N Market for their Poor he likewise paid 
Costs taxed at 48 /3 d and he and Jos : Glidden recognised ac- 
cording to order in order to be certified to y° Court of Gen 11 
Quart' Sessions of the peace next to be holden at Exeter. 


This was done at a Court held before R W Esq 1 " Just Peace 
on tuesday y e 5 th of Jan 1 730/1 at y e House of mr Henry Sher- 
burn Taverner in Portsm 

[ Warrant for the arrest of Sambo, ,] 
Pro: ofN— Hamp r 

To the Sheriff of the Said Province of New- 
Hamp r His Under Sheriff* or Deputy or To 
Either of the Constables of Exeter Greet- 

You or Either of you are hereby required in His Majestys 
name forthwith on receipt hereof to apprehend the body of a 


certain negro man call'd Sambo belonging to y*Parish of New- 
market in the Town of Exeter in the Province aforesaid who 
was formerly a servant to And w Glidden, dec d and belongs now 
to the widow of the S d Glidden or her son in law Joseph Smith 
of the Parish Town and Province aforesaid husbandman if the 
Said Sambo may be found within your Precincts, and him 
bring before me or some other of His Majestys Justices of the 
Peace within the s d Province to Answer to the Complaint 
of Edw d Hilton of the Parish of New-Market in the Town of 
Exeter in the Province of New Hamp r aforesaid yeoman, 
(which Complaint under the hand of the Said Edward Hilton, 
is hereunto annex'd) and to be dealt with (on the S d Com- 
plaint) as to law and Justice doth appertain, hereof fail not, 
and make due return of this warrant with yo r doings thereon, 
for which this Shall be yo r Sufficient authority. Given under 
my hand and Seal at Portsm the first day of January 1730/31. 
annoq R ni R is Georgii secundi quarto — 

Rich d Waldron Just : Peace 

You are alike required to Summon John M c math of New 
Market aforesaid mariner, and Joseph Smart of Dover w th in the 
Province afores d husbandman to be present as Witnesses at the 
Tryal of the said Sambo and hereof they may not fail on the pain 
& penalty s that may fall thereon Jan : 1 : 1730/31 

R Waldron J 4 P ac 

Janurey 5 th 1730/31 Pursuant to the within warrant I have 
taken the body of s d Sambo 

per me Peter Grely und r Shereff 

[8-13] [^Petition relative to an Election, iy^."] 

To the Hon blc the House of Representatives for the Province of 
New Hampshire met in General Assembly the 5 th Day of 
June 1745 

The Humble Petition of Sundry of the Freeholders of the 
Parish of New Market in Said Province Shews — 

That y e Freeholders of the said Parish being Intitled to the 
Privilege of Sending a Representative to the General Assembly 
met on the 3 rd Instant (Pursuant to a precept Issued according 
to Custom) in order to make Choice of a Suitable Person for 
that purpose — 

That upon Counting the Votes it appeared they Exceeded the 
Number of Voters present which Render' d it Probable there 



was some unfair practice in the proceedings, & made it Doubt- 
ful whether the Person Said to be Elected, was Really so, upon 
which Seven at Least of the said Freeholders Desired the Mat- 
ter might be Decided by the Poll (as the Law in Such Cases 
provides) which the Moderator (Joseph Hall Esq r ) utterly Re- 
fused & Denied & thereupon Dissolved the Meeting taking the 
matter in Doubt to be as he Declared it without giving the Dis- 
satisfyed Persons the least Satisfaction — 

That 'your Petition" Conceive the Freedom of Elections, is 
the foundation of the Rights of the People, & a fundamental 
Principle in the form of Government they are under, on which 
freedom every Instance of Partiality is an Infringement, & the 
very Suggestion thereof ought to awaken a Judicature subsist- 
ing only by that freedom, to Examine whether Such Suggest- 
ions are true or false — Wherefore your Petioners pray that this 
Hon blc House will take Cognizance of the premises Examine & 
Determine as the truth of the facts & the Merits of the Cause 
Requires & in order thereto to Order the usual & necessary pro- 
cess with all Convenient Speed — and your Petioners as in Duty 
bound shall ever pray &c — 

Israel Gilman Nathaniel Piper 

Robert Barber Jonathan Bachelder 

Nathaniel peas Robart Pike 

Edwrd Richard Clark 

Ezekiel Sanborn Joseph Gilmon 
Joseph Sinclare 

[The man elected was Thomas Young. The election was 
declared illegal by the H. of Rep., June 12, 1745, a new 
precept issued, and Capt. Israel Gilman chosen and sworn 
in. — Ed.] 

[7-18] [Petition for a Ferry over Exeter River, lyjO.'] 

To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq r Governor and 
Commander in chife in and over his Majestys Province of 
Nevvhampshire — and to the Honorable Councill for Said 

Province — 


The Petition of Sundry of the Inhabitants of Newmarket in 
Said provinc and others most humbly Shevveth — That there is 
a Country Road Laid out by the general Court Several Years 
Ago from Nottingham to Exeter River in the upper part of 
Newmarkettand there is no Established ferry over Exeter River 
in the upper part of Newmarkett that if there was it would be 



of great Service and benefit for Travellers That Travell to and 
from Nottingham Ipsum Bow and Pennecook and other places 
to Portsmouth Wherefore Your petitioners most humbly Pray 
Your Excellency and Honours to Establish a ferry over said 
River near the Late house of Nathan Presberry at the new field 
so called in the upper end of Newmarkett aforesaid and that he 
Joseph Hall Esq r may have the benefit of said ferry and Your 
Petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever Pray &c 
Sep br 24 th6 1750 

James Marston 
David Lyford 
John Perl 
James Kinson 
Fitz W m Sargent 
John Mattoon 
Winthrop Hilton 
Samuel mighell 
Joseph merrill 
Richard Clark 

Edward Hall 

Chrles Hilton 
James Sinkler 
Danil Lad 
Jonathan folsom 
Isaac marston 
John Wedgwood 
Hubartes Mattoon 
Robert Pike 

Ebeneser Bean 
Jacob tilton 
Andru Burly 
Joseph metcalf 


Rich d Mattoon 
Samuel nel 
peer harsee 
Israel Gilman 
Edward Colcord 


[Remonstrance to foregoing. ,] 

Province of New Hamp r 

To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq r Governor and 
Commander in Chief in and over the Province of New-Hamp- 
shire and To the Honorable his majesty Councill for said 
Province — 

Humbly shews Andrew Wiggin Jun r of Stratham in s d Prov- 
ince That he is informed that Joseph Hall of Newmarket in s d 
Province Esq r (with others) hath Petition'd your Excellency 
and Honours that there may be a Ferry over Exeter River so 
called at some Distance above the Ferry over said River at a 
place call'd Hiltons Ferry And that it will affect your Petition- 
ers Interest very much in Case the Prayer of the said Joseph 
Hall and others should be granted — 

Wherefore your Petitioner Most humbly prays your Excel- 
lency and Honours that the Pray of the said Petition of Joseph 
Hall Esq r and others may not be granted untill your Petitioner 
can be heard in opposition thereto which your Petitioner prays 
may be granted him — and your Petitioner as in duty bound 
shall ever pray — 

Andrew Wiggin Jun r . 

Desc r 25 th 1750 


[8-17] [Relative to New Market Bridge, i7SS-~\ 

To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq' Governer And 
Commander in Cheif in & over his Maj ties Province of New- 
Hampshire The Hon ble His Maj tis Councill & House of Rep- 
resentatives in General Assembly Convened Nov r 25 th 1755 — 

The Petition of Sundry of his Majestys Subjects Inhabitants 
within the Province of New Hampshire Most Humbly Shews — 
That in the year 1747 There was an Act Passed by the Legis- 
lature of this Province for Erecting And Maintaining a Bridge 
over the River at New-Market Near the ferry Place there In 
Consideration of a Petition of Sundry Persons Inhabitants with- 
in this Province. It being thought at that time that that Place 
was very Suitable & Convenient for a Bridge to be Built there — 

That a Bridge is not yet Built there nor Ever Begun tho 
More then Eighth years are Elapsed — Since the Passing the 
Said act, That your Petitioners Humbly Conceive that If a 
Bridge was Built over the river from Stratham to a Place 
Called the Newfields in New market It would be of Much 
Greater Benefit & Advantage to the* Publick than one Built at 
the fferry Place aforesaid — 

That a Bridge May be much Cheaper & More Easily Built 
and Maintained at the New ffields then at the ferry Place the 
Current Not being So Strong at the Newfields as at the ferry 
Place the Water Being Almost twice as Deep at Lowwater at 
the Ferry Place as at the Newfields the Bottom of the river at 
the New ffields Being much more Even that the Rafts Brought 
from Exeter Generally Get But Little further then the New- 
fields the first tide So that a Bridge there will be no Hindrance 
to rafts Passing Down the river that it is a much more Direct 
Way into the Country than where the other Bridge was Pro- 
posed to be Built — That your Petitioners See no Prospect at 
Present of a Bridge Being Built at the other Place — That your 
Petitioners are Willing to Build And will Immediately go about 
Building a Bridge over the river at y e New feilds aforesaid If 
they may have Liberty So, to Do, By Act — 

Wherefore Your Petitioners Most Humbly Prays your Excel- 
lency & Honours that they may Have Liberty to Build Such a 
Bridge over that river att the Newfeilds aforesaid as Your Ex- 
cellency & Honours shall Judge Most Suitable and Convenient 
And your Petitionrs as in Duty Bound Shall Ever Pray — 

Ebenez r Johnson Andrew French Jacob Tilton 

Benj* Nudd Bradstreet French Sam 11 Tilton 

Josiah Clark W m French Winthrop Hilton 

Sam" Clark Andrew French jun r John Dow 


William Clark 
William Wallace 
William Wallace Ju 
Jonath a Weeks 
John Weeks ju r 
Andrew Wiggan y e 

Samuel Haines jun r 
Samuel Bathelder 
W m Haines jun r 
W m Haines 
Ebenez 1- Johnson 
Henry Clark 
Abraham Johnson 
Joshua Kennison 
Edw d Derbarn 
Benj a Marston 
Reuben Gove Dear- 
Joseph VViggin 
Jon a Wiggin 
Will" 1 French jun r 
John Avery 


Jude Allen 
Samuel Wiggin ju r 
'Richard Young 
Tho s Wiggin 
Henrey Wiggin 
Sam 11 Allen 
Sam 11 Wiggin 
Benj a Juett jun r 
Sam 11 Pipper 
Joshua Hill 
Daniel Mason 
W m Pottle 
W ,n Pottle jun r 
John Hill jun r 
Rich d Rust 
Benj a Cotton 
Simon Wiggin 
Jo 8 Hall 
Benj u Johnson 
Joseph Smith 
Theoder Hilton 

W m Crocket 
John Elkins 
Daniel Elkins 
Jacob Ames 
John Bergin 
John Clark 
Sam 11 Clark 
John Hoag 
John Stoekbridge 
Alin thursttn 
Sam 11 Boyinton 
Samuel Doe ju r 
Benj a Doe 
John Dudley 
Joseph Goodhue 
Benf Smith 
Jon a Thomas 
John Clark 
John Maiden 
Edward Scott 
Stephen Clark 
W ni Moore 
John Lyford 


Joseph Metcalf 

Nath 11 Ames 
Simon Wiggin & will Give the Way Free & Clear through 
my Land- 

Nath 11 Sinclear 

James Merrel 

Richard Palmer 

Joseph Palmer 

John Levet 

W m Moore jun r 

Tho 8 Veasey 

Samuel Levet 

vSamuel Cate 

Jon a Robinson 

Daniel Allen 

Joshua Weeks ju T 

John Hoag ju r 

Ezra Barker 

Nath 11 Pipper 

Samuel Avery 

Samuel Veasey 

Samuel Jannes 

Jeremi Lock 

Ebenezer Wallace 

John Simston 
John Naeley 
James Whidden 
Joseph Young 
Step 11 Thurston 
George Veasey 


Samuel Gillman 

Samuel Chapman 

Caleb Philbrick 

Samuel Elkins 

Samuel Gilman 

Tho 8 Harvey 

Thomas Burley 

Abner Hoag 

Elisha Samborn 

John Samborn 

Joseph Burley 

Isaac Marston 

Peter rlbulsom 

Nehemiah M cc Neile Samuel Philibrick 

Samuel Neal Jon a Levett 

John Hill 
John Molloon 
Daniel Molloon 
Robert Briant 
Nathan Jonson 
Benj a Mackris 
Ebenez Cate 
Tobias Sanbourn 
John Haines 
Mathias Haines 
Thomas Johnson 
Ebenez r Mulon 
James Johnson 
Abner Haines 
John Weeks 
Josiah Clark jun r 
John Blaso 
Josiah floss 
Abraham Durburn 
Tho 8 Berrey 
Richard Jennis 
Francis Jennis 





Rob* Pike 

Ephr Levett 

Richard Jennis y e 3 d 

Step n Gilman 

Joshua Neal 

Benj a Schell 

Israel Gilman 

Sam 11 Stevens Khis 

Samuel Leavett 

Tho B Pip per 


Henry Dow 

Edward Sinclair 

Nath 11 Levett 

Joseph Brown 

Moses Coffin 

Samuel Lane 

Francis Lock 

Simon Pottle 

Joseph Mason jun r 

Lewis Haines 

Edward Peavey 

Samuel Peavey 

William Johnson 

John Hanes 

John Barker 

Sam 11 Johnson jun r 

Jonath a Robinson 

John Rawlins 

Daniel Lunt 

John Bean 

John Weeks 

Joseph Haines 
Joseph Clark 

Nath 11 Robinson 

Daniel Maston 

Benj a Pipper 

Benj a Potter 

Josiah Allen 

Josiah Sanborn 

John Godfery 

Walter Weeks 

Tho 8 Veasy 

Joseph Derburn 

Walter W^eeks jun r 

Sam 11 Marble 

Semeon Derburn 

W m + Sanborn his 

Abraham Tilton 

Tho 8 Maston 

mark [ 

Joshua Rawlings 
Solomon Smith 

John Phillbrick 

Nath 11 Maston 

Willom Moltn 

Abiathar Sanburn 

John Smith 
David Stevns 

Abraham Drake 

Benj a Williams 

Joshua Brown 

Nathan Murdoo 

Jacob Low 

Tho 8 Nudd 

Enock Clark 

Eph a Green 

Henry Moultn 

Jonathan Marston 

Tho 8 Odel 

Daniel Dow 

John Neal 

George Vesey 

Tho 8 Moulton 

Robert Tufton Phil- 

John Robinson 

Elisha Thomas 


Joseph Robinson 

Benj a Philbrick 

W in Berrey jun r 

Satchel Clark 

Benj a maston 

James Berry 

John Rundlet 

Job Chapman 

ffrancis Berry 

John Veazey 

John Levet 

Jo 8 -f- Grant his 

John Frost 

David Maston 


Cyprian Jeffry 

Joseph Moultn 

Rich d Rand 

Jon a Longfellow 

Benj a Hobbs 

Jeremi Berry 

Timothy Jones 

Cap 1 Abner rlbgg 

Samuel Willes 

John Huggins 

Jon a Hobbs 

Nath 11 Jennis 

Jonath* Jewett 
Thomas Breyer 

Zackriah Batchelar 

Rich d Jennis jun r 

John Marston 

Joseph Jennis 

John Hillton 
Benj a Hoag 

David Noles 

James Perkins 

John Sheppard 

Job Jennis 

Nathan Hoag 

Jon a Wedgwood 

Benj 11 Lampre jun r 

William Calley 

morris Hobbs 

Amos Rann 

william Ashley 

John Hobbs 

Joseph Fuller 

Jonathan Clark 
Benj ft Mason 

John Ben net 

W ,n Palmer 

John Tayler 

Josiah Webster 

Jon a Chase 
Benj a Norris 

Stephen Batchelor 

John Fuller 

Jeremiah Durburn 

Jon* Towl 

Joseph Hoag 

Ebenezer Barker 

Dan 11 Moulton 



Benj a Norris jun r 
Benj ft Norton 
Nathan Maston 
John Datum 
Edward Hall 
W m Norton 
Jon a Norris 

John Jonson 
Lenord Weeks 
Sam 11 -)- Davis his 

Benj a -|- Davis his 


Jon a Towl ju r 
Sam 11 Jennis 
Henry Elkins 
W m Rendal 
Joseph Marston 

[For other documents relating to the said bridge, see Vol. 
IX.— Ed.] 

[R. 3-49] [Petition of Edward Fox of New Market, stating 
that he "was a listed soldier in the service of this Province 
In y e year 1756, under the Command of Cap 1 Abr a Perry & 
y* by some mistake he was made up I his roll for one Month 
& Ten days short of the time he was in said service" He 
was allowed £6, 2, 6. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-50] [Deposition of Chase Wiggin of New Market, 
who states that he was at Fort Edward under Col. Meserve, 
in 1756, and came home with Benjamin York ; and that said 
York was wounded at Chester, on the way home, by the 
bursting of his gun. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-51] [Petition of Chase Wiggin, dated 1761, who 
states " That on his Returning Home from the armey where 
he was employed all the sumer past in the province service 
was take sick of the small pox on or about the third day of 
December last." He presented a bill for expenses of sick- 
ness amounting to .£198, 10, o, old tenor, and was allowed 
£7* 18, 9% sterling.— Ed.] 

[R. 3-52] [Petition of Josiah Wiggin of New Market, 
who stated that he was a soldier in Capt. George March's 
Co., Col. Goff's Reg't, in 1760; came home and had the 
small-pox, and wanted the province to pay the bill, which 
amounted to £188 old tenor. He was allowed £7, 10, $> 
sterling. — Ed.] 


[R. 3-55] [Account for Supplies furnished a Soldier, I77g.~\ 

1779. — Dr. Account of Supplies to John Barter, for the Ace* of 
the Town of Newmarket. 

[The account was for various articles furnished by Joseph 
Young, Joshua Bracket, David Chapman, Walter Bryant, 
Jr., and Ichabod Bracket, and amounted to £\66> 7, o. — 

[R. 3-56] [Petition of Jonathan Mason, Soldier, i?8o.~] 

[In a petition dated March 10, 1780, Jonathan Mason of 
New Market stated " That your Petitioner enlisted as a Sol- 
dier in the third Battalion of Troops of this State the 12 th 
Day of February 1777 and Served in the army untill the 
Retreat from Ticonderoga at which time your Petitioner had 
the misfortune of being taken Prisoner by the Enemy from 
whom he soon after made his escape." — Ed.] 

[8-23] [Relative to Assistance to Soldiers' Families.^ 

Newmarket 6 th June 1775 — 

To the Hon bl Provincial Congress at Exeter — Gent. 

Whereas many Inhabitants of this Town are inlisted in the 
Provincial Service, whose Family whilst they are absent will 
stand in a great need of Support — and as it might be very Con- 
venient if the Committee of Safety of this Town, could assist 
such Familys with Provisions or other Necessaries of Life in 
such Manner as that the same might be allowed The Town or 
any Private Person that inclined to advance for that Purpose ; 
in any Future Proportion of Charges that may be made to Pay 
of s d Soldiers — 

Wherefore We Pray the Advice of this Hon bl Convention — 
And that your Hon rs would direct accordingly — 

In Committee of Safety at Newmarket 6 th June 1775 

Voted that the foregoing Petition be presented to the Con- 
gress by M r Parsons— 

Tho" Tash Chairman. 


[This document is a " Plan of Land in Controversy 1764," 


"between the Select men & Ames." It purports to have 
been drawn by Wentworth Cheswill. — Ed.] 

[8-22] \_Request for Permit to send some Stock out of the 
Province, 1775 '.] 

To the Honorable Congress of the Colony of New Hampshire 
the Humble Pettion of Jonathan Colcord Jn' 

Shueth that your petioner has two four old Stears and two 
Haffers and Eight Sheep he Wants to Send to pasemoquade to 
Winter, Where he has hay to Winter them out Wherefore your 
petioner prays your Honours Will Cleare out Said Cattel and 
Sheep to be Carreyd in a Schoner belonging to m r Joseph 
Clark & walles. So that they may not be taken and Stop d by 
any of our Crusers, and your pettoner as in Dutey bound Will 
Ever pray — 

Jona Colcord 

Newmarket Dec r 27 th 1775 — 

[8-24] \_Petition relative to the Fourth Regiment of Mili- 

To the honourable Provincial Congress of the Colony of New 


The Subscribers Inhabitants of that part of the Colony afore- 
said which compose the fourth Regiment of Militia therein, 
beg leave to lay this petition before your honours respecting 
the Appointment of Cap 1 Jeremiah Folsom to the Office of 
lieut Colonel in said Regiment & tho some of us may not be 
so immediately affected by such Appointment as others par- 
ticularly the Inhabitants of Newmarket yet as we are all more 
or less interested in the Arrangement of the Regiment we beg 
leave earnestly to pray your honours to hear the prayer of this 
& other Petitions, now before your honours to reconsider the 
Vote of said Folsoms Appointment & let us have a Lieut 
Colonel more suitable as well as more agreable and tho the 
sole Privilege of such nomination & appointment is vested in 
your honours yet we have such Confidence in your honours 
Candour Goodness & tenderness for the People as leaves us no 
room to doubt but your honours will consider our Condition & 
grant our request which we beg leave humbly & earnestly to 
entreat & withal beging your honours to bear in mind that tho 
your honours may have greater knowledge of men & things 



& consequently may be better Judges than your Petitioners of 
the propriety of any such appointment in general yet we beg 
leave to say in this particular case that no body knows so well 
where the shoe pinches as they that ware it — The People this 
way are rightly informed of the said Folsom, we fear your 
honours were not which occasions our adding this to we hope 
the already sufficient Number of Petitions already before your 
honours that if we cant be happy in the man we esteem we 
may not be unhappy in the man we do not admire 

Simon Marston 
James Page 
Daniel Page 
Benjamin Page 
Joseph Ham 
Jeremiah Easman 
William Tirrell 
Tho 8 Rand 
Benjamin Kindrick 
david Kindrick 
Josiah Prescott 
Robord Kelle 
Clement Jackson 

Tristam Cram 
Enoch Robie 
william Simpson 


Moro X Parsons 


Nath 1 Rolins 
John Pearson 
Joseph Currier 
Ithiel Smith 
moses Barnard 
Josiah Prescut 
David Batchelder 

Sanborn Cram 
John morgean 
Benjamin Carr 
Edw webster 
Timothy Jones 
John Jones 
Joseph Jones 
David Jones 
Benjamin Weeks 
Samuel Prescut 
Jedediah Prescot Ju 
John Prescot 
Samuel McCluer 
Jonathan mccluer 
Jonathan Judkins 
Abraham Prescutt 
Jacob Doe 
Adonijah Fellows 
Thomas Robie 
Levi Dame 
Asa marston 
Cutten Cilley 
william morrill 
Alexander Lucy 
John Wills 
moses Daves 

Josiah Clark 
Josiah Clark Jun T 
John cram 
Abraham Page 
Gideon Ham 
John Tirell 
William Rand 
Ephraim Cram 
John Simpson 
Moses Chase 
Sam 11 Leavitt Esq r 
Josiah Chase 
Henry Tucker 
John Eastman 
Richard Jenness 
David Robinson 
Nathan Philbrick 
Joses Philbrick 
Ezekiel Gilrnan 
Joseph Smith 
william mores 
Beniamen Bean 
Stephen Prescutt 
Tho 8 Jenness 
John Severince 

Another petition contains the following : 

Tames Hill 
Ilubartus Neal 
Richard Clark 
Chas Wiggin 
Edward Hilton 
moses Egerlty 
Nathan 61 Lord 
Zebulon Davis 

Robart Barber Ju 
Eliphelet Pease 
Jonathan Sanbon 
John Wedgw r od 
Josiah Burlcy 
william Burley 
willam higgens 
Benjamin Stevens 

Jacob Burley 
Nicholas Doe Juner 
Joseph meloon 
Robert Pike 
John Burleigh 
David Wiggin 
Benj* Mead 
Josiah Hilton 



Sam" Baker 
Charles Smart inur 
Anthony Pickrein 
Bening Brackett 
Anthaney pickren 

levy pickren 
John Perkins 
Winthrop Smith 
Peter Drown 
Stilmon Tarlton 
John Marston 
Jacob Pearson 
Daniel Cromell 
Nat ames 
Edward Colcord 
Samuel Dyer 
Samuel- Neal 
Brad u Gilman 

John Bennet 
Cotton Bennet 
Joshua Brackett 
Nicholas Hartford 
Joseph Smart 
thos Churchell 
John tilton 
Sam 11 Chapman 
Aron kenson 
James Burley 
Johnthen wiggen 
John Tash 
Job Saveg 
Reuben Doe 
Thomas Bennet 
John Colcord 
Robert Jackson 
Joseph Folsom 
Walter Shute 

David Folsom 
W m Coffin 
John Mason 
Enoch Remick 
John meder 
David Chapman 
John Cooke 
Jonathan Doe 
Moses Burley 
John Bennett Jun 
Caleb Clark 
John Ames 
Andrew Burley 
Nat Gilman 
Jos Adams 
David Smart 
William folsom 
Nat ames Ju 

Another dated Sept. 15, 1775, contained the following: 

Benj Johnson 
John Johnson 
Increas Batchelder 
John Batchelder 
Jonathan Clark 
John Smith 
William Prescott 
Volentine Kinnison 
thomas georg 
Jonathan folsom 
Zabulon norris 
Daniel Hil 
James Godfree 
Daves Batchelder 

Mason Rendel 
David Davis 
Robert Davis 
Sawyer Chesle 
Jacob Davis 
Abraham knight 
Samuel Gray 
James Hall 
Joseph Joslon 
Samuel Bresey 
Joseph Jackson 
Stoten Tuttle 
Moses Davis 
Samuel Burnam 

Joshua Drew 
Aldad Langley 
Joseph Langley 
John follet 
John Giles 
John Kenson 
Andrew Chesle 
Charles Wille 
John Brown 
John Brown Ju 
Daniel Young 
Jacob Burnum 
Joshua Furbur 
Samuel Dam 

Several other petitions contain the following : 

Robert Hill 
Ham lebey 
William Blake 
Asahel Blake 
Sherbun Blake 
Reuben Morgin 
Henry Sanborn 
Samuel Sherborn 

Jonathan knowlton 
Paul gerrish 
John mead 
Josiah Burnham 
Samuel Gilman 3 d 
Joseph Sandborn 
Jacob Burley 
william folsom ir 

John Harvey 
Robert Avens 
Will™ dark 
John watson 
James watson 
franses kinsten 
John chesle 
John Lane 



Bervf Hill 
Samuel Johnson 
Thomas Piper 
William Wallace 
Simon' Wadle y 
Sherbon Derbon 
Nathaniel Derbon 
Joseph Garman 
John Foss 
William Simson 
Joseph gilman 
Samuel ward 
William Burley Junr 
Edward folsom 
Daniel wilson 
Samuel Burleigh 
Thomas Rowlings 
Lewis Kinnison 
Dudelv Smart 
Elias Philbrick 
thomas knolton 
John Durgin 

Robert Goodwin 
John Doe 
andrew Fulsan 
Elisha Thomas 
Frances Durgain 
Brad* 1 Doe 
Moses davis 
Volintine Hill 
Israel Randel 
James kelse 
Moses Godfree 
abraham Batchelder 
William Nelley 
Samuel Daniels 
Tho s m c Connells 
John Bickford 
Solomon Bickford 
Nathanel Raiidel 
John m c Crilles 
Abednego Leathers 


Hezekiah Randel 

John gile 
Benjamin fox 
Philip Bartlet 
Joshua Hoit 
Growth Palmer 
Nathanael Goodhue 
Andrew Nelley 
Nehemiah Bartlet 
Joseph Robinson 
Levi Robinson 
John Nelley 
Thomas Odel 
John Welch 
Winthrop Langley 
Abner Clough 
Edward Bean 
Josiah Watson 
Zeph a Butler 
Patten Simpsion 
Samuel winslow 
Jonathan Huckins 
Jonathan Willey 


[Relative to Militia Affairs. jy^S-l 

To the Hon ble Provincial Congress of the Colony of New 

Hampshire — 

The Petition of Samuel Baker, James Hill and Wentworth 
Cheswill in behalf of the Town of Newmarkett Humbly Shews 
— That when all America are Asserting and your Honours are 
specially delegated to maintain amoung other Things; the 
Rights of a free Representation, of Representatives being liable 
to & bound by the Instructions of their Constituents : and of 
Petitioning for Redress of Grieviances — We doubt not your 
Hon™ will vouchsafe to hear this Petition, respecting Infring- 
ments on some of those Rights, by a Member of your Body — 
The Exercise of arbitrary Power over Places of Honour & Pro- 
fit has once we have seen overbalanced free Representation and 
helped to Reduce this Nation to a Civil War ; may not there- 
fore appointments to such Trusts, solicited or Accepted by Del- 
egates in Violation of the Instructions of their Constituents, be 
justly esteemed Things of a bad and dangerous Tendency espe- 
cially when such Honours fall upon Persons either of small Ac- 
complishments or Low Merits — We therefore humbly Pray 


your Honours to Eye the Hand of Freedom in our present case 
and preserve even in small Things the Priviledges & Immuni- 
ties of Each Individual — The Town of Newmarket being the 
Second in the Regiment have usually had the second Field Offi- 
cer appointed there : They still humbly pray for a Continuance 
of the Same Favour; and they did specially order and Instruct 
their Delegates to represent to your Honours the Desire of the 
Town That Major Thomas Tash might be appointed a Field 
Officer here, and themselves to use their Influence and Vote for j 
said Tash accordingly — tho' not with any the most distant View J 
of an exclusive Right to dictate to your Honours in the Matter, \ 
but only on a Confidence founded on Evidence of his Courage 
and good Conduct manifested the last War, and his firm and 
generous Exeritons in Defence of the Common Cause from its 
earliest rise : and from the Advantages they have from their 
Situation to gain the Knowledge of the Person in this Town 
most worthy of such an Office above that of many of your 
Honours to whom the Inhabitants of this Town are Strangers 
— And it cannot but justly alarm us that Cap* Jeremiah Folsom 
one of our s d Delagates should, repugnant to such Instructions 
not only neglect to inform your Honours of his s d Instructions 
or even regard them himself, but Presumptiously (to use his 
own Words) " crawl into the Gap " The very Place which he 
by the Ties of his Word & Honour was obliged to endeavour to 
procure for another — This Conduct (had his Accomplishments 
as an Officer been equal to those of Major Tash or even great- 
er) would we conceive have Apolligized for this Petition — it 
was this amoung other Reasons that induced the Town of New- 
markett at a Meeting of its Freeholders and other Inhabitants to 
Vote to dismiss the said Folsom from all further Service and to 
chose us a Committee to Prefer this Petition — humbly to be- 
seech your Honours to reconsider said Appointment, and per- 
mit this Town still humbly to recommend the said Tash to your 
Honours Consideration & humbly to pray your Honours gra- 
cious Acceptance and Approbation of such Choice — And your 
Petitioners as in Duty bound shall Pray — 

Newmarkett 5 th September 1775 

Sam 11 Baker 
James Hill 
Wentworth Cheswill 


[8-31] [Relative to Military Officers, 1775.'] 

Colony of N. Hampshire 

To the Honourable Councel & House of Representatives for 
Said Colony — 

The Petition & Remonstrance of us the Subscribers, non 
commission Officers & Soldiers in the north Company of Meli- 
tia in Newmarkett — Humbly Shews — 

That Jeremiah Folsom under pretence of acting as Lieut. 
Col, of this Regiment, has as we humbly conceive, deprived us 
of the Liberty of Choosing our own Officers; agreable to the 
Resolution of the Hon ble Continental Congress ; by assuming, & 
wantonly exercising, the Power of Moderator of the Meeting of 
s d Company : & as such to adjourn from Time to Time ; & 
from Place to Place ; untill he had surreptitiously obtained a 
Vote for Edward Hilton Jr to be Captain : not by the free suf- 
frages of the Soldiers, which we conceive ought to have been 
had; but by a Small Majority, of some of the Company, in 
Conjunction with several Commissioned Officers ; & others that 
Did not belong to the Company & even some that did not be- 
long to the Town — 

Which Vote so obtained, he the s d Folsom afterward refused 
to have reconsidered ; tho' repeatedly demanded by a far greater 
Number than it was passed by and still persists in further ad- 
journing the Meeting Contrary to the Sence of the Majority of 
the Company Present — and other unfair, partial, & oppressive 
behavour, of s d L l Colonel, compels us Humbly to pray, the in- 
terposition of this Hon bl Court ; & that s d Folsom may be re- 
moved, from the Office of L l Colonel ; and We be restored to 
the Previledges of Soldiers, in Common with Other Americans : 
Which Previledges, we are determined to Assert, maintain, & 
defend; according to the Resolutions of the Hon le Continental 
Congress — or have our Aforesaid Greivances Redressed, in 
Manner as shall Seem Meet to your Hon 1 * 8 & your Petitioners 
shall Pray — 

At a Meeting of the North Company of Melitia in New- 
markett March 5 th 1776 — 

Peter Drown Josiah Bennett Richard perkins 

John Nason Volentine Rollins Peter Hersey 

Zebulon Doe 3 d Willom Spriggens Frances Durgain jr 

William Simson John meder Cotton Bennet 

John Perkins Joseph meloon Reuben Doe 

Samuel Gill Andrew Doe Nicholas Doe Jun r 

william Burley Junr Jos h Clark Zebulon Duda 

John watson Jonathan Dudley Joshua Brackett 


Smith Chapman John Tash Samuel Chapman 

Edward Folsom Samuel Chapman Joseph Chapman 

John Bartlett Sen r James Dearborn 

Joseph Folsom william folsom ir Gideon knight 

Anthoney Pickering Benj a Mead Abraham Parsons 

Jr Lewis Kinnison Robert Jckson 

Aaron kinsten Bening Brackett Jonathan Doe 

Joseph Saweige Jeremiah Foss 

John Bennett Jur Jonathan Folsam 


[8-32] [Relative to Church Matters, 1777.] 

To the Hon ble the Council and House of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire in general Assembly convened 7 th 
November 1777 — 

The Petition of Jeremiah Folsom, Josiah Adams and Went- 
worth Cheswill Agents for and in behalf of The Town of New- 
market — Humbly shews 

That the Inhabitants of said Town being divided in Relig- 
eous Sentiments; and the Circumstances of the Town not ad- 
mitting of a local Division into two Parishes at Present: They 
have mutually agreed upon a Division between the Congrega- 
tional & Preysbyterian Societies by Poll — In which Case nei- 
ther Society having any legal Authority to call or settle a Minister 
of the Gospel in any way but as Individuals, nor can they Re- 
spectivly as Seperate Bodys, vote assess or collect any Sums of 
Money for the Support of the Gospel nor Transact any other 
Prudential Affairs of the Ministry — which obvious Difficulties 
being increased by a Vacancy in the Ministry of one Society — 
The Inhabitants in legal Town Meeting Assembled the 3 d Ins* 
mutually agreed upon a Mode of Division by Polling as by the 
Journal of said Meeting appears — and appointed us the Sub- 
scribers Agents to petition this Hon ble Court for Leave to Bring 
in a Bill to recognize & establish said Division : and enable said 
Societies respectively to transact the Prudential Affairs of their 
Ministry seperatly in the same Manner the Town might do if 
united — Which we humbly pray your Honours to take under 
Consideration ; and grant such Releif as to your Honours shall 
seem meet — 

And your Petitioners shall pray — 

Jeremiah Folsom 
Josiah Adams 
Wentworth Cheswill 

[This petition was granted. — Ed.] 



[8-33] [Members of the West Society, 1778.] 

To the Town Clerk of Newmarket — 

We the Subscribers desire our Respective Names be Entered 
as Members of the Western Society in Said Town Agreeable 
to Charter. 

Jeremiah Folsom, Walter Bryent, Jun r , Wm. Burleigh, James 
Cram, Thomas Bennet, Will 1 " Renton, Arthur Bennett, Levi 
Folsom, Joshua Bracket, Aaron Kinnison, Nich° Harford, Jon a 
Wiggen, W m Burleigh, J r , Zebulon Duda. Smith Chapman, Ru- 
fus Ewer, Benj a Tayler, John Folsom, Josiah Burleigh, Jon a 
Roberson, John Watson, David Wiggin, Joseph Smart, Robert 
Gooding, Enoch Folsom, Winthrop Wiggin, Thomas Church- 
ill, Mehitable Gooding, Jacob Ames, Joseph Young, Joseph 
Joy, John Young, Nicholas Doe, Edward Smith, W m Simpson, 
Jacob Durgan, Thomas Wiggen, Joseph Gilman, John Cook, 
Joseph Clark, John Meeder, Elizabeth Folsom, Samuel Bur- 
leigh, Simeon Folsom, Edward Hilton, Asa Folsom, Thomas 
Kinnison, Walter Bryent, Josiah Hilton, Ichabod Bracket, 
Charles Smart, Israel Gilman, Jacob Burleigh, Jun r , William 
Stockman, Zebulon Doe, Jun r , Gamalil Ewer, Job Savage, Zeb- 
ulon Doe, Liwes Kinnison, Benjamin Chapman, Jon a Doe, 
Elizabeth Hilton.— 

Received the 10 th of January 1778 — 

True Coppy 

Attest Jos. Adams Town CI 

Nathanel Gilman 
Stephen Hardy 
John Marster 
John Neal 

Zebulon Neal 
Nath 11 Rogers 
Theodore Carlton 
E Mighels 
William Shute 

Jonathan Colcord 

Jun r 
John Mighels 
Samuel Mighels 

In behalf of Sam 1 Smart ) 
Nath 1 Rogers j 

In behalf of Josiah Smart ) 
Nath 11 Gilman ] 

Dudley Smart 

Peter Colcord 

George Hart 

Joseph Shute 

Ebenezar Speed 

Thomas Tayler 

Jeremiah Young 

Michael Shute Jun r 

Ede Hall Bergin 

Jeremiah Foss 

Anthony W. Car- 

Joseph Weeks 

John Mead 
Levi Mead 


David Gilman 

Stephen Liford 

Eliphalet Colcord 

Francis Durgin 




Recev'd Aprill 12 th 1779. 

James Gilman. Recev d March 31. 1782 

Daniel Hilton Recv d April 5. 1782 

I Receiv d 
> March 2 d 

W m Boardtnan 
Eliz. Boardman 
Vincent Tar 
John Young-Ju r 
Benj a Vernam 
James Smith 

The foregoing Names are true Coppy on Record, of those 
belonging to the West Society in Newmarket 

Attest Josiah Adams 
Town CI 

[8-34] [Relative to New Market Bridge, ij8oJ\ 

State of New-Hampshire 

To the Hon blc Council and House of Representatives for said 
State in general Assembly Conven'd at Portsmouth 24 th Octo- 
ber AD 178c 

Humbly Shew We the Subscribers, freeholders and Inhabi- 
tants of divers towns in this State that Stratham & Newmarket, 
Lottery Bridge so Called, is now become ruinous and almost 
impassable and unless Speedily Repaired the Great Expence of 
building it & Great Benefit and Convenience the Public might 
Still Receive therefrom will be entirely Lost — As the Said 
Bridge was built by Lottery for the Public advantage and as no 
particular Towns are Chargeable with the Repairs thereof your 
Petitioners humbly Conceive that a Lottery for the Repair of 
Said Bridge would be found the most elegible way Wherefore 
your Petitioners humbly Pray that your Honors would (as in 
Some Cases you have) Grant a Lottery for that purpose, or 
that the Same brige may be Supported in future at the Charge 
of the County of Rockingham or in such other manner as your 
Wisdom may dictate and your Petitioners as in Duty bound 
will ever pray &c — 

Walter Brycnt 
Tho 8 Tash 
Jeremy Brycnt 
Joseph young 
Joseph Young Ju r 
Benjamin Chapman 

Edward Smith 
Samuel Burleigh 
Benj a Stevens 
Jeremy pineo 
Bejamin Smith 
Simeon Folsom 

Jer h Fosom 
Rufus Ewers 
Elip* Neal 
Paul Chapman 
Wiggin Doe 
Jon a Stevens 


2 9 

Josiah Parsons 
Jos h Clark 
Nicholas Hartford 
Jer e Young 
Zebulon Durgin 
Benj a Smith 
Jn° Smith 
Nath 1 Kidder 
James Cram 
John young 
Robert Hill 

Enoch Stevens 
Jonathan Doe 
John Bennett Ju 
Levi Mead 
Joseph Saevy 
John Cooke 
David Chapmon 
Benj Nudd 
William Boardman 
William Cram 
Hubartus Neal 

Stilmon Tarlton 
Asa Folsom 
Ich d Brackett 
Sam 11 Durgin 
John gile 
Edward foox 
William Coffin 
Joseph Brackett 
James Burley 
John young 
Robt. york* 

£8-35] [Proceedings of a Town- Meeting relative to Articles 
of Confederation, etc., 1782.] 

State of New Hampshire Rockingham ss — 

The legal Inhabitants paying Taxes in the Town of New- 
market are hereby notified and Warned to meet at the Old 
Meeting House in Said Town on Monday the 18 th Day of No- 
vember next at 2 O'Clock P M. Then & there 1 st to choose a 
Moderator — 2 dly To Elect a Representative ; and Vote for 
Councellors for the year insuing : agreable to a Precept from 
the General Court of this State — 3 d17 To take under Considera- 
tion the Plan of Government proposed by the Convention of 
this State, by their Resolution of the 2i 8t of August last to be 
laid before the People — and Take such order thereon as the 
Meeting may think proper — 4 thly To pass any Other Vote or 
Votes, that may then and there be thought necessary — 

Given under our Hands at Newmarkett this 31 st Day of Oc- 
tober. 1782 — 

Walter Bryent Jun r \ Selectmen 
Joseph Doe > of 


Wentworth Ches^ 


At a Meeting of the legal Inhabitants paying Taxes in the 
Town of Newmarkett. at the Old Meeting House in said New- 
market on Monday the iS th Day of November 17S2. Pursuant 
to Warrant — 

i' 1 Voted Cap 1 Samuel Baker Moderator — 
The Moderator ordered the Votes to be brought in for the 
Choice of a Representative, the Votes being accordingly 
brought in and Numbered and there were 
19 Votes for Col° Hill 
17 Votes for Cap' Oilman 
1 Vote for M r John Tash 

— ~t 


Whereupon the Moderator declared that the Meeting had made 
Choice of Col° Hill for their Representative — 

There was then an Objection made that the Proceedings of 
the Meeting was not legal by Reason of the Voters not takeing 
the Oath of Fidillity and after Debateing upon the Matter for 
Some Time the Meeting then Voted to adjourn to Monday next 
at One of the Clock in the Afternoon 

This Meeting is accordingly adjourn'd 

Samuel Baker. Moderator — 
Attest, Josiah Adams Town Clk 

The Meeting met according to Adjournment — upon Motion 
made Whether the Meeting Should Proceed to finish the Re- 
mainder of the Business in the Warrant, it past in the Affirma- 
tive by a large Majority — W T hereupon Cap* Samuel Oilman, 
Cap* Neal, Theodore Carlton and Nath 1 Gilman dissented 
against the above Vote by Reason the Voters not being Qualli- 

The Moderator ordered the Votes to be brought in for the 
Choice of Councellors The Votes 1 were accordingly brought in 
— Then Voted this Meeting be Adjourned to Monday the 9 th 
day of December next, at one of the Clock in the afternoon, 
This Meeting is Adjourned Accordingly 

Samuel Baker Moderator — 

Attest Josiah Adams Town Clk 

The Meeting met According to Adjournment this 9th Day ot 
December 1782 — a Paper was then presented to the Meeting 
Signed by a Number of Persons, Offering their Reasons for 
their Dissenting against the Meeting upon the Several adjourn- 
ments, in the Following Words (Vizt) — 

At a Town Meeting held at Newmarket 18 th November, 1782 
and Continued by adjournment, to the 25 th November 17S2, and 
further Continued by adjournment, 9 th December, 1782 — 

From and against the Votes and Proceedings of all Severall 
Meetings We the Subscribers Dissent and Protest for the fol- 
lowing Among other Reasons — 

i at Because when the Votes were brought in for a Repre- 
sentative and an objection was made against any Persons Vot- 
ing who had not taking the Oath of Allegiance to the State the 
Moderator did not take care to see the Voters quallified accord- 
ing to Law, but Declared Col Hill chosen by a Majority of 
only One Vote, when it was Notoriously known that many of 
the Persons that Voted had not taken the Oath according to 
Law. 2 dly Because after the Objection was made as aforesaid 
and debated upon and the Act of the State enjoining the Afore- 


said Oath was Read and the Meeting adjourned — on that Ac- 
count no Entry there of was made, but on the adjournment the 
Moderator proceeded in the Vote for Councellors in the Same 
Manner as before without the Voters being Quallified and fur- 
ther adjourned the Meeting to Consider of the Plan of Govern- 
ment without any Notice being taken of the utter illegality of 
such proceeding — 3 dly Because we Apprehend that many Peo- 
ple were misled into such undue measures by Col Hill, pub- 
lickly declaring in the Meeting that the Act enjoining an Oath 
of Allegiance was not intended for the People here but only 
made for the People in the upper part of the State — and there- 
fore because many who were not Quallified and others that 
were Quallified Conceiving the proceedings to be illegall did 
not Vote either for Representative or Councellors, We as afore- 
said do Dissent and Protest against the proceedings had or to 
be had in the Premises — and Request an Entry of the forego- 
ing on the Records — I 

Samuel Gilman Samuel Neal Joseph S. Gilman 

Robert Pike James Gilman Theodore Carlton 

Bradstreet Gilman Daniel Hilton Hubartus Neal 

Andrew Gilman Nath 1 Gilman Jacob Fowler — 

UpOti Motion made Voted to adjourn the Meeting to the 
Widdow Longfellows House Immediately — Met According to 
adjournment, and after Reading the Plan of Government and 
debateing thereupon — it was put whether the said Plan Should 
be Received or Not, it past in the Affirmative Ten for it, and 
Three against it — 

This Meeting is Disolved — 

Samuel Baker Moderator 

Attest Josiah Adams Town Clk 

A True Coppy of the Whole 

Attest Josiah Adams Town Clk 

[8-37] \_Petition for a Civil Magistrate, 1784.'] 
State of Newhampshire — 

To his Excellency the President, and the honourable the Coun- 
cil of the State of New Hampshire — 

The Petition of the Subscribers Inhabitants of the town of 
Newmarket, in the county of Rockingham, humbly Shews— 

That the necessity of appointing civil Officers, of integrity, 
uprightness & ability is of the last importance, & deeply felt by 



your Petitioners — That as your Petitioners wish that Persons 
may be appointed in this town to the Office of Justices of the 
Peace, whose lives, Abilities & Estate will not only do honor 
to the town, but tend to make the government under which we 
live permanent & respectable. That as a multiplicity of busi- 
ness is transacted in that part of the Town called Lamper-River, 
which part of the town for some time past has been, & now is, 
destitute of a person in Commission for the Conservation of 
the Peace — Your Petitioners humbly beg leave to mention to 
your Excellency & honours, Jeremy Bryant Esq r as a Person 
(resident in said part of the town) best qualified, in their opin- 
ion, for that Important office — Your Petitioners mean not to 
dictate, but humbly pray your Excellency & honours, if you 
think the abovenamed Person worthy, that he may be ap- 
pointed to the aforesaid important Office &, as in duty bound, 
will ever pray &c — 

Newmarket 5 th April 1784 


James Hill 
Daniel Hill 
John Shute 
Jacob Fowler 
Edward Hilton 
Sam 1 Gilman 
Andrew Gilman 
Tho 8 Taylor 
Levi Chapman 
Robert Pike Ju 
William Cario 
Philip Fowler 
Nath Gilman 
Thomas Bennett 
Walter Bryent Jr 
John Bennet 
Winthrop Smith 
Eliphalet Smith 
Benj a Mead 
Wentworth Chesvv 

Lewis Kinnison 
Moses kinnison 
Josiah Hilton 
Robert Goodwin 
Jonath Wigens 
Jacob Ames 
John Watson 
Cotton Bennet 
David Chapman 
Levi Pickreing 
Dudly Smart 
Richard Hilton 
Samuel Ward 
John Sanborn 
Solomon Daniels 
Edward Wells 
W in French 
Thomas Hanaford 
Zebulon Barber 
ill John Ames 

Tho 8 Carlton 
Charles Smart ir 
Joseph Savveige 
Samuel way mouth 
Hilton Smart 
Wiggin Doe 
Sam Chapman 
John M. Smith 
Andrew Smith 
thomas wiggin 
Benning Brackett 
Daniel Hilton 
Samuel Pickering 
John Perkins 
Jacob Folsom 
Willam Folsom 
Jacob Hersey 
John Marston 

[8-38] [Petition for a Magistrate, 1784."] 

State of New Hampshire — 

To his Excellency the President and Hon ble Council for the 
State of New Hampshire convened at Concord the first 
Wednesday in June Anno Domini 1784 — 



Humbly shew the Subscribers Inhabitants of the Town of 
Newmarket in the County of Rockingham and State afore d 
That a Justice of the peace is greatly wanted in the north part 
of said Town ; especially the district called Lampereel River — 
Your Petitioners beg leave to recommend M r James Smith as a 
person of good reputation, and w T ell qualified to act in said 
office ; Therefore they would humbly pray your Excellency, 
and Council to commissionate the said James Smith to act as a 
Justice of the peace in said County of Rockingham, And your 
Petitioners as in duty bound will pray &c — 

March 23 th 1784. 

Nathaniel Ewer 
William Burley 
Jonathan Robinson 
Benj Taylore 
James Cram 
William Bordman 
Jethro Sandborn 
Jonathan Doe 
John Young 
William Burley Jur 
Sam 1 Smart 
John Young Jun r 
David Cram 

Joseph Young Jun r 

Asa Folsom 

George Curtis 

David Coolcord 

Jonathan Colcord 

W. Renton 

Benjamin French 

Samuel Ward 

Benjamin Dow 

Elijah Wiggins 

Paul Chapman 

Simeon Folsom 

John Cooke J r 

Benjamin Chapman 

Jer e Young 

Zebulun Doe 

Ich d Brackett 

Joseph Smith Juner 

Simon Dow 

Benjamin Varnum 

John Cook 

John Meader 


Andrew Doe 

Zebedee Dude 

Vincent Torr 

Josiah Parsons 

[8-39] [Petition for Authority to call a Special Meeting, 

' " ' h*s-\ 

To the Hon ble House of Representatives Of the State of New 
Hampshire in General Court Convened June S th 1785 — 

Humbly Shows the Subscribers Inhabitants of Newmarket, 
That at the last Annual Meeting held in Newmarket for the 
Choice of a Representative a Vote was Obtained to desolve 
said Meeting without any Choice being made, Contrary to the 
Minds of a great Number of said Inhabitants — 

Your Petitioners conceiving themselves Injured they there- 
fore pray your Hon™ would Grant Liberty to the Selectmen of 
the Town of Newmarket, to call a Meeting to make Choice of 
a Representative to Represent said Town in the General Court 
the Current Year — and as bound Shall pray &c — 

Newmarket, June 14 th 1785 

5 - 


Hubartus Neal 
David Colcord 
John Neal 
Zebulon Neal 
W m Cario 
Moses Burleigh 
John M. Smith 
A. W. Carpenter 
Theod r Carlton 
Samuel Gilman Ji 
Joseph Mash 
David Smart 
John Shute 


Josia Adams 
Dan 1 Hill 
Hub 1 Neal Jun r 
Robert Pike 
Walter Shute 
W m Odiorne 
Robart Mitchel 
Rueben Doe 
Philip Fowler 
Dan 1 Hilton J r 
Joseph Hoage 
David Hilton 
William Neal 

Jonathan Colcord 
Winthrop Wiggin 
John Colcord 
Peter Colcord 
William Shute 
Edward Colcord 
W m Badger 
Stilmon Tarlton 
Eliphalet Colcord 
John Marster 
Enoch Stevens 
Robert Smart 
Samuel Baker 


[The foregoing petition was granted in H. of Rep., June 
17, 1785.— Ed.] 

[8-42] [Proposal relative to Bridge, 1785.] 

The Subscribers in behalf of the Petitioners for the removeal 
of Newmarket Bridge beg leave to make the following proposal 

If the Honorable General Court will be pleased to grant the 
prayer of the Petitioners for the purpose aforesaid We will give 
sufficient Bonds to build A Bridge at the Newfields Two feet 
higher than it now is the Piers with half Diamonds up & down 
the River the Ship Passage Thirty One feet wide and keep it 
in repair Twenty Years 

Nat. Rogers 
Henry Wiggin 

[8-46] [Petition to have New Market Bridge repaired, 


State of New Hampshire 

To the Hon ble Senate and House of Representatives in General 
Court convened at Portsmouth the I st Day of June 1785. 

Humbly shews, The subscribers, that, Newmarket Bridge, 
so called, leading from Stratham to Newmarket, is, and for a 
long time has been, in a ruinous condition — that, unless imme- 
diate repairs prevent, the great design of building the same will 
be defeated, and the public essentially injured thereby — 

Wherefore, as the continuance of said Bridge would be of 
public benefit, your petitioners humbly pray, that your honors 
would devise some way, for its speedy Repair and future sup- 
port, and they as in Duty bound will ever pray &c 

Daniel Rindge 
W m Brewster 
David Folsom 
Dan R. Rogers 
Nahum Ward 
Sam 1 Storer 
Edward Sargent 
Aaron Hill 
John Gould 
J. allcock 
Rob* Parker 
Sam 1 Bowles 
William parker 
James Haslett 
Dan 1 Peirce 
John Lewes 
Sam 1 Ham J r 
R Hart 

John Sherburne 
Hall Jackson 
John Peirce 
W ra Whipple 
Sam 1 Cutts 
Jn° Tuckerman 
John Beck 
Win' Bennet 
James Hill 
Moses Woodward 
Daniel Hart 
Edward Park 
John Cutt 
Abner Blasdel 
John Dennett 
Benjamin Woodbu 
Joth m O Appleton 
Alexander Ewen 
Joseph Fitzgerald 
Charles Waters 
Titus Salter 
Samuel Fernald 
John Reding Jur 
Thomas Sheafe 
Henry Sherburne 
Elijah Hall 
Rich d Billings 
Enoch Meloon 
Tobias Walker 


W m Sheafe 
Sam Penhallow Jr 
Jeremiah Hill 
Ichabod Nichols 
Edmund H Quincy 
Samuel Hill 
Jo Haven 
Joseph Champney 
Jacob Sheafe jun r 
Ric d Champney 
Peter Coues 
W m Morris 
James drisco 
W m Gardner 
Nat: Sparhawk 
Nath 1 Adams 
Martin Parry 
John Lebbey 
John Melcher 
Nath 11 Peirce 
Beng n Drowne 
Joshua Brackett 
John Sheafe 
Robert Gerrish 
William Ham 
Geo : Jaflrey 
James Grouard 
James Miller 
Benjamin Slade 
Thos Sherburne 
Sam 1 Moses Jun r 
Hunking Faxson 
Danel Davis 
ry Jacob Sheafe 
Sam Sheafe 
Shackford Seaward 
John Pitman 
Richard Jenkins 
John Howe 
James Melcher 
John Greenleaf 
James Jones 
William White 
Benj a G Carter 
Ephraim Dennett 
Samuel Cotton 
Joseph Akerman 


Joseph Cotton Jur 
Reuben Snell 
James Trefethen 
Joseph Clark 
Ezekiel pitman 
Natt 1 Melcher 
W m Dearing 
Jos h Seaw r ard 
Gupey Studley 
Eph m Ham 
Amos Beck 
Edmund Coffin 
Paul Laighton 
John Hall 
Josiah Akarman 
Humfry Thomas 
Giles Seaward 
John Broten 
thomas thurber 
Thomes Stoodly 
Jn° Seaward 
Thomas Walden 
Timothy Ham 
Sam 1 Place 
Thomas Preast 
Sam 11 Waters Jur 
Rich d Harvey 
Robert Neall 
Daniel Lang 
William Vaughan 
Benja a Partridge 
Nath Pitman 
Joseph O Shaw 
Samuel Hall 
W m Cotton 
Sara 1 Hutchings 
Reuben Shapley 
Joseph Moulton 
James Marden 
Charles Roberts 
Joseph Shillaber 
Jon Chase Freese 
Stephens Weeks 
Joseph Walton 
Theo r Davis 
Tho Roach 
Joshua L Huntress 




Jn° Shores 
Nath 1 Thwing 
Thomas Simes 
Samuel Briard 
Samuel Briard J r 
John Peirce Jun r 
Jn° Simes 
W m M c Hard 
Jonathan Warner 
Samul Doe 
Nath 1 Dennett 
A. R. Cutter 
Thomas Palmer 
Samuel Haven J r 
Sam Sherburne 
Benj Bigelow Jun r 
Clement Storer 
W* Wilson 
Nat Treadwell 
Francis Borland 
W m Knight 
John Furnald 
Edmund Roberts 
Geo Wentworth 
Jeremiah Libbey 
Peter Pearse 
Geo Turner 
Keith S pence 
Sam Hale 
Tho 8 Thompson 
Mark H g Wentworth 

Seth Walker 
Nath 1 Marshall 
Richard Low- 
John Ham 
Tho Bickford 
John Cutt Jun r 
Dan 1 Symes 
John Marshall 
John Stavers 
Sam 11 Dalling 
John Sparhawk 
Dan 1 Huntress 
John Martin 
John Sherburn 
William Seavy 
O Whipple 
Th° Moses 
Thomas Chadbourn 
Noah Peirce 
Sam 11 Jackson 
John Penhallow 
Sam 1 Drowne 
Samuel Tripe 
Nath 1 March 
Tim Gerrish 
Henry Bickford 
Charles B. Grace 
Stacy Hall 
William Ayers 
William Yeaton 
John Davenport 

William Brotten 
John Reed 
George Tucker 
Nathan Nichols 
Jon a Shillaber 
Samuel Waterhouse 
Nahum Akarman 
Mark Nelson 
Artemas W Trusdel 
George Jerry Os- 
borne, jur 
Sam 11 Jones 
John Gardner 
John Lord 
W m Moses 
George Seward 
N : furbur 
Solomon Cotton 
W m Blunt 
Sam 1 Rymes 
John Wendell 
George Freese 
Joseph Bass 
John Goddard 
Joseph Freese 
Joseph Whidden 
Benj a Dearborn 
Sam 1 Langdon 
George Massey 


[In H. of Rep., June 4, 1785, a committee was appointed 
on the foregoing petition, consisting of Colonels Bartlett, 
Wiggin, Gilman, Toppan, and Mr. Brackett; the senate add- 
ed Mr. Gilman and Mr. Atkinson. The following is their 
report. — Ed.] 


The Com ee on the within petition beg leave to report as their 

Newmarket side so far as to the hoist be repaired & supported 
at the expence of the said Town of Newmarket and the end on 
Stratham side be repaired and supported at the expence of said 


Stratham so far as the hoist and that the hoist be repaired & 
supported at the expence of the Towns of Portsmouth green- 
land & Rye Portsmouth to pay three quarters of said expence 
greenland & Rye the other quarter for & during the Term of 
ten years and no longer which is submitted 

Geo. Atkinson for the Corn" 

[In H. of Rep., June 17, 1785, the foregoing report was 
accepted, but the senate did not concur. — Ed.] 

[8-47] [Petition for the removal of New Market Bridge, 

i 7 8 5 .-\ 

State of Newhampshire 

To the Hon ble Senate & House of Representatives for Said 
State in General Court convened at Concord the third 
Wednesday of Oct r 1 785 — 

Humbly shew the Subscribers, that Newmarket Bridge is 
unpassable and in a ruinous condition, that the Remaining ma- 
terials of the Bridge will be lost soon unless the Bridge is re- 
paired, or materials removed — that your petitioners conceive 
there is no prospect of the Bridge being Repaired, and that the 
remains of the Bridge were they removed to the Newflelds, 
would Serve to build a Bridge across the River there, where 
the River is narrower and the Tide less rapid, than the place 
where the Bridge Stands, if a Bridge were erected and kept at 
the Newflelds the Public would be better Accommodated and 
the River less obstructed — And as many Persons are Willing to 
Subscribe considerable sums of Money to build a Bridge at the 
Newflelds Your petitioners conceive there is a fair prospect of 
a Sufficient Sum being subscribed for building a Bridge there 
and keeping the same in repair for ten years from the building 
thereof in case leave were given to move the Meterials of the 
Old Bridge to help build the new one, before the removel of 
which Materials Sufficient caution shall be given for building 
and keeping the new Bridge in Repair as aforesaid and your 
petitioners as in duty bound shall pray &c 

Jo* Cilley Isaac Prince John Ford 

Sam 11 Dearborn Benjamin Butler Alexander Lucy 

Bradb 7 Cillev Joshua Stevens Benjamin Lucy 

Ton* Cilley " Edward Bean Tho 8 Bartlet 

Jon* Rawson Tho* Harvy John F y Williams 


Thomas Jenness 

Isaac fry Williams 
William Simpson 
John Avery 


Joseph Nealey 
John Ha ivy 
Jonathan Tilton 
David Thompson 
Asa Guile 

Mich. M c Clary 
Samuel Prescut 
Sam 1 Robie 


[8- 4 8] 

[Remonstrance to foregoing, if86.~\ 

State of New Hampshire 

To the hon ble Senate & house of Representatives of said State 
in General Assembly convened — February i 8t 17S6 — 

The Answer of the Towns of Durham Newmarket Madbury, 
Lee and Northwood, to a Certain Petition now depending be- 
fore this hon ble Court to remove Newmarkett Bridge to the New 
Fields, by their Committees appointed for that Purpose, whose 
Names are hereunto subscribed : who for themselves and their 
Constituents, humbly Pray, that for the following among other 
Reasons (which they beg Leave to offer at the hearing) that 
the Prayer of the Said Petition may not be granted — 

To which we object and say 

i Bt That a very considerable Part of the Petitioners them- 
selves, do not wish the Bridge to be removed : and were only 
induced to sign the Petition upon a Misrepresentation, that 
there would not be any Bridge unless it was Removed : the 
Contrary of which will not so clearly appear; that we presume 
to hope the hon bl Court will consider the said Petition, as in 
fact it is a Measure calculated to serve the private Views of a 
few Persons about the New-fields to the manifest detriment of 
the Public in general. — 

2 dl7 Because the principal Reasons therein assigned for Re- 
moval of the Bridge are not True, for they say that at the pro- 
posed Place the river is narrower & the Tide less Rapid than at 
the Place where the Bridge Stands, the bare denial of which 
we presume might be a sufficient Answer — For the River at 
the Bridge being not only broader but also much deeper, conse- 
quently the Tide cannot be so rapid — The very Water Courses 
of the Present Bridge by their Wedth & depth afford a larger 
Passage for the Water, than the whole wedth of the River at 
the newfields and from which deducting the Spaces which the 
Piers & abutments of a Bridge will necessarily take up, the 
Course of the Water will be so much obstructed as will effect 
the Navagation to a very great Degree as well as endanger the 
Bridge it self — They also say that a Bridge at the Newfields 


would better Accommodate the Public & less obstruct the 
River — neither of which facts are True, for the Contrary will 
clearly appear both by the Memorials : and also by the Plan 
(herewith exhibited) it will appear that for all Travellors on 
the lower Road leading over said Bridge the way by the pro- 
posed Bridge is a Mile & three quarters further than by the 
Present Bridge and a much worse road especially for Carriages 
— And even the Western Road thro' Epping Nottingham, 
Deerfield, Epsom &c the lower Road is 154 Rods nearer — so 
that upon the very moderate computation of only 50 Persons a 
Day passing said Bridge by each of said Roads such Removal 
will Occasion the Public more than 36,000 miles Travel in a 
Year ; besides more than a quarter of a Days work for every 
Team passing to and from Portsmouth that Way ; which will 
be a Cost far exceeding the Repair of the Bridge ; so that the 
Public cannot (with any Propriety) be said to be Accommo- 
dated by a Measure which will be detrimental to more thou- 
sands than it can really Benefit single Persons — The same we 
must still object & say with Respect to the Obstruction of the 
River, untill we hear upon what new Principles they will prove 
That, the Smaller the Passage the same Body of Water 
passes through in the same Time the less rapid the Stream — 

3 dl * Because a Work of such Importance as a Bridge over a 
Navagable River, in its own Nature ever is should be done not 
only in such manner & Place as would best Accomodate the 
Public in passing over the same, but also be the least detri- 
mental to the Water Carriage ; and which in that River is of 
considerable Consequence — And accordingly the Place where 
the Bridge now is was fixed upon for that purpose by a Com- 
mitte of both Branches of the Legeslature, accompanied by an 
approved Engeneer, sent on Purpose to view & examine the 
River before the Bridge was built and now many Years tryal 
clearly shows that the Place was well chosen : Whereas it is 
uncertain whether a Bridge could be made to stand at the pro- 
posed Place where the current is quicker and the Botom 
sandy — 

4 tw 7 Because there has been more than a Mile of Road laid 
out on purpose to accomodate the Present Bridge, which upon 
Removal thereof, if continued open will be a needless burden 
on the public: and if shut up, will leave those Persons who 
upon Confidence in the public Faith have purchased or divided 
their Estates in Conformity thereto, to purchase Roads for them- 
selves : some of them thro' the same Land, which their Ances- 
ters generously gave the Public : — And several Miles more of 
New Road, must be purchased by the Public — 

5 th17 We object & Answer that all the other Reasons by them 
assigned for the Removal of the Bridge ; either opperate as 


forcably for the repair of the same where it now is ; or are 
mere Suggestions without the least Foundation — 

All which we are ready, to Prove to the hon ,e Court on Trial 
and for which amoung other Reasons, We humbly pray that 
the Prayer of said Petition may not be granted — 

And that Leave may be given to bring in a Bill to regulate 
the Repair of the Present Bridge & prescribing the Method in 
which the Same shall be supported in future by Subscription, 
agreable to a proposal of your Memorialists herewith exhibited, 
or otherways as to your Hon" in Wisdom shall seem meet: 
And your Memorialists as in Duty bound shall pray — 

Lee, 30 th January 1786. — 

Geo : ffrost ) -, ... e 

■c^i r r,-., f Committe for 

jb,ben r 1 hompson > ~ , 

volentine malhes \ Durharn 

Sam 1 Gilman ) -, ... c 

T h V o- C Committe for 

WenLorth U cLwilI ) Ne *vmarket 

John Demerit | Committe for 
John Wingate j Madbury 

Reuben Hill ~\ 

Joseph Sias > Committe for Lee — 

Robert thompso ) 

John Harvey ) Committe for 
Jon* Clark j Northwood 

[8—51] [Remonstrance of Citizens of Efiping.~\ 

To the hon ble the Senate and house of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire in General Court Assembled Feb- 
ruary 17S6 — 

The Humble Petition & Remonstrance of the Subscribers, 
Freeholders & Inhabitants of Epping and places adjacent in 
said State, Shew, as causes why the Prayer of a Certain Peti- 
tion now depending before this hon ble Court to remove Stratham 
Bridge to the New Fields, should not be granted, the following 
among other Reasons — 

I** Because, upon survey of the River, and adjacent places a 
former Committee of the general Court, Accompanied with 
approved Engeneer, sent on purpose to examine the Premises 
then adjudged, the Place where the Bridge now stands to be 



the best if not the only convenient place, to accomodate both 
the Land and Water Carriage — 

2 d,y Because the said Bridge being built by a Lottery many 
Adventurers undoubtedly, risqued their money soly with a 
view of having the Bridge established where it would best ac- 
comodate them, which would not be the case were the same 
to be removed as is now proposed — 

3 dIy Because there is already a Subscription, which we con- 
ceive will be full sufficient, to put the Bridge in good repair 
much sooner than it could possably be removed — 

4 tw y Because we conceive the great Utility of the Bridge will 
ever be more likely to procure Subscriptions to keep it in 
Repair in the Place where it now is, where it so well Accom- 
odates the Public in general, than if it was removed where 
(excepting the Present projectors, who may not always happen 
to be so warm) it can Accomodate but very few — 

Wherefore we humbly & mostly earnestly pray that the said 
Petition may be dismissed — 

Nathaniel Wiggin Levi Franch 

Moses Davis 
David Folsom 
Winthrop Folsom 
David Folsom Ju 
Nath 11 Ladd 

Josiah Clark 
Samuel French 
Josiah Tilton 
Benj Straw 
Daniel Dow 

Lyford Dow 
Benj Dow 
John Parsons 
Stephen Clark Jur 
Job Parsons 
Zebulon Dow 

[8-49] [Deposition of 


Neal relative to the 

The Deposition of Cap' Hubartus Neal of Lawful Age Tes- 
tifies and says, that he the Deponent has been well acquainted 
with Exeter River for many year's, more particularly with 
them Parts of said River, where both the Ferries were formerly 
kept between Stratham & Newmarket, and says that at the 
lower place where the Bridge is now built the Bottom is very 
hard, & firm, and about Ten feet deepth of Water in the Chan- 
nel at low Water, and the River is about four hundred feet 
wide — The Deponent also says that at the Newflelds Landing 
the River is about Two hundred and ninty five feet wide, & 
from three to Six & half feet Deep and the Bottom, Sand & 
loose Bottom — 

And the Deponent further saith, that he viewed the said 
Bridge last week & upon Examination the Deponent found the 
Stone Abutments of said Bridge which extend about two hun- 
dred & fifty feet, to remain almost intirely firm and good as 


when first built, and also all them parts of the Piers below half 

Hubartus Neal 
Feb. 6, 1786— 

[Sworn before Samuel Gilman.] 


£8-50] [Deposition of Captai?i Woodman relative to the 


The Deposition of Cap' Archelaus Woodman of lawful 
Age testifies & says that he the Deponent has been well 
acquainted with the building Bridges many Years, & that 
he the Deponent did last week at the Request of Commit- 
tees from Divers Towns Examine & survey the Bridge over 
Exeter River, & also the said River at the Newfields land- 
ing — And says that almost all the Stone work of the Abut- 
ments, & the Piers below half Tide is sound & good and 
Appears to stand very firm & solid and the Deponent says he 
found the Bottom there to be very level, & exceeding hard and 
firm, and the Water about Ten feet deep at low water — And 
also the Deponent says that he found the Bottom of said River 
at the Newfields to be very uneven, and soft — and appeared to 
the Deponent to be Sand or loose Gravel — and the water from 
three to Six & half feet Deep — 

Archelaus Woodman 

Feb. 6 th 1787 — 

[Sworn before Samuel Gilman.] 

[8-52] [Deposition of Walter Bryent."] 

The Deposition of Walter Bryent aged about Seventy five 
years testifieth & saith that y e Deponant (with messers Hubar- 
tis Neal & Archelaus Woodman) on the 4 th Instant measured y e 
Bridge & took the Depth of the water below Low water mark 
in the passages for water through said Bridge over y e River 
from Newmarket to Stratham and found the warfe there Built 
on the northwest Side of said River to be from the upland to 
the first passage way one hundred Seventy & Six feet then a 
passage for watter thirty & five feet & one half foot y n a peir 
twenty three & one half feet then a passage thirty four feet 
Broad Six feet & nine Inches Deep below Low watter mark 
then a peir Sixteen feet Broad on which the highst Stands then 
the passage for Vessels twenty nine feet Broad & Eight feet 


Deep on the top of the timber there which is more then two 
feet high from y e Bottom of the River then a peir Sixteen feet 
Broad then a passage forty five feet & one half Broad & Eight 
feet & one half Deep below Low waiter mark (for Rafts &c to 
pass in) to the Butment on the South East Side of the River 
which Butment is Seventy feet to the upland & the Deponant 
finds by Calculation that the passages for waiter below Low 
watter mark where the Bridge Stands is by multipliing the 
Bredth by the Depth Contains nine hundred Eighty & three 
Square feet then the Deponant & Company moved to the new- 
fields Landing & found the watter passages that may be there 
may Contain below Low watter mark Seven hundred & nin- 
teen Square feet the Difference is two hundred Sixty four 
Square feet according to the Best of my Judgment the Bottom 
at the Bridge is Level & hard the Bottom at the newfields is 
more Sandy & Soft 

Walter Bryent 
[Sworn before Samuel Gilman.] 

[Documents numbered 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, and 59, in the 
manuscript volume, are petitions for the appointment of 
Wentworth Cheswill as justice of the peace ; and number 
60 is a petition for Eliphalet Smith. — Ed.] 

[8-62] [Relative to Church Matters, I793>~\ 

At a legal meeting of the west Society in Newmarket held 
at the New meeting house in said town the 29 th day of may 
1793 by adjournment 

Voted Cap' Joseph Young be moderator P T 

Voted M r Ichabod Hilton Doc Nathaniel Kidder & Cap* 
Andrew Gilman be a Committee to join a Committee of the 
east society in said town to Petition the General Court for a 
Repeal of an Act passed the 21 th Day of November A D 1777 
dividing this town into two Societies — 

Joseph Young moderator 

A Copy examined by James Smith Society Clerk — 


At a legal Meeting of the East Society in New market held 
at the Newmeeting House in s d Town May 29 th 1793, by Ad- 
journment — 



Voted that M r Ichabod Hilton Doct r Nathaniel Kidder, an. 
Cap* Andrew Gilman, be a Committee to join a Committee of 
the West Society; to Petition the General Court for a Repc; 
of Act passed the 27 th Day of November 1777, dividing this 
Town into Two Societies — 

Examined per Wentworth Cheswill Clerk 

[8-64] [Petition relative to Church Matters, 1793.] 
State of New hampshire — 

To His Excellency the Governor, the Hon bl€ Senate & House 
of Representatives in General Court conven'd at Concord 
the first Wednesday of June 1793. 

The Petition of the Subscribers Agents appointed at a Meet- 
ing of the East and West Societies in Newmarket Notified 
according to Law — humbly sheweth that in the month of No- 
vember A D 1777 an Act passed the General Assembly of 
said State dividing said Town into two Societies — The Opera- 
tion of which from Experience has been found to be very 
in convenient & prejudicial to the Intrest of the parties con- 
cerned, — Wherefore they pray in behalf of said Societies that 
the aforesaid Act may be repealed — And as in duty bound will 
ever pray &c — 

Ichabod Hilton 
Nath 1 Kidder 
And Gilman 
Newmarket June 5 th 1793 

[The act was repealed June 13, 1793. — Ed.] 

[8-65] [Relative to Soldiers ivho died of Small- Pox, 1761.] 

To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esqr Governor & 
Commander in Chief in and over the Province of New 
Hampshire the Hon blc His Majesty's Council and House of 
Representatives for said Province in General Assembly Con- 
vened the Eighteenth Day of February 1761 

The Humble Petition of the Select Men of Newmarket in 
said province Shews — That Lieu 1 Samuel Baldwin and David 
Doe Returning Home from the Army was taken Sick of the 



Small Pox of which they Both Died which has been Vary Ex- 
pensive to the parish of said Newmarket Lieut Samuel Bald- 
win in his Sickness Cost the parish three Hundred Ninty four 
pounds twelve Shilling and Six pence old tenor 

and David Doe s Expence is one Hundred twenty Eight 
Pounds three Shillings old tenor 

Wherefore your Petitioners Humbly Pray that in your Great 
Wisdom and Goodness you would Remitt the above Sums to 
the Parish of said Newmarket and your petitioners as in Dutey 
bound Shall Ever Pray &c 

Hubartus Neal ~\ 

John Burleigh > Select men 

Peter Folsom ) 

[The town was allowed .£20, 18, 2 J sterling. The fol- 
lowing is a copy of the bill for necessaries furnished in 
Baldwin's case :] \ 


Dec r 22 1760 The Select men of Newmarket Dr to John 
mead for attending Samuel Baldwin Sick with the Small pox 

to Quart of wine and Butter at 69s 6d £$— 9~6 

to meat Sass and Butter at 108.? 6d 5- 8-6 

to Candels at 325 1— 12-0 

to Rum Suger and Sider at. 101^ 5— 1-0 

To meat Brad and Sass 1 Lb of Suger at 7- 8-0 

To 2 Quarts of Rum 3 Lb of Suger at 1045 5- 4-0 

To Bread Honey and Rum at 33.? 1-13-0 

To 2 Quarts of Rum meat and Bread 110s 5-10-0 

To 2 Lb of Suger 2 Lb of Butter at 52s 2-12-0 

To pork and Turnops 205- 1— 0-0 

To meat and Sider at 1405 7- 0-0 

To Rum and Suger at 91 s 4-1 1-0 

To wine tea Sope and a Laman at 1265 6- 6-0 

To Rum Suger and Sider 5- 0-0 

To meat Bread and Sass 935 4-13-0 

To 31b of Suger at 365 1-16-0 

To Rum and Biscak at I— 5-0 

To Rum and Suger at 1035 5— 3-0 

To Beaf pork and Sass at 1305 6-10-0 

To Beef pork and Sass at 365- 1-16-0 

To Suger and Sider at 365 I-16-0 

To Bread and milk at I— 4—0 

To Sope Candels Cider and Rum at 915 4— 11-0 

To meal Sider and Sass at 255- I— 5-0 


To Rum Suger and Sope at 107^ 5- 7-0 

To meat Bread Sass Cider &c at 118s 5-18-0 

To Suger and Cider at 365 1-16-0 

To Cheas meat Bread Sass and Suger 6- 3-0 j 

To wood Rum pork and Beef at 10- 8-0 J 

To Suger and Butter at 30? 1-10-0 1 

Febeuary 14 th 1761 old tenor £122-16-0 

Errors Excepted 

per John Mead 

[Sworn to before Thomas Young, Justice of the Peace.] 


The township was granted, Oct. 6, 1761, to Nathaniel 
Fish and others in sixty-eight equal shares. The grantees 
were residents of Killingworth, Conn., and vicinity, and the 
first settlers, six in number, came from that place in 1765, 
cleared some land, sowed it with rye, and in the fall re- 
turned and spent the winter in Connecticut. They came 
to Newport again in June, 1766, five of them bringing their 
families, and made permanent settlements. Not being able 
to fulfil the conditions of the grant, the grantees applied 
to the governor and council for an extension, which was 
granted Feb. 2, 1769. 

Newport was made the shire town on the formation of 
Sullivan county in 1827, and has so remained ever since. 

Mrs. Sarah Josepha (Buel) Hale, a writer of distinction, 
and for many years the editor of a magazine called Godey s 
Ladys Book, published in Philadelphia, was a native of this 

Newport did its full share in the Revolution, and in the 
war for the suppression of the Slaveholders' Rebellion, and 
is at present one of the prosperous towns of the state. 


The Names of the Men Sojourning and Residing at Shugar 
River and their Improvements 


Benjamin Davis 4 acres 
James Powers 5 acres 
Nehemiah M c Neill 6 acres 
John mash 6 acres 
Moses Sparford 6 acres 
John Lines 7 acres 

By His Excellencys order 

Nehemiah M c NeilI 

[Moses Spafford afterward resided in Claremont. There 
is nothing in the original to indicate what town these men 
belonged to. — Ed.] 

[8-76] [Petition for a new Grant of the TownsJiifi, 7/68.'] 
Province of New Hamp r 

To His Excellency John Wentworth Esq r Captain, General, 
Governor and Commander in Chief .in and over his Majesty s 
Province of New Hampshire and Vice Admiral of the Same 
in Council — 

The Petition of Stephen Wilcox of Killingsworth in the 
Colony of Connecticut Gentlemen, unto your Excellency and 
the Hon ble Council Humbly shews — 

That your Petitioner and the other Grantees of the township 
of Newport, have been at incredible Expence in bringing for- 
ward the Settlement of said Township, which is well known 
to the Neighbouring Settlers; Your Petitio 1-8 have laboured 
under such Discouragements for want of Roads and the Neces- 
saries of Life &c that they have scarce been able to withstand 
their Troubles, which Y r Petitioner sett forth in his Petition 
exhibited the 5 th of October 1768 in behalf of Himself & the 
other Grantees & prayed that they might be assisted by the 
Nieghbouring Towns in laying out Roads: To his & their 
great Surprize they have heard that Reuben Kidder Esq r of 
New Ipswich, hath preferred his Petition for obtaining the Non 
Residents Rights in said Township, which Petition we beg 
Leave to represent unto your Excellency & Honours is both 
unreasonable and unjust especially in said Kidder who already 
owns more Land than he can conveniently settle, and would 
strive to enrich himself with the Monies expended by many 
poor People who have cheerfully contributed & payd their 
Taxes and Labour in forwarding the Settlement — They hope 
greater Indulgence and from your Excell cy known Candor to- 
wards Encouragement of Industry they doubt not to obtain 



your further fav™ by regranting to all the former Grantees y' 
Continuance of their Rights under a New Charter, Your Peti- 
tioners will readily pay the Expences of the Survey, when 
they are duely informed of the Cost thereof: They rely on 
Your Excellencys Favours and as in Duty bound he and they 
shall ever pray — 

Portsm Dec r 3 d 1768. 

Stephen Wilcocks in behalf of Himself & the other Grantees 
of the Township of Newport 

[The time for complying with the conditions of the char- 
ter was extended Feb. 2, 1769. — Ed.] 

[8-77] [Return of Ratable Polls.'] ■ 

Agreeable to A request Sent us by General Assembly of 
Sending them the Numbers of Male Polls of Twenty one Years 
of age And upwards that Pay for them selves apolle Tax Wee 
have Proceeded agreeable to said Request & Wee find the 
Number to Be Eighty Nine Male polles that pay for themselves 
A polle Tax Test- 
Jed 11 Reynolds ~) c , . c 
EzraParmele i Select men of 
Jesse Willcocksj New P ort 
Newport December the 
8 th day 1783 

[Sworn to before Moses Whipple, Justice of the Peace.] 

[8-79] [Petition to have the Proceedings of a Town- Meeting 
legalized, 1783 .] 

State of New Hampshire — 

To the Hon ble the Council and Assembly Convien'd at Concord 
on the 2 d Tuesday in June 17S3 — 

May it please Your Hon™ 

Your Petitioners in behalf and at the desire of the Inhabi- 
tants of the Town of Newport in full Town Meeting Assem- 
bled humbly Shew that thro' their inadvertence and other rea- 
sons concuring they are in an unhappy situation with respect 
to their Collecting the remaining part of the Taxes due to the 
State which we Suppose tis in your hon r8 power and yours only 
to grant us relief, for true it is y r Petitioners did not know till 


lately that there was a Necessity for Town Inhabitants to take 
the Oath of Fidelity in order to their being legally quallified to 
Vote in Town Meetings, and as they have of late so if it is 
Necessary in future they are willing to Conform but as some of 
the Inhabitants in this Town Excuse themselves and refuse to 
pay the outstanding Taxes, by reason our Town Meetings were 
not warned according to Law ire: our Select Men had not 
taken the Oath of Fidelity and consequently our Town-Officers 
were not Legally Chosen, We therefore pray Y r Hon™ to Estab- 
lish all our Town Meetings untill this time which would have 
been legal in case the Oath of Fidelity had never been Enacted 
and that they may be held legall to all Intents and purposes 
whatsoever as they might or could have been before said Oath 
of Fidelity became a Law of this State, or Otherwise in your 
wisdom as it may Seem meet Enable your Petitioners to Col- 
lect the remaining part of the Taxes due by this Town to the 
State and Y r Petitioners as in Duty bound Shall Ever pray 

Jed h Reynold ^ Select Men in behalf 
Ezra Parmele y & for the 

Jesse Willcocks ) Town of Newport 

Newport May 29 th 1 783 

[8-78] \_Remonstrance to the foregoing.] 

To the Honourable the General Assembly of the State of New- 
hampshire Convened at Concord the Second Tuesday June 

The Remonstrance and Petition of the Under-signers Hum- 
bly Sheweth that the Proceedings of the town of Newport 
have for a Considerable time past been Illegal and Unjust. 
Illegal because they have Acted directly Opposite to an Act 
passed by the General Assembly of this State : which Act im- 
poseth an Oath of Fidelity upon the Subjects of this State. 
Unjust because of Votes that have been passed in town-meet- 
ings, by a Small part of the Inhabitants of s d town, in particu- 
lar their proceedings in Calling and Settling a minister; and 
thereby disposing of publick Land, (for the particular Circum- 
stances of the matter we would refer your honours to a certain 
Objection Laid before the Rev d Council Met at Newport for 
the purpose of Ordaining M r John Remele the 21" day of 
January Last herewith presented) We your LIumble Petition- 
ers therefore think it Expedient for the Peace and welfare of 
the town to lay the Matter before your Honourable Body hum- 
bly Praying your Interposition on our behalf that the Late 
6 " 



Illegal and Unjust proceedings of this town may not be Estab- 
lished by your Honourable body and we have that trust and 
Confidence in our Legislators as not to think they will confirm 
any proceedings So unreasonable and unjust ; and that no peti- 
tion for that purpose may be granted — We would inform that 
at a town-meeting after a Considerable debate, the body of the 
people considering the meeting of no Validity withdrew ; after 
which about Nine or ten Voted to send a petition to the gen- 
eral Assembly for the afore 8d purpose of Establishing their 
proceedings, — 

but we would Submit the Whole Matter to your Candour 
and Uprightness — 

We humbly Request that your honours would give us direc- 
tions for a Regular town-meeting that we may again Enjoy 
peace and good Order — 

Dated at Newport this 5 th day of June 1 783 — 

Signers to the Above — 

Abijah Windes 
Bejamin Bragge 
Reuben buel 
Robert Lane 
Benjamin Miller 
Thomas Lane 
Stephen Parry 
Jonathan Comstock 
Gorden Buel 
Jeremiah Kelsey 

Benajan Church 
Samuel Church 
Richard Goodwin 
Aaron Buel 
Phinehas Chapin 
John Lane 
Jesse Lane 
John Megregory 
Daniel Chapin 
James Church 

Giles Kelcey 
William Haven 
Elias Metcalf 
Jonathan Wakefield 
Nathan wardwell 
Jeremiah Jenks 
Daniel Buel 
Simon Buel 
Solomon Davis 

[Rev. John Remele was ordained Jan. 22, 1783, and dis- 
missed Feb. 10, 1 791. — Ed.] 

[8-81] \_Action relative to Paper Money, iy86.~\ 
State of New-Hampshire Cheshire County ss. 
Newport Nov r 20 th 1 786 

Agreable to a requisition of the Hon rbl Assembly of said 
State bearing date Sepf 14 th 17S6 

The plan drawn by a Sub-Comm" for Emitting Paper Money 
&c, being read in a Legal Meeting appointed for the purpose 
that the Inhabitants of said Town may shew their minds re- 
specting the same, when for farther consideration after Choos- 



ing a Comm" to consider and make report the Meeting was 
Adjourned to the 4 day of Dec r Met according to Adjourn- 
ment, and 

Voted Unanimously not to Accept the report above referr'd 
to, but reject the whole thereof, the Number of Voters N° 96 

The report of the Comm" 

But we are Humbly of opinion that if the Hon bl Assem- 
bly in their great Wisdom should grant, that the Possessors 
of State Securities may draw out of the Treasury office if 
they see cause, Certificates equal to the Amount of their 
demand or any part of the same, and that said Certificates, 
shall be Accepted in the Treasury at all times for State Taxes 
it would be an Advantage to the Inhabitants of the State in 
general but we Humbly Submit to Y r Superior Wisdom this 
and all other Matters belonging to the Legislature. 

Benj a Giles 
Joshua Warner 
Jesse Lane 
Jeremiah Jenks 
Ezra Pamley 


Voted that the report of the Comm" be accepted and it was 
Voted Nem : Con : 

the Number of Votors N° 96 

. Certify P r us— 

Aaron Buel ") c , , c 

Samuel Church ' Select men for 

Jesse Lane ) New P ort 

[For action of the legislature, see Vol. XI, p. 130. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-57] [ Concerning- Service in the Revolution.] 

State of New Hampshire 

The Hon ble the Council and House of Representatives at Exeter 
Conven'd April the 14 th 17S4, 

Benjamin Giles in behalf and at the request of the Select- 
Men of the Town of Newport Humbly Sheweth 

Your Petitioners ever since the opposition by the United 
States against Great Brittain have willingly and readily com- 
plied with all the requisitions made by Government for Sol- 



diers, and were at great Expence beyond their ability being an 
infant Town that Early in the year 1778, the Town had their 
Quota of Men Enlisted some for three years and some during 
the War. James Doud one of said Number was Enlisted 
during the War, as may appear by Lieut. Will" 1 Hutchins Cer- 
tificate Exhibited herewith, when the Regiments were reduced, 
the Quota of Newport was four Men. We immediately upon j 

the requisition hired three Men, and said Doud made the 
fourth, and we never knew nor had the least Suspicion of being | 

deficient, untill an Extent came against the Town for our whole j 

Quota upon which sending to the Com" on Claims, found said i 

Doud turned over to the Town of Weare Altho the town of ] 

Newport was at considerable Cost to get said Doud Enlisted 
and paid him £50 beside, and as said Doud was Enlisted by 
Newport, and they never having any knowledge of Claim made \ 

by any other Town, Except as above recited, Your Petitioners \ 

Pray Y r Hon" to grant such relief as you in your Wisdom Shall 
see Meet, and suffer not the poor Town of Newport to be op- j 

pressed, who comply'd with their duty and never had opportu- 
nity to make good their just and honest Claim i 
And as in Duty bound shall : &C 

Benj Giles in behalf of the 
Select-Men of Newport 

[R. 3-58] 

White Plains September 9 th 1778 

These may Certify all persons whome it may or shall Con- 
sern that I James Doud for and in Consideration of Fifty pounds 
to me in hand well and truly paid to me in hand by Constant 
Hart of Charlestown in Behalf of the town of Newport in the 
County of Cheshire and State of New Hampshire for Ingaging 
as a Soldier in the Continental army for said town of New- 
port — These are Therefore to Certify that I have Inlisted in 
Capt. Nathaniel Huchins Company in Colo. Cillies Regiment 
Newhampshire forces Dureing the war for the town of New- jg 

port as above said and will Indevour Faithfully to Serve as 9 

far as is in my Power untill Legally Discharged as witness my § 

hand the day and date as above said *| 

In presence of James Doud 

Gilbert Caswell "" i 

Will m Hodgkins 

[In H. of Rep., April 16, 1784, the town was credited for 
said Doud. — Ed.] 




[8-84] [ Thomas Walter Powers ordained, i7JS-~\ 

To all Saints of every denomination even the whole Family of 
the faithfull & unto all in Civil Authority whom it may 
Concern wishing all Increase of Grace, and all Temporal 
good — 

Know Ye that we the Subscribers elders of Several Churches 
of Christ in this Land of the Baptis denomination &c, upon 
the request & desire of Thomas Walter powers of New town 
in the Province of New Hampshire and a number of Saints 
with him in that place, & the neighb'ring towns have by our 
elders, & Messengers Examined their articles of Faith, & 
Church Constitution, as well as the Gifts, & Qualifications of 
the said Powers and finding their faith & principles sound & 
Aurthodox, & the said Powers endowed with gifts and Qualifi- 
cations required for a Gospel minister we have after Seeking 
to Almighty God by prayer & as we apprehend obtained divine 
Light in the Case sit apart & ordained the said powers unto the 
Pastoral office in that place, & do receive that people with their 
Pastor into our Communion, & Fellowship, & have injoined 
to watch over them as members of the mystical body of Christ 
with our selves, & do declare them an Organnick Church in 
this Community believing that in whatsoever measure the said 

This town was granted Dec. 6, 1749, in answer to a peti- 
tion from the inhabitants, and named New Town, the deri- 
vation of which is obvious. Capt. Joseph Bartlett was 
appointed by the governor and council to call the first 
meeting. Documents relative to the formation of the town 
may be found in Vol. IX. The southern boundary of the 
town as chartered was to begin at the south-west corner of 
South Hampton, on " the Curve Line that is the Northern 
Boundary of our Province of the Massachusetts Bay and 
bounding on the Said Curve Line & running on the same 
South West nine degrees West one mile then South 28 
West (by said Curve Line) one mile to Haverhill Line at a 
Place called Brandy Brow." 

The boundary line between this town and South Hamp- 
ton was established by an act passed Jan. 4, 1772. 

July 2, 1845, a tract of land was severed from East Kings- 
ton and annexed to this town. 

July 10, 1846, the name of the town was changed from 
Newtown to Newton. 


Power hath been entangled with any error or with any errone- 
ous Persons in any evil Conduct that the Lord hath Graciously 
delivered them from the same, & we hereby do recommend 
him to God, & the Power of his grace as a fellow Labourer in 
the Kingdom, & patience of Jesus Christ praying that he & we 
may be more & more delivered from all evil, and enabled to 
walk in the truth of the Gospel &c — 

Given under our hands this 10 th day of June AD 1755 — 

Steph n Babcock pastor of the Chh of Christ in Stonington, 
& Westerly in Union 

Tho 8 Wells Pastor of the Church of Christ, in the Town of 
Westerly in Kings County & Colony of R Island 

James Rogers pastor of the Church of Christ in South Kings- 
town in the County, and Colony aboves d Peter Werden pastor 
of a Church of Christ in Warwick in the County of Kent & 
Colony aforesaid, Benj n Peirce Pastor of a Church of Christ in 
Warwick in the County aforesaid — 

A True Copy att* H Wentworth Cl r 

Copy Examind per Geo : Jaffrey Clr 

[This was the first Baptist church established in New 
Hampshire. — Ed.] 

[8-82] [Bounds of a Highway, 1747 '.] 

The Return of A Highway Persuent to a Petison to us 
Directed Signed by Gidien Bartlet and others to y e Number of 
Twenty Wee Have Bounded a Highway as followeth viz be- 
gining at y e Countery Road leading from Sweets ferry to kings- 
town on the north west Side of a Farm laid out to Jarrett 
Hadden Said Way Being Bounded With a Stake and Stones 
on y e South east Side ajasent to s d Farm thence Runing North 
Easterly four Rods in wedth ajasent to s d Farm till it Comes to 
a Stake and Stones Standing four Rods South weste of a White 
Pine which is y e westerly bounds of a Farm laid out to George 
martin y e s d Pine being a bound on y e north east of s d Way 
and thence the said way Runs South easterly four Rods in 
Wedth ajasent to the Farm laid out to George Martin till it 
Comes to a White oak at y e South Corner of y e s d martins Farm 

Dated October y e 29 th 1 747 

Richard Collins ) Select men for 
Samuel Collins ) South Hampton 

A true Coppy taken of South Hampton District Book of 

Attest Richard Collins Clerk for y e District 






[Relative to Road laid out, i6gg.~\ 

To the Select men of Salsbury and almsbury District Namly 
m r Samuel Collings Richard Collings and william Rowell the 
Petition of us the Subscribers humbly Sheweth that in the year 
1698/9 a committee of the town of Almsbury layd out and 
Bounded a lot or farm to one Garret Hadden Being the 18 th lot 
in number and S d Committee then Bounded the S d lot on three 
Sides on high ways that is northwest north East and South 
East and the S d lot or farm have always Been under Stood to 
be So bounded and the S d ways to Remain as a'privelidg to 
the S d lot or farm and your Petitioner Gideon Bartlett having 
Bought the north East part of S d lot and Settled himself ajoyn- 
ing the way on that Side pleased himself that he Should have a 
way to pass and Repass in But So it is that henary Bagley and 
david Bagley haveing lands on the opposite Side of Sd way 
Tiave presumed to joyn their fences to the fence of your Peti- 
tioner Gideon and their by for these Seven years last past De- 
prived your petitioner Gideon of that Privelidg of a way which 
he and all man kind ought to have wherefore your Petitioners 
pray that you will as soon as may be Proceed to bound out 
Peticuearly the ways on the northwest and north East Sides 
of Sd lot or farm that your petitioner Gideon may be in away 
to take eney further Regular Steps to have an open way to pas 
and Repass two and from his dwelling house and your Petition- 
ers as in duty Bound Shall ever Pray &c dated at Salsbury and 
almsbury district April the first 1747 

Gideon Bartlett 
Joseph Bartlett 
Daniel kelley 
Thomos Beedle 
David Paslee 
John Peaslee 
Joseph Peaslee 
gnoses Peaslee 

Eliphelet hoyt 
Jeames Paslee 
Peter Colby 
Nathan Peaslee 
Moses Carlton 
John Paslee Juner 
Samuel Hadly 
Enoch Brown 

John martin 
Stephen martin 
Thomos davis 
Moses Sanders 
amos davis 
Moses Davis 

£8-86] [Action of Town- Meeting relative to Highways^ 

monday November the 3 d 1755 the Inhabitants of Newtown 
being mett at the meeting House the meeting was opened and 
mr Moses Charlton was Chosen modrator of s d meeting at the 
same meeting the foregoing Return was Red and it was put to 
vote to see whether the town would allow of and accept of the 
fore mentioned Highway and Return as now Red to them and 
voted in the affimetive and the meeting was adjourned till tues- 



day y e Eighteenth day of november instant at one of the clock 
after noon at the meeting house in said town tuesday november 1 

the Eighteenth 1755 the Inhabitance of Newtown being mett \ 

upon adjournment at the meeting House at the same meeting 
Timothy Lankester Enters himself Contridicent to and decent- | 

ing from the fore going vote at the same meeting it was voted 
to see if the town would Give up in Exchange to Capt Moses 
sargent & Capt Stephen sargent that part of a Reserve of a 
High way Lying between their Land and charls sargents Land 
for the fore mentioned tw r o Rod way through their Land and 
voted in the affimetive at the same meeting Gideon Bartlet 
Esqu r and Joseph Bartlet and Gershom Bartlet Enter them 
selves contridicent to and decenting from the Last foregoing 
vote at the same meeting it was voted to see if the town would 
Give up in Exchange to Andrew Whittier and Timothy Whit- 
tier that part of a Reserve of a High way Lying Between their 
Land and charls sargents Land for satisfaction to them for the 
fore mentioned two Rod way through their Land and voted in 
the affirmetive at the same meeting it was voted to see if the 
Town would give up in Exchange to Henry Bagley and Corn 11 
Jonathan Bagley & to Ens David Bagley two Rods in wedth of 
that High way that Lyeth Between their Land and Land of 
Gideon Bartlett Esqu 1 (that is two Rods in wedth on the north 
side of said way next to their Land from the white oak bound 
next to Samuel Jewells Land up to the white pine) for satis- 
faction to them for the fore mentioned two Rod high way 
through their Land and voted in the affirmetive at the same 
meeting Gideon Bartlet Esqu 1 Joseph Bartlet & Gershom 
Bartlet and Stephen Bartlet and Timothy Lankester Enter 
themselves Contridicent to and decenting from the Last fore 
going vote at the same meeting it was voted to see if the town 
would Give up in Exchange to Charls Chase that part of a 
Reserve of a High w r ay Lying Between his Land and Land of 
Samuell Jewell in Satisfaction to him for the fore mentioned 
two Rod High way through his Land and voted in the affirme- 
tive at the same meeting Gideon Bartlet Esqu 1 Joseph Bartlet 
and Gershom Bartlet & Stephen Bartlet Enter them selves 
Contridicent to and decenting from this Last foregoing vote 

at the same meeting it was voted to give to Joseph Bartlet 
and Gershom Bartlet twenty pounds (old tener) for the fore- 
mentioned two Rod High way through their Land voted in the 
affirmetive at the same meeting: it was voted to alow and give 
to Timothy Lankester forty pounds (old tener) for the fore men- 
tioned two Rod High way through his Land voted in the 

a true copy taken out of Newtown Records as attest William 
Rowell town Clerk 


[8-85] [Relative to Highways, J/JS*1 

To His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq r Captain General 
& Governour in Chief in and over his Majesties Province of 
New Hampshire — and to the Honourable his Majesteis Coun- 
cil and the Honourable House of Representatives for said 
Province in General Assembly Convened Decem br 1755 

The Petition of Joseph Peaslee William Rowell & Aaron 
Currier Selectmen of New Town in Said Province in Behalf of 
Said Province Humbly Sheweth — 

That Some years past when Said Town was Cald & Ac- 
counted part of Amsbury the Said Town of Amsbury Granted 
& divided y e Lands now Called New Town to & amongst a 
Number of their Proprietors & in laying out & dividing the 
same some Lands were left or Reserved for highways — and 
those Reserves were never Viewd & marked out Nor used 
for highways but were left between lots as their lines run 
through Low Sunken lands and Swamps where there is no 
Possability of having Good roads and the People of y e town 
used to pass and repass upon upland More Convenient for 
highways. And the Town of New Town finding it Necessary 
have laid out Suitable & Convenient highways near as may be 
to ye other & in Such manner as that no mans Lott is Curt ofF 
from a Convenient Public Road & have Ordered the Persons 
whose lands are taken up for highways to have Some part of 
y e lands reserved as before Mentioned for highways in Recom- 
pence for their lands now taken which is to y e General Content 
and Satisfaction of y e Town & Neighbourhood & Injury to no 
Man but much more Commodious & Beneficial for y e Public — 

But So it is that Gideon Bartlet Esq 1 " Joseph Bartlet Gershom 
Bartlet all of Said Town who own lands Adjoyning to a Cer- 
tain peace reserved as aforesaid for away where it is hardly 
capable of being made Good & where they themselves cannot 
be Proffited by it but rather hurt by it, Do unreasonably Op- 
pose the Towns proceeding herein altho w their lands are not 
thereby Cutt off from Some public open roads & high ways by 
what y e Town has done yet great uneasiness & disturbance to 
the Town is Occasioned by their Opposeing y e Towns proceed- 
ing as aforesaid and it is likely that more Troubles May arise 
thereby — wherefore to Prevent the Same — your Petitioners 
humbly pray — That Some Good & Suitable Persons understand- 
ing Such affairs May be appointed and Directed by this Hon bl ° 
Court to repair to y e place and View the Several highways & 
the lands reserved for high ways as aforesaid and report thereon 
to this Hon b,e Court as they shall find y e Truth relating to y e 
Premisses and that this Hon 1>le Court will be pleased to Ratify 



and Confirm what the Said Town of Newtown have done about 
& Concerning the Same — & yo r Petit" shall Pray &c 

Joseph peaslee 1 

William Rowell j 

[In H. of Rep., January 14, 1756, Joseph Smith and 
Thomas Westbrook Waldron were appointed a committee 
to " view the several highways and report." The senate 
added John Downing. Their report follows. — Ed.] 

[8-90] [Report of the Committee.] 

Wc the Subscribers a Committee appointed the fourteenth 
and fifteenth of Jany Last by both Houses on the Petition of 
the Select-men of New r town to View the Highways Reserves 
&c a — therein refer'd to have in consequence of Said appoint- 
ment been at Said Newtown taken a View of Said Roads & 
Reserves Also heard what the Said Select-men (Gideon Bart- 
let Esq r ) & others mentioned in Said Petition had to offer on 
the affair & having considered of the Same together with the 
Papers relative thereto laid before us — 

Do report as folio weth viz — 

That 'tis our opinion that it will be for the interest & con- 
veniency of the Inhabitants of Said Town that the prayer of 
Said Petition should be granted which is Submissively offered. 
Portsm Feb 24 1756 By 

John Downing ~\ 

Joseph Smith y Committee 

Tho 8 W k Waldron) 

[The foregoing report was adopted by the legislature, 
Feb. 9, 1758.— Ed.] 

£8-87] Petition for opening a Highway.] 

Province of Newhampsher 

Newtown Deer the 4 th 1755 to mesurs Joseph Peasley Will- 
iam Rowel, and Aaron Currier Selectmen for Newtown in Sd 
province the Petisian of us the subscribers humbly sheweth 
that whereas there are divers highways or Reserves of land 
between the Manns or Lots of several persons within Sd Town : 
Left or reserved for the use of the inhabitants and others for 
travelling &c as a highway or reserve beginning at the Coun- 
try road Leading from kingstown to Swets ferry so Cald at the 
South end of the Long Casway so Cald: and running easterly 
between the farm origenelly W m Barns on the north and Land 


now in the possession of David Peasley and Charles Sargent on 
the south till it Corns to a pine tree at the west Corner of the 
fFarm origenelly Georg martin now in possession of the Baglys 
and then Sd way runs S° easterly between the ffarms of the Sd 
martin on the N° east and the fFarm of Garret Hadden on the 
S° west till it Corns to another highway or reserve running N° 
east between the ffarms of Sd martin on the n° west and ffarms of 
waiter tailer and Gove on the S° east till it Corns to a white 

oak tree at the East Corner of Sd martins fFarm where the Sd 
way Corns nere South hampton line and meets with an other 
highw r ay that leads N° easterly to an open road leeding to the 
trickling fals so Cald as also an other highway or reserve that 
runs from the highway between the farm of Sd martin on the 
n° west and the farms of waiter Tailer and Gove on the 

S° east S° easterly between the ffarms of Sd gove on the 

n° East and the farm of waiter tailer on the S°west till it Corns 
to an open road nigh the meeting house in Newtown above Sd 
all which ways or Reserves have for several years past been 
incumberd Shut up and Stopt to the grate dameag of the Pub- 
lick in general as well as your humble petitions in perticuler 
wherefore we humbly Request that you will as soon as may lay 
open and Clear all Sd ways or Reserves within Sd toun as 
above mentioned and youl oblige your humble Petitioners as in 
duty bound shall Ever Pray 

micah Hoyt Cuting feavour Daniel Goodwin 

John Eliet iur Gideon Bartlet Nathaniel Colby 

Philip Challis Joseph Bartlet Abraham Kimball 

Gideon Colby Garshom Bartlet jeams George 

Jonathan kimball Stephen Bartlet 
Zebulon ferren John Elliot 

[8-88] [This document is a crude plan of the highway, 
with the names of residents on it. Commencing at the west 
end, at the "Contry Road," the names are John Challis, 
Joseph and Gershom Bartlett, Moses and Stephen Sargent, 
Widow Merrill, Charles Sargent, Timothy Whittier, An- 
drew Whittier, David Bagley, Jonathan Bagley, Henry Bag- 
ley, Samuel Jewell, Charles Chase, and Timothy Lancaster. 
At the east end is the " Meeting hous." — Ed.] 

[8-89] \_Inhabitants consent to action of the Selectmen, 


Newtown January 2 — 1755 

We the subscribers here by shew our consent to and accept- 
ance of what the select men of sd newtown have Lately done 



in Respect of the new high way Lately Laid out and also our 
Consent to what the town has done in giving up in Exchange 
some reserves of high ways in satisfaction for said new way 

Andrew Whittier Jacob Rowell Samuel jewel ju | 

david baerley m, * a u Thomas Bedel 

* J Thomas X greenfield r Qhn Peaslee 

Zaccheus X Colby Timoth /& hittier J Moses Carleton 

Nathan Peaslee nathaniel ash Nathaniel Peaslee 

Charles Sargent David Peaslee 

henry bagley Nathan Hoag 

James Peaslee Reuben hoyt Enoch Brown 

Christopher Rowell Samuel Jewel Moses Peaslee j 

Caleb X hobbs 


[8-91] ^Petition of several Baptists to be exempt from being 
taxed for the support of the Congregational Church .] 

March 28 1764 To the inhabitants of Newtown met at the 
annual Meeting we whose names are hereunto annexed do Re- 
quest that you would Exempt us from being taxed for the Sup- 
port of the Congregational minister in this town for as much as 
we have attended the worship of God and the preaching of the 
Gospel in the Baptist Society and Paid our part for the Support 
of the Gospel there for a number of years Even from before the 
time that any Congregational Minister was Settled in this town 
and are Still bound in concience to do the same 

ffrancis Chase Timothy Whittier Bennjamin Carter 

Robert Stuart Josiah fowier Josiah fowler iuner 

Andrew Whittier John Carter thomas Carter 

at the annual Town meeting of the Town of Newtown Held 
at the meeting House march y e 2S 1764 this petition was Laid 
Before the Town and Considered of and voted to see if the 
Town would Grant the petitioners their Request and the vote 
past in the negetive and the petition not granted 

[8-92] [ Warrant for Town-Meeting, iy68.~\ 

Province of New Hampshire 

To John Peaslee Jur Constable for New town — Greeting — 

You are hereby Required to warn the Inhabitants of said 
town Qualified for voteing to meet at y e Congregational meet- 
ing House in s d Town on monday y e 15 : of august at 3 of y e 

NEWTON. 6 1 

Clock in the afternoon then when met: ily to Chuse a mod- 
rator : 2ly to see if the Town will (Exclusive of frinds & y° 
Church People) Pay the Cost which hath arose by Reason of 
the Babtis People being Rated to y e Congregational minister : 
3ly to See if the town w r ill Joyn with y e people which Live at 
y e East of the town Belonging to South Hampton and with 
the people on y e north west of the town Belong to kingstown 
and petition to y e General Court to be Enext to Newtown : 
4ly to See if the Town will agree to Devide the town : 51V to 
See if the Town will approve of what the Select men have 
Done in Stakeing out to Charls Chase two Rods of the way by 
y e Wd Jewell Land for a way across s d Chases Land : fail not 
make due Return to us of this woran : with your doings at or 
before the Date above mentioned 

Dated at Newtown agust y e first 1768 

Joseph Peaslee ) Select men 
Francis Chase j for Newtown 

[Proceedings at aforesaid Meeting. ~\ 

Province of New Hamp h 

Persuant to a warant from y e Select men to me Derect I have 
warned y e Inhabitants of newtown as within mention 4 per me 
John Peaslee Jur Constable for Newtown Dated at new town 
august y e 15 : 1768 

Province of New Hampshr 

at a Leagal meeting y e Inhabitants of Newtown being met at 
y e Congregational meeting House on monday y e 15 : of august 
A D 1768 the meeting being opened Cap David Bagly be mod- 
rator at the Same meeting the town appointed a Committee to 
See if they Could agree to Devide the town and y e meeting was 
adjourned to y e 1 : of September y e 1 : 176S the Inhabitants of 
newtown being met according to adjournment Cap David 
Bagly being modrator at the same meeting the Committe 
Brought in their Report that they Could not agree at the Same 
meeting it was put to vote to petition to the General Court to 
Devide the Town and the vote pased in y c affirmative Instantly 
Joseph Peaslee James Peaslee moses Peaslee Francis Chase 
Nathan Hoag John Peaslee Juner Entred their decents against 
the Last vote its not being according to the warrant 

a true Coppy taken out of Newtown town Book of Records 
as attest — 

William Rowell town Clerk 

[8—97] [ Trouble concerni?ig a Town- Meeting, iy6g."\ 

[Petition of Moses Carleton and Gideon Bartlett, addressed 
to the General Assembly.] 

The Petition of us the Subscribers for our Selves, and in be- 
half of the Major part of the Inhabitants of the Town of New- 
ton in the s d Province 

Most Humbly Sheweth That at the Annual Meeting of the 
Inhabitants of the said Town on the 29 th of March last for the 
Choice of Town officers, Matters were transacted b} r a Minor 
obstinate Party in such an Illegal Unjustifiable manner as was 
never heard of before in any Town in this Province, nor (per- 
haps) in any other on this Continent, to Convince Your Excy 
and Honors of the truth of which your Petitioners beg leave to 
relate (very briefly) the proceedings at the said Meeting — Vizt 
The Meeting was opened by the Constable M r John Peasley 
Jun r who nominated M r Nathan Hoag for the Moderator who 
was Negatived, then the said Constable named, M r Joseph 


[8-93] [Proceedings at Town- Meeting, iy6g.~\ 

A meeting of the Inhabitants of the town of Newtown Held 
at the Congregational meeting House in s d Town on monday I 
ye j^th jj) a y f October 1769 at the Same meeting voted that 
Captain William Rowell and Aaron Currier be a Committee to 
prefer a petition to the Great and General Court of s d province | 
in the name & Behalf of the Town Humbly to Request the I 
said Court to Resolve and finely to Settle the affaire Respect- \ 

ing those persons in this town who Call themselves by the j 

name of B aptis that it may be known : whether all those per- 
sons or any of them are by Law Exempted from paying toward 
the Support of the Congregational minister in this Town voted j 

in the affirmative. f 

at the Same meeting voted that y e said William Rowell & 
Aaron Currier be a Committee to prefer a petition to y e said \ 

General Court in the name & Behalf of the Town for those \ 

persons who Live to the East of this Town (Belonging to 
South Hampton) who have a desire to Come to us that they 
may be annexed on to Newtown and the said Rowell and Cur- 
rier are here by Impowered & Authorized to do the Same ac- 
cordingly voted in the affirmative. 

A true Coppey taken out of Newtown town Book of Rec- 
ords as attest — 

William Rowell Town Clerk 


Peasly to be Moderator which also passed in the Negative It 
was then motioned and Seconded by numbers that the Consta- 
ble should Nominate M r Aaron Currier or Lieut Carleton, but 
he refused to do it and Nominated M r Moses Peasley, who was 
also Negatived, a number then again Insisted upon the said 
Carleton or Currier's being put up for Moderator but the Con- 
stable a Second time refused to Nominate either of them — That 
after some time the said Constable again Nominated the said 
Joseph Peasley who is his Father and declared him to be chosen 
Moderator without putting the Negative Vote — which proceed- 
ing caused such a Tumult and Confusion that the vote was not 
recorded, Then it was Insisted upon that the officers should be 
Chosen by written votes — that the Select Men then declared 
they did not care who was Chosen for Moderator provided they 
would Chuse the Select Men as follows vizt One Quaker One 
Baptist and One Congregationalist — but that if they did not 
Choose 'em in that manner they would purge the House — after 
which Esq r Bartlett Nominated Lieut Carleton for Moderator 
and desired that those who were for him would draw to the 
fore door w ch as they were doing the Constable again suddenly 
nominated the said Joseph Peasly and declared him chosen 
Moderator and he took his Seat accordingly altho' besides those 
within there was near 30 at the Door who held up their hands 
in the Negative and would have made a Majority had they been 
Counted but this was not permitted — Then the Select Men 
read the names of those who they said were qualified Voters — 
and said they would not allow of any others to vote — the Peo- 
ple not contented with this rule put their votes into the Hatt, 
but those that were suspected not to vote as the Select Men 
would have 'em, had their votes thrown out of the hatt Thus 
the Meeting was purged of the Major part of the Qualified 
Voters in the Town while persons of little or no Substance 
but in the same side with the Select Men were by them de- 
clared Qualified Voters — whereupon the Major part of the 
Town greatly displeased at these violent Arbitrary proceedings 
left the Meeting, which was carried on but by few of the In- 
habitants consisting Chiefly of Quakers & Schemers who if 
suffered to go on in such Tyrannical measures will entirely 
Subvert and Destroy the Peace and Quiet of the s d Town 

Your Petitioners therefore most humbly request that your 
Excellency and Honours would be pleased to make a Strict 
Enquiry into the proceedings at s d Town Meeting, and if (as 
we doubt not but they will) they shall appear Illegal and Unjust, 
that you will as such set aside all the Votes and proceedings of 
the said Meeting, and Impower the Town to convene together 
for the Choice of their Town Officers for the Present Year and 
y* you would be pleased to appoint some Indifferent Person for 

6 4 


a Moderator — And your Petitioners as in Duty Bound shall 
Ever Pray &c 

Portsmouth April 3 d 1769 — 

Moses Carleton 
Gideon Bartlett 

[8-98 J [ Committee appointed to Petition the Legislature. ~\ 

We the Subscribers inhabitants of Newtown in the Province 
of Newhampshire Being Dissatisfied with the Proceedings of 
the Select men & Some Other of the inhabitants of s d town at 
our Annual Meeting held March 29 th 1769 — Do Hereby Con- 
stitute & appoint Leut Moses Carleton & Gideon Bartlet as a 
Committee to make Aplication on our behalf to the General 
Court of s d Province that we may have a redress of our Gre- 
vencies by Being Restored to former Prevelidges — 

Newtown March 30 th 1769 — 

David Elliot 
Benj a Hoyt 
Stephen Bartlet 
Samuel Hoit 
Nicholas Colby 
Jacob Rowell 
John Currier 
Thomas Gould 
Joseph Elliot 
Thomas Elliot 
Nathaniel Colby 
Jonathan ferrin 
aquiler ferrin 
Daniel Colby 
David Currier 
Aaron Currier 
moses Currier 
mathias Bartlet 

Richard Bartlet 
David Bagly 
abraham Colby 
Ruban Hoyt 
Zacches Colby 
Ephriam Colby 
Timothy Gorge 
Jonathan Kimball 
Roger Esman 
Stephen Esman 
Jonathon watson 
Timothy Elliot 
Thomas Colby 
Thomas Colby Juner 
David Goodwin 
Samuel Goodwin 
Gideon Bartlet 
Ellifelet Bartlet 

micah Hoyt 
Thomas Greenfield 
Joseph Bartlet 
Timothy Favour 
Phinehas ash 
Nathanel ash 
Isaac Elliot 
zebediah Hoyt 
William Rowell 

John favour 
Daniel morss 
Noah Seargent 
Samuel Seargent 
Philip Seargent 
Barzella Colby 
David Sargent 
Cutting favour 

[8-96] [Deposition of Be?ijamin Aforse, relative to a Toivn- 
Meeti?ig, 1769.] 

The Deposition of benjamin morss of amesbury of Lawfull 
age testifieth & saith that he was at y e Anuel town meeting of 
the town of nevvtown in y e province of Newhampshire march 
y e 29 th 1769 for the Choice of town officers & on oppening y e 
meeting there was two Strong partues one partue was m r Ames 


hearers the other partue y e Quakers & Churchmen & m r hov- 
eys herers & the Constable John peaslee who was on y e Quak- 
ers partue nominate Nathan hoag for a moderator for s d meet- 
ing he was nagatived by a majority of voters then Joseph peslee 
was nagatived as a moderator and several others of that partue 
"wear nagatived as moderators & wear all nagatived by a ma- 
jority of voters then I heard Some of mr ames partue desire y e 
Constable John peslee to put up Som of their partue namly 
Leut moses Carlton for a moderator and others of that partue 
he Refuse or neglects to do it & further y e Deponant says he 
heard Som of mr ames partue Desiere the house might vote 
for a moderator Soon after I herd Esq r bartlett Desire y e people 
who ware for having Leut moses Carlton to be moderator to 
go out at y e fore Door of y e meeting house & on that I See y e 
people Rushing out of y e Door hastily & before they wear all 
out I turned my hed tords y e Quakers & y e other partue & See 
their hands up which I thought was for a moderator on that I 
heard a grate Storr abrod & See y e peopl of mr ames partue 
returning in to y e meeting house apace & holding up their 
hands as I Soposed against y e other partue vote for a mod- 
erator & I heard y e Quakers partue Declare Joseph peaslee 
moderator on that I'Se Joseph peslee take y e Seat as a mod- 
erator & further I heard Sum of y e Quakers partue ask mr 
John peaslee who was a Quaker why he Did not vote amongst 
them he Replyed Like an onest man tho he was a Quaker & 
on their partue he Replyed to them he thought y e meeting was 
not Reguler he would not vote till they ware more Reaguler 
the Deponant further says he dont Remember he Ever Saw so 
Ereguler meeting & further says not 

Benjamin Morss 

[Sworn to before Isaac Merrill of Amesbury, April 20, 1769..] 

[8-99] [Depositions relative to Illegal Proceedings in Town- 

The Depossien of Enoch Chase & Ebenezer Sargent both of 
Amesbury of Lawfull age Testify & say that they Being at y e 
Town meeting in Newtown in New Hampshire on y e Last 
Wednesday of march Last Being y e 29 Day of s d month & when 
we first wint into y e meeting house where y e people ware gath- 
ered together & they preposed two men for a moderator & 
agreed to Devide y e house & one part to moove out at y e fore 
Door & y* other to goo out at y e west Door and a great part of 
y* people who Belong to mr ames went out at y e fore Door and 
as soon as they ware out and a going out y e other party Staying 
in y* meeting House some Body y e s d Sargent says it was John 



peaslee son to Joseph peaslee put up Joseph peaslee for a 
modrator while y e other party was out and going out of y*l 
meeting house and y e party that was within Chose s d peaslee j 
moderator as they Declared Contrary to y e Minds of y e other I 
party and s d peaslee took y c place of moderator and ordered y e j 
people to Bring in there voats for a Town Clark those who | 
ware Qiialifyed to vote for they had goot a List of who ware | 
Qualifyed and as y e peaple were Bringing in their votes mat- j 
theas Bartlet offere his vote and y e modrator Drew Back his hat j 
and Refused his vote and Several others who offered their vots 
and was Denied by y e modrator and y e s d Sargent farth Sayeth 
that y c modrator turned up his hat wherein y e votes ware with- 
out asking whether they ware all in and Some of them Sayd 
that they had not put in their vote and perticuler Joseph Bart- 
let .Esq 1 * and they further say that y e modrator took out sevarall 
votes out of y e hat Layd them on y e table and after he had 
Counted them he said that Francis Chase was Chosen Town 
Clark and as lie Lifted up his arm we saw severall votes which 
was unted his arm not Counted and further sayeth not 
Dated april 15 : 1769 

Enoch Chase 
Ebenezer Sargent 

[In H. of Rep., April 21, 1769, the proceedings of the 
aforesaid meeting were declared illegal and void ; and Me- 
shech Weare was authorized to call a meeting and act as 
moderator of the same until the business was finished. — 

[8—100] \_Relative to Trouble between the Churches, 1770.] 

[Petition of William Rowell and Aaron Currier, addressed 
to the General Assembly.] 

The humble Petition of William Rowell and Aaron Currier 
both of Newton in said Province as Agents for said Town 
Shews — 

That a number of the Inhabitants of said Town have sepe- 
rated from the Congregation of public Worship in said Town 
as settled by Law of the Province and have gathered a sepe- 
rate Assembly witli the assistance of some Persons from other 
places and built a Meeting-house calling themselves Baptists 
and refuse to pay the Taxes made for the support of the Min- 
ister of said Town pleading the exemption by the Province 
Law — On which many Lawsuits have been prosecuted which 
have had various issues and been very expensive — That the other 


Inhabitants of said Town have offered to set them off or to con- 
sent to it that they might be a seperate Parish or District and 
have no connection with the other part of said Town which 
they refuse and they joining with the Quakers make a Majority 
so controul the public Affairs of the Town that they are often 
put to difficulty to get a Vote for raising the Charges of their 
Minister's Support 

Wherefore your Petitioners humbly pray that the said Bap- 
tists may be set off entirely from said Town and have nothing 
to do with them or that they may by a Law for that purpose 
be rated according to their abilities to all charges as well to the 
support of the Minister as any other and the part they pay to 
the latter be given to them to support their own mode of Wor- 
ship or grant such other relief to your Petitioners and their 
Constituents as in your great Wisdom and goodness you shall 
judge proper and they shall ever pray &c 

William Rowell 
Aaron Currier 

[Petition of Phillips White, Abel Brown, and Moses French, 
addressed to the General Assembly.] 

The Petition of us the Subscribers being a Committee chosen 
for the Town of South-Hampton most humbly sheweth 

That the said Town of South Hampton suffer great Incon- 
veniencies for want of a Line settled and established between 
the said Town of South Hampton and the Town of Newtown 
there being more than twenty persons in said South Hampton 
which claim to belong to Newtown part of whom might be 
as well accommodated by being joined to South Hampton and 
a number more of South Hampton that might be as well ac- 
commodated by being joined to Newtown. Your Petitioners 
therefore pray a Line may be settled between the said Towns 
in such a manner as not to enlarge the one at the expence of 
the other but to make both equal to what they now are and that 
a Committee may be appointed to enquire into the circum- 
stances of the case and report such a Line as may effect the 
purposes aforesaid. And your Petitioners as they are in duty 
bound will every prav &c 

Phillips White 
Abel Brown 
Moses French 

[In H. of Rep., Jan. 3, 1771, the parties were heard on 
the foregoing, and a committee, consisting of ''Daniel 
Peirce Esq. Capt. John Giddinge & Doctor Ebenezer 
Thompson" was appointed to "settle the line between the 


said Towns in such place as shall appear to them proper." 
The following is their report : — Ed.] 

Province of New Hampshire, April 24 th 1 771 - 
Pursuant to the within appointment the subscribers have 
viewed the Towns of South Hampton and Newtown and heard 
what each party thought fitt to offer on the subject matter of 
their dispute and after mature deliberation and consideration 
do agree to report that a line fixed in the manner hereafter de- 
scribed will be Equitable, and more satisfactory to both Towns 1 
than any other that can at present be established, and therefore 
beg leave to recommend to confirmation of the same which 
is as follows Viz. Beginning at the Province line at a place 1 
called and known by the name of Pond Brook thence westerly 
on the North side of the Highway that leads to Philip Curriers 
dwelling House until it comes to said Philip Curriers land 
thence Northerly on the line between said Philip Currier and 
Challis Curriers land to the Highway that leads towards said 
Challis Currier's House. Thence Northerly on the westerly 
side of said Highway until it comes, to land belonging to Lieut. 
Thomas Tewksbury thence Southerly and westerly by said 
Tewksbury land and land of the said Challis Currier and land 
of the Widow Judith Currier until it comes to the Highway 
near Charles Collins House Thence Northeasterly on the East 
side of the Highway that leads to Bugsmore Hill (so called) 
until it comes opposite to the Northeasterly corner of Jonathan 
Kimballs Land thence across said road westerly between said 
Kimballs Land and land of the afores d Lieut. Thomas Tewks- 
bury and between said Kimballs land and land belonging to 
the heirs of Timothy Bagley Deceased until it comes to the 
road that leads to Aspen hill (so called) thence Northerly on 
the Easterly side of said road until it comes opposite to the 
Northeasterly corner of Aaron Curriers Land thence across 
said road and running Northwesterly by s d Aaron Curriers 
Land until it comes to Kingston line. 

The charge of the Committee to be paid Equally by the two 

D. Peirce \ 

John Giddinge > Committee 

Ebenezer Thompson j 

[The foregoing report was adopted, and the line estab- 
lished by the legislature. — Ed.] 

[8-102] [Relative to the Assessment of Taxes, 1777.] 
Att a Leagall meeting held at Newtown at the Congrega- 


tional meeting on the third Day of February y e 1777 att the 
same meeting voted that the Select men Do Essess the inhabi- 
tants of said town agrable to that part of the Presept Reciv'd 
from Nicholas Gilman Esq r tresuery "to the velleu of Seventeen 
pounds five Shillings as Demanded by s d Presept 2ly voted that 
the twelve pounds mentioned in said presept under the pre- 
tence of its Being a Debt Deu from this town to a former Con- 
gress in our oppinion is unjustly Charged against said town 
therefore : 3ly voted that the Select men of said town are hear- 
by forbid assasing the inhabitants of said town for the s d twelve 
pounds or any part of the same and that the inhabitants of this 
Town will vindecate and bare harmless the Select men of said 
town in their obedience to these orders — 

The above votes being Seyerill times Red and after Metuer 
Deleberation ware put and they past in y e affarmative by a 
Grate mejority at y e same meeting y e town voted that the Select 
men should aquant Nicholas Gilman Esq r Tresuery the pro- 
seedings of the above Resolves — 

A True Coppey Samuel Hoit Town Clerk 

[The twelve pounds was for the payment of services of 
Joseph Bartlett, as representative, whose right to a seat the 
town had contested. They succeeded in unseating him. 
See following : — Ed.] 


To the hon b,e the House of Representatives for the State of 
New-Hampshire now sitting at Exeter Humbly Shew — 
The Subscribers Inhabitants of the Town of Newton in 
said State, that at a late meeting held in said Town, for the 
Choice of a Person to represent said Town and Southhampton, 
in the General Assembly of said State the ensuing Year — One 
Stephen Bartlett was by a very small Majority, of the small 
number of Voters present, chosen to said Important Trust and 
has taken his seat accordingly ; That for many Reasons we 
esteem him unqualified for that Place — more especially because 
he is not possessed of an Estate of the Value of two Hundred 
Pounds Lawful Money, as we understand each Member of said 
House should be — Wherefore we pray that his Seat in said 
house may be declared Vacant and that a Warrant may issue 
to said Towns, for a new Choice and as bound shall pray &c 
Newton December the 19 th 1776 

Moses Carleton Richard Bartlet 

Mathias Bartlet Ephraim Carter 

thomas Carleton John Elliot 

matthias heath Sargent Heath 


[R. 3-59] [Soldier's Order, 1784,^ 

Newtown December the 14, 1784 
To the Paymaster of the New Hampshire Six months men in 

1 78 1. 

Sir, Please to pay Jn° Nicholls or order all that is due to me 
I having been a Six months man for the Town of Newton in 
in year 1781. Value Received Witness my hand 

t-v ,7 u . thomas X Colby 

Dolly Harnman mark J 


The township was set off from Canterbury, June 19, 1780, 1 
and incorporated by its present name probably because it 
comprised the north part of said town. This was done in 
answer to a petition from the inhabitants (see Vol. XI, \ 
p. 270), and in accordance with a vote of the town of Can- 
terbury, passed March 18, 1779, which vote also provided 
that " Cap 1 Josiah Miles, David Foster, Cap fc Edward Blan- 
chard & En sn Archelaus Miles be a committee to run a Line 
of division." The inhabitants met July 17,. 1780, and elect- J 

ed their first town officers. Settlements were made here in j 

1760 by the Blanchards and others, and the town contained 
349 inhabitants in 1786. 4 

A portion of this town was severed by an act approved 
Dec. 24, 1828, combined with portions of Salisbury, An- 
dover, and Sanbornton, and incorporated into the town of 
Franklin ; but the same territory was reannexed to North- 
field by an act approved July 3, 1830. The same territory 
was again severed from Northfield and. annexed to Franklin, 
June 26, 1858. 

June 27, 1861, lands of Samuel Heath and Edward Leigh- 
ton were severed from this town and annexed to Franklin. 

[8-106] [Relative to first Town- Meeting, 1780J] 

Agreable to the Order of the Hon ble the General Assembly I 
Notified a Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of North- 
field on the seventeenth of July last past when they met & 
chose Town Officers as the Law directs. 

Portsmouth Oct r 30 th 1780 Abiel Foster 


|[R. 3-60] [Petition of Thomas Lyford, Soldier.'] 

To the Honb 1 Council and house of Representatives Now Sit- 
ting at Concord — 

The'Petition of Lieut Thomas Lyford of Northfield Humbly 
Sheweth that your memorialist early entered into the service of 
this State in the year 1775 — and by order afterwards in the year 
1 777 was appointed Lieut in Major Whitcombs Core of Ran- 
gers and served in the same until] January 17S1 when General 
Washington ordered the officers of said Core should Retire on 
half pay for life that your memorialist was ordered by said 
Whitcomb to march said Whitcombs men to head Quarters 
whereupon the Soldiers were mutinous and would not march 
when ordered thereto and your memorialist proceeded to head 
Quarters from Haverhill to the North river and mad report of 
the Same to Gen 1 Heath the commanding officer then at west 
point. * * * * 

Thomas Lyford Lvt 

Concord June the 21 st 1782. 

— ' 

s[R. 3-61] [Soldiers' Orders.] 

Northfield Jany 6 th 1785 

To the Treasurer of the State of New Hampshire 

Sir Please to pay Gilman or his order all that is due 

to me I having been a Soldier in the 1st New Hampshire Reg- 

Value Rec d Witness my hand 


Attest John Nichols William X Rhines 


[R. 3-62] 

Northfield December 12, 1785 

To John T. Gilman Esq Treasurer for the State of New 

Sir Please to pay Colo Ebenezer Webster all the wages and 
Bounty Due to me for serving six months in the army under 
said Webster for the State of New Hampshire. 
as witness my hand 

£ 10. 7. Edward Diah 

j[R. 3-63] Northfield August 5 th 1792 

M r Treasurer Sir please to pay Joshua Pickering or bearer 



whatever wages and Rations which may be do to me for it 
Cervice in the New Hampshire Line it being value Received 

Witness my hand Edward X Smith 


W Benjamin Kimball 
William Stevens 
Benning Pickering 

[8-107] [Relative to Civil Magistrate, 1785. ,] 


march 7 y e 1785 Northfield 

it is our Desire whos name are under writing that thomos Gil- 
man Asq r should Be continued as a Just of the peace 

Jonathan wodly william kenston William Gliens 

James Shapord Stephen Haines John Cross 

Joseph Call Nath 1 Dearborn thomas Cross 

[8-1 10] 

Northfield March 
shall Be continued a 

William witcher 
Nathaiel Perkines 
John Perkins 
Robart purkines 
Aaron Stevens 
Jonathan Sanborn 
Reuben Witcher 
James Much more 
Jonathan Gilman 
Samuel T. Gilman 
Nathaniel witcher 
Abraham dearborn 

the 2 1785 ittis our minds that Esq glman 
s Justes of the peas — 

Thomas Lyford 
fifield liford 
Jonathan Witcher 
Jonathan Leavitt 
Wadligh Leavitt 
Arch 8 Miles 
John Simons 
william Dyer 
Richard Blanchard 
william williams 
William frest 
Gideon Leavitt 

John Forest 
Jacob Heath 
Jeremiah McDaniel 
Ezekiel Clough 
Thomas Clough 
Jese Cross 
James Simons 
James Sherburn 
Daniel Randel 
James L. Perkins 
Aaron Stevens Juner 
Jonathan Sherburn 


[Relative to a Ferry, 1785.] 

To the Honourable the Senate & house of Representatives of 
the State of Newhampshire Now Setting at Concord we the 
Subscribers Inhabatents of the Parrish of Northfield & the 
Neighbouring Towns have for many years Labourd under many 
Inconveniances for Want of Som Person to keep a ferry a Cross 
Merrimack River Between Northfield & Salsbury & now un- 
derstanding that Rob 1 wise has Petitioned your Honours for a 
grant of a ferry acros S d River for three miles half up & half 



doon we Pray that he may have it where he has Petetiond for 
& your Petitioners as in Duty bound Shall Ever Pray 

Northfleld Oct r 24* 

James Hersey 
John Samborn 
Jeremiah Sanborn J 
Jacob Tilton 
Lewis Haines 
Samuel Hunt 
Stephen Gale 
Dan 1 Sanborn 
Philip Hunt Jun r 
Tho* Critchet 
Jon" H. Sanborn 
James Cate 
Dan 1 Sanborn J r 
James Sanborn 


Mathevv Thomson 
John Sanborn 3 d 
Nath 1 Tilton 
Jacob garland 
Nath 1 Chandler 
Josiah Miles 
Elijah True 
Joseph Burley 
Nathiel Burley 
william Burley 
Nethenel Burley 

Benjamin Robinson 

Moses Tom son 
James Asgood 
Jacob Tom son 
Jonathan Cate 
Simeon Cate 
Jotham Savvyer 
Jonathan Sanborn 
John Thorn 
John Clark 
Joseph Clark 
Jeremiah Samborn 
John Samborn Jur 
James Shepard 

[8-.o 9 ] 

[Petition for a Ferry, Ij8^.~\ 

To the Honorable the Saneat and Representativs of the State 
of New Hampshire Now Seting at Concord 

we the Subscribers inhabitants of the Parrish of Northfleld 
have for maney years Labourd under maney inconveniences 
for want of Sum Parson to keep a ferry across merrimack River 
Between this Place and Salisbury and Now understanding that 
Robart wise has Pettion d your Honors for a grant of a ferry a 
cross Said River Pray that he may have it whire Pettioned for 
and your Pettioners as in Duty Bound Shall Ever Pray 

Northfield October 23-1785 

Samuel T Gilman Jonathan Darborn 
James Blanchard William Dyer 
William ad Perkines Nathaniel Cross 

Robort Curry 
David Blanchard 
Nathaniel witcher 
John Parkins 


Benaiah Sanborn 
Reuben Witcher 
Robart Parkines 
Jonathan Oilman 
William witcher 
— ■ Danford 

James Cross 
John Cross 
Jacob Heath 
Jonathan Wadlegh 
Abraham Dearborn 
William Williams 
Benjamin G litis 
James Simons 
Wm G lines 
Willim kinston 
William forest 

James muchemore 
thomas Gilman 
Aaron Stephens Jur 
Jonathan Sanborn 
James forest 
willam keniston 
Jonathan thomson 
willam gibson 
william thomson 
Daniel darling 
Elisha Cate 
John Morrison 
Jeremiah tilton 
Ebenezer Darling 



Frases Sanborn 
Nathaniel Perkines 
Joseph Hancock 
Sanborn Sanborn 
Nathaniel Darborn 
John Cross Jur 
Ezekiel Clough 
fifield Liford 
Beniaman Blancherd 

Jeremiah m c daniel 
Jonathan Kineston 
Nathaniel Brown 
John kineston 
Jonathan Leavit 
Richard Blanchard 
Aaron Stevens 
Franes Durgin 
Edward Chase 

John Perkins 
Simeon Robinson 
Stephen Haines 
Robert Foss 
Moses Foss 
Reuben miles 
Jacob bianc d 
Thomas Lyford 

£8-1 n] [Petition of the Inhabitants for a Magistrate : ad- 
dressed to the Preside?zt a?id Council.] 

Northfield Sep r 8 th 1786 
whereas Thomas Gilmon Esq r is about moving from this 
Parish & we Shall be Destitute of a Majetrate we Pray that 
Archelus Miles of this Perish May be Put in as a Justice ofy e 
Peace for sd Northfield and we as in Duty bound Shall ever 
Pray • 

Wiliam Glines Andrew french 

Wiliam Rines his X Jonathan gile 

Thomas Cross 
Jesse Cross 
nathan Cross 
John Cross 
James Shepard 
Nathan Colby 
Joseph hancock 
Georg hancock 
John forest 
David kinston 
Aron Stephens 
John Dearbon 
"Jonathan Dearbon 

Gideon Sawyer 
Henery Danford 
James Blanchard 
Jonathan Wodligh 
Jonathan Leavitt 
George Jones 
Elisha French 
John Simons 
William Glines 
Wiliam Wiliams 

Nathanaeal Dearbon Wiliam forest 

Richard Blanchard 
David Dolor 
William Dyer 
Aaron Stephens 

Richerd Gliens 
moses Danford 
Daniel kandale 
Thomas foos 
Thomas SherBon 
John welch 

£8—112] [Petition of the Inhabitants for a Magistrate : ad- 
dressed to the Gover?ior a?id Council, i/S/. ] 

Humbly shews — the Petition of the Subscribers Inhabitants 
of the Town of Northfield in said State, that the said Town is 
destitute of Justice of the Peace, and that it is a considerable 
distance to the nearest Justice in any Neighbouring Town : 
They therefore, Pray Your Excellency & Hon™ that some suit- 
able person may be appointed to that Office, and they beg 
leave, with submission to recommed Archelaus Miles as a per- 



son Agreeable to their wish 

samuel th - gilmon 
Abraham dwyer 
James Simons 
william ad Perkines 
Joseph Hancocke 
Gideon Leavitt 
Aaron Stephens 
Aaron Stephens 

Jonathan gile 
James Shepard 
Joseph ash 
Daniel Randel 
John welch 
thomas foss Juner 
Job forest 
James Gilson 
Jonathan Leavitt 
Joseph Leavitt 
thomas Clough 


-And as in duty bound will ever 

Richerd Ellison 
David Dollof 
Richd Smith 
hanerv Danford 
John Roen 
william hancock 
Ezekial Davis 
Nathan Colby 
George hancock 
Shubel Dearborn 

Nathanieal Dearbon 
John Dearbon 
Ezekiel Heath 
Nathaniel Perkins 
James L Perkins 
William Glines 
George Jones 
John Simons 
Jonathan wadleigh 
John Cochran 

Gideon Sawyer 
Jotham sawyer 
moses Danforth 
Edmund Shepard 
James fores 
Samuel Davis 
thomas foss 
Benjemin Collins 
William Williams 
William Glines 
William Rines 
william glines Juner 
Benjamin Welch 
Nathaniel Brown 
Morrill Shepard 
Bill Clement 
Elisha French 
andrew frenche 
Jonathan Keneston 

[8-1 13] [Petition of Inhabitants for a Magistrate: ad- 
dressed to the Governor and Council. ,] 

We the Subscribers, Inhabitants of the Parish of Northfield, 
County of Rockingham, and State afores d do humbly Petition, 
and pray that Lieu 4 Charles Gliddin of s d Parish, shou'd be 
Appointed as a Justice of the Peace for s d Parish; being fully 
convinced, he is a Suitable man for that office, and as in duty 
bound shall ever pray &c 

Northfield April 26 th 1SS7- 

Elisher french 
Richer Blanchard 
Jacob Blanchard" 
John Perkins 
Will" 1 H : Bowles 
Geo : Jones 
Edward S Dyer 
hanary danford 
Benjamin Welch 
Jonathan Wodleigh 

eben Blanchard 
Reuben Blanchard 
Nathaniel witcher 
John Cross 
Iseck boen 
Jemes gibson 
John Wellch 
James Sherburn 
Willam Rines 
willam glinds 

Jonathan Leavitt 

Richard glines 
Daniel Randel 
William forest 
James L Perkins 
Rich d Smith 
Richrd Ellison 
Nathaniel Perkines 
Benjamin Glines 

7 6 


William Turrell 
Joseph Man 
James forest 
William witcher 
William Samborn 
Joseph Leavitt Junr 
Edmund Spezar 
Levi Morrill 
Reuben Whitcher 
Robert Curry 
Edward Blanchard 
Benjaman blanchard 

william glinds Jur 
Nathanieal Dearbon 
Shubel dearbon 
Jonathan DearBon 
Abraham Dearbon 
Jonathan gile 
Isaac Tracy 
Jonath n Welsh 
Wadleigh Leavitt 
Jonathan Sanborn 
Joseph Ellison 

Shubel Dearbon 

John Dearborn 

Jonathon Kinestone 

thorn as foss 

Jonathan Witcher 

Thomas Clough 

Saul french 

William Adams Per- 

John forrest 


The township was formerly a part of Hampton, from which 
it was separated for parochial purposes, November 17, 1738, 
and went by the name of North Hill Parish until November 
26, 1742, when it was incorporated with full town privileges 
by its present name, the derivation of which is obvious. 
Documents relative to the parish may be found in Vol. XII, 
pp. 1 17-122. 

A dispute concerning the line between this town and Rye 
was settled by the adoption of a report of James Hill of 
New Market, Jeremiah Batchelder of Kensington, and 
Joshua Weeks of Greenland, a committee appointed by the 
legislature to run the same. Their report, dated January 
17, 1793, may be found in manuscript charter records, Vol. 
4, page 257, in office of secretary of state. Said report was 
to be final and conclusive. 

Little Boar's Head, situated in this town on the Atlantic 
coast, is a pleasant summer resort, and is visited by those 
who desire to enjoy the cool and invigorating sea air quietly 
in preference to the more populous places. 

[8-1 16] [Petition of Inhabitants for a Divisional Line : ad- 
dressed to the Ge?ieral Assembly, IJ42.~\ 

The Petition of Sundry Persons who live in the Northerly 
part of Hampton in Said Province whose names are hereunto 
annexed most humbly sheweth, That sometime since the Gen- 
eral Court of this Province by an act made and erected a Parish 



in the northerly part of Hampton afores d by Polling off sundry 
Persons and their Estates but not by any metes & bounds 
That there are sundry others who live convenient to attend the 
publick worship of God at the meeting house in said Parish, 
who are desirous so to do, That the old Parish of Hampton is 
an able and large parish and can without being burdened Spare 
sundry persons and their estates to another Parish — wherefore 
your Petitioners pray your Excellency and Honours to take this 
Petition under Consideration and in your great wisdom and 
Goodness to ratify establish and Confirm the said Parish in the 
Northerly part of said Hampton by a divisional line between 
the old Parish of Hampton afores d and the said Northerly Par- 
ish whereabouts your Excellency and Honours shall see meet 
and proper or to Cause that the Ministers of the said Two Par- 
ishes be paid By one Rate or otherways as may be Judged Just 
and equall and your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever 
pray &c 

June the 7 th 1742 

we the Subscribers of the north part of Hampton desire to 
put in to this Honarable General Cort to see If they will grant 
us a Line between the parishs in Hampton or order to maintain 
the two ministers together or any other way by there Consid- 

John Derborn 
Samuel derbon 
Thomas marston 
John Wedgwood 
Job chapman 
Daniel samborn 
Jonathan marston 
Simon Dearborn 
John leavitt 
daniel marston 
Benjamin marston 
wintrop marston 

Joshua Winget 
Timothy Dalton 

hit m 

henrey X Darbon 

Benjamin Marston 

John Marston 
Joshua brown 
Jonathan thomas 
David Jewell 
Jerimiah darbon 
Stephen Batchelder 

Abner Fogg 
Sam el bachelder 
hanrey bachelder 
James Godfree 
Jacob liford 
William godfree 
Bngman Hobs 
John godfree 
Stven bchalder Junr 
Ebnezer Samborn 
John phelbreck 
John godfree 

[Action of the Legislature on the foregoing. ~\ 
In the House of Representatives 9/ 24th 1 742 

The within Petition & others relating thereto Read & the 
Parties heard and the House having considered thereof, voted: 
That there be a line Setled, viz* to begiug at a Great Rock in 
the High way that Leads from Portsmouth to Hampton over 
North Hill between y e dwelling Houses of Caleb Marston & 
Joseph Tole Jun r and is the first Great Rock in y e High way 

Provr N Hamp r Nov : 25 th 1742 
In Council read & Concurrd 

Eodem Die Assented to 

James JefTry Cle r ass m 

Theod r Atkinson Sec ry 
B Wentworth 

[8— 1 1 7 J [Petition of Inhabitants relative to Church Affairs: 
addressed to the General Assembly September 74, 7742.'] 

The Humble Pitition of us the Subscribers Most Humbly 
Sheweth that the houses and habitations of your Pititioners are 
in the northly Part of the town of Hampton and where as Sev- 
eral of our Neighbours were Some years ago Poled of from the 
town to the Support of a gospell minister at North hill and now 
Several others Joining with them they are Pititioning for a line 
which If granted will Probably take the houses and habitations 
of your Pititioners in with them and so Contrery to our Inclina- 
tions we shall be forced of from the Minestrey the Church and 
Congrigation in the old town and (with out the aid of your Ex- 
cellency and Honours) Shall be Compelled to Pay to the Sup- 
port of the minestrey at north hill If your Excellency and Hon- 
ours Should in your Grate wisdom See meet to Grant them 
their Pitition and give them a line we Humbly and Earnestly 
Pray your Excellency and Honours that your Pititioners and 


to the Southward of the Widow Levits dwelling House & from 
Said Rock to run on a Strait Line to the Sea at the mouth of 
the Little River where it now Empties itSelf into the Sea. 
And then to begin at the Great Rock aforesaid & then to run 
on a Straight Line to the Corner Bounds Between Stretham & 
Exeter at Hampton Line And That the Estates in the old par- 
ish y' belongs to the Poles in the new parish Shall pay Rates to 
the north parish & the Estates belonging to y e Poles in the old 
parish that lies in the north parish Shall pay Rates to y e old ! 

parish and whereon the owner of the land Lives there he & his 
Estate Shall pay Rates, Notwithstanding y e Line Setled. & if 
any Strangers purchase land in Either parish, he Shall pay j 

where the Land Lies : & Its always intended that Every person 
in Each parish pay his Proportion of the Grant to M rs Dorothy 
Gookin as usual : 

and that the Rates for the present yeare be paid as they are 
already made & that the Petitioners have liberty to Bring in a 
Bill accordingly 

And y* y e Select men of Each parish Joyn in y e makeing y e 
Province Taxes, as also y l both parishes Joyn in Choice of 
Representative until further order- 



their Estates may be Exampted from Paying to the Support of 
the Minestrey at north hill and that we may still remain under 
and be taxed to the Support of the Minestrey and the other 
Publick Chargs of the town as we used to be and your Pitition- 
ers as in Dutey bound Shall Ever Pray 

John Smith 
william Moulton 
Simon knowles 
Richard tayler 
Abraham Drake 
moris hobbes 
Josiah hobbes 
John Shaw 
Bengman Smith 
William palmer 
John Smith Jun 
John tayler 

Joseph knowles 
Daniel fogg 
Samuel Fogg 
Thomas Robie 
Zachariah towl 
Ruben darben 
Thomes darben 
Samuel darben 
Bennony fullor 
nathanil moreton 
Samuel Bachildor 

franis Page 
William Moulton 
Benj : Lam pre 
Jona tn Knowles 
Benj n Johnson 
Jonathan Palmer 
Joseph Page 
Joseph Moulton 
Benj Johnson 
James Thomas 

[8— 118] [Petition of yonathan Palmer and Daniel Fogg : 
addressed to the General Assembly, J744-~] 

The Petetion of us His Majestys Subjects Inhabetants of the 
North Parish in Hampton within Said Province 

Humbly Shueath 

That we Labure under Grate Difelicte our houses Stand- 
ing jest upon the Line & our Land being Devided y e one part 
in Rye & the other in the North Parish in hampton there being 
no way Nearer then about four miles to Get to the meeting 
house in y e north Parish & Living with in about two miles of 
Rye meeting house the Place where we Generly Go to Devine 
worshep & most Convenent for Sending our Children to Scoi 

May it Please your Exc 1 and The Honourable Council & 
house of Representatives your Petitioners Humbly Pray that 
we and our Estats where we Live may be Set of to Rye and 
your Petitoners Shall Ever Pray as in Duty bound 

Jonathan Palmer 
Daniel Fogg 

[In H. of Rep., Aug. 23, 1744, u Voted that the petition 
be Dismist for so long time as the opposers to the peti- 
tion shall keep an open and passable way in such place as 
has been directed by Col. Wingate, to North Hill meeting 
House, to and from the Petitioners Dwelling Houses." — Ed.] 


[8-1 19] \_Petition of Inhabitants for a Grant of JLa?id : ad- 
dressed to the Governor and Council, iyjo.~\ 

the Humble Petition of us the subscribers Most Humbly 
Sheweth — that where as a Considerable number of the Inhabi- 
tants of the town of Hampton Did signe their names in a Piti- 
tion to his Excellency and the Councel about eight years since 
Praying that they might have land Granted to them for one or 1 
two townships on some Part of Pemigawasset River 1 

which Pitition is not as yet Granted and where as a Grate I 
Part of said Pititioners never had any land Granted to them by 
the. Government — the town of Hampton in General have had 
but a Very small Matter of lands Granted to them by the gov- 
erment to what other towns have had — we Humbly Pray that I 

the said Pitition may be Granted according to the Prayer of it j 

and If the land Cannot be had where it was asked for — we Pray | 

that it May be granted as near to us as Possable near the south- I 

ern boundrey of the Province — as your Excellency and Honours 
In your Grate wisdom shall See meet and your Pititioners as in 
Duty bound shall Ever Pray 

Dated at Hampton Januery y e 22 nd 1749/50 

Samuel Palmer Junr 

Jeremiah Moulton 

Josiah Moulton sener \ 

Ephraim Marston 

William Moulton 

Benjamin Dow 

Jonathan Tuck 

Gershom Griffith 

[8-120] \_Petition for Land Grant: addressed to the Gov- 
ernor and Council, ij4g.~\ 

The Petition of Daniel Marston & John Leavit of North 
Hampton in said Province Humbly Sheweth That your Peti- 
tioners together with their Associates to such Number as your 
Excellency & Hon" shall please to appoint are desirous & will- 
ing to cultivate & improve & render profitable to our Selves & 
Posterity some of the wast Lands of His Said majesties Said 
Province as well as to increase the Number of the Setlers & 
Subjects of Said Province &c — 

We therefore Humbly pray your Excellency & Honours 
would be pleased to grant to us & our Associates as aforesaid a 
Township (of such Dimensions & under such Restrictions & 



Limitations together with Such Priviledges & Advantages as 
you grant to other of his majestie's good Subjects of S d Prov- 
ince) — Bounding & lying upon Connecticut River & the Boun- 
dary Line between New-Hampshire aforesaid & the Province 
of the Massachusetts-Bay or as near that spot as your Excel- 
lency & Honours in your great Wisdom shall think it may con- 
veniently be done 

And your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever pray 
22 d Jan r 1749, T)an l Marston 

John Leavit 

\_List of Associates. ~\ 

Simon Nudd 
Simon Marston Junr 
Abner Fogg Junr 
Bengman Leavitt 
Jonathan Moulton 
Joshwe Wengate 

Jun r 
D. Peirce 
Nath 1 Sargent Esq. 
Saml Marston Jun r 
Thos. Leavit 
Dan 1 Marston 
John Leavit 
Thomas Bell Esq. 
Joseph Towl 

Nath 1 Mason 
Benj a Thomas 
Daniel Samborn 
Sam 1 Marston 
Zachariah towl 
Jonathan Wedge- 
Abner Fogg 
Edward Shaw 
Eben : Samborn 
Timothy Dalton 
Joseph knowles 
hanrey Batchelder 
Abraham Drake 
Jonathan Marston 

Benjamin Marston 
Benjamin Johnson 
Benjamin Hobbs 
Samewell Shaw 
John Johnson 
John godfree 
Abraham Tilton 
W'introp marston 
Willam moulton 
John marston 
Joshua Brown 
thomas marston 
Joshua Brown Jur 
David marston 
Stven Brown 

[8-122] [Petition relative to election of Representative : ad~ 
dressed to the House of Representatives ', i/j8.~] 

We Your most Humble Petitioners the Select Men of the 
Parish of North Hampton for the present Year not having been 
notified to joyn with The Town of Hampton in the late Choice 
of Representitives which priviledge was Granted to this Parish 
by his Excellency the Governor and Honorab le the Counsel and 
house of Representitives Therefore humbly conceive the said 
Meeting was illegal and that those Members then chosen in the 
Town of Hampton have no right to set as Members and pray 
they may not be Accepted And that there may be a new Choice 
And Your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever pray 
Novemb r 2S th 1758 Reuben Dearborn ) Select Men 

John Leavitt > for North 

Levi Dearborn ) Hampton 

[Petition dismissed. — Ed.] 


[8-123] [Petition relative to Election of Represeiitative 
addressed to the General Asseinbly, I7j8.~\ 

We Your Humb le Petitioners being Granted off into a Sepa- 
rate. Parish (by the Name of North Hampton) from the Town 
pjf Hampton with all Parish Priviledges excepting in Chusing 
of Representitives in which Choice we are to Joyn with the j 
Town but in as much as there are Sundery differences between 
the Town of Hampton and North Hampton we are debar d from S 
the priviledge ofjoyning with the Town of Hampton in their j 
Choice they being superiour to North Hampton in number of 
Voters and no order of Court (as in Rye & New Castle) 
"wheither they shall be one or both in one place neither have 
we the Parish of North Hampton any Notification or Precept 
when or where to joyn with them the Town of Hampton in the 
Choice of Representitives and forasmuch as we the parish of 
North Hampton Pay a large Province Rate of Six or Seven 
Hundred Pounds new Tenor per Annum and have no one to 
Represent us in the General Assembly Therefore humbly pray 
we may have a Precept for Chusing one Representative sepa- 
rate from the Town of Hampton to Represent us in the General 
Assembly — And Your most Humb lc Petitioners as in Duty 
bound shall ever pray — 

North Hampton Novemb r 28 th 1758 

Eben r Samborn ) Agents for said 
Levi Dearborn J North Hampton 

[8—124] \_Petitio?i of Levi Dearborn, ^Joseph Hobbs, and 

Ebenezer Neal: addressed to the General Assembly. 1 

The Petition of us the Subscribers as a Committee of the J 
Parish of North Hampton in behalf of the Inhabitants thereof 
humbly sheweth, That in the year 1742 the said Parish was by 
an Act of the General Assembly of the then Province set off 
from the Town of Hampton at the Northerly part thereof, by 
the Name of North Hampton bounded as by the said Act will 
appear — And vested with all the Privileges & Immunities of 
other Parishes — With this exception, that all such estates as 
lay in the old Parish, which belonged unto and were owned by 
persons living in the North Parish should be rated to the North 
Parish, and such Estates as lay in the North Parish which be- 
longed unto and owned by persons living in the old Parish, 
should be rated to the old Parish, and that on which side soever 
of said line any person should live in Hampton, there he, and his 
estate on both sides of said Line should be rated, but if any Stran- 
ger shold purchase land in either of said parishes such stranger 


should be rated for such land where it lay said Committee far- 
ther show that since the said Parish of North Hampton has 
been established as aforesaid many Inhabitants of Hampton 
have purchased considerable quantities of Land lying in said 
North Hampton the former Owners of which land paid Taxes 
for the same to said Parish of North Hampton, but the present 
Owners thereof being Inhabitants of Said Hampton refuse to 
pay taxes therefor to the said Parish of North Hampton con- 
ceving themselves exempted therefrom by said Act which con- 
ception Your Petitioners apprehend is foreign to the Spirit 
of said Act, And as the paying taxes for such lands out of the 
Parish where they lie is very inconvenient and tend to create 
Disputes and may in time by frequent transfers thereof to per- 
sons living in Hampton aforesaid according to their conception 
of said Act totally deprive the Inhabitants of said North Hamp- 
ton of the means of paying their parochial taxes. Wherefore 
Your Petitioners humbly pray that all the ratiable Estate lying 
and being within North Hampton aforesaid may be subject to 
the payment of Taxes there And Your Petitioners as in Duty 
bound will ever pray &c — 

North Hampton March 16 th 1779 

Levi Dearborn^) ^ ... c 

t u it i u i Committee for 
Joseph Hobbs > XT ., n 
Eben«Neal j North Hampton 

[8—125] [Petition relative to Election of Representative : 
addressed to the General Court, iy8j.'] 

The Petition of a Majority of the Legal Voters in the Town 
of North Hampton in the County of Rockingham and State 
aforesaid Humbly Shows That the said Town is encorporated 
with all the Powers Priviledges and Franchises that other 
Towns in this state hold and enjoy That ever since the pres- 
ent Government they have been priviledged with a representa- 
tive to the General Court — That the New Constitution or form 
of Government for this State provides that every Town Parish 
or place intitled to town Priviledges haveing one Hundred and 
fifty rateable Polls of twenty one years and upward may Elect 
one Representative and that such Towns Parishes or Places as 
have less then one Hundred and fifty Rateable Polls shall be 
Classed by the General Assembly for the Purpose of Chuseing 
a representative and that when any Town Parish or Place in- 
titled to Town Priviledges as aforesaid and having less than 
one Hundred and fifty rateable Polls and be so situated as to 
render the Classing very inconvenient the General Assembly 

8 4 


may upon Application of a Majority of the Voters in such Town 
Parish or Place issue a Writ for their Electing and Sending a 
Representative to the General Court. That Your Petitioners 
humbly conceive that they fall within the Last Discription not 
being one Hundred and fifty rateable Polls and being so situated 
as not to admit of being Classed without Great inconvenience 
That Your Petitioners are Clearely of Opinion that the Present 
Legislature have every Power and Authority necessary for in- 
troducing the new Constitution or form of Government. 

Wherefore they Pray that in the new Arrangement for the 
next Essembly a Precept may issue to the Town of North 
Hampton for Electing and Sending a Representative under 
such regulations as other Towns and Destrects in this State 
And Your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever Pray — 
North Hampton December 1783 — 

Ebenr Samborn 
Levi Dearborn 
Benjamin Leavitt 
James wedgwood 
Thomas Samborn 
Benjamin Page 
thomas Leavitt 
John Robey 
John Robey Junr 
Sam 1 Jenness 
Phinehas Dearborn 
Levi marston 
thomas haines 
David Page Juner 
David marston 
Zachriah Towl 
Thomas Marston 
Benjamin Brown 
William Samborn 
John Porter 
Dearborn Fogg 
Joseph molton 
Josiah Hobbs 
Joseph Hobbs 
Dudley Page 
Samuel Smith 
Jamiah Fogg 
Simon Ward 

Joseph Molton 
John wedgwood 
Josiah wedgwood 
Stephen page 
Jonathan Page 
Simon Page 
Josiah Neal 
Walter Neal 
Abraham Drack 
Jonathan Drack 
Nathaniel Drack 
Simon Levitt 
Samuel Robey 
John Dearborn 
John Dearborn Junr 
Samuel Dearborn 
Jermiah Dearborn 
John Tayler 
Abraham Tayler 
Morris Hobbs 
thomas Hobbs 
Nathaniel Batchelder 
Levi Dearborn Tu r 

Samuel X Davis 


Ebnezer Lovrin 
Ebnezer Lovrin Jur 
Simon Lovrin 

thomas Lovrin 
John Winket 
John Lovering 
Reuben gove Dear- 
born Ju 
thomas marston 
Beniamin marston 
Joseph Palmer 
Benjamin Mason 
Ebnezer Neal 
Abner fogsr 
Abner fogg Jun r 
Simon Lamper 
Ruben Dearbon Jr 
Samuel Molton 
Isaac Jenness Ju r 
Isaac Jenness 
Samuel Robey 
Simon Brown 
Samuel Chapman 
James Godfree 
William Koves 
John Nudd 
Joseph Taylor 
W T illiam Godfree 
Jon a Wedgwood 

[In H. of Rep., Dec. 31, 1783, the petition was granted, 
Senate concurred. — Ed.] 


[R. 3-64] \_Petition of Stephen Brown, Soldier, iyS9-"\ 

[In a petition to the general assembly, dated May 16. 1759, 
said Brown stated " That your Petitioner was an Inlisted 
soldier in the Government service In the Last Campaign, in 
Capt Thos. Tashes Comp a that your Petitioner bought a 
Gun of Capt Abner Fogg to carry with him in s d ser- 
vice." He further stated that the gun burst the first time 
he fired it, and he thereby lost two of his fingers. He 
asked to have doctor's bill paid, which was granted to the 
extent of £6, 8 sterling. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-65] [Petition of Jonathan Wedgwood, 1761.'] ■ 

To the Honourable the House of Representatives now setting 
at Portsmoth — 

The Petition of Jonathan Wedgwood of North Hampton 
humbly sheweth — That Sam 1 Wedgwood the son of your Peti- 
tioner did enlist in the year 1760 into the service for the total 
reduction of Canada and went accordingly in the Company of 
Capt George March and on his return was taken sick at Crown 
Point and convey d by Albany home which created some ex- 
traordinary charges which your petitioner prays may be allow d 
him by the Honourable House of Representatives and your 
Petitioner as in duty bound shall ever pray 

North Hampton Febr y 4th 1761 

Jon a Wedgwood 

[He was allowed 32 shillings sterling. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-67] \_Petition of Samuel Davis, Soldier : addressed to 
the General Assembly, iy6j.~\ 

The Petition of Samuel Davis of North Hampton Humbly 
Sheweth that your Petitioner being out in the service of this 
Province in the year 175S, in the Company of Capt Jonathan 
Swett, and being wounded at No. Four * * * 


Sam 1 X Davis 


[The wound was in his leg. He was attended by Dr. 
Levi Dearborn ; he asked to have the doctor's bill paid. — 


[R. 3-68] [Soldier's Order, 1778.'] 

Dated at North hampton febrey 6 th 1778 

To Nickles Gilman Treas Sir please Cap' Moses Leavitt all 
my Rations Deue to me the Last Campaign your Compliance 
will greatly oblige your Humbell Sev' 

Radmund Moult[on] Ens 


[In a petition dated Feb. 12, 1778, Abraham Marston 
stated that he was a "Soldier in Col. Abraham Drake's 
Regiment the last fall in the Service of this State." He 
was taken sick of fever in New York state, and asked to 
have the expense of his sickness paid. Allowed ^21, 6, 2. 

[R. 3-70] [James Wedgwood, Soldier. ~\ 

[In a petition dated Jan. 9, 1781, James Wedgwood stated 
that he was "a Lieut in the third New Hampshire Battal- 
ion," and was ''engaged in the Service of the United States 
in Nov r 1776, and continued in Said Service until the 13th 
of Sept r 1778." He asked to have the depreciation of his 
pay made up. He petitioned again (R. 3-71) in 1784, and 
then succeeded. — Ed.] 

[R. 3~7 2 ] [Account for Supplies to Airs. Green.'] 

Due to the Parish of North Hampton for supplying Rich- 
erds Greens wife for the year 17S2 Five pounds Four shillings 
& Four pence Lawful Silver Money £5 14 14. 

North Hampton Febuary 24 th 1783. 

Pr Morris Hobbs 
In behalf of the Selectmen 
[Sworn before Levi Dearborn.] 

[ R - 3-73] [Soldier's Order.] 

North Hampton May 30 th 1785 
To John taler Gillman Esq Sur be plesed to pay unto Coll 


Moses Leavitt all the wages Due to my Son Jorge Long Due 
to him for Serves in the Armey 

Yourn to serve [torn] en Long 

[R. 3—74] [Petition of Daniel Gookifi, Soldier, addressed 
to the Getter al Court, 1785.'] 

Humbly shews Daniel Gookin of North Hampton, in said 
State — That your petitioner early in the year 1777 went into 
the army of the United States as a Serjeant and continued there 
in that capacity till the 19 th march AD 1779 at which time he 
received a Brevit from this State to rank as Ensign — that he 
was afterwards on the 16 th Day of June A D 1779 commis- 
sioned by Congress to take Rank as Ensign from the 6 th Day 
of May 1777 — that this State has made up to him the Depre- 
ciation of his Wages in the Capacity of Serjeant for said Term 
of time, Wherefore he prays that your honors would be pleased 
to grant him the Depreciation on the difference of the Wages 
of Serjeant and Ensign and empower him to receive the same 
& your petitioner as in Duty bound will ever pray &c 

Dan 11 Gookin 
[Petition granted Feb. 17, 1786. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-75] [Relative to the Town's Quota of Soldiers.~\ 

State of New Hampshire — 
To the Hon bl General Court for the State of New Hampshire 

Now Sitting at Portsmouth in said state 

Humbly Sheweth Moses Leavitt of North-Hampton in Said 
State in behalf of Said Town of North-Hampton that an 
extent was Issued against said Town for a Large Sum of 
Money for the Dificiency of Soldiers which is yet unsatisfyed 
and that by Som Neglect by the failer of said Town Returning 
Sum of said Soldiers they have Not been credited for four Men 
that they had in the field which Sarved faithfully during the 
war Viz Samuel Trickey John Weeks Samuel York & Joseph 
Avery wherefore your Petitioner Prays that this Honourable 
Court would take the Same into there wise Consideration and 
order that the said four Men may be Credited to said Town 
and deducted from said Extent and your Petitioner as in Duty 
Bound Shall Pray &c 

Portsmouth March I st 1786. 

Moses Leavitt 

[The foregoing petition was " granted in full." — Ed.] 



The township was first granted, Oct. 20, 1761, by the 
name of Stonington, to John Hogg and others. Settlements 
were made in June, 1767, by Thomas Burnside, with his 
wife and three children, and Daniel Spalding, with his wife J 
and son Edward. It is said that Mrs. Spalding was a de- | 
scendant of the celebrated Hannah Duston. 1 

It was re-granted Jan. 25, 1771, to Daniel Warner and J 
others, by its present name, and incorporated by the legis- j 
lature Nov. 16, 1779, with full town privileges. John Brown 1 
was authorized to call the first meeting. S 

By an act approved Dec. 27, 1799, Jeremiah Eames, | 
Joseph Peverley, and John Moore were appointed a commit- 
tee to assess a tax of three cents per acre on the lands in 
the town, for the purpose of building a bridge over Ammo- | 
noosuc river. 1 

Jeremiah Eames was a surveyor of land, and was employed ] 

to survey and make plans of several towns in the vicinity, to 
comply with the act of December, 1803, which required plans j 

of all towns, grants, etc., to be filed in the office of the sec- 
retary of state. 

[8—126] \_Petition of Inhabita72ts relative to a Road from 
Conway: addressed to the General Court, iy8o.~\ 

Humbly Sheweth — 

that wheras their is a Road cut and Partly Cleared and 
Bridged Leading from uper Coos to Conway So to Wolf brough 
and Portsmouth which is through Considerable unapropriated 
Lands unlikely Soon to be Seteled at or near the white hills 
where if Some Expence was Properly Laid out would Shorten 
the travel from Connecticut River to the Seaports and Prevent 
the People at uper Coos being under Necessety of taking the 
tedious Rout of Lower Coos of at Least forty or fifty miles 
farther And wheras it is now a time of war and the People at 
uper Coos being the frontier of this State or the Continant in 
this Northern Quarter Exposed to alarms and attacks by the 
Enemy from Canada and having no Resorce for help or way of 
Retreat but by the way of Lower Coos (which think themselves 
Equaly Exposed) wherefore your Petitioners beg the Interpo- 
sition of the Hon 1 ' 1 Court that they would order the above Said 
Road way imeadiatly be made Passable with horses or Car- 
raiges through Said unapropriated Lands at the Cost of the 


State and through the apropriated Lands at the Cost of owner 
that So Releif may Soner be had from the Interior to the Exte- 
rior Part of the State which will be of great importance to your 
Petitioners and of advantage to this State and the Publick in 
general and Your Petitioners as in Duty bound will Ever Pray 
Northumberland May 25 th 17S0 

thomas Burnside Nathan Barlow John Sawyer 

John Holbrook Archippus Bloggatt Dill Sawyer 

John Gamsby Joseph Barlow George Wheeler 

James Blake James Brown Sam 11 Nash 

Joshua Lamkin Benj a Byron David Hopkinson 

James Curtiss Ward Bailey David Page 

David Larned Abner Osgood moses page 

Elijah Blogget Benj a Sawyer Jonas Wilder 

Luther Richardson Tim° Nash 

[See following document. — Ed.] 

[8-127] [Report of Committee relative to building' a Road, 

l 7 8o.-] 

State of New Hamp s In the House of Representatives June 

14 th 17S0. 

The Committee on the Petition from Northumberland Re- 
ported their Opinion that they Recommend the passing an Act 
appointing & authorizing some person or persons to sell at pub- 
lic Vendue One Thousand Acres of the Confiscated Land of 
William Stark adjoining to Conway & lay out the money aris- 
ing by said Sale in making a good & passable Road through 
the Unappropriated Lands Mentioned by the Petitioners .& 
make Return of such doing to the General Court as soon as 
may be which is Submitted in behalfe of the Committee, by E. 
Thompson, — Which Report being Read & Considered, Voted 
that it be Received and Accepted — 

Sent up for Concurrence 

John Langdon Speaker 

In Council June 15 th 17S0, read & concurred 

E. Thompson Secy. 

[8-128] [Return of Ratable Polls, 1783, .] 

State of N Hamp 9 Grafton s 9 — 
An Exact Account, of the number of Male Poles from twen- 


ty-one years of Age & upwards, in the Town of Northumber- 
land, paying A Pole Tax, s d number being Seventeen 

Jo- Peverly ) gelect 
Jer d tames ) 
Northumberland 2 d Dec r 1783 

[Sworn to before Edw ds Bucknam, Justice of the Peace.] 

[8—129] \_Petition of the Selectme?i of Northumberland a?id 
Guildhall, Vt., for Authority to raise Money by Lottery: j 
addressed to the Senate and House of Representatives.^ \ 

Humbly Sheweth — I 

That Whereas Connecticut River Divides the Towns of 
Northumberland and Guildhall and there being a very conven- ! 
ient Advantagious place for the purpose of erecting a Bridge \ 
over what is called the little Falls on said River w T hich would j 
be very advantagious to the Public in general as well as to the 
Inhabitance of s d Towns as that is near the Centre of the In- I 
habitance of the Upper Coos — We therefore for our Selves and 
in behalf of All who are travilers in and thro' this Country j 
Humbly Beseech your Honours to grant us Liberty to raise by I 
Lottery the Sum of One thousand Dollars which we concieve 
to be sufficient together with what Subscriptions we can pro- 
cure to erect a good and perminent Bridge over s d Place and 
we your petitioners as in Duty bound will ever pray — 

Dated at Northumberland this 25 th Day of May 1791 — 

Benoni Cutter "") 
Eben W. Judd I Select 
Joseph Peverly | Men 
Antipas marshall J 

[8-130] [Petition for a Ferry, 1785."] 

State Newhamp r 

To the Honourble the Seneate & House of Representatives 
humbly Sheweth 

That Ever Since the first Setelment of this Town and Others 
adjacent in Upper Coos the Inhabitants and Travelers have 
been Great Suferers for want of a boat, Suitable to Carry Peo- 
ple horses & Teams over Connecticute River and a branch 
thereof Called amminooSuck River which Runs in to Connec- 
ticute River in Northumberland and wheras Thomas Burnside 


Esq r hath Proposed building a Suitable boat or boats if he 
Might have a Charter of a ferry in Such manner that the ferry 
to Cross Connecticut River might take in AmminnuSuck which 
your Petetioners Supose might be without Inconveniance with 
the Same boat Therefore Pray the Sole Priveledge of Keeping 
a boat or boats in Northumberland for the above Purposes may 
be Granted to the s d Burnside he being Subject to Such Regu- 
lations & Restrictions as your Hon rs in your wisdom Shall See 
meet and your Petetioners will Ever Pray 
Northumberland May 14 th 17S5 

Thomas Peverly Archippas Blogget Hith Balden 

Thomas Peverly j r Josiah Blogget Barnard Cole 

Jer h Eames James Brown James Blake 

Daniel Spaldin Newcomb Blogget Joshua Lamkin 

David Learned John Holbrook Oliver Lamkin 

James Learned James Curtiss thomas Lamkin 

Abel Learned William Curtiss James Burnside 

Elijah Blogget Stephen Curtiss Phinehas Hodgdon 

James Luther John Smith Nathan Caswell 

[The privilege of keeping a ferry was granted to said 
Thomas Burnside in 1786. — Ed.] 

[8-13 1] [Petition for a new County, I79i.~] 

To the Honourable the General Court of the State of New 
Hampshire — 

The Potision of the Inhabitants of Northumberland In the 
County of Grafton — 

Humbly Sheweth — 

That your Potisioners live at The distance of neer Sixty miles 
from the neerest Shier Town In this County — 

That a very considerable part of the Inhabitants of this part 
of the County live above us and are under Similar disadvan- 
tages with us — 

That the Road to Haverhill our neerest Shier Town Are 
Exceeding bad and at Some Seasons of the year Unpassable — 

Therefore we your Potisioners pray that we may Be Seper- 
ated from the Said County of Grafton And be made A new 
County by a Line drawn from Connecticut River between the 
Towns of Concord Alias Gunthwait and Littleton and on East- 
ward Taking in the Towns of Conway Eaton &-C to the 

Provinc line So Call' 1 — And we as in duty bound Shall Ever Pray 

Northumberland Nov r 22 nd — 1791 


Abel Bennet yntipas Marshall Anthony Clifford 

Caleb Marshall Abner Barlow Thomas Peverly 

Abel Bennet J r Jacob Shuff Thomas Peverly 

Isaac Meriam Daniel Rovvell 

Eliphalet Day Thomas Burnside 

[The county of Coos was established by an act approved 
Dec. 24, 1803. — Ed.] 

[8-132] [Petition for Authority to assess a Tax to build a 
Bridge: addressed to the Senate and House of Repre- 
sentatives, i799>~\ 

Humbly sheweth, 

That the Bridge over Amonnoosoock river was destroyed by 
an extraordinary Freshet in June last, — which Bridge being on { 
the main road from Haverhill to the upper settlements on Con- j 
necticut river makes it highly necessary as well for the public, j 
as for the individual use of the inhabitants that another should j 
be built. — 1 

That the Inhabitants being few in number, and having nu- 
merous other expensive bridges to maintain, besides being at j 
present involved in other public expences by lately erecting a I 
meeting house in said town, find themselves unable to rebuild j 
said bridge without some assistance. 

Your Petitioners therefore pray that a Tax of Four Cents p r 
Acre on all the lands in said Northumberland public rights ex- 
cepted may be granted, for the purpose of rebuilding said 
Bridge, and that the overplus if any there should be, may be 
laid out on the public roads in said Northumberland, in such 
manner and under such restrictions as in your wisdom you shall 
see fit. — And your Petitioners shall ever pray. — 

Northumberland 7 th November 1799 

Caleb Marshall James Burnside Antipas Marshal 

Abel Bennet Jonathan Crawford Joseph Daniels 

Daniel Spaulding J™YV m Bothwell Eliphalet Day 

Zadock Samson John moore Thomas Bickford 

Joseph Peverly Hez h Smith Benj a Marshall 

Jer h Eames David Burnside Joel Owen 

Thomas Peverly Isaac Meriam 

Daniel Spaulding James Lewis 

[Granted by an act approved Dec. 27, 1799. — Ed.] 



The territory comprising this town was formerly a part of 
Nottingham, from which it was severed by an act passed 
February 6, 1773, and erected into a "distinct parish agree- 
able to a vote of the said town " (Nottingham). 

Settlements were made in 1763 by Increase Bachelder, 
John Bachelder, and Moses Godfrey of North Hampton, and 
Solomon Bickford of Durham. 

The first meeting of the inhabitants to choose town offi- 
cers-was called by Benjamin Johnson, and held at the house 
of Valentine Kenneson, March 23, 1773. 

Among the Northwood men in the Revolution were Ben- 
jamin Dow in the first regiment ; Samuel Johnson, Wm. 
Wallace, Eliphalet Taylor, Wm. Blake, Nathaniel Twombly, 
Benjamin Johnson, Jr., Simon Batchelder, Abraham Batch- 
elder, Joseph Caswell, Simon D. Wadley, Samuel Trickey, 
William Glidden, and others. 

[8-134] [A Petition for a Magistrate : addressed to the 
Governor, y-une 9, 1774^ 

The humble Petition of the freeholders & Inhabitents of the 
Perish of Northwood is that Your Exelency Would Grant A 
Justice of the Peace, Commision to M r Benjamin Hill of this 
Perish He being A Very Capable Man, Likewise that there is 
Great Need of A Justice of the Peace here there Being No Man 
of that Station in Any part of this Perish Your Granting the 
prayers of us the Subscribers Will be Gratefully Acknowledged 
as A favour and Your humble petitioners will Ever Pray 

John Batchelder Stephen Hoit Henry Sanborn 

William Blaake William Prescott Asahel Blake 

daves batchelder Joseph Page Levi Dearborn 

Benjamin Johnson Elias Philbrick Zabulon Norris 

Stephen Rawlians Simon Wadleigh Joshua Furbur 

Nathanael Twombly Moses Godfree Daniel Sawyer 

Joseph Holden David Page Morris Lamprey 

Increas Batchelder volatin Canstan Jonathan Clark 

abraham Bacthelder Nicklus Clark Robert Hill 

Israel Hodgdon John Harvey David knowles 

William Wollais John Sherburn 

[Ordered to lay. — Ed.] 



[8—135] [Petition for a Magistrate : addressed to the Gov- 
ernor and Council.] 

The Petition of the Subscribers, Inhabitants of the Town of 
Northwood, in the County of Rockingham Humbly Shews, 
That a Justice of Peace is much wanted in said Town, and that 
your petitioners understand that Jonathan Jenness Esq 1 " late a 
Majestrate in said Town, does not incline to renew in said 
Office any more, and no, other being yet appointed, your peti- 
tioners humbly beg liberty to nominate and recommend to your 
Excellency & Hon rs notice M r Jonathan Clark and humbly pray 
that he may be appointed and commissioned a Justice of Peace 
for said County & your Petitioners shall pray — 

Northwood 19 th October 1785. — 

Jonathan Jenness 

Esq r 
John Harvey 
William P kelley 
Volintine Kneson 
Dearborn Blake 
John Crockett J r 
Nich Dudley Hill 
John Crockett 
Jon a Sanborn 
Joshua Hoyt 
Thomas Piper 3 
Nicholas Hartford 
John Cate 
Jacob Norris 
Samuel Johnson 

Nathaniel Morriel 
Moses Hoyt 
Tayler Clarke 
John Neley 


Moses Johnsone 
James Step James 
Josiah Dirgen 
Thomas Piper 
Willam Glitten 
Samuel Brown 
James Darborn 
Willam Buzell 
Benjaman Johnson 
John Wille 
James Watson 

Frances James 
David Page 
Peeter Blasdel 
Na l garland 
Ashel Blake 
Sa m Bartlet 
Na* Piper 
Samuel S Johnson 
Solomon Bickford 
John Bickford Junr 
Calep Clough 
Moses Norris 
Jon* Hill 


Joseph York 

[R. 3-76] [ William Glidden, Soldier.'] 

[In a petition dated Northwood, October 17, 1785, Will- 
iam Glidden stated that he " Early Entered into the service 
of the united States of America in the late war with great 
Brittan and that he Sarved as a Soldier for the State of 
Newhampshire in the Regiment Commanded by General 
Hazen Until! the Close of the War at which time he Re- 
ceived an Honourable Discharge * * * . 

Thos. Bartlet 
in behalf of the Petitioner — "' 

He asked that the depreciation of his pay might be made 
up. — Ed.] 



[R. 3-77] \_Relative to Samuel Trickey, Soldier.~\ 

The petition of Jonathan Clark of Northwood Esq r Humbly 
Sheweth That the Town of Northwood in the year 1778 in 
obedience to the orders of the general court did hire one Samuel 
Trickey an inhabitant of said Town, to serve two years in the 
Continental army — that when the returns of the Soldiers was 
called for by the State from the several towns, the said town of 
Northwood neglected to return said Soldier — that the town of 
Nottingham claimed & returned him, though they paid him no 
bounty & had their full quota without him — * * * 

Concord 17 th June A. D. 17S6 — 

Jon a Clark 
in behalf of the towm of Northwood 

[He asked to have the matter rectified, which was grant- 
ed, Stoten Tuttle and Nath'l Goodhue, selectmen of Not- 
tingham, consenting thereto. — Ed.] 

[8-136] [Petition for a Magistrate: addressed to the Gov- 
ernor and Council.^ 

The petition of us Subscribers Sheweth that Whereas Jona- 
than Jenness Esq r was Reappointed of Late a Justice of the 
Peace in the Parish of Northwood in Said County But Neglects 
or Rather Declines to be Qualified in Said Office according to 
Law and we think it Very necessary that there Should be one 
appointed in Said Parish And upon Deliberate Consideration 
we Recommend to Your Notice Captain Joseph Demerit as a 
Sutable Man for a Justice of the Peace in Said Parish hereby 
Showing our Request that he may be appointed to Said office 
as soon as may be So Desireth and Prayeth Your Humble Pe- 
titioners — 

Northwood November Y e 10 th 1785 

Increas Batchelder 
Natha 11 Garland 
John Johnson 
Simeon Johnson 
Daves Batchelder 
Simon Batchelder 
abraham Batchelder 
Ebenezer Dirgorn 
Simon god free 
James godfree 
Samuel Durgin 
L* william wollais 

Jon knight 
Samuel Batchelder 
Eliger Caswell 
Stephen Rawliangs 
Thomas Caswell 
Recherd Caswell 
Ebnezer Banack 
John Shurborn 
Daved Knoles 
Sumuel Shurborn 
Nickles D Hill 
Simeon knowles 

Shurborn Darborn 
Nicholas Blake 
Enoch Pilsbury 
Joshua Furbur 
William Prescott 
Joseph york 
Samuel Giles 
Moses Hoyt 
Henry Batchelder 
Moses Godfree 
John Bickford 
Eliphalet Duda 



Jonathan Batchelder 
Hanson hight 
Benjamin Johnson 

Daniel -Hoit 
Joseph Shaw 
Ebenezer Durgin 

John Dirgorn 
Thomas Randel 
Robert Morrison 
Thomas Knolton 

Jonathan Calley 
Nathaniel Derborn 
Tho 8 Piper 
Nathaniel Piper 
Josiah Durgin 
Moses morris 
Nathaniel Philbrick 
Sherbun Blake 
Phillip kelley 
Joseph Shute 
Jonathan Blake 
Jacob Swain 

John Batchelder 
Joseph Caswell 
John Kilborn 
Asahel Blake 
Ebenezer knolton 
Joseph Durgorn 
James Stevnes James 
Samuel Brown 
Stephen Hoit 
James Dirborn 

[8-141] \_Petition for an Incorporation of the Baptist So- 
ciety: addressed to the Ge?ieral Court. ,] 

Sheweth that they have Regularly and Statedly Assembled 
togeather for the Worship of God on the Sabbeth and other 
Days Set apart by the authorty for Divine worship and accord- 
ing to the Dictates of Conscience as a Church and Society have 
Set under the preaching and other ordenances of the Gospel 
and your petitinors further Say that they have Voluntarily as a 
Society built a meating house and Have at their own Expence 
ordained a minister Who has for many years past Labourd with 
them as their Spiritual Guide : your petitionors therefore Pray 
that an act may be passd to Incorporate them and their Succes- 
sors as a Distinct Society under the Denomination of the first 
Baptist Society in Northwood and that they may be Invested with 
full power to transact any matter or things which may be Nec- 
essary in organizing Said Society with also of Choosing wor- 
dends and a Colector or of Assessing money or any other officer 
they may think fit and your petitionors further pray that m r In- 
crease Batchelder may be authorized to notify the first meating 
of Said Society after it Shall have been Incorporated as afor- 
said, and your petitionors in Duty Bound Shall Ever pray — 

Northwood December 5 th in the year of our Lord one thou- 
sand Seven hundred and Ninety Seven 


Elijah carswell 
James Pilsbury 
Increas Batchelder 
Joshua Furbur 
John Batchelder 
James Batchelder 
James Weir 
Joseph Demerit 

John lesle Jun 
Samuel hull 
thomas knowlton 
Samuel Batchelder 
Zaccheus Taylor 
Jonathan Taylor 
William knolton 
Benjamin Stokes 
David knolton 

John Furber 
Moses Furber 
Noah Hill 
William Wollais 
Green morrill 
eleaser Watson 
John Watson 
huchins Watson 
Daniel Hoitt 


Paul Demeritt Joseph Shaw Philip Hoitt 

Joseph Demerit Jun r John Dergin Benj a Hoit 

Moses Demeritt John Dergin Jun Thomas Furber 

Eliphalet Taylor Jonathan knovvlton Joseph 

John Chesle abraham Batchelder Jedidiah Weeks 

Richard Hull Samuel Batchelder Roland morgon 
William Hull Jun 

[The petitioners were directed to notify the selectmen of 
a hearing at the next session. — Ed.] 

[8—137] [Remonstrance to the foregoing. ~\ 

To the Hon bI Senate and Hous of Representatives Conven d At 
Concord on the twenty first Day of this Ins 4 November 179S 

We the Subscribers Inhabitants of Northwood Did here to 
fore with a Number of our Breatherin Belonging to the Baptist 
Society in Northwood Pertetion to be Incorporated As a Bap- 
tist Society in Said Northwood to which it was Not granted 
we the Subscribers Understand there is now A Pertetion Before 
youer Honnors by a Number of Pertetioners Belonging to Said 
Society in Said Northwood to be Incorporated as the first Bap- 
tist Society in Northwood — 

Which youer Subscribers & Humble Pertetioners think if 
granted will take away ouer Property and Priveledges In Sev- 
arel Respects viz — 

Mr Pilsburey who for a Number of years hath ben ouerMin- 
estor and hath Bin In Fellowship with other Baptist Churches 
in Sosation is now Changed his Princepels and Become what is 
Called a Universlor and is not In fellow Ship with the Baptist 
Churches and that tha Do Still Imploy M r Pilsbury to Preach 
in the Meateing House to Which we Can not Unite with them 
we youer Pertetionors being Proprietors and Holders in Part of 
Said House & other Property tha Being a Majorrity of Said 
Society Should tha Be Incorporated we must be Cut of from 
ouer Priveledge As we Do Still hold ouer Selves members of 
the Baptist Society and not Universalors 

Wherefor we Humble Pray that Said Pertetion may Not be 

moses Johnson 
Jon* Calley 
Samuel Cook 
Daniel French 
Simeon knowles 
thomis Rolings 
samuel Durgin 


[In H. of Rep., June 12, 1798, the petition for an incor- 
poration of the Baptist society was granted. Senate con- 
curred next day. — Ed.] 


[8—138] [Petition relative to laying out a Road, 1788 : ad- 
dressed to the Senate and House of Representatives.^ 

Humbly shews the Subscribers, Inhabitants of Northwood, 
that by an Act of the Legislature of tin's State, pass'd last year, 
a Committee was appointed & impower'd, to lay out a High- 
way from the Province Road, (so call'd) in Barnstead, to the 
Country Road in Northwood, that since that time, said High- 
way has been laid out, and clear'd, which greatly accommo- 
dates Travellers, as well as teams passing from the North West 
part of this State, to Portsmouth and many other places; That 
the Road from Northwood to the great Bridge, over Exeter 
River, leading from Newmarket to Stratham, is very crooked 
and in many places might by small alterations be made not 
only shorter, but laid on Land much firmer, and better, for a 
Highway, and that all the necessary alterations may be made 
with out any or but a trifling expence, in purchasing Land for 
the same ; if there was a Committee appointed, to lay it out 
and carry it into Effect 

Wherefore, your Petitioners request, that Jonathan Clark 
Esq r of Northwood, Jonathan Cilley Esq r of Nottingham, and 
Cap 1 Josiah Bartlet of Lee, may be appointed and authorized 
by an Act of this State, to lay out said Highway, and execute 
the same, from where the aforesaid Committee finish'd in 
Noithwood, to the aforesaid Bridge in Newmarket, and to 
make Such Alterations by changing the Highway, or other- 
wise, as may by them be deem'd necessary to make the same 
shorter, and better ; and to lay it out at least three Rods wide 
the whole way. 

And that, as soon as the Committee shall have laid out said 
Highway, and served the Select Men of the several and re- 
spective Towns and Parishes thr° which the same shall pass, 
with a Copy of their said laying out; That said Towns or 
Parishes may become liable to such Penalties, as your Honours 
may think necessary for their neglect of making the same pass- 
able as soon as may be — 

December 15 th 1788 

Bradb y Cillev Samuel Sherburn John Wille 

Samuel Brown N : Dudly Hill Nicholas Blake 

Sherbun Blake John Harvey Joshua Furbur 



Asahel Blake 
Eliphalet Duda 
Joshua Hoit 
Ebenezer Durgin 
John Neley 
John Crockett J r 
Benjamin Hill 
Samuel Crockett 
Levi Meed 
Abraham Batchelder 
Samuel Hill 

William Smith 
Samuel Bartlet 
John Crockett 
Samuel Johnson 
Taylor Clark 
Nat 1 Keniston 
Nathaniel Piper 
Joseph york 
William Buzel 
David knowles 
Joseph Leathers 

Jacob Swain 
William Clough 
John fjile 
John Wiggin 
Jonathan Sanborn 
Benjamin Hoit 
Jonathan Hill 
Henry Butler 
Benjamin Butler 
John D. Williams 

[In H. of Rep., Feb. 5, 1789, the men named in the fore- 
going were authorized to make a survey and report, which 
they did as follows : — Ed.] 

[8-139] \_Report of Committee on the foregoing. ,] 

Pursuant to appointment, & in obedience to a Vote of the 
Legislature, we have proceeded to ■ survey said Road in the 
Petition mentioned— & have agreed to report that said Road 
might be much altered for the better, by changing it agreably 
to the prick'd lines in the plan herewith exhibited, as it is much 
better Ground & considerably lessens the distance. 

All which is humbly Submitted 

Jon a Cilley") 
Jon a Clark > Committee 
^ J. Bartlet ) 

[The plan mentioned is No. 140 in manuscript volume. — 


The township of Nottingham, embracing the territory 
now in Northwood and Deerfield in addition to that which 
remains in the town, was granted May 10, 1722. The most 
of the grantees were residents of Boston and Newbury, 
Mass., and desired to name the town New Boston. Why it 
received its present name instead is unknown. 

The first proprietors' meeting was held at the house of 
Maj. John Gilman, in Exeter, June 13, 1722. 


The plan of the " centre square" was completed March 
31, 1724, which was laid out substantially as it is at present. 
It is known as Nottingham Square, and is one of the pleas- 
antest locations in the state. 1 

January 8, 1766, the south-west part of the town was 
severed, and incorporated into a town named Deerfield. 
The north-west part of the town was taken off, and incorpo- 
rated into the town of North wood. February 6, 1773. 

Nottingham was represented in the Revolution by many 
able and brave men, among whom may be mentioned Dr. 
Henry Dearborn, who was at Bunker Hill, and in most of 
the battles of the war. He succeeded Scammel as colonel 
of the Third N. H. Reg't in 1781 ; was secretary of war, 
1801-1809; major-general, 1812, 1813; in congress two 
terms; minister to Portugal, 1822-1824; died in Roxbury, 
Mass., June 6, 1829. 

Col. Joseph Cilley, born in 1734, and died in 1799, was in 
command of the First N. H. Reg't at Bemis's Heights, which 
was conspicuous for the bravery of its commander and men. 
He was in most of the battles from Saratoga to Yorktown. 

The following Nottingham men were in the First N. H. 
Regiment : 

James Beverly, entered January 4, 1777, discharged De- 
cember, 1781. 

Benjamin Butler, entered March 5, 1777, discharged 
March 20, 1780. 

Josiah Clark,* entered May 9, 1779, discharged November 
20, 1781. 

Thomas George, entered January I, 1777, discharged Jan- 
uary 25, 1780. 

Thomas Harvey,f entered June 1, 1779, discharged De- 
cember, 1 78 1. 

John P. Hilton, entered January 1, 1777, discharged Feb- 
ruary 1, 1779. 

Benjamin McAllister,* entered January 1, 1777, dis- 
charged March 7, 1778. 

Paul McCoy ,f entered April 25, 1779, discharged Decem- 
ber, 1 78 1. 

Bradstreet Mason, f entered January 8, 1779, discharged 
December, 1781. 

John Pike, entered January 1, 1777, discharged January, 

•Died in the service, t Served also in the year 1782. 


James Rendall, entered January i, 1777, discharged 

Nathan Rendall, entered January 1, 1777, discharged 

William Willey,* entered January I, 1777, discharged 
December, 1781. 

Joseph York,* entered March 1, 1777, discharged De- 
cember, 1 78 1. 

[Rev. Papers, p. 275] 

A List of the Men Now in the Sarvice that Ingaged for the 
Town of Nottingham before the year 1778 Viz. 

In the Cavilry 
Bradbury Mills 

In the Infintry 
Tho' Hall 

Joseph Neally 
Nicholas Leathers 

Moses Davis 
Tho s Welsh 
Nath 1 Randel 

Joseph York 
Matthias Welsh 
William Willey 

Ingaged by the Town in 1779, 

Josiah Clark J°hn Clark Jesse Clark 

Broadstreet Mason William Simpson Paul M c Cay 
Samuel Trickey 

Ingaged in the year 1780 

Joseph Avery Richard Sandborn 

James Harvey Samuel York 

Ingaged from Nottingham for Lee in 1777 

Benj ft Welsh 

1779 for Pembrook Tho" Harvey 

1779 for Nottingham Joseph Hall 

Jonathan Morgin 

Tho' Bartlet for and in behalf of 

Served also in the year 1782. 

[8-144] \_Relative to Town Line, lj$6.~\ 

This May Certify whom it may Concern that we the Select- 
men of y e town of Notting™ this present year are Informed that 
y* Select Men or Committee of Durham hath been Runingthe 
Line between Dover and Notting ,n without Notifying us and 
intends to have it Confirmed at y e General Court which we 
apprehend Not faire for had we known we wou'd been Radey 
to have waited upon them — 

Nottingham January y e 12th 1756 

Robert Kellse ) Select Men of 

franceis Harvey ) Nottingham 

[8- 1 45] \_Trouble at Town- fleeting, 1753: Petition ad- 
dressed to the Assembly.] 

Shews — 

That at the Annual Meeting of the Inhabitants of said Town 
there happened Considerable Contention & Debate among the 


[8-142] \_A Petition of sundry Presbyterians to be joined to 
Windham : addressed to the Governor and Council.] 

The Humble Petition of Joseph Caldwell of the District of 
Nottingham in said Province in behalf of himself and James \ 

Gibson John Mitchell John Caldwell James Warson Robert 
Evans Daniel Dugglas Hugh Richey and Thomas Richey all 
of the same Place Shews 

That Your Petitioners having been Educated according to J 

the Principles of the Kirk of Scotland are Presbyterians by 
Profession and Desireous of Communion with a Church of that 

Denomination which there is in the Parish of Windham about 

four Miles Distant from the Place of Your Petitioner's habita- i 

tion. 1 

That the People of the said District are Divided in Senti- 
ments Respecting Ministerial and Parochial i\ffairs and besides 
are of a Different Opinion Concerning Points of Worship and 
Discipline from Your Petitioners and therefore they cannot be 
Desireous of joining together in one Parish — I 

Wherefore Your Petitioners Humbly Pray that they may be 
PolFd off to the said Parish of Windham with their families & 
Estates & and added to that Parish — and thereby be Exempted 
from any Concern as to Religious Ministerial & Parochial mat- 
ters with the said Inhabitants of the said District or any Incor- 
poration that may hereafter be made there and your Petitioners 
as in Duty Bound Shall Ever Pray &.C 

Joseph Caldwell 



Voters about the Choice of proper Officers, Especially a Town 
Clerk and the old Clerk Refusing to Act after a New one was 
Chosen, & there being no Justice of the Peace there to Swear 
him, neither of them woud Act, and So no Entry was made 
after the Choice of a Moderator of the Proceedings of the 
Meeting — That this Contention & Wrangling Spent away the 
time till Late in the Evening, and the meeting broke up with- 
out having Chosen any Town Officer but the Clerk and with- 
out any Adjournment, but the next day a Number of the Vot- 
ers Casually Meeting, adjournd to the first Day of May then next. 

That your Petitioners upon advisement Conceive, that ad- 
journment cant be good, as the Meeting at which it was made 
"was a Meer accidental Assembly, not Connected with nor De- 
rived from any Legal Meeting, and as none of the Officers will 
be Chosen (Shoud they proceed) Agreeable either to Law or 
the Charter of Said Town 

That in Case their proceeding at the Said Adjournment Coud 
by any Construction be Supported (which they See no Colour 
for) yet as Disputes about the necessary Town affairs, are al- 
ways prejudicial to the People, Especially in New Settlements, 
it appears to Your Petitioners, at least to be Prudent to take 
away all Grounds for the Same — Wherefore Your Petitioners 
Humbly Pray that in Your Great Wisdom & Goodness, you 
woud be pleased to Interpose your Authority in this Case, and 
by an Actor Resolve (as Shall be Judgd Necessary) order a 
New Town Meeting, & appoint Some Prudent Suitable Person 
to Call & Govern the Same giving the usual time for Notifying 
the End & Design as well as place for holding the Same — or 
Grant Such other Relief in the Premises as you Shall Upon the 
whole matter Judge best and your Petitioners as in Duty bound 
Shall Ever Pray &c— 

Willam raa 
James morrison 
Willam m c Crles 
Rice Rowel 
And w Simpson 
David Morrison 
Daniel Davis 
William Kelso 
matthew neley 
William Morrison 
Benj a Shaw 
William Nelley 
Francis Harvey 

John Radman 
Israel Blake 
Abraham Scales 
David Glass 
Samuel Langley 
Robert kellse 
James glass 
Edward Bean Juner 
georg Bean 
moses Blasdel 
Joseph Pener 
thomas Berley 

John Batlet 
Caleb Burly 
John masen 
John Shaw 
John Nelley 
Beniman fox 
James Kelley 
John Hix 
Samoull Hix 
James Bean 
David Clifford 
Thomas Simpson 

[In H. of Rep., May 3, 1753, the petition was granted, 


and Joshua Peirce was appointed to call a meeting, of which 
he was to be moderator. — Ed.] 

[8-146] [ Vote of Town relative to Minister Rates, i7S9-~\ 

At a meeting of the Prop 8 of Nottingham held at the meeting 
house in said Town on y e 3 d day of July 1759 

Voted That Peter Gilman & Nathaniel Peirce Esq" and 
Doct r Daniel Rogers, be a Com tte To make applvcation to the 
Generall Court for a Tax of three pence p r acre New Tenor to 
be Laid upon all the Lands in notting ham Eccepting the 
Rights Granted for a Parssonage and School and to Enable the \ 
proprietors by an act To asses, and Collect the Same, and j 
when the Money is Collected To be paid to Peter Gilman Esq r | 
Proprieters Treasurer And that he pay of Said Sum Twenty j 

Three hundred Pounds old Tenor To the Rev d M r Butler, Min- 
ister of Nottingham, to Discharge so much of what the Town 
obliged themselves by Vote to pay Said M r Butler on his Set- 
tlement in Said Town and the Remaining part to be paid for 
Charges and Accoumpts as shall be allowed by the proprieters, 
or by Committees appointed by them for the Settlements of 
such Accoumpts — 

a True Coppy from Notting" 1 Proprief 8 Book of Records 

attes* Peter Gilman Prop™ Clark 

[R. 3-82] [Petition of Robert Mason, Soldier, i?6o..~\ 

[In a petition dated January 14, 1760, " Robert Mason of 1 

Nottingham Labourer," stated that he "was a Soldier in the 
Crown Point Expedition in the year 1756," "in the Com- 
pany whereof John Shepard was Captain & as such pro- 
ceeded to Fort William Henry where being out with said 1 
Captain upon a scout was made a Prisoner & carried to 
Canada where he Remained till after the Reduction of Que- j 
bee & was then sent back to Crownpoint with the Prisoners 
that were Captivated at Fort Du Quesne in which captivity 
he was stripped of all his cloathes & suffered great hard- | 
ships." He asked for an allowance, which was granted to 
the extent of £172, 2, 6, out of the money raised for the 
Crown Point expedition. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-83] [Petition of Israel Blake, 1761.] 

[In a petition, dated Nottingham, January 20, 1761, Israel 
Blake stated. that his son "Israel Blake Jun r was out in y° 


army Last Campaign," and that he was taken sick. He 
wanted pay for the expense of going after him. — Ed.] 

[8-147] [ Vote relative to a Division of the Town, 1765.] 

This is to Notifye and Warn all the Freeholders & Other In- 
habitants of the Town of Nottingham Qualifved by law to vote 
in the Town Affairs to meet at the Meeting House in Said Not- 
tingham on the third Thursday of this Instant april at Ten of 
the Clock in the Forenoon. — 

First To Chuse a Moderator — 

Secondly To See if then present voters will think Proper to 
set off the Southwesterly Corner In Nottingham so called as a 
Destinct Parish According to the Following Boundaries viz To 
Begin at the Bounds between the 9th and iothLots In the first 
Range And to Extend to the Head Line in said Nottingham. 
Then to begin At the bounds between the 21st and 22 d Lots In 
the second Range and to Extend to the said Head Line of Not- 
tingham and Likewise to Include the whole of the 3 d 4th 5th 
and 6th Ranges of the 3 d Division so called in said Nottingham 
with the Lands & Settlers on the westerly side of plesant Pond 
so far as the Road Extends to Epsom Line Includeing all the 
Farms And Settlers on Said Epsom Road (so called) to the 
Head line of Nottingham as likewise the whole of the 100 acre 
lots in Bow Street on the Southwesterly side of Said Street In- 
cludeing Josiah Sawyers lot being the Original Lot of Archi- 
bald Macfadrix To the Head of said bow Street. 

Thomas Simpson ) Select 
Sam 11 Tilton ) Men 

■ , . 

At a Town Meeting held at the Meeting house at Notting- 
ham Agreeable to a Warrant dated the third Thursday in April 

Voted That Thomas Simpson Esq serve as Moderator of 
said Meeting 

Voted That the upper End of Nottingham be set off as a 
Destinct parrish Agreeable to the above Dated Warrant. — 

Cap* Joseph Cilley Appears In said meeting and offers his 
Decent against the above voted parrish being set off according 
to the Boundarys Specifyed In Said Warrant. 

Andrew Simpson william Sanborn Moses Davis 

Jun r Gideon Straw Sam 11 Danils 

Volintine Hill Zepheniah Butler John Keneston 

David Beverly Joseph Morrill John Morrill Jun r 



Joseph Cilley Jun r 
Daniel Kelley 
Ebenz r Paige 
James Morrison 
Cutting Cilley 
John Mills 
Caleb Burleig 
Thomas Harvy 
John Morrill 

Charles Gliddon 
Jonathan Crossbe 
James Been 
Edward pevey 
James Kelsee 
Andrew Simpson 
Philip Rartlett 
Joshua Trickey 
Nathaniel watson 

Francis Harvy 
Abraham Scailes 
John Bartlet 
John Nealy 
Benjamin Shaw 
Benjamin York 
Andrew Baker 
Jam 8 Kelsey 

The persons above Named Appeared and made" a Publick 
Decent against The above said vote For these Reasons viz Be- 
cause the Boundarys Ware Unreasonable : and Because the 
vote was passed before the Inhabitants ware Generally Gather- 
ed as was Supposed and also Because that a Number of the 
men that then voted for said parrish ware not Legal Inhabitants 
nor never ware Taxed in Said Town. 

A True Coppy 

attest Benjamin Shepard Town Clarck 

[The south-west part was set off January 8, 1766, and in- 
corporated by the name of Deerfield. — Ed.] 

£8-148] [ Vote relative to a Divisio?t of the Town, lyyiS] 

Province of Newhampshire 

This is to Notify & warn all the Freeholders And other In- 
habitants of the Town of Nottingham Qualifyed by law to Vote 
in town Affairs to Assemble and Meet at the Meetinghouse In 
Said town on Tuesday the 26 th Day of March Instant at ten of 
the Clock in the forenoon. 
1 My To Chuse a Moderator 

2 d ly To Chuse a town Clark, Select men, Constables And 
all other Town officers as the Law Directs 

3 d ly The Third article in the warrant I here Omitt 
4 th ly The fourth Article in this warrant I also Omitt 
5 th ly To See if the Town will Set off all that Part of the 
Town above Long Street So Called as a Parish Dated at Not- 
tingham This 11 th Day of March Annoque Domini 1771 

John Sherburn, \ 
Jo' Cilley Jun r \ 
Tho' Bartlet ) 

Select Men 

A True Copy attest Benjamin Butler Town Clerk 

at a Legal Town Meeting held at the Meeting house on tues- 
day the 26 th Day of March A. D. 17.71. 



Pursuant To the above warrant 

Voted that the 5 th Article in the Warrant — Respecting Seting 
off all that Part of The Town above Longstreet So Called as a 
Parish Pass in the affirmative a True Copy 

attest. Benjamin Butler Town Clerk 

Dated at Nottingham this 10 th Day of December 1771 . 

[8-149] \_A Petition for a Division of the Town: addressed 
to the General Asse??zbly, 1771.'] 

The Petition of Sundry of the Inhabitants of the Town of 
Notingham Humbly Sheweth that many of the Inhabitants of 
Said Town Live at a great Distance from the meeting-house at 
Notingham-Square and are not able to Travil So far to attend 
the Publick worship of God there, Neither have we any benefit 
of the Schools that are kept in Said Town, altho we are obliged 
to pay our Proportion thereof. Wherefore your Petitioners 
Humbly Pray your Excellency and Honours that there may be 
a Parish Set off in Said Town, Agreeable to a Vote Pass d in 
Said Town the Twenty Sixth Day of march AD 1771 Namely, 
all the Land in Said Town on the Northwesterly Side of Long 
Street (So Called) and So bounded South westerly on Deer- 
field Line We therefore Humbly Pray that your Excelency & 
honours would take our Case under your wise Consideration 
and Set of a Parish as afore Said with the Power and Privi- 
ledges of other Towns or Parishes in this Province and your Pe- 
titioners as in Duty bound Shall Ever Pray — 

Dated at Notingham December 10 th 1771 

Solomon Bickford 
John Batchelder 
Increase Batchelder 
Moses Godfry 
William Wallace 
Benjamin Godfry 
Davis Batchelder 
William Blake 
Daniel hoit 

Wiliam Precut 
thorn as piper 
John Sherbon 
henery Derborn 
Sherbon Derborn 
Levy Derborn 
Sherborn blake 
johnathun clarke 
Joseph page 

jeremiah dow 
John hervie 
necoles Blake 
Samuel jonson 
john Bickford 
nathaniel moriel 
Calob clough 
mories Lamper 

Nottingham May y e 19 th 1772 

This may Certify all whom it may Concern that the Select 
men of Nottingham are well Knowing in this affair Concerning 
this parish Being Sett of above Long Street for I tak'd my two 
Brethren a few Days ago and they Had nothing to object against 


it being Established as a parish all I have to Say being one of 
the Select men Edmund Hodgdon — 

[The portion of the town referred to in the foregoing doc- 
uments was set off Feb. 6, 1773, and incorporated by the 
name of Northwood. — Ed.] 

[8— 151] \_Petition of Peter Hanson for a Divorce: ad- 

dressed to the General Assembly, Feb. 12, 1778.'] i 

Most humbly sheweth, Peter Hanson of Nottingham in said J 
State, that your Petitioner was born in that unhappy Quarter 
of the World called Africa, whose Inhabitants have been usu- \ 
ually Stole, transported and Sold in the Markets of America 
like Cattle, notwithstanding they have but two legs, and are 
formed in the Same Image as White men. In like manner j 
your Petitioner was bro't to this State and Sold, w r here by his j 
faithfull and diligent behaviour in his Masters Service he has j 
Obtained his freedom ; and humbly presumes that by his In- 
dustry he is in a likely way not to be Unuseful to the Commu- 
nity. He begs leave further to shew that in the time of his j 
Servitude he was Married to one Venus his Countrywoman j 
and Slave to M r Nathaniel Cooper of Dover, that by agreement 
with, and Consent of said Venus he has for more than one j 
year past refrained to Cohabit with her as his wife, for the j 
following reasons viz Because he Verily believes the making 
Slaves of any of the human Race is Unrighteous in the Sight f 
of God, and a Cruel Despotick power used by one part of j 
Mankind over another, and that his begetting Children to be 
and remain Slaves during their lives would be very Wricked, 
and for which he might deserve the Curses of such a Posterity 
groaning under Bondage — Also for that in his present happy j 
State ot Freedom he cannot have any Comfort in the Conjugal j 
State with a person who is a Slave and cannot reside with him j 
or Even so much as Speak to him without leave from her Mas- 
ter or Mistress, which he has been formerly denied and he not 
Suffered to tarry in the house with her. 

Wherefore your Petitioner most humbly prays that your 
Honours (who have so nobled Strugled in the Cause ot 
Natural Liberty) will take his case into your wise Considera- 
tion, and relieve him from being tied to a Slave, under the 
Temptation of begetting Slaves, and liberate him by dissolving 
the Bonds of Matrimony between him and the said Venus. 
And your Petitioner as in duty bound will ever pray most fer- 


Peter P Hanson 



[In H. of Rep., Aug. 20, 1778, a hearing was ordered for 
the next session of the legislature ; but the matter did not 
come before the next or probably any subsequent legisla- 
ture. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-84] \_Petitio?i of John McCoy, Marine, I77Q^\ 

State of New Hampshire 

To the Hon ble Council & Assembly of said State — 

Humbly Shews John M c Coy of Nottingham in the State 
aforesaid that he Entered as a Marine on Board the Conti- 
nental Frigate Raleigh Capt Thomas Thompson Commander 
and Continued on Board during her first Cruise That on the 
4 th of Septem r 1777 in an Engagement between the s d Raleigh 
and the British Sloop of War Druid he received a grape shot a 
little below his hip Bone which has never been Extracted, by 
means of which he is wholly rendered incapable of any sort of 
labour to maintain himself hath suffered great pain, and been 
at very considerable Expense to Surgeons to obtain a Cure, but 
has found very little relief — wherefore he prays he may receive 
the Benefit promised by Congress to persons in such Cases, 
and he will ever pray — 

Nottinghman June 17 th 1779 

John X M c Coy 


[R. 3-853 ™ 

[In H. of Rep., Nov. 17, 1779, " John Whitehorn a Sol- 
dier in Col° Wigglesworth Regiment who was wounded at 
Ticonderoga and has lost the use of his knee," was enrolled 
for half pay from Dec. I, 1776, until further orders. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-863 \_Petition of Anna Thomas: addressed to the 
General Court, 1781.] 

The Humble Petition of Anna Thomas of Nottingham in 
the county of Rockingham and State aforesaid Widdow Shew- 
eth that your Petitioner's Late Husband Lieu* Joseph Merrill 
Thomas Entered into the Service of the United States Early in 
the year 1775 and Continued in said Service untill the Battle at 
Bemoses Hights on the Nineteenth of Sep r 1777 in which Bat- 
tle he Lost his Life while Fighting in Defence of his Country 


ling Chil- 1 

and left your Petitioner with a Large Family of Young 

dren almost Destitute of any Support. 
# * * 

Nottingham Jan r 22 : 1781 

Anna Thomas 

[She asked for half pay, in accordance with a law of con- 
gress, which was granted. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-87] [Soldier's Receipt, 1781.'] 

Nottingham July 5 th 1781. 

Received of John Chesley one of the Constables for the Town 
of Nottingham Six hundred and one Pound fifteen Shillings 
towards my wages as a Soldier in Cap 1 Raynolds Company on 
the western frontiers I Say Receivd Pr 

Josiahr goodhue 

[R. 3-88] [Deposition of Aaron Hayes, relative to yoseph 

Hall, 178 2. ~\ 

The Deposition of Aaron Hayes of Lawful age, who Testi- 
fyes and Saves that to his Knowledg Joseph Hall a Soldier in 
one of the Newhampshire Regiments in the Continental army 
was an Inhabitant of Nottingham for a Number of years before 
he went into the army and that he lived in the Town of Not- 
tingham when he Inlisted for the Town of Barrington for the 
term of one year and I have heard it said by a Number of 
Parsons that the Town of Barrington for sometime Refused for 
to pay him his hire because he had Inlisted during the war for 
the Town of Nottingham and further Saith Not 

Aaron Hayes 

[R. 3-89 is a similar deposition by Nicholas Leathers, 
who states that he was a soldier with Hall at Reading, 
Conn. Both were sworn before Thomas Bartlett. — Ed.] 1 

[8—152] [Petition for a Magistrate : addressed to the Gov- 
ernor and Council ] 

The Petition of the Subset ibers, Freeholders and Inhabitants 
of the Town of Nottingham in said State humbly shews, that 
a large proportion of the Inhabitants of said Town, labour un- 



der a great Disadvantage in transacting many kinds of Business 
wherein the aid or presence of a Magistrate is necessary ; their 
detached Situation, & the length and roughness of the Way 
making it very inconvenient and Troublesome, to attend on 
every such Occasion, at the South part of said Town, in which 
part only Justices have yet been appointed — 

Wherefore your Petitioners humbly beg Liberty to recom- 
mend to Excellency's & Honour's Notice, Cap' Moses Dame of 
said Town, as a Person, whom we think suitable for a Justice 
of Peace, and one whom we conceive is agreabie to the People 
in General ; and humbly pray your Excellency & honours to 
take the same under Consideration, & that he may be Ap- 
pointed & commissioned accordingly — & your petitioners shall 

Nottingham 2 d June 1785 — 

Jacob Burnham moses Davis iuner 

Israel Randel Job Langley 

Abednego Leathers John Bo wen 

John Randel Daniel young 

mason Rendel Abner Davis 

Edm d Hodgdon Roberd Davis 

Benjamin Stokes Jonathan Davis 
David Davis 

Nathaniel Chesley 
Robert Hill 
Samuel trickey 
Jacob Davis 
Charles furnel 
ham Libey 
Moses Davis 
John giles 
Abel Leathers 
Jonathan Davis 

John Davis 
John keneson 
Charles wille 

Joseph Priest 
thomas whitehorn 
quilk preast 
Isaac Spencer 
Aaron Hayes 
Solomon hayes 
Samuel Gray 
Caleb Follet 
Andrew Chesley 
Samuel Dam 
John gile 
Vowel Leather 
William Lowry 

John" m c Crilles 
Samuel Daniels 
Andrew wille 
Jonathan wille 
Stoten Tuttle 
Samuel Burnham 
Joseph Leathers 
mark whidden 
John Chesley 
Daniel Elkins 
thomas lines 
Jonathan Randel 
James Kelsey 
Joseph Davis 
John follet 
Thomas furnel 
Joshua Drew 
miles hodston 
Thomas Welch 
Nathanael Goodhue 

[8-153] [ Vote relative to Paper Currency, i^Sj.'} 

Rockingham ss At a 


Town Meeting heald at the 

Meetinghouse in the Town of Nottingham on the Seventeenth 
Day of October 17S5 agreeable to a Warrent for that Purpose. 

Voted that it is the opinion of this Town that the General 
Court be Desired for to Make a paper Currency on the Best 
footing that they in there Great wisdom May think best, and it 


is further the opinion of this Town that if the General Court 
Should Make a Paper Currency that it should be founded upon 
Real Estate and be put on a Low Intrest, and that the Town 
Clark be Directed for to Transmit a Coppy of this Vote to the 
General Court at there Next Sessions to be holden at Concord 
a True Coppy attest — Thomas Bartlet Town Clk 

[For legislative action, see Atkinson papers, Vol. XI. — 


[8-154] Petition of Simeon Olcott for a grant of Cardigan : 
addressed to the Governor and Council.~\ 

Most humbly Shews 

That there is a Tract of his Majesty's Unappropriated Land 
lying within this Province not heretofore granted, known by 
the name of Cardigan, Bounded Westerly on Canaan Southerly 
on Grafton Easterly on the Patent line (so called) and North- 
erly on Cockermouth. 

And Your Petitioner and his Associates being Desirous of 
making an Immediate Settlement on the Premises which he 
apprehends contains about Six Miles square, 

Most humbly Pray 

Your Excellency and Honors to make them a Grant of the 

The township was granted Feb. 6, 1769, to Isaac Fellows 
and others, by the name of Cardigan, which name had been s 

applied to the locality some years before. 

The inhabitants petitioned several times to have the town 1 

incorporated, viz. : In 1779 D Y tne name of Bradford ; in \ 

1783 by the name of Middleton ; in 1789 by the name of J 

Liscomb, which name was crossed out in the petition and 
Orange inserted. June 18, 1790, the town was incorporated 
by its present name. By an act approved Dec. 13, 1804, 
a portion of Orange was annexed to Hebron, and a portion 
of Hebron was annexed to Orange. The last named act 
was amended Dec. 2, 1808, and the line between the two 
towns established. 

A portion of this town was annexed to the town of Alex- 
andria, Dec. 6, 1820. 

ORANGE. 113 

same under the usual or such Restrictions Conditions and Res- 
ervations as Your Excellency and Honors in your great Wis- 
dom shall Judge meet. And Your Petitioner as in Duty Bound 
shall Ever Pray &c ra 

Portsmouth September 15 th 1768 

Simeon Olcott for himself & 
Ordered to lay. 

[8-155] [Petition of Isaac Felloivs aud yohn Larrabee for 
a grant of Cardigan : addressed to the Governor and 


humbly shews 

That y r Petitioners, & their Associates are desirous of setling 
upon some of his Majestys unimproved Lands within this Gov- 
ernment and having found a Tract for that Purpose known by 
the Name of Cardigan never as yet (as your Petitioners are in- 
formed) granted to any Persons 

And Your Petitioners humbly beg Leave to Assure y r Excel- 
lency & Honours that if they can be indulged with a Township 
of six Miles square on said Tract of Land, they and their Asso- 
ciates will immediately apply themselves to settle the same 
with a number of families as soon as the same can be laid out 
— And your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever pray 

Isaac Fellows 
John Larrabee 
Portsm Oct r 19 th 176S 

[The township was granted to the foregoing petitioners 
and their associates Feb. 6, 1769. — Ed.] 

[Prom Gen. Chase's Papers, page 93, Library of JSf. U. 
Historical Society.] 

To Col Jonathan Chase Esq r — 

Sir — In obedience to your orders for drafting of one fourth part 
of The Malitia under My Command to Complete The Regi- 
ment Raising for 2 Months &c I have Drafted Serjant Joseph 
Basford and Leut. Elijah Cady & Eli lieu Corlis Turned oute 
Voluntaryly and have Ordered Them to March to The place of 
Rendezvous fourth with — from your Humb 1 Ser e 

Joseph Kinne Cap* 
Cardigan 2S th . July A D 1777 

Time they 

Time when 

entered service Returned Duration 


30 October 25 26 Days 









Abel Wilder Lieu* 


[Ibid, page 151] 

A return of the men who marched from Cardigan Showing 
the time they were in the Service 

Carracter Names 

Lieu* Abel Wilder 
Corporal Joseph Kinney 
fifer Daniel Kinney 
Private Simion Parkhurst 
Ditto Thandius ornes 
one Pack horse 26 days 

[Ibid, page 164] 

Sir you have sent to me Raise our Quoto of Contenental Men 
and gave orders for y e Select Men to assist and to give the Men 
two Hundred Dollors apece Now Sir I would Inform you that 
this Town is not Incorpoi-ated therefore we have no Ethorety 
we have no Select Men No Treasury to Draw the Money out 
of — Nither have I one Commssion ohser to help Me to Raise 
the Men or to pay the Money — Thairfore I Desire to be Ex- 
cused — also I am ordered to Render an account of the Number 
of Men in the train bandthair is thurteen that the Law Requirs 
to have arms and four in the alaram list — 

Sir I am in the 63 year of my age and full of Infarmitys and 
discouragments and not Capable of taking Care of my one bis- 
ness tharfore I desire to be Excused — Sir I Resine my Com- 
mision and If you think it worth it will be to any purpos to 
Send to this poor place for Men thair must be a new Set of 
ofisers apointed for the burden is two grait for me 
from your humble Sarvent 

Joseph Kinne 
Cardagan August 10 1779 
To Coll Jonathon Chase 

[8—156] [Petition of Inhabitants of Cardigan to be incorpo- 
rated^ etc. : addressed to the General Court.'] 

Humbly Shew — 1 

That your Petitioners and other inhabitants of the afores d Town 

of Cardigan have Ben Sent to for Very Large taxes time and I- 

again and Not Being under any Capacity to Raise or Collect 

the same for Want of propper authority ; we Cannot Call a 

Legal town meeting nor Chuse a Legal orTecer : it is true we 

have presumed to Warn meeting and Chuse town officers : 

ORANGE. 115 

finally we have presumed to tax the inhabitants persuant to the 
precepts Received in y e years 1 777 & x 77$ anc * Delivered the 
Rate Bills to the Constables and Collectors and taken their 
Receipts theirfor But all to No purpose — 

Theirfore We the Subscribers your humble petitioners Pray 
that your Honn" Would take it into your W T ise Consideration 
and Grant us an Incorporation that We might Be able to an- 
swer the Demands of our Legeslature finally that we may Be 
intitled to all the priveliges of the other Incorporated Towns in 
This State : further We Humbly Begg that your Honnours 
Would appoint us a Justice of Peace for the Wellfair and 
Good order of our town Beg Leave to inform your Honn" 
that the Greatest part of the town is Dissatisfied With the 
Name That it Now Bears Theirfore pray your Honn" to Give 
it the name of Bradford or Warwick all Which your humble 
Petitioners in Duty Bound Shall Ever pray — 

Cardigan Decern 1 y e 2i Rt 1779 ! 

John Parkhurst Semeion Packharst Jonathan Hoyt 

Joseph Kinne Jonathan atherton David Ames 

Sameull Burditt Thomas Burditt Isereal Hoyt 

[In H. of Rep., Feb. 12, 1780, a hearing was ordered for 
the next session. — Ed.] 

[8-157] \_Petiiion of the Selectmen relative to assessing 1 
Taxes: addressed to the General Court, yan, 26, iy8o.~\ 

Humbly Shew that where as About Three years agoe the 
Honourable Cort was Pleas d to Authorise Cap 1 Caleb Clark to 
open a meeting in said Town in order to Inable us toLavy And 
Collect Taxes for s d State where fore we desire your Honours 
would Impower the Inhabitents of S d Town with previledges of 
other Towns In Regard of Colleting ther Taxes for the Tarm 
of Three years more And we your Humble petitioners in duty 
Bound Shall Ever pray 

Jabez B. Barney") 

W m Arwen V Selectmen 

Benj ft Briggs j 

An Inventory of The Real Estate of the Non-resident Propri- 
etors mening their Hundred acer Lots togeather With 100 acer 
Lots Belonging to the Inhabitants 

acer No Price 

James M c Hurd Esq r 100 Lot 32 Range 7 South £14 

Nath" Rogers Esq r 100 D° 25 Range 5 D° 14 

Eben r Brown D° Lot 16 Range 2 D° 14 



D° Lo 
D° Lo 
D° Lo 
D° Lo 

Eben r Craft D° Lo 

Isaac Fellows D° Lo 

Jesse Spaulding Ju r D° Lo 

Rob* Washburn 
Tho 9 Gray 
Will" 1 Ferriman 
Ale x Miller 
Eben r Child D° Lo 

Sam 11 Addams D° Lo 

Jacob Fellows D° Lo 

Ephraim Jones D° Lo 

John Larrabe D° Lo 

Joshua Dunlap D° Lo 

Ezekiel Pierce D° Lo 

Elishe Payne D° Lo 

Curtiss Spaulding D° Lo 

Eliphalet Dyer ' D° Lo 

ArtherMorey D° Lo 

Ephraim Spaulding Ju r D° Lo 
Timothy Larrabe " D° Lo 
Daniel RingeEsq r D° Lo 

Simon Fobes 
Nemiah Stevens 
Daniel Foster 
Richard Smith 
W m Darby- 
George Wintworth 
Wil m Fernam 
Tho 8 Stevens 
Jabez Ensvvorth 
Sam 11 Chandler 
Nath 11 Pierce 
Andrew Backus 
Richard Sattington Esq 1 " D° Lo 
Benj a Hurd D° Lo 

Benj a Carv D° Lo 

Sam 11 Drown D° Lo 

John Cady D° Lo 

Daniel Payne Tu r D° Lo 

W m Whiting Esq r D° Lo 

James Bradford D° Lo 

Very Roise D° Lo 

John Green D° Lo 

Joseph Shepard D° Lo 

Daniel Warner D° Lo 

David Shepard D° Lo 






Range 1 D° 



Range 1 D° 



Range 1 D° 



Range 1 



Range 1 



Range 1 



Range 1 

l 4 


Range 1 



Range 2 



Range 3 



Range 3 



Range 1 North 



Range 1 



Range 1 



Range 1 



Range 1 



Range 1 



Range 1 



Range 1 



Range 1 



Range 1 



Range 1 



Range 1 



Range 1 



Range 2 


l 7 

Range 2 





l 9 

Range 2 



Range 2 



Range 2 



Range 2 



Range 3 



Range 3 



Range 3 



Range 3 



Range 3 



Range 3 



Range 3 



Range 4 


3 1 

Range 4 


3 3 

Range 4 



Range 4 



Range 4 



Range 4 



Range 4 



Range 5 







Elkanah Cobb 




Range 5 


W m Barns Esq r 




Range 5 


John Pierce 
Elkanah Cobb Ju r 




Range 5 




4 1 

Range 5 


Joseph Eaton 
Sam 11 Gray 




Range 5 





Range 5 


Elisha Pirkins 




Range 6 


Zadock Spaulding 




Range 6 

r 4 

Ichabod Omsby 




Range 6 


Jesse Spaulding 




Range 6 


John Fuller 




Range 6 


Ephraim Spaulding 




Range 6 


Thom 8 Si mines 




Range 6 


Nathan Waldo 




Range 7 


Abiel Leonard 



5 2 

Range 7 


James Brown 




Range 7 


Benj ft Spaulding 




Range 7 


Sam 11 Adams Ju r 




Range 7 


John Douglass 




Range 7 


Bery Clark 




Range 7 


Sam 11 Chandler 




Range 8 


John Windal 




Range 8 


John Williams 


Lot 60 

Range 8 


David Payne 


Lot 61 

Range 8 


Verny Fellows 


Lot 62 

Range 8 


Eben r Paine 




Range 8 


Isaac Coit 



r 3 

Range 1 


Andrew Spaulding 




Range 1 


George hodges 



12 South Range 1 


Daniel Paine 



7 South Range 1 


Theodor Atkinson 




Range 2 


Joseph Spaulding 




Range 3 


The Lots mening 100 acer Lots Number 13 : T4: 15: 17: 
19: 20: 22: 23: 24: 26: 27: 2S : 29: 30: 31: 33: 34: 35: 
30 Belong To the inhabitants of the town of Cardigan and the 
improvements Belonging to S d Lots are Carried in in the in- 
ventory of S d town of Cardigan and after Deduction of The im- 
provements the Remaind at £10: o : o p r Lot Which amounts 
to £190-0-0- as Was Prised By us Comt ee appointed By the 
Select men of Canaan and Sworn Before Will" 1 Ayer Just of Peace 

Togeather With the other above and Within Lots as the 
Stand Prised in the Last Colloms in these Pages Test 

The improvements out. 

Jonathan Hoyt r p t 
John Parkhur' 



[Inventory, no date.'] 

No. of Poles 1 8 years old & upward 21 

Acres of Tillage Land 8 

Acres of Mowing Land 18 

Acres of Pasturing Land 6 

Horses & Mares 10 

Colts 3 years old 1 

No. of Oxen 4 

No. of Cows 18 
Cattle 2 years old • 13 

Cattle 1 year old 10 

The above is an Inventory of the Poles and other Rateables 
of the Town of Cardigan, Taken by us the Subscribers 

David Ernes \ 
Sayer Bullok > Selectmen 
W m Arvin j 


A list or Detale of the Sarvice Done in the army of the unit- 
ed States of America By the town of Cardigan 

in the first Place 2 men (viz) Daniel Kinne & Jabez Park- 
hurst in the years Sarvice 

2 nd Seven men a tower to ticonderoga in an alarem 

3 r thre men a tower to the Creek 2 months 

4 th Six men a tower to Saratoga at the taking General Bur- 

5 ft one man a tower in a Scouting Party to Coos 

Furthermore Six men on the allarm to Royaltown 

Test John Parkhurst Town Clerk 

N: B: all this Service has Ben Done and No Remittances 
made Except to the first 2 men in the years Service and the three 
men the two months Service only What Was paid by the town 
of Cardigan 

[8-161] [Petition of Inhabitants relative to Taxes, etc. : ad- 
dressed to the General Assembly. ,] 

Humbly Shews — 
That the General Assembly of S d State in the Early Period 
of the late Revolution did lay a Heavy doomage on S d town of 
Cardigan as a Rule and foundation Whereon to make the Sev- 
eral assessments (with the other towns in Said State) — 

ORANGE. 119 

For the Support of the Late War &c : and accordingly Have 
from time to time Made their Several Levies and Demands on 
S d town Both for men and money in support of the Wars and 
other Charges of Government Which We have Never Ben able 
to Discharge according to the Demands of S d State for the fol- 
lowing Reasons (Viz) I st That the inhabitants of S d town Being 
Not more than twenty Families at any time and under Very 
Low sircumstances Just Beginning to Settle in S d town at the 
Commencement of the Wars have Ben put to Great Shifts and 
hardships to Support themselves and families and Not able to 
Bear any Part of the Publick Charge more than What they have 
Necessarily Ben obliged to do — 

2 nd That We Never have Ben incorporated With town Prev- 
iliges and theirfore under No Capacity of Levying or Collect- 
ing any Tax in S d town and Consiquently have Not Ben Rep- 
resented in S d Assembly 

3 d That Notwithstand our inability have During the Wars 
Ben at Very Considerable Cost and Expence in Scouting and 
Turning out frequently on allarams upon the Northren Frontiers 
for all Which We have Never Ben allowed any thing — 

4 th That During the Wars until Lately We With other towns 
Have Ben Considered By Congress as Not under the immedi- 
ate Jurisdiction of the State of Newhamshire as By their Re- 
solve of the 24 th of September 1779 may appear (Reference 
their to Being had) for Which allowances have Ben made By 
Congress of their Demands on S d State Which has occationed 
the Delay in making application to your honours untill this 
time — 

Whereupon Your Petitioners Humbly Prays your Honours 
To take their Cause into your Wise Consideration and Grant 
us Such Relief in the premices as our indigent Sircumstances 
Justly Call for as you in your Wisdom and Compation Shall 
Judge Just and Reasonable as your Petitioners in duty Bound 
Shall Ever Pray— 

Dated at Cardigan the 9 th Day of Decern' 1 783 — 

David Ames Joseph Basford jenthan Bullock 

Barnabas Cady Sayer Bullok David Ames Jun r 

John Parkhurst Joseph Gushe Benjamin Briggs 

Jonathan Hoyt william Corliss William Arwen 

[In H. of Rep., Dec 25, 1783, "Voted that the Township 
of Cardigan be abated one sixth part of the Public Taxes 
raised since the last proportion." Senate non-concurred. — 


[8-162] [Petition of ^Jonathan Hoyt, relative to taxing- No?i- 
Residents : addressed to the General Assembly.^ 

Humbly sheweth 
that the Inhabitants of said Cardigan are under very great dis- 
advantage Respecting makeing and Keeping in Repair our pub- 
lic Roads and are unable to go through the unavoidable expence 
attending the same therefore the said Agent humbly prays the 
Proprietors of said Township may be ordered by this Court to 
pay the sum of Nine shillings on each original right to be ap- 
propriated for the purposes aforesaid — as in Duty bound shall 
ever pray 

Concord Decb r 20th 1783 

Jonathan Hoyt agent 

[8-163] [Relative to a Road.~\ 

Cardigan Oct r ye 19 AD 17S3 

We the Subscriber of the s.d Town of Cardigan Request 
that there may be a Road Laid out and AsStablish' for the Use 
of the publick and the Inhabitants of s.d Town Beginning at 
■will™ aldrich Mill in Grafton. Then Running Norwesterly by 
Cardigan East Pond from thence to Jonathan Hoyt's From 
thence to Jonathan Sprages from thence Through Col Dams 
Goer to Cap' Robart Barbers farm From thence to M p Ingrams 
in Dogister from Thence Through Lime to Conaticut River 
Which Road is loock d out and Partly Cut Through 

[8-164] \_Petition of Inhabitants to be incorporated : ad- 
dressed to the General Assembly. ~\ 

Humbly Shew — 

That your Petitioners and other Inhabitants of the affore S d 
town of Cardigan have Ben Sent to for taxes Very Large Time 
& again and Not Being under any Capacity to Raise or Collect 
the Same for Want of Propper authority in S (l town We Can- 
not Call a Legal town meeting Nor Chuse a Legal officer (Es- 
pecially Selectmen) But Notwithstanding our inability We have 
presumed to Warn meeting sand Chuse town officers Finally 
We have Presumed to tax the Inhabitants Persuant to the Pre- 
cepts Receiv d in 1777 & 177S and Delivered the Rate Bills to 
the Collectors and Taken their Receipts theirfor But all to No 
purpose — 

Ergo : Your Petitioners Humbly Pray That your Honours 

ORANGE. 121 

Would Take it into your Wise Consideration and Grant us an 
incorporation that We might Be Enabled To answer the De- 
mands of our Lejeslature — 

Finally that We may Be Intitled to all the Previliges that the 
other incorporated towns in this State are Intitled to — 

all Which your Petitioners in Duty Bound Shall Ever Pray 

Dated Cardigan Decem r y e 9 th 17S3 

P : S : Would Pray your honours to incorporate the town by 
the Name of Middleton — 

John Parkhurst Joseph Basford David Ames Jun r 

Jonathan Hoyt William Corliss Jonthan Bullock 

David Ames Sayer Bullock Benjamin Brigs 

Barnabas Cady Joseph gushe William Arwen 

[In H. of Rep., Dec. 25, 1783, a hearing was ordered for 
the next session. — Ed.] 

[8-165] [Petition of Inhabitants for Relief in the matter of 
Taxes: addressed to the General Assembly. ~\ 

Humbly Sheweth that the General assembly of S d State in 
the Early Period of the Late Revolution did Lay a Heavy doom- 
age on S d town of Cardigan as a Rule and foundation Whereon 
to make the Several assessments (With the other towns in s d 
State) for the Support of the Late War &c and accordingly 
Have from time to time made their Several Levies and De- 
mands on S d town Both for men and money in Support of the 
Wars and other Charges of Government Which We have Never 
Ben able to discharge according to the Demands of S d State For 
the following Reasons (Viz) — 

I* That the Inhabitants of Said town Being Not more than 
twenty Families at any time (and Now but Sixteen) and under 
Very Low Sircumstances Just Beginning to Settle in S d Town 
at the Commincement of the Late Wars have Ben Put to Great 
Shifts and hardships to Support ourselves and families and Not 
able to Bear any Part of the Publick charge more than What We 
have Necessarily Ben obliged to do — 

2 nd And that We Never have Ben as vet Incorporated With 
town Previleges and theirfore under No Capacity of Levying or 
Collecting any tax in S d town and Consiquently have Not Ben 
Rightly Represented in S d assembly Concerning the Premices 

3 rd But Notwithstanding our inability have During the Late 
War Ben at Very Considerable Cost and Expence in Scouting 
and Turning out frequently on allarams on the Northern Fron- 
tiers, all which We Expect to Bear — 


4 th That Those few inhabitants Now Dwelling in S d town 
are most of them But Lately moved into Said town and having 
Paid up their Proportion of Taxes in the town to Which They 
Formerly Belonged Think it a hardship to Pay the Same Tax 
over again : and Likewise We the Inhabitants first setlers that 
have Dwelt in S d town think ourSelves Burdned to pay the 
whole Tax that is Demanded of S d town Since the Greater Part 
of the first Setlers have Removed and Left the town — Where- 
upon your Petitioners Humbly Pray your honours to take our 
Cause mening only the inhabitants into your Wise Considera- 
tion and Grant us Such Relief as our indigent Sircumstances 
Justly Call for Which is the abatement of our Back taxes or 
Such a part their of as you in your Wisdom and Compation 
Shall Judge Just and Reasonable as your Petitioners in Duty 
Bound Shall Ever pray — 

John Parkhurst Levi hoyt Sayer Bullock 

Jonathan Hoyt Nath 11 B'riggs Jn° W. Ames 

David Eames Benjamin Briggs Barnebas Cady 

Benjamin Sweat Stockman Sweat 

Wm Arwen Joseph Gushe 

[8-166] \_Petition of Inhabitants for Authority to Tax Non- 
Residents: addressed to the General Assembly, 1785.] 

Humbly Sheweth that We Labour under a Great Disadvant- 
age on the counts of Rodes, the Towns being Vary Mountanus 
and Rough and the Inhabitents Comeing in heare Very Poor 
are not able to Rais there bread for there famileys to make them 
Comforttable. we your humble Petitioners come in to Town 
Expeting to have the Same previldg of other Towns the pro- 
prietors promising to Settle the Town Number of them promist 
to come and Settle in the town them Selves and come in and 
Staid while they had Drawd in a few famileys and then with 
Draw them Selves out of the Town and left their farms Disso- 
late leaving bhind them about four Setlers To Shurk for them 
Selves. Sence ther is a few more added to the Number, which 
makes in the whole fifteen famileys. and them Onley to work 
on the Rodes. and the bridges are So bad that It is Dangerous 
for a Horse to pass over them, and for the want of other Nes- \ 

sary Rodes to Git to other Towns, have no publick travling | 

Through the Town. The proprietors of s d Town Cut one Rode 
through the town and cut it over the mountain where it is Not 
Used by the Inhabitents of the Town Nor for publick Travling 
We Your humble petitioners Desire your Honours would Es- 
tablish Nine Shillings on Every Original Right in Said Town 
to be laid out on the Rodes to make and Repare them for 



the present Year and then fore Sh 
Town is able to make and Repare th 
they have as many fammilvs in town 
are first Incorperated for which we Y 
Duty "Bound Shall Ever pray — 

Jonathan Hoyt William Corliss 

Barnabas Cady Thomas miner 

David Ernes John Briant 

David Ernes Jn r Joseph Briant 

William Arwen Sayer Bullock 

illing a Year untill Said 
ere own Roades or untill 
as other Town when they 
"our Humble Petitioner in 

Jonathen Bullock 
William Sprage 
Jabez B Barney 
Benjamon Briggs 
Joseph Gushe 

[8—167] \_Petitlon of Inhabitants relative to a Magistrate: 
addressed to the Governor and Council.^ 

We your Humble petioners * * * beg Leave to inform 
your Honers that one mr John parkhust of s d Cardigen by his 
one invention and with his one hand riting drew an instrement 
to the reprsentitives to be Nomenated to your Honers for a Jus- 
tes of the peas which is not sattisfactory to the Town there fore 
your Humble Petioners pray that your Honers wold not apint 
him to that offic as we think he w r old be more the disturber of 
the peas than apeas maker and as we are few in number and 
near to Esq r Airs who has alwais dun our bisnes we think it is 
better fror us to re main for the present as we are and that in 
sum futer day that we might have liberty to nominate sum sut- 
able person to your honers and as in duty bound wold ever 

Enock Sweat 
Beniaman Sweat 
Enock Sweat Junr 
David kinney 
Josep Basford 
Silas Harris 

Nathan 11 Bridges 
Joseph guse 
Jabes Barney 
David Ames 
Barnabas Cadey 
Jonathan Hoyt 

William Sprage 
Jonathan Sprage 
William Curtis 
William gilman 

the number of voters are twenty three and no more 
dated Cardigan febuary 17 th AD 1785 

[8-16S] ^Petition of Inhabitants relative to raising- JMoney 
to repair Roads: addressed to the General Court. J 

We your Humble Pultionars * * * Do under Take To 
in form your Honers the Dihcultys wee ly under in Suporting 
the Rhods that Leeds Throw the Town the in Habetance have 


moved out of the Town untill thare is But abought Ten fam- 
leys left by which wee are Not able To Repair the Rhods So 
that Peple Can Pase throw we your Humble Pultioners Hum- 
blely Pray your Honers To take the mater in To ConsiderRa- 
tion and grant That your Pultioners might Tax the Hole of the 
Propriortors of S d Town to the Value of six Shillings on Each 
Right in order to mend the Rhods Leding from Canan To m r 
Jonathan Hoits and from Thair to grafton in which we your 
Humble Pultionars Ever Pray 

Cardigan June 16 th : 17S7 

W m Arwen Jonathan Hoyt Jabez B Barney 

Samuel Bagley Sayer Bulook Benjamin Briggs 

W m Sprage Enock Swet Joseph Gushea 

David Ames Jr Enock Swet Juner Levi Hoyt 

[8-169] [Relative to selling Land for Taxes. .] 

State of New Hamshire Grafton ss 

to the Honered Sinnet and House of Representatives to be 
Convean at pourtsmoth for the yr 17SS 

I the Humbl petitioner Do Desre to in form youronours that 
I have ben trieng to Sel the Land in Cardigan but I find that I 
Cannot Sell So as to Setle with the Treasury at present for the 
people will not Come to the adurment and there by the Land 
Remains that hath not paid to the amount of 14SS ackers be- 
sides Sevral others Small lots which I am in hpes to get the 
taxes hoping that vou will tak it in your wise Considerashon 
and Let me not be hurt for I have tryed my utermost to get the 
taxes and I your Humble pietitioner in duty Bound Shall aver 

Jonath Hoyt Constable for Cardigan 
Jabez B Barney Vendue Clark 

[8-170] [Petition for Authority to raise Money to repair 
Roads : addressed to the Senate and House of Represent- 
atives, i788.~\ 

Seting forth the Difficulties we now lye under on the Ac- 
count of Not Having Any Rode fit to travell through the Town 
A great part of the people have Sold and Gone out of Town 
and left A few people to do All the Labour on the Rodes and 
the proprietors do Nothing to help us we your Humble peti- 

ORANGE. 125 

tioners Desire your Honours would Grant us the previlege of 
Taxing the Town to the Value of two farthing upon an acre to 
be laid out in cuting or clearing and mending the Rodes where 
the Ihhabitents shall think it most Convenant for the Good of 
the Inhabitents in Jeneral as we have Not any passing through 
the town fiting for any persons to Ride through without being 
in danger of Braking the Bones where upon if we had the 
Rodes made Good it would be an advantage to the Town and 
the Towns Ajoini ng and save Sum miles Travell for the Upper 
Town to come through s d Cardigan as we your Humble peti- 
tioners in duty Bound Shall Ever pray — 
Cardigan January y e 2^. ad AD 1 7S8 

W m Arwen Sayer Bullock 

Jabez B Barney W m Sprague 

Jonath Hoyt Nathanell Briggs 

Levi Hoit Joseph Gushe 

Samuel Bagley David Ames 

Simeon Arwen Benjmin Briggs 
Alexander Pigsley 

[8-172] \_Petitlon to have the Town incorporated, 178Q : ad' 
dressed to the Getieral Court. ,] 

Humbly shews, that there never has been a Legall Grant of 
Incorporation, made of said Town, either to the Proprietors, 
or Inhabitants, thereof, altho it hath been considerably settled 
for more than fourteen years and have been called upon & 
taxed for State & County Taxes, as other Towns in said State, 
whereby they suffer great inconvenience, in Assessing their 
taxes & in doing their other business, necessary for the welfare 
of said Town — Therefore pray your Honors to Grant them an 
Incorporation of said Township, as by the lines and boundaries 
contained in the Charter thereof; to be infranchised with all 
Powers and Priviledges as Other Towns in this State have and 
enjoy by the name of Orange (*) & your Memorialists as in duty 
bound will ever pray. 

Dated the 14 th day of October 17S9 

Nathan Waldo W m Arwen 

Cyrus Cleaveland David Ames 

Nathan Waldo Jun r Nath 11 Briggs 

Paul Knap Sayer Bullock 

Nathan Fellows Elisha Payne 

David Bullock Gideon Tiffany 
Samuel Bagley 

•Liscomb had been written in this place, and crossed out. — Ed.] 


[In answer, the town was incorporated, June 18, 1790, 
by the name of Orange. — Ed.] 


[8-173] [Petition for Authority to assess a Tax for repair- 
ing Roads : addressed to the General Court, .] 

Humbly sheweth, that the Inhabitants of said Town, suffered 
great difficulties, & Inconveniences for want of good & conven- 
ient Highways, through said Town & the Inhabitants being but 
few in number, are unable to make & repair, the necessary 
highways in said Town, without some assistance from the Un- 
improved Lands ; we therefore pray your Honors, to Grant us 
a tax of one half-penny, upon each acre of Unimproved Lands, 
in said Town annually for the term of three years, for the pur- 
pose of making & repairing Highways, in said Town & your 
Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray signed by 

Nathan Waldo ~\ 
Enoch Sweat > Selectmen 
Sayer Bullock ) 
Orange January 8 th 1791. 

[This petition was granted by an act passed Jan. 29,. 
1 79 1. — Ed.] 


The township was granted, Sept. 25, 1 761, to Jonathan 
Moulton, Jr., and others. The conditions of the grant not 
being fulfilled, the proprietors made an application to the 
governor for an extension of the time, which was granted 
Feb. 8, 1772, giving them a further time of three years. 
Among the first settlers were Daniel Cross, Gen. Israel 
Morey, and John Mann, about 1765. They came from 

The Orford Social Library was incorporated June 16, 


By an act approved June 28, 1837, the farm of John Da- 
na, Jr., was severed from Orford and annexed to Wentworth. 
Orford was one of the towns which united with Vermont in 
1778, and several conventions of delegates from towns east 
of Connecticut river were held there. 

Rev. Grant Powers states that John Mann and wife came 

ORFORD. 127 

from Hebron, Conn., on one horse, and arrived in Orford 
Oct. 24, 1765, and that Daniel Cross and wife came from 
Lebanon, Conn., the June previous. 

f From Gen. yonathan Chase's Papers, p. SO.~\ 

At a Convention of Committees from sundry Towns on the 
Grants east of Connecticut River, held by adjournment at the 
House of Israel Morey, Esq r in Orford June 24 th 1773 — Voted 
and Resolved that it be and hereby is recommended* to the In- 
habitants of the Towns on the Grants east of Connecticut River 
who have lately united with the State of Vermont strictly to 
comply with and obey those orders which may come to them 
from Authority of the State of Vermont, or by desire of any 
General or Field officer on the Continental establishment or 
commanding officer on this River through the hands of those 
Military Officers who were latest commissioned over them by 
the State of New Hampshire. 

Voted and Resolved that the Towns east of Connecticut Riv- 
er who have united with the State of Vermont be notified that 
the General Assembly of said State have passed an act empow- 
ering each of the respective Towns in said State to convene on 
tuesday the seventh day of July next and chuse a justice of the 
peace in their Town (if they Judge proper) to continue in 
office untill the next Sessions of the General Assembly, and 
and that we recommend that the Select Men of the Towns east 
of said River which have united as aforesaid call meetings in 
their respective Towns for said purpose on the day above men- 
tioned ; and that they be advised to make return of said ap- 
pointment to his Excellency Tho s Chittenden Esq 1 " Gov r of said 
State agreeable to the Tenor of said Act. 

Voted and Resolved that it be recommended to the Towns 
east of Connecticut River who have united with the State 
of Vermont that at a suitable time and place they agree in 
Town meeting on some proper method whereby the Inhabi- 
tants of their respective Towns may be entitled to the privi- 
leges of Freemen of said State agreeable to the sixth section 
in the Constitution, for which purpose we recommend that 
they appoint and empower some person or persons to admin- 
ister the oath therein mentioned. 

Voted and Resolved that John Wheatley Esq r M r Abner 
Chandler and Cap* John Young be a Committee to receive & 
adjust accounts of claims for services done in preparing and 
completing the Union with the State of Vermont. 

N. B. The Accounts as adjusted by the Committee amount- 
ed to J£66, 2 — of which £8 — was apportioned for Cornish — 


JC6, of which to be paid to Sam 1 Chase Esq r and £2. — to Be- 
za : Woodward Treasurer — 

Whereas this convention at their meeting held at this place 
last January 2$ did recommend that the Towns raise the taxes 
called for by the Assembly of New Hampshire & pay them 
into their treasuries to be disposed of under the direction of the 

Voted and Resolved to recommend that having collected 
their proportion of the forty thousand pounds called for by the 
Assembly of New Hampshire and the sixty thousand pounds 
called for by the hon ble Continental Congress, the Towns re- 
tain these sums in their respective treasuries untill some meas- 
ures may be agreed on whereby the Towns east of Connecti- 
cut River who unite with the State of Vermont may disburse 
them in an uniform manner. 

Voted and Resolved to transmit to the President of the Coun- 
cil of the State of New Hampshire a Copy of the Resolves of 
the Assembly of Vermont relative to receiving the Towns on 
the Grants east of Connecticut River into Union with them 
[see Vol. X, p. 277] ; together with the following Letter signed 
by the Chairman (Viz) 

Orford June 25 th 1778. 

Honored Sir — 

The Convention of Committees from the several Towns 
mentioned in the inclosed copies take this opportunity to trans- 
mit to you as President of the Council of the State of New i 
Hampshire a Resolve of the Assembly of the State of Ver- 
mont relative to a Union of said Towns &c with them, by .1 
which you will be availed of the political situation of these 
united Towns and others on the Grants who may comply with 
said Resolve — I 

We hope notwithstanding an entire separation has now taken 
place between your State and these Towns that an amicable } 

settlement may be come into at a proper time between the State | 

of New Hampshire and those Towns on the Grants that unite 
with the State of Vermont relative to all civil and military 
affairs transacted in connection with the State of New-Hamp- 
shire since the commencement of the war to the time of said 
Union so that amity & friendship may subsist & continue be- 
tween the two States — 

I am Sir in behalf of said Convention with respect — 
Your most Obedient humble Servant 

Nehemiah Estabrook Chair 11 

Hon ble M. Weare Esq r President of the 
Council of New Hampshire 

ORFORD. 129 

Voted that this Meeting be and is hereby dissolved 

Extract from the minutes 

Attest Beza Woodward, Clerk 

[8-176] \_Petition for Authority to raise Money to support 
a Minister: addressed to the General Assembly. ~\ 

Humbly Sheweth that a very great Proportion of the Lands 
in said Town of Orford is own'd by nonresident Proprietors, 
and are wild & uncultivated and of Consequence, not liable to 
be Tax'd by said Inhabitants, for any purpose whatever and 
that your Petitioners, notwithstanding they are few in Number, 
(not exceeding twenty five families) with a vew to promote, as 
well their Temporal as their Spiritual Interest, have proceeded 
to Call & ordain a minister of the Gospel in Said Town at their 
own Expence without the least assistance of any of the nonres- 
ident proprietors of said Orford, — that your Petitioners are 
poorly able to fulfill their reasonable Ingagements in the Settle- 
ment & Support of their said minister, and to build a Comforta- 
ble House for Divine Service and that by the Settlement of a 
minister and building-Such House the Value of the unimprov'd 
as well as improv'd Land in Said Orford is and will be much 

Whereupon Your Petitioners, most humbly pray Your Ex- 
cellency and Honours to Enact and order that a Tax of two 
pence lawfull money be Assess'd on Each and every Acre of 
Land in said orford, as well improv'd as unimprov'd Land, 
(the publick Rights excepted) Annually for the next four Years 
and that Your Petitioners be Im powered to levy and Collect 
the Same of the owners of Said Land, to be, by your Petition- 
ers Expended Solely for the payment of their Said minister's 
Settlement and Salary as they Shall become Due, and for build- 
ing a House for Divine Service in Said Orford, or in Some 
Other way Grant Releif to Your Petitioners, as in Your Great 
Wisdom You Shall think Just & Reasonable, and they as in 
Duty bound Shall ever pray 

Portsmouth io ,h of December 1771 . 

Alex r Phelps ) A 
Israel Morey j A S ents 

[8-1783 [Proposal of the Proprietors relative to Minister's 
Salary, 1773^ 

Whereas there has been a Petition preferred by the Inhab- 
itants of Orford, to the General Court of this Province, praying 
that a Tax of two pence per Acre, may be laid on Each Res- 


ident & non Resident proprietor's Right or share of Land in 
said Town, for four years to Come, to Raise money for the 
Support of the ministry in said Town, and building a house for 
Publick Worship, — And as it appears to the Proprietors to be 
a Larger sum than they think will be Necessary and Reasonable 1 

they should be Subjected to, but being willing to Give all due 
Encouragement for the Support of the Ministry, and building a 

a Meeting house, as far as their present Circumstances Re- 
quire, — Therefore Voted That in Case no tax shall be Granted 
in Consequence of said Petition, That the Proprietors will pay 
three Quarter parts of the first and second year's Sallary for the I 

Support of the minister of said Town, and one half of said min- 
ister's third and fourth year's Sallary, — or in Case there should 1 
be no settled minister there, then for hiring of Preaching — Also J 
one half of the Sum that the Inhabitants of said Town agreed 
to Give the Rev d m r Noble their present minister for his Settle- 
ment. Also Ten pounds towards the Expence the Inhabitants 
were at in Ordaining said m r Noble. — 

Also one half of m r Noble's demand for preaching before he 
was Ordained. — 

Also That there be built in said town a proper frame for a 
house of Publick Worship there of the following dimentions, 
Viz* Fifty feet Long, Forty feet wide, with posts of a Suitable 
heighth for one Tier of Gallary's, and to Board, Shingle, Clab- 
board, Glaize, and Lay the Lower floor thereof at the Expence 
of said Proprietors. — 

The above is a true Copy of a Vote of the Proprietors of Or- 
ford, which pass'd at their meeting, held at Hampton, by Ad- 
journment the 11 th day of January 1773. — 

Attest per John Moulton Prop r Clerk 

[8-175] [Proprietors' Expenditures.^ 

For Cutting & Clearing Roads (in 1766) 
Bounty for building a Grist Mill & Saw Mill 
Bounty for 6 Settlers 

Paid Dan 1 Tillotson Esq r for Highway Work 
Paid Israel Morey Esq r for d° & cutting & 
Clearing Roads, hiring of preaching &c 
Paid Dan 1 Tillotson d° 
Paid Eben r Baldwin — 
Paid Israel Morey Esq r d° 
Paid Thomas Sawyer 
Paid Israel Morey Esq r Ditto — 

Lawf. My — 








19. 6 









13- 9 

e 3 i2. 

18. 3 

ORFORD. 131 


The Above Sum has been paid to the Inhabitants of Orford, 
in the Manner, & for the Purpose as above — 

Attest Jon a Moulton Prop rs Treas r 

[8-177] \_Petition of William Simpson for a Ferry : ad- 
dressed to the Governor and Council.'] 

Humbly Shews — 
That your Petitioner has been at great Expence in transport- 
ing himself & family into the Interior parts of the Province and 
humbly Prays to be Encouraged by Your Excellency and Hon- 
ors in his Endeavours to promote the Benefit and Interest of 
the Settlements in those parts, in particular where he now 
Lives And as Your Petitioner humbly conceives a Publick 
Ferry with a proper Boat to transport the Inhabitants of Orford 
'and others travelling over Connecticutt River to the Town on 
the West Side of said River would be of Publick Utility he 
humbly prays Your Excellency & Honors to grant him the 
Priveledge of keeping & Supporting a ferry with proper Boat 
or Boats, with Such further Limitations as Your Excellency 
and Honors shall think proper to be used in any the most con- 
venient Place within One mile and an half on Each Side of the 
Town Landing in Orford aforesaid, And Your petitioner 
assures Your Excellency & Honors he shall Strive to give the 
greatest Dispatch and Satisfaction to the Passengers, and as in 
Duty Bound Shall ever pray 

July 2 th 1773 William Simpson 

[Granted March 3, 1775. — Ed.] 

[8-179] \_Procecdi?igs of a Proprietors' Meeting, 17.73. ~\ 

Whereas the Prop" at their last Meeting held the 11 th Day of 
January Ins' by Adjournment "Voted to have a Meeting House 
built in Orford for publick Worship at their Expence," as will 
appear by said Vote — & it being Suggested by some of the Prop r * 
that they apprehended the aforesaid Vote did not clearly deter- 
mine to whom the Property of said Meeting-House shou'd be- 
long, 'tis therefore considered at this Meeting, & to prevent any 
Dispute that might have arose on that Account. Now, — 

Voted, That it was the Intent, & Meaning of said Proprietors 
that as they, at their own Expence, propos'd to build said Meet- 
ing-House the Property of the same shou'd remain in the same — 

The Prop 1-9 at this Meeting taking under further Considera- 
tion the Vote which pass'd at their last Meeting, as beforemen 



tion'd, & being still willing to give all necessary Encourage- 
ment for the Support of the Ministry, & building a Meeting 
House, in said Town, as far as they think their present Abili- 
ties, therefor, will admit they thereupon further 

Voted, On the Conditions hereafter mention'd, & them only, 
That if the House of publick Worship be built in said Town, 
agreeable to the aforementioned Vote — The Inhabitants of said 
Orford shall have, & own one half of said House & shall also 
have one half of the Benefit & Advantage of selling the Privil- 
edge for Pews, in said Meeting House, — Or if it shall be most jj 

agreable to the Inhabitants of said Orford — The Prop" will give 
& grant unto them, Sixty Pounds Lawf 1 M y towards assisting 
them, in building such a House for publick Worship there, as 
they may agree, & determine on among themselves — & the Prop 3 
to quit their Claim in, & unto Said Meeting House — on the 
Condition, That the Agents for the Inhabitants of Orford do 
not any further prosecute any Means, or Measures for forward- 
ing the Petition which they have preferred to the General Court 
as beforemention'd, Nor any Tax whatever, be granted by the 
General Court in Consequence of that Petition, or any other 
they may prefer for that Purpose — but that they, the said 
Agents, accept the Votes of the Prop rs instead thereof — 

The foregoing is a true Copy of a Vote of the Prop 1-8 of Or- 
ford which pass'd at their Meeting held by Adjournment at 
Hampton the 15 th Day of Jan y 1773 — 

Attest — John Moulton Prop r Clerk 

At this Meeting Jonathan Moulton Esq r declared that whereas 
he was Owner of a considerable Part of Propriety Interest in 
the Township of Orford, & that from his Youth upwards he 
was educated in, & always join'd in the Congregational Method 
of Church Government, & Worship — & that notwithstanding 
the present Minister of Orford, is of a different Denomination 
from his, & settled on a different Plan — Yet he had Voted | 

towards his Support, & building a Meeting House in said Town, 
which was with the View only, of the Prop rs & Inhabitants 
uniting therein according the Votes pass'd at this, & the last I 

Meeting — But in Case the Inhabitants or their Agents shou'd 
not accept the Prop rs Proposals & Offers to them but continue \ 

to apply to the General Court, & obtain any Tax therefor — he 
shall hold himself to be entirely free from paying any Thing 
towards the Support of said Minister, or building a House for 
the Maintaining a Mode of Worship &c a different from his 
Practice & Profession ; & desired that the same might be en- 
tered accordingly — i 
Attest. John Moulton Prop 8 Clerk 

OKFORD. 133 


An inventory of the Poles, stock, improved and unimproved 
Lands in the Town of Orford taken in y e year 1779 

Number of Poles 47 Number of horses 27 

Number of oxen 44 Number of cows 76 

Number of 3 y r olds 14 N° of 2 y r olds 38 

N° of one y r olds 42 N° acres of improved Lands 708 

Value of unimproved Land £4683 at ^ per cent £23-8-3. 

Attest Ebenezer Baldwin ] Select 

Sam 1 Phelps j Men 

[R. 3-90] [Soldier's Receipt, 17?8.~\ 

Rec ,d of Maj r Jon 11 Child by the hand of Col. Israel Morey 
twelve Pounds four Shillings it being Wages & Rations, for 
my service in the army at Saratoga in Col. J. Chases Regi- 

Obadiah Noble 

Orford Jan^ 31 st 177S— 

[R. 3-91] [Soldiers' Receipt. ~\ 

Received From The Selectmen of the Thown of Orford a full 
Satisfaction as a bounty for There Quota of Soldiers in the 
Newhampshire Service under our Seperate Commanders to wit 
Col Moses Hazen and L* Col Reed 

Orford March 3 d 1S82 

Josiah Pratt - Jonathan Pratt Thomas Haseltine 

Ezra Gates J onn Lapish Mical Salter 

test Edward Clark 
Paul Adams 

[R. 3-92] [John Lapish' s Discharge, 1783. ,] 

By His Excellency George Washington Esq 1 " General and 
Commander in Chief of the forces of the united States of Amer- 
ica these are to Certify that the Bearer hereof John Lapish Sol- 
dier in the New-Hampshire Regiment having faithfully served 
the united States Eight years & being inlisted for the war only 
is hereby Discharged from the American army. Given at 
head Quarters the 7 th June 17S3. 

G. Washington 

By His Excellency's Command • 

J Trumbull Jun Sye 
Registered in the Books of the Regiment 
J Boynton Adjutant 


The above John Lapish has been honored with the badge of 
merit for six years faithfull Service 7 th June 17S3 

Geo Reid U Col Comd 1 . 
a true copy attest 

Charles Johnston Jus 1 Peace. 

[Similar copies of discharges were furnished by the follow- 
ing named men : 

Jona. Pratt, Fifer, Moses Hazzen's Reg't, 4 years' service. 

Corp 1 Thos. Haseltine, Hazzen's Reg't, 4 years' service. 

Ezra Gates, Hazzen's Reg't, 4 years' service. 

Michael Salter, Hazzen's Reg't, 4 years' service. 

All of whom were " honored with a badge of merit for four 
years' faithful service." Their discharges are signed by 
Benjamin Moores, Adjutant, and are dated respectively 
June 13, 17, 30, & 30, 1783.— Ed.] 

[8-1 S3] [Petition of William Simpson and Ebcnczer 
Green : addressed to the General Court. ,] 

Humbly Sheweth the Subscribers In behalf of the Inhabi- 
tants of the Towns of Orford and Lyme, that the Inhabitants 

[8-182] \_Petition of John Mann: addressed to the Council 
and House of Representatives .~\ 

Humbly sheweth 
that since the Commincment of the Revolution an Inventory of 
the Pols and Ratable Estate in said Orford has not been Re- J 

turned, agreeable to the law of said State in such Case made I 

and Provided that by Means thereof your petitioners have been 
subjected to a Doomage which they Humbly conceive in Every 
Instance considerably surmounts their Just proportion of the | 

Public Tax ; Notwithstanding which your Petitioners have Ex- j 

erted themselves so far as to pay into the Treasury of this State \ 

a Considerable part of the same, and are still willing and Am- 
bitious to Contribute their full proportion in Defence of the 
Common Cause — 

But think it their Duty herein to address the Lejuslature of 
this State and are happy in the confidence they Entertain that \ 

all Reasonable abatment will bee made in the several amounts 
of Taxes they have been cal d upon for since the Revolution 
aforesaid — and your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall Ever 

Dec r 1" 17S3 John Mann for said 


ORFORD. 135 

aforesaid have at their Expence Supplied provisions, pack 
horses, and forrage for the Support of the different Militia in 
the defence of the frontiers, also have been at great expence in 
hiring & supporting Men for Scouting, reconnoitering and 
guarding, for the defence aforesaid, exclusive of their comply- 
ing with the requisitions of the General Court of this State — 

Wherefore your petitioners pray your Honors will order an 
enquiry into their Case, & grant them such allowance as shall 
appear Just & Reasonable, and in duty bound will ever Drav 

Portsmouth Feb 7 14, 1786 

William Simpson — for Orford 
Eben r Green for Lvme 


[8-184] [Petition of Inhabitants of Orford: addressed to 

the General Court. ~\ I 

Humbly sheweth 

That in September 1776 a Precept was issued by your Hon- 
ors to the legal Inhabitants paying'Taxes in the Townships of 
Lime, Orford Piermont Warren Wentworth & Dorchester, for 
the Purpose of electing one Person to represent them in Gen- 
eral Assembly : also to vote for a Person in the County afore- 
said as a Member of Council — That your Petitioners were then 
desirous of complying therewith, but that the strenuous Oppo- 
sitions of the Towns with which they connected, unhappily 
prevented it. — 

That agreeable to the Precept issued September 1777, the In- 
habitants met ; & voted not to comply with said Precept — That 
your Petitioners were then also for Complvance, but being over- 
powered by the adjacent Towns in Numbers, are deprived of 
that inestimable Privilege Representation 

That the present Opposition fomented & subsisting in the 
District make it impossible for us to be represented in General 

That notwithstanding your Petitioners are labouring under 
Grievances repugnant to their inherent Rights & Privileges, 
they have ever been willing to contribute their just Proportion, 
in Support of the present unhappy War. 

Your Petitioners therefore humbly pray your Honors to take 
the Matter into Consideration, & point out some Way, whereby 
they may be represented in General Assembly. And your Pe- 
titioners shall ever pray — 

At a legal Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Orford 
on December 16 th 1777, warned for the following Purpose, 
(viz) to see if the Town will agree to prefer a Petition to the 


Gen 1 Assembly of this State, praying their Honors to point out 
some Way, in which they may be represented — at the same 
Meeting Voted, Nem. Con. that the Hon ble Israel Morey Esq r 
be an Agent to prefer the above Petition to y e General Assem- 
bly — Sign'd per Order 

Davenport Phelps, Moderator. 

Attest. Nath el Rogers Town Clerk 

[8-187] [Relative to suppressing Thistles, i/QS'l • 

At a legal Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Orfovd 
held on Monday the iS day of May 1795 — Voted that the Select 
men be & they are hereby directed to present a petition to the 
General Assembly of the State of N. Hampshire at their Ses- 
sion to be held at Hanover on the first Wednesday of June 1795 
praying their honors to adopt some measures to prevent the 
growing of thistles in this State 

A True Coppy of Record, Attest Jared Mann Town Clerk 

To the Honorable General Court of the State of New Hamp- 
shire convened at Hanover on the first Wednesday of June 1795 
the Petition of the Town of Orford humbly Showeth, That a 
certain weed called Thistles are very destructive to this part of 
the State, and do increase very rapidly by Standing till their 
Seed is ripe when the Seed is carried by the wind to a great 
distance ; by which means they are like to over run the whole 
Country ; when the cuting of them, close to the ground in proper 
Season would effectually prevent their geting ripe & Spreading 
in the manner afibresaid : & the old root whose top is so cut 
off, dies ; by which means the whole might be totally destroyed 
out of our Country in a few Years, were it a law to Oblige 
every person to cut them as afibresaid — therefore we pray your 
honors to take the matter into consideration and adopt Such 
measures as your honors in your wisdom shall se fit, and your 
petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray 

Theod Dame ) Select men of 
John Mann J r j Orford 

[8— iSS] [Petition for Incorporation of an Academy, 179J ' : 
addressed to the Gc?ieral Court. J 

Respectfully Sheweth the Subscribers, that at a Considerable 
Expencc of Individuals, an Elegant house is completed within 
the Town of Orford, for to Encourage the Educating youth, 

ORFORD. 137 

In the Several branches of Literature, and an Instructor Em- 
ployed for that purpose ; for the carrying" into execution and 
fully completing their laudable design and Intention, they are 
of opinion, that the aid of the legislature is necessary and will 
be readily granted, by Indulging the proprietors of the Said 
House with an Act of Incorporation, to be known by the Name 
of the proprietors of Orford public School, with Similar priv- 
iledges Regulations and Restrictions, as have heretofore been 
granted to others by former Legislatures, in this State, 
And as in duty will pray 

Joseph Pratt 
W m Simpson 
John Mann 
Orford June i* 1797 

[In H. of Rep., June 10, 1797, " Voted that the prayer of 
the petition be granted, and that the petitioners have leave 
to bring in a bill accordingly." Senate non-concurred. — Ed.] 

[1— 189] \_Petitlon of fohn Mann, "Jr., relative to the 

School: addressed to the General Court. ~\ * .- 

Humbly show T eth — That at the session of the General Court 
in June last past, Messrs Joseph Pratt, William Simpson, and 
John Mann Esquires presented a petition to the Hon ble General 
Court, praying for themselves and others, an Act of Incorpora- 
tion for a Public School in Orford, the Prayer of which Petition 
was heard and granted by the Hon ble House of Representatives ; 
Yet for some reasons which to them appeared Sufficient, the 
Hon ble Senate did not concur with the same — Your Memorial- 
ist therefore prays this Hon l,IC Court to take into their wise con- 
sideration the Substance of said Petition ; as he flatters himself 
he shall be fully able to satisfy the Hon ble Senate respecting the 
doubts that were formerly in their Minds — and your memorial- 
ist as in duty bound will ever pray — 

John Mann Jr — in behalf of the Petitioners 

Portsmouth 24 th Nov 1797 

[Leave was granted to bring in a bill, Nov. 28, 1797. 

[8-191] [^Petition for incorporation of the Academy : ad- 
dressed to the General Court.~\ 

Most respectfully represents, the subscribers, in behalf of 
themselves and others, that, they have for the promoting and 



encouraging Literature, within the town of Orford in the County 
of Grafton ; at very considerable expence erected and completed 
buildings, for that purpose and have expended considerable 
sums annually, in hiring teachers, for the purpose aforesaid, 
which .laudable design or institution, of their's cannot, thor- 
oughly, be prosecuted, without the aid of the legislature. I 

Wherefore, they pray that the honorable Legislature will take 1 

the same under their consideration and grant them a charter of 
incorporation, under like restrictions and reservations, as have 
been heretofore given and granted, to Academies and public 
Schools within this state. For want of such incorporation, the 
design of your petitioners, is at this juncture, much retarded; 
as they cannot without it put the school under such necessary- 
regulations as to make the same upon a respectable footing, 
with other institutions; neither can they have the privilege of 
sundry donations, which will be readily made if the act of incor- 
poration can be indulged them. — 

They beg leave further, to request your Honors, that, upon 
perusing the article, in the Constitution of this state, granting 
the power of encouraging Literature, to the honorable Legisla- 
ture, they were the more encouraged to proceed and advance 
money for the purposes aforesaid. And being very sensible 
that former Legislatures have readily granted their aid in such 
respects, to many towns in this state, they cannot harbour the 
least idea, that their petition will be denied them. Therefore, 
relying on the indulgence and attention, of the honorable Legis- 
lature to their request, they most respectfully submit the same, 
not doubting, but, with strict and firm belief in the fullest expec- 
tation, that the same will be granted. — 

Dated at Orford this 3 rd day of June 1799. 

John Mann William Butman Bethuel Cross 

Sam 11 Morey Jon* Sawyer Icherbod Sawyer 

Simon B. Bissell Alexander Storey 
John Mann J r George Ropes 

Committee or Trustees for the Proprietors. 

[In H. of Rep., June 14, 1799, leave was granted to "bring 
in a bill." The senate laid it over until the next session, 
and then non-concurred. — Ed.] 

The town was incorporated Feb. 22, 1785, previous to 
which the territory went by the name of Ossipee Gore. A 


portion of said territory, which was not included in the in- 
corporation, continued to be called Ossipee Gore until it 
was annexed to Effingham Dec. 23, 1820. 

The name is derived from a tribe of Indians who once 
resided in the vicinity of the lake, relics of whom have often 
been found since its occupancy by white men. 

By an act approved Jan. 13, 1837, the farm of Wentworth 
Lord, together with some other territory, was severed from 
Ossipee and annexed to Tamworth. A portion of the same 
land was severed from Tamworth and re-annexed .to Ossipee 
June 22, 1859. 

[8— 192J \_Petition for an Act of Incorporation: addressed 
to the General Asse?nbly.~\ 

The Petition of the Subscribers Inhabitants of a Place called 
Ossipee Gore — Humbly sheweth that your Petitioners labour 
under many Inconveniencies for want of an Incorporation, 
wherefore they pray that the said Ossipee Gore bounded as fol- 
lows, Begining at the southerly corner of said Gore and riming 
bounding on Wolfborough to the North Corner thereof, thence 
by Tuftinborough to the north corner thereof, thence on a 
Straight line northerly about two Miles to the westerly corner 
of Lot Number One hundred and Eleven in said Gore, thence 
North east until it crosses Bear camp River on the Northwest 
line of Lot Number one hundred and Seventeen, thence turning 
and riming on the line of said lot: number one hundred and 
seventeen and lot number one hundred and one easterly straight 
until it strikes six mile River, thence by said River to Ossipee 
Pond, thence southerly and easterly by said Pond and the out- 
let thereof to Leavits town northwest line, thence southerly by 
said line to the westerly corner of said Town of Leavits town, 
thence easterly on the southwest line of said Town to the South 
east Corner of said Gore, thence Southerly on Wakefield line 
to the bound begun at, may be incorporated into a Town by 
the name of Ossipee and that the Inhabitants thereof and their 
Successors may be invested with all the priviledges & Immuni- 
ties Similar to other Towns within this State. — 

Your Petitioners also beg leave humbly to show that their 
Settlements where chiefly began & have been prosecuted during 
the late war, the Inhabitants being most of them in low circum- 
stances and subject to all the Inconveniencies and hardships in- 
cident to the begining settlements in a new & uncultivated 
Country under such a situation, as also having their unimproved 
Lands much of which being mountains, Heaths & Ponds, taxed 
at an equal Rate with Lands in other places of much superior 



To the pay Master of Cap' Jacob Smith Company in Col 
Rolnolds Reg' in the year 17S1 

Sir plese to pay Daniel Cook or his order all that is Due to 
me from the State of Nevvhampshir I having been a wSoldier in 
the aforesaid Company and for Value Rec d Witness my Hand 

Eliphalet Sias 

osseppee gore Jenury 20 th 1785 

Feb 19 17S5 6. S. 8. 

[8—194] \_Petition for Abate?nent of Taxes: addressed to 
the General Assembly, iy88.~\ 

Humbly shew that in the year 17S3 they were called upon to 
pay into the Treasurey of said State .£74.19.11. and in the year 
17S4 for JC2S.6.8. both which Sums to be paid in Gold or Sil- 
ver, or Certificates for Interest on the publick Securities of this 
State, or Orders drawn on the Treasurey At which Times the 
Inhabitants of said Ossipee were under no Incorporation as a 
Town, neither had any Town Officers wherebv said Sums 
coul'd be legally assessed, that the same yet remains unpaid & 
the Town threatned with an Extent — Although said Sums ap- 
pear small & the Delay long ; yet your Petitioners humbly con- 


Quality, yet they have struggled through the expences of find- 
ing their Quota of Men in the Army & their Beef Tax but were 
totally unable to discharge their State Tax for the years 1782 
& 17S3 which yet remains unpaid & your petitioners humbly 
conceive that they are wholly unable to pay said arrearages & \ 

carry on their Settlements, & pay the present & succeeding 
Taxes, wherefore your Petitioners humbly pray your Hon ble 
Court to take their Circumstances into consideration & abate 
them their Arrearages for the years aforesaid, trusting in future 
under the Advantages of an Incorporation & their increasing 
strength they shall be able to pay their full Quotas of all Taxes. — 
And your Petitioners shall ever pray. — 

Ossipee Gore October 20 th 17S4 

Jacob Brown Joseph Ames Samuel 

Josiah Poland Noah dow Jacob Williams 

Winthrop Smith Ebeneser hall John Scagel 

Andrew Folsom Nathaiel Brown Richard 

John Sanderson Joseph Pitman Cornelius Densmoor 

John Cooley Jabez garland 

[The town was incorporated Feb. 22, 1785. — Ed.] 


ceive that there is such a Disability on the part of the Inhab- 
itants to pay their parts of said Requisitions as (if known) 
wou'd induce your Hon ble Court to grant Relief. 

It is a fact well known that a very considerable part of the 
present" Inhabitants of said Ossipee were poor People put on as 
Settlers by the Proprietors. — 

That said Settlers were not only men unacquainted with the 
new Country in General, but men of small Abilities, unable to 
procure even a bare Subsistence for themselves & Families, 
without the Assistance of a few Industrous Inhabitants in 
Town ; — that those few have not only been obliged to relieve 
the common Necessities of the Rest, but also to be accountable 
for their Taxes ; — for should a Distraint for Taxes take place 
upon these poorer People beforementioned, who have at most 
but one Cow each : such a Destraint wou'd render a considera- 
ble number a public Burden to the Town, & woud in time 
deprive those who are now able, of the means of paying Taxes 
in future — Wherefore your petitioners humbly pray that your 
Hon bIe Court would abate such part of said Sum as belongs to 
the Inhabitants to pay being one half the whole of said Sums; 
or otherwise grant your Petitioners Relief by Delay of Payment 
as to your Hon ble Court shall seem meet — and your Petitioners 
shall ever pray. — 

Ossipee May 26. 1788 

Joseph Fogg ") Selectmen 
Winthrop Smart > of 
Andrew Folsom ) Ossipee 

[8-195] [Petition for Authority to raise a Special Tax: 
addressed to the General Court, .] 

Humbly sheweth that wharas the grater part of the land in s d 
town is owned by Gentlemen living out of town and but few 
inhabitants & the roads so extensive puts it beyond the powar 
of the inhabitants to support them — the Main road through the 
Town is Eighteen miles in length and interpersed by many 
rapid streams & a large propition of healthy Lands which re- 
quiars large & costly causeways and but sixteen families living 
on s d road besides many crossroads allready laid out and others 
nessessary to bee laid out & dun to acomidate the setlers of s d 
Town & publick. 

Tharefore your petitioners Humbly Pray Your Hon™ would 
take under consideration the bad situation of s d Town and grant 
that a tax of a penny P r acor be laid on all nonresident lands 
in s d Town for the tarm of two yeas for the purpos of making 


& repairing s d roads — or grant such relief as you in your wis- 
dom shall think proper. 

And your petitioners as in duty Bound shall ever pray — 

Ossipee May 28 th 1791 — 

Levi Dearborn ) Select 
John Adams ) Men 

[Granted Dec. 21, 1791.] 

[8-1 97 J \_Petition of yolm Costclloe of Effingham, relative 
to a Discovery of Iro7i Ore: addressed to the General 
Court yan. 7, iygo.~\ 

Humbly Sheweth— 

That your Petitioner has discovered in Ossipee pond & ad- 
joining a large Quantity of Iron Ore — that at a considerable 
expence he has erected a Forge or Iron Works, for the trial of 
said Ore — which upon trial affords Iron equal in Quality, (in 
the opinion of good judges) to that imported from Philadel- 

And as a Furnace in that part of the State for Refining & 
casting would be of public utility, & save money in the State — 
he most humbly prays your Honors for some encouragement to 
enable him to erect a Furnace — by a Grant for that purpose — 
or by loaning him a sum of money, upon good Security to be 
refunded in a certain number of years without interest — or oth- 
erways encourage your Petitioner as to your great wisdom may 
seem politic & advisable, & he as in duty bound will ever 

John Costelloe 


The township was incorporated July 5, 1746, and com- 
prised portions of the old Dunstable grant and Dracut. 
The bounds given in the charter are as follows : 

" Beginning at the Boundary Pitch Pine Tree made by 
M r Mitchell and runing on the North Boundary Line of the 
Massachusetts untill it comes within two miles & eighty 
rods of Merrimack river Then North Twenty Degrees East, 
to Londonderry then by Londonderry East South East five 
miles & one hundred & forty rods then South to Methuen 
Line and to meet the Curve Line called Mitchells Line then 
by s d Curved Line to the Pitch Pine Tree where it began."" 


PELHAM. 143 

The name was given in honor of the Duke of New Cas- 
tle, Thomas Pelham Holies. Settlements were made about 
the year 1722 by John Butler and Wm. Richardson, the lat- 
ter a native of Chelmsford, Mass. 

The following Pelham men were in the 1st N. H. Reg't 
in the war of the Revolution : 

Sergeant Daniel Gage, entered December 29, 1779, dis- 
charged December, 1781. 

John Greeley, entered March 9, 1781, discharged Decem- 
ber, 178 1. 

John Lovering, entered April, 1781, discharged Decem- 
ber, 1 78 1. 

The latter served also in 1782. 

In answer to a petition from 53 of the inhabitants, the 
town was divided into two parishes, for church purposes, 
January 4, 1787, but the act was repealed in 1792, on the 
dismission of the Rev. Amos Moody, and the town again 
united as one parish. 

Pelham was severed from the county of Rockingham, and 
annexed to the county of Hillsborough, by an act approved 
December 10, 1824. 

[8-198] [Petition of Inhabitants of Pelham and Sale?n for 
a Grant of Land : addressed to the Governor and Coun- 

Sheweth — 
That your Petitioners Are Inclined to venture into the woods 
And make Setlements of a town, that for themselves & family s, 
they are not Accomodated in the towns Where they Dwell, 
that the Land there is so mean and Broaken Cannot for their 
Own Nor the Goverments Advantage Enlarge their Improve- 
ments — 

That their is in this Province Great Quantitys of his Majes- 
ty s Lands Unappropriated, & Lyes Wast and till Improved will 
be Useless, Capable of Improvement and Enlarging — the 
Strength of the frontiers, Where Your Petitioners would will- 
ingly venture, And make Setlement under the Like Conditions 
as other his Majestys Subjects Receive Grants — 

Wherefore Your Petitioners Humbly pray that they may 
Have a Grant of Land of the Contents of Six miles Square in 
Some Convenient place Capable of making a good Setlement, 
Within his Majestys Lands afores d under Such Conditions & 
Limitations As Your Excellency Grants to Others and that 
Tho 8 Packer Esq may be Admitted On Our Behalf to prefer 



this Our Petition and On Our Behalf do everything Necessary 
for the Claming the Same and Assertaining the place where the 
Same may Lye. And Your Petitioners as in duty bound Shall 

July 16: 1750 — 


William Richardson Amos Richardson 

Joseph Hamblet 
John forgison 
Thomas wyman 
Josiah Gage 
Simon Beard 
amos Gage 
David Jones 

Ebnz Ay res 
Seth Pattee 
Abner Bayly 
Peter merril 
Henry sanders 
John Merrell 
Alexander Gorden 
Jonathan Corlies 

Zeachriah Colburn 
Daniel Gage 
William Elliot 
Nehemiah Jaques 
Jabesh Gage 
John Baldwin 
Ebeneser Jaques 


Nath 11 Dow 
Richard Kimball 
John Hall J r 
Richard Pa tee 
Daniel Dow 
Oliver Kimball 
John Lowell 
W ra Kelly 

Josiah Hamblet 
Jonathan Kimball 
daniel Colburn 
Thomas Gage 
Rice Molten 
henery Richardson 
William Richardson 

Richard Dow 
Ralph Hall 
John Bayly 
Edw d Bayly 
Sam 11 Parker 
W m Sanders 
Tim 7 Swan 
John Ober 

[R. 3—100] [Petition of Phebe Gage: addressed to the Gen- 
eral Court, J758.~] 

The Petition of Pheabe Gage Reilick Widow To V Thomas 
Gage who Deceas d in the said province Service at Lake George 
October y e : S d : 1756 : Humbly Sheweth : and Prays this Hon- 
ourable Court that She may be allowed a Reasonable sum for 
her said Husbands Gun : which how it was Disposed of at his 
Death She hath not as yet had any account : and Therefore 
further Prays that this Honourable Court would take her 
Humble Petition into their Wise Consideration and Grant her 
some Reasonable allowance she being - Left with a Large fama- 
ley of Children : your Humble Petitioner as in Duty bound 
shall ever Pray ; &c 

Pelham March y e : i7 d : 175S 

Pheabe Gage : 

[In H. of Rep., March 23, she was allowed ;£io.— Ed.] 

PELHAM. 145 

[R. 3-101] [Petition of William Bell, Soldier: addressed 
to the General Assembly, 175& '•] 

The Humble petition of William Bell of Pelham In said 
Province — Shews — That your Petitioner was an Enlisted Sol- 
dier in this Governments pay in 1757. under the Command of 
Cap* Hercules Mooney, & had the misfortune to be taken In 
the Seige at Fort William Henry, & Carried to Canada from 
thence sent to Halifax, from thence to Boston, & by the kind 
hand of an over Ruling providence got home sometime in Nov r 
T fist* 

William Bell 

[He asked for an allowance for loss of clothes, etc., which 
was granted to the extent of ,£18, 15. — Ed.] 

[R- 3-103] 

[In a petition addressed to the general court in 1760, 
Francis Knowlton, of Pelham, stated that he "was an In- 
listed Soldier In the Provincial service In Cap 1 Nehemiah 
Lovewells Company, In y e year 1759. That your petitioner 
Continued In s d Servis till y e 24 th of Septemb r Last." He 
further stated that he was sick at Albany Flats, and came 
home as soon as he was able to march. He asked for his 
wages, and was paid j£y, io, sterling. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-104] [Soldier's Bounty.'] 

In Committee on Claims July 31, 17S2 — 

The Bounty advanced by Pelham to Reuben Hamblet was 
Twenty pounds Nine shillings which Sum was deducted from 
his depreciation acc° 

Ex d per Josiah Gilman Jun r 

[S-199] [Petition of the Committee of Safety and Select- 
men: addressed to the General Assembly.] 

The Petition of us the Subscribers (being the Committee of 
Safety and Selectmen for the Town of Pelham) 

Humbly Shevveth — 

That we your Petitioners are at all times, under an anxious 
Concern for the Wellfare, Peace, & Safety, of their much In- 


jured Country and more Especially at this time, from an Ap- 
prehension of the mischief, and Bad Consequence, which may 
follow upon, So many of General Burgoynes troops Deserting 
into the Country, for they are Daily Traveling, 3 or 4 or half a 
Dozen at a time, Through all these Parts, which we find, 
Gives Great Uneasiness to the Inhabitants, in General, within 
the Compass of our knowledge &c — and many are the Evils 
that may follow — and first, we are Apprehensive, that their 
■want of food, and Clothing, may Excite them, to Rob, & Steal, 
from the Inhabitants, and 2 dly which is worse, that they may, 
(when an oppertunity Presents) Join with, and Carry on, Some 
Very Secret, and Destructive Plot, of our Domestic Enemies, 
(the Ugly Tories — ) against the United States of america — and 
we think it Very Unnecessary for the Continent, to be at the 
Cost of keeping a Guard Round Said Troops, that Lets them 
flock off, by fifties & Hundreds, and Doth not Restrain any of 
them — Therefore your Petitioners Humbly Prays your Honours 
Consideration upon the matter of this Petition, and (if it be 
Consistent with the will of your Honours,) Issue out orders 
thro' this State for all Such Deserters to be Taken up, & Car- 
ried Back, to their Respective Regiments, upon the States 
Cost, or to Confine them in Close Goals, or any other method 
that you in your great Wisdom Shall See fit — to Prevent their 
Desertion & Execute Justice to the Deserted — &c — and as we 
are in Duty Bound Shall Ever Pray — 

John Mussey *) 
Aaron Wyman ] Committee 
Josiah Gage )■ of 

Bar" Gibson Safety 

Asa Richardson j 

Josiah Gage 

Daniel Barker >■ Selectmen 

J. Butler 

irker > 
Jun' ) 

[8-200] [Petition of Inhabitants of Pelham : addressed to 
the Committee of Safety, 1777 '.] 

Humbly Sheweth 
That Whereas the Authority hath made Requisition of the 
Town of Pelham, for the Number of Seventeen men to Serve 
in the Continental Army for the Term of three years ; In Com- 
pliance to the Authority, and the zeal we have for the Glorious 
Cause of Liberty now Contending for, and being sensible of 
the Duty Devolving on us, the Town hath been Call d together, 

PELHAM. 147 

and in the first Place Voted 20 Pounds Lawful money for En- 
couragement to each Soldier that should Inlist for s d Term, and 
on making Tryal Could not obtain them — Therefore the Town 
thought Proper to Vote an additional Sum of 10 Pounds for 
farther Encouragement, and yet the men Cannot be obtained — 
your Petitioners therefore beg Leave to Inform your Honours, 
that there are Six men Engaged, on Condition that Lt Thomas 
Hardy may go their officer, and it plainly appears to your Pe- 
titioners that if the above s d Hardy may be appointed ; the 
Proportion of men will be Immediately obtained, otherways 
they do Entirely Decline, as they have little or no acquaintance 
with the officers already appointed, &c — Therefore your Peti- 
tioners Humbly Pray, that your Honours would appoint the s d 
Lt Thomas Hardy to be a Lieut — as your Petitioners Look 
upon him to be a man worthy of that Trust — or otherwise Re- 
lieve us in our Difficulty as you in your Great Wisdom shall 
see meet, and we your Humble Petitioners, as in Duty Bound 
Shall Ever Pray— " 

Pelham April y e 21" 1777 — 

Daniel Coburn major 
Asa Richardson Capt 
Jesse Willson Lt 
Nathan Butler Ensign 
Robert Nevens Lt 

Josiah Gage ~\ Selectmen 

Daniel Barker v of 
Jacob Butler J r j Pelham 

Barnabas Gibson \ Committee of Safety 
Aaron wyman > of 

John Mussey ) Pelham 

[Thomas Hardy was first lieutenant in the third com- 
pany of Gen. Stark's regiment at Bunker Hill. Abner 
Gage, in same company, was wounded in that battle, as was 
also Seth Cutter. Both were from Pelham. — Ed.] 

[8-201] \_Petition of the Officers, Co?nmittee, and Selectmen 
of Pelham : addressed to the Co?n?nittee of Safety. ~\ 

Humbly Sheweth, 

That whereas the Authority hath made Requisition of the 

said Town for a Number of men, to Serve as Soldiers, in the 

Continental Army, during the war, or in Case that Cannot be 

done, to Raise them for One vear — 


In Complyance to the Authority, and being Sensible of the 
Duty Devolving on us, the Town hath been Call'd together, 
and in the first Place Tryal was made to raise the men During 
the War, but without effect, — and Secondly we have Tryed by 
offering -very Extraordinary Hire as an Encouragement to the 
Men to Enlist for one Year, but Could not obtain them, the 
Teason Given by the men for their not Enlisting for a Year, is, 
their Time will Expire so late in the year, as to Prevent their 
Returning in Season, to take care of their Business, by which | 

Means they will in a manner loose the Next Season — your \ 

Petitioners beg leave therefore to inform your Honors, that we 
can Emmediately Procure our full Complement of men, in 
Case they may be mustered for Nine Months, and Whereas we 
TDxpect we Can, and are willing to replace the Same at the end 
of the said Nine months — which if Truly preform'd we cannot 
Concieve will be any damage to the State — Therefore your 
Petitioners Humbly Pray, that your Honors, would give orders 
to the Muster-master to Muster our -Compliment of Soldiers for : ^ 

the Term of nine Months, or otherwise Relieve us in our Deffi- 
culty as you in Your Great Wisdom. shall see meet, — and we 
your Petitioners as in Duty Bound Shall ever Pray — 

Pelham, July 10 th 1779 — 

Daniel Coburn ^ 
Asa Richardson ^rc 
RobartNevens f° fficers 
Nathan Butler J 

Josiah Gage ") 

Thomas Hardy > Committee 

Joshua Atwood ) 

Daniel Barker ") 1 
Caleb Butler \ Selectmen 

[S-202] [Petition of Inhabitants of Pelham relative to a 
division of the State into Counties: addressed to the 
General Assembly, 1769.^ 

Most humbly sheweth that your Petitioners being Informed 
that the Province is about being Devided into Countys for the 
ease and benefit of the inhabitants in General in transacting 
their business of a Publick Nature, and being also informed 
that the General Assembly have Voted a small County to be 
set off Adjacent to the Westerly side of Merrimack River, 
Your Petitioners pray that the Towns of Bow, Chester Lon- 
donderry, Pelham Plastow Salem Hampsted & Sandown, 
which lay Conveniently situated to s d County may be Annexed 



thereto as it would save most of the Inhabitants of said Towns 
thirty Miles travel in transacting their business with the Courts, 
Judges of Probate, Register &c And no other person whatso- 
ever would (as your Petitioners conceive) he Injured thereby 
And your Petitioners as in Duty Bound shall ever Pray &c — 

Daniel Gage 
Ebenezer Palmer 
Timothy Clark 
John Tarbox 
Nathaniel marbel 
Nehemaiah Jaques 
William Wymon 
Eleazer Whiting 
Samuel atwood 
Joseph Wyman Jr 
Samuel watts 
Amos Gage 
Hugh Tallant 
William Richardson 
Uriah Abbot 
Joseph wyman 
Simon Bard 
Jacob Butler 
Joshua atwood 
Philip Hardy 
Ebenezer Varnum 
Silas Coburn 
Ebenezer webster 
Eri Richardson 
Caleb Butler 

Samuel Butler 
james foster 
jesse I lardy 
Thomas Johnson 
Robet Nevens 
Robt Noevens Jur 
Jacob Butler Jun r 
Jacob Hardy 
John Mussey 
Benjamin Gage 
Joseph Richardson 
Jonathan Kimball 
Josiah Hardy 
John Wyman 
Daniel Butler 
Asa Hildreth 
Jonathan Stickney 
Edward Coburn 
Elijah Coburn 
Benjamin Coburn 
Philip Richardson 

jun r 
David Cumings 
Edmund Hardy 
Edmund Hardy Jun r 

Josiah gage 
Richard Barker 
Josiah Gutterson 
Richard Hall 
Isaac Webster 
James Heath 
Pearce gage 
Josiah gage Ju r 
Daniel Gage Jun r 
Daniel Colburn 
Joseph Butler 
Eben r Jaques 
Joseph Wilson 
John Baldwin 
Daniel Barker 
John Gibson 
James Gibson 
Barnabas Gibson 
Asa Richardson 
Eben r Barker 
Andrew Barker 
James Shearburn 
Joshua Hamblet 
mark Gould 

[8-203] \_Petition of sundry Inhahitaizts in reference to a 
Poll Parish.] 

To the Hon bI Senate and house of Representatives — 

This may Certify that we the Subscribers Not having any 
oppertunity to Sine that Petition before it was sent to your 
honnours for a Pole Parish In the Town of Pelham we would 
wish that our Names might be as well Excepted as if thay had 
Ben Put to the Petition as we are Jointly Conected in the 
Same Boddy 

David Johnson Jonas Richerdson 

Paul Tenney William Johnson 

ames Foster Ebeneser Richerdson 

>amuel Richardson Jeremiah Gage 


Samuel gains 


[8-204] [ Vote of Tow?t relative to Poll Parish.~\ 

At an Ajournment of a Town Meeting Sep r the 5 th 1786 
Voted not to send a man to Court in Answer to a Protion for a 
Poll Parish 

John Ferguson Town Clerk 

[See introduction, page 143. — Ed.] 

[8-205] [Relative to a New ParishJ\ 

at a Town Meeting april 28 th 17S3 — 

2ly Voted to Excuse all those of Their Minister Rate for the 
future who hath or Shall Sign their Names a Gainst the Rev d 
M r Moody voted that one Month from the date here of is Given 
to those who hath not Signed to Sign for or a Gainst the Rev d 
M r Moody 

at an Adjournment of a Town Meeting to the 27* day of 
Febuary 1786 

3ly Voted to Give Liberty for a Pole Parrish in said Town 

A True Coppy Test — John Ferguson Town Clerk — 

[8-206] [Return of Ratable Polls, 1783.'] 

In Obedience to the Requisition of the General Court of 
Octob r Last for making out the Number of Polls paying for 
themselves a Poll Tax 

We the Subscribers have Proceeded accordingly and find the 
Number to be in the Town of Pelham — 155 

Joshua Atwood^) Selectmen 
Tho" Spafibrd [ of 
Benj a Barker ) Pelham 

[Sworn to before Josiah Gage, Dec. 27, 17S3.] 

[8-207] [Petition of the Selectmen of Pelham relative to the 
Observance of Sunday : addressed to the General Asse?n- 

Humbly Sheweth — 

That amongst the many Sins of this land against the Su- 

preame being the Breach of the Lords Day is very nottorious : 

persons are So bold and Insulting that if an officer So much as 

mention the Breach of Sabbath he is treated with threats & 


PELHAM. 151 

insults, we Beg leave to observe that if the Lords Day ought to 
be kept holy we think that we have no other place to look but 
to you our political fathers to make Salutary Laws for the pur- 
pose — And whereas the law now in force for the Observation 
of the Lords Day is insufficient to answer the purpose intended 
in the first place we think it is not so Explicit as we would 
Wish and Secondly the fines is not so high as they ought to be ; 
and lastly that there is not officers enough impowered to Exe- 
cute the Same ; For these & some other reasons that might be 
mentioned — We your Petitioners Humbly pray your Excellency 
& Hon™ to take the Subject matter of our petition under your 
wise & Serious Consideration and pass Such a law as may an- 
swer the Salutary purpose propossed and as in Duty bound 
Shall pray 

To the Gen 1 assembly to meet at Portsmouth the 20 th of oct br 

Benj a Barker 
Josiah Gage 
Jesse Smith 

[8-208] ^Petition of Inhabitants of Pelham for a Poll 
Parish : addressed to the Senate and House of Represen- 
tatives. "\ 

Humbly Sheweth that 
it hath been our unhapy Lot in the Town of Pelham for a Long 
Time to Live in a Broken and DisaGreable Situation with Re- 
spect to our Religious Matters in Said Town as we Cannot 
Receive any Spiritual Edefication from the Preaching of the 
Rev ent M r Moody Now Minister in s d Town and for a Long 
Time have not attended the Same, But have attended at Wind- 
ham and elsewhere on Publick Worship which is Very Incon- 
venient for your Petitioners Si Burdenson To others Where we 
attend — 

We further Shew your Honnors we have Made many & Long 
Trials to Conceliate the Matters or to be Set off by a Pole Per- 
ish as we Pay a Very Large Share of the Minister Tax in S d 
Town which we think is Very hard & not agreable to the Con- 
stitution of the State as we Do not Nor for a Long Time have 
not attended or been any Trouble to Said Minister or People in 
there Religious Matters, & as the Town of Pelham have at a 
Leagel Town Meeting Voted their Consent for a Pole Parish in 
Said Town, & as we Consider your Honnors to be Guardens 
for the People & will with Equal Justice Releave the Distressed 
— therefore Pray your Honnors to Take our Complaint under 
your Wise Consideration & grant us a Pole Perish acording to 
the Vote of Said Town, or grant us Releaf as your Honnors In 



your Greate Wisdom Shall See fit — and your Petitioners as in 
Duty Bound Shall Ever Pray — 

Dated Pelham June 9 th 17S6— 

Josiah Gage 
John Bradford 
David gage 
Isaac Barker 
Ebenezer Webster 
Jonathan Webster 
Jacob Kemp 
Asa Hardy 
Lot Spaulding 
Daniel tenney 
Eliphelet Hardy 
Caleb Butler 
Jesse Barker 
Ebenezer Barker 
John Nevens 

Aaron vvyman 
Jese vvyman 
Josiah vvyman 
Dudley Hardy 
Nehe™ Butler 
Daniel Wyman 
Isaac Barker Hatter 
Joseph Baldwin 
Edmund Hardy 
James Hall 
Jesse Willson 
Daniel Willson 
Timothy Davis 
Zebulon May 
David Butler 

Josiah Gutterson 
Rechard Hall 
Abner foster 
Jonathan Barker 
Richard Barker 
Stephen Person 
Peirce Gage 
P : Merrill Coburn 
Asa Coburn 
Abner Gage 
William VVebber 
Jesse Smith 
Phinehas Merrill 
Amos Gage 

[The foregoing petition was granted, and the petitioners 
erected into a new parish for church purposes, January 4, 
1787.— Ed.] 

[8-209] \_Petition of Inhabitants of Pel ham to have a Li- 
brary incorporated : addressed to the General CoitrtJ\ 

Humbly Shew that your Petitioners with their Associates 
have been at Considerable Expence in purchasing Books for the 
purpose of infusing usefull knowledge in Pelham and finding 
our selves under Some Disadvantages for the want of an incor- 
poration therefore pray your Honours, that they with Such 
others as may hereafter Join them may be incorporated into a 
body politic for the purpose aforesaid under Such Rules and 
Regulations as are usual in Institutions ofaSimular nature — 
and as in Duty bound will Ever pray 

John Ferguson 
Josiah Gage 
James Gibson 
Aaron Hardy 
Daniel Hardy 
Nehemiah Butler 
Pelham November 18 1797 

[This petition was granted, and the library incorporated 
December 9, 1797. — Ed.] 




The township was granted May, 1726, by the government 
of Massachusetts to Capt. John Lovewell and 59 others, in 
consideration of their services in fighting the Indians, and 
went by the Indian name of Suncook until it was incorpo- 
rated, November 1, 1759, by the general court of the prov- 
ince of New Hampshire. The petition asking for an incor- 
poration stated that " about sixty familys were settled part- 
ly within the Township of Bow & partly at a Place called 
Suncook & at a Place called Buckstreet." In the act of in- 
corporation the town was named " Pembrook," probably in 
honor of the Earl of Pembroke. Walter Bryant was author- 
ized to call the first meeting of the inhabitants. 

December 17, 1763, the town was divided into two 
parishes for church purposes — Congregational and Presby- 

The following Pembroke men were in the 1st N. H. Reg- 
iment : 

Noah Emery, entered April 10, 1777, discharged January 
I, 1778. 

James Much more, entered January 23, 1777, discharged 
January 23, 1780. 

Samuel Phelps,* entered January 1, 1777, discharged No- 
vember 18, 1779. 

Capt. Ebenezer Frye was first lieutenant in Capt. Daniel 
Moor's Co., Stark's Reg't, as organized at Cambridge. April, 
1775. He was in the service more than five years. 

A dispute between the towns of Pembroke and Aliens- 
town, concerning the building of bridges over Suncook 
river, resulted in the passage of an act, December 24, 1798, 
extending the line of Pembroke "to the Easterly and South- 
erly Bank of Suncook River." 

By an act approved December 13, 1804, a ^ the territory 
belonging to the town of Bow situated on the east side of 
Merrimack river was severed from that town, and annexed 
to Concord and Pembroke. 

[8-232] [Petition for a Guards 1747.] 

The Humble Petition of Sundry Persons Inhabitants of a 
Place called Suncook in said Province 

♦Wounded; reported to be at Schenectady January 10, 1778; age 19. 



That your Petitioners live very much Exposed to the Indian 
Enemy & may with truth & Propriety Say, they get their bread 
at the Peril of their lives by Reason of the Sword of the Wil- 
derness — there being no place within 1 8 or 20 Miles from them, 
from w T hence they could Expect any help in Case of an Attack 
from the Enemy— Whereby their Husbandry is greatly Imped- 
ed & not only So but they triust be Obliged to Quit their Plan- 
tations & Come in to Some place or places of Greater Safety 
unless Supported where they are 

That the breaking up of the frontier Settlem 1 is a thing of a 
bad Tendency & Consequence many ways, which is too obvi- 
ous to need a particular mention as also that it is much better 
for the Public Safety to keep the Enemy at as Great Distance 
as possible, and Your Petitioners having at great Expence (to 
them) bro't their Settlements to a good Degree oflmprovem* 
are the more unwilling to Quit them wherefore they Humbly 
Pray that a number of Soldiers May be Sent to Guard & De- 
fend them while they are Cultivating & Improving their Lands 
and doing their necessary Labours of the Summer Season & be 
otherways aiding & assisting to them in the usual & Customary 
way & manner, & they shall as in duty bound Ever Pray &c 

Samuel Smith Moses Tyler James Moore Benj a Holt David 
Abbot Richard Eastman John Cochran John Nox John Fife 
Ephraim Blunt Tho' M c Connell David Lovejoy John Noyce 
Caleb Lovejoy Marias Whittemore William Moor W ra Nox 
James White Aaron Whittemore W m Nox Sam 1 Gott Andrew 
Gott Joseph Brown Francis Doyn James Man — 

moses foster 

[The assembly ordered that "eight good effective men" 
be impressed, and posted at Suncook, to be changed once 
a month, until the 20th of October, 1747, if need be. — Ed.] 

[8-233] [Petition for Incorporation, 1757 : addressed to the 
General Asse?nbly.~\ 

The Humble Petition of John Noyce of a Place called Sun- 
cook as Agent of Sundry of the inhabitants of said Place & of 
Bow & Places adjoining. 

Shews — 
That there are near Sixty Families Inhabiting within the 
Boundaries of the Township of Bow of the Said Place Called 
Suncook & a Place called Buck Street which are Situated So 


near one another as to be Convenient for a Township but Some 
of them are upon Lands not within any Township & others 
within Said Township of Bow by Reason whereof they cannot 
all join and Act as a Place Incorporated — That they have a 
Minister of the Gospel Settled among them who has been for a 
Considerable time Supported by Voluntary Contribution which 
fall heavy on a few of them while others go free and as they 
have thots of Building a Meeting House which is now Neces- 
sary it will be Still a Greater Burthen on those who are Willing 
to do all they can to advance the Settlement of the Lands there 
than if they had Authority to Lay a Just & Proportionable Tax 
on all who may Enjoy the Benefit of it — 

That the Bounds they Propose for a Township are as follows 
viz on the West by Merrimack River on the North by vSou- 
Cook River on the East by the Townships of Chichester & Ip- 
som & on the South by Sun-Cook River within which Limits 
is Contain'd about the Quantity of Six Miles Square and they 
are Natural & Suitable Boundaries for a Township — 

That it is not Proposed that by Erecting Such a Township 
the Property of the Lands should be Affected — But as part of 
Said Lands fall within the Bounds of Bow which is a Town- 
ship already Incorporated it is necessary the Proposed Incorpo- 
ration Shoud be made by a Special Act to Disunite & Exoner- 
ate the Said Inhabitants from the Duties of the former Incorpo- 

Wherefore Your Petitioner in behalf of his Constituents Hum- 
by Prays That a Township may be made by the Boundaries 
aforesaid & Infranchised with the usual Liberties Powers & 
Privileges of Corporate Towns in Said Province & Exempted 
from Subjection to any other Town and that he may have 
Leave to bring in a Bill Accordingly And he Will Ever Pray 
John Noyes 

[The town was incorporated by the name of " Pembrook," 
November i, 1759. — Ed.] 

[8-234] [Consent of Inhabitants of Buckstreet to foregoing, 

We the In Habitence of Buckstreet who Shewed oure Desire 
To be InCorperated with Suncook (So Called) ware and are 
free and willing for the Same with a pervisal we might be free 
trom paying any Back Rates Either to Province or minester 
which Thay promised us and now Refuse which we Think 


Very unresonable for us to pay their Debts Due Before we 
Joyne Being Scarsely able to pay oure own 

Thomas Lucas 
Thomas Sincklor 
John m c garTey 
David Connor 
James Luckus 
James Cochran 
Daniel Luckos 
William Fullerton 
John Sinkler 
Joseph Sinkler 
William Marten 
Samuel Connor Juner 


[This document is a crude plan of the premises mention- 
ed in the foregoing petition for an incorporation, showing 
the land proposed to be included. — Ed.] 

[8—236] [ Committee relative to action of the Proprietors in 
the 7natter of Incorporation.^ 

Province of Newhamp r October y e 12 th 1759 
whereas the Proprietors of Bow in Said Province at their 
annual meeting held at Stratham in Said Province by adjorn- 
ment on the 2 d Day of this Instant October made Chose of us 
the Subscribers with others to Joyn with the Inhabatance of a 
Certain tract of Land Lying between y e Rivers meremack Sun- 
cook & Soucook cSc y e Southwest Side of Chichester or their 
agent M r John Noyesto Do all that in us Lay to obtain a parish 
of y e afore Said Land — Pursuant thereto we humble Beg that 
your Exelency would be Pleased to grant the petition of m r 
John noyes which petition is Signed by him & Dated y e 6 th 
Day of January 175S & your petitions Shall as In Duty 
Bound Ever pry &c 

Israel Gil man \ 

Walter Bryent > Comm ttee 

Sam 1 Lane j 

[8-237] [Petition of David Connor and Tho??ias JMcIucas 
relative to Ministerial Affairs : addressed to the General 
Assetnbly, fan. 14, i/6j.'] 

That the Rever* M r Aaron Whittemore as Minister of said 


Parish by the Consideration of the Justices of his Majesty's 
Super 1 " Court of Judicature, lately recovered Judgment against 
the Inhabitants of said Parish, for the Sum of near three thou- 
sand pounds old Tenor, as an Arrearage of Salary for about 
twenty Months from the time of bringing his Action, due to 
[words torn oft']. 

That at the time said Parish was Incorporated, many of the 
Inhabitants were Presbyterians bred up according to the form 
of the Kirk of Scotland, who tho' they joind with the Congre- 
gationalists, when they coud not obtain and Support a Minis- 
ter of their Own Sentiments in these matters, yet always In- 
tended as soon as a sufficient number of that Denomination 
were settled in the Parish to settle a minister of their own, One 
who was Educated in and professd the Principles of the said 
Kirk, and accordingly for more than Seven Eighth's of the said 
Time, they had such a Minister, who has continued with them 
ever since, and is Ordained according to the form aforesaid — 
That it has been Resolved by the Legislative Authority of this 
Prov e and often Determined by the Executive Courts, that the 
Presbyterians living in any Parish where the Settled Minister 
is a Congregationalism attending Divine worship according to 
their Own Way, (either in the same Parish or Elsewhere,) are 
by the Law of the Province, exempted from paying towards 
the Support of such Minister, as well as the Members of the 
Church of England or the Quakers — 

That the sum Recovered as aforesaid is Intirely for the Min- 
- isters Service of which the Presbyterians in Pembroke had 
not the benefit, excepting about two Months, and Many of 
them who have settled there since, not so much as that, but 
having a Minister of their own, all the Rest of said time, are 
Clearly within the Exemption and Saving of the Law afore- 
said ; and tho' the Judgment aforesaid, was Recovered agt the 
Inhabitants in General, (it not being the Pla ,s business to Dis- 
tinguish those Exempted from the rest, for if there had been 
fifty Quakers there, the Action and Judgment woud have been 
in the same form against the Inhabitants, and yet in that Case 
nobody woud have tho't such Quakers Liable to pay towards 
Satisfying the Judgment,) yet the said Presbyterians, conceive 
they Ought not to pay, for any more than that proportion of 
time, while they attended M r Whittemore's Ministry, which 
they are willing to do, and for more they humbly Conceive 
they should not be Subjected by Law — but as many trials in 
that way, would tend to the Ruin of the Parish, they desire to 
prevent it by some more Amicable and Summary Method — 
and tho Such an Equitable assessment might be made, by the 
Select men, yet being parties and Interested, as it woud be ex- 
tremely Difficult for them to be Impartial, so few woud be sat- 


isfied and acquiesce, with what they shoud do in that matter — \ 
Wherefore your petition" in behalf of their principals, Hum- 
bly pray, that some suitable disinterested Persons, of some j 
other Town or Parish, may be Authorized to Assess said Sum, 
(which is yet to be Raisd,) on the Polls and Estates of the In- 
habitants aforesaid, and to adjust and Assess the proportion of 
the said Presbyterians in Equity, according to the time they 
Respectively sat under M r Whittemore's Ministry, after the In- 
corporation aforesaid, or the time of his Settlement after it — j 
and that each Society may for the future be Considered as a 
Distinct Parish, and Indpend 1 of One Another, as to the Sup- 
port of the Gospel Ministry. And that your Petition™ may 
have leave to bring in a bill accordingly and they will as Duty 
bound Ever Pray &c — 

David Connor 
Thomas mc Lucas 

> agents 

[In H. of Rep., June 2, 1763, the petitioners were granted 
liberty to bring in a bill. Council concurred with an 
amendment as follows : — Ed.] 

In Council June 3 d 1763. Read and Concurred with this 
Amendment that the Presbiterian party pay their Proportion 
of Judgment Recovered by M r Whittemore till they had a Min- 
ister Settled by the Presbitery, which is three months and 
whereas the Parish have Voted to Raise by Tax a Sum of 
Money to oppose the Prosecution of these affairs, which was 
as it appears in favour of the Presbiterians, that what ever sum 
this may amount to, the Congregational party to be exonerated 
from — 

T. Atkinson, Jun r Sec 7 

In the House of Representatives Eod m Die 
Read & Concurred — 

A Clarkson Clerk 
[See Vol. IX, p. 659.— Ed.] 

[S-241] \_Petition of Jonathan Dlxfor a Ferry: addressed 
to the Governor and Council, 1774..] 

Humbly shews — 
That your Petitioner is desirous of improving a certain 
Place in Merrimack River for a Publick Ferry about three 
Miles below Merrills Ferry so called, at which Place Your Pe- 
titioner humbly begs leaves to represent unto Your Excellency 
and Honours that there will be the great passing Roads from 


the Towns of Hillsborough Heneker Dunbarton and many- 
other Towns even so far Westward as Charlestown, That it 
will not only Accomodate those Towns with Conveniency of 
passing but lessen their Distance some Miles in the travelling 
to Portsmouth the Metropolis of this Province — 

Your Petitioner also humbly begs Leave to assure Y r Excel- 
lency and Honours that if he is indulged in this his Petition, 
he will be very solicitous to provide a proper Boat or Boats to 
accommodate every Traveller in his passing and repassing s d 
River and Otherways Oblige himself to fulfill and perform all 
such Restrictions and Regulations as Your Excellency and 
Honours may think proper to lay upon him And Your Peti- 
tioner as in Duty bound shall ever pray — 

Jonathan Dix 

Portsmouth Jan y 21 st 1774 — 

[An elaborate plan of the river, from a point above Horse- 
shoe pond to a point below Hooksett falls, which accom- 
panied this petition, may be found in manuscript vol. 2, p. 
229. — Ed.] 

[8-239] [^Jonathan Dix recommended. ~\ 

We the Subscribers Inhabitants of Concord, Bow and Pem- 
broke do apprehend it necessary to have a Ferry Established 
across Merrimack River between Pembroke and Bow at a 
place called the old Ferry place about a Mile below Garvins 
Falls ; And do think that M* Jonathan Dix is a very fit person 
to keep a Ferry there, and will keep a good one. 
March the 22 nd 1774 

Peter Green 
And w M c Millan 
David Gilman 
Jn° Bryent 
Sam 11 Noyes 
Samuel Connor 
Peter Robinson 
Benja Norris 

[8-240] [Measurements relative to the Ferry, 1774.] 

February y e 3 d 1774 — 

We the Subscribers by Jonathan Dix' Desire have Measured 
a part of Merrymack River Beginning att Garvins Falls So 
Called Down the River on the Ice to the mouth of Soucook 
River So Called and find it to be 192 Rods from thence to the 


old Ferry place So Called 12S Rods from thence to the Mouth 
of the Meeting House Brook So Called 60 Rods from thence to 
a Large white pirie tree Standing on the westerly side of the 
River on Land of M r Alexanders 260 Rods Being in the whole j 

two Miles which is an Exact Measure by the Chain on the 
Ice— I 

Benjamin Norris Servayor 

Stephen Bartlett 

[8—242] [Petition for Ammunition, Iff6."\ 

To the Honourable the Provential Congress now Setting at 
Exeter, — 

Gentlemen — 

We being the Select men of Pembroke and haveingbeen fre- 
quently Importuned to get a Store of Powder of which at Pres- 
ent we have none and There being a number of Men Willing 
to go in Order to Stop the British Troops and Canadians from 
Penitrating into the back Settlements of New England Pray 
Procure Some Powder & lead for us If Possible viz About One 
hundred w* of gun Powder & About Half H d W* of Lead and 
About Two Hundred Flints or as Much as Will Answer for the 
Present Nesesity on Any Terms and Send p r favour of m r 
Aaron Whittemore we have no Store amongst us and men 
Would make but a Poor hand of Fiteing an Enemy with out 
Ammunition pray don't fail of Sending if it Can be Procured. 
we are Gentlemen Your Most Humble Serv u 

Pembroke July 2 d 1776 — 

Will" 1 Cochran ) Select men of 
David Abbot J Pembroke 

[8-243] [Relative to Capt. McConnell.'] 

Pembrook June y* 5 th 1777 — 

Whereas it appears that Some 111 minded Persons have a De- 
sign to Injure the Chorector of Cap 1 Samuel M c Connell — 

we the Subscribers Committee of Safty and Inspection for 
the town of Pembrook, Do hereby Certify to all whom it may 
Concearn that he has appeared to be a friend to his Country 
and has all ways Been Ready both in Person and Estate to asist 
and Contrebute in the Defance of the Common Cause of Amer- 
rica — 

Jacob Doyne 
James Robertson 
David Connor 



[8-245] [Petition relative to Caflt. McConnell: addressed 
to the Coimcil and House of Representatives.^ 

Humbly Sheweth that whereas Cap* Samuel McConnell on 
the 28 of May 1777 Did by a small majority of Votes obtain a 
Vote for to Represent S d town in General assembly and as we 
are Consious to our Selves that he is an Enemy to the Glorious 
Cause we are now Engaged in and that Such Persons being In- 
troduced into our Publick assemblies will be Atended with the 
Most Dangerous and Fatal Consequences — therefore prav that 
your Honnours will take the Subject Matter of this our Petition 
into Consideration and Grant us a Day of Hearing as Soon as 
may be Conveniently had and Dismiss said m c Connell from 
your hous and your Petitioners as in Duty bound Shall Ever 

Pembroke June 2 d 1 777 

Asa Foster 
Joseph Baker 
Job Abbott 
Nath 11 Head 
Nath 11 Ambrose 
Jonathan Bartlet 
Benjamin Holt 

James Head 
Lovell Baker 
Jere h Wardwell 
John head 
Thomas Baker 
Joseph Swett 
David Abbott 

Peter Gilman 
Peter Gilman Jr 
John Carlton 
Nathnel Lakman 
William Carlton 
Asa Foster Jr 

[8—246] \_Stateme72t of the Moderator relative to the Pro- 
ceedings of a To / wn-AIeeting.~\ 

Pembroke December S th 1777 

The Proceedings of the Inhabitants of Pembroke at a Meeting 
to Chuse a Representative on the Above Said day it was Al- 
most Night when the Select men Came to the meeting house 
and After the Moderator was Chosen it was so Dark in the 
Meeting house he Could not Read the warrant til he Changed 
Places with the (Ok) to have the light of a window after he had 
Read the warrant Richard Bartlet Esq 1 " Motion'd Against Send- 
ing any Representative and was Seconded by Some but he In- 
sisted upon it So much that Although it was against my own 
mind I put it to Vote to se if they would Chuse a man to Send 
to Cort there Seemed to be Some more hands ag l it than was 
for it but Several men Came forward and said it was no Vote 
for Some men held up both hands then Col l> Gilman made a 
Speech and advised to Send a man and then they Seemed in 
General to be of a mind to Send a man then I Desired them to 
bring in their Votes for a Representative and Accordingly they 


did there was 44 Votes for Col Gilman although Some of them 
I thought had no Right to Vote one of them is not of age Alth° 
his father would not tell me when Asked the Question Some 
Others that Never paid a Tax in the Town Neither were they 
free holders which I thought had no Right to Vote for a Rep- 
resentative and there was 45 Votes for Cap 1 m c Connell and one 
for L* Head the Clerk Spoke and Said it was a Tye and I Spoke 
So after him and Some of the men Said there was a man Come- 
ing that would untie it So both Parties waited with Patience 
till the man Came in but Clk Bartlet went out of the meeting 
house to get the man to Vote for Col Gilman as I was after- 
wards Informed alth he Did not make out So I waited for the 
Clerk till he Came in and Asked him If he had Voted and he 
Told me he had & I told I had not yet So I Voted for Cap' m c - 
Connell which made 47 Votes for him with the man's Vote 
that Came in and Then I Told tiiem that they had made Choice 
of Cap* m c Connell for their Representative and Imediately 
after that was Proclaimed Both by the Moderator and the Town 
Several men went away and Seing that Nath 11 Head Came 
forward and Said he was Dissatisfied with the Choice and then 
they began In a Confused manner to Talk of haveing a Pole 
Others Said it was not fair to Ask a pole when part of the men 
was gone home Others Said they had no Right to ask a pole 
when Three men was Voted for So they began to get Very 
warm in Disputing it Soon grew Dark Cap 1 m c Connell Spoke 
and Said he was willing to Throw up his Choice and let the 
Meeting be Adjourned till the next Day and let the Town Try 
if they Could Choose Some man that would Please them all: 
Col Gilman Spoke and Said it was little Satisfaction to Repre- 
sent a Town and but little more than half the people for him 
but he was for the Meeting going on and Spoke of haveing a 
Candle and Instantly there was a lited Candle brought into the 
meeting house and Then Insisted on their haveing a pole 
Athough a great many of the men was gone home which I 
thought was not proper at that time of Night but Intended they 
Should have a pole the next Day and as there was two Other 
Articles in the warrant and in the Confusion the Clerk left the 
meeting although I Desireded him to Stay a little longer: so I 
Advised to have the meeting Adjournd Some Appeared warm 
for it Others Against it So as the Clk : had left the meeting I 
thought best to Adjourn till the next day at one OClock after 
noon at the Same place but the Clerk Could not be found Nei- 
ther Could there be Enterance into that meeting house for the 
man that had the key refused Giveing it up So I went to the 
meeting house & Called the meeting and Adjourned it to the 
Other meeting house and then Opened the meeting again & 



Some of them Desired a pole which was granted and there was 
fifty Legal Voters. that pol'd for Cap 1 M c Connell to be Repre- 
sentative then I proceeded on the Other Articles & then De- 
solved so Imediately Aplication was made to Col Oilman he 
being one of the Selectmen and haveing the Precept that it 
might be Sent but he uterly Refused Signing or Giveing it up 
to any man So I Shall leave It to your Honours whether Cap* 
m c Connall was legaly Chosen to Set as a Representative or 
whether your Honours will Send a precept for a New Choice 

William Cochran Moderator 
Pembroke January 2 d 1778 

The Occation of the foregoing Proceedings not been Sent 
Sooner was because Some Persons gave out word that they De- 
termined to Break the meeting:. 

[8-247 and R. 3- 

05] \_Petitio?i to be annexed to Col. Stick- 
ney's Regiment, 1777. ~] 

To the Hon ble Council & House of Representatives setting at 
Exeter — 

The petition of us the subscribers as well the alarm List as 
the training Band of the first Company of Melitia in Pembroke, 
it being the Second Company in Col° Daniel Moors Regiment 
humbly sheweth — That your Petitioners live at a distance from 
the body of the Regiment and at a greater distance from their 
Colonel which renders the situation disagreeable in many re- 
spects — as we lay bordering on Col Stickney's Regiment we 
think it would much more commode us as well as being more 
convenient to the public to be annexed to Col Stickney's Regi- 
ment — We therefore desire your Honours will grant Comply- 
ance or point out some other Method that your Petitioners may 
be remidied and as your Petitioners are in duty bound shall 

ever pray — Decem r 

: 30*, 1777— 

Asa Foster 

Jn° Parker 

Sam 1 Phelphs 

Asa Foster Jr. 

Joseph Parker 

Nathan Holt 

Fred k Foster 

Lemuel Stickney 

Jerem h Abbott 

Joseph Swett 

W™ Carlton 

Samuel Abbott Jr 

Eliph' Swett 

Benj a Mills 

Nath 1 Oilman 

Benj" Whittemore 

Rich d Head 

Peter Gilman Jr 

Thorn 8 Baker 

Sam 1 Kimball 

Zeb n Gilman 

Nath 1 Lake man Jr. 

Dean Merrill 

Job Abbott 

Sam 1 Lakeman 

Nathan Noyes 

Joseph Emery 

Sam 1 Abbott 

Aaron Whittemore 

Sam 1 Piper 

David Lovejoy 

Peter Whittemore 

Benj a Piper 


Dan 1 Holt David Kimball Daniel Noyes 

Nath 1 Head Benj a Jennis Joshua Kimball 

Jn° Head J onn Carlton Chandler Lovejoy 

Elias Whittemore Jer h Morgan Caleb Lovejoy 

Joseph Baker Moses Forster Nath 1 Lakeman 

Lovewell Baker Mitchel Kimball Nath 1 Ambrose 

Jer h Wardwell James Head Jon a Bartlett 

Levi Carter Frye Holt 

Benj a Hall Josiah Haggett 

[In H. of Rep., January 2, 1778, a hearing was ordered 
for the next session ; meanwhile Colonels Moor and Stick- 
ney were to be notified. November 13, 1778, the H. of 

"Resolved, That the first company of militia in Pembroke 
commonly called the English Company, be separated and 
disjoined from the Regiment commanded by the said Col 
Daniel Moore, and be annexed to the regiment commanded 
by Col Thomas Stickney." — Ed.] 

[R. 3-107] [Soldier's Discharge, zySo."] 

Smith Soldier in the first N. Hampshire Reg* formerly 

an Inhabitant of Pembrook County of Rockingham and state of 
N. Hampshire having honourably and faithfully served in the 
service of the United States Three years being the term of his 
Inlistment is hereby Discharged from the Army and is permit- 
ted to return to the state of N. Hampshire 

, Jo 8 Cilley Col° 
To whom it may Concern 

West Point April 20 th 1780 

[R. 3-108] [Capt. Head's Return, 1780.'] 

a return of my orders July the 1 y e 1780 

I have inlisted four men to serve in the Continental Servis at 
Head Quarters for three months viz moses Tyler John Parker 
Amos Lakeman Fredrick foster all of Pembroke also Levy Car- 
ter for Coos Campain also of Pembroke Said Carter is ordered 
to Pass muster July the 10 the other four at Amherst July 12 th 

Nath 1 Head Cap 4 

Pembroke July 10 th y e 1780 


[R. 3-109] \_Capt. Head's Return, 1781."] 

Persuant to my orders I have Raised two men one by inlist- 
ment and the other by Draft, Viz Aaron Kimball by inlistment 
and Gideon Piper by Draft 

Pembroke Sept 22 th 17S1 

Nath 1 Head Cap' 

To Col Tho 8 Stickney 

[8—248] [Petition relative to Samuel Daniell, 1782 : ad- 
dressed to the General Court. ~\ 

Humbly sheweth that whereas your Remonstrancers did pre- 
sent to your Hon 1 * Court at their session in March last a peti- 
tion praying that Leu 1 Sam 1 Daniell Might be appointed to the 
Office of a Justice of the peace but by being then Opposed was 
postponed to their Next session when a Joint petition from the 
Inhabitants of Allenstown was presented Upon both which the 
Committees of your Hon' 6 Court Reported the prayer should 
be granted Yet Nevertheless the same was opposed which pre- 
vented the Report being Accepted ; though we Humbly con- 
ceive the argument adduced against said petition did no ways 
prove any Disquallification in said Daniell to be appointed as 
above but it appears to us your Remonstrancers that the oppo- 
sition proceeded Cheifly from a motive of private prejudice or 
self Interest : therefore Depending upon it your Hon le Court 
Aimes to Act from Nobler Motives then those. — 

we your Remonstrancers pray & Petition that your Hon le 
Court will Reconsider or Reassume the consideration of the 
Repeated Reports of your committees of the Hon 11 Court; on 
the foresaid Petitions and will Accept & Receive the same as 
we Humbly conceive the same to be but Equitable Reasonable 
& Just and we again Recommend said Daniell as being Qual- 
lifyed to a competent degree for said Office and Your Petition- 
ers as in Duty bound shall always pray 

Pembrook June 17 th 1782 

William Cochran will" 1 Knox Andrew Norn's 

Nehemiah M c Daniel James Cunningham John Cullimore 

John m c Daniel William Fife Ezekiel Morril 

Rob 1 Martin John White Jacob Gray 

Samuel Gault James Fife William Knox, 

William Martin John Fife William Knox, 

Sam 11 Martin Moses M c Connell David Knox 

Thomas Cochran John Moor Jun r Starling Sargent 

Nathan Piper John man Simeon Sargent 



Nathaniel Piper 
John Connor 
Daniel lucas 
David Robinson 
David Gonnor 
Gideon Piper 
Fredrick Worthen 
James man 
James Knox 
Joseph Cochran 
William Knox 
John Knox Jur 
Daniel Knox 
Biley Smith 
Trueworthy Dudley 

Samuel Man 
Willuam Man 
william merten Juner 
Robert moor 
Samuel Parker 
John Knox 
Jacob Doyne 
Francis Doyne 
Samuel Gault 
Matthew Gault 
And w Robertson 
William Robertson 
And w Gault 
william gault 
Samuel Noyes 

Philap Sargent 
John Linord 
John Linord 
David Webster 
Samuel webster 
John Webster 
James Cochran 
James Cochran Ju r 
Richard Wait 
David wells 
Sam 1 M c Connell 
Nathan Holt 
Nathan Holt 

[8-249] [Petition relative to electing a Representative : ad- 
dressed to the Senate a?id House of Representatives , 1788. ~\ 

Humbly shews — 

That the Annual meeting of said Inhabitants for the purpose 
of Choosing Town Officers by the Incorporation is fixed on the 
last Monday of March Annually that it has been a Custom here- 
tofore to Choose our Representative for said Town on that day 
that Article was in our last Warning but it happening to be the 
last day of said Month and having many Articles to Act upon 
could not Choose a Representative, but adjourned the same 
meeting to Monday the 9 th Instant, on which day we Humbly 
pray we may have the Liberty Choose s d Representative or that 
your Honors would releive us in such manner as you in your 
great Wisdom shall think fit — 

Concord June 5 th 1788 

John Knox J r 
Stephen Bartlet 
Isaac Morrison 

> Selectmen 

[8—250] [Petition of Bryant and Bartlctt for the privilege 
of erecting a Toll- Bridge.^ 

Humbly shew John Bryent of Bow and Richard Bartlet of 
Pembroke in the County of Rockingham Esquires ; that a 
bridge over merrimack river, near turkey river falls (so called) 
would be of great p'ublick utility — that the said Bryent is the 
owner of the land adjoining said falls, on each side of said river. 


Wherefore they pray your honors to grant them their heirs and 
assigns the exclusive right of building a toll bridge over said 
river at said falls, or at any other place upon said river, be- 
tween the grant of James Robinson and the grant lately owned 
by Samuel Butters: with liberty of taking such reasonable toll 
as your honors in your great wisdom shall think fit, the one 
half of the toll after thirty years to be received for the use of the 
state, and the other for the benefit of the proprietors — and as 
in duty bound will ever pray — 

Concord Jan y 1 1 1790— Jn° Bryent 

Richard Bartlet 

[8—251] [Mei?iorial addressed to the Committee on the Erec- 
tiofi of a Bridge.~\ 

Humbly sheweth 
That they have Joined Issue in the petitions preferred to the 
Honorable Court concerning Erecting a Bridge over Merimac 
River they pray the Hon ble Committee to report on the first 
petition as to Securing the privelidge to their heirs & assigns if 
agreeable to Your Honors 

Jacob Green 
Dan 1 Livermore 
Enoch Noyes 
William Duncan 

[8-252] [Petition of the Selectmen of Pembroke and Bow 
for Authority to raise JWoney by Lottery to build a Bridge : 
addressed to the Senate and House of Representatives. ~\ 

Humbly Sheweth — 
Whereas a Bridge a Cross Merrimack River at some Conveniet 
place would be of great Service to the State, and your Humble 
Petitioners beg leave to acquaint the Hon hlc Court, that there is 
a place on Said River a little below Garvens falls (so call'd) 
known by the name of the little Falls, which we are Concious 
to be the Best place upon the River, to Build a Bridge, upon 
all accounts, firstly Nature has form'd the place so well with 
good high Rocky Banks, that it is never overflowed, and the 
River Very narrow, and a good Rocky Bottom, and So Shoal 
that Men may work in the Water with Conveniency, generaly 
the Summer Season, and likewise seems to be the most Cen- 
teral for Roads, leading from the Exterior parts of the State, 
through Pembroke to Portsmouth and Exeter, and Very little 
farther to Haverhill or Newburyport, than to Cross below the 


other falls, (which we think would not be so much for the 
Public Benefit of the State as to Cross higher on the River) 
Therefore our Prayer is that the Hon b,e Court would take this 
undertheir wise Consideration (and if they Should think the above 
Named place most Convenent) and Grant to the Perish of Pem- 
broke and the Town of Bow the Privilege of a Lottery for the 
Sole purpose of Building a free Bridge for the Benefit of the 
Public; a Cross Merrimack River at the aforesaid place, And 
that the s d Towns shall have the Exclusive Right upon Said 
River for Building Said Bridge from garvens falls Down S'd 
River to the mouth of Moors Brook So Call'd, and Your Peti- 
tioners as in Duty Bound Shall ever pray. 

Pembroke Jan" 7 y e 19 th 1791 

Stephen Bartlet ) Select Men 

James Cunningham j of Pembroke 
James Robertson ) Select Men 
Sam 1 Gault \ of Bow 

[8—255] [Petition of yacob Green and Enoch Noyes : ad- 
dressed to the Senate and Honse of Representatives.^ 

Sheweth, — 
That whereas a Bridge, across Merrimack River, somewhere 
between the Right of Ferriage, lately belonging to Samuel But- 
ters, and one mile below the Isle-Hooksett, so called, in the 
same River; — would be of exceeding advantage to the State of 
New-Hampshire; — And as it appears to your Petitioners, that 
they should be able, with the approbation, of your Honors, to 
erect such a Bridge within the Limits aforesaid, as will, in all 
respects, be not only Convenient for every passenger ; — but of 
great publick Utility — 

They humbly pray your Honors, to take the Premises into 
your wise Consideration,- — and grant to the said Green & Noyes 
— their Heirs & Assigns forever, the exclusive Right of erect- 
ing — maintaining and keeping up a toll Bridge within the said 
Boundaries. — And your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever 

Concord Jan y 7 th 1791. — 

Jacob Green 
Enoch Noyes 


[8—253] [Petition of William Duncan and Daniel Liver- 
more for Authority to erect a Toll- Bridge : addressed to 
the General Court, yanuary, lyg/.'] 

Humbly sheweth 

That your petitioners have long entertained the design of 
erecting a Bridge over Merrimac River below Concord pro- 
vided they could have suitable encouragement. 

They are persuaded that the undertaking would be very ex- 
pensive but conceive that it would be very advantageous to the 
public — under the conviction that they shall have all the aid 
and assistance which a work of such public utility merits & 
which an enlightened and patriotic Legislature will most read- 
ily bestow they are induced at this time to propose to the hon- 
ourable the General Court that they will build a Bridge over 
said River Merrimac about eight miles below Concord upon 
such reasonable Toll as shall be agreed upon & established by 
law — that after forty years from the building the Bridge shall 
have expired the toll shall be one moiety to the proprietors of 
the Bridge & the other to the State. 

provided the State will give them the exclusive right of erect- 
ing a Bridge over said River at any place within ten miles 
below Butters' privilege of ferry — 

And in duty bound shall ever pray — 

William Duncan 
Daniel Livermore 

[Feb. 17, 1791, an act was passed granting Jacob Green, 
Enoch Noyes, William Duncan, and Daniel Livermore the 
exclusive right to erect a toll-bridge over Merrimack river 
41 between one mile below Isle Hooksett Falls and one mile 
above said falls." — Ed.] 

[8-254] [Petition of a Committee on the Bridge for a Lot- 
tery : addressed to the General Court, convened yune 7, 

Humbly shews The subscribers a Committee appointed by 
the Parish of Pembroke in said state — that being very desirous 
of a Bridge across merrimac River at or near Garvens falls & 
that the same may be a free bridge, and it appearing to your 
Petitioners that it would be of very great utilitv to the Public at 
large, and as there is no probability of any bridge being erected 
in consequence of the liberty granted by an act of the General 
Court of this state at their last session, therefore pray that your 
Honours would grant the liberty of raising by Lottery the sum 


of Nine hundred pounds for the sole purpose of erecting a bridge 
at said falls or within one mile & a half of said falls either above 
or below the same as may be Judged most Convenient for the 
public good, which sum we suppose would be absolutely neces- 
sary for Compleating the same (but if said sum should exceed, 
the surplus to be placed in the Treasury of this state) or re- 
served for repairs as to your Honours may appear most Con- 
venient, your Petitioners are of opinion that if a Lottery should 
be granted it would not be injurious to the public but only pre- 
vent those who wish to try their fortune in lotteries from Carry- 
ing the money out of this state into the neighbouring states, 
fully Confident that it will appear to your Honours that a free 
& safe passage over said river would be verv advantageous to 
the public and that it is your desire to promote the public good, 
we trust that your honours will grant our Request under such 
restrictions as may seem meet — and that you will grant liberty 
to bring in a Bill accordingly, and your Petitioners as in duty 
bound will ever pray 

Richard Bartlet 

Nath 1 Head 

James Cochran V Committee 

Daniel Knox 

Sam ll M c Connell^ 

The Committee on petition for Lottery Report that the prayer 
of the within petitioners be granted & that they have leave to 
bring in a bill accordingly 

Daniel Emerson Jr for the Committee 

[8-256] [Remonstrance of sundry Inhabitants of Buck' 

street against being annexed to Allenstown, 1798.^ 

Humbly Shew — 

The undersigned Inhabitants of that part of Pembroke in the 
County of Rockingham known by the name of Buckstreet ; that 
the granting the pravers of two Petitions presented to your 
Honors at the last Session of the Honourable General Court 
held at Hopkinton on the first Wednesday of June last past, 
(the one by the Inhabitants of the town ofAllenstown in the 
County aforesaid, humbly praying to have annexed to said 
Allenstown, a tract of land with the Inhabitants thereof, which 
they in their Petition pretend to say, was taken off from the 
westerly part ofAllenstown and included in Pembroke when 


said town was incorporated, it being about one mile, and the 
same tract of land which is called Buckstreet ; the other by a 
few of the Inhabitants living on said tract of land praying that 
the afores d Petition of Allenstown might be granted) would be 
greatly injurious and oppressive to your Petitioners ; that your 
Petitioners never understood that the above mentioned tract of 
land was ever at anytime esteemed a part of Allenstown, or 
that the inhabitants thereof had ever at any period of time any 
claim upon the same, by any grant whatever, or that Allens- 
town has as yet ever been incorporated, that by annexing the 
abovementioned part of Pembroke to Allenstown, Pembroke 
would be greatly injured, as the necessary town charges would 
fall more heavily on the remaining Inhabitants, and they would 
be necessitated to class with some other town for the purpose 
of choosing a Representative, as the number of Inhabitants that 
would then remain would be insufficient according to the Con- 
stitution for the purpose That the Inhabitants of Allenstown 
can with far less inconveniency support the Bridges over Sun- 
cook River than your Petitioners, your Petitioners having al- 
ready a considerable extent of highway to maintain, and by rea- 
son of the fewness of their number, find it exceeding difficult 
to keep the same in proper repair, for the accomodation of 
travellers, and should the repairing and keeping in repair the 
Bridges over Suncook River be added to w r hat they already 
have to do in regard to the reparation of public roads, they must 
inevitably sink under the burthen, and the Public remain unac- 
comodated. That but two of the persons who signed the other 
Petition said to be presented to your Honors by the Inhabitants 
living on the beforementioned tract of land were Freeholders in 
said town of Pembroke, that in their Petition they have stated 
"that the Inhabitants of Pembroke have refused, and still do 
refuse, to render any assistance, towards building and repairing 
the Bridges over Suncook-River " Which is altogether untrue: 
And it can evidently be made to appear, if necessary, by a num- 
ber of respectable witnesses, that the Inhabitants of Pembroke, 
altho' obligated so to do, by no Law whatever, the same being 
without the limits of their town, have invariably for the space 
of twenty years last past, been at more than half the expense in 
keeping the aforesaid Bridges in repair; That your Petitioners 
together with the other Inhabitants of Pembroke have ever here- 
tofore approved themselves true friends and lovers of their 
Country, in the most difficult times, and have ever demeaned 
themselves as good Citizens of this State, and borne with cheer- 
fulness their proportion of all public expences, and are still 
ready to sustain their part in whatever may conduce to the pub- 
lic good. — 

Your Petitioners therefore humbly pray your Honors not to 


do thern so irreparable an injury as to annex the abovemen- 
tioned tract of land, or any part thereof to Allenstown, by grant- 
ing the prayers of the aforesaid Petitions, which can be but of 
little advantage to said Allenstown or to the Public at large ; in 
comparison of the vast disadvantage it will be to your Petition- 
ers and the town of Pembroke : and your Petitioners as in duty 
bound will ever pray — 

Pembroke November 21* AD 1798 

Solomon White- Samuel Cochran Thomas Kimball 

house Will" 1 Cochran Jur 

Christopher Osgood True worthy Dudley Joseph Emery 

Robert Chase J°hn m c daniel Benjamin Piper 

Jacob Emery J onn Ayer Nehe h Cochran 

Thomas Cochran Caleb Lovejoy Sam 1 Emery 

Jacob Edes Joseph Emery Jun r 

[See following document.] 

[8-257] \_Petitlon of sundry Inhabitants of Pembroke to be 
annexed to Allenstown : addressed to the General Court, 
i 79 8. 

Humbly Shew — 

The undersigned, Inhabitants of that part of Pembroke 
which was taken off from Allenstown in the County of Rock- 
ingham, that they and the public have long laboured, and still 
labour under many and Great inconveniences by Reason of the 
badness of Bridges over Suncook river — 

That the Town of Pembroke have refused and still refuse 
to render any assistance towards building and repairing said 
Bridges ; Thereby, in effect, endeavouring to compel the town 
of Allenstown to Build and keep in repair all the Bridges 
across Suncook River, which we conceive to be very unreason- 
able and unjust, considering the fewness of the Inhabitants and 
the expence of making and repairing their other Roads and 
Bridges — And being informed that the Inhabitants of Allens- 
town are about petitioning your Honors to have that part of 
Pembroke afores d which was formerly Allenstown, Reannexed 
to Allenstown for the purpose of enabling them to build and 
Repair the Bridges over said river your petitioners therefore 
humbly pray your Honors that the aforesaid petition of the In- 
habitants of Allenstown may be granted, that they and the 
public may no longer suffer for the want of safe and convenient 



Bridges over said River And as in duty bound They will ever 

Pembroke June 4 th 179S — 

John Cochran Samuel Martin 

Daniel Cochran Thomas Robinson 

James Cochran Junr 

[John Cochran and James Cochran, Jr., subsequently re- 
canted. See vol. 8, p. 260, manuscript. — Ed.] 














Length of the Roads in Allenstown claimed by Pembroke- 

From Epsom line, by Capt Whitehouse's to the main 

From Whitehouse's to Osgood's Mills 
Dudley's Road- 
Hardy's Road 
Two Short Bridges — 

Length of the several Roads in Allenstown — 
Main Road from Deerfield to Buck street Bridge 
Road from the to Candia — 
Road from Benj a Wiggins' to Epsom line — 
Road from the Schoolhouse to Epsom line — 2. 000 

Road from Sam 11 Brown's in Epsom to the main 

Road — 1. 000 

Road from Chester Road by M r Leonards and over 

Boat meadow Brook to the main Road — 
Road from the main Road to Mount Delight — 
Road from Osgood's mills to Chester line — 

From Chester road to Bow line- 
Length of Bridges — 

Over Bear-Brook by Burgen's Mill — 

Fisk's Bridge — 

On the Road to Candia 

On the Road to Sam 11 Brown's — 

On the Road leading to Mount Delight — 

On the Road leading by Leonards — 










iles 17. 

9 s 


1 — 








Am* of highway tax in Allenstown in 179S $130.29,7 
Sum total of rateable Estate £69.10,7. — 

[See introduction, page 153. — Ed.] 


The grant of the township was made by the legislature 
of Massachusetts to Samuel Heyward and others, Dec. 8, 
1737, approved by Gov. Belcher Jan. 16, 1738, and surveyed 
in May following. The survey was accepted and the grant 
confirmed June 14, 1738. Proprietors' meetings were held 
in Boston until 1753. On the 26th and 27th of September 
in that year a meeting was held in the town, at which time 
the name Peterborough first appears on the proprietors' 
records. It is probable that it was named in honor of 
Charles Mordaunt, Earl of Peterborough. No permanent 
settlements were made in this town until about the year 
1749, although several attempts had previously been made, 
and some land cleared. 

The settlement of the province line in 1741 decided the 
town to be within the limits of New Hampshire. Being 
within the limits of the Masonian proprietors' claim, a set- 
tlement with them became necessary, and means were used 
which resulted in procuring a quitclaim to all the territory 
in town but 3,400 acres. 

Peterborough was incorporated Jan. 17, 1760, "to have 
continuance for two years only;" it was, however, re- 
chartered in April, 1762, to continue until disallowed by 
the king. 

Jan. 29, 1789, a small tract of land was severed from the 
south-east corner of the town, and annexed to Temple. 

A nearly full list of Revolutionary soldiers may be found 
in the History of Peterborough, by Dr. A. Smith. I find, 
credited to the town, in addition to that list, James Moor, 
entered Feb. 15, 1777, dismissed December, 1781, First 
N. H. regiment. Lieut. John Taggart was in Capt. Isaac 
Farwell's company at Bunker Hill, and was killed at Ticon- 
deroga July 7, 1777. It will also be seen from the following 
papers that Daniel Russell claimed to be of Peterborough 
in 1780. 

A portion of this town was taken off, and with other 


tracts incorporated into the town of Greenfield June 15, 


Peterborough is a manufacturing town, and because of 

its water-power is a prosperous community. 

[8-210] \_Petition for help to build a jFort.~\ 

To his Excellency Binning Wentworth Esq r Capt. Gen 1 & 
Govern' In chief in and over his Maj s Province of New 
Hampshire, and to the Hon 1 his Maj s council & house of 
Representatives : assembled att Portsmouth. 

The humble address & Petition, of the Inhabitants of Peter- 
borough so called 

Humbly sheweth 

That by the Providence of God, we are Settled under yo r 
happy Government, & propose to take Sanctuary under yo r 
Protection, & to do our utmost in Subjecting our Selves to your 
authority, upon every emergency ; and account that w r e have 
Just reason so to do, from your Care & Clemency to other new 
Settlemen' 8 ; and Considering the present dangerous situation of 
Affairs, we have been useing some means for our Safety & 
Defence against the Heathen, in raising one Considerable Gar- 
rison, in the South part of the Town, of pretty Large Dimen- 
sions, with Square Logs, Twelve Inches thick, as the bearer can 
more fully Informe. And we design to raise another more 
Large & nearer the Center Contiguous to our Meeting house, 
where it will best suite, that will accomodate the most of the 
Inhabitants : but this we fier to undertake of our Selves upon 
the accomp 1 of the great Expence it will amount to, we having 
laid out we may Say, all our Substance in Improving our Land 
for bread, corn & Hay, to this purpose* we have both Dedicated 
our time & money. So that we Stand in need of help to build 
& Erect this Intended ffort as well as assistance to Defend it 
when thus built, and both with yo r Excellency & Hon rs Con- 
currence & assistance: ffor if we Should break up that are 
Barriers to the Towns below us, that is Dunstable & Townend, 
they should be as much Expos'd as we now are, so that it 
would be their safety as well as our own if we be Encourag'd 
to continue. 

May it therefore Please Yo r Excellency & Hon™ to Consider 
the Premises, & think what a ruining tiling it would be to yo r 
Petitioners if our time strength & substance should be lost, & 
this valucable Settlem 1 breake up ; that has been bless'd with 
Such Success, as non Such for the time, the Loss would not 



be made up in Some years, if ever in our time. The preven- 
tion of which we Esteem, is in Yo r Excellency & Hon" power; 
not that we would presume to Direct, not being skill'd in Pub- 
lick affairs, the good Governmen' that Providence hath Bless'd 
us with, you being our Patrons; But our present necessity & 
future fears obliges us to Supplicate for help from you, in whose 
power it is to Commiserate such as we fier to be, not that we 
are under any Slavish fler, for if we obtain our necessitous 
Demands, your Countenance & aid, we resolve to Continue 
here & by the Divine assistance acquit our Selves in the cause 
of our lives & Interest like men while life is granted : now not 
only Confiding, but Depending on yo r Excellency & Hon" 
Compliance to our necessitous request, Yo r Petitioners as in 
duty bound shall ever Pray. 

Hugh Willson 
Thomas Morison 
Jonath" Morison 
John Swan 
John Swan Ju r 
william wallas 
Jeremah Swan 
John Smith 
Samuel Wallas 
Thomas Davison 

John Davison 
William Smith 
William mCay 
John Graham 
John Stuard 
Charles mCay 
David wallas 
Will" 1 mitchell 
Isaac mitchell 
Will™ Nay 
Joseph Caldwell 

John Taggart 
James mitchell 
Samuel Stinson 
James Stinson 


Thomas Bogle 
Joseph Bogle 
John Farguson 
William Richey 
Gustavus Swan 

[8-212] [Petition of yohn Sullivan relative to Rev, yohn 
Morrison : addressed to the Governor and Council.] 

Humbly Shews That at the present Session of the General 
Court a Petition was Drawn up by your memorialist at the re- 
quest of Said Inhabitants and afterward Signed by a majority 
of them, Setting forth that m r John Morison was Some years 
Since ordained to the work of the Ministry in Said Town & 
that Since his ordination he had been guilty various Times of 
profane Swearing Drunkenness & other Lew d wicked & Disor- 
derly practices Quite unbecoming the Christian & Especially the 
ministerial Character & praying that they might be Set at Lib- 
erty to ordain & Support another minister & be Exempted 
from paying Towards the Support & maintainance of a minis- 
ter whose Life & conversation was a Scandal to the profession 
— which petition being preferred a hearing was granted by the 
Honourable House of Representatives for trying and Deter- 
mining the Same on the third Day of the Sitting of the General 
Court after the fifteenth Day of January next & being Sent up 


to the Honourable Board for Concurrence was Dismissed upon 
a Supposition (as your memorialist was Informed) That it was 
a matter more proper for the Spiritual Courts — But your me- 
morialist Humbly apprehends that if the fact had been more 
fully Stated & understood your Excellency & Honours would 
have thought Quite Differently of the matter: for the aforesaid 
Inhabitants did at first prefer a Petition to a Certain Presbitery 
for Removing the said Morrison & a Committee from the Pres- 
bitery was appointed for hearing the matter who after the hear- 
ing Restored him to his former Standing after a Suspension of 
Ten Sabbaths by way of penance for the following Crimes 
which they Acknowledged they found him guilty of as appears 
by a Copy of their proceedings herewith exhibited — viz firstly 
Intemperance at Col° Hollands, 2dly Intemperance at the 
House of John Taggart. 3dly profane Swearing in all of which 
the Committee were unanimous that he was guilty. 4thly pro- 
fane Swearing proved by one witness. 5thly Immodest Deport- 
ment at John Taggarts Evident by his own Confession. 6thly 
Immodest behaviour to Elizabeth Miller proved by one Wit- 
ness. 7thly Immodest & obscene Discourse proved by one 
Witness. Sthly Immodest Conversation & Deportment proved 
to the Satisfaction of the whole Committee : Now your Memo- 
rialist humbly apprehends that Either of those Charges which 
the Committee Acknowledged were fully proved would alone 
have been Sufficient Cause for Deprivation by the Canon Law 
as appears by woods Institute 41. 3 d Institute 204. 2 d Roll: 
Abridgement 222. 6th Report 14: nth Report 49 & 98 Ho- 
barts Reports 243 & many other Authorities in point but this 
Committee Notwithstanding the Law was So Express Restored 
him to his former Standing and the Inhabitants can have no 
Redress but from the Legislative Authority of the Government 
whose province alone it is to Redress So Intolerable a Griev- 
ance & no other power Either Civil or Ecclesiastical in this 
Government can Dissolve the Contract between a Minister & 
his people — And Surely your Excellency and Honours must 
be Sensible That Though a Presbitery may Restore a Minister 
To his Standing yet they can by no means Reconcile the minds 
of a people to a profane Drunken & Debauched Minister nor 
Can they look upon themselves as Injoying their Religious Lib- 
erties while they are Compellable To Support Such a person 
in the Ministry nor while they are oblidged to Rest Easv with 
the Judgment & Determination of a Spiritual Committee whose 
Judgment was Directly against the first principles of that Law 
by which they pretended to Act. wherefore Inasmuch as the 
Said Inhabitants are thus aggrieved & having no remedy but 
from the General Court your memorialist in behalf of Said Pe- 
titioners Humbly prays that a hearing may be granted on the 


former Petitions & then your Excellency & Honours will un- 
doubtedly be Convinced that the Said Petitioners have been 
greatly aggrieved as well at the Determination of the Said 
Committee as at the Conduct of the Said Morrison which is 
the only .Reason of their Troubling your Excellency & Honours 
with this matter, from which grievance if your Excellency & 
Honours in your great Clemency & goodness will please to 
grant them relief by Reconsidering that vote for Dismissing the 
former Petition, & granting them a Day for hearing thereon 
the Said Petitioners will Ever Pray 

December 19th 1771 

Jn° Sullivan in behalf of & attorney to Said 

[Mr. Morrison relinquished his connection with the so- 
ciety in March, 1772. — Ed.] 


Extracts from the Minutes of the Rev d Presby y of Boston met 
at Petersburg}! June 18 th 1771 

Committee Members present 

Ministers Mess" David M c Gregore John Huston J Will- 

Elders Mess 1 " 8 Sam 1 Fisher — D Moor — Sam 1 Morrison 

Thursd y June 20 th Met according to adjournment 

Memb rs as above — opened with Prayer 

The Committee proceeded respecting the Articles of Charge 
& after a solemn & serious Examination of the Evidences do 
give their Judgment as followeth 

1 Charge Intemperance — At Stephen Hollands Esqr Unani- 
mously agreed that M r Morrison is found guilty of this charge 

2 Charge Intemperance at John Taggarts of Petersburgh 
unanimously agreed though this Article is not so highly aggra- 
vated as the first charge yet the committee find him guilty of 

3 d Charge Profane swearing the committee are unanimously- 
agreed that this charge is also sufficiently proved 

4 Charge Profane swearing In this Charge a Single evi- 
dence appeard and for the Reasons offered the committee saw 
fit to indulge the evidence not to swear 

5 Charge Buying a poor mans vote Tho there was some 
inexpediency yet nothing unlawful and consequently nothing 

6th Charge Immodest conversation and Deportment 


I st Article respecting Agnes Mitchel not proved 

2 Instance of immodest Deportment at John Taggarts July 
1770 evident by his own confession 

3 d Article of Immodest Behaviour in respect of Elisabeth 
Miller her testimony being Single It is the Judgement of the 
Committee the two last instances would amount to a full proof 
of the Charge but as they are Supported only by one witness 
the Evidence come short of Judicial proof 

4 th Upon the fourth Article of Charge the two Evidences to 
witt Stone & Wilson being sworn declared nothing that 
amounted to the shadow of a proof — 

5 — That supposing M r Morrison told the story as the Evi- 
dence upon oath declared the Committee are Unanimous that 
considering Circumstances it was unbecoming ministerial grav- 
ity but as it is supported only by one Evidence not sufficiently 
proved — 

6 — Upon this Article from the Character of William Gil- 
chrest as well as from his Evidence being wholly unsupported 
by any corroborating Circumstances the Committee are Unani- 
mous that they can give very little Weight to his Testimony — 

7 — Upon the seventh Article the Committee thought proper 
to sett aside the only Evidence that was produced 

8 — Upon the eighth Article the Committee are Unanimous 
that the evidences viz John Mitchel and his Wife being sworn 
declared nothing to support the Charge — 

9 — Unanimously agreed that this Article if made evident is 
an instance of immodesty but is not juridically proved — 

10 th Article supported by no Evidence 

II th Article supported by no evidence — 

12 th Article supported by no evidence 

13 & 14 th Articles supported by no Evidence — John Dicks 
not appearing — 

15 th Article respecting immodest Conversation & Deportment 
the Committee unanimously find him guilty — 

7 th Charge Baptizing a Child contrary to our Constitution — 
With regard to Baptising the Child this Committee think that 
there is nothing to support the s (1 Charge — 

Upon the Whole it is the Committees Judgment that in a 
Number of Articles tho not supported by such Proof as the 
Gospel requires yet some of them are attended with such Cir- 
cumstances as render the facts very suspicious — they would 
therefore in the bowels of Christ earnestly intreat the Rev d M r 
Morrison by every consideration that is weighty with impartial 
strictness to animadvert on his Conduct not only in the instances 
that have been juridically proved but also in those suspected 
instances &, as far as he is conscious of Guilt, to endeavour to 
humble himself in the dust before a Heart searching & holy 


God & to fly speedily to the Blood & righteousness of Jesus 
Christ for pardon & cleansing — 

And with respect to the agrieved the Committee would be 
free to advise them with like earnestness as it is a very critical 
Time in Peterburgh to take heed to their spirits & while they 
are justly offended at their Ministers Crimes to beware of a 
spirit of Bitterness or personal hatred 

The Presbytery further unanimously Voted on a Complex 
View of the whole case that M r Morrison be suspended for Ten 
sabbaths from his Ministerial Work or from all acts of Office 
that He appear at the end of the s d Ten sabbaths before the 
Presb 7 The time & place of the meeting of which is to be duly 
notify'd to Him and likewise to the People that both Pie & the 
People by Commissioners it is expected shall appear before s d 
session of Presb y who will then proceed with M r Alorrison re- 
proving him or otherwise as matters shall then appear to them — 
Further that this committee shall use their best endeavours with 
the next session of this Presb 7 to meet at Oakham the Week 
after next that the Pulpit of Petersburgh be supplied as much 
as they possibly can during the time of this suspension without 
any additional Charge to the s d People — 

Simon Williams Presb 7 Clerk — 
a true Copy 

[8-213] [Action of Presbytery, August, 1771^ 

Voted — that M r Morrison be restored to full standing with 
this Presb y 

Voted — that M r Morrison be restored to the exercise of his 
Ministry in Petersburgh 

Voted unanimously — that the Rev d M r M c Gregore be ap- 
pointed to write a Letter to the People of Petersburgh suited to 
their Particular Circumstances & in particular recommending 
to them a punctual Attendance on the stated Administration in 
their own Parish 

S Williams Presb^ Clerk 

dated August 29 th 1771 

a true Copy 

[8-215 is another long document by John Sullivan, rela- 
tive to the matter, dated December 30, 1771. — Ed.] 


[8-216] [Petition of William Scott relative to Bounties: 
addressed to the Geizeral Assembly, 1777. ~\ 

. Humbly Sheweth. — 

That whereas your Petitioner is appointed by his Excellency 
General Washington to raise a Company in a Reg 1 of Rangers, 
of which Col 1 Guest of Virginia is Commander and your Peti- 
tioner not being allowed by Orders to give more than the Con- 
tinental Bounty, when other Soldiers in this State are intitled 
to Twenty pounds over and above that which greatly retards the 
Progress of Inlisting. 

Therefore your Petitioner humbly beggs your Honors to take 
this Matter under Consideration and give me an equal Chance 
with other Officers in the State by granting the Same Bounty 
to Rangers, as given to the Soldiers inlisting in the Service of 
this State : and your Petitioner as in Duty bound Shall ever 

Will m Scott 

Peterborough March 8 th 1777 

[8-219] \_Relative to the Town's £hiota of Soldiers, 1779 '•] 

To The Hon blc Committee of Safety for the State of New 


May it Please Your Hon™ — 

Whereas by Resolution of Congress Dated the 15 th of March 
AD 1779. Ordering returnes to be made of all Officers & Sol- 
diers inlisted into the 16 Additional Battalions, and whereas 
this Town hath in the Service of the United States, (and inlist- 
ed for three Years and During the Warr) Twenty four Men 
And Upwards which is Ten More than Our Proportion of the 
S8 Battalions, Therefore we begg to be Credited for those Men 
and Considered in future, so that we may Not At Present be 
Obliged to make up the Proportion of Other Towns who are 
delinquent — 

We are & Shall be Ever ready to furnish our Proportions & 
Make Such Allowances to the Men returned for this Town as 
Shall be Ordered Or Thought Equitable — 

Permit us to Recommend The Bearer Cap 1 William Scott to 
Your Favours, and are Gen 1 Most Respectfully Your most H l 

David Steel Cap* 

in Behalf of Malitia Off* 
Sam 1 Cunningham 

in Behalf of Select Men 

Peterborough July 23 d 1779 — 


[R. 3-1 1 1] [Relative to Major Robert Wilson. .] 

To the Hon ble Council & Assembly sitting at Exeter for the 
State of New Hampshire. 

Gentlemen as Major R. Willson was by your authority Call- 
ed upon to Join the Militia at Still Water under the Command 
of Gen 1 Whipple & not attending according to order these may 
certify to y r Honors that his family was much indisposed at that 

William Smith J. P. 

Peterborough Feb ry 10 th 177S 

[In R. 3-1 10 Robert Willson stated that he went as soon 
as he could leave his family, joined the army, and was with 
it at the time of the " Conquest of General Burgoine and his 
army." — Ed.] 

£R. 3-1 1 2] [Daniel RusselVs Statement. ~\ 

State of New Hampshire 
To the Great and Honourable Counsel and House of Repre- 
sentatives of s d State Convened at Portsmouth 

The petition of Daniel Russell Humbly sheweth that your 
Petitioner was Disabled in the Service of the united states to 
earn his support and for his Releaf was enrol'd for Half pay By 
the Honorable Court Last June which pay Does not support 
him as there has been no act for making up Depreciation to a 
pentioner. * * * 

Peterborough October the 9 th 1780 

Daniel Russell 

[Daniel Russell was on the invalid pension-roll in 1788 
and 1789. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-1 13] [Relative to John Halfpen?iyJ\ 

Peterborough 17 th February 17S3. 

This may Certifie to all to whome it may consern that John 
Halfpenny hath not Received any Bounty from the town of Pe- 
terborough since the Contest Began Between Grate Brittan and 

asserted by William Smith ) Select 
Samuel Gregg ) men 


[K. 3-1 14] [Soldiers' Orders ^\ 

to the Hon bIe John Taylor Gilman Esq r Treasurer 

Sir please to pay to L* Mathevv Walis the whole of the wages 
due to me for serving six months in the Melitia of the state of 
New hampshire and all other money that is my due and this 
shall be your discharge from me 

Peterb October the 29 1 7S4 

Amos Spafford 

[Other orders to pay wages to Matthew Wallace were as 
follows : 

William Darrah, Oct. 9. 1784, Col. Cilley's Reg't. 
Randal McAllaster, Oct. 7, 1784, Col. Jackson's Reg't. 
James Taggart, Dec. 13, 1784, " " 

John Swan, Jan. 22, 1785, " " 

Serg't Samuel Mitchell, Jan. 13, 1785, Col. Jackson's 
Reg't, ordered his to be paid to Josiah Munroe. — Ed.] 

£R. 3-1 19] \_Petition of John Young, Soldier* 1785.] 

To the General Assembly of the State of New Hampshire 

The Petition of John Young of Peterborough 

Shews That your Petitioner Serv d a Campaign at Rhodeiland 
in the Regm' Commanded by Lieu 1 Col° Peabody as Surgeon in 
the year 1778 and your Petitioner being informed the Gen 1 as- 
sembly have made allowance to officers in that Regiment of 
Depreciation and Interest of their pay he therefore Prays that 
An allowance may be made to him for the same according to 
the Capacity in which he serv d 

Dated at Peterborough Aug* 20 th 1 7S5 

John Young 

£8-220] [Return of Ratable Polls, 1783.'] 

State of New Hampshire Hillsborough ss 

In Obediance to a precept directed to us the Subscribers Se- 
lectmen for the town of Peterborough for A D 17S3 Directing 
us to make a return to the generl Assembly at their next Ses- 
sion the N° Polls of 21 years and upwards paying poll taxes by 
themselves viz male polls in the town aforesaid do make return 


of 133 as aforesaid as witness our hands Peterborough Decem- 
ber 9th day Anno Domini 1783 

John Young ) o 1 *. 

^U, c .° - 1 belectmen 

Thomas Stewart J 

[Sworn to before William Smith, Justice of the Peace. — 

[8-221] \_Relative to John Morrisvn^ etc., 1783.'] 

State of New Hampshire. 

Peterborough May 14 th , 1783. 
To the Hon ble General Court of New Hampshire, to be holders 
at Concord, the tenth Day of June 17S3. 

We the Subscribers petition your Honours, that you would 
grant John Mitchel Esq r of Charlestown South Carolina, and 
M r Isaac Mitchel of the aforesaid Peterborough, a fair and Ju- 
dicious Trial, in an old Action, that has long precided between 
them and John Morrison, who was formerly a Minister in said 
Peterborough, and who by the latest Account we had of him, 
was a Captain of the British Forage at South Carolina, And We 
your Petitioners as in Duty bound will ever pray &c 

Kalso Gray Benj a Mitchel William Swan 

Andrew Baley Thomas Turner Sam 1 Mitchel 

John Swan Robert Morrison Isaiah Taylor 

William Houston Adams Grag Abel Parker 

Samuel Gordon William M c Nee Robert Gray 

Samuel Houston William Robbe John Morrison 

Matthew Gray Nathaniel Whitte- Robert Smith jun r 

David Steel more Thomas Smith 

Jn° Gray William Robbe jun r Thomas Davinson 

John Morrison Jn° White John Taggart 

Matthew Templeton James Cunningham W m M c Nee jun r 

Samuel Treadwell John White James Miller 

Thomas M r Clurg W m White Rob 1 Holms 

Charles White Robert Willson 

James Taggart Samuel Miller 

[8-222] \_Petiiion of the Selectmen relative to yoJin Mor- 
rison, Deserter : addressed to the General Court, 1783. ~] 

We the subscribers Petition your Honours would take Notice 
of John morrison Who was formerly a minister in the Town of 
Peterborough in this State Who in the year 1775 Enlisted in 


the American Service as a Common Soldier And Deserted from 
there to the British army Where we was Enform d that he Did 
ns much harm, and he was Returnd Only as an absentee and 
not as an Enemy and we Your Humble Petitioners Begs that 
Your honours Would Consider him as an Enemy and have him 
Return d Acording to Law and that his Estate may Be converted 
to the Same Use as the Rest of our Enemies have Been 

And We your Petitioners Begs that Your Honours Would 
Grant A fair and Judicious trial Between John Mitchel Esq of 
Charleston South Carolina and Mr Isaac Mitchel of Peterbor- 
ough in this State in an old action that has Long Persided Be- 
tween them and the aforesaid John Morrison Who By the ac- 
ount we have of him is now in the British Service and in So 
Doing your Petitioners Shall as in Duty Bound Ever Pray — 

Dated at Peterborough in the State of New hampshire May 
the 14 th 17S3 

Alexander Robbe ) c , 

Th° Steuart \ Selectmen 

[8-223] \_Petition of the Selectmen relative to setting- off* 
the east part of the Town: addressed to the General 
Assembly. ,] 

Humbly shevveth, 

that some time since they have been serv'd with aCoppy of a Pe- 
tition Signed by some of the Inhabitants of Lyndborough pray- 
ing that a Piece of land about one Mile wide may be taken off 
the east side of said Peterborough & annexed to some land in 
Lyndborough & be made a Parish as in Said Petition is Set 
forth against which your Petitioners begs leave to remonstrate 
& Shew that such a diminution of Peterborough will greatly 
injure it. As the Town is only Six Miles square & a large- 
Meeting House built near the Center of the Town to accommo- 
date the Inhabitants as well the East side as the West & to take 
off such a Valuable piece as the Petition pray'd will not fail to- 
destroyour Center & Create much discontent & uneasiness with 
the inhabitants in the West part of the Town Who will think it 
hard to pay & travel in such an unequal manner as the must 
should this Petition take place. Our Member in the Gen 1 Court 
will prefer this our request who will be able further to show to- 
your Hon" that the prayer of the said Petition is unreasonable 
& will be very injurious if the same should be granted And we 
think cannot Serve them For they must a long time be a Small 
Parish & altho they may hold up that it is that they may have 
the Gospel Preached among them it must appear that their real 


desire is to pay no Ministereal Rates at all however they may 
pretend otherwise. We rely on your Honors Justice and rest 
assured that no alteration will be made in Consequence of said 
petition And we as in duty bound shall ever pray — 

Peterborough 14 th Octob r 1 784 — 

Jn° young \ 

Charles Stuart > Selectmen 

Tho 8 Steuart j 

[See Lyndeborough papers, Vol. XII. — Ed.] 

,[ 8-226] [Relative to setting off the east part of the Town.'] 

at a meeting held at Petersborrough on the 20 th of Sepf 1784 
then Voted — to oppose the Petition lately prefer'd to the Gen- 
eral] assembly of this State by a Number of Inhabtants in Lynd- 
borro Praying for a Part of Petersb h to be taken off and Added 
to a part of Lyndborrough to make a Parrish as in the S d Peti- 
tion is mentioned — and that the Select n of Said Town remon- 
strate against the Said Petition and that M r Mathew Wallace 
Prefer the Same and use his Interest that the Prayer of Said Pe- 
tition may not be Granted — 

a True Coppy of the Vote Att 1 Sam 1 Cunningham 


[8-227] [Petition relative to setting off the east part of the 
Town : addressed to the General Assembly. .] 

Humbly Sheweth that a Number of the inhabitants of Lynd- 
borough and Lyndborough Strip (So called) petitioned your 
Excellency and lion's that they with a part of Peterborough and 
Society land might be Sett off as a Parish in Consequence of 
Said petition your Excellency and hon r s was pleased to ap- 
point a Committee to view the Situation of the Several towns 
and the tracts of land with the inhabitants thereof So petitioned 
for that your Excellency and hon r s upon their report might be 
able to Judge as to the Justice of Said petition &c according 
to Said appointment Said Committee went upon the premises 
as we your petitioners have Since heard but without giveing us 
your petitioners any previous notice Neither had we any from 
Said Committee nor from those persons which requested Said 
Committee which we are able to verify therefore we your peti- 
tioners by order and in behalf of the Town of Peterborough 
pray your Excellency and hon r s that no part of Peterborough 


may be Sett oft* as a meeting house at great Expence is built near 
the Center of Said town which at present is Compact and uni- 
form and any part thereof being Cutt oft* will render it entirely 
otherwise and will greatly discommode the peace of Said town, 
and Settlement your Compliance will greatly oblige your Peti- 
tioners and they as in duty bound will ever Pray 

Peterborough January 21 th 17S5 

Alexander Robbe") 
Charles Stuart 
John Young 
thorn 8 Stuart 


[See Lyndeborough papers, Vol. XII. — Ed.] 

[8-224] [Petition for Authority to tax Non-Resident Lands: 
addressed to the Council and House of Representatives.^ 

Humbly Sheweth — 
That your Petetioners Labour under great Difficulty in the 
Support of the Present warr, and Other Town Charges — That 
said Charges are very Heavy many Roads and Large Propor- 
tion of Bridges to Build & Maintain on the most publick roads 
in said Town, That a very Large proportion of their Able 
Body'd men have Inlisted, and Volentary gone into the Service 
for the Defence of American Libertv, That your Petetioners 
Labour under great Difficulty in geting Labourers being Ex- 
treem Scarce to be got besides the Extraordinary Wages, which 
many of your Petetioners are Obliged to pay That the Clearing 
& Cultivating their new Lands is much Retarded by reason of 
the Heavy part of the Publeck Charge that they are Obliged to 
Bear For Their Mutual easement Your Petetioners Humbly 
pray Your Honours that the None Resedented Lands in said 
Town of Peterb may be Taxed (for a Longer or Shorter Term 
as your Honnours may think best) that the Owners of Said Lands 
may bear a part of the Publick Expence (in Defending them 
from the Usurpation of Great Brittain) as said Lands Lye Un- 
improved, & not in any Manner Cultivated & the Proprietors 
Holding Said Lands at so High a price that it Discourages Ad- 
ventures from purchasing & Settling them which we Apprehend 
to be Unjust, Therefore your pctioners pray your Honours to 
Cause the Select Men of Said Town to be Vested with & have 
full power & Lawfull Authority to Assess & Rate the Owners 
of Said None Resedented Lands and Cause the Said Lands to 
be Subject to the payment of the Tax that your Honours may 
think Equitable & Just — And whereas the Late Incorporation 



of Said Town of Peterborough By His Late Excell cy Benning 
Wentworth Esq 1 " Did Cause your petetioncrs to Hold their an- 
nual Meeting on the first Tuesday of January and your petetion- 
ers Think the Holding of Said Annual Meeting is to great Dis- 
advantage to your Petef 3 Therefore Your Petetioners pray your 
Honours to Alter the Time for Holding Said Annual Meet ? to 
some day in the Month of March as your Honours Shall think 
best — And Your Petetioners as in Duty Bound will Ever Pray 

William miller 
James miller 
Joseph Hammill 
Neal Hammill 
John Willson 
Hugh Willson 
James Willson 
Samuel willson 
John miller 
James Templeton 
Matthew Templeton 
Willam Spear 

Jn° Mitch el 
David Ames 
Will m Moor 
Sam 11 Hogg 
william Scott 
Thomas Cunning- 
William M c Nee 
Sam 1 Mitchel 
William Smith 
David Steel 
Sam 1 Cunningham 

William Robbe 
John Gi'agg Jun r 
James Cunningham 
Robert Willson 
Alexander Robbe 
Joth* Blanchard 
John Gregg 
Sam 11 Gregg 
James Taggert 
Abraham Holms 
John Young 

[8-229] [Petition of the Select?nen relative to a School: ad- 
dressed to the General Court, 77 88. ~\ 

Humbly sheweth. — 

That the said Town of Peterborough have ever discovered an 
inclination to promote the education of youth and for this pur- 
pose have every year raised a large sum of money which has 
been always appropriated for that purpose — That these Schools 
have generally been kept by persons well qualified for the in- 
struction of youth & frequently by persons of a liberal education 

But that it has been thought most convenient in times past 
that three or four schools should be kept during certain Seasons 
of the year and of course there have been times when no School 
has been kept — That in Sep r 1 7S7 a Bill was found against 
your petitioners for one months neglect of keeping such a Gram- 
mar School as the laws now in force require — your petitioners 
upon Shewing all the Circumstances at the Court of General 
Sessions of the peace for the County of Hillsborough humbly 
hoped that the fine often pounds for such offences might be 
dispensed with and that the prosecution might be discontinued 
with your petitioners paying Costs — And the said Justices have 
continued the said Indictment for consideration 

Your petitioners therefore humbly pray that your Honours 
would be pleased to order that the said Indictment be no fur- 

r i 


i - ! 

ther prosecuted if no Judg' is yet rendered thereon and if ren- 
dered that the said fine may be remitted — 

Jeremiah Smith in behalf of the 
Select men of Peterborough 

[The prayer of the petition was granted June 13, 1788. — 

[8-230] \_Petition of Sarson Belcher, of Boston, relative to 
some lots of Land : addressed to the General Court.~\ 

Humbly shews Sarson Belcher of Boston in the Common- 
wealth of Massachusetts Esquire that in June 173S a Grant of 
the township of Peterborough in said State was made to certain 
persons by name by the then General Court of Massachusetts 
And that the proprietors of Mason's patent in 1748 released to 
said Grantees their right to said Township So that the said 
Grantees acquired as they supposed a complete title to said 
Township — that the said Grantees or proprietors of said Town- 
ship purchased a Book for recording their proceedings, in 
which the same were from time to time entered And likewise 
the Copies of the proceedings of the General Court of Massa- 
chusetts relative to the first granting said Township — most of 
which are attested by the proper Officers tho' the same at this 
period of time is difficult to be proved by reason of the Records 
of Massachusetts from the year 1737 to the year 1746 being con- 
sumed by fire whereby Authenticated Copies cannot be ob- 
tained And the Copy of the Order for calling the first Proprie- 
tor's meeting is not attested by any Person & the Warrants or 
Notifications are not upon record — that your Petitioner by Pur- 
chase from the said Grantees has a good title to two lots in said 
Township namely Lots Number 40 & 102 but by reason of the 
foregoing defects in the said Proprietor's Book your Petitioner 
cannot trace or establish his title thereto with that Precision 
which the Law requires in Case of disputes And no remedy 
can be had but from the Legislature of New Hampshire — 

Your Petitioner therefore humbly prays your Honours that 
you would establish by law the proceedings Sl records of said 
Proprietors in their Book recorded so far as they respect lots 
Number forty & One hundred & two in said Township And 
that the said Book notwithstanding any defects therein may be 
legal & sufficient evidence in Case of any dispute relative to the 
said lots — 

And as in duty bound your Petitioner will ever pray — 

Jeremiah Smith Arty to the said 
Sarson Belcher 

Charlestown Sep* 27 th 17S7 


[In H. of Rep., Sept. 27, 1787, the matter came up, and 
was postponed to the next session.— Ed.] 

[8-231] ^Petition of sundry Inhabitants of Peterborough to 
be set off: addressed to the Senate and House of Repre- 
sentatives, iygo.~\ 

Humbly sheweth, that your petitioners are at such a great 
Distance from the Meeting house in said Peterborough and great 
part of the road very Rough ; that they cannot attend the pub- 
lic worship without very great inconveniency and difficulty — 
and provided Your honnours shall see fit to grant the prayer of 
a Number of the Inhabitants of Lyndeborough, the Inhabitants 
of Lyndeborough Gore, and a part of the Inhabitants of the So- 
ciety — (whose prayer is now before your Honours for an incor- 
poration into a Town) we think if we might be annexed with 
them we should be much better accommodated, without any 
considerable damage to the Town of Peterborough — wherefore 
we pray Your Honours that we may be incorporated with the 
above mentioned Petitioners agreable to the boundaries set forth 
in the petition of the Inhabitants of the west part of Lyndebo h 
and as in duty bound your petitioners will ever pray 

Peterborough May 26 th 1 790 

Jon a Ballard 
Isaac Foster 
Nehemiah Holt 
Charls Cowal 

The following live within the limits Petitioned for, but have 
not signed on either side. 

Nath 1 Batcheldor Phineas Lund Hugh M c Adams 

Simon Law Ezra Dutton Benjamin Burrows 

William Holt Jun r William Thompson Thomas Pringel 

Noah Lawrance John Thompson 

Widow Balch William M c Adams 

[See Lyndeborough papers, Vol. XII, p. 528. — Ed.] 


The township was granted, Nov. 6, 1764, to the Hon. 
John Temple and others, in sixty-three shares. Of the 


grantees twelve bore the title of " Honorable," nine had 
military titles, and twenty-eight that of Wk Esquire." 

Settlements were made, about the year 1768, by Daniel 
Tyler, Levi Root, and Ebenezer White. (See " Historical 
Sketches," by Rev. Grant Powers.) David Tyler, with his 
wife and son Jonathan, moved there from Lebanon, Conn.,, 
the same year, and settled. 

By the return of the selectmen in 1775 it appears that die- 
population numbered 168, of whom fifteen were in the army. 
For settlement of the town boundaries, see Vol. XI, p. 730. 

By an act passed Jan. 15, 1787, Thomas Clark, Daniel 
Clark, Jonathan Herbert, and Asa Boynton, with their 
estates, were severed from Piermont and annexed to Went- 
worth. The same territory was severed from Wentworth. 
and annexed to Piermont, July 1, 1819. 


These notify the Proprietors or Grantees of the Township of 
Piermont in the Province that ye Day appointed by the Charter 
for the first meeting of the Proprietors is on the 24 th Day of this 
Instant Jan ry and the Place appointed there for is the Court 
House in Portsm at three o Clock in the Afternoon When & 
where it is pi'oposed to Choose all Proper officers for Said 
Township & to agree upon & Vote a method for Laying out the 
S d Land in Lotts & ca & to Vote Some method for raising money 
therefor & to do any other thing authorized by Charter to be 
done for the Benefit of S (1 Propriety — 

In Pursuance of the authority in the Said Charter Granted — 

Portsm Jan y iS th 1765 — 
[See Vol. VII, p. 56.— Ed.] 

[9—2] [ Committee appointed to obtain Arms and Ammuni- 
tion, 1776.] 

To Cap* Jonathan Chandler one of the Selectmen of y e town 
of Piermont In Grafton Count v In the Colony of Newhamp- 
shire, Whereas You are this Day Chosen and Appointed an 
Agent to wait upon the General Assembly of this Colony Now 
Sitting at Exeter in S d Colony, in order to lay Before the As- 
sembly the Distressed State of S' 1 Town in regard to y e Advice 
received yesterday from Canada, viz that y e Continental forces 
were Drove from their posts By the Kings troops, as far as to- 


S* Johns, and Supposed that our forces would not be Able to 
Maintain that place many Days, and upon that place Being 
Evacuated by our forces, We must Very Soon Expect to feel \ 

the fatal Consequence of y e Incursion of our Northern Enemies 
with y e Kings troops, and as our Circumstances on Account of 
Arms & Ammunition render us unable for to make any Defence 
against them ; these are therefore to Direct and order You to 
Supplicate the Assembly to Interpose in our Behalf in this 
time of Danger and Distress, In Affording to us a Competency 
of fire arms and Ammunition Equal to our present Need, as at 
present we are unable to raise Money In any measure propor- 
tionable to y e Expence, Shewing the Assembly the Importance 
of Maintaining this part of y e Country from falling into the 
hands of the Enemy, as it is an open Door into the whole 
Country and of Necessity is a matter of y e last Consequence to 
y e Adjacent Colonies, You will also Inform the Hon ble Assem- 
bly that Whatever of y e Arms is retained by any person Shall 
be paid for, and also what of y e Ammunition is retain d Besides 
what is made use of in our Defence Shall be Accounted for by 
S d Town ; You will also Shew the Assembly the absolute need 
of A Considerable force Being Sent into these parts to With- 
stand the force of y e Enemy if our forces are Obliged to resign 
y e Fort at S 1 Johns into the Enemys hands ; You are also here- 
by Impowered by us the Subscribers to Give Such Security as 
Shall be required of You for Such arms and Ammunition in 
Behalf of y e town of Piermont, holding for firm what by You 
Shall be So done in the above written Affair. 

As by order of us 

Dated Piermont John Patterson ") Select men 

June 26 th A : D : 1776 — John W^eed > for the town 

Joseph Webb J of Piermont 

[The town was granted thirty pounds of powder, July 
2, 1776.— Ed.] 

[9-6] [Petition for Abatement of Taxes, 178 J. ~\ 

To the Hon ble General Assembly of y e State of Newhamp- 
shire the Petition of y e Subscribers Select men of the Town of 
Piermont in Grafton County Humbly shevveth that although 
there hath heretofore Subsisted some Disputes and Difficulties 
betwixt the State & s d Town with respect to Jurisdiction as 
has been the Case of many Towns in these Parts on the New- 
hampshire Grants; whereby our affairs are greatly perplexed 
and imbarressed ; and many have been the Demands of the 



State on s d Town for Arrearages of Rates for Years back ; and 
neglect of furnishing our Quota of men for y e Continental Army 

(&c to which the Town, perhaps have not paid that attention 
which they ought to have done ; and being now sensible of 
having our affairs settled ; we would represent to your Hon™ 
that besides our inability (there being not moveable Estate in 
s d Town sufficient to satisfy y e present Demands &c) we have 
Reason to Suppose that we are wrongfully assessed ; and that 
, we have to pay a much larger Tax than many other Towns, in 

proportion as their List exceeds ours as might easily be made 
j to appear as likewise that we have not been Creddited for what 

f monies have been paid by s d Town into y e Treasury, or for our 

Quota of Men and y e expences we have been at, during the 
late Contest; which if allowed ; as we think in justice it ought 
to be we should not be so much in Arearages as is now sup- 
posed ; we have therefore sent as exact an Ace 1 of the several 
Lists of s d Town from y e Year 1779 as we Could get to y e pres- 
ent and likewise an ace' of y e Several Expenditures, In the 
Defence of the Frontiers In y e late Contest; in order to be 
accepted, praying, that y e matter might be taken into your Con- 
sideration ; and make such abatements, and grant such Relief 
as in your Wisdom you shall think Just and Right; with which 
we perswade ourselves, y e people will cheafully Submit ; and 
your Petitioners ; as in Duty bound shall ever pray. 

Piermont Nov r 17S3 

Jonathan Chandler") 

Hez h Foord V Select Men 

Samuel Root J 

[Inventory of Polls a?id Estates, 1780 <& if8i.~\ 

An Inventory of y e Polls & ratable estate of y e Town of Pier- 
mont for years 17S0 & 17S1. 

1780 1781 

No. of Polls 40 50 

No. acres Tillage Land 212 200 

No. acres Mowing Land 218 210 

No. acres Pasture Land 147 150 

No. of Horses & Mares 4 y r old 17 20 

No. of Oxen 39 33 

No. of Cows 55 60 

No. of 3 y r olds o 9 

No. of 2 y r olds 9 7 

No. of 1 y r olds 7 24 

Sum of total value of buildings and unimproved land belonging 

to y e inhabitants -^343 £$<& 


value of Non-residents Lands .£2984 £2774 

List £81.19.0 

H. Foord ~\ gelect 

Jonathan Chandler > 
John Richards y e 2 d ) men 

[R. 3-120] [Soldier's Order. ~\ 

Piermont 10 th February 17S6. 

Sir Please to pay Major Azariah Webb all the wages due to 
me as a soldier in Capt 1 Websters Comp y when keeping guards 
at Haverhill & Newbury, & his receipt shall be a full discharge 
from your humble ser' 

John T. Gilman Esq William Maxfield 

£0.1 1. 10 

[R. 3-121] 

[This document is Silvanus Sawyer's order, same date 
and amount. — Ed.] 

[9-8] [Relative to the Town's Quota of Soldiers. .] 

Humbly Sheweth the Inhabitants of the Town of Piermont 
by their Agent, that the s d Inhabitants having satisfied and paid 
unto Two Several persons a bounty for their Services in the 
Continental Army being a part of their Quota of the Continental 
Army agreeable to the directions of the then Gener 1 Court of 
this State, which through their inattention have never been re- 
turn'd, Wherefore they pray your Honors to Grant them the 
favour, through your "kind Indulgence, to have Credit for the 
said men, on the Extent Issued against the Select men of Said 
Town — And your petitioner as in duty Will Ever pray — 

Azariah webb 
Portsmouth February 10, 1786 

[9~9] [Report of Committee on foregoing.~\ 

The Committee to whom was refer'd the petition of Azariah 
Webb Esq r in behalf of the Town of Piermont beg leave to re- 
port as their opinion that said Town be Credited for three Con- 
tinental Soldiers viz William Lurvey of Warners Reg' David 
Ladd & Josiah Blodget both of Whitcombs Corps — the sum of 
Sixty pounds each with the interest thereof on Settlement of 



the amount Charged against Said Town of Piermont for defi- 
ciency of Soldiers — and that the Treasurer take Order accord- 

Feb y 25 th 17S6. 

Submitted p r Nath 1 Peabody for the Committee — 

[9-10] [Sundry Persons to be annexed to Wentworth. ~\ 

At a legal meeting held in the Town of Wentworth 28 th of 
August AD 1786 Voted unanimously that Thomas Clark, Asa 
Boynton, Daniel Clark, and Jonathan Herbert, should have 
liberty of polling off from Piermont to this Town — 

Joseph Cooper') Select Men 
John Akin V of Said 

Benj a Cotton ) Wentworth 

[See introduction. — Ed.] 

[9— 11] [Soldier's Certificate.^ 

Ifebuary 23 : 1786 
this may Sartify that I have Recvd of the town of Piermont 
V twenty Pounds as a hier to answer for a Soldier for said town 

during the war as I never Recvd any hier from any other town 
and that I Served During the war as by Return may appear 

Josiah Blogget 

[9-14] [Petition for a Ferry, iy88.~\ 

To the Honorable the Senate ; and House of Representatives 
in General Court to be convened at Exeter on the 24 th Day 
of Instant Dec r the Petition of Parker Stevens — 

Humbly shews that, the subscriber an Inhabitant of the Town 
of Piermont in the State of Newhampshire liveth in the North- 
erly Part of s d Piermont near to Connecticut River, and within 
about two Hundred Rods South of the Place where the great 
Country Road comes into the River Road — and that there is 
'/ frequently occasion of People's passing accross s d River into 

the State of Vermont, when travelling into the western Country 
towards the Western part of Vermont as also ; from thence into 
this State ; and that there is a convenient place for keeping a 
Ferry over. s d River near where your Petitioner lives, and that 

[9-16] [Petition for Authority to tax Non-Resident Lands, 


The Select Men of Piermont — Humbly Shew, That the sev- 
eral public roads, leading thro' said Piermont are very lengthy, 
and have been exceedingly expensive to the Inhabitants not 
only on that account, but by reason of the peculiarly wet land 
thro* which they of necessity pass ; to make and support which 
they have under many difficulties for years past, patiently strug- 
gled — that tho' they are cheerfully willing to do what belongs 
to them in this respect as members of society, yet they feel a re- 
luctance to labor for the benefit of the nonresident owners of 
land without any compensation or assistance from them ; Your 
petitioners therefore humbly pray your Honors that the said 
Inhabitants may be reliev'd by being allow'd a tax on the un- 
improved lands of the said nonresident owners in said Piermont 
of three pence per acre or one penny per acre for the term of 
three years for the purpose of making and repairing public 
highways and bridges in said Piermont to be assess'd and col- 


the Chife and great travelling Road, into s d western Parts; is 
nearly opposite, on the other side of the river thereto ; and that 
there is no Ferry established, where People may pass, without 
travelling several miles up or down s d River, and returning 
back on y e other side ; about as far ; to get into s d western Road, 
&c and that your Petitioner has been requested by many Per- 
sons to keep a Ferry ; some where near to the Place afors d and 
at a Town meeting on the 15 th Day of instant Dec r obtained a 
vote, of the Inhabitants, (without any opposition ;) for keeping 
the same &c — 

Wherefore your Petitioner prays your Honors, to make him 
a Grant of a Ferry across said River with the exclusive Privi- 
lege extending up s d River ; as far Haverhill Line ; and down 
s d River as far as to y e Ferry granted to Col : Azariah Webb of 
s d Piermont, not infringing upon s d Grant, in the whole; con- 
taining about y e Distance of two miles — 

And your Petitioner as in Duty bound shall ever pray 

Piermont Dec r 18 th 17SS — Parker Stevens 

Isaac Patterson 

Jonathan Chandler [■ Select men 

William Tarlton 

[In H. of Rep., Jan. 20, 1789, the petition was granted. 

I ! 


lected in such way as in your wisdom may seem best — And 
your petitioners, as in duty bound shall ever pray &c — 

Dated Decern 1 * 16, 17S9 — 
f Davenport Phelps ) Selectmen of said 

Hezekiah foord j Piermont 

[The foregoing petition was granted to the extent of one 
penny per acre, Jan. 21, 1790. — Ed.] 

[9-17] [Petition for the Annexation of an Island to the 
Town, ifQ4.~\ 

To y e .hon ble Senate and house of Representatives of y e State of 
New ham psh ire — 

The Petition of y e subscribers, Select men for the Town of 
Piermont in y e County of Grafton Humbly Sheweth ; that there 
is a certain Island in Connecticut River, lying contiguous to 
y e Town of s d Piermont, betwixt s d Town, and y e Town of 
Bradford, State of Vermont — and is Numbr d 15 in the Range 
of Meadow lots, Drawn to y e Right of Wiseman Clagget, con- 
taining about Twelve Acres of good improved land And also a 
profitable Ferry, Across s d River (now occupied by John Mc- 
Duffie) within y e limits of said Town — 

Which said Island, & Ferry, have never as yet been taken 
into y e List of Rateable Estate in s d Piermont, Sec — 

Your Petitioners, therefore humbly pray y r Hon" to pass an 
Act, that y e said Island and Ferry may be Annexed to y e Town 
of Piermont, afore d so that they may be taken into y e Invoice of 
s d Town, to be taxed according to y e usual method of Taxation, 
in this State, or in some other way grant relief, and your Peti- 
tioner as in Duty bound shall ever pray &c 

Piermont May 2S th 1794 

Samuel Crook ") Select 
Joseph Foord j men 

In H. of Rep., June 10, 1794, the foregoing petition was 
granted. — Ed.] 


The township was taken from Chichester and incorporated 
by its present name, March 27, 1782. John Cram was au- 


thorized to call the first meeting of the inhabitants to choose 
town officers, etc. (See Vol. XI. pp. 357 to 360.) 

By an act approved July 3, 1841, school-district No. 6 in 
Epsom and a school-district in this town were united and 
incorporated into one district by the name of Republican 

A fire-district was established July 1, 1870. The town 
lies on Suncook river, and owes its present prosperity 
largely to the use of that stream for manufacturing pur- 

[9-18] [Return of Ratable Polls, J/Sj."] 

Pittsfield December 29 th Day 17S3 

Per Suant to us the Subscribers by a Presept from the general 
assembly of this State to make an Exact Return of all the male 
Pools of twenty one years old and upwards Paying a Pole tax 
for them Selves we have Cerfully taken the Exact number and 
finde in Said Pittsfield one Hundred and twenty Ratable Pols 
Paying a Pool tax — 120 

Jonathan Perkins ) Select men 
James Drake ) for Pittsfield 

Rockingham Ss Pittsfield the 24 Day of December 17S3 then 
the above named Jonathan Pirkins and James Drake Personaly 
appearing and made Solom oath to the truth of the above ac- 
ount by them Subscribed — 

before me John Cram Justic Peace 

[R. 3-122] [Ebenezer Bean's Petition, 1791*'] 

To the Honb'le the Senate and house of Representatives of the 
State of New Hampshire in General Court convened 

Humbly Shews Ebenezer Bean of Pittsfield. That on the nine- 
teenth of September 1777 he was unfortunately and grievously 
wounded in the foot while fighting in the cause of his Country — 
That your petitioner cannot perform the necessary labor for the 
gaining of a subsistence for himself and family by reason of his 
lameness which is more particularly distressing in the winter 
season when his exertions are the more necessary for his fam- 
ily's support. ♦.*..,..* 

Ebenezer Bean 



The township was granted, August 14, 1761, to Benjamin 
Hutchins and fifty-nine others, the most of whom were from 
Connecticut. The first proprietors' meeting was held in 
Plainfield, in that state, from which this town derived its 
name. Settlements were made in 1764, and the town had 
a population of 308 in 1775. 

By an act passed June 23, 1780, the easterly portion of 
this town and the westerly portion of Grantham were united, 
and erected into a parish for parochial purposes, by the 
name of Meriden. (See Vol. XII, p. 59.) In 1856, July 12, 
the Grantham portion of this parish was annexed to Plain- 
field. Kimball Union Academy, incorporated June 16, 
1813, and endowed with a permanent fund of $40,000 by 
Hon. Daniel Kimball, is located in what was the old Meri- 
den parish, and is an educational institution of much value 
to the state. 

[9-32] [Inventory of I773.~\ 

Province of Newhampshire Cheshire ss. plainfield april 21'* 
Anno Dom 1773 — 

The Inventory of the Ratable Estate In the town of plainfield 
Taken and made out By us the Select men of Sd plainfield 
The Whole of the Ratable Estate In plainfield amounts to Sev- 
enty five pounds fourteen Shillings Including Sixty one polls 
Sum total £75 : 14^ — 

Ben Kimball John Stevens 

Benjamin Chapman Amos Stafford 

[Sworn to before Francis Smith, justice of the peace. — Ed.] 

\_Capt. RusselVs Return : fro?n Gen. Chase's Paper s.~\ 

A Return of Cap 1 Russels Company with the Name Annexed- 
Plainfield May 3 rd 1777— 

Cap Josiah Russel Cor Benj" Cutler Stutely Stafford 

S art Maj John Ste- Cor Timothy Cory Beni n Gallop 

vens Drum Benj" Chap- Ziba Robberts 

Serg* Dannel Kim- man Rob* Scott 

ball fifer Sam 1 Farefield 



Jo a Parker 
Job Cotton 
Elexandrew Petterew 

Serg' Ebenezer James Wilson 

Jinne Walter Blois 

the above Out from y e 3 d of may to 20 th June in y e whole 48 
Days Cald 45 do No. 14 

Ensn Isaac Main Nites Cutler 

Ser Thomas West Oliver Addams 

Cor Silas Gates Laben Hall 

Dannel Short Sam 1 Williams 

the above out from y* 3 d of May to 18 th June 46 Days Calld 43 
Days No. 11 

Cor David Gitchel Perla Robberts William Wilson 

Littlefleld Nash Duthan Kingsbury Joseph Kimball 

Jo n Parker Jr 

the above in y e Service from y e 3 d of may to y e 13 th of June 39 

Days Calld 40 Days No. 7 

Abel Stone Out untill y e 20: of May 17 Days 

Josiah Russel out from y e 3 d of May to y e 14 th 11 Days 

[Plainfield Me?i at Saj-atoga. Ibid p. £>j\] 

Lieu* Reuben Jerold Return of the men that march from 
Plainfield to Sallatogue in Col Chases Regiment In Sep' 26 
1777 with their names 

Names Days in Service 

Lieut Reuben Jerold 35 

Serg* Elias Gates 
Serg* William Cutler 
Corp 1 Nathan Gates 
Corp 1 Nathaniel Stafford 
Drumm 1 " Benj n Chapman 
John Andres 
Timothy Vinson 
James Walker 

Return of Bagsasre Horses 

3 2 


3 2 
3 2 
3 2 
3 2 
3 2 


Isaac Williams 
Wilard Smith 
Laban Hall 
Christopher Hall 
Zadoc Bloss 
Rulaf Spalding 
Stutley Stafford 
Josiah Rushel 

Lieu 4 Reuben Jerold 
Rulaf Spanieling 

William Cutler 

Hezekiah french 

Christopher Hall 

Job Cotton 

Capt Josiah Rushel himself and horse 
Charles Spauldi ng dito 

Abel Stafford dito 

Horse 9 davs 

" 15 

" 15 

Days in Service 

3 2 

3 2 
3 2 
3 2 
3 2 



6 days each 

2 " 44 

n ii it 


20 1 

Reuben Jerold paid feridges for 21 men and 6 horses going out 
a /3 each 6s :gd 

Returning home for feridges for 17 men 6 horses 5 :o, 

Reuben Jerold paid for Rum dealt out to the above men 5 
quarts and 1 pint £3 : 6 : o 

[Gen. Chase's Papers, p. 120.] 

A Return of the Quota of Continental men Belonging To 
Plainfield in Co 1 Jon th Chases Redgerment 

Regt. Enlisted 

Capt Enl. 


Time Enl. 




Eiry Evans 

Col Sillv 


May 1777 

3 vears 

Wilder Willard* 

Dito " 




Negro Darock 





Lemuel Dean 





Ebenezer Ginnef 


May 1778 


Jon th How 
Laban Hall 






9 months 

Walter Blois 




Wills Kimball 



7 months 

John avvlsworth 




Joseph Kingsbury 


May 1776 

is now 

among the Engians or Regelors Prisonei 

Josiah Russell Cap* 

[Ibid, p. 136] Cap* Russels Return 

A Return of the men of Plainfield in the Continental servis 
Wilder Willard Darick a Negro Lemuel Dean in Cap* Houses 

Eire Evens in Cap* fairwell Comp 
Jese Roberts Ziba Roberts Simeon Short Ephraim Dunlap 

Ebenezer Re in Connectticut Servis 
M r Hall — with maj r waite 
Asa Briggs — in the Bay State 

Sept. 4,1777- 

[Ibid, p. 96] 

Plainfield October y c 26 th 1 77S 
S r these may Inform You that the people appeared to Be In- 
animous in the choice of Daniel Kimball for an Ensign in Cap* 
Josiah Russclls company and suppose he ought to Be Commis- 

these from your Humble Ser* Francis Smith Maj r 
To Col Jonathan Chase 

•Belonged in Hartford , enlisted for Plain ft eld. 

f Belonged in New Grantham, enlisted for Plainfield. 



[Ibid, p. 31] [Petition J~ro??i Inhabitants of Meritten."] 

To his Honour Jonathan Chase Esq Col of y c 1st Regiment in 

the 3 d Briggade in the State of Vermont. 

The Petition of y e Soldiery and Alarm Men of the Parish of 
Meriden humbly Sheweth. 

That your Petitioners being allways ready to obey military 
orders we with y e more boldness address your Honour on y e 
following subject. 

That your Petitioners being contiguously situated and desir- 
ous as much as in us lies to promote Military skill and dissi- 
pline are very desirous to form a Military Company in s d Parish 
which when it is considered that Plainfield being very numer- 
ous having upward of one hundred men of the trained band 
N. Grantham very small not more than twenty-five and to 
make a Company in this Parish makes it respectable and leaves 
a large Company in Plainfield we hope that your Honour will 
grant us our desire and issue orders accordingly — And your Pe- 
titioners as in Duty bound shall ever Pray 

Meriden April 30 th 17S1. 

Charles Scott 
W ,D Huntington 
James Jenne 
Eben r Jenne 
Peter King 
Isaac Williams 
Timothy Scott 
Eben r Brown 
Phillip Hopkins 
Simeon Adams 
Walter Bloss 
Abraham Roberts 
Sample Gilkey 
Samuel Pool Jur 
Caleb Cotton 
Tho s Howard 
Phillip Spaulding 
Alexander runalds 
Asa Bates 
John Kile 
Phillip Jorden 

Wilks Kimball 
Ben" Kimball 
Am mi Wilson 
Squier Wilson 
Elijah Gleason 
Hodges Cutler 
Lathrop Shiirtleff 
Nathan Parkhurst 
Oliver Adams 
Parley Hughes 
Zadok Bloss 
Perly Roberts 
Jesse Roberts 
Simeon Pool 
John Packard 
Nathan Draper 
Job Steven 
Jabez Shapley 
Ephraim Kile 
Isaac Rice 
Rulaf Spalding 

Abel Stevens 
John Stevens 
Nathan Young 
Daniel Kimball 
Abel Stafford 
Isaac Jenne 
Ben. Cory 
Jonathan Parkhurst 
Joseph Kimball 
Samuel Bloss 
Thomas Gallup 
Ziba Roberts 
John Andrews 
Eliphalet Adams 
Lemuel Cotton 
Champion Spalding 
David Shapley 
Benjamin Gorden 
William Kile 
Nath 1 Stafford 
Joseph Spalding 

[Ibid, p. 114] [J/eriden Company, 1781.'] 

We the Subscribers Inhabitants of the Parish of Meriden do 
Voluntarily form ourselves into a Company of Militia which 



Company shall be called and known by the name of y e Meriden 
Company And we do pawn our words and Honours that we 
will freely and chearfully submit to such officers as y e Major 
part shall chuse 

Meriden June y e 25 th 17S1 

Nathan Young 
Ziba Roberts 
Eben r Jenne 
Stephen Jinnings 
James Jenne 
Elijah Gleason 
Job Stevens 
Asa Bates 
Simeon Short 
Zadock Bloss 
Hogges Cutler 
Rulaf Spalding 
Be 11 Jorden 
Nathan Draper 
Ebe 11 Bun- 
Stephen Sq Pette- 

Sam 1 Fairfield 
Isaac Rice 
Jonathan Parkhurst John Stevens 3 d 
Jesse Roberts Wi 11 Kile 

John Andres 
Stiles Muncel 
Perley Roberts 
Thomas Gallop 
Oliver Adams 
Eliphalet Miner 
Be 11 Bugbee 
Elijah Johnson 
Simeon Pool 
Wi 11 Huntington 
Isaac Williams 
Walter Bloss 
Sample Gilkey 
Phillip Hopkins 
Ebe r Clough 
Daniel Kimball 
Abel Stevens 
Lemuel Cotton 
Nathan Parkhurst 

Thomas West 
John Stevens Jur 
Peter King 
Be n Cory - 
Sam 1 Pool Ju r 
Theophilus Howard 
Joseph Spalding 
Abel Stafford 
Eliphalet Adams 
Parley Hews 
Isaac Jenne 
Philip Jorden 
Sam 1 Eglestone 
Na f . Stafford 
Champion Spalding 
Phillip Spalding 
Na l Taylor 
Robert Scott 
Charles Scott 
Na* Delano 
Peter Bugbee 

[Ibid, p. 162J 

Plainfield Feb r 27 th 1781. 
We whose Names are under Riten Do Volantarily Inlist our 
Selves as Privit as Solders In Cap 1 Nelsons Comp to Escort 
and gard on the Fruntteers Near Conne 4 River and Ingage to 
obey our officers according to the Rule of war till the first Day 
of April Next if not sooner discharged as witness our hands 

Ephraim Dunlap James Kelsy Daniel Kimball 

Job Williams Steward how 


[R. 3-123] \_Soldierf Orders.'] 

Plainfield, Sept. i 8t 1784. 
Sir Please to pay the bearer the whole of my wages for ser- 
vice in Cap' Steven's Company at W T est Point in 1784 

Phillips Warren 


To the Treasurer of New Hampshire 


[R. 3-124] 

State of New Hampshire Plainfield 24 April 17S5 
To M r Josia Oilman Paymaster General for said state S r . 
please to pay the Bearer hereof the wages due to me the sub- 
scriber for going into the service of s d state three months and a 
half to West Point in Cap* Abel Stevens Company in Col. 
Nichols Regiment in the year 1780 and this order shall be your 
Receipt for the same from your Humble Ser't 

X8.19. June 14 Eben Joy 

[9-33] [Sundry Inhabitants relative to Taxes : addressed to 
the General Court, 178^^ 

Humbly shew, 
Elisha Read, Andrew Tracy, Jonathan Stevens, Walter Weld, 
David Allen Jabez Balding John 0»ting William Chote, Darius 
Spalding Benjamin Jackson Daniel Earl, Benjamin Cole Dan- 
iel Cole Moses Weld Daniel Hovey, Benj a Joy Jun r Ebenezer 
Sabings Daniel Joy Jesse Heath Moses Brigham Philip Spald- 
ing, Chapling Spalding, Gardner Dusting John Dusting Wal- 
ter Smith John Spalding Barzilla Spalding James Freeman 
Elisha Herick Rosil Minor Benjamin Joy Samuel Read Daniel 
Freeman, David Perry Abel Benit Ebenezer Cole David 
Steavens Abel Stone John Cole Daniel Robert Aaron Palmer, 
Nathan Andrus Rufus Wheeler Elias Bingham & Cary all of 
Plainfield & Cornish in the County of Cheshire and said State 
— That your Petitioners have all removed into said Towns of 
Plainfield & Cornish from other States in the Union since the 
year 17S0 at which time many of them were under Twenty One 
years of Age — that your petition" have paid all their taxes in 
the several states whence they have removed up to the time of 
their Removal — That the Selectmen of s' 1 Plainfield & Cornish 
have nevertheless assessed your Petitioners for all the Taxes of 
said Towns from the Commencement of the late War to the 
present year, thereby compelling them to pay over again Taxes 
for the years they had paid for before they came into this State 
and obliging Parents to Pay Taxes for their Children ever since 
they arrived to the Age of Ten years — That s d Selectmen have 
further endeavored to compell those of your Petitioners who 
have come of Age since they became Inhabitants of this State 
to pay Taxes from the year 1777 when many of them were no 
more than ten years old. — 

Your Petitioners are ready chearfully to pay all their taxes 
from the time they became inhabitants of their respective Towns 
and humbly conceive the Conduct of said Selectmen to be fla- 
grantly unjust & oppressive and opposed to every principle of 


Equity. Wherefore they pray that your honors would be 
pleased to take their hard Treatment under your wise Consid- 
eration — that you would exempt them from paying Taxes to- 
wards the support of a Government, to which at the Time they 
ought to have been paid, they did not belong, and which can 
serve only to ease those who have refused to pay their Taxes in 
season ; or that your honors would take such other Order con- 
cerning the Premises as in your wisdom shall seem meet, and 
your Petition" as in Duty bound will every pray. &c 

John Pickering for Petitioners 

[9-35] [Petition for a Ferry : addressed to the General 
Court, 1785.] 

The petition of Joseph Kimball of Plainfield humbly Sheweth 
that Your Petitioner hath been at the Expence of keeping a 
ferry across Connecticut River in Plainfield for upwards of five 
Years at y e mouth of water quecher River which ferry hath 
been verey expensive to Your petitioner in providing boats to 
Serve the publick for which he hath Rec d Little or no benefit, 
and expecting that in some future time it may be some profit 
wherefore your petitioner humbly prayeth that your Honours 
may take his case into your wise Consideration and grant to 
your petitioner the Exclusive right of a ferry begining at Lebe- 
non South Line extending three miles down said River, to him 
his heirs and assigns, and Your petitioner as in duty bound shall 
ever pray 

Joseph Kimbal 

[In H. of Rep., Feb. 10, 1786, the foregoing petition, was 
granted. — Ed.] 

[9~3^] [ Ta* on Gov. Wentworth *s Right. ~\ 

Plainfield Dec r y e 10 th 1786 This may certify that the State 
Tax against Bening Wentworths Right of Land in Plainfield 
for y e years 1777, 1778, 1779, and 1780 amounts to three pounds 
twelve Shilling and the county tax for y e above Years is three 
Shillings & Eight pence 

Att Sam 11 Fairfield Constable 

Att David Perry \ Selectmen For 

Charles Spalding j Plainfield 



[9-38] Petition for a Poll Parish, 1788 : addressed to the 
General Cozirt.~\ 

The Petition of the subscribers inhabitants of the Towns 
of Cornish and Plainfield, in the County of Cheshire in said 
State, Humbly sheweth that the great diversity of Sentiments, 
in matters of Religion, and the jaring opinions concerning the 
most suitable place for Buildings for Religious worship, ren- 
ders it impossible ever to effect such union in either of said 
Towns, as to enable them happily to settle and maintain, the 
Gospel Ministry amongst them with that harmony which ought 
ever to reign in Religious Societies, without a Division of said 
Towns into Parishes — and whereas the inhabitants of Different 
Sentiments, are so intermixed in their sentiments that Parish 
lines would not effect the desired purposes, Your petitioners 
therefore pray the General Court, to grant to the subscribers, 
with such others as may hereafter be disposed to join with them, 
such privelidges and immunities of a Poll Parish as may enable 
them to erect and maintain in proper repair a place of Publick 
worship and to raise and apply Money for the Support of the 
Ministry among them, and with such other privileges as may 
be necessary for the well ordering of Parish affairs, — and as in 
Duty bound shall ever pray — 

Cornish November the I st AD 17S8. 

Thomas Hall 
Moody Hall 
Abel Johnson 
Nath 11 Huggins 
Will m Ripley 
James Ripley 
Thomas Lewey 
Jesse Johnson 
David Read 
Elisha Read 
Sam 11 Read 
Andrew Tracy 
John Spaulding 
Lovil Kimball 
Elisha Herrick 
Reuben Jerald 
Josiah Stone 
James Ladieu 

John Whitten 
Will" 1 Lewey 
Moses Chase 
Nairn m Chase 
Jonathan Read 
Eliphalet Kimball 

Moses Barrows 
Moses Barrows Jun r 
Nathan Hains 
Daniel Cole 
John Bartlet 
David Smith 
Hezekiah Fitch 
Nathan Whiting 
Benj n Read 
John Lucas 
Nath 11 Bartlet 

Ja'mes Fitch 
Samuel Fitch 
Joseph Kinyon Jun r 
Simon Blanchard 
Samuel Bartlet 
James Hunter 
Joshua Woodward 
Joel Hildreth 
Walter Foss 
Abel Stone 
§amuel Mackres 
Abel Stone Jun r 
John Cady 
Levi Stone 
Daniel Freeman 
Chester Chapman 
Joseph Smith 
Jabez Spicer 

[In H. of Rep., Nov. 8, 1788, a hearing was ordered for 
the next session. — Ed.] 



[9-39] \_Raiik of sundry Officers, 1788. ~\ 

Elias Cady first Lieut April y e 27 th 17S5, Capt May y e S th 
1781 under Vermont 

Jeremiah Spencer Capt April y e 27 th 17S5 in this State, 

Capt May S — 1781 Vermont. Lt 1777 in this State 

Joseph Smith Capt April y e 27 th 17S5 in this State, first Lt 
Sep r y e 5 th 1775, in this State, 

Jesse Willcocks Cap' April y e 27 th 17S5 in this State I st V 
Sep r y e 5 th 1775 in this State Capt May 8 th 17S1 Vermont 

Nathan Young Capt April y e 27 th 17S5 in this State, Ensign 
May y e 8 th 1781 under Vermont — 

Daniel Chase Capt April y e 27 th 17S5 in this State, Second 
Lt Sep r 5 th 1775, first Lt Sep r " 19 th 1775 all of this State 

John Cook Capt April y e 27 th 1785 in this State, Ensign May 
ye j^th ijj$, Ensg July y e I st 1775 under Massach" 5 

David Perry Capt April y e 27 th 1785 in this State, Second 

May y e I st 1775, first Lt Dec r y e 2 d 1776 under Connecticut 

John Qiiimby Capt April y e 27, 17S5 in this State 

State of Newhamp r Plainfield Jan^ y e 15 th 1788 

To his Excellency the President and the Hon ble the Council — 

May it please Your Excellency and Honours I have called 
on the Captains of the Several Companies of the fifteenth Regi- 
ment of Militia to produce their Credentials in order to asser- 
tain their Rank, which is as heretofore mentioned, The reason 
of my making a Return in this manner I was adviz'd to it by 
Gen 1 Chase and the other officers, therefore I hope to pardon'd 
not makeing a Return in usual form 

From Your most Obed' and Very Humble Servt 

Joseph Kimbel Maj r C D 

[9-40] [Relative to Service in Revolution.^ 

Humbly sheweth the Petition of Joseph Kimbal in behalf of 
the Town of Plainfield that the s d Town was called on for Eight 
men for the continental Service in the Year 1777 — which they 
furnished and in the Year 1781, said Town was call'd on to 
furnish Eight men more of which said Town furnished two 
only one of which soon deserted the other served his time out 
which was during the War, Your Petitioner would further add 
that y e abovesaid Proportions were made by doomage, and that 
on examining the invoices of said Town in Februarv 17S6 it 
appeared that in y e year 1777 Plain fields proportion was four 
men only, and as their is a large demand agt s d Town for defi- 
ciency of men in y e Year 17S1 Your petitioner prays that their 



overplus services done in 77, may be brought forward, and give 
creadit on the deficiency for the Year Si or otherwise grant 
such relief as Your Honors in their wisdom shall see cause to 
direct, And Your petitioner as in duty bound shall ever pray 
Joseph Kimbal in behalf of s d Town 

[In H. of Rep., June, 1791, the matter was postponed to 
the next session. — Ed.] 

[9—42] \_Amos Stafford for Remuneration : addressed to the 
Legislature, 1795.] 

The Request of your Petitioner Humbly Sheweth that in the 
Cours of the war with Great Brittain in obedience to the orders 
of the Legeslator of the State of New-hampshire i did Lay my 
Self out to obey their orders in assisting to Raise men and aid 
them in their Mach to and from tyconderago with Provision & 
Pack hose and Raising thee three years men I did advance 
money in the Cause to a Considerable amount and Spent my 
own time as one of the Committe of Safety for the town of 
Plainfield and in the time when Royaltown in Vermont was 
burnt by indians I did by order of Generl Bellows Given mee 
by Capt Peter Page and Co 11 Abel walker of Charlestown to 
open my house and Stores and Delt out to A Large amount in 
Provision and hors Keeping for four days and four Nights I 
Nor my wife Could not get Leasur time to ondress to take Rest 
for our house was full both Night and Day of men going up or 
Returning back all which I did in obedience to the orders of 
the State and Commanding officers of the State for the Support 
of the Cause then Depending and furthermore in obedience to 
the Request of the State sent out to the towns to send in theire 
accounts in order for A Settlement with the Unighted States 
Congrees I did Exhibbit my account to Sanford Kingsbery Esq r 
of Clarmont who was appointed to Receive the accounts of 
these towns along hear and he Exepted them as Sufficienly au- 
thenticated, and as I have allwavs paid my Proportion of tax 
to the State that has been Called for of Mee and as I have Not 
Received any pay for all the afore Cited Sevice and perform- 
ances I pray this Honourable Boddy to Consider the Cause of 
the poor Petitioner Now humbly Requesting his part of the 
Ballanc Struck in favour of this State with the United States 
Congress as a Compensation for all my trouble as you in your 
wisdom may think Proper and as in duty Bound Shall Ever 
As your humble Pittioner — 

Amos Stafford 


C9~43] [Relative to Glebe Land, 1795 .] 

The Petition of the Select Men of Plainfield Humbly Shew- 
eth, That there is two Rites of Land Called the Glebe and 
Propagating Rites Lying in s d Town which at Present are no 
Benefit to the Town and Do not answer the End and Design of 
Their Appropriation — 

Therefore your Petitioners Prayer is that your Honours vvou'd 
Take the Matter under your wise Consideration & Grant the 
Town the Priviledge of Converting Either or both of the before- 
mentioned Rites or the use of Either or both of them for the 
Support of the Gospel Ministry in s d Town or otherwise Grant, 
as your Honours in your wisdon Shall See fit — 

Dated at Plainfield November Y e 25 th AD 1795 

Zadok Bloss ) Select Men of 

Chester Chapman j Plainfield \ 

[9-44] [Kimball and Gallup for Authority to construct 
Locks : addressed to the General Court, 1796.'] 

Humbly Sheweth the petition of Joseph Kimball & Peres 
Gallop that there are falls in Connecticut River oposite the 
Town of Plainfield known by the name Waterqueche falls 
which Renders the Navigation impasable with Boats which is 
very Injurious to those that do Business on said River therefore 
Your petitioners pray Your Honours to take the matter under 
Your Wise consideration and Grant your petitioners the Exclu- 
sive Right of Locking s d falls, so that the Same be made Navi- 
gable for Boats &c under Such Regulations and Restrictions as 
Your Honours in Your Wisdom shall see cause to direct and 
Your petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray 

Concord Dec r i 8t 1796 

Joseph Kimball 
Perez Gallup 

[Petition granted Dec. 2, 1796.] 

[9-45] \_Por Lncorporation of a Library, 1/97."] 

Humbly Sheweth Daniel Kimball that he with a number of 
others in the Parish of Meriden purchased a Collection of Books 
for a Social Library but find it necessary to be incorporated in 
order to realize the advantages Contemplated — Therefore pray 



that they may be incorporated with such privileges as are usu 
ally Granted in Such Cases, and as in Duty bound will pray 
Nov r 27 th 1797 

Dan 1 Kimball for the purchasers 

[The library was incorporated by the name of Meriden 
Library, Dec. 11, 1797. — Ed.] 


The township was formerly a part of Haverhill, Mass., 
and was included in the purchase of Nov., 1642, from the 
Indians. After the establishment of the province line in 
174-1, it was called the Haverhill District until it was incor- 
porated, Feb. 28, 1749, by the name " Plastow." 

Sept. 3, 1767, the westerly half of the town was set off 
and incorporated into " a Parish by the name of Atkinson," 
with all the powers and privileges of any town in the prov- 

By an act approved June 28, 183 1, a portion of the farm 
of James George was severed from Kingston and annexed 
to this town. 

John Cooper of this town was in 1st N. H. Reg't. En- 
tered April 27, 1778; discharged Dec. 31, 1781. 

[9-19] [Relative to election of Representatives, 1774: ad- 
dressed to H. of Rep. ] 

Humbly shew The Subscribers, Freeholders in y e towns of 
Plastovv & Hampstead & Parish of Atkinson in s d Province, 
that a writ was duly Issued to y e Selectmen of y e s d Towns & 
Parish to warn a meeting of y e Freeholders of s d Towns & Par- 
ish qualified to vote in y e choice of a Representative at some 
convenient time & Place, to chuse some fit Person to represent 
them in y e General assembly for s d Province on y e first Thurs- 
day in April last — that a meeting of y e s d Freeholders was by 
y e s d Selectmen appointed to be held on y e Twentieighth day 
of March last at m r Reuben Harrimans in s d Hampstead being 
a Private House — when & where many of y° s d Freeholders 
assembled & Proceeded to make such choice — that Nath 11 Pea- 
body Esq. & capt Jon a Carlton were y e only candidates voted 
for — that y° Moderator, after examining y e votes declared the 




s d Jon a Carlton was chosen by a Majority of Seven votes only 
& return of s d writ was made accordingly that y e s d Carlton was 
chosen. Now your Petitioners beg leave to shew to this Hon ble 
Court, that Sundry Persons qualified & who would have voted 
for y e 's d Peabody disliking y e place of Meeting or thinking their 
vote would be received if Sent toy 6 Moderator, were absent at 
that time — That Sundry others who were not qualified or Free- 
holders, were admitted to & did vote for y e s d Jon a Carlton. 

That they apprehend, if a fair meeting & Choice was made 
in y e s d Towns & Parish, Nath 11 Peabody Esq. would have a 
considerable Majority — 

Wherefore your Petitioners humbly pray this Hon ble court 
would Set aside y e s d Return & give them an opportunity fairly 
to exercise one of their most valuable Priviledges & to come to 
a fair choice & as in Duty bound shall ever pray &c a — 

Plastow May 6 th 1774. — 

Thomas follansbe 
moses or d way 
Edmund Hale 
Peter Dow 
william Gay 
Richerd Cheney 
samuel Dow 
Benjamin Davis 
John Tucker 
Samuel Dow Jun r 
Benj a Kimbell 
Stephen Gile 
Ezekiel Dow 
Abraham Chase 
Daniel Stevens 

Joseph Smith 
Bejamjmn Bly 
Asaph Harriman 
John Heath 
Isaac Heath 
Jonathan Heath 
Ephraim Simmons 
Jacob Heath 
Moses Bradley 
Nath" Kimball 
Benj ft Hale 

Nath Noyes 
Asa Page 
Stephen Page . 
moses Page 
James Page 
James merrill 
John Webster Jr 
Benj a Stone 
Joseph Knight 
Daniel Poor Junr 
Jona Poor 
John Knight jur 
Joseph french 
Ebenezer knight 
Joshua Knight 
Enoch Noyes 
Tho s Noyes 
Richard Brown 
Nath 11 Cogswell 
Enoch Knight 
John Dow 
Benjamin Richards 
Daniel Richards 
Jesse Page 
Benjamin Emery 
John Ingalls 
Stephen Dole 

John Dole 
Stephen Dole jun 
Ezekiel Belknap 
Samuel Little 
Benj n Little Ju r 
moses Little 
John Harriman 
Enoch Sawyer 
Theophilus Goodwin 
Josah Dow 
Joshua Dow 
John Bradly 
Je r Gilman 
James Noyes 
Henry Hale 
John Knight 3 d 
Eliphalet Poor 
Moses Belknap 
Joseph Little 
Ben Philbrick 
Jeremiah Poor 
Samuel Welch 
Daniel Stevens 
Benjamin petengill 
Nathan Gile 
Jesse Stevns 
John Kimball 

[In H. of Rep., May 

9, 1774, the petition was dismissed. 


[9-20] [Relative to Hugh Potter, 1773 '.] 

We your Humbel pettionars in behalf of the town of plastow 
humbly Sheweth that one old hue potter an old Englandman 
who Saith he was A Kings Solder in the Kings armey & a bout 
twenty five years ago Come in to this town and was Seasnable 
warned out acording to the Law of this province and is Now 
be Come a towns Charge & hes ben for Sum time parst — to the 
vallye of twelve pound L m we your humble pettitonars pray 
you would take our Case under your Considerations and order 
that for the futer the s d potter Shall be maintained by the prov- 
ince or Countey a fore said and we your humble pettionars as 
in Dutey bound Will Ever pray 

Dated plastow August 2S 1 775 

Daniel Stevens ) Select men 
Ezekiel Gile j for Plastow 
This petition dismist 

L9-21] [Petition for a Settlement of Town Lines, 1778. .] 

Humbly Shew the Subscribers Selectmen of the Town of 
Plastow in the County of Rockingham, in behalf of the Inhabi- 
tants of said Town — That in the year 1767 — an Act past the 
general Court, erecting the westerly part of said Town, into a 
New Parish & investing the same with all the Privileges of 
other Towns, in the then Province, by the Name of Atkinson — 
That afterwards viz 1 in the Year 176S, upon the Petition of 
James White and Samuel Kimball & others — (whose Estates 
were included within the Lines of Atkinson) to have Liberty to 
poll off with their Estates to Plastow, the General Court passed 
a vote in the following words, viz 1 " voted that two of the Pe- 
titioners only viz 1 James White & Samuel Kimball have Lib- 
erty to poll off from said Atkinson to Plastow aforesaid, with 
their families and Estates, both real & personal, and shall here- 
after be estimated taken and adjudged to be part of, and belong 
to, the said Town of Plastow, and shall be adjudged liable and 
subject to all Duties Taxes and orders of said Town, as much, 
and in the same manner, as other Inhabitants of said Town, in 
proportion to their Estates — saving that their future purchases 
shall belong to the Town or Parish where they lay " — That 
since that Time, the said Kimball has sold his said real Estate 
and removed within the Line of Plastow, — That as the said 
Vote is silent, with regard to the said real Estates after the De- 
mise or removal of the said White and Kimball, since the said 
Sale, Disputes have arisen between the said Town and Parish 

[9-24] [Return of Ratable Polls, iy8j.~\ 

State of New Hamshir Rocking" 1 
In Pursuant of orders Recivcd from the Gennariel assembly 
of s d State wee Have taken the exact number of male Polls of 
twenty one years of age and upward Paying for themselves a 


concerning the Right of taxing the Estate sold, and the posses- 
sor thereof — That sometimes the said Town, and sometimes 
the said Parish have taxed them and collected the Tax — that 
they have endeavoured to settle the matter among themselves 
but without Effect — 

That a Trial at Law for the Determination thereof would be 
attended with great Expence and perhaps not be satisfactorily 
decisive ; and might be only productive of Animosity and Ma- 
levolence between the Inhabitants of said Town and Parish, 
pernicious at any Time, but more especially at this difficult and 
unsettled State of public Affairs — 

Wherefore they pray Your Honours Consideration of the 
Matter — and that you would Determine and order to which the 
said Estate and the possessor thereof shall in future belong — as 
well as the Estate of the said White when it shall fall into other 
hands And Y r Petitioners will gladly acquiesce in the Deter- 
mination — And ever pray &c — ) 

Joseph Welch ) Selectmen of 
David Bryant j Plastow 

[In H. of Rep., Feb. 20, 1778, a hearing was ordered for 
the next session. — Ed.] 


[9~ 2 3] \_Capt. Gile's Resig?iation.~\ 

Plastow August 3 d 17S0 
Hon* Sir 

As I was appointed by the General Assembly of this State to 
take the Command of a Company of men raised by this State 
to be stationed at Piscataqua Harbour for the Defence of Ports- 
mouth These are to inform your Honour that as my affairs are 
now Circumstanced I must beg Liberty to Resign the Trust re- 
posed in me 

I am with great Respect Your 
Honr 9 most Obedt and Humb 1 Ser\ rt 

Ezekiel Gile 
Honr bl Meshech Weare Esq r 

President of y e State of New Hampsh r 


Poll tax with in the town of Plastow the amount of which is 


Plastow December y e 9 — 1783 

Ezekiel Gile ) Selectmen for 
John White j Plastow 

[Sworn to before Peter Clement, Justice of the Peace. 

[R. 3-125] \_yohn Pollard's Petition, Soldier, iy6o.~\ 

The Humble Petition of John Pollard of the town of Plastow 
in the province of New hampshir Humbly Petitioneth that 
Where as my Sone Hezekiah Pollard was a Listed Soldier in 
the year past in. the Province Service under the Comand of 
Capt Todd and Came home Sick of which Sickness he Died 
I Would beg the Honourable Comittee to take the matter in 
Consideration and allow the Cost of the Docktr Bill and the 
Nurses Which is herein Inclosed and you will Greatly Ablige 
your Humble petitioner John Pollard 

Plastow January 29 th 1760 

[He was allowed £11, 17, 6, new tenor. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-1252 is an itemized account of Dr. Stephen Huse 
for attending John Pollard. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-126] [In a petition dated June 2, 1763, John Haz- 
zen,as attorney for Matthew Bryant of Plaistow, stated that 
said Bryant " was an Inlisted Soldier In Cap 1 John Hazzens 
Comp a , In the year 1760, under the Command of Col° John 
Goffe In the New Hampshire Regiment, & that after being 
dismissed from said Regim 1 Came home, the second day 
after I was taken sick with the small pox & lay sixty days." 
He asked for an allowance, and was paid ^8 sterling. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-128] [Soldier's Order. ,] 

Plastow April 20 th 177S 
S r please to pay Capt Benj. Kimball all the money Due to 
me for Rations as an officer in Capt Pages Company in Col° 
Drakes Regiment and this order shall be your full Discharge 
from your Humble Servant — 
To Col°Nico 8 Gilman 

Nathaniel Little Ensign 


fR. 3-129] [Soldier's Receipt.] 

Received of the Selectmen of Plastovv three Pound thirteen 
shillings three pence it being supplies for my familie whilce I 
wase in the Continentel army for the town of Plastow 

Received by mee witness my hand 


Witness John X Cooper 


Daniel Aver Ezekiel Gile 
lodgd Octo 16 1783 

[R. 3-130] An account of what y e Town of Plastow Paid y e 
Wife of Sam 11 Heath at sundy Times 

17S0. December Paid in Beef £72.18.0 

1781 March Paid on account of wood 210. 0.0 

1782 March Equil to 34 Bushel of Ind n Corn 
Paid Equil to 7 Bushel of Ind u Corn 


Jn° Ayer ~) Select men 

Nat Little [■ for 

David Bryent ) Plastow 

[R. 3-131] [Mrs. Sarah Heath's Receipt.] 

Plastow Jan y y e I st 1783 

This May Certify to the Honnareble Committey on Clames 
that I Sarah Heath Wife to Samuel Heath a Solder in the Con- 
tenneltel armey for said town of Plastow have Rec d of s d town 
Six Pound thirteen shillings Lawful money it Being for Sup- 
plyes for me and Fameley the year Past 


I say Rec d by me Sarah X heath 


Test Moses Bradley James Smith 

![R. 3-132] [Enlistment.'] 

Plastow August y e 3 — 17S2 

We the Subscribers Do Enlist our selves as Soldiers to sarve 
.at Portsmouth untill the Larst Day of December next unless 
sooner Discharged and We Promis Submishion and obedience 


to Capt Titus Saltor and any other officer that shall be set over 
us by him or any other Lawfull authority a Cording to the 
Rules and Reglations of the Contanentel Armey 

Trustram Ordway 
Jesse Davies 

The above named Jesse Davis Reed my orders to march 
ameaditely aftair the date of his in List men and to Poot him 
sel under the Command as mentioned above att — 

Joseph Welch major 

Enlisted y e 3 d joined y e 16 absented y e i* Dec with 6 others 
by leave from L* Ackerman house burn'd &c 

[R. 3-133] [Petition of fesse Davis, Soldier, who ivas re- 
turned as a Deserter. ~\ 

The petetion of Jesse Davis of Plastow in the County of 
Rockingham in said State Humbly Sheweth — That in pursu- 
ance of Orders issued from the Honb 1 committee of Safety of 
said State, your Hon" petitioner on the 3 d day of Aug 1 ADom 
17S2. did inlist himself as a Soldier to serve, in the Company 
raised for the defence of Piscataqua Harbour, from the said 3 d 
of August untill the last day of December then next follow- 

That the petitioner, soon after his inlisting did March and 
actually Join the said Company, which was Commanded by 
Capt Titus Salter, where your Hon 1 " 8 petitioner did continue to 
perform his duty as a Soldier, to the best of his ability untill 
the first day of said December, during which time he with his 
fellow Soldiers were Necessitated to sustain very considerable 
hardships, with respect to provision, some times having none, 
at other times but scanty allowance, or else that which was- 
damaged & not fit to be eaten by Man ! 

That on the said i 8t of December your petetioner had not for 
Eight days then last past received half a days allowance of 
bread, and their meat had been extreamly bad — 

That the Soldiers frequently petetioned their officers more 
especially Lieut Akerman, as the Capt was some times absent, 
to procure them some redress, but to no purpose ; as the officers 
observed that no pains had been wanting on their part, but the 
provisions were not to be had — 

And here your Honors Special Candor is humbly requested 
while the petetioner is under the Necessity of mentioning some 
disagreable Circumstances — in hopes also that Lieut Akerman, 
on recollection, will not take umbrage at the rehersal — That 



Lieut Akerman gave the petetioner and others to understand, 
J that although it was not his business to give the Soldiers a 

proper discharge yet he was fully of opinion that their further 
Services were not needed, and that no inconvenience would 
arise from their retireing from the Service ; in the full belief ot 
which your petetioner with several others left the Company — 

That the petetioner being Sick, naked, & hungry, return'd to 

Plastow in hopes of a little relief, but to his further distress 

j* found that the house at which he had lived for some time before 

he inlisted, and in which was all the little property he owned, 

had but few days before been burn'd with fire and he left with- 

Iout a farthing, which was the second unfortunate instance of 
the like nature that had occured to him within a little more 
than one year — 

In this distressed Situation, being but little more than sixteen 
years of age, and his father having in the Service of his Country 
been most inhumanly bayoneted to death by the British troops, 
the petetioner must have enevitably perished, not having a far- 
thing of patrimony, or any relation of ability to give him relief, 
had it not been for some persons whose circumstances are far 
from being affluent who generously consented to afford him 
some assistance and wait till the petetinor should receive his 
wages from the public — 

That on application for said wages your petetinor was in- 
form'd he was return'd a Deserter, and no wages due to him 
which gave him the first Idea of his having Transgressed in the 
affair — 


Your Hon" petetionor Humbly prays this Honorable Court 
to commiserate his distress'd Setuation, and in your Great wis- 
dom and clemency grant that he may receive the full amount 
of his pay for the time he was in the Service of his country, or 
otherwise relieve him in such way as to your Hon 1 " 8 it shall 
seem good and the petetinor as in duty bound will ever pray 
Jesse Davies 

[Sworn to before Peter Clement, justice of the peace.— 

We the Subscribers freeholders of the Town of Plastow hav- 
ing viewed and Considered the foregoing petetion of Jesse 
Davis, and being acquainted with him and with some of the 
Circumstances mention'd &. set forth in his Petetion, do hereby 
Certifie that it is our Opinion the said Davis is an honest sim- 
ple well meaning young man, and that in general, from the 



best information we have been able to Obtain, his petetion con- 
tains a Just State of Facts — 

Plaistow Dec r 6 th 1783 — 

John Copp 
David Stevens 
Simeon Peaslee 
Josaph colanes 
Joshua Dow 
Moses Harriman 
Daniel Stevens 
James Smith 
Moses Bly 
James Blye 

Jo 8 Smith J Select men for 

W m Bradly V Plastow 
David Bryent j Year — 17S2 

Moses Bartlet 
Ezekiel Gile 

Selectmen for 
Plastow for 1783 

Dn Joseph Har'iman 
Asaph Hariman 
Isaac Heath 
Job Eaton 
Ezekiel Dow 
Leonard Harriman 
John Heath 
Benf Bly 
John Harriman 

[R- 3-134] 

State of Newhamps 1 " In House of Representatives Dec r 26 th 

*7 8 3 

The Committee on the petition of Jesse Davis & all Similar 

Matter, Report that Jesse Davis, Nathan Berry & Paul Clarke, 
who are Returned Deserters by Capt Titus Salter on his Roll 
for the year 1782, be paid for the full Time they were in the 
Service Sign'd Nath 1 Folsom for the Committee which Report 
being Read & Considered, Voted that it be Receiv'd & Ex- 
cepted & that the President give order accordingly — 

Sent up for Concurrence 

John Dudley — Speaker 

In Council the Same day read and Concurred 

E Thompson Secy 

£9-25] [Relative to Class for Representative, i?86.~] 

State of New Hampshire Rockingham ss 

This May Certerfy that at a leagel meeting held at the meet- 
ing House in the Town of Plastow on Tuesday y e 21 Day of 
November 17S6 after deliberating on the matter of haveing the 
Towns of Hampstied Atkinson and Plastow Classed to Gether 
in the Choise of Representitives for the futer it was put to Vote 
and no person appeared to Vote for the same and being put to 



the Contirary Voted that the three towns afforesaid should not 
be classed in the choice of a representee for the futtar as Wit- 
ness my hand 

David Stevens Town Clark 

9-26] [ Vote of Town relative to Paper Money, 1786. ~\ 

State of Newhampshire Rockingham ss. 

At a Leagel Meeting held at the Meeting House in the town 
of Plastow on tuesday the 21 st Day of November A :D : 17S6 
for the purpose of takeing under Consideration the plan for 
makeing a paper Currencey a Greable to the Direction of the 
Hon General Cort &c the said plan Being read and Considred 
it was put to Vote to see if the town would except it — no per- 
son Voted for to except s d plan and being put to the Conteraye 
13 Persons Voted not to reseve s d plan and also Voted not to 
make aney amendments or alterations &c — 
Witness our hands 

Jos Smith ~\ Selectmen 

Jn° Ayer V for 

Amos Sawyer ) Plastow 

[See Atkinson papers, Vol. XI. — Ed.] 

[9-27] \_Relative to Representative Class, iy86.~] 

The petition of us the Subscribers Inhabitance of the towns 
Plastow & Atkinson in Said State and Each man paying a poll 
tax for him Self tharein humbly Sheweth that whereas the In- 
habitance of hampstead have petitioned the general Court Set- 
ting forth their Desire to Be annexed to the fore Said Towns 
plastow & Atkinson in Sending a Representative to Represent 
Said Towns at the general Court in Said State we your peti- 
tioners Considering the Situation of the inhabitance of Said 
Hampstead they Being unrepresented in Said general Court By 
Reason of their Not having a Sufficiancy of polls for that pur- 
pose and it Being Disconvenant for said Hampestead to Be 
Classed with Any other Towns then those above mentioned for 
the purpose aforesaid we therefore freely give our Consent too 
and Desire you would annex Said Hampstead with Said plas- 
tow and Atkinson & that those three Towns make But one 
Class for Sending a Representative for the future and your pe- 
tionars as in Duty Bound will ever pray 

Jonathan Sawyer Moses Bly Samuel Dow « 

Stephen Woodward Joseph Harriman John Dow 
Christopher Clement John Kimball Benjamin Carleton 



James Woodward 
zebediah sargent 
Thomas Hall 
John Hall 
Peter Harriman 
Sam 1 Heath 
John Herriman 
moses Jackman 
David Hariman 
Reuben Gile 
Salvenus Noyce 
Nathaniel Little 
Isaiah Johnson 
James Noyes 
John Bradley 
Benjamin Davis 
moses Simons 
moses Harriman 
John Kelly 
John Stevens 
Isaac Noyes 

Jon a Kimball 
Joseph Kimball 
John Jeffers 
Nat h Bradley 
Jonathan Kimball 
W m Bradly 
Noah Jackman 
Samuel Kimball 
Joseph Welch 
David Bryent 
Samuel Harriman 
William Ayer 
Daniel Ayer 
Wiliam farnam 
Simons Follansbe 
Joseph Adams 
Moses Bartlet 
Deniel Bartlet 
Nathaniel Cheney 

iun r 
Nathaniel Cheney 

Samuel Welch 
Ezekeiel flandcrs 
James Blye 
Leonard Harriman 
David Stevens 
David Stevens Juner 
Simon peaslee 
Moses ordvvay 
Ezekiel Dow 
John Chase 
Nathaneii Bartlet 
Asa Kimball 
Joseph Ayer 
Job Eatton 
Jesse Eaton 
Benj a Blv 
Jonathan Heath 
Joshua Dow 
Nath 1 Kimball 
Chase Stevens 

[See Vol. XI, p. 93.— Ed.] 

[9— 2S] [Instructions to the Legislature : addressed to the 
H. of Rep., 1786.] 

Whereas the Good people of this State have for Some time 
laboured under Grate difficualtes for want of a Sufriciantcv of 
money to Carev on the Common business in S (i State — and also. 
labouring under maney other Difficalteys which may be re- 
moved to the Grate advantage of the Cytisons of S d State thare- 
fore at a leagel town Metting held at the meeting House in the 
town of Plastow on the 2S th of August 17S6 — on purpose to take 
under Considration the Difficalteys as aftbresaid and praying 
that the Same may be remved — Voted firstly to recommend to 
the Hon be General Cort to make a Some of paper money for a 
Curcullateing meadem for the benefit of this State &c 2 ly Voted 
to recommend to s d Corte to have the infearor Corts in this State 
put by for the futer as being unnesserey and ingereus to the 
Commonwelth of this State 3 ly Voted to recommcd to S d Corte 
that the Justices of the peace be impowered to try aney Case or 
Causes that is now brot to the infearor Corts &c — 4 ly Voted to 
recommed to s d Cort that if y e Excise on Spiritus likure must 
be Continued to order and impower the Selectmen in thear re- 
spective towns to collect the excise and return the same to the 



Trsurey of S d State 5 ly Voted to recommend to S d Cort to pass 
an act to impower the town Clarks in thear respecttive towns 
within this State to receive all Deeds within thear towns and 
record the Same — 6 r Voted to recommend to s d Cort that the 
Constabels within thear respecttive towns within this State may 
be impowered to Serve aney and all precepts that Shall Come 
to thear hands from Lawful athoriety 7 ly Voted that there be no 
Deputy Shireff Within the State afors d for the filter 

David Stevens Town Clark 


£9-29] \_Petition in favor of foseph Welch-: addressed to 
the President and Coimcil.~\ 

We the Subscribers being freeholders in y e Town of Plastow 
in said County ; whereas Joseph Welch Esq r of said Town, has 
been for upwards of Ten Years past an Officer in y e Regiment 
in this place, as well as Justice of y c Peace in & for said Town & 
County ; we understand that by the new arangement of Officers 
that y e s d Welch has no appointment in either; we your hum- 
ble petitioners look upon y e s d Welch as an useful member of 
Society, & therefore pray that your Excellency with y e advise 
& consent of y e Council would continue y e said Welch in y e 
Office of Justice in & for said Town & County. And your 
humble petitioners as in duty bound, will ever pray. 

Jonathan Kimball Amos davis James Noyes 

John Hall 

Moses Davis 

Isaiah Johnson 

David Bryent 

Samul Dow 

Nathaniel Little 

Th° Hall 

Nath 11 Cheney 

Sam 11 Heath 

Leonard Harriman 

Nathaniel Cheney in 

r Timothy Noyes 

Moses Harriman 

John Tucker 

John Harriman 

Moses Bartlet 

Simeon Peaslee 

Moses Bly 

Joshua Dow 

Samuel Dow Ju r 

James Bly 

Samuel Kimball 

Daniel Stevens 

Benj a Bly 

W m farnam 

Jos Bradley 

Joseph Harriman 

Jn° Ayer 

Chase Stevens 

John Bradley 

William Ayer 

moses Jackman 

Jonathan hath 

Daniel Ayer 

David Harriman 

To 8 Kimball 

Joseph Adams 

Noah Jackman 


Simons Follonsbe 

Alexander Stevns 


[9-30] [Relative to the Claims of Altai's Heirs, etc. : ad- 
dressed to the Ge?ieral Court, iy86.~\ 

The Petition of us the Subscribers Inhabitants of the Town 
of Plastow in the sate aforesaid Humbly Sheweth, That Where- 
as at this Present time their is a great Commotion among the 
People in said State Occationed (as we think) by Some Lead- 



ing and Designing men in said State of New Hampshire afore- 
said, and to Prevent many and great evils which we fear will 
insue (unless Soon Prevented) we do Present this our Humble 
Petition Praying your Honours to Enact the Following Arti- 
cles (Viz) — 

I st That you would not allow those Persons, Purchesers of 
the Allen Claim So Call d any Part of their Claim within this 

2 ly That not any of those Persons that are Purchesers of the 
said Allen Claim hold any Commission of Profit or Honour in 
said State, for the Space of One year — 

3 ly That the General Court take up the Matter Respecting of 
the Clame of the Masonian Property (so Call d ) to Certain Lands 
in this State as we Think their Title is not good & Valued and 
that the said Certain Land Claimed by them be Converted to 
the Use of said State — 

4 ly That there be a Bank of Paper money made to Redeem 
this State Notes, Certificates, &c — 

5 ly That the General Court Petition Congress to Redeem the 
Continental Paper Currency that is in the Treasury in the State 
the same being more then was our Proportion — 

1 6 l7 That the Ports and Harbers in this State be opened and a 
Free Trade with all, Except the Refugees 

Plastow June y e 2 d 17S6 


John Hall 
Nath 1 Kimball 
Joshua Dow 
Peter Harriman 
David Bryent 
Jn° Ayer 

Simons Foilansbee 
Joseph Ayer 
Jonathan Kimball 
William Ayer 
Daniel Ayer 
Stephen Heath 
Joseph Adams 
John Dow 

Sam 1 Kimball 
Samuel Dow 
Nathaneil Bartlet 
John Stevens 
Aleander Stevens 
Chase Stevens 
Moses Bartlett 
W m Farnham 
Daniel Stevens 
Moses Davis 
John Chase 
Benj a Davis 
Nathaniel Little 
Isaac Noyes 

Moses Jackman 
Jonathan Heath 
John Harriman 
Benj Bly 
James Bly 
Moses Bly 
Joseph Kimball 
Thomas Hall 
John Bradlev 
William Bradly 
Nathaniel Bradley 
Leonard Harriman 
Moses Harriman 


The township was granted, July 15, 1763^0 Joseph Blanch- 
ard and sixty-one others, and contained a portion of the 
present town of Hebron. 


In 1764 Zachariah Parker, James Hobart, Stephen and 
David Webster, and others from Hollis, settled in the town. 

By an act passed June 15, 1792, the south-west portion 
of the town was taken off, combined with a portion of Cock- 
ermouth, now Groton, and incorporated into the town of 
Hebron. A committee was appointed by the legislature, 
Oct. 27, 1780, to settle the bounds of this and other towns 
in Grafton county (see Vol. XI, p. 729), and their report, 
which was accepted, took off a tract of land from the north 
side of Plymouth, which the inhabitants considered as be- 
longing to that town and petitioned to have restored, which 
was done by an act passed June 21, 1793. The same act 
also annexed to Plymouth some lots of land belonging to 
Nathaniel Peabody, known as " the Everett Farm and 
Withey Lot." 

June 26, 1845, some lots were severed from the north-east 
corner of Hebron and annexed to this town. Plymouth was 
further enlarged by the annexation of a portion of Campton, 
June 27, i860. The State Normal School was established 
in this town in 1870. and the town was connected with 
Campton by telephone in 1881. 

[9-46] [Petition for a Survey of the Town, iy/2.~\ 

The petition of Samuel Livermore & David Hobart two of 
the proprietors of the common and undivided Land lying within 
the township of Plimouth in said province in behalf of them- 
selves and the rest of the proprietors of said common and un- 
divided land in said town of Plimouth humbly sheweth That 
the said town of Plimouth was originally granted by the follow- 
ing boundarys namely beginning at the westerly side of Pern i- 
giwasset river opposite to the northwest corner of New-Hol- 
derness where the line of Campton comes to the said river 
from thence westerly about three miles by the south line of 
Campton to the southwest corner thereof which is the northeast 
corner of Cockermouth from thence south thirty degrees west 
five miles and one half mile by said Cockermouth to the south- 
easterly corner thereof from thence south 37 degrees west by a 
tract of land called Cardigan six miles to the northerly line of 
Newchester so called from thence northeasterly by the line of 
New Chester about eleven miles to Pemigiwasset river from 
thence up said river as the same tends to the place began at 
which township or tract of land bounded & described as afore- 
said was supposed to contain five miles and a half square or 


17000 Acres. The petitioners further shew that the said 
northeast corner of Cockermouth was never ascertained by any 
authoritative Survey excepting what was done by Robert 
Fletcher Esq who by order of his majestys Inferiour Court 
of Common Fleas held for said province in March AD 1767 with 
two chain-men under oath survey d so much of the towns of 
Lyme Dorchester and Cockermouth as to fix the said northeast 
corner of Cockermouth on a certain course nineteen miles from 
Connecticut river by which same survey the said township of 
Plimouth was found to contain more land than had before been 
supposed. The said Petitioners farther shew that they have at 
a very great expence laid out a considerable part of said Tract 
or township into lots & made roads not only within the said 
township but for the distance of twenty eight miles to the next 
nearest Settlement when they began the settlement of Plimouth. 
That some of their lots improved & settled do not fall within 
the quantity of 17000 acres altho they are litterally within the 
bounds of their charter. The Pet nre therefore pray your Excel- 
lency & honours Consideration on the premisses and that a new 
survey may be made of said town of Plimouth to begin at Pem- 
igiwasset river opposite the northwest corner of New Holder- 
ness & to run from thence on a straight line to a hemlock tree 
newmarked by said Robert Fletcher Esq nineteen miles on a 
certain course from Connecticut river for the northeast corner 
of Cockermouth and from thence South thirty degrees west five 
miles & a half to the Northeast corner of Cardigan and from 
thence South 37 degrees west six miles to the southeast Corner 
of Cardigan thence turning easterly & running on the same 
point that the southerly sideline of Cardigan runs to the line 
commonly called the patent line thence by said Patent line to 
Pemigewasset river & thence by the said river to the bounds 
first mentioned And that all the said last mentioned boundarys 
when surveyed & marked may be established as the boundarys 
of the said town of Plimouth & that all the land therein con- 
tained over & above the five miles & a half square or 17000 
acres mentioned in their first Charter may be granted to the Pe- 
titioners to hold in proportion to their respective present interest 
in the common & undivided lands in Plimouth. And the Peti- 
tioners &ca shall ever pray &ca 

Sam Livermore for the petitioners 
November 27th 1772. 

Memorandum The foregoing Petition is presented by the 
consent & concurrence of the Subscriber being a patentee of 
three thousand acres within the bounds aforesaid. 

John Fenton 
March 23 1773 This Petition was dismissed 

Geo : King D. Sec'y 



[9-47] \_Relative to Orders for raising- a Company of Sol- 
diers : addressed to the Committee of Safety or Colonial 
Congress, 1775-1 

Gentlemen — 

Whereas it hath been Represented to us by M r Abel Webster 
member of the Colony Congress for the Town of Plymouth in 
the County of Grafton, That your Honours propos'd & or- 
dered one Company of YooX. to be Raised in the County of 
Grafton, for the Defence of the Country one half of said 
Company to be raised in the Towns Scituate on Conecticut 
River & the other half on the Towns Scituate on Pemegiwa- 

{ sitte River, and that the Orders for Raising said Company 

was delivered to Israel Morey Esq r of Orford to be by him 

f communicated to said Webster & by them to be proportioned 

upon each River, Yet Nevertheless as we Understand the said 

* Israel Morey Esq r keeps the said orders to himself or from this 

part of the County in order to raise the whole of said Company 
on Connecticutt River as he has had no connection or advice 

1 with said Webster or any other person in this part of the Coun- 

ty concerning the same We therefore the agents of the several 
Towns hereafter Mentioned beg Leave to remonstrate to Your 
Honours against the proceeding of said Esq r Alorey, conceiv- 
ing that by his thus proceeding he has not only thwarted the 
order and advice of Congress or said Committee of Safety but 
also put this part of the County under a very Uneaquel footing 
with the other part in bearing the publick charge in not having 
the Previledge in raising our proportion of Men, We therefore 
desire that Your Honours would Interpose in said affair by 
pointing out to the said Esq r Morey the Path of Justice & Gen- 
erosity by ordering him to Give up the orders to this part of 
the County to raise half of said Company or otherwise as Your 
Honors think proper 

Plymouth 23 d June 1 775 

For Plymouth Sam 1 Emerson 
j Rumney Jonathan hall 

For N. Holderness Sam 1 Sheperd 

For N Chest r Carr Huse 

Thornton Ezekiel Eliot 
Cockersmouth Ebenezar Kendall 

For Alexandrae Jonath n Cauleys 
Campton Gershom Burbanks 

Read & voted to put off the consideration of this Petition till 
Col Hurd is present July I st 1775 


[9-48] [Relative to the election of a Representative : ad- 
dressed to the Colonial Congress, 1773 '.] 

[R. 3-136.] [Supplies furnished, 1778 and 1779.] 

An account of the Money Supplied the Families of the Sol- 
diers in the Town of Plymouth ingaged in the Continental Ser- 
vice — The Supplies from the Tenth day of March 1 778 to the 

Plymouth 13 th Dec r 1775 
To the Honorable Congress of the Colony of New-Hamp- 
shire — 
May it please your Honors — 

We your humble petitioners, beg leave to lay before you our 
Remonstrances against the proceedings, at a Meeting of a Num- 
ber of the Inhabitants of this Town together with a few from 
the Towns of New-Chester, Cockermouth and Alexandria, held 
at the Court-House in Plimouth, the 12 th of this Instant in order 
to make choice of a Delegate to represent said Towns in Pro- 
vincial Congress. 

We beg leave to inform your Honors, that the Inhabitants of 
the Town of Alexandria, by reason of the distance of Way, and 
Difficulty of Traveling at this time of the Year, convened, and 
chose Men, and sent them to Plimouth to act in behalf of the 
•Town ; but they were suffered to act, in no other Capacity than 
as Individuals, by which means they were deprived of a Share 
in the Choice of a Representative — Also that a party Spirit has 
much prevailed in this Town of late which we are very sorry 
for — And we think sundry People have been influenced there- 
by — And that the Gentleman lately elected, was chosen by a 
party. And we think Things have not been fairly conducted. 

We are dissatisfied with the above proceedings, therefore beg 
of your Honors to condescend so far as to grant a Warrant for 
another Meeting or permit another Choice to be made, in such 
a Manner, as that the whole may have a Voice in said Elec- 
tion — 

avid Webster Stephen Webster Jun r 

Silos Brown Peter Emerson 

Sam 1 Derbon Winthrop Wells 

Edward Evans John webber 

onesiphes mash Jonas Ward 

Jacob mash Amos Fish 

Samuel marsh Paul Wells 

Benjamin Wells Josiah Brown 

Beniamin Darbon Joseph Read 



Tenth of March 1779 according to the Select Mens accounts 
& Records for that year are as follows 

Extra Expenses 

Paid by the Soldier paid by the Total 

James Barns £10- 4- 9 £68-13-10 £78-18-7 

Benjamin Phillips S-12-11 50-3-10 58-16-9 

Edward Evins 6- 4- 9 39- 5- 8 45-10- 6 

£25- 2- 5 £158- 3- 5 £183- 5-10 

And the Supplies from the Tenth day of March 1779 to the 
first day of January 1780 are as follows 

James Barns £9-13-9 £126-14-3 £136- 8-0 

Benjamin Phillips 12- 8-0 164-16-6 177- 4-6 

Edward Evins 8-17-9 164- 7-0 173- 4-9 

£30-19-6 £455-! 7-9 £486-17-3 
Plymouth January 29 th 17S0 

Sam 1 Emerson \ 
John Willoughby > 
Benj n Goold j 

Select Men 

[Willoughby and Goold were sworn before Samuel Emer- 
son. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-137.] \_Col. Hobarfs Resignatio?i, I779.~\ 

To the Honorable General Court for the State of New Hamp r 

Gentlemen — 

I have been Honoured with the Command of the Eleventh 
Regiment of Militia in this State for some years past, which 
trust I have Discharged according to the best of my Capacity — 
and by change of Circumstances, it will be inconvenient for me 
to serve in this Station any longer — Wherefore I beg leave to 
Resign this public trust, & accordingly Do Resign this com- 
mand, & beg the Honorable Court to accept the Same 

I am Gentlemen your most obedient Humble Servant 

David Hobart 
Plymouth June 14 th 1779 

[R. 3-13S] \_David Nevins, Soldier. ~\ 

This may Certify whom it may concern that John Nevins of 
Plymouth in the County of Grafton and State of Newhampshire 
is the only Brother to David Nevins late of s d Plymouth who 


was a Continental Soldier in Co l Scammels or Reads Regiment 
or both now deceas d & that the said John is the only male Heir j 
to s d Davids Estate he having besides but only two sisters &: 
therefore no Impediment in the way that we know of but that 
he may draw the wages or what ever may be due from the 
State to the S d David or his Estate ! 

Sam 1 Emerson ) Selectmen 
William George j of Plymouth 
Plymouth 19 th Jan rjr 1784. 

[R. 3-139] [Mrs. Barns 's Order.] 

John Taylor Gilman Esq r Treas r of the State of Newhamp- 
shire Sir please to pay Joseph Senter Esq r the wages due to 
me on Account of my late husband James Barns Deceas d being 
late a Continental Soldier of one of the Quota of the Town of 
Plymouth and you will oblige yours &c — 

Plymouth 22 nd October 1784 


Submit X Barns 


Test Sam 1 Emerson 

[9~49] [Return of Ratable Rolls, 1783.] 

Plymouth 12 th December 17S3 — 

This may Certify, that there is Ninety two Male polls up- 
wards of Twenty one years of Age paying for themselves a poll 
Tax in the Town of Plymouth, There is also over and above 
said Ninety two, five Soldiers returned home from the Conti- 
nental Service since the first day of April last belonging to said 
Plymouth upwards of Twenty one years of Age on said first 
day of April last 

Sam 1 Emerson ) c , 

Win- /-> > oelectmen 

llliam George ) 

[Sworn to before Samuel Emerson and Moses Dow, jus- 
tices of the peace. — Ed.] 

[9-50] [Ret it ion for Atithority to raise Money by Lottery 
to build a Bridge, i/Sj.'] 

Humbly shew the subscribers that in travelling the main road 
from Coos to the Center & Sea ports of the State, they are 
obliged to cross Bakers River in Plymouth, which is so large 


as to be fordable, only a small part of the year, & in cold 
weather, it is often partly frozen & partly open, so as to render 
it difficult to pass. That within a few years last past, several 
Bridges have been built over said River in Plymouth & Rum- 
ney at the expence of said Towns or individuals — which tho at 
a considerable distance out of the main road of travelling, were 
of great public utility, so long as they continued — 

That the Inhabitants of said Towns who live near the place 
where said river is generally crossed, have within two years 
last past, been at great expence in building a bridge there, but 
as yet have not been able to finish, or even make it passable, & 
that finding the object too great for their conveniance, have given 
over the pursuit — 

That so far as they have proceeded in building said bridge 
which is considerable, has as yet, with but a triffle of damage 
withstood the attacks of the late severest freshet ever known 
while all the other bridges have been swept away 

That your petitioners are fully of opinion, that if said bridge 
could be finished, it would stand, & render great service & be 
of general convenience to the public, until the timbers thereof 
should become rotten — And therefore pray your Honors to grant 
a Lottery, under due regulations, to raise two hundred pounds, 
which they conceive to be sufficient for the purpose, & to ap- 
point suitable managers for the same 

They beg leave further to suggest, in this time of general 
scarcity of money, that as wheat is the produce of that part of 
the County, if said Lottery should be bottomed, upon that arti- 
cle, it would be most likely, to answer the end proposed 

Ail which your petitioners, pray your Honors to consider 
with due deliberation, & make such order thereon, as may ap- 
pear most for the public good — 

And your petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray &c — 

Concord Oct 31 — 1785 

Moses Dow in behalf & at the request of a number of 
the Inhabitants of Rumney & Plymouth — 

Noah Worcester David Webster Eben r Webster 

Abraham Burnham Richard Jcnness Robert Smith 

John Young Robert Colburn 

William Simpson Elisha Payne 

[In H. of Rep., Nov. 8, 17S5, the petitioners were granted 
leave to bring in a bill. Senate concurred. — Ed.] 


[9-51] [ Consent of Town to the severing of the south-west 

part, 1791 >~\ 

At a meeting of the freeholders and other Inhabitants of the 
town of Plymouth in the County of Grafton qualified to vote in 
town afairs, held at the meeting house in said town on friday j 
the second day of December AD 1791 by adjournment — It was 
Voted— j 

To accept the report of the Committee appointed to take a ] 
Survey of the land in the Southwesterly part of Plymouth so 
far as to establish a line proper for the dividing line betwixt 
said Plymouth and the land Petitioned for to set off in a new \ 
township, which line is — begining at a hemlock tree standing 
on the -Patten line (so called) or the dividing line betwixt Ply- 
mouth and Bridgwater one mile and one hundred and thirty 
seven rods easterly from newfound pond, from thence north 
seventeen degrees west two miles and two hundred and twenty- 
six rods to the Southwest corner of Benjamin Taylors lot, from 
thence north forty five degrees west forty eight rods to the South- 
east corner of lot number three in the second range, from thence 
north sixty degrees west on the dividing lines betwixt the lots 
Number three and four in the first and second ranges in the last 
division of fifty acre lots, and so on the same course to Cock- 
ermouth line, and that we are willing that all the Lands on the 
Southwesterly side of said line laving in Plymouth be set off 
and Incorporated into a new township agreeable to the prayer 
of the Petition — 

Extract from the votes of said meeting — 

Coppy of Record exam' 1 — 

Sam 1 Emerson Town Clerk 

[9-52] [Petition of sundry Inhabita?its to be incorporated 
into a new Tozvn, iygi.~\ 

The Petition of us the Subscribers humbly sheweth that by a 
late establishment of the Boundaries of the Town of Plymouth, 
(of which we are Inhabitants,) Our Connection with said Town 
of Plymouth is rendered exceeding difficult, as the road at pres- 
ent is new & in a great Measure unoccupied, & the Length of 
way from the principal part of us nearly Six miles to the now 
Centre of said Plymouth, & further, that the greater part of us 
have been at a great expence in Settling a Gospel minister & 
Supporting the Gospel among ourselves without any assistance 
of the Town of Plymouth aforesaid, & having previously ob- 
tained approbation of the Inhabitants of said Plymouth by a 


unanimous Vote herewith inclos'd & preferrd to Your honours, 
Signifying that Our desires may be fully gratify'd — 

Wherefore we pray that Such a part of said Plymouth as is 
expressd by meets & Bounds (in said Vote herewith preferr'd 
by the Bearer William Cummings) may be set oft*, & incor- 
porated into a Township by the Name of Weston, & that we 
the Inhabitants of the same may be invested with Town Privi- 
leges in Such way as Your Honour's in Wisdom may Judge fit 

And We your Honour's Petitioners as in duty bound shall 
ever pray — 

Plymouth Dec r 7 th 1791— 

E ben Kendall John W Kendall Evan Bartlet 

Josiah Hobart Jacob Lovejoy Benj a Hazelton 

/ uriah Pike Jacob Perkins Jonathan Morss 

Simeon Lovejoy James Colburn David Cheney 

I Ebenezer Kendall Samuel Hazaltun Jerahmeel Bowers 

Ju W m Cummings Jun r Jonathan Bartlett 

[The territory was set off, combined with a part of Cock- 
ermouth, and incorporated into the town of Hebron, June 
15, 1792. — Ed.] 

[9—53] [Relative to the disputed Line."] 

This may Certify whom it may Concern that Concerning the 
lands between Campton and Plymouth (in Dispute) which Ply- 
mouth protend to hold because laid out by the propriators of 
said plymouth and Settle d under plymouth which is said that 
was never Disputed till very lately until the line was Established 
by the Courts Committee Nor Ever till said plymouth petitioned 
Campton to be Anexed to said plymouth — which may appear 
to the Contrary 

In the first place plymouth knew that Campton held a Straight 
line from New Holderness Northwest Corner to Cockermouth 
Northeast Corner and them two Corners was well known by 
the first Settlers of said plymouth — 

In the second place those Inhabitants on said lands acknol- 
edged themselves under the Juridiction of Campton by holding 
Millitary Commitions and Othces in town affairs which may be 
made to appear and thirdly before the said Courts Committee 
run said line the said Inhabitants several of them living on said 
lands purchased undivided Shares in Campton in Order to 
Cover their lands which they knew would fall into said Camp- 
ton After the said Committee run said line the Inhabitants afore- 
said refused to Come under the Juridicon of said Campton till 
matters were Settled between plymouth and Cockermouth in 


regard to lands that were taken of Cockermouth by said Com- 
mittee and in the mean time that those Matters were in adjata- 
tion plvmouth Pitched for their Meeting house and built it 
within one Mile of the Committees line and laid out all their 
wild lands wouth Settling in to lots and picked those that they 
thought worth Settling and left the rest for the propriators 
of Campton for a Compensation for those lands that plymouth 
had laid out in Campton and then petioned said Campton to 
have the aforesaid Inhabitants to be anexed to said plymouth 

[9-54 is a crude plan, showing the Blanchard line and the 
committee's line. — Ed.] 


[9-56] [ Vote of Town relative to the disputed Land, iyg2.~] 

At a meeting of the Inhabitants of the town of Plymouth in 
the County of Grafton held by adjournment at the dwelling 
house of Joseph Herrik in said Plymouth on friday the 29 th day 
of November 1792 

It was Voted, That the town Petition the General Court to 
have the tract of land with its Inhabitants lying betwixt Blanch- 
ards line (so called) and the Dividing line established by a 
Committee of the General Court betwixt Plymouth and Camp- 
ton annexed to said Plymouth — also — 

Voted, That John Porter esq 1 " is chosen Agent in behalf of 
said Plymouth with full Power to Petition the General Court 
for the purpose aforesaid, and pursue said afairin order to have 
the same Compleated as soon as may be. 

[9-55] \_Relative to setting- off the south-west part of the 

Town, 1792. ,] • j 

This may Certify that the Inhabitants of the town of Ply- j 

mouth have been served with a Coppy of a Petition of a num- j 

ber of the Inhabitants of the Towns, of Plvmouth and Cocker- \ 

mouth (respecting Incorporating a New Township) — and the 
order of Court thereon, and have no objection provided that a 
former vote of the Inhabitants of said Plymouth respeting the 
dividing line betwixt said Plymouth and said newtownship (a 
coppy of which vote has already been given the Petitioners) be 
strictly adheard to — In behalf of the Inhabitants of said Ply- 
mouth — 

Plymouth June 9 th 1792 

Sam 1 Emerson one of 
the Selectmen of Plymouth 



Extracts from the proceedings of said meeting and a true 
Coppy of Record examined P r 

Sam 1 Emerson town Clerk 

[9-57] [Petition for the Annexation of the disputed Terri- 
tory to Plymouth : addressed to the General Court, jygz.'] 

The Petition of us the subscribers Humbly Sheweth — That 
by the dividing line betwixt Plymouth and Campton as lately 
Established by the Hon ble Joseph Badger esq 1 " and others a 
Committee appointed by an act of the General Court, a tract of 
land with its Inhabitants is taken off of what has been held to 
be part of Plymouth and laid on to Campton, said Tract bound- 
ing on the South by said Committees line, on the north on 
Blanchards line so called, and on Rumney line about one mile 
on the west, said lines nearly Intersecting each other that is the 
Committees line and Blanchards line near Pemegiwasette river 
on the east, Therefore your Petitioners Inhabitants of said tract 
of Land and others Improvers and owners of Land therein 
further Shew — That we have ever Injoyed our Selves and lands 
under the Jurisdiction of Plymouth ever since the Incorporation 
thereof, and Still desirous so to remain — That we have with 
said Plymouth been our proportion of expence in Settling and 
maintaining a minister and in all public buildings taxes and 
expences, That it is much more convenient for us to belong to 
the town of Plymouth than Campton being much connected 
with and living near the center of the Inhabitants of Plymouth 
and much disconnected with and living very remote from the 
center of the Inhabitants of Campton — We therefore pray your 
Honours to take our cause under consideration and that said 
tract of Land with its Inhabitants maybe annexed to, or remain 
to the town of Plymouth, and that said Plymouth have and con- 
tinue Jurisdiction of the same and the Preambulation of the line 
betwixt Plymouth and Campton be put of till the determination 
of the General Court hereon, or otherwise act thereon as you 
may think best, and your Petitioners as in deuty bound shall 
ever pray &c 

Plymouth December 8 th 1792 — 

Sam 1 Emerson Jacob marsh 

Jacob Merrill Samuel Marsh 

George All thomas m c Cluer 

Ebenczer Blodget Joshua Thornton 

James Harvell Jacob Giddings 

Onsyphrous Marsh Jacob Smith 

Benj u Goold William Greenough 


Ephraim Keyes Peter Dearban 

Winthrop Wells Peter Webster 

Benjamin Wells David Alls 
Elisha Bean 

[The land in question was annexed to Plymouth by an 
act passed June 21, 1793. — Ed.] 

[9—58] [Petition of the Town Age?tt for the Annexation of 
the disputed Territory : addressed to the General Court, 
1792. .] 

Humbly Shew the Inhabitants of Plymouth in said State, 
that in the Year of our Lord seventeen hundred and eighty, a 
Committee was appointed by an Act of the General Court to 
survey and lay out certain Townships within the Counties of 
Strafford and Grafton, the Boundaries of which had never be- 
fore been ascertain'd, and, that, in laying out the Townships of 
Plymouth and Campton, the said Committee annexed to the 
said Township of Campton a Gore of Land about one mile in 
width at the Base and ending Pemigewasset River nearly in a 
Point; which Gore of Land was originally laid out and settled 
by the Proprietors of Plymouth — and whereas, in and by said 
act, it was provided that no Settler shoud be disturbed in laying 
out the Townships aforesaid ; but that the Proprietors, under 
whom such Settler had bought and improved, shoud pay and 
satisfy the Proprietors, from whom Lands had been wrongfully 
taken, in other new and unimproved Lands 

and whereas the Proprietors of Plymouth have since paid and 
satisfied the Proprietors of Campton for the Gore of Land afore- 
said agreeably to the act aforesaid — We your Petitioners hum- 
bly pray that the same may be reanexed to, and incorporated 
with the said Town of Plymouth and subject to the Jurisdiction 
thereof; and that the Law of this State, enjoining Selectmen to 
perambulate the Lines of their respective Towns, at certain Pe- 
riods therein mentioned, may be suspended in its operation, (if 
necessary) so far as respects the Line between the said Towns 
of Plymouth and Campton, 'till a Decision may be had on the 
Premises; and your Petitioners, as in Duty bound, will ever 
pray for &c a 

John Porter Agent for the Inhabitants 
of Plymouth 

December 17 th 1792 — 

[See preceding document. — Ed.] 



[9—59] [Petition for Authority to send a Representative : 
addressed to the Ge?zeral Court, //<?<?.] 

.Humbly Shew 

The Subscribers Inhabitants of the Town of Plymouth in s d 
State, that having very nearly attained to the constitutional 
number requisite for electing a Representative, wish for the 
privilege of electing one — as several Towns in the State, having 
a less number of voters than Plymouth, have obtained the like 
privilege on petition — 

that the Town of Wentworth (lately classed with Orford, & 
-now a remnant) hath petitioned to be classed with the Town of 
Rumney, for the like purpose — wherefore, your Petitioners 
(conceiving a propriety in the request) pray that you would 
take the matter under your wise consideration, & grant us said 
privilege — & we, as in Duty bound, shall ever pray &c 

Plymouth Nov r 

Henry Cumings 
Fran is Worcester 
Rich d Bayley 
David Hazel tine 
Joseph Bayley 
Moses Hull 
Jacob Merrill Ju r 
John Porter 
Tho 8 Harriman 
John Willoughby 
Jonas Keyes 
Joseph Read 
Benj a Goo Id 
Sam 1 Emerson 
David Webster 
Sam 1 Wells 
Jacob Merrill 
John Rogers 
Jotham Cumings Ju 1 
Dan 1 C Webster 
Jon a Cumings 
Zachariah Parker 
Giles Merrill 
James Miller 
John Hull 
Jeremiah Smith 
Philip Wells 
James Harveli 

> I 799— 

Sam 1 Green leaf 
Reuben Dearbon 
Isreal Hoyt 
W m George Jun r 
Jabez H Weld 
Abner Willoughby 
William Webster 
Phinehas Walker 
Currier Barnard 
John Farnum 
Moses French 
Samuel Stearns 
James M c Cluer 
Rich d Bayley Ju r 
Enoch Ward 
Jon a Robbins Jr 
Peter M'Questin 
Isaac Ward 
Daniel Ward 
W r " 1 george 
Moses george 
King George 
John Webber 
Peter Webster 
Peter Dearben 
Amos Webster 
Edmund Webber 
Ebenezer Emerson 

W m Currier 
Daniel Currier 
Jacob Fellows 
James Garman 
Joseph F. Cumings 
Abel Chamberlain 
Jon a Robbins 
Nath 1 Emerson 
Ephraim Keyes 
Moses Emerson 
Jacob Smith 
Nasson West 
Winthrop Wells 
David Richardson 
Elisha Bean 
Joshua Thornton 
David Alls 
Sargent Bartlett 
John Ridout 
Joseph Clifford 
Simeon Blodget 
Sam 1 Morse 
Enoch Melvin 
John Keyes 
Edward Senter 
Jacob Draper 
Jacob Draper Jun r 
Gain Robertson 


G W Webster J on * Emerson Christ B Noyes 

Ephr m Farnum James Ryan Asa Robbins 

Stephen Bartlett Thomas Fuller 

Joseph Cochran Aaron Stearns 

Total 94 

[In H. of Rep., December 10, 1799, tne foregoing request 
was granted. The senate concurred. — Ed.] 


The township was included in the grant to Mason and 
Gorges of August 10, 1622, and a settlement was made the 
following year at a place since known as Odiorne's Point, 
now in Newcastle, by one David Thompson. 

A grant was made in 163 1 by the council of Plymouth of 
territory for a township on the Piscataqua river and harbor, 
which covered what is now Portsmouth, Newcastle, Rye, 
and portions of Greenland and Newington. 

A settlement was made where the city now is, which 
went by the names of Piscataqua and Strawberry bank 
until, in answer to a petition from the inhabitants thereof in 
May, 1753, to the government of Massachusetts, which had 
jurisdiction over it, it received its present name, which was 
deemed suitable, "it beinge the River's mouth & a good 

Newcastle was set off in 1693 ; Greenland partially in 
1704, and fully in 1721. 

Portsmouth was for many years the financial and govern- 
mental centre of the province — the home of its chief magis- 
trates and men of wealth and influence. It contains build- 
ings, paintings, and localities of historic interest, and its 
inhabitants are justly proud of the wisdom and patriotism of 
their ancestors. 

On the 27th of June, 1774, the inhabitants forced the re- 
shipment of a cargo of tea, and of another in September fol- 

In 1775, notwithstanding the personal popularity of Gov- 
ernor Wentworth prompted the inhabitants to pass a reso- 
lution pledging their utmost endeavors to prevent any insult 
being offered to him, yet they were as prompt to take up 


arms in behalf of liberty, as earnest in opposition to royalty, 
and contributed as freely of their money and blood for the 
establishment of independence, as the people of any locality 
in the colonies. 

The eminent men of Portsmouth in the eighteenth cen- 
tury were numerous. I shall mention but one here. His 
speech in the legislature, which was in session at Exeter at 
the time of the fall of Ticonderoga, when public credit was 
exhausted, and the patriots nearly discouraged, ought to go 
down to posterity beside that of the patriotic Henry. Aris- 
ing from his seat in the house of representatives, of which 
he was speaker, John Langdon said, — " I have one thou- 
sand dollars in hard money. I will pledge my plate for 
three thousand more. I have seventy hogsheads of Tobago 
rum, which will be sold for the most it will bring. They 
are at the service of the state. If we succeed in defending 
our firesides and our homes, I may be remunerated : if we 
do not, then the property will be of no value to me. Our 
friend Stark, who so nobly maintained the honor of our state 
at Bunker Hill, may safely be entrusted with the honor of 
the enterprise, and we will check the progress of Burgoyne." 
The result of this, as is well known, was the victory at Ben- 
nington, and the subsequent surrender of Burgoyne. John 
Langdon held many public positions in the state, and was 
the first presiding officer of the U. S. senate. 

Portsmouth adopted a city charter in 1849, and ranks fifth 
in population of the cities of the state. 

[R. 3-140] Portsm : Acco tu 1696 

A Generall List and acco" ofSould r & Wages ; Imprest by 
Cap* Redford : and Cap' Langdon for his Majest* Service att 
Dover & Oysf River from Aprill to this 13 th November 1696 

Who Served 


What Time 

Anth Lowden 








Miles Thomas 






John Thomas 
Jh° Putman 










James Ravvlings 





Luke Wells 





John Miller 








Thomas Whidden 





7- 1 2-06 

Jn° Roe 

Rich d Dore 





4-1 1 -oS 






W m Rackliff 






Rich d Clay 






Rich d Webber 






John Bicford 
Sam 1 Hill 










2-1 I-04 

Geo : Snell 






James Norway 





7-1 2-o6 

Sam 1 King 

Oy r R r 





Sam 1 Weeks 






Nath 1 Huggins 






J n° Johnson 





3-0 I -oS 

Joseph Holmes 
Sam 1 Snell 











Laz : Noble 






AIex r Kenistone 






Jn° Bartlett 






Rich d Tree 






Rob 1 Bryant 






Arnold Brick 






Nich 8 Walden 






Rich d Sloper 





O- 4- 2 

Thomas Edgerly 





7-05- 8 

Jn° Plaisted 






Peter Fogg 






Jn° Downing 






W ni Shackford 






Rich d Davis 





I -I 6-00 

W m Pumerie 






Jn° Clarke 






£ 1 1 2-00-08 

Hugh Banfield 







Acco" of Sundryes to whom the Province is Indebted ; as apears 
to the Committy November 13 1696 

To m r Morse for former Touchelling Gunns and Casting 

321 lb bulletts for the Sould r9 I- 6-0 

To Zackrie Trickey for Ferridge 0-12-0 

To Damadge for Toogoods Gundeloe: due to him ) 

when Imprest to Carry over Massachusetts > o- 0-0 
Sould" J 




To the D Sheriff for Warming the assembly and Coun- 
cil 8 times &c 2- 0-0 

£ 4-13-0 
Brought over 1 1 2-00-S 

Portsm Novemb 1 " 13 th 1696 
Approved and Examined by 


Kinsley Hall 
John Tuttle 

Henry Dow J onn Woodman 

Theodore Attkinson W m Redford 

of the Comitty 

[R- 2-37] ! 

A List of Souldiers Names : and Time they Served att her 
Majesties flburt W m and Mary : at New Castle in the province 
of New Hampshire New England 1708. 

[The following is a list of the Portsmouth men only; 
those from Hampton were published in Vol. XII. — Ed.] 

Portsm men : May 18 to May 31 

John Foy 

Sam 1 Snell 

June 18 to June 28 

Jn° Cotton 
Jn° Alexander 
Rich d Davis 

James Moses 
Nath 1 Gerrish 

June 28 to July 7. 

Rodger Thomas Jn° Hardison 

Nathaniel Adams Sam 1 Spinney 
Jabez Pittman 

June 31 to July 14 
Jn° Johnson Daniel Condrick 

June 7 to July 17. 

Tho : Leatherby 
Shiper Lunt 


Gideon Frye 
June 14 to July 28. 
Arnold break Jn° Hinkson 

Tom : Berry 
Daniel Condrick. 

Peter Abbott 
Nath 1 Jackson 

Rich d Waldron 
John Cocks 

W m Philbrook 

Jn° Ross 

W m White 

Sam 1 Pittman 
Moses Paul 

Matthew Nelson 

John Dockham 



June 17 to July 28 

Sam 1 Thompson 
Clem 1 Hughes 
Joseph Miller 

June 28 to July 8 

Jn° Walker 
Sam 1 Hill 

Sam 1 Whaterhouse 
Jn° Phickatt 
Tho Mathus 

Abraham Jones 
Edward Toosrood 

June 29 to July 1 2 

Robert Gose Sam 1 King 

July 8 to July 19 

John Preston Richard Martin 

Hugh Candfield John Savage 

July 12 to July 26 

Sam 1 Noel 

July 19 to July 29 

Cap 1 Wincoll 
Henry Seward 

Sam 1 Hains 

Cap* Hull 
George Pierce 

July 26 to Aug 8t 9 

Tom : Row Daniel Davis 

Jn° Neal Jn° Peverly 

July 29 to Aug 9t 9 

M r Henry Slooper 
M r Mead 

Aug 8 * 9 to Aug st 19 
Nath 1 Tuckerman 

Aug 8t 9 to 23 

Aug 23 to Sep* 6 
Jn° Philbrook 

Aug 1 * 19 to Aug 8 * 30. 

Cap* Wybird 
M r Calfe 

M r Booth 
Watt Abbott 

Tho : Pickrein 

Jude Allen 
Sam 1 Foss 

Peter hall 

Aug** 30 to Sept 10 

Jn° Mead 
Lazarus Homes 

Rawland Thomas 
Edward Wells 

Tho : Greely 
W m Cotten 

Th° Beck 
Jon a Whiden 

Rich d Waterhouse 

Richard Davis 
James Hobbs 

Tho : Starbo.ard 

Sam 1 Davis 

Jn° Pope 

Phillip Pike 
Jn° Bly 

Christopher Kenistone 

Jn° Fox 

Cap* Pickrin 

James Gray 
Jer: Miller 

Tom : Crocker 
Jn° Bourn 

Charles Brown 

M r Door 

Benj a Pudington 

Henry Sherburne 

George Huntress 
Walter Neal 

Nich' Follett 
Jer : Libbey 
J a : Moses 

Richard Toby 
Jn° Shacktbrd 


Sep* 6 to Sept 21 W m Furber Jethro Furber 

Sam 1 Wheden Ja : Leach Joshua Beck 

Sep* 10 to Sep* 20 

Alexander Miller W m Lewis Rodger Swain 

Cap* Tho : Phipps Jn° Woodman Geo : Marshall 

Sep* 20 to Sep* 30 

Nath 1 Pike Tim° Davis James Libby 

Thorn : Row Alexander Hodsdon Joseph Moses 

Sep* 30 to Oct 12 

W m Cotten Sam 1 Clark Wallace Knight 

Oct 5 to Oct 18 Joseph Barry Tom : Every 

Oct 18 to Nov r 1 Nath 1 Peverly Steven berry 

Shadrach Walton Cap* 

[R. 3-141] [ Warning to the Militia, J6gy."\ 

Province of To y e Cap* and the rest of militia ofisers of 

New Hamshr the towne of Portsmo th 

Pursuant to a warrant from Liutenant Govern r John Ushir 
Esq r to me directed from Hampton bearing date y e 

[l. s.] 11 th of this instant Decemb r you are hearby required 
in his majesties Name to muster y e foot Company 
und r youre Command that they apeare on tuesdav next being 
y e 14^ instant Compleately in arms Acording to law at ten of 
y* Clock in y e forenoone in order to Compliance with such or- 
ders as L* Governor John Usher has Receved from white hall 
bareing date y e 27 th of octob r last heare of faile not at youre 
utmost perill as you will answer y e Contrary 

given und r my hand and seal this 13 th of Decemb' 1697 

Thomas Packer Lf* Collon 1 

[9-72] [Precept for Election of Assemblymen, I7<?J.~] 

William and Mary by y e Grace of God of England Scotland 
ffrance and Ireland King and Queene Deffend r of y e ffaith To 
y" Constable of Great Island In y e town of portsm In ye Prov- 
ince of new Hampsher 

Whereas in Persuance of a Presept from his Hon r y e Left : 

Govern 1 " for y e Calling of y e freholders of y* Abovesaid towne to 

Gether for y e macking Choyse of too men for Representatives 

for s d town there was Returned maj r Elias Stileman and m r 



Sam 11 Keeas ; but it not Appearing by s d Returne that they 
were duly Elected by y e nreholders of ye s d Towne or that ye 
fFreeholders were Dulv summoned thereunto ; ye sd Returne 
was and Is Adjudged Illegall and voyd These are therefore In 
there maj tys Names to Requier y e forth w th to Cause ye free- 
holders of ye Above s d towne to meeat at Strabry-Bank Meting 
House one Munday next att Eight of y e Clock In y e fibre noone 
to Elect and Chuse too fltt and discreat men of y e s d Towne 
(Being freeholders thereof) w th full and suflcent power for 
them selves and y e Community of y e s d towne to Be Represent- 
atives to seet foarth w th In y e Genarall Assembly now setting 
att Great Island and y e are allso to mack y r Returne forth w* 11 to- 
me w th y e Persons Chosen 

march 4 th 1692/3 in y e ffifth yeare of there maj tys Reigne 

Richard Joses Sherf* 
New Hamps r 
Portsmouth y e 6th of March 1692/3 

According to y e within warrant to me directed in obedience 
thereunto I have Summoned the ffreeholders of this town within 
my precincts Accordingly they did meet at time and place ap- 
poynted & then and there they have made Choyce of Maj r Elias 
Stileman and M r Samuel Keise to be Representatives for the 
said Town — 

James Booth Cunstable of great-island 

[9~"73] [Return of Assemblymen, i6q4.~\ 

To the shriff: 

according to youer warrant Richard weber [Wibird] Cun- 
stable warned a town meeting of y e freeholders of this towne of 
portsm for makeing choice of three descreet men for Repre- 
sentatives : which was done on y e 29 th Instant the persons freely 
Chosen for that end was m r georg Jaftrey John pickrin seen 1 " & 
John plasteed : the Cunstable being sick desiered mee to take 
Care of preserving the voats (which I did) & signifie the same 
to you 

dated 29 th of October 1694 

James Levitt Deb ty Shreift 

[9-74] [Ditto, 1695.I 

provinc of Newhampshir portsm may V 6 14 th 1695 — m r Ad- 
kison shrift this may sertefy you that by vertue of your warrant 
to me directed have Called A townmeeting of y e free holders of 


the above sd town for y e Chuesing of Assemblemen : for his 
maj ts servis : At new castle on y e fifteenth Instant : sd free- 
holders met & mad chois of m r georg Jaffrey : m r John plas- 
teed & John pickerin sen r for these Representatives to serve as 
above s d 

Per John Chevallir Constable of portsm 

[9-75] \_Precept for Election of Assemblymen, i6gy.~\ 

Province of Newhamp 1 " 

William by the Grace of God of England Scotland france & 
> Ireland King deffender of y e faith &c a To the Constable or 

j Constables of Portsm 

By vertue of a Precept from the Honorable W m Partridg 

Esq r Leut° Gove r & comand 1- in CheirY of the Province of new- 

^ hamps r to gather w th the Counsell to me directed these are to 

require you to give notice to the freeholders of the Towne of 

Portsm that they conveaine togather upon fryday the 24 th day 

* of this Instent December att twelve of the clock of the same day 
at the meeting hous at Portsm freely & Indifferently to Elect & 
Chuse three fitt & discreit men of s d towne (being free holders 
therof) with full & sifficent power for themselves & the Corn- 
unity of s d Town to be of a ginerall Assembly for s d Province 
to be held at Portsm upon the twenty eight of this Instent De- 

* cember by tow of the Clock in the after noone, and the persons 
soe elected by the majo' part of the ffreeholders to be sumoned 

* to attend his maj tes Sarvice at time & place above perfixt and to 
Returne the names of the persons so chosen togather with this 
precept to me one day at least before the Sitting of the Assem- 
bly given under my hand & seale this 17 th day of December in 
the ninth yeare of his Maj ,ia Raigne Anny Dom : 1697 

£ Richard Joses SherfF 

By vertue of the within written order I receivd the votes 
and person thatt are chosen are Cap tn John Pickerin m r Sam 11 
Case & M r John Playsted, and I have warned them to appeare 
next tuesday being the 2S instant att Port" 10 by 2 a clock 

by me Thomas Beck 

[9-76] \_Return of Assemblyme?i, i6g8.~\ 

portsm In Newhamshir desember y e 29 th 169S 

at A publick town meeting of y e freeholders of y e towne Le- 
gally Convened there was mad Choice of Samuell pen halloo 
Samuell keas cSt John pickerin Sen r for Representatives to serve 


In y e genrall Assemble held at newcastle on thirsday the firTth 
day of January & s d persons warned to attend there at nine of 
the Clock in y e fore noon on y e day aftbre said by mee 

John Johnson Cutis* 

[9-77] [Relative to Dealers in Strong Dri7ik, 1701.'] 

Whereas the multiplicity of Retailers of Drink In the Town 
of Portsm within this Province Is Greatly Detrementall to the 

Principally lying in the hands of Shopkeepers and Tradsmen 
who noe wayes Advantage the Publick trade and benefit of the 

Voted That An Act be passed that noe Shopkeeper be per- 
mitted to keep A Publicke house nor Retail Any Maner of 
Strong Drink, And whearas Several Shopkeepers Alredy ly- 
cenced by The Qarter Sessions who have laid in Some quantity 
of Drink that from this Day they Shall be Allowed thre months 
and noe longer the 18 July 1701 to Sell what they have laid in 
notwithstanding Any law Custom or Usage to the Contrary 

by order of the Representatives 

Theodore Attkinson Clr : 

10 th July 1 701 read at the Councill Board & past The Coun- 

Cha. Story Secretary 


[9-78] [Relative to Parochial Matters, 1714^] 

The Petition of Sam 11 Hart, Ephr a Dennett, & Geo : Jeffrey, 
Selectmen ; of Portsm Humbley Sheweth 

that whereas (a) a sessions of the Gen 11 Assembly of this Prov- 
ince held May 1714: It was thought Resonable Considering y° 
grat Increase of Inhabitants in the Town or Parish of Portsm 
that there should be two Ministers, to Sarve, in y e Town ; one 
(a) y e Newmeeting House, y e other at y e old, & accordingly was 
ordered y l two hundred pounds, should be Rais'd by the whole 
Parish, in order to Support y e two Minis' 8 & to be Divided 
Equally between them ; upon Condition y* the Minister (a) y" 
Old Meeting-House be Chosen by the freeholders of y e Parish 
in a Legal Town Meeting; and whereas it was also ordered 
that y e New Meeting House Should be rinish d & the old Re- 
paired, and a Parsonnge House provided for the Minister on 
the South Side of y* Milldam (a) y e Charge of y e Town or Par- 
ish ; w ch order those of y e South Side of the Milldam have Re- 
fused to Comply with : we your Petitioners humbly pray that 


these mentioned acts or orders may be Repealed & become null 
& Void, as being grevios to y e far greater part of ye Inhabitants 
of this Town ; or Parish : we also humbly pray that y* Com- 
plaint exhibited to His Excellency y e Gov r Ag 8t y e selectmen for 
y e overplus of y e Province Tak in y e year 171 2 & 1 713 be dis- 
missed, for y l y e acco tts for Each year were produced (d) y e Last 
Generall Town meeting, where it was unanimously Voted that 
they were well satisfyed ; vv th every article in S d acco tu and yo r 

and Subscribe Yo r Excellency's and Honours 
Most Humble and Obed" Serv t8 
I • Geo : Jaflrey 

r Sam 11 Hart 

Ephraim Dennet 
Read in Councill 


13 May 1710 

That An Act be pased for A free Scool In the Town of Ports- 
m° to be paid by A Tax on the same town by order or the 
House of Representatives 

The : Atkinson Cler : pro tern 

1 [9-83] [Complaint relative to Taxes, etc., iyi6.~\ 

portsm In New hampshir 

I to y e honrabell y e Lef 1 govener Councill & genrall Assembly : 

* , the humbell petteshon of sundry of his maj ts good subjects 

1 Inhabatants in portsm in behalrf of themselves Si sundry greved 

Inhabatants &c a 
4 i most humbly sheweth that wheare as there has bin within 

fouer or five years past great taxes & Rates made & Collected 
in this towne under culler of province & towne Charges wee 
beleve above too thousand pounds monv cY. as wee are humbly 
of openyan wrongfully dcsposed of to Say great part thereof & 
y* Inhabatants many of them Impresoned their Estats taken 
away by force for payment therof nether haveing Any account 
for what or how desposed of that all accounts of y e s d Rates & 
taxes mad by s d sellectmen & assesed yearley as they Say al- 
lowed by y c Comishoners Chosen by unfaire methods soe that 
what one projects or saith y c other Conferms & y e Inhaba- 
tants kept In Ignorance how their monys are desposed of which 
is A great grevance & Intollerabell burden to his maj u Loyall 
subjects Contray to y e usedge In Englad <£ y e prevelidg of Eng- 
lesh men all y* s d sellectmen Assesors & comeshoners chosen by 


oposet partys & consequently by unfair methods so that what 
sum of s d partys does y e Rest of s d partys conferms & y e Inhab- 
atants kept Ignorant & know not how their monys are desposed 
off which is a great Agrevance and untorabell burden to his 
maj ts Loyall subjects contray to y e usidge of England & y e 
berth right prevelidge of engleshmen wee therefore humbly 
pray that y e severell Select men for y e severall years as afore 
said & for y e time being be ordered that A yearly fair account 
of the taxes [illegible] : how much taxed how payed to whom 
& for what in the town buck in y e Clarks hands that he enter 
y e same so that evry Inhabatant may Iff he pleas or sees Caus 
take Copys thereof which will be great Justis &. faver to y e 
greved party : so prays yoiier honers most humbell subscribers 
in behalff of themselves & y e agreved partys 

dated aprill y e 5 th 1716 John pickerin 

James Levitt 
Geo : walker 
VV m Cotton 
John Abbott 
W m Cotton 3 
Solomon Cotton 

[R. 3-142] \_Peter Greeley, relative to his Servant, If2i.~\ 

To the Hon ble Jn° Wentworth Esq r U Gov r and Command 1 " in 
Chief in & over His Maj tie8 Prov e of New Hamp r and the 
Hon ble the Council & Representatives now setting in General 

The Humble Petition of Peter Greely of Portsm in the Prov : 
of New Hamps r afores d — Cordwainer — Most Humbly Shew- 

That yo r Petitioner about Eight months Since Bought an 
Irish man Servant named Gilbert Ashe, for whom I gave Thir- 
teen pounds, and have been at Some Charge to Cloath him, he 
was Some time Since Imprest, but upon my aplication to Cap 1 
Sam 1 Hart, I gott him Released Since which he hath been to 
the afores d Cap' Hart and Inlisted himself a Volunteer to go as 
a Soldier to the Eastward, which will be much to my Prejudice 
if not Rclceve'd by yo r Hon", and Incouragement to others to 
do the Like w ch will have an Evill Tendency — Your Petitioner 
therefore most humbly prays that yo r Hon" will be pleased to 
take the matter into Consideration, and order the afores d Ser- 
vant to be Dismist and yo r Petitioner as in Duty Bound shall 
Ever pray 

Portm° oct 5 th 1 72 1 Peter Grele 


In y e House of Representatives Read and y e Prayer of y e Pe- 
tition is Granted 

Dan 1 Greenough Clerk Ass: 

£9-61] [Act relative to Salaries of Ministers, iy20.~\ 

An Act for the Settlement of the Parishes of the Town of 


Be it Enacted by His Honour the Lieu 1 Govern- 
our Council and House of Represen, that the 
Salaries for the Several Ministers of each Parish 
in Portsmouth for defraying the charges thereof, 
be annually raised according to vote of the Gen- 
eral Assembly of the eighth of October 17 17, 
and as is therein provided — 

(viz*) ! 

That the Salarie for the Reverend Mr. Rogers be rais'd by 
an Annual tax upon all the Inhabitants of the Town in Equal 
proportion, except Greenland and Newington, Except also 
Such as Shall be the hearers and Subscribers to Mr. Emerson, 
who are hereby obliged to give in their names to the Select 
men of the Town, at or before the twentieth of November next, 
and that three Persons be chosen annually being freeholders be- 
longing to the Bank, by that part of the Town, to lay Said tax 
on the Inhabitants that belong to the new Meeting House, and 
that three Persons be also chosen on the South Side of the 
Mill Dam annually, by and Amongst themselves, to tax the 
Subscribers to Mr Emerson, and Such taxes laid & Signed by 
Each of the three Persons that Shall be Chosen, or the Major 
part of them, together with a Justice of Peace, Shall be Com- 
mitted to the Constable of Each part of the Town, who are 
hereby directed & impower'd to Collect the Same, and pay it 
in According to their warrant, to the Said three men for the 
Support of the Ministry, and in case of failure to be dealt with 
as the law directs for not collecting other Town rates, and also 
that the present Assembly Shall chuse three men for the Bank, 
and three men for the South Side of the Mill Dam to lay the 
Tax for the ; first year, [torn] will and the twenty fifth of 
March next, and all Persons concern'd are hereby obliged to 
pay his or there several tax to the Constable appointed to col- 
lect the same, on the penalty as in case of non-paying other 
rates as provided, and that all Persons who shall hereafter Set- 
tle in the Town, Shall within one Month after their Settlement 
give in their names to the Select men for the time being, to 
which part of the Town they will joyn themselves. 


And for the Continuance of Peace in S d Town, Be it further 
Enacted, That it Shall not be in the power of the Town of 
Portsmouth at any Town meeting to make any Vote or order 
to the Contrary of the Vote aforesaid, and that all affairs relat- 
ing to Either Parish or Meeting House Shall be transacted and 
order'd by Each Parish at their Parish Meetings respectivly, 
any Law Usage or custom to the Contrary notwithstanding 

May 27 th 1720 

Read three times in the House and Pass'd in the House — 

Josh Peirce Speak r 

Read three times and Pass'd at the Board 

Richard Waldron Cler : Cou 

I Assent to the Enacting this Bill 

J. Wentworth 
True Copy 

Per Rich d Waldron Sec^ 

[9-60] [Relative to Parochial Matters, 1723.^ 

An Act in addition to the Act, Entituled an Act for the Settle- 
ment of the Parishes of the Town of Portsm 

Whereas an Act was made and pass'd by the 
General Court or Assembly on the twenty sev- 
enth day of May 1720 


An Act for the Settlement of the Parishes of the Town of 
Portsmouth — 

Wherein among other things it was enacted that the Salaries 
for the several Ministers of each Parish in Portsmouth, for de- 
fraying the charge thereof, should be annually raised according 
to vote of the General Assembly of the eighth of October 1717, 
(viz 4 ,) 

That the Salary for the Reverend Mr Rogers, be raised by 
an Annual tax upon the Inhabitants of the Town in equal pro- 
portion, except Greenland & Nevvington, except also all Such 
as shall be hearers and Subscribers to Mr Emerson, who are 
hereby obliged to give in their names to the Select men of the 
town, at or before the twentieth of November next ; and that 
three Persons be chosen annually being freeholders, belonging 
to the Bank, by that part of the Town, to lay Said tax on the 
Inhabitants that belong to the New Meeting House &c a — But 



since the demise of the aforesaid Mr Rogers, (there being no 
mention made of his Successor or Successors in the office of the 
Ministry in the aforesaid Act) that part of the Town have no 
power, by virtue of the aforesaid Act to lay any tax upon the 
Inhabitants as heretofore, for the Support of a Gospel Minister 
or Ministers. — 

Be it therefore Enacted, by the Lieu* Governour, Council 
and representatives, conven'd in General Assembly, and it is 
hereby enacted by the authority of the same, that the Inhabi- 
tants of that part of the Town commonly call'd the Bank, be 
hereby impower'd to chuse three Persons, conformable to the 
aforesaid Act, to Levy a tax on the Inhabitants belonging to the 
New Meeting House for the Support of their Minister or Min- 
isters from time to time and that the same be levyed as is Ex- 
press'd in the aforesaid Act — And that the Inhabitants of that 
part of the Town commonly call'd the Mill Dam Parish (upon 
the death or demise of the Reverend Mr Emerson) be also alike 
impower'd to do the same any law Usage or custom to the 
Contrary notwithstanding. — 

[The foregoing act was passed Dec. 13, 1723. — Ed.] 

[9-84] C Vote of First Parish, 1728.] 

Portsm In N-Hampsh r 

Att a Publick meeting of v e first Parish In Portsm afores d 
Duly Notify d 4 th of March 1727/8 

Vot* y* all y e Poles & Estates on y e Westerly & S-Westerly 
Side of y e Road from Newington to Islington & from thence to 
y e Easterly Corner of y e Land y* Joshua Bruster Bought of 
Coll : Westbrook & from thence along by Cap 1 Banfills till it 
Comes to Coll : Westbrooks Land on y e South Easterly side 
said Road & from thence Down Sagamores Creek so as to 
Leave all Coll : Westbrooks Land on y e Westerly or S- Westerly 
side of s d line be hereby Absolutely freed Sc Exonerat d from any 
tax or Charge towards y e Support of y e Gospel! Ministry or any 
Parish Charge at y e Bank for y e future Provid d they have fre- 
quent Preaching more for Accommodation then at y e Bank y* 
Parish Reserveing y e Gleeb at y e Meadow to v* Parish use as 
heretofore — this Vote is not to be Constru d to Extend to set of 
any on y e Westerly Side of y e Line afores d but such as have or 
Shal Desire it — 

Henry Sherburn Mod r 

the above is a true Copv from v e 3 d Book of Records for 
Portsm foil : 66 : Exam d this 20 th of feb ry 1732/3— 

Per Josh : Peirce Town Cle r 


[9-87] [Relative to a Bridge over the Mill- Dam, 173 2. ~\ 

Prov e of New Hamp r 

At a General Town Meeting held in Portsm at the new 
meeting House march 25 th 1732 

Vot d That Thomas Pickering be Paid five pounds per annum 
for and Dureing his Natural Life out of the Town Stock and 

A True Copy 

att : H Wentworth, Town Cle r 

[9-88] [South Parish Petition: addressed to the General 
Court, 1737'] 

The Petition of the South Parish in the Town of Portsmouth 
in the Province aforesaid Humbly Sheweth 

That when the meeting House at the North End of the Town 
was first Erected, a Number of Persons among us, (tho' they 
had been taxed to the Charge of building that House,) thinking 
it might be for the Interest of Religion, for the Good of them- 
selves, & of their Posterity, for the Public worship of God to be 
continued In the Same place, where it had been formerly 
carried on, determined to be at the Expence Necessary for that 

That in this affair we met with much difficulty, and among 
other things which conspired to Enhance the Charge, a Law 
was Enacted, which is Still in force, (tho' not Printed & So un- 
known to most People,) by Virtue whereof all Strangers that 
come to Settle in the Town, & Young men, as they Arrive at 
full Age, that do not within the Space of three months, present 
themselves to the Select-men of the Town cS: make a Declara- 
tion that they Will join with this Parish, are Deem'd as belong- 
ing to the other, & obig'd to pay to the Support of the Ministry 
there ; whereby this Parish has been Prejudiced & the growth 
thereof very much Retarded. — 

his Town & Province Rates abated Dureing Said Term Pro- | 

vided & upon Condition that the Said Tho s Pickering make 
keep & maintain a Suffecient Bridge over the mill Dam well 
Railed in Dureing his Life & that an agrement be made Signed 
& Sealed by & between the Select men and the Said Pickering 
& that Fifteen Pounds be Raised by the Town & paid Said 
Pickering this Present year for and in full for the first Three 
Years & to be paid no more till the Year 1735 — ■ 
New Book page 79 

Tho* Phipps. moderator 



That when our Old meeting house was So far decayed as to 
be past Repair, & we thereby necessitated to build another, 
tho' we had no return from our neighbours of the assistance we 
had formerly afforded them, yet (with difficulty) we Accom- 
plished the Same, and Sundry Persons that could not be So 
well accommodated with Seats for themselves & Families in 
the North meeting house, as with us, being Dispos'd to join us, 
are notwithstanding obliged to pay to the other Parish Charges 
tho' they attend the Public worship with us. 

That the afores d Law is So calculated as lays an unequal 
burden on this Parish, & has an Immediate tendency to Op- 
press them, & Create disturbances and Law Suits between the 
People of the Town — 

Your Petitioners therefore Humbly Pray this Hon ble Court, 
to take the Premisses under your Consideration to repeal the 
afores d Law, & give Liberty to the People to attend the Public 
worship at either of the Said Meeting Houses as they Shall See 
fit, & to pay where they do So attend, or pass Some other Act 
which Shall Set the Parishes on an Equal foot, or Provide 
Such other Remedy as you in Your Great Wisdom & Good- 
ness Shall think proper — 

And your Petition 1-8 as in Duty bound Shall ever pray &c — 

John Sherburne 
Samull Tapley 
John Hooper 
Elias Tarlton 
Stephen Lang 
Tames Sherburn 

John X Lang 


John Cotton 
David Cate 
Joseph Lang 
Peter Shore 
Samuel Lang 
Jeremiah Larey 
Jefferv Jackson 
Caleb Beck 
Tona Partridge 
John Brown 
Robart Lang 
Johems Barnes 
John Deverson 
John preston 
James abbott 
Zach Leach 

John Peirce 
Thomas Hart 
Jn° Frost 
J Harrison 
W m Hooker 
Richad Evans 
Henry Beck 
Thomas Cotton 
Joshua Cate 
Nath 11 Lang Junr 
John Jones 
James Jones 
William White 
Richard Shortridg 
Nathaniel Lang 
John Jackson 
John Will 
Peter Mathes 
Samuel mills 
Samuel Beck 
John Savage 
I Rindge : 

Mark Langdon 
Matthew Livermore 

Sam 1 Sherburne 
Daniel Moulton 
Mark Hunking 
D Peirce 
Josh a Peirce Jun r 
Nath 1 Peirce 
James Clarkson 
Evans Drun 
William Partridge 
Edmon Weaber 
John feackit 
John Bickfoord 
Jethro furbur 
thomas Pickrin 
David Horney 
Timothy Davis 
Tho Beck 
Damans Jose 
Ben ja man lewes 
John mills 
Ichabod Clark 
John Noble . 
Benj" Dockem 
John Bush 



Jeremiah Homes 
Thomas Lang 
Samuel Lang 
Daniel Jackson jun r 
George Marshall 
Obaifiah Marshall 
Sam 11 marshall 
Samll waters 

Jethro ffurbur 
Bern" 1 Levsey 
VV ra Cotton 
Geo : walker 
Sam 11 Banfiell 
Thomas Wright 
George Walton 
Step 11 Green leaf 

George hunttess 
Stephen Noble 
Henry Bickford 
SamL Leaf 
Thomas Bickford 
Jonathan Low 

[The matter was several times before the legislature, and 
in the H. of Rep., August 18. 1737/* Voted that the parties 
be heard on the Petition as soon as possible." The senate 
concurred. — Ed.] 

[9-65] [Answer of Committee of the First Parish, I?37*2 

A Petition being preferred at the last Sessions of generall as- 
sembly, by Sundry Persons of the Town of Portsmouth in the 
Province aforesaid, desiring y e repeal of a certain Law, hereto- 
fore made for settling y e Parishes in said Town &c and an order 
being made upon hearing y e Said Petition, on y e 30 th of March 
last past, greatly to the detriment of y e first Parish in s d Town ; 
and where as the S d Petition contains Sundry things, which we 
take to be gross Misrepresentations, not only of the S d first Par- 
ish, but of y e Conduct of y e Goverment at the Time when y e 
Law complained of was made. We therefore humbly beg 
leave to answer the S d Petition in its Severall particulars. — In 
the first and third Paragraphs of the Petition, it is Suggested 
that the S d first Parish was guilty of great Injustice, in taxing 
them to the building the Nbrth-Meeti rig-House in the Town 
afores d & not repaying them when they built theirs : in answer 
to which we say, that, at y e Time when the North-Meeting- 
House was built, there was no Distinction of Parishes in the 
Town, as there is now ; That it was built by Vote of y e Major- 
ity of the Town, present, & voting at a meeting called for that 
purpose ; and that being the only Rule in such Cases, it was no 
ways unjust for them to be taxed towards building the S d North- 
Meeting-House, any more than towards building a School 
House, or any other Town-Charge ; and inasmuch as the House 
was large enough for the whole Town at that Time ; if they, 
for their own Conveniency or any other Reason, had a mind to 
build one, or ten Houses for publick Worship, it was but rea- 
sonable that they Should do it at their own Expence : But How- 
ever just it might be, yet the first Parish did not insist upon 
their Right, but, having taxed them, (as we Suppose) with 
Expectation that thev would attend y e publick worship at the 
then New-Meeting-House ; when they found that that was not 


agreable to them, the S d first Parish left them more in value 
than they had taxed them, towards building the North-Meeting- 
House. The Rates of y e South part of the Town for y e years 
I 7°9 I 7 1 °' & X 7 [I w ere at a Medium £81.00 per an. nearest 
Those of y e North Part £213.0,0 In the year 171 2 when the first 
Rate for building the North-Meeting-House was made, the Rate 
of the North Part of the Town was £51 1.6.0, that of y e South 
Part was £157.6.0. In the year 1 713 The Rate of y e North 
Part was £547, iS. o. That" of the South Part £87.2.0 And 
in the Year 17 14, the whole Town-Rate was not £200. So 
that they paid only one Rate towards building the North-Meet- 
ing-House, viz in the year 1712, & that was but £76. 6. o. more 
than they had paid at a medium for three years before. In Re- 
% turn for this, the first Parish left them, the Old-Meeting-House, 

j which Served for a place of publick worship about Twenty 

years, & was then sold for about £60 — and the Bell which we 
J Suppose could not be bought under £15 — 0.0 Sterling. Be- 

sides this there are Severall pews in the North-Meeting-House, 
now held in the right of those, that paid part of the S d £76. 6. o, 
So that the Privelidges held in the North Meeting House by 
Some of them, & what the first Parish left them, was certainly 
much more in Value than what they recieved by the Tax afore 
mentioned. — As to the Law complained of, the first Article is, 
that it is not printed, & so unknown to most of them. As to its 
not being printed, we Suppose it to be y e Case of many of the 
Laws of this Province, & indeed of most private Laws ; But as 
to its being unknown (if really so) it must be Supposed to be 
the fault of those, who from Time to Time have had the Care 
of their Parish Affairs ; a Copy being at any Time demandable 
of the Secretary, by which they might as easily have informed 
all Persons concerned therewith as if it had been printed. As 
to the Law it self, we take it to be in the room of a Dividing 
line, (which without manifest injustice was at that Time im- 
practicable) but with this advantageous difference, that it left 
every man to his Liberty, which dividing Lines between Par- 
ishes do not always do. As to the Time given for any Person 
to Signify his intention to belong to y e South Parish, viz three 
months, we Suppose it to be, because any Person that has been 
So long an Inhabitant is then rateable, & if so, it must be 
esteemed the most Suitable Time. As to that part of the Law, 
that deems all to belong to the first Parish, unless they expressly 
declare their intention, within the Time limited, to belong to 
the other, we Suppose it to be according to the constant Rule 
in Such Cases. Those who do not expressly dissent, are reck- 
oned with the Majority. To this it may be added that the form 
of the Law was Such as was agreable, to the Principal, if not 
to all of that Parish, that had the Care of that Affair in the Time 



when the Law was made. In the third Paragraph of the Peti- 
tion, it is represented as a hardship occasioned by the aforesaid 
Law, that Sundry Persons who could be better accommodated 
with Seats, for them Selves & family, with them, Since they 
have built their New-Meeting-House, than with y e first Parish, 
are yet obliged to pay to the S d first Parish : In answer to which 
we acknowledge, that, their New-Meeting-House being built 
much nearer, the North-meeting-House, than their former 1 

House was, without Doubt many may be better accommodated 
there than in the North-Meeting- House, that being always Sup- 
posed to be a great part of their Design in building it in the 
place where it now Stands : But we humbly presume it will by 
no means follow, that because a man can be better accommo- 
dated in another Parish than in his own, he Shall therefore be 
excused from paying to that he first belonged to, unless they are 
willing to release him : For if this Should be -laid down for a 
rule, what would become of y e Contract between a minister & 
his People? If one man for the Conveniency of a Seat, may 
withdraw, they all might, for that or any other reason, & it may 
be Supposed that there are many much more weighty than the 
conveniency of a Seat. The First Parish is now under Con- 
tract, & as to all concerned in the making that Contract, with- 
out Doubt they are obliged to fulfill it, & as to those that have 
come into the Parish Since, we Suppose that by their so doing, 
they become Partners to the Said Contract, & have no just Pre- 
tence to be excused from paying their Proportion to it, unless 
they can induce the Parish to Consent Thereto : However, we 
make no Doubt, but that the First Parish would, upon proper 
application made to them, have released all those that had Pews 
in y c Second Parish House, & none in the First; as they have 
Severall already upon their requesting it, alltho' the Second 
Parish Still tax Some, who constantly attend at the First Par- 
ish-House. And here it may not be improper to mention, that 
the first Parish are so far from being disposed to oppress the 
other, (were it in their power) that they are always ready to do 
them any act of kindness, that can be reasonably desired ; one 
Instance whereof they have lately given, in voting their right 
in a Piece of land in the Town, to the minister of that Parish 
during his continuance in the ministry with them. Towards 
the Close of y e Petition the Law is represented as laying an un- 
equall Burthen & as to which we Say, that it is unequall, only 
in that Sense wherein the Majority in any community ought 
always to have the preference, that it has no tendency to op- 
press any, nor to create Disturbances & Lawsuits between the 
People of the Town, (as is Suggested) unless they will Suppose 
some Persons to be so unreasonable, as to quarrel with others 
for their own Carelessness, or because they have changed their 


minds. The last Paragraph of y' Petition contains an intima- 
tion that Some Persons in the S d Town of Portsmouth, are de- 
nied the Liberty of attending the Publick worship where they 
See fit, & of Supporting a minister to carry it on, the contrary, 
to which is So notorious, that we cant but Suppose it, to be 
Some mistake in writing the Petition ; We humbly therefore 
pray, that the order aforementioned may be repealed, & the Pe- 
tition dismissed ; & in as much as we have been put to consid- 
erable charge by the Petitioners, we farther pray for liberty to 
bring in a Bill of Cost against them, as we understand is usuall 
elsewhere in the like Cases 

Tho Peirce ") Com ttee ofy e 
John Pray > First Parish in 
lath 11 Rogers ) Portm 


[In H. of Rep., July 20, 1737, a hearing was ordered for 
the next session. — Ed.] 

[9-66] [Statement relative to Parish Matters, iyj/.~\ 


The General Assembly of this Province at theire late Ses- 
sions at Hamptown upon hearing a Petition of the South Par- 
ish in Portsmouth Ordered that the said Petition lay for farther 
Consideration Until the Third Day of the Next Sessions & in 
the Mean time that those persons who have been Claimed by 
both Parishes and were rated at both the last year Shall not be 
.„ rated by the Wardens of Either of the Parishes this Year but by 

. the Select men &c And in the Mean time recomended the 

f Whole Affair to be Ended by an Agreement of Said parties 

Whereupon we the Church Warden's of the South Parish 
Afores d for and in behalfe of the same do Assure You y l Noth- 
ing Shall be wanting on Our part to Comply with so reasonable 
a Motion. 

We cannot but think Considering we were originallv of the 
Same Society And never sought A Separation but would gladly 
have avoided it, as far as we judged it consistant with the Spir- 
itual Interests of us & our Children And Seeing we are at pres- 
ent Intermixed one Among Another as to the places of our 
Abode that in reason & from that temper which Christians are 
directed to Express one towards Another We might Expect A 
Share in the Benifits of the Glebe. But not to insist on this at 
present Any otherwise then as Your having all Along Enjoyed 
this and a great many other Advantages we think Should in- 
duce You to grant us our Small And reasonable Demands 


And when we Petitioned that we might be Set upon an 
Equal foot with your Parish which we Understand has been 
censured by Some as a piece of unpardonable Ambition, we 
had no such Aspireing thought as imediately to bring ourselves 
to consist of Equal numbers of the persons of the same Superi- 
our quality. But all that we meant was that we might be upon 
an Equal foot, as to Any Countenance or Law of the Govern- 
ment — And we know of no Just Claim, that one Parish Can 
have on this Account of Any preheminence or Advantage over 
Another And as for the Law that is Subsisting that Declares 
that all Young Men that are of age & all Strangers that do not 
give in there Names w'in Six Weeks to which of the Parishes 
they will belong. Shall be reckoned as belonging to Yours A 
great many by Vertue of this Law have been without theire 
knowledge included Among You so far as to be obliged to pay 
to the Support of the Publick Worship, with You tho they have 
Generaly atended with us Now what we propose is 

I rt That the persons before mentioned And all others who 
Constantly Attend upon the Publick worship with us that at 
present are rated with You be released & have the liberty of be- 
ing Taxed to us. We at the same time being ready to Quit all 
Such persons as pay here who Constantly Attend the Publick 
worship with You — 

2 diy xhat all Such as have been at Considerable Charge to 
Acommadate themselves with Seats in our Meeting House that 
have no interest in Any Pew or Pews in Yours May have the 
liberty of paying only tons conceiveing that there being Obliged 
to pay to Each Can have no other tendancy in time but to Drive 
them from us both. — 

3 dly That all Young men in town that are lately Arrived to 
the Age of 21 Years & all Such as Shall hereafter be of full 
Age & become Rateable by Law with all Strangers that are 
now in Town or Shall hereafter Come to town & become rate- 
able by Law That have not as yet paid rates to Either of the 
Parishes as they have the liberty of Chooseing in which they 
will Attend upon the Publick worship So they may have the 
liberty of paying wheresoever they See meet to Attend. — 

These things we imagine will Conduce to our Mutual Har- 
mony which we are very Desireous to promote, And think it 
our Common interest to do it. We are Sure that the granting 
ofthemwillbe but A doing to others as You would in alike 
Case that others Should do to You And in the Exercise of a 
Christian Spirit cannot be refused, But if they are derived us by 
the Parish And the Government does not See meet to give us 
Redress we must wait with patience not doubting but that 
Providence which ordinary returnes upon Men the Severitys 


thev Exercise upon Others will in time give us an Opportunity 
of Relief- 
Portsmouth Octo 1 " 3 d 1737 

Gentlemen Yours at all Respective Obed C9 

To the Church Wardens of the North Parish 
In Portsmouth 

[9-68] [First Parish Rates, 1737.] 

A List of Sundry persons to be Rated by the Select Men for 
this Present Year 1737 according to an order made by the 
General Court at Their Session at hampton 

£ S D 

Cap* mark Hunking 1 — 4 — 

mark Langdon 2 — o — 

Francis Gammon • 0—12 — o 

John Grifleth I — 2 — o 

John Peirce O — 12 — o 

Samuel Waters 1 — o — 

Cap* John Cate 1 — o — 

Cap* Phillip Reed 1— 5— 

Josiah moses 1 — 15 — 

Henry Terrel O — 8 — 

matthew Livermore 1 — 1< 

Cap* Sam 1 Cutt 1- 

Ebenezer Odiorne o — 12 — 

Daniel Peirce o — 15 — 

John Willy o — 7 — 

Sam 1 Lang Tailor o — 7 — 

Peter Cow o — 9 — 

John Ficket O — 7 — 

The above is a true Copy from the List of Rates for The first 
Parrish in Portsmouth in the year 1736 — 

Portsm Novemb r 23 d 1737 

A Copy Examined per 

Tho* Peirce ~\ 

John Pray v Wardens 

Nath 11 Rogers J 

Sam 11 Hart 
W ra Parker 
Joseph Langdon 

James Clarkson 
A true Copy Examined per 

Sam 11 Hart 

I Rindge > Church Wardens 

W m Parker > Selectmen 

Joseph Langdon 

[9—89] [Action of the Legislature on the foregoing, 1738.] 

In the House of Representatives — 

The Petitioners in the Annex'd Petition : and the delegates of 
the North Parish of Portsmouth was heard by their Council, 

The House having considered thereof, voted, 

That all the Inhabitants belonging to both Parrishes that hath 
been rated to their respective Parrishes shall continue to pay as 
usual, Except those which have been rated to both, all those to 
have one month (if in Town) or after coming into to Town, to 


[9-69] [List of Rates, 1737.] 

To the General Select Men of the Town of Portsmouth 

A List of names to be Rated by the Select men of the Town 
of Portsmouth agreeable to an order of the General Court at 
their Sessions at Hampton Falls in August 1737 — 

£ S D 

Cap* Mark Hunking i- — 15 — o 

Mark Langdon & Sam 1 Waters 2 — o — o 

Francis Gammon o — ^15 — 

John Grirleth o — 17 — 6 

George Marshall & Brothers I — 15 — 

John Peirce I — 15 — 

Cap* John Cate 1 — 15 — 

Henry Terril o — 15 — 

matthew Livermore Esq r I — o — 

Cap* Ebenezer Odiorne 0—12 — 

Daniel Peirce I — o— 

Peter Cow o — 12 — 

Josiah Moses I — o— 

John Willey O — 10 — 

The above List with the Sums Annexed to their names Is a 
true Copy taken from the Book of the South Parish in Ports- 
mouth According as they were Rated in the year 1736 

Novemb r 22 d 1737 — 

Geo: Walker 


give in their names to the Church Wardens of both Parrishes 
declaring to which parrish they will belong, and then all per- 
sons now Inhabiting in the Town to pay for their Poles & Es- 
tates to where they belong (Except those that have Pews or 
Seats in both Meeting-Houses they to pay to Each Parrish ac- 
cording to their interest in Each) 

And for young men, or Servants that shall hereafter Settle 
upon the Estates of their fathers & masters shall pay their rates 
to the same parish that the person did on whose Estate they 
dwelt, And for such young men that come of Age that do not 
settle on the Estates of their fathers or masters, as aforesaid, 
and all Strangers that may Come into Town shall have the 
libberty of three months to Enter their names with the Church 
Wardens of both parishes with a declaration to which parrish 
they will pay their rates to and they when so Entred shall con- 
tinue there, and if any person coming of age, or into the Town 
as aforesaid shall neglect to enter their Names in the Manner 
before directed, then they shall be liable to pay to each parrish 
'till such time as they do enter their names and this to be a final 
Settlement any Law usage or Custome to the contrary notwith- 
standing, and that the Petitioners have liberty to bring in a Bill 
accordingly, and the money lodged in the hands of the Select- 
men, of the Town of Portsmouth, collected by order of Gov- 
erm* from the Persons rated, by both Parrishes be paid, one 
halfe to the Church Wardens of the North parish, the other 
halfe to the Church Wardens of the South parish, for the use 
of the Parrishes. 

9 r 15 th 1738 James Jeffry Cle r Ass m 

[9-90] [Petition of sundry Inhabitants for the Grant of a 
Township : addressed to Gov. Belcher and Council] 

The Petition of Sundry of his Majestys subjects, mostly In- 
habitants in the Province of New Hampshire humbly sheweth 

That if there were more Inhabitants on the Frontiers of the 
Province and more land cultivated and Improved the Province 
would be better able to defend it self, if there should be a war 
with the Indians, the public Taxes would be easier and Pro- 
visions more plenty and cheaper — 

Wherefore your Petitioners humbly pray your Excellency 
and the Honorable the Council to make a Grant in fee of that 
tract of Land lying within the Province of New Hampshire 
comprehended and contained with in the following Bounds, 
viz* begining at the south easterly Corner of Barnstead and from 
thence to run upon the same Course as Barnstead easterly side 
line runs to Winnipisseokee Pond from thence upon a Right 



Angle till it comes to the Boundary Line between the Province 
of New Hampshire and that which was formerly called the 
Province of Main, from thence as the said Boundary Line run- 
neth to the Northeasterly Corner of the Town of Rochester from 
thence oft a Streight Line to the bounds first mentioned with 
such conditions as to your Excellency and Honours shall seem 
meet unto your Petitioners and their Associates in all to make 
the Number of Sixty including your petitioners and your peti- 
tioners as in Duty bound shall ever pray &c &c &c 

William Parker 
Benj a Walton 
Thomas Wright 
Nath 11 Rogers 
Tho Peirce 
Joseph moulton 
John Ayers 
John Cutt 
.Solomon Cotton 
Dan 11 Jackson jun r 
Sam 1 Sherburne Jun r 
Hen Sherburne Jun r 
William King 
John Sherburn of 

litell harbor 
Joseph Sherburn son 
of Joseph Sher- 
burn Eqr 
Nath 11 Mendum 

George Rogers 
Tho 8 Newmarch 
John Kennard 
Henry Sherbon Jun r 

of the Plains 
John Dennet the Son 

of Eph m Dennet 

Esq r 
Moses Dennet 
Joseph Langdon . 
Sam 11 white 
George Pierce 
Joseph Jackson 
Moses Noble 
Joseph Whipple 
John Ross 
Cha : Frost of N 

John Shackford ju r 

John Wood 
Matthew Livermore 
W m Frost N Castle 
Benj a miller 
Danel Moulton 
Benj a Gambling 
John Pray 
Sol n Pike 
Sam 11 Hart 
Mech a Whidden 
John Fellows 
Thorn 8 Westbrook 
Dannell Rogers 
Samuell Sherburne 

Elliot Vaughan 
Peter G re ley 
Ichabod Plaisted 
Eleazer Russell 

[9-92] [Relative to some Fre?ich Prisoners, iy4J."\ 

The petetion of Fran 9 Tucker of Portsmouth in the Province 
of New Hamp re Prison keeper Most Humbly Sueth that on the 
31 1 " of August their was Committed to his Care by the High 
Sheriff of said Province by his Excellencys order fourteen 
French Prisoners and that two of them lay Sick Twelve Days 
which Required Considerable Trouble and no Supply has been 
made therefore your petitioner prays your Excellencv and Hon- 
ours would take the Case of your petetioner under Considera- 
tion and make him such Allowance as may be judged reason- 
able and your petetioner as in Duty bound Shall ever pray <fcc 

Fran' Tucker Pris n Kep r 


[R. 3—1433 [Benjamin Thomas, Louisbourg Soldier: ad- 
dressed to the General Assembly, Nov. 20, 77^5.] 

The Petition & Memorial of Benjamin Thomas of Ports- 
mouth in said Province most humbly Shews — That your Peti- 
tioner was one of the Volunteers in the pay of this Province at 
the Reduction of Louisbourg — that your Petitioner at the at- 
tacking of St Peters some time in the month of April last past 
received a wound in his left arm by a small shot whereby he 
hath not only suffered great pain lost his time and been at much 
expence but also has lost the use of that arm and hath grounds 
and reasons to think he cannot recover the use thereof. * * * 

Benj a Thomas 
[He asked for an allowance, which was granted. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-145] [Petition of the Wife of Col. Moore: addressed 
to the General Assembly, i^45.~\ 

The Petition of Mary Moore the wife of & attorney to Samuel 
Moore of Portsmouth in said Province Esq r and who now is at 
Louisbourg in the service of his King and Country — Most hum- 
bly Shews — That the said Sam 1 Moore hath advanced consid- 
erable sums for the Benefit and advantage of the Soldiers at 
Louisbourof under his Command. 

Sep r 27 th 1745 Mary Moore 

[She further stated that her husband had drawn on her 
for ;£i,ioo, old tenor, which she wanted the province to 
help pay. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-146] \_Dr. foseph Peirce, Louisbourg": addressed to 
the General Court, May, IJ46.~\ 

The Memorial of Joseph Peirce of Portsm in the Province 
afores d Esq ; Humbly Sheweth — 

That on y e 16 th of March 1744 the Hon ble Committee ap- 
pointed in this Province to Manage the affairs of y e Expedition 
lately forrh'd against Cape Briton under the Conduct of Lieut 
General Pepperell. Did Influence cS: agree with yo r Memorialist 
to go on s d Expedition to take the care of such of the Soldiers 
in the pay of the Province of N. Hamp r as might be Sick or 


wouned, And did promise to pay yo r Memorialist the Sum of 
twenty pounds per month for s d service, and to accept and pay 
such draughts as he should xpake for the Nessisary Suppkly of 
y e Medicine Chest for the use of y e afores* 1 Sick & Wounded. 
* * * * * * * * * * * 

Jos h Peirce 

[He further stated that he was in the service eleven 
months and twenty days, arriving home Feb. 6, 1745 ; that 
his account for service and medicines amounted to .£245, 
5, 4, of which ;£8o had been paid to him by the committee. 

In H. of Rep., July 31, 1746, "Voted That y e Ballance 
this account of Doc r Joseph Peirce Esq r amounting to 
^165, 5, 4, be allowed & paid out of y e money in y e Treas- 
ury for y e use of y e Expedition against Louisbourg, that it 
be in full for his services as Chirurgeon-general to y e New 
Hampshire Regiment including y e 150 men in Pay of y e 
Prov e of y e Massachusetts Bay & that y e Treasurer charge 
y e Massachusetts with their proportion of this & y e other 
Doctor's Bills." Council concurred. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-14S] \_Louisbourg Soldiers.~\ 

[In a petition dated Portsmouth, Aug. 11, 1746, Israel 
Hodgdon stated that he was "a Soldier in the Company of 
which William Cleaward was Captain in the New Hamp- 
shire Regiment at Louisbourg," that he was sick and wanted 
an allowance, which was granted to the extent of £ 3 2 y 10, o. 


[R. 3-149] [" Spencer Colby of Portsmouth," in a petition 
dated May 12, 1747, stated that he "was Shipt a Mariner 
on Board the Sloop Abigail under the Command of Capt 
John Furnald in the Late Expedition against Louisbourg & 
performed the duty of a Mariner the whole time of the 
Siege & afterward Saving only when he was Sent on Shoar 
to perform the duty of a Gunner in one of the Batteries." 
He stated that he was allowed no more than the soldiers, 
and " yet in dividing the plunder among them he was Ex- 
cluded under the Notion of & as being a Mariner and not 
Intitled to a Share of the Plunder belonging to the Sol- 
diers." He asked to be allowed mariner's wages.- — Ed.] 


f 9~93] i i $ e M*V£ t° th e Establishynent of a Wo?'khouse : ad- 
dressed to the General Assembly ', Dec. 7, iyj2.~\ 

The Memorial of Thomas Wallingford Daniel Peirce and 
William Parker Esq™ Humbly Shews 

That a Society of Gentlemen Considering the Great Advan- 
tage which a Work House Well Accommodated with Apart- 
ments and other Conveniences and a Competent Stock for Em- 
ploying the poor and such as might be properly placed there, 
would be, both to the persons so Employed as well as to the pub- 
lic, projected a Scheme some time since to raise Money to be 
Applied towards the Building such an House within and for 
the Town of Portsm 

That they have Carried their Scheme into Execution so far 
as to have raised about Eleven Hundred Pounds old tenor for 
that purpose and were about to Consult Measures for the Ap- 
plication when it was suggested that such a Design might be 
more Generally useful if the House was Accommodated for the 
use of the Province and all such persons (as afors d ) were to be 
received from every Town and there Employed : wdio under 
proper care and regulation woud in a Little time instead of be- 
ing a Charge, become Serviceable — that such a House would 
be better for the whole, than to have one in every Town, as all 
the Valuable Ends of it would be more easily as well as more 
effectually attained than those of a More private kind — as also 
that it might be of Service to such places as were in no Con- 
dition to undertake any thing of the kind — 

That your Memorialists were Chosen & Instructed by the 
said Society to make a Representation of the premises to the 
General Assembly, and that the money afores d in Case they 
undertake the Building of such an House for the use of the 
province and put the same under proper Regulations shall be 
applied to the Same use under their Direction all which is 
Humbly Submitted, Your Memorialists only praying the Reso- 
lution of the General Assembly hereon that they may Report to 
the said Society & they Consider what is further to be Done by 
them — 

Tho § Wallingford 
D Peirce 
W ra Parker * 

[In H. of Rep., April 17, 1754, a committee was appointed 
to take the matter into consideration. — Ed.] 


[9-94] [Road through yohn Pickering's Land, i6ji."\ 

Prov: of New Hamp r I 

At a meeting held at Portsmouth by the Town July 7 th 1651 — 
It is agreed on at the Town meeting that whereas there hath 
been a foot path useally made Viz 1 over John Pickerings ground 
from over his Dam and from thence along by the mill path unto 
his next path and so nearest as Convenient way towards the 
present meeting House to be Continued for the more Ease of 
the Inhabitants and others as shall have Occation to travel that 
way at all time and times hereafter without Leave of the said 
John Pickering or Any man Elce to be Continued for Ever — 

A True Copy taken Out of the Old Town Book for Ports- 
mouth this 21' Day of March 1753 page 13 I 

att* H Wentworth Town Cle r 

[9-95 is a plan of the division of George Jaffrey's estate. — 

[R. 3-150] [Petition of Samuel Penhallow for pay for his 
services as commissary to the expedition against Canada. 
He says he was in the service from July 15, 1746, until Oct. 
31, 1747, and that his pay amounted to .£169. In H. of 
Rep., May 18, 1748, "Voted That there be allowed ^30 
more to M r Samuel Penhallow in full for his wages as Com- 
missary for y e intended Expedition against Canada." — Ed.] 

[R. 3-153] [ William Racklijps Petition: addressed to the 
General Assembly, April 10, 1759^ 

The Petition of William RacklifF of Portsmouth Labourer 
Most Humbly Sheweth — 

That your Petitioner was a Soldier in the Canada Expe- 
dition in the year 1757 in the service of the Province afore- 
said, in the Company whereof Hercules Mooney was Cap- 
tain and as such proceeded to fort William Henry where 
after the Seige he was taken and made a prisoner by the En- 
emy and Carried to Canada where he remained four months 
during which time he had the Small Pox and from thence he 
was Transported to France where he remained for eleaven 
months and in that time had a Violent Fever and from there he 
was sent to Falmouth in England where he took passage for 
New York in the packet & traveled from New York to New 
Haven on foot & from thence he took passage for Cape Ann & 
from there he traveled on foot to Portsmouth, arriving in March 
1856— * * * W m RacklirT 


[He was allowed £8$> nevv tenor. — Ed.] 

[9-96] [ Objections to granting JVew Castle the privilege of 
building a Bridge over Little Harbor: addressed to the 
Assembly May ip, I/S7-1 

The Objections of the Inhabitants of the Town of Portsmouth 
in said Province against Granting that part of the Prayer of the 
Petition of the Inhabitants of New Castle, in Said Province 
which Relates to the Application of the Money they Propose to 
Raise by a Lottery, (if they may have Liberty to set one up) 
which they say is for building a Bridge over the River Call d 
Little Harbour — As Liberty is Granted to any Person or Persons 
to Shew why this Petition ought not to be Granted, the said 
Town of Portsmouth have Chosen & Instructed us the Sub- 
scribers, as their Agents for that Purpose And therefore We 
Pray your Attention to what on this Matter We would Humbly 
Remonstrate — viz That the Petitioners Ought not to have Lib- 
erty to Apply any money at all, whether rais'd by Lottery or 
otherways to the building of said Bridge, Because they have 
not ask'd for leave to build it This is a thing they have no 
Right to do without Special License for it from the Supreme 
Authority, all Rivers, and Especially those which are Naviga- 
ble, Ought to be Open the Passage free, neither Impeded or 
incumber'd, it is like the use of air or Light which all men have 
an Equal Right to Enjoy the Benefit of, without Impediment. 
and therefore whenever any Such thing has been done it has 
been by Such Liberty as aforesaid, which has been Granted 
only on this Principle, That a Lesser evil may be Sustained to 
procure a greater good. The Advantage Procur'd by Such 
Liberty has appear'd to be greater, and more general, than the 
Injury Sustain'd for it has always been Deem'd an Injury to 
some by depriving them of a Natural Right, a free unmolested, 
unimbarrass'd Passage, — whether the Framing this Petition in 
this Manner, so as to pass over, or Beg the main Question, & 
have it taken for Granted that they have a Right to build a 
Bridge where they Propose, was done by Design or otherways 
is Submitted, but if it is taken that it is Implied, in what they 
Petition for that they ask also for Leave to build the Bridge, we 
beg leave further to Observe that every Petition for any thing 
of a Publick Nature, ought to be Explicit — This Petition ought 
not only to have been so but thev ought to have Set forth what 
kind of Bridge they proposd to build, for by this it wou'd have 
Appear'd More Easily whether & how far it wou'd be Detri- 
mental to others — If they can Suppose it Practicable to build 
an Arch from Shore to Shore, & of such a Diameter as will 


admit any Vessell that can come into that Harbour to pass 
under it, & lay their Bridge on that they will meet with no Op- 
position from us, it is certain a Bridge in one form, wou'd be 
much more Prejudicial with Regard to passing up and down 
the River than in another & therefore the whole Plan ought to 
have been Shewn in the Petition or there can be no just judg- 
ment, past on the Merits in favour of it, But That a Bridge 
built in any way which the Petitioner can carry into Execution 
wou'd be of more Damage than Advantage We Apprehend 
will appear by many considerations — It is a Fact well known 
that Several Vessells of considerable Burthen have come in this 
way & thereby Escaped the Danger & Damage of Ship Wreck, 
and the Loss of one Ship of an hundred Tons, woud be greater 
than the advantage of a Bridge there, wou'd have been in a 
Century past besides the use of that branch of the River is daily 
increasing as the number of Inhabitants above Increase, — and 
if We may Judge from the Experience of the last forty years 
past, the Inhabitants on the Island are & will be daily decreas- 
ing so that the Reasons for building a Bridge taken from the 
accommodating a considerable number of People grow weaker 
every year, — They were perhaps oti every Score Seven times 
more and Stronger, in Queen Ann's War than now, on the 
other hand, those who will be in some Degree (Some more 
than others) Damnified & hurt by it have long been & Still are 
yearly increasing, and therefore the Argument in favour of this 
Proposal, Drawn from the Ballance of Advantage Resulting 
from it utterly fails these Petitioners. It has been Suggested 
by Some that Such a Building in the way which We can Sup- 
pose Feasible by the Petitioners wou'd have a very considera- 
ble Tendency to Affright and Drive out the Fish from that 
Branch of the River by which many of the Neighbouring In- 
habitants there are Supplied & Supported which is no small 
Objection against the Scheeme, as to the Reasons given to In- 
force this Petition either in that or what their Committee have 
given (which is little more than dividing & Repeating what is 
Suggested in the Petition) they are all Reducible to these, that 
as New Castle is a Barrier by Sea, & the Fort is there, a Bridge 
in time of War in Case of an Attack by an Enemy wou'd be 
Convenient both for Supplying them with Men & for a Retreat, 
as also it wou'd be a Probable means of the Inhabitants Re- 
trieving their Decay'd Circumstances — As to the first of these 
there is no manner of Weight in it but what was Vastly greater 
in Queen Ann's War, and besides if there shou'd be a sudden 
call for Men on Such an Occasion, they cou'd be transported in 
Boats from this Town sooner than they cou'd Travel thither by 
land even with the help of a Bridge, for there is no doubt the 
greater part wou'd go from hence if the men came out of the 


Country, and if any came out of Hampton & Rye, they woud 
soon be ferried Over so that it woud hardly be worth while to 
Incumber the River with a Bridge, for Such a Precarious & 
Uncertain Advantage, add to this that the Supposed Advantage 
of a Bridge, to Pour in men when wanted is fully ballanced, 
by giving a more favourable opportunity for Deserters to Es- 
cape as to the hopes of Retrieving the Circumstances of the 
Inhabitants there seems to be Little Weight in this, there is no 
Prospect of an Increase of Inhabitants & Trade there, the expe- 
rience of more than half a Century is against it — and as there 
was more Reason for it so it was more Feasible Fifty years ago 
than now — it is true the Trade and Riches of some particular 
men there may, as it has for some years past Increase, who might 
possibly reap some advantage by a Bridge as they woud doubt- 
less draw the custom of some of the Eastern part of Hampton 
& Rye by it more than at Present, but there particular Emolu- 
ment is not a very Weighty Argument in favour of an Increase 
of Trade, in General, nor of Inhabitants in the Place — The 
Experience of all Countries Proves, the most thriving. Increas- 
ing Towns after the first Settlement, is within Land or at a 
considerable distance from the Harbours mouth — Upon the 
whole it is Humbly Submitted whether if the thing was Sup- 
posed to be reasonable it ought not to be ask'd, for that no such 
Power or Right coud be granted according to Law by their 
Charter, whether the Supposed Advantages to Accrue from it, 
are not few & Serve but few in Comparison of the Prejudice 
arising from it if done both in Respect to Weight and Numbers 
for that Vessells coming in must necessarily go out again in 
order to come up the River if a Bridge was there, besides the 
other Damages aforesaid, — Whether the Growing Numbers of 
Traders and other Inhabitants above even to the Heads of Riv- 
ers and even all the Inland Towns who have any concern with 
the Salt Water or any thing Transported by it or living in it 
that passes by or in Piscataqua River woud not be in some de- 
gree Affected by this Matter, and whether any consequences 
Resulting from it can come within the Rule aforesaid, & Pre- 
ponderate, all which with what may be farther Offer'd upon an 
hearing is humbly Submitted and will be judged as We humbly 
hope of Weight Sufficient to obtain a dismission of this Petition. 

John Sherburne ~) Agents for 
Andrew Clarkson >■ the Town of 
John Gfrifteth ) Portsmouth 

John Dennct ^ 

Sam 1 Penhallow > Select Men 

William Knight ) 

[For New Castle petition, see Vol. IX, p. 566. — Ed.] 



[9-98] [Complaint against Market-Men: addressed to the 
General Court, Nov. IQ, i/'dj.'} 

The Humble Petition of the Subscribers Inhabitants of the 
Town of Portsmouth in said Province sheweth — 

That your Petitioners have long labored under the Burden of 
an oppressive, unreasonable and destestable Custom, which, 
as it is in its operation destructive to the Properties of the Sub- 
ject, calls aloud on the Legislative Authority to enact such 
Laws which shall discountenance, abolish & prevent the same 
for the future, as being a Public Grievance & having a tendency 
to subvert the present good order of the Government in general 
& private Societys in particular. 

Your Petitioners beg Leave to present their Complaint to y r 
Excel l cv & Honours without impeaching the Characters of any 
Individuals in this Town, but only in the general to say, That 
it has been usual and customary for many Shop Keepers to 
purchase of our country Brethren who come into town, great 
quantities of Provisions of all sorts by way of Truck and vend- 
ing the same again to y r Petitioners & others with an advance 
of 20 per Cent upon the first Purchase, by which we are grev- 
iously treated, for if these Monopolizers were once prevented 
from purchasing other than necessary supplies, as may serve 
their own family Consumption every Member of the Commu- 
nity would then have an equal Benefit of the Markett. 

The Consequences resulting from this Custom is at first 
View so manifest that your Petitioners think a further observa- 
tion thereon would be insulting & reflected upon the Judge- 
ment of y r Excellency and Honours they therefore leave their 
Complaint, not doubting but the Equity thereof will produce 
such relief on the Premises as the Wisdom of your Excell cy and 
Hon" may seem meet to determine 

Your Petitioners as in Duty bound Shall ever pray — 

W m Shackford 

Monseiur Bunberry 

Edw d Butler 

John marshall 

John Moflatt 

John Wentworth 

Sam 1 Griffith 

William Yeaton 

Rich' 1 Champney George MarshallJun Richard Chids 

John Wendell Jos. Allcock Thomas Palmer 

Jonathan Warner Thomas Palmer Samuel Beck 

Sam. Warner Michael Whidden Moses Wingate 

Pierse Long Jun r John Cutt 

Wiliam Warner 
William Jones 
Richard Woods 
Simeon Akarman 
Tobias Banfill 
Josiah Akarman 
Nahum Akarman 
Richd. Servans 

Ebenz r Dearing 
Caleb Beck 
John Peavey 
Thorn improy 
George Jackson 
John H ui iking 
John Mendum 
William Marshall 



Geo Wentworth 
John Phillips 
John Churchcl 
George Marshall 
Sam 11 Ham 
W m Hunt 
Richard Polly 
John how 
Joseph Welch 
W m Gunnison 
W m Welch 
John Pendexter 
Sam 11 Dalling 
John Nelson 
George Seaward 
Giles Seaward 
W Clagett 
Gregory Purcell 
Sam 1 Cutts 
Samuel Moffatt 
James Stoodly 
Geo : Jeffrey 
Hugh Hall Went- 
Sam 1 Appleton 
Josh. Wentworth 
D. Sherburne 
Sam 11 Sherburne 

[ohn Beck 

Fohn Noble 
Jn° Bartlett 
James Marden 

Joseph Hixon 
Rob 1 Gibbs 
George Hart 
Thomas Chadbourn 
Elisha Briard 
Daniel Hart 
Richard Shortridge 
John Dennett 
Mark Fernald 
Geo g King 
Samuell Treadwell 
Henry Sherburne 
Nath 11 Shannon 
Joseph Simes 
Benj a Mackay 
James Dwyer 
Perkins Avers 
Charls Banfill 
Jas Gilmor 
J Brackett' 
Geo Boyd Jun r 
George Dame 
Will" 1 Pearne 
Samuel Hall 
James Grouard 
Nath 11 Sherburne 
Joseph Walker 
Thomas Sherburne 
Nath 11 Jackson 
Tho 8 Dalling 
John Lindsay 
James MDonogh 
N : furber 

georg fearnald 
William furnel 
Tho 8 Richard 
Samll Barnes 
Tho s Hatch 
W ni Rose 
William Fullerton 
Ebenezer Odiorne 
Joseph Moulton jun r 
Paul Laighton 
W m Jenkins 
Henry Nutter 
Epes greenough 
James Whi taker 
Sam 11 Waters Junior 
Edward Gale 
John Wheelwright 
Tobias Melcher 
Jonath Raw lings 
Thomas Goldthwaitt 
Samuel Greenough 
William Gibbes 
Nath 11 Mendum 
John Furnald 
Ezek 1 Russell 
Eph M Dennett 
Zech r Foss 
Peter Man 
Mark Nelson 
John Kennard 
John Loud 

[In council, Nov. 27, 1765, read and sent to the assem- 
bly.— Ed.] 

[9-99] [Petitio?i for the erection of a Light-hottse: ad- 
dressed to the Asse?nbly, June 14, 1765.] 

The humble Petition of Sundry Merchants & others of Ports- 
mouth and other Adjacent places Concerned in Trade Shews 

That the Necessity of a Light house at Some Suitable place 
near the Mouth of Piscataqua harbor has been a long time 
acknowledged and desired, and is Obvious to every One, 



acquainted with the Situation — For Building of which, Provi- 
sion was made by the Act commonly called the Loan Act, 
above twenty years ago, which vvoud Probably then have near- 
ly Effected the thing, considering the Price of Labour & value 
of the bills Emitted by that Act. But if Such a building was 
then Estimated of such Importance, to the Safety of Navigation 
& benefit of Trade it is much more So now by the Increase of 
both — That the burthens & Difficulties now attending Trade of 
which every One is Sensible more than when said Act was 
passd is as Your Petitioners humbly Conceive a very weighty 
Additional Motive to countenance any lawful Scheme fhat car- 
ries a favorable Aspect towards it, and the Events of the last 
Winter & Spring are strong presumptive evidences that the 
Light house proposed woud be such, and Prevent in a few 
Years many heavy losses. — That there is a Society of Gentle- 
men in Portsmouth aforesaid formd under the Name of the 
Marine Society who are more Intimately acquainted with the 
Circumstances and Incidents attending the Navigation of this 
River than others, who if consulted would more Particularly 
Demonstrate the Necessity & Advantage of this matter and 
might be of Service in their advice in the Premises — 

Wherefore Your Petitioners humbly request that this affair 
may be taken under Consideration what was formerly done 
Considered and such further Measures Determined on and Pur- 
sued Especially Such additional Sums Granted as shall best 
Carry the proposal Into Execution and Your Petitioners Shall 
ever Pray &c 

George Boyd 
John Pen ha How 
Jonathan Warner 
Temple Knight 

James Stoodly 
Joseph allcock 
Will" 1 Torrey 
Rich d Hart 

Members of the Marine Society Viz* — 

Gregory Purcell 
Sam 1 Appleton 
Hugh Hall Went- 

Daniel Rindge 
Titus Salter 
Nat Sherburne 
Sam 1 Warner 

James M c Donogh 
George Turner 
Geo : Janvrin 
Jn° Parker 
Joseph Hixon 
Samuel Morllitt 
John Leve 
W m Whipple 

Thomas Went worth Samuel Tripe 
Tho' Packer Thomas Hatch 

John Sherburne Richard Salter 

D Peirce John Wendell 

Sam 11 Dalling 
Giles Seaward 
W ra Knight 
Nat Barrell 

W y Langdon 
Pierse Long 
Nath 1 Adams 
Edward Emerson 
Joseph Mead 
D l warner 
J a* Nevin 

Hall Jackson 
Peter Shores june r 
John Grirleth 
Mark Duckett 



John Newmarch 
Charles Treadwell 
J : Tufton : Mason 
Nath 1 Treadwell 
A R Cutter 
W Clagett 
John Shackford 
Daniel Rogers 
Paul march 
H Wentworth 
Samuel Wentworth 
Mark H g Wentworth 
Sam 1 Cutts 
Jos : Whipple 
John Stavers 
John Moflatt 
Tobias Lear 
John Beck 

Richard Childs 
Zeb Foss 
James Guppy 
Josh a Wentworth 
Joseph Simes 
Geo : Wentworth 
Joseph Cotton 
Stephen Batson 
Jn° Blunt 
John Huggett 
John Salter 
W ra Shackford 
Jn° Bartlett 
Mark Fernald 
Daniel Sherburne 
Batt Staves 
Sha d Bell 
Clem* Jackson Sen' 

Tim y Mountford 
W m Odiorne 
E Russell 
William Parker 
Tho 8 Wibird 
Philip Hooker 
Noah Parker 
Jno. Sullivan 
Sam Hale 
W m Hart 
John Noble 
George Marshall 
John marshall 
Eph r Ham 
W m Gibs 
Ebnzer Dearing 
John Wheelwright 
Joseph Tapley 

[In council, June 18, 1765, the foregoing petition was 
"Read Recommended & Ordered to be sent down to the 
Hon ble House" In H. of Rep., June 19, 1765, "This peti- 
tion being Read — Ordered that the petitioners have leave 
by Mess" Jn° Sherburne, Jon a Warner, Daniel Rindge, 
Sam 1 Cutts, Thomas Wentworth, Gregory Purcell, Titus 
Salter and George Janvrin to take a view of Odiorns Point 
& any other place w h they may think more suitable to erect 
a light house on that they prepare a plan of the building, 
make an estimate of the cost thereof & y e annual expence 
of supporting it consider what materials will be most suit- 
able for such a Building & make report to the General As- 
sembly as soon as may be" Council concurred. — Ed.] 

[90-100] [Petition relative to Stamp Act Riot: addressed 
to the Governor and Assembly , yuly JO, iy66.~] 

The Petition of Us the Subscribers a Number of the Inhabi- 
tants of Said Province of New Hampshire and Loyal Subjects 
to his Majestic King George and Peaceable Members of the 
Province under your Excellenceys Administration, humbly 

That whereas on the first Day of November last a number 
of People were Assembled together in a Riotous manner in the 
Town of Portsm in profess'd Design to oppose the Stamp Acts 
takeing place, and in said Riotous manner did Damage Break 



and Spoil a House Built at our Expence for the Purpose of 
Worshiping God agreeable to his Word and our own Con- 
sciences. — 

And whereas his Majestie has Publickly made known his 
royall Pleasure by a Letter from the right Hon ble M r Conway 
to his Excellency to make good the Damage Sustained by his 
Loyal Subject thro the means of Mobs and riotous Assemblies 
about that Affair 

Therefore we most humbly Informe your Excellency and 
Honors that We have suffered a great Loss in the Damage 
done said Building, whereby it was rendered Useless to Us full 
Six months, and altho We have done our best to repair it in as 
frugal a Manner as Possible to the Expence of no small sum, yet 
it is Considerably marr'd with many marks of Violence. And 
We most Earnestly Implore y r Excellency and Honors in your 
wonted Attachment to the Honor of his Majestie and your own 
Generosity and Humanity To take our Case into your Wise 
Consideration, and Order Us such Redress as your Excellency 
and Honors shall think Meet; and your Peititoners as in Duty 
bound shall every Pray — 

Nat Barrell Moses Noble 

Benj a Hart Colb n Barrell 


Nath 1 Rogers 
William Fullerton 

[In council, July n, 1766, the foregoing was read and 
sent down to the H. of Rep. — Ed.] 

[90101] [Relative to Hogs going at large."] 

We the Subscribers Inhabitants of the Town of Portsmouth 
Pray that the Act for Preventing the Hogs going at Large in 
this Town may pass if possible this Session. 

W Clagett 

Peter Man 

G Wentworth 

Hy Appleton 

George King 

W m Knight 

John Furnald 

Josep Walker 

John Penhallow 

James Grouard 

Geo Turner 

Nath 1 Adams 

Jn° Parker 

John New march 

James Dwyer 

Joshua Brackett 
W m Whipple 

Robert Robertson 

E Russell 

Neale M c Intyer 

Paul march 

Jos. Whipple 

Rob 1 Traill 

William Marshall 

Sam Penhallow 

George Boyd 

W J Langdon 

Samuel Moffatt 

Dan 1 Fowle 

Benjamin Bigelow 

Benj a Parker 

Gregory Purcell 

Richard Trusdel 

Benjamin Slade 

Sam 1 Cutts 

John Clark 

H Wentworth 

Th° Martin 

Thomas Wentworth 

Zeb Foss 

Jos Allcock 

Ja* Nevin 


William Fiart Will" 1 Torrey Henry Rust 

Daniel Ktogers Is : Rindge W m Shackford 

Peter r r*earse Thomas Chadbourn Peter Johnson 

Mark Nelson A R Cutter 

[90-102] [Petition for the passage of an Act to oblige Tax- 
Payers to give in their Property under Oath : addressed 
to the Ge?ieral Assemb/y, Feb. 27, 77^9.] 


The Petition of us the Subscribers, Inhabitants of the Town of 
* Portsmouth in the Province aforesaid Most humbly Sheweth 

That the Trade and Business of this Metropolis is so greatly 
Decayed that the Inhabitants are filled with the most Gloomy 
Apprehensions Espeacially the Middling and Poorer sort who 
look upon themselves to be greatly Distressed and Aggrieved 
by the weight of the Public Taxes which by the present method 
of Assessment falls exceeding heavy on them, when they are 
scarce able to provide provisions for their Familys — for the 
Remedying of which Grievance and that all the Inhabitants 
may be equally Taxed ; which at present they are not, the 

i Select Men of the Town having no Certain Rule of Law to 

Proceed by as they have in the other Provinces on this Conti- 

Your Petitioners humbly Request That your Excellency and 
Honors in your great Wisdom and goodness would be Pleased 
to Pass a Valuation Act Obliging every Inhabitant of the Town 
to give in to the Select Men or Assessors a Just and true Valu- 
ation upon Oath, of All his Estate Real and Personal under 
Improvement, that so each Member of the Community may 
bear his equal Proportion of the Publick charges of Govern- 
ment, Or that you would be pleased otherwise to Relieve the 
Distrest Inhabitants of this Town, relative to the Premisses in 
such other Method as to your Exc y & Honors in your great 
wisdom shall Judge Meet — 

And your Petitioners, as in Duty Bound shall ever Pray &c r * 

Portsmouth March 31 1769 — 

Jacob Treadwell Sen William Hart Rich d Champney 

Nath 1 Treadwell John Hart Jun r Giles Seaward 

Sam 1 Griffith John Penhallow Benjamin Bigelow 

Nath 1 Treadwell Jun r John Newmarch Geo Turner 

Daniel Hart Josh Blanchard Jacob Mills 

Peter Man J°b n Beck Henry Sherburne 

Joseph Brewster VV m Blunt James Dwyer 

Michael Whidden Jn° Clapham J Brackett 

Jun r W Appleton Benj a Mackay 




Sam 11 Dalling 
Nath 11 Sherburne 
Geo Went worth 
George Marshall 
Geo : Janvrin 
John Stavers 
Peter Pearse 
Supply Clap 
Chads Banrill 
Geo Gains 
William Furnell 
Sam 1 Gerrish 
Benj a Parker 
Joseph Allcock 
Gregory Purcell 

Th° Martin Josh. Wentworth 

John Sparhawk Joseph Leigh 

Rich d Cutts ShannonEdmund Coffin 

Geo : King 
James P s King 
Dan 1 Lunt 
Nehemiah Wheeler 
James Haslett 
Edward Hart 
Joseph Bass 
Sam 1 Cutts 
George Boyd 
Neal Mclntyer 
Rob 1 Robertson 
Rio* 1 Hart 

Clem* Jackson 
Hall Jackson 
George King 
Dan 1 Fowler 
John Furnald 
John Adams 
Jn° Jackson 
William Fullerton 
John Langdon 
Joseph Day 
W m Cario ' 

[9-104] \_Petition relative to Market, Fire- Wards, Taverns, 
Small-Pox, etc. : addressed to the Ge?ieral Assembly, 1772. ~\ 

The Petition of us the Subscribers Selectmen of Ports- 
mouth in said County, and as a Committee in behalf of said 
Town, pursuant to the Vote thereof at their legal meet- 
ing for the current Year — Humbly Sheweth, That some per- 
sons with a view to monopolize, forestal and engross the 
market of provisions, have made it a practice to buy all, or the 
major part of the same before they were brought into the Town, 
or immediately upon their being brought to market and to 
retail the same at an exorbitant price, whereby every person 
inclined to purchase at first hand is prevented therefrom & the 
Poorer sort of People greatly oppressed and the good design of 
establishing a fix'd market in said Town, frustrated — That the 
Law for extinguishing fires in said Town is deficient in that it. 
lays no penalty on any person refusing to obey the fire wards in 
Case of Fire, and also in that it does not impower the firewards 
to pull down any Buildings they shall judge necessary to pre- 
vent the spreading of Fire in the Town — That the great num- 
ber of Taverns in said Town naturally tend to the corruption 
of the morals of the Youth, To promote Idleness, drunkenness, 
& Debauchery and a chain of other vices very detrimental to 
the well being of the Town, — That said Portsmouth being a 
Sea-Port Town hath continually been, and yet is, at vast Ex- 
pence in defraying the charges, and in preventing the Small 
Pox & other contagious distempers from spreading thro' this 
province, and for that purpose have, within Twenty Years last 
past necessarily expended Eight hundred & forty Pounds law- 
ful money. — That the proportion of the Province Tax paid by 
the said Town appears to them unequal & disproportionate to 


what the rest of the Towns annually pay, and as the Trade of 
s d Town hath long been declining & the Burthen of Taxes in- 
creasing, while the other Towns in the Province have been 
growing Richer, & while many new Towns have been incor- 
porated & settled (since said proportion was made) which are 
now able to pay a dividend of the Province Tax. — Your Peti- 
tioners therefore Pray, in behalf of the Inhabitants of said Ports- 
mouth that they may have Liberty to bring a Bill for prevent- 
ing the forstalling & ingrossing of Provisions — To limit the 
number of Taverns in said Town for the future, & to amend 
the Act concerning Fires. — That Your Excellency & Honors 
would reimburse and allow to the said Portsmouth the whole, 
or such part of the monies by them expended for preventing the 
spreading of such Contagions as may appear to you Equitable, 
and that there may be a new proportion of the Province Tax. 
And your Petitioners, as in duty Bound will ever Pray. — 
Portsm May 22 d 1772. — 

Benj* Akarman Geo Gains Geo Hart 

Sam 1 Cutts William Langdon 

[In council, May 26, 1772, the foregoing petition was 
read and sent to the assembly, recommended. — Ed.] 

[9-1 19] [Relative to a Market, etc.~\ 

Whereas we the Selectmen of Portsmouth, have in a general 
way, prayed leave to bring in a Bill against Forestalling and 
Ingrossing the market of provisions in Portsmouth, We hum- 
bly beg leave to suggest to your Excellency and Honors, in a 
more particular manner the propos'd contents of s d bill which 
are that the house built and improved by the Town for a mar- 
ket house in s d Portsmouth, be establish'd as such. That there 
be a Clerk of the Market chosen annually by the Town, who 
shall not sutler any unwholesome or putrid Meat, or other pro- 
visions unfit for Sale to be sold there, and if any such be offered 
for Sale in said Market he shall be obliged to prosecute the 
Offender, that said Clerk shall not be allowed to buy any Pro- 
visions in said Market but for his own family use, and upon 
conviction thereof the Selectmen shall displace him and appoint 
another Clerk in his stead, which Clerk so appointed shall con- 
tinue in his office (except he shall offend as aforesaid, in w ch 
case the Selectmen may remove and appoint as afores' 1 ) until the 
next annual Town-Meeting, when a new one shall be chosen. 
That every day in the year excepting Lord's days and days set 
apart by Government for Religious Service shall be a market 
day, the market shall be opened at Sunrise, and kept open until 
one oClock in the afternoon and every Saturday afternoon, and 


[9-105] [Protest against Theatrical Performances, etc. : 
addressed to the General Assembly, Jan. 11, 1773.] 

The Petition of a number of his Majestys Dutyful and Loyal 
Subjects Inhabitants of the Town of Portsmouth whose names 
are under written humbly Sheweth — 

That your petitioners apprehend great inconvenience to this 
Town and Province from the Toleration of public Plays and 
Theatrical Exhibitions that such Theatrical Exhibitions tend to 
an unnecessary expence both of time & money, of more fatal 
consequence at a time when the Low State of Trade and con- 
tinual & just complaint of the scarcity of money, call for the 
greatest, Diligence and good Economy in the Inhabitants of 
the Town — that such Exhibitions by exciting the Curiosity of 
the poor draw them off from their necessary Labours and in- 
duce them to spend that in gratification of their Curiosity which 
ought to have purchased Bread for themselves and Families — 

That therefore they have a tendency to increase the number 
of the poor and accordingly add to the burden of the Town 
which already is nearly insupportable — that such plays and ex- 
hibitions under a pretence of 'Ridiculing & Correcting have 
been found in numberless Instances greatly to increase Vice in 
those places where they have been in use, and have been com- 
plained of as a grievance by many of the Wise and Virtuous in 
the Nation — 

That if encouraged in this Town they will increase the means 
of Dissipation among us which are already observed with con- 
cern — 

That they will so engage the attention of our youth as greatly 


every other afternoon preceeding any day set apart by Govern- 
ment for religious services as aforesaid shall be esteemed Market 
hours — that no Steelyards be allowed in s d Market nor any other 
than sealed weights. — That all disputes in the market between | 

buyer and seller concerning things bought and sold in the Mar- 
ket shall be determined by the Clerk — that no person before one 
oClock in the afternoon shall buy any provision in s d Market 
with intent to sell the same at a greater price, nor sell any pro- 
vision so bought at a greater price than given on penalty of 
twenty shillings for each offence One half thereof for the use of 
the informer and the other half for the poor of said Town, that 
no Huckster, or any other person shall, before one oClock irt 
the afternoon, in any part of said Town, buy any provision 
brought to said Town either by Land or water for sale w ith 
intent to sell the same again at a greater price under the pen- 
alty of Twenty shillings for each offence one half to the informer 
& the Other half to the poor as aforesaid — 


to impede their Progress in the most important parts of Learn- 
ing both in our Schools and among our Handicrafts — 

That they expose our youth to many Temptations and youth- 
ful Lusts that especially We apprehend they are by no means 
favourable to the great cause of Christianity but have a Ten- 
dency to divert from a diligent attention to the Holy Scriptures 
and a serious concern to be prepared for Death and the World 
to come — That your petitioners have accordingly observed with 
concern the Encouragement one M r Morgan has obtained in his 
Weekly Exhibitions in this Town, and apprehend that some of 
the abovementioned ill Consequences resulting from the free 
Toleration of such Theatrical Exhibitions are already too plain- 
ly seen among us — 

That if he and his Fellow Actors after having attempted to 
set up their Business in other parts of New England and being 
universally refused should settle themselves in this Town in 
said Business, We may Expect beside the great Expence of 
maintaining him and them, We shall have others of like Char- 
acter and for the same purpose Crowding in upon us to the no 
small Detriment of the Town and the State — 

Your petitioners therefore from a deep concern for the Hon- 

| our of God, the Cause of Virtue and the Welfare of the Town 

and Province Humbly Pray your Excellency and Honours that 

I they may have Leave to bring in a Bill to Prohibit such Ex- 

hibitions — 

And your Petitioners as in Duty Bound will ever Pray &ca 

* Arthur Browne John marshall Joseph Day 

i Samuel Langdon Eph m Ham Abraham Elliot 

I DD. Geo. Marshall Jun r Theodore moses 

Samuel Haven DD Reuben Snell Samu 1 Moses . 

Sam 1 Penhallow Sam 11 Dalling , Isaac Williams . 

John Hurd W m Cario Jonathan Ayers 

Samuel Hale Dan 11 Jackson Geo Gains 

Joshua Brackett John GrirTeth Samuel Bowles 

H Wentvvorth James Stoodly John Grant 

John Newmarch Jos: Whipple Peter Man 

Charles Treadwell Benj a Mackay John Nelson 

A R Cutter W m Knight VV m Cotton 

John Moffatt Mark Nelson Joseph Walton 

Tho 8 Hart Geo. Hart Temple Knight 

John Pickering Jun r Mark Seveay Sam 1 Cutts 

Peter Pearse Rich d Hart Jos. Allcock 

John Penhallow William Langdon George Dame 

James Clarkson Nath 1 Treadwell Joseph Leigh 

James ClarksonJun r Joseph Cotton Pierse Long 

Mark Langdon Geo : Jerry Osborne John Beck 

George Marshall Perkins Ayers • 


[In H. of Rep., Jan. 13, 1773, voted unanimously that the 
petitioners have leave to bring in a bill. — Ed.] 

[9-106] \_Relative to taking the Small- Pox, 1773. ~\ 

May it please your Excellency & the Hon ble His Majesties 
Councell — 

The Selectmen of the Town of Portsmouth being under fear- 
full Apprehentions of the Small pox spreading in this Town, 
from the dayly practice of Numbers of the Inhabitants of this 
Town & Elsewhere ; who without propper Regard to, or leave 
from the Town, throw themselves into the infection upon the 
Pest House Island, and thereby make it Necessary for us to 
suffer them to be inoculated, least they should spread the in- 
fection the Natural way 

And whereas we now hear of a Number who intend to take 
the same unjustifiable Method of having the Small pox, and 
that we have no Authority to prevent, or at least it is out of our 
power to keep them from the Island by laying any penalty for 
such a great Transgression — We therefore Humbly aske your 
Excellency & the Hon ble His Majesties Councells Advice and 
direction in this important matter — 

Portsm June 27 th 1773 

Sam 1 Cutts^) 

Geo. Hart > Selectmen 

Geo Gains) 

[An act to prevent the spreading of the small-pox was 
passed Jan. 29, 1774 ; and another, which prohibited inocu- 
lation for small-pox without permission from the authorities, 
was passed Dec. 13, 1776. — Ed.] 


It is the opinion of the Selectmen, & as farr as they under- 
stand the Sentiments of the Inhabitants of the Town, that ^ of 
the people think it much less resque of having the Small pox 
spread the Natural Way ; to have the following Method Estab- 
lished for y e present — viz 

1 to have the pest House used for a Hospital for inocula- 
tion — 

2 d that a Committee of 5 respectable persons be Appointed to 
regulate the pest House & Establish the following Rules 

3 d That a Doctor of fidelity be Appointed, who must reside 
at the Island during the pleasure of the Committee — 


4 th That two or three persons be chosen and Sworn to con- 
form to the directions of the Committee, to Attend upon y e or- 
der of the House — 

5 th that no person be Admitted upon the Island without 
Written leave from the Committee — 

6 th That if any person Clandistantlv goes upon the Island in 
order to have the Small pox, shall be Subject to a penalty of 
30JC Lawfull money — 

7 th That any & Every person that chooses to go down to the 
Pest House to be inoculated, must Apply to the Committee, & 
pay them £ Lawful money for the Charge, & then obtain a 
certificate from said Committee to the Docf of his having 
Agreed to the Terms of inoculating — 

Sam 1 Cutts Selectmen 

[9-1 10] \_Defiarttire of Gov, Wentwortk, iyy^.~\ 

Portsmouth Aug 25 1775 

We beg leave to inform the Hon ble Provincial Congress that 
yesterday his Majesty's Ships Scarborough & Canso sailed from 
this Harbour 'tis said for Boston with Governor Wentworth & 
his Family on board & that we doubt not the Hon bIe Congress 
will in their Wisdom pay due attention to the request of this 
Committee signified to them yesterday by Mr Morrison 

We inclose a Vote of this Committee relative to Shipping ofl 
I Fish & M r Champney who carries this will inform the Hon ble 

Congress fully as to that Matter — 
by order of the Com" of Safety 

Your most hble Servant 

H'Wentworth Chairman 
. To the Honorable The President of the Provincial Congress 

[In provincial congress, Aug. 28, 1775, the committee of 
safety of Portsmouth were earnestly recommended to use 
all prudent methods to prevent the exportation of fish from 
Gosport. — Ed.] 

[9-1 1 2] [Portsmouth Com?nlttee of Safety to the Provincial 
Congress, 1775 >~\ 

Comm ee Hall Portsm 9 th Nov 1775 
To the Honorable Provincial Congress — 

The Committee of Safety for this Town, having been favored 


with a Sight of the Votes of the Honorable Congress, relative 
to enlisting 200 Matrosses & 300 Soldiers, for the defence of 
the several ports, at the entrance of this Harbour, intreat the 
consideration of the Congress to their Petition that a larger 
Number of Men may be employed for that purpose — 

So many reasons concur, in favor of this our request, that 
We would not trouble the Congress to enumerate them all, but 
we just beg leave to mention, that the Port being the key to this 
Province, and a great part of Kittery. it was the Opinion of 
Generals Washington, & Sullivan, that a thousand Men were 
requisite, & they have accordingly thrown up Works to cover 
so many 

That if so small a Number as 500, are posted there, the 
Enemy, from whose late behavior, we can expect nothing but 
Treachery, and Surprize, in case they can obtain by such 
means, either of the ports, will make use of those very works 
to dispossess us of the rest, which as they have a plenty of Am- 
munition, of which We are Short, We fear they may too easily 
do — That the Harbour of Boston being liable to freeze, which 
is not the case with this, an Acquisition of tin's kind would 
be of vast importance to the Enemy, while it would strike a 
general Damp on the Inhabitants of this Colony, an Event 
carefully to be guarded against at this critical Season of the 

We beg leave only further to say, that our own personal Se- 
curity, is not the only consideration, that prompts us to prefer 
this Petition, We consider the Matter in a much more exten- 
sive view, and doubt not the Hon ble Congress will do the same 
— Our Harbour is in a manner now defenseless the Men whose 
Inlistments are out being mostly gone. We have certain In- 
telligence that the Fleet under Morrels command, with some 
other Men of War are now at Boston. We therefore intreat 
that one thousand Men may be forthwith posted at the Works 
aforesaid for one Month to be under the command of the same 
Field Officers who have formerly had it of whose Abilities we 
entertain the highest respect & confidence And your Petition- 
ers as in duty bound will ever pray &c 

By order of the Corn" of Safety 

H Wentworth. Chairman 

[9-1 14] 

Ports Mouth the 30 Day 1776 

Gentlemen this to Beg the favour of you of Liberty of going to 

work att my trad with Gorge hart or Noah parker Ither of them 

gentlemen will Be my Bonsmen and Gentelm fourder I hav 

Sarved five months in the provesel Sarvis 


I hav Sind all Sociation a cording too the act of Congres and 
Gentelmen furder I hav no Close to my Back taking in Such a 
maner that I cude not help my Self and I Should Take it a 
grate favour to hav the Liberty to work and 

So I am your well wishers 

John Carpenter 

To the Onnerable and Ginneral Commyty aft Exeter 

- f [9 -II 6] [Instructions to Assembly- Men, 1776. ,] 

Portsmouth December 18 th 1776 At a Public Town Meeting of 
the Freeholders & others Inhabitants of said Portsmouth p r ad- 
journment the following Instructions were given to the Gentle- 
men Elected by them to serve in General Assembly — 


The free Suffrages of your fellow Citizens have Elected you 
to the betrustment of their dearest Rights & Priviledges ! They 
have chosen you to represent them at the General Assembly of 
this State from a Consciousness of your Abilities, Integrity 

i& attachment to the Public Weal ! And also they can safely de- 
pend upon your firmness, yet they presume it must be more 
agreeable to you, to know their Sentiments on some Public 
Matters, which they cannot but think to be very Interesting to 
the Community ! We therefore take leave to give you the fol- 
* lowing Instructions — 

I st We desire you would use you utmost Influence to procure 
an Act of Assembly i That no Person should hold more than 
One Place of Profit Civil or Military under this Government at 
the same time ! And that no Member of the Assembly should 
hold any Place of Profit while he retains his Seat in the House 
as it is of the greatest Importance to the Public Interest, that no 
Placemen or Pensioners should hold a Seat in the House ! We 

/ have seen a too selfinteresting Principle prevailing in former 

Assemblies & the observation has been general ! We think the 
Public Favours ought not to be confined to a few, but extended 
to many, by which our Union will be more strongly cemented ! 
Merit ought to be more considered & when Gentlemen of Abil- 
ities are chosen into the Public Service they ought to be pro- 
vided for agreeable to the Importance of their Offices — 

jj 2 d,y We desire you would take the greatest Care that our 

Soldiery are not neglected as they have been, by suffering 
the Sutlers shamefully to enrich themselves by their Extortion, 
with the spoils of those worthy men who have jeopardized their 
Lives in the defence of their Country & its sacred Rights every 


encouragement should be given to quiet their Fears & appre- 
hension of the like base treatment in future — 

^diy y^ e are concern'd to see Monopolies Extortion & Op- 
pression so predominant in Town & Country by which the 
Poor, the Widow, the Orphan the Fatherless & many other 
Classes of People are suffering under every discouragement, & 
is more Instrumental of Proselyting many to the side of our 
Enemies, than even the most open Bribery & Corruption for 
while we are Complaining of Oppression from the British Gov- 
ernment & flying from the Effects of such Oppression, we are 
made doubly miserable under the disguise of Friendship. The 
Hon ble Continental Congress have recommended the Consid- 
eration of these apparent Evils to all the States & we earn- 
estly solicit you to prevent this dreadful Calamity, which threat- 
ens disunion, discord & perhaps more dangerous consequences 
than the Arms of our Enemies. 

4*h y We desire your attention to the State of the Public 
Funds & that you do not Consent to the making of more Money 
by this State, but that you would Consult with the other States 
upon an effectual method to sink the Monies already issue'd 
whereby the Currency may be preserved from depreciating & 
the Public Faith more secured, There are not wanting many 
within Ourselves, who would wish to see the depreciation in- 
creas'd as they well know this Circumstance alone, would have 
a Tendency to weaken our opposition more than any other 

5 t,y We desire that you would pay a great attention to any 
Causes of Complaint subsisting in many Towns on the Western 
part of this State & to quiet any uneasiness which they feel 
from Real or suppos'd Injuries by Partial Representation, these 
Complaints if they are not seasonably redress'd may ripen into 
an open disaffection to our Cause as the Right of Taxation 
wholly depends upon that of Representation, & is the Basis of 
cur present Controversy with Britain, & if we withhold this 
right from our own Brethren by an unequal Classical Repre- 
sentation, we shall split upon the very Rocks, we are striving 
to avoid, We pray you would preserve this Inherent Right to 
the People Inviolate & sacred as it is their dearest Priviledge — 
The better to make Representation equal & general (as the 
Congress recommended) Let it be determined what number of 
Voters shall be Intitled to a Representative not exceeding Fifty, 
& that every Town should have as many Members as that 
Number will admit of & send as many (if they think proper) 
provided every Town pays its own Members, for we do not 
think it equitable that the whole Representation should be paid 
out of the Public Treasury, for perhaps many Towns may not 
incline to send any Members & it would be unreasonable that 
they should be Tax'd for one, when they don't send him — 


6*hy We enjoin it on you that all Persons who have had the 
public Monies should Account for the same that the general 
Accounts may be forwarded to the Continental Congress, & 
especially that all such monies as now are or which hereafter 
may be lodg'd in the Maritime Court, may be Accounted for 
Quarterly by the Judge of said Court & paid into the Public 
Treasury & to be Borrowed by the Assembly untill the Pro- 
prietors shall Claim the same or be otherwise dispos'd of by 
the Assembly for the Public Good — 

fjthj ^y e (^5^ y OU would procure a support for the Poor 
of the Isle of Shoals out of the Public Treasury, to ease the 
Burthens of this Town which has been at great Expence on 
their Account, & at a Time when we are unable to Maintain 
our own — 

8 thy We would advise you to procure a Tax to sink the 
Money already Emitted & that Money be hired for the Contin- 
gencies of Government rather than Consent to another Emis- 
sion — 

9 th7 We desire you would encourage any Persons who would 
undertake the Manufactories of Salt- Hemp, Malt & Bloomeries 
for the Casting of Cannon & Pot Iron of every kind, also to the 
raising of Wheat Flax & any other Beneficial Commodity of 
Domestic Consumption — 

io thy We would wish to see some Laws made for preserving 
the Morals of the People & for every purpose for the Safety 
Honour & Welfare of the Community — 

A True Copy 


• John Penhallow Town Clerk 

[9-1 1 S] [Relative to having a Price Jixed on Certain Com- 
modities, I777-] 

To the Honourable the Council and House of Representatives 
for the State of New Hampshire 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of the Town of Portsmouth 
who are desirous of quictting the minds of many as well to pre- 
serve an Unanimity in the Common Cause — 
- Sheweth, 

That notwithstanding the many sore Distresses this unhappy 
( Country is now suffering by the wanton Cruel and unrelenting 

hand of Britain's King & his minions ; Yet there are among 
ourselves (both in Town & Country) many who for want of vir- 
tue (that inestimable Jewel) have lost sight of the Grand object 
which they ought to have in view by oppressing the Industrious 


Tradesman Labourers & others in their Exorbitants & unheard 
off demands for almost every Commodity that by the Dispen- 
sation of Divine Providence they are favoured with ; which will 
prove a Curse rather than a Blessing, unless a speedy reforma- 
tion takes place, at present it appears doubtfull as the fear of 
Got! & Love for their Country seems not to dwell in them and 
no other prospect for redress presents then for your Honors in- 
terposeing therein by assertaining & Limiting by Law certain 
prices for the common necessaries of Life (without takeing no- 
tice of superfluous Articles) as in your Wisdom mav be thot con- 
sistant with sound policy for the better secureing peace & unan- 
imity among the people in General as many appear discour- 
aged thereby which at this Critical time ought to be wisely Con- 
sidered in order to prevent evil Consequences attending which 
may not at present be foreseen — Your petitioners at the same 
time beg leave to observe that they view the present Era big with 
the greatest importance respecting the political Event of this 
New World and have no doubt by the blessing of God, we 
shall finally come off Conquerers provided we hold ourselves 
United which may be effected by viewing the publick Cause 
our private Concern and despiseing a sordidness of Gain ex- 
torted from our Neighbours at this day of puplick Calamity — 
And your petitioners in Duty bound shall ever pray — 

Portsmouth January 6 th 1777 — 

In Publick Town Meeting the petition being read a second 
time — 

That it be preferred to the General Assembly of this State for 
their Consideration. — ' 

Portsmouth January 7 th 1777 — 

a True Copy 

Attest John Penhallow Town Clerk 

[An act fixing the prices of the necessaries of life, etc., 
was passed Jan. iS, 1777, and an additional one the tenth 
of April following. — Ed.] 

[9-1 21] [Letter from jfo/in Langdon relative to the Enemy 
at Penobscot, 1779.] 

Portsm June 30 th 1779 — 

there Seems to be great Exertions, to procure Sufficient force 
to go against the Enemy Penobscot, and as it Seems a Duty to 


Assist a Sister State, I could wish that we may Not be behind 
hand. I have therefore taken the liberty to mention it to Honb 1 
Committee of fiting out Some Ship from this port to Joine 
those from the Massachusetts, in Destroying or Driveing the 
Enemy from our Coasts, We have the Ship Hampden now- 
here that might be got Ready in Short time, She partly belongs 
here, partly at Boston. — the State must take here, and have her 
Appraised, and fited at their Risque — I should be Exceding 
happy if Such a Matter Could be Bro't ab l and would give every 
Assistance in my Power. — 

I am Gen 4 your most Obd S* 

John Langdon 

[9-123] [Petition to Jit arid send the ship Hampden against 
the Enemy, I779>~\ 

Respectfully Shew The Subscribers Inhabitants of said State 

That they are alarmed by a late descent of the Enemy on the 
Eastern Shore of the State of Massachusetts-Bay, That we are 
informed Said State of Massachusetts are exerting every Nerve 
to oppose the progress of the Enemy in that quarter — 

And as the Situation of this State exposes us to the Attacks 
of the Enemy should they establish their Power at Penobscot, 
We humbly concieve it highly for the Advantage of this State 
as well as for the general Benefit of t lie United States of Amer- 
ica that immediate opposition should be made, & that we shoud 
heartily Joyn with our Neighbour State by furnishing what lit- 
tle Assistance may be in our power to oppose the Common 
Enemy — For which purpose we would propose that the Ship 
Hampden may be Commissioned, Fitted & Man'd (which we 
concieve may be imediately done by Volunteers) with all ex- 
pedition, to joyn & Coopperate with our Brethren of the Massa- 
chusetts — 

We hope that our honest intentions to promote the public 
good will apologize for our forwardness in suggesting this Mat- 
ter to the Honorable Committee of Safety — 

Portsmouth 2S th June 1779 

Joshua Brackett Theodore Atkinson Samuel Fernald 

Joseph Simes J°hn Shcrburn Thomas Sheafe 

H Wentworth John Penhallow Rob'Jenness 

John Parrott Josh. Wentworth E Russell 

Joseph Bass Thomas Palmer Samuel Briard 

Jonathan Warner Sam 11 Dalling J°bn Wendell 

Geo Wentworth Nath Folsom Henry Sherburne 


Moses Woodward Giles Seaward Tobias Warrener 

Neal Mclntyer James Whitaker Daniel Rogers 

John Cutt " Edward Sargent Nath 1 Treadwell 

A R Cutter Sam 1 Hutchings Sam 1 Penhallow 

James Grouard Henry Nutter Nahum Ward 

Peter Man Pierse Long James Haslett 

Jacob Treadwell W m Cotton Rob* Parker 

Jeremiah Libbey Geo : King Sam 1 Gerrish 

H Appleton Samuel Hill J. Whipple 

Benjamin Slade James Gooch 

[9-1 22 J \_Statement of the Condition of Matters in Tozvn r 


State of New Hampshire. Rockingham ss. ■ 

At a Town-Meeting Warn'd and held at the West-Chamber 
in the State-House at Portsmouth by Adjournment October I st 

The Report of the Committee represent'g the distrest State 
of this Town being read. 

Voted, That it be Accepted, And a Copy thereof be given to 
the Representatives of this Town, to Lay before the General- 
Assembly at their next Session. 

The Committee Appointed to prepare a representation of the 
distrest State of the Town, beg leave to Report that upon Ex- 
amination they find that out of Twelve Thousand Tons of Ship- 
ping, which prior to the present War were owned here An- 
nually, there are not more than Eight Hundred Tons now, 
That Trade of all Sorts hath lessen'd in the same Proportion, 
That on the 27 th of July last, there were no more than 383 Men 
upon the Train-Band and Alarm-List, The rest of the Men be- 
longing to the Town were in the Navy Army or Captivity, ex- 
cept a few Persons in Privateers belonging to other States — 
That all the Current Cash in the Town is insufficient to pay the 
Taxes the present Year — That early in the War a resolve pass- 
ed the General-Court of this State, order s the Inhabitants of the 
Isle of Shoals to remove from thence, to prevent any Intelli- 
gence which might otherwise be given to the Enemy. In Con- 
sequence of which this Town has been burthen'd with the poor- 
er Sort of them since that Time, which is a great Addition to 
the Expences thereof — That the Annual Expcnces of this Town 
for the Support of the Poor Amount to near Thirty Thousand 
Pounds- — That the Lodgment of the Enemy at the Eastward, 
hath deprived the town of its Principal Resources and greatly 


increased the Price of Wood and otherwise very much ob- 
structed the little Trade it had left — That the Town being con- 
stantly exposed to sudden Attacks and Depredations of the En- 
emy render it unsafe was it in its Power to furnish Men to be 
remov'd to any considerable Distance, all which distressing Cir- 
cumstances consider'd must make it appear to every Impartial 
Person That the State and Continental Taxes for this Town 
ought to be reduc'd in Proportion to the Reduction of their 
Trade and Augmentation of their other Distresses — 
Portsmouth September the 29 th 1779 

A. R. Cutter 
♦ John Parker 

John Pickering 
Peirse Long 
Port'sm Octob r 5 th 1 779 — 
a True Copy Attest 
I \ John Penhallow Town Clerk 



[9-124] [Relative to Town Affairs, 1780: addressed to the 
General Court, ,] 

The Freeholders & Inhabitants of the Town of Portsm at 
their Annual Meeting held this day by Adjournment taking into 
their consideration the very large and disproportionate Tax laid 
on them by Government, for the present Year, and being fully 
Conscious of their utter Inability to discharge it, beg leave to 
lay before your honors a true State of their Present unhappy 
] Scituation, and leave it with your honors to Judge how, & in 

what manner you can best Alleviate & redress their suffrings. — 

This being a Sea-Port Town, the Inhabitants depend intirely 
♦ on Trade & Navigation for their Support; — when this fails 

them, they must soon be reduc'd to Poverty & want. — How far 
this has been the case will appear. — 

In the Year 1774 the Shipping belonging to this Port 
amounted to twelve thousand Tons, — this by a gradual diminu- 
tion from that Period is now reduc'd to about five hundred 
Tons. — This has not only been a Loss of so much Trade to the 
Town — of employment to the Mechanic & Labourer — but a to- 
tal Loss of so much Property to the several Individuals. — at 
least % ths of the Shipping (by an exact estimate lately made) 
which sailed from this Port since last fall, has since been taken 
or lost. — The Depreciation of the Currency and high price for 
the necessaries of Life, have been another source of misfortune 
& Loss to this Town which has been necessarily Ondebted to 
the Country for the chief of such supplies, for' which the bulk 
of the People have had nothing to pay but money — whilst the 



former has been supplied within himself, — his chief Stock that 
is, his Lands, remaining whole — nor has this Town sustain'd 
greater Loss, in what its Inhabitants have purchased than 
in what they have been forc'd to sell — Many suffer'd extreamly 
& some were rui.n'd by the Regulating Act — Vast quanitaties 
of Rum & other Merchandise were sold at the Stipulated Prices, 
while in a month or two afterwards rive times the sum would 
not replace the same Articles. — And what added sorely to this 
misfortune — there was an Act, or Order of this State Compell- 
ing People to deliver up Particular Articles at the Stated Price, 
on pain of having them taken from them by force — And these 
were not Paid for by the Publick till the Articles had risen in 
value — Ten-fold. — 

The Act pass'd in the begining of the War obliging the In- 
habitants of the Isle of Shoals to remove from thence, has 
thrown the Poorer sort of them upon this Town, and added 
greatly to the expences thereof. — The Annual charges of which 
for the support of the Poor the present year, being like to 
Amount to at least Eighty thousand Pounds. — The Lodgment 
of the Enemy at the Eastward — hath amazingly increas'd the 
Price of Wood & otherwise much Obstructed the little Trade 
we had left — Another very great Loss has been sustain'd by 
Persons in the Town who have had large sums of money at In- 
terest in the Country, who have sunk ^ ths of such Estates — by 
being forced to receive their several Debts at the Nominal 
Value — Add to all this the Great Loss the Town suffer'd on the 
Alarm about 3 Years ago, in being Oblig'd so suddenly to 
remove with their Effects out of Town, the Expence of moving ; 
the Damage & loss of Such Effects; & the Charge of keeping 
them so long in the Country. — 

These, and many other causes which it would be tedious to 
mention, have redue'd this once flourishing Town, — to its 
Present low & distress'd Scituation — A Scituation — more deplor- 
able than that of any Sea-Port Town on the Continent, that 
has not been Actually in the hands of the Enemy — Multitudes 
are reduced from easy Circumstances, to want & beggary, and 
half the Inhabitants at least have frequently been without Bread 
or Fuel — 

From this Account of our Scituation, your honors will Judge 
whether we are in a Capacity to pay such a Tax as we are As- 
sessed. — We leave it wholly with your honors to admit what 
part thereof you think Just, and we doubt not it will be no In- 
considerable part thereof — 

State of New-Hampshire Portsmouth 

At a Town meeting held the 13 th day of June 1780 by ad- 
journment Voted, that the above Report be accepted — and that 


John Pickering &JM Sewall Esq™ be a Committee to enforce 
the same at the Gen 1 Court in behalf of y e Town 

John Penhallow Town Clerk 

To -be considered by the Com" of the Whole 

£9-125] [Instructions to Representatives, i/So.J 

Att a legal Town Meeting held at the West-Chamber in the 
State-House in Portsm by Adjournment Nov 27 th 1780 — 
v Voted, that the following Instructions be given to the Repre- 

sentatives of this Town Viz 

To William Whipple John Langdon and George Gains 


Your re-election at this important crisis, is a fresh testimony 
of the affection of your Constituents and of our confidence in 
your abilities and integrity ; but as we judge you desirous to 
find yourselves supported in the fai.thful discharge of the high 
trust reposed in you by our suffrages, we have thought fit to 
give you the following Instructions while we depend upon your 
best exertions to carry them into effect. 

It is not to be expected, amidst the various and important 
objects which must demand your consideration in the present 
situation of public affairs, we should pretend to point out any, 
but such as ought to engage your earliest attention : of which 
^ kind we esteem the filling up this State's quota of the Conti- 

nental army during the war ; providing every thing necessary, 
& convenient for officers and privates, establishing their pay 
upon a certain and unfailing basis, and punctually complying 
with all promises made them. The least inattention to this 
momentous object, we consider both impolitic and criminal. 

At a time when our obstinate foes are pluming themselves on 
their skill in financing, building their fond hopes of conquest 
upon our want of experience in that art, and the failure of our 
paper currency ; while our agriculture, alliances and resources 
are increasing, with pungent sorrow, we behold our medium of 
1 trade, the nerves and sinnews of our defence labouring under 

the loss of public faith ! Without enquiring into the policy of 
former administrations, or faulting them for not providing funds 
adequate to its support, or for taking other measures to prevent 
its depreciation, which have had a contrary effect; realizing 
that public and private credit must ever be supported by integ- 
rity and honour ; we instruct you to revise all the laws now ex- 
isting respecting our paper-currency, and to use your influence 
for the repeal of any inconsistent with those principles; and for 


enacting such as shall give credit and permanency to the cur- 
rency, rescue the widow and orphan from the hand of oppres- 
sion and injustice, and fix a lasting criterion for commutative 
justice between the subjects of this state, that none in future 
may have just cause of complaint. 

Convinced from reason and experience, that all embargoes 
and restrictions of trade between the States, are anticommercial 
and tend to destroy the harmony and friendly intercourse which 
the principles of the american constitution are calculated to en- 
courage and cherish, we recommend it to you not to consent to 
any such embargoes and commercial restrictions but on the con- 
trary that you upon all occasions strive to preserve the most in- 
timate cordiality and friendly intercourse between these states, 
ever emulous, with care and caution, to nurture and bring to 
maturity a plant of such nice contexture. 

The protection of our Seacoast and frontiers is so necessary & 
will so naturally come under your consideration, it would be 
needless to instruct you about it. 

The frequent and almost constant alteration in the number of 
inhabitants, and quantity of property in many of our towns, 
evince the expediency of making a new proportion of public 
taxes annually. — We need not mention to you, the Representa- 
tives of this once commercial flourishing town, its present im- 
poverished, distressed condition as a forcible argument for the 
alleviation of our public taxes. 

Acting in the legislative department, you will not be unmind- 
ful of the judicial ; but studiously endeavour, to render the 
courts of law independent of every kind of undue influence, 
while you provide salaries for the justices of the superior court 
of judicature, adequate to the arduousness and importance of 
their office ; the final decision of property and life. 

With deep concern we notice, the almost unbounded juris- 
diction given by many acts of the state to Justices of the peace, 
whereby the trial by jury is curtailed, and the grand palladium 
of our liberty and security endangered, wherefore we instruct 
you to use your influence for the repeal of such acts or clauses 
therein and to prevent the like in future 

Agreeably to the desire expressed in the precepts for chusing 
members of the General Assembly, we impower and instruct 
you to vote for calling a convention for the purpose of forming 
a new and permanent plan of Government. 

Pleased to see the last General Assembly sitting at the an- 
tient seat of government and present seat of intelligence in the 
very house built and designed for that purpose we reasonably 
expect you will solicit the General Assembly of which you are 
members, to sit here also, in which we entertain the pleasing 
hopes of your success, as their sitting here abstracted from other 



motives, will be as convenient for the members in general, if 
not more so, than the place where they are to convene 

The proper security and humane treatment of prisoners of 
war, at this unhappy period, is an object which merits your at- 
attention, and for which purpose, places more suitable for their 
reception and confinement should be immediately provided. 

We wish an enquiry into the State of the treasury as well as 
frequent adjustments of all public accounts. 

In fine encourage cherish and protect literature and the sci- 
ences, virtue and piety — conform all your measures to the eter- 
nal rule of rectitude and you cannot fail of the applause of your 
fellow citizens and of the approbation of your own con- 
sciences. — 

Portsmouth November 29 th 1780 — 

Attest John Penhallow Town Clerk 

[R.. 3-159] [Memorial of Maj. Samuel Sherburne: ad- 
dressed to the General Assembly, iy8o.~\ 

The Petition of Sam 1 Sherburne of Portsmouth in the state 
aforesaid sheweth. That on or about the last of July 1778, 
your Petitioner in compliance with a recommendation of the 
Honb 1 Committee of Safety, to the Militia of this state, voluntari- 
ly turned out & put himself under the command of Gen 1 Sulli- 
van on an expedition against Rhode Island. That he was 
there appointed to the office of Brigade Major and in y e action 
of the 29 th of August [177S] lost his left Leg by a shot from 
the Artillery of Enemy. He therefore requests to receive the 
benefits appointed by Congress in such cases, and to be put on 
y* half pay establishment to commence from y e day of his being 
wounded — and that y e surgeons Bill may be allowed — and your 
Petitioner as in duty bound shall ever pray 

Sam 1 Sherburne 

[In council, June 16, 1780, he was allowed ,£890 for his 
doctor's bill. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-160.] 

[Simeon Fernald, under date February 3, 1780, stated 
that when the expedition was formed against Penobscot he 
enlisted and went on board the ship Hampden, but escaped 
in a boat when the ship was captured. He was sick, and 
died three days after, as certified by Dr. Hall Jackson, Feb- 
ruary 12, 1780, at which time his widow, Margery, applied 


for relief, stating that she had six small children, and was 
destitute. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-163.] [Petition of Mrs. Lewis for an Allowa?ice, iy8o.~\ 

To the Honourable the Councile and the House of Represent- 
atives for the State of New Hampshire Now Convened at Exe- 
ter for the Dispatch of Business. The Humble Pition of Eliz- 
abeth Lewis of Portsmouth, Humbly Sheweth to your honours 
That when it was the sovereign Pleasure of the suprem Direc- 
tor of all Human Events to Permit a Spirit of Timidety to Seize 
the Bulk of the British Nation in Suffering their Rulers to Pur- 
sue such a Systim of Policy Disgracefule to them as a Nation 
Inasmuch as their Conduct was Unjustifiable by the Fundamen- 
tals of their own Constitution and when it Become the Indis- 
pinsible Duty of the Inhabitants of these States for the Preser- 
vation of their Own Libertys as well to Guard the sacred Dis- 
port the Natural Rights of Posterity to embody a Number of 
its Freeman to Counteract the Flagitious and Sanguinary 
Disigns of Evil & Disingning Men — That John Lewis the only 
Son of your Petitioner Engaged in the Service of his country in 
troops Raised by this State for the Preservation of American 
Liberty as Early as the year 1775 That on the 6 th Dec br 1776 
he Inlisted into the Company of Cap 1 Benjamin Titcomb Dur- 
ing the Present war That on the 26 th following at the battle of 
Trenton he served the Sacred Cause & paid the Last Trible 

Due to his Country by Breathing his Last in its Service. * * 

* * * 


Portsm°June 10 th 1780 Elizabeth X Lewis 


[9-127] [Relative to Parish Bounds: addressed to the Gen- 
eral Assembly, Dec. 18, 1782.] 

Humbly shew the subscribers Wardens of the North and 
South Parishes in Portsmouth in the county of Rockingham 
and State aforesaid in behalf of the parishioners of said parishes, 
that the parishes aforesaid not being bounded by any lines, the 
parishioners of the respective parishes cannot be ascertained 
without great difficulty and trouble, and when ascertained & 
taxed to the parochial charges, the collection of a considerable 
part of the taxes, is often rendered impracticable, by reason of 
many such parishioners being absent at sea & elsewhere. 

The arrearages so incurred and increased from year to year 
either remain unpaid or are paid by such as have before paid their 



quota. The difficulties and burdens aforementioned your peti- 
tioners, conceive, would be in great measure removed & the 
collection of the taxes facilitated, were the parishioners of the 
respective parishes impowered to assess and lay such parochial 
taxes on the Pews in the Meeting-houses in each parish, or on 
the pews, polls & estates of said Parishioners, as might be 
found most convenient & equitable ; and were the Collectors 
also of each parish impowered to sell at public vendue the pews 
of the delinquent owners for non payment of future taxes, which 
may be laid thereon, with incident charges, returning the over- 
plus money, if any, to the owners of the pews so sold : Where- 
fore your petitioners humbly pray, that, the parishioners of 
said parishes respectively may be impowered to assess, lay and 
collect such parochial taxes in manner aforementioned and that 
your petitioners may be permitted to bring in a Bill for that 
purpose and your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray 

John Sherburne ~) Wardens 
Sam 1 Penhallow > of the North 
Benjamin Akarman ) Parish 

Pierse Long ~\ Wardens 
John Pickering V of the South 
Thomas Sheafe ) Parish 

[R. 3-166] \_Richard Sherman's Petitio7i : addressed to the 
General Assembly, 1782.'] 

The Petition of Richard Sherman of Portsmouth Humbly 
Sheweth — That your petitioner enlisted in the Continental 
service in the year 1777 — that at the retreat from Ticonderoga 
he was wounded by the enemy in the hip : that afterwards, at 
the Capture of Burgoyne, he was wounded in the arm — and 
lastly with Gen 1 Sullivan, at Susquehanna, he was wounded in 
the body the ball passing, after entering the breast, thro' the 
shoulder ; 

* * * Rich d Sharman 

Portsmouth Dec r 25 th 17S2 

[R. 3-167] [Soldiers' Order.'] 

Portsmouth August 2S ,h 17S2 — 
Sir — 

Please to pay The Town of Portsmouth the whole of wages 
due to James Lock & Theodore Marston as Soldiers in Cap* 


Parsons Company in Coll 1 Runnells Regiment Last year for 
Said Town Being for Value Rec d by their Orders — 

Simon Marston 
To the Hono bl Meshack Weare Esq r 


[R. 3-168] [Supplies to Soldiers' Families."] 

The Town of Portsmouth To Jeremiah Libby D r for Sup- 
plies to the Continental Soldiers Familys Since Jan y 1, 1781 
Viz 4 

1 781 William Russells 804.6 

Noah Allards 182. 16 

Edward Goatham 154.10 

Rich d Sheerman 213. 6 

John Jones 450 — 

John Shute 284. o 

John Humble 210.14 

Thomas Shaw 341 — 

1836 14 

2641. o 
Commissions (a) 10 per c* 264 — 

£2905. — 
Portsmouth March 21, 1781 

Errors Excepted 

Jeremiah Libbey 

the truth & Justice of this Ace* was Sworn to by Jeremiah 

Before Geo Gains Jus Peace 

[R. 3-169] \_Sup plies to Soldiers' JFcifnilies.'] 

The Select Men of the Town of Portsm To Jeremiah Libbey 
— D r 

for Supplys to the Following Soldiers Familys Since April 1, 
1 78 1 Viz u — 

1781 Richard Shermans IOO.16 

John Shutes 65. S 

John Humbles 37. 4 

Noah Allard for his Mother 60 — 

Thomas Shaw's 252.12 


John Jones's 243.12 

Edward Goatham 138. 11 

898. 3 
Commissions fa) 10 per c* 89.16 

Lawful m y of the Old Emission .£987.19 

Portsm May 20 th 17S1 

Errors Excepted 

Jeremiah Libbey 
1 78 1 
May 25 By an Order on Coll 1 Akerman for the Above Sum 

£987.19 Jeremiah Libbey — 

the truth of this Acco* Was Sworn to by Jere h Libbey 

Before George Gains Jus Peace 

[R. 3-170] 

The Town of Portsmouth To 

Supply Clap 

— D r 

For Supplies to the following 
tinental Service to June, 17S3,— 

Soldiers Family's in the Con- 
-Viz 4 — 

John Jones 
Jon* Shute 
Edward Goatham 
James Jones 
George Abbott 
Samuel Odiorne 

To my Com 11 on d° (a 

5- 2 


per Cent — 

3.16 — 
4.16 — 

£30.8. 6 

£33-9- 4 

Portsmouth June 17S3 Errors Excepted, — 

Supply Clap. 

[R. 3-1 71] [Bounties to Soldiers.'] 

John Collins in 1778 5,15? 7 Thomas Shaw 24, 2,7 

Noah Allerdi78o& 17S1 4,13, 9 William Busull 19,10,0 

John Jones 58,19, 3 Abraham Senter 5, 4,3 

Edward Gotham 23,18, 2 Robert Stockle 1,14,2 

David Duncan 7, 4,11 Stephen Swetser 4,16,8 

Philip Cooper 9>*3i 6 Thomas Waters 5, 3,5 


W m Gale 

4, 3,10 Joseph Hull 


Rich d Sherman 

28,19,10 John Shute 

28, 4,0 

Geo Abbot 

24, 4, 6 John Humble 


Solomon Abbot, 

1,15, 3 James Jones 

4^ 8,3 

Benj a Cross 

2, 1, 9 


Philip Cooper D r 

to Selectmen Portsmouth 


2 7 7,iS,5 

In Committee on Claims 

Portsmouth 13, 1785 The above Sums (amounting -to Two 
Hundred Seventy seven pounds eighteen shillings & five pence) 
advanced by the Town of Portsmouth for Bounties & supplies 
have been deducted from the above Soldiers depreciation 

Ex d per Josiah Gilman 

Portsm June 14 th 1785 — 

Reed an Order on the Treas r for the above Sum 
In behalf of Selectmen — 

Geo Gains 

[Portsmouth Men in the Revolution — Copied from Revolu- 
tionary Papers in Secretary's Office. ~\ 

[P. 49] Jedediah Nock, age 25, Cilleys Regt in 1778 

Edward Smith, age 40, 
[P. 53] Samuel Johnson, age 45, 
[P. 55] George Yeaton, age 17 

George Abbott, age 36 

Abraham Senter, age 27 

John Davis, age 22 

Roberts Stockels, age 31 

The 6 following enlisted in Capt. James Carr's Company and 
received each £20, bounty 

























[P. 265] John Wright 


Feb. 11, 1777 

John Rawlins 


44 l7? 44 

Thomas Quint 

IO - 

44 ^ 44 

Thomas Warren 

2 1 

Mar. 10 " 

Abraham Senter 


Feb. 17 " 

John Mehon 


l< J7 44 

[P. 63] John Archibald, & Samuel Lear, Cap. Carr's Co. 

[P. 295] Soldiers enlisted for the Town of Portsmouth for three 
month, Sept 17S1 — 



Sam 1 White Cate James Lock Jon* Blue 

John Clark John Mills Joseph True 

Solomon Rundlett Enoch Butler Ezekiel Knowles 

Wm Mardeti Theodore Martin Benj a Page 

W Y. Ham Jer h Avery Tho 8 Ayers 

[P. 325] [Men in 2d N. H. Reg't, Camp New Hampshire 
Village, Feb. 14, 1781 : Noah Allard, Matthias Welch. The 
latter belonged in Portsmouth, but enlisted for Rochester.] 

[9—130] [ Vote on the Eighth Article of Co?zfederation.~\ 

At a Town Meeting of the Freeholders and Inhabitants of 
Portsmouth held October 23, 17S3 

The Recommendation of Congress for making an Alteration 
in the Eighth Article of the Confederation being taken into 
Consideration — 


That the Representatives of this Town be not Impowered to 
Comply with said Recommendation, but on the Contrary be & 
hereby are Instructed to Oppose it 

Portsmouth October 27 th 17S3 

A True Copy 

Jeremiah Libbey Town Clerk 

[See Vol. XI, p. 318.— Ed.] 

[9-133] [Petition of the Wardens of Queen's Chapel: ad- 
dressed to the General Court, Feb., 1783.'] 

' Humbly sheweth 
The Wardens of the Parish of Queen's Chapel in Portsmouth 
in said State in behalf of the Parishioners 

That it hath been the constant practice of said Parish to tax 
the pews in said Chapel & the polls of the parishioners for the 
Support of the Ministry, repairs of the Church and other Ex- 
pences of the Parish — that many of the Owners of pews in said 
Chapel have been greatly delinquent in the payment of the par- 
ish Taxes and some of the parishioners have been obliged to 
advance considerable Sums more than their proportions of the 
necessary Expenccs of said parish, that the said parish conceiv- 
ing this an unreasonable Burthen have voted that their Church 
Wardens petition your honors that your honors would be 
pleased to pass an Act to enable and impower the Church 
Wardens for the time being to make sale of the pews of the 
Owners who are delinquent as aforesaid for the payment of their 



Taxes now in Arrear and unpaid & for any Delinquency that 
may be hereafter and your petitioners as in Duty bound will 
ever pray, &c — I 

Geo : Jaffrey ) Church 
Geo : Turner j Wardens 
Portsmouth October 17 th 17S5— 

[The foregoing petition was granted by an act passed 
March 2, 1786. — Ed.] 

[9—138] \_Relative to the layuig out of a Road: addressed to 
the General Court, June, iy86.~\ 

Humbly shew the subscribers, Selectmen of Portsmouth in 
the county of Rockingham & State afores d in behalf of the in- 
habitants of said Portsmouth, that Willam Weeks, Ephraim 
Pickering & Joseph Dow, Esquires, as a Committee appointed 
by the Court of General Sessions of the Peace for said County 
to lay out a road from that which runs by Rye Meeting House 
to Long Lane so called, did on the 5 th day of May 17S4 lay out 
and make return of the same in the following words viz. '' VVe y r 
subscribers appointed by the hon ble Court of General Sessions 
of the peace to lay out a road from that, which runs by Rye 
Meeting House to Long Lane, so called, have done the same 
in the following manner viz Beginning at the Southeast corner 
of land of Samuel Rand and Benjamin Marden. thence running 
on the Easterly Side of said Land, North about 31 degrees west 
80 rods, thence North 15 degrees west through a corner of 
Samuel Dowse Foss's land, leaving as much off a corner of said 
Rand and Maiden's land into s d Foss's land on this point 11 
rods — to be fenced by the Parish of Rye, thence Northwest 
about 40 degrees 1S0 rods to Portsmouth Line — which road we 
have laid out two rods wide and have estimated the land being 
two acres and twenty two rods at ten pounds ten shillings to be 
paid to y e said Rand and Marden by the Parish of Rye — the re- 
moving and building 171 rods of fence to be done and paid by 
the said Parish of Rye — From the said Portsmouth Line we 
proceeded North about 47 degrees West on the Easterly side of 
Mark Lang's land 173^ rods, thence on the same course on the 
Easterly Side of Sherburne's land 121 rods to the said Long 
Lane road — It appeared to us, that, there was a privilege of a 
road three rods wide from said Long Lane to Newcastle and 
Portsmouth Line, nearly in the same place where we have laid 
out said road, and we have Estimated the making 173^ rods of 
Fence at thirty pounds to be paid to M r Mark Lang by the 
Town of Portsmouth and the making of 121 rods of fence at 


twenty one pounds three shillings to be paid to said Sher- 
burne by said town of Portsmouth: — Your petitioners further 
shew ; that said Committee did by mistake report that they had 
laid out said road from Portsmouth to Newcastle Line on the 
Easterly Side afs d Lang's and Sherburne's lands, when the s d 
ancient road does not run thro their lands, but thro' the lands 
belonging to other persons, said Committee did also awarde 
large damage to said Lang and Sherburne to compensate them 
for making the number of rods mentioned in s d report when in 
fact their fences then stood on the Westerly bounds of said an- 
cient Road, that running by the westerly side of "their lands, 
which Road your petitioners, conceiving to be laid out as it was 
anciently reserved for that purpose, have actually laid open and 
expended large sums of money in making the same passable, 
which must be entirely lost and the public greatly injured unless 
y e road as actually opened and made as afores d should be estab- 
lished, Wherefore they in behalf of s d Inhabitants, pray, that 
the return of the said Committee, so far as it respects the laying 
out of s d road by them thro' said Portsmouth and the proceed- 
ings of the General Sessions afores d thereon may be vacated and 
nullified, and that your petitioners may be enabled to get the s d 
ancient Road established as the law directs, and they as in duty 
bound will ever pray &c 

John Noble *) Selectmen 

John Sparhawk > of 
W m Gardner ) Portsm 

[In H. of Rep., Jan. 4, 1787, the petitioners were granted 
leave to bring in a bill.] 

[9-139] [Relative to Duties on Imported Goods: addressed 
to the General Court, yu?ie, 1787 .] 

Humbly shew the subscribers, that they have been taxed in 
common with the other subjects of the State towards the sup- 
port of government, which they have always chearfully paid — 
besides which your petitioners being concerned in trade & nav- 
igation have been and are subjected to a heavy impost duty on 
articles imported by them in the necessary course of their busi- 
ness — Which additional tax while trade was in a less embar- 
rassed condition Si when received by the Impost-Officer in or- 
ders on the Treasurer of the State, was more tolerable — but the 
increasing distress, nay almost destruction of our commerce, 
and the unreasonable denial of the Impost-Officer to take in pay- 
ment of the duties, orders on the Treasurer, have rendered the 
payment thereof impracticable, Your Petitioners would humbly 



suggest, that while they are deprived by law of the means of 
compelling their debtors to pay in Specie, and while the public 
neglect to pay, or refuse to receive their own orders in favor of 
the subject, for public duties it must be impossible for your pe- 
titioners to pay the same, and therefore unreasonable in the 
public to exact or expect the payment thereof. Your Petition- 
ers cannot investigate the reasons, why some orders on the 
Treasurer should be receivd by the Impost-Officer and others 
rejected — why some subjects are indulged to pay in Facilities 
and others compelled to pay in Specie, Were the Legislature to 
decline receiving for such duties such orders it would (your Pe- 
titioners fear) in the present exhausted condition of the State- 
Treasury, and critical situation of government give the finishing 
blow to public credit, and prove a strong temptation to smug- 
ling — Wherefore your petitioners pray that the Impost-Officer 
maybe directed to receive in payment of any Impost duties, 
any such orders, or that the Legislature in their wisdom and 
justice would otherwise redress the grievance under which your 
petitioners labor, and they as in duty bound will ever pray &c 

Neil M c Intire Alexander Ewen 

Elip* Ladd 
Samuel Hill 
Thomas Sheafe 
James Sheafe 
W m Sheafe 
Nath 1 Adams 
Rich d Champney 
Hall Jackson 
Jacob Sheafe 
Jacob Sheafe junr 
Clement Storer 
Jos : Haven 
Dan 1 R Rogers 
Nath 1 A. Haven 
Francis Borland 

Sam 11 Storer 
Abel Harris 
Moses Woodward 
Peter Coues 
Tim y Mountford 
Robert White 
Richard Tibbets 
Jon a Hamilton 
J no Sheafe 
Joseph Champney 
Reuben Shapley 
John Goddard 
Reuben Billings 
Supply Clap 
Th° Martin 

Peter Pearse 
A R Cutter 
Nath 1 Folsom 
Aaron Hill 
Edmund H Qiiincy 
W Gardner 
Benjamin Slade 
Sam 1 Chamberlain 
Rob 1 Gerrish 
George Dorey 
Robert Parker 
Samuel Fernald 
John Salter 
Stephen Chase . 
Samuel Haven Ju 
Benj a Dearborn 

To lay 

[9-140] [Petition to have imported Books exempted from 
Duties: addressed to the General Court, 1787.] 

The memorial of Nathaniel Adams in behalf of the Proprie- 
tors of the Portsmouth Library humbly shews that said Proprie- 
tors have at a great expence, for the purpose of promoting 
learning and knowledge laid the foundation of a Publick Libra- 
ry, to which they are continully making additions by the im- 


portation of the works of the latest and most celebrated Au- 
thors, but they find themselves subjected to the additional ex- 
pense of the Impost upon all their importations, which they 
conclude was not the intention of the legislature to lay upon a 
matter so generally advantageous to the Community 

They therefore pray the hon ble Legislature to take the matter 
into their wise consideration and to remit the impost upon the 
books which may be imported by said Proprietors for said Li- 
brary, and as in duty bound will ever pray — 

Nath 1 Adams for said Proprietors 
Portsm Dec r 14th 17S7 

£9-141] \_Select?nen 's Petition for Authority to raise Money 
by Lottery to build a Market- House : addressed to the Gen- 
eral Cotirt, 1790.'] 

The petition of the subscribers selectmen of the town of 
Portsmouth — 

Sheweth that your petitioners were empowered by a vote of 
the town of Portsm in March last to apply to the General court 
for a lottery for the purpose of erecting a market house in said 
town — as the tickets in this case would be principally disposed 
of among the inhabitants and as the town cannot conveniently 
raise the money in any other mode and it being equally benefi- 
cial to the adjacent country as to said town — 

They therefore pray the hon ble court to grant them permission 
to raise a sum not exceeding nine hundred pounds for the pur- 
pose of building said market house & that the select men & as- 
sessors be the managers of said lottery — 

Portsmouth June 1790 

The assessors are 

Daniel Rindge 
Tho 9 Martin 
Aaron Hill 

John Noble 
A R Cutter 


Woodbury Langdon ^| 

John Peirce c , 

%■ • , T .,, >belectmen 

Jeremiah Libbey 

James Sheafe J 


[9—143] [Petition for the Incorporation of the First Parish : 
addressed to the General Court, 1791.] 

The Petition of the Subscribers Wardens of the first Parish 
in Portsmouth in said State humbly sheweth — 

That the Parishioners of said Parish at their late Meeting 
taking into consideration the state of their parochial affairs & 
not finding themselves legally empowered to transact some of 
their most important & necessary business, did by their Vote 
Authorize & direct the Wardens of said Parish to petition your 
Honors •'* that said Parish might be incorporated by the Name 
of the first (or North) Parish in Portsmouth." Your Petition- 
ers therefore in compliance with said direction do, in behalf of 
s d Parishioners, humbly request that an Act may be passed in- 
vesting s d Parish with all the rights & Privileges belonging to 
an incorporated Society — 
And as in duty bound pray 

Geo Gains 
Elisha Hill 
John Goddard 

[In H. of Rep., June 3, 1791, the prayer of the petition 
was granted, and the parish was incorporated June 15, 
1791.— Ed.] 

[9—146] [Petition for an Incorporation of the Episcopal 
Church: addressed to the General Court, iygi.'\ 

Humbly shew the Subscribers, Church Wardens of the Epis- 
copal Church in Portsmouth, that the society or episcopal par- 
ish aforesaid labour under many inconveniences for want of a 
legal incorporation ; 

Wherefore they pray in behalf of said Society that your 
Honors would by law incorporate said society into a body cor- 
porate and politick by the name of Christs Church in Ports- 
mouth with all the privileges and immunities necessary or inci- 
dent to a religious parish or society, to enable them to hold said 
church, church yard and lands purchased by said parish and 
grants or endowments that have been heretofore or may be 
hereafter made the same, And in the name of the Church War- 
dens of said Parish for the time being to sue for demand and 
recover, any real or personal property belonging to said parish, 
of any person whomsoever who hath illegally possessed or may 
hereafter possess himself thereof. And also to change or alter 



the name of said Church from Queen's chapel to Christ's 

And your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray 

Portsmouth Feb y 5th 1791 

Geo : Turner ) Church 

Tho" Thompson j Wardens 

[The church was incorporated February 11, 1791, and the 
name changed from Queen's chapel to St. John's church. 

[9-147] \_lfniversalist Society for Incorporation, 1793 -~] 

The Petition of us the Subscribers Inhabitants of the Town of 
Portsmouth in the County of Rockingham and State afores d 
Proprietors and Owners of a certain piece of land situate in said 
Portsmouth with the building thereon, called and known by the 
name of the Universalist-Meeting-House, Humbly shew — That 
your Petitioners being desirous of becoming a body-corporate 
for the purpose of assessing and levying taxes from time to time 
for the sole purpose of repairing said building and appurte- 
nances whenever they may deem it necessary, humbly pray that 
your Honors would pass an Act for the above sole purpose, and 
Incorporate them by the name of The Universalist society, 
granting them thereby all and every power necessary therefor 
and your petitioners as in Duty bound, will ever pray — 

Portsmouth 31 st May 1793 — 

Rendal Fernald George Hart 

Nathaniel Meleher 
Jeremiah Libbey 
Peter Coues 
George Massey 
George Wentworth 
Jon a M Sewall 
Daniel Rindge 

Peter Pearse 
John Wendell Jun 1 
Dan 1 R. Rogers 
W m Plaisted 
Moses Woodward 
J. Sheafe 
John Cutt 

Abner Blasdel 
Alexander Ewen 
Richard Jackson 
Thomas Simes 
James Grouard 
Martin Parry 

[This petition was granted June 10, 1793. — Ed.] 

[9— 14S] \_Pctitio?i for Authority to build a Bridge over Saga- 
more Creek : addressed to the General Court, Dec. 18, 

We the subscribers, inhabitants of Portsmouth and Rye in 
said state, humbly shew that were a bridge erected over Saga- 



more creek from Portsmo 1 to Rye near Benj Lear's house it 
would shorten the travel & facilitate the communication between 
said Towns & be of public utility Wherefore we pray that lib- 
erty be granted us to build and maintain a bridge there by Sub- 
scription,- & as in duty bound will ever pray &c — 

Edward Sargent 
Geo. Turner 
Benj Morrell 
William Seavey 
Joseph Brown 
William Seavey Ju r 
James Seavey 
John Seavey 
James Seavey ju 
John Foy 
John Foy Ju 
Levi Dearborne 
Samuel Wallis 
William Berry 
Titus Salter 

Billy Rand 
Samuel Rand 
Nath 1 Rand 
Joseph L Seavey 
Amos S Parsons 
John Webster 
Daniel Mason 
Paul Seavey 
Joseph Rand 
Alexander Salter 
John Salter 
John Carrol 
Joses Philbrick 
Levi Berry 

Jeremiah Berry 
Jonathan Hobbs 
William Marden 
Joseph Lock 
Nathaniel Marden 
Josiah Webster 
Rich d Webster 
Samuel Rand 
Joshua Brackett 
Edward Sargent 
Abner Blaisdel 
Jacob Sheafe 
Isaac Waldron Jr 
A R Cutter 

[In H. of Rep., Dec. 19, 1797, the foregoing petition was 
granted. — Ed.] 

[9-149] [Piscataqua Bridge, Cost and Revenue, jyg8."\ 

This may Certify That the following Statement is a true Ex- 
tract from the Accounts and books of the Treasurer of Piscata- 
qua Bridge from which it Appears, the nett income of the 
Bridge does not much exceed two per centum p r Annum — 
whenever it shall need repairs the devidend to the Proprietors 
of course will be greatly diminished, — altho the Bridge is of 
great public utility — it is now and probably will continue to 
be to the proprietors a very Unproductive property. 

Dollars. Cents. 

The first Cost of Piscataqua Bridge 65947 *34 

Toll Collected from the Bridge from Nov r 25 th 1794 
the Commencement thereof to Nov r 25 th 179S is 4 
years 8 181 .75 

Expences on the Bridge since it began to receive 
Toll, in building a new draw, pay of toll Collect- 
ors & sundry necessary repairs and additions (with- 
out any charge by the Managers for their service 
or the Treasurer for receiving and paying the Div- 
idends) 2812 .31 



4 Years Nett income being 53^9 .44 

One Years being one fourth *34 2 -30 

Interest on the first Cost of 65947.34 Cents at 2 per 

cent is for one Year 13 18 .95 

Portsmouth Dec 12, 1798. 

Tli° Martin Treasurer 

Sworn to before R. Cutts Shannon. 

[9-150] \_Petition for hicorporation of an Aqueduct : ad- 
dressed to the General Court, 1797.] 

The Petitioners, Inhabitants of said Portsmouth, Humbly 
shew : — 

That they conceive an Aqueduct for the purpose of watering 
said Town might be a lasting conveniency to the Inhabitants, 
and in case of fires would prove a great public benefit ; And 
that the only water that could be applied to that purpose is 
more than two & one half Miles distant, and that from the Na- 
ture of the Ground through which the Aqueduct must pass, be- 
ing a considerable part of it low marsh & Rockey or Ledge 
Land, it would necessarily be attended with great expence ; 
They therefore pray that they & such others as may hereafter 
be interested in it maybe incorporated with the exclusive Right 
and full powers to Effect the purposes aforesaid, & to continue 
in succession, to them & their heirs and Assigns forever, — and 
they as in duty bound shall ever pray. — 

November 27 th 1797 

Samuel Hill Nath 1 A Haven Thomas Chadbourn 

James Sheafe John Goddard William Boys 

Joseph Whipple Jon a Clark Dan 1 R Rogers 

Jn° S Sherburne Elip 1 Ladd Reuben Shapley 

Joshua Brackett John Peirce J°hn Fisher 

A R Cutter Daniel Rindge Sam 1 Drowne 

[The Portsmouth Aqueduct was incorporated Dec. 19, 
1797.— Ed.] 

[Petition of St. John's Lodge, JF. and A. ]\I.,for an Incor- 
poratlo?i, I7QQ.J 


New Hampshire convened at Exeter, on the first Wednes- 
day of December in the year of Light 5799. 

Humbly shew the Master, Wardens and Members of St. 
John's Lodge in Portsmouth. That in pursuance of their 



sublime institution, which was, for the promoting brotherly 
love, peace, and good will among mankind, and relief of all 
distressed brethren ; they have raised a small fund, which they 
are desirous of so securing, that the proceeds may be appropri- 
ated for such laudable purposes. They are also desirous of 
erecting a suitable building for the accommodation of said 
Lodge at their orderly meetings. But without the aid of this 
Honorable Legislature, they are unable to secure said fund, or 
erect such building. They therefore pray your Honors, to grant 
them an act of incorporation, under such restrictions and limi- 
tations as your Honors may deem expedient. Thev would 
further observe to this Honorable Legislature, that from a per- 
fect sense of the purity of the institution, (which is well known 
to many of your Honors as Masons) and of their honest inten- 
tions in this application, and a firm belief in the candour, dis- 
cernment, and good intentions of your Honors, they have the 
fullest confidence, that no unworthy prejudice can be harboured 
against them. They therefore now, and will ever, as is their 
bounden duty as Men, and Masons, to do, most humbly pray 
the Grand Architect of the Universe, that He, would take 
your honorable Court under his holy protection, and that final- 
ly, as a band of Brothers " made perfect" thro' the working of 
his divine favour, we may all meet upon a level in the Grand 
Lodge of" perfect bliss," under the "Arch of perfect knowl- 
edge, " where the "word," which was from the beginning, 
shall be the " Star of light," as a sign, and token, to guide us 
to joy forevermore. — 

From the East of S* John's Lodge 

November 15 th A. L. 5799. 

Nath 1 Adams, G. Master of Masons in Newhamshire 
Tho : thompson deputv G. M. 
Clement Storer— S. G. W. 

Edw d S' Loe Livermore 
John M c Clintock Master 
Joseph VVillard 
Samuel Larkin- 


Edward J. Long 
Abraham Isaac 
N. Folsom 
John Adams 
James Hill 
Charles Chauncy 
John Melcher 
W m Furness 

Charles Treadwell 
Josiah Dwight 
William Vaughan 
Tho 8 Manning 
Elijah Hall 
William Boyd 
Nath 11 Dean 
Jn° Underwood 

Theodore Furber 
Sam 1 Adams 

Jon a Clark 
And w Halliburton 
James Anise 
Jeremiah Hart 
John C : Payson 
R : Cutts Shannon 



George Nutter 
Elisha Low 
N : Rousselet. 
Clem* Jackson 
Moses Woodward 
George Went worth 
Dan 1 Cutter 
Alex r Laing 
Will m Rice 
Isaac Waldron Jr 

William Stavers 
Ward Gil man 
Charles Blunt 
M S Blunt 
Reuben Shapley 
John Boadge 
George Plaisted 
Samuel Sherburne 
Richard Evans 
Klip* Ladd 

Joseph Seaward 
Ob Lang J r 
John Salter 
Samuel Hill 
Alexander Ewen 
Edward Sargent 
Woodbury Langdon 
Rich d Billings 

[The foregoing petition contains the names of some of 
the most prominent men of that time. The penmanship in 
the original is very fine, and men who can produce its equal 
are scarce. It was considered by the legislature December 
10, 1799, and the petitioners were granted leave to bring in 
a bill. The lodge, however, was not incorporated until 
June 22, 1821. — Ed.] 


The territory in this town was purchased of an Indian, 
by Col. Stephen Dudley, in 1717, and went by the name of 

Col. Dudley was a resident of Exeter prior to this pur- 
chase, and was commissioned, Aug. 17, 1717, "Town Major 
of Freetown," by Gov. Samuel Shute. Freetown was in- 
cluded in the township of Chester on the incorporation of 
that town, Aug. 27, 1726, and so remained until May 9, 1764, 
at which time it was set off and incorporated as a parish by 
the name of Raymond, with full town privileges. At a 
town-meeting in Chester, held Jan. 26, 1763, the inhabitants 
gave their consent to the separation, and to the incorpora- 
tion of Raymond. 

The first town-meeting was called by Samuel Emerson, 
and held May 29, 1764. 

By an act passed June 23, 1848, the boundary line be- 
tween this town and Candia was established. 

Among the Revolutionary soldiers from Raymond were 
the following : 


Seth Rice, age 28, Col. Cilley's 1st N. H. Reg't. 

William Towle, age 35, Col. Nathan Hale's, 2d N. H. Batt. 

Jona. Fullonton, age 19, u " 

Joseph Fullonton, age 17, " " 

Theo's Lovering, age 18, " " 

Ithiel Gordon, age 18, " 

Ezekiel Pollard of R., enlisted Feb. 26, 1778, for Epping. 

[9-15 1 ] [Relative to locati?ig a l\Ieeting-Hous&, 1768 : ad- 
dressed to the General Assembly.] 

The humble Petition of the Subscribers Freeholders and In- 
habitants of the Parish of Raymond in said Province Sheweth 

That the said Parish was incorporated in May A D 1764 and 
have ever since been destitute of a Meeting house for the Public 
Worship of God in said Parish 

That the Parishoners cannot agree where to set a Meeting- 
house altho they have had sundry meetings for that purpose 
but the major part of the Inhabitants living in the Northeasterly 
part of said Parish have voted to set the Meetinghouse about a 
Mile from the northeasterly side line of said Parish which will 
greatly discommode many of the Inhabitants of the upper part 
of said Parish which is likely in a Short Time to be the best 
part of said Parish 

That your Petitioners humbly conceive that if the Meeting- 
house was to be placed as near the Center of the Parish as pos- 
sible it wou'd accommodate all the Inhabitants that now are or 
hereafter may be settled there And as some of your Petitioners 
live almost five Miles from the place proposed & voted to set 
the said House which is to your Petitioners a great Greivance 
and if so done will be to them a heavy Burthen — 

Your Petitioners therefore humbly pray the interposition of 
your Excellency and Honors in this matter & that a disinterest- 
ed Committee may be appointed to view the said Parish & re- 
port where they shall think most proper for said House to stand 
to accommodate the Inhabitants in the best manner and that 
such Report may be established or that your Petitioners may be 
otherwise rcleived in such way & manner as your Excellency 
and Honors in your Wisdom shall see fit 

And your Petitioners as in duty bound shall pray &c 

Raymond Octo r 1768 

David Lane Jonas Clay Samuel Brown 

Obadiah Griffin Ephraim Currier John Wells 

Daniel Clay Alexander Smith Stephen Gale 



Jonathan Palmer Joseph Giles jun r James Bean 

James Crow Clement Dollaf Benj a Prescut 

Ezekiel Lane John Leavit jun r Nicholas Oilman 

Daniel Lord J onn Leavit Stephen Dudley 

Ezekiel Morse Gilman Dudley Joseph Smith 

William Todd William S Healy Samuel Cram 

Samuel Healy Dan 1 Richardson Alex r M c Lane 

Jonathan Palmer Christ 1- Richardson John Sweat 

jun r John Hams 

1 Joseph Giles Stephen Thirston 


[In H. of Rep., Oct. 28, 1768, " The Parties being heard 
upon this petition and agreeing upon a Committee to be ap- 
pointed. Voted that John Webster Col° Ebenezer Stevens 
Esq r and Capt Eliphalet Merrill be a committee for the pur- 
pose mentioned." The following is their report : — Ed.] 

Province of New Hamp s Nov. 11 th 176S, pursuant to the 
aforegoing vote, we have viewed the said Parish, & agree to 
report that we think the Site of a meetinghouse at the westerly 
end of the Lot No. 37, Laid out to Samuel Shaw, at a place 
called Sled Hill, will best accommodate said Parish — which is 
humbly submitted by 

John Webster ~\ 

Eben r Stevens >- Committee 

Eliphalet Merrill ) 

[A beginning was made at this place, and at other places 
at varipus times, but no meeting-house was completed for 
use until 1786. — Ed.] 

[9-152] [ Vote of Town relative to locatifig the Meeting- 
house, 1J69 and iyyo.~\ 

Att a Legal Meeting held at the house of Lieut Benj a Beans 
in Raymond on monday the 3 d Day of July 1769 

I 1 ' John Dudly Esq 1 " Chosen Moderator to Govern said meeting 

2 ly Put to vote to see if the Parish will Set the meeting house 
where the Committee from Court had fixed it before, a Despute 
a Rose and a poll Demand and granted and it Passed in the 

a True Coppy Jon* Swain Parish Clerk 


Att a Legal Meeting held at the house of Lieut Benj* Beans 
in Raymond oti monday the 5 th of march 1 77c 


a mongest other things: Put to vote to See if the Parish will 
Chuse a Committee to build the meeting house in said Parish 
where the Committee from the genral Court had Purfixed it and 
it Pased in the negitive — 

Raymond march the 7 th 1770— 

a True Copy Test Jon a Swain Perish Clerk — 

[9— 154 I [^Relative to the Election of Representative : ad- 
dressed to the H. of Rep., April 7, 1774^ 

The humble Complaint and Petition of the Subscribers Se- 
lect men of the parish of Candia in the township of Chester in 
said Province for and in behalf of the Freeholders and Inhabi- 
tants of said Parish of Candia, And also the Selectmen of the 
Parish of Raymond in said Township of Chester for and in be- 
half of the Freeholders and Inhabitants of said Parish of Ray- 

Most Humbly Sheweth — 

That the said Freeholders and Inhabitants of Candia and 
Raymond humbly Conceive that they have a Legal Right to 
vote in the Choice or Election of a Representative to represent 
them in the General Assembly of this Province, that they Usu- 
ally were Notified to Attend and vote in such Elections, at the 
Town of Chester Joyntly with the Freeholders and Inhabitants 
of said Town of Chester — 

That tiie Freeholders of said town of Chester on the Fourth 
day of April Instant Met at said Chester and Elected John Web- 
ster Esq r to represent them in this present General Assembly, 
without giving notice to the Freeholders of Either of the said 
Parishes of Raymond or Candia to Meet and Join with them in 
that Election, wherebv the Freeholders of the Parishes conceive 
they are deprived of the priviledge of being Represented in any 
manner in the said General Assembly, and that the said Elec- 
tion of the said John Webster is Illegal — Wherefore your peti- 
tioners Pray that your honours will declare the said Election 
Void, and order a New Election, or otherwise relieve your pe- 
titioners in such way and manner as your honours in your Great 
Wisdom shall see fit, and your Petitioners shall ever pray &c 

Moses Baker ^i , 

r , . ir p Selectman 

for himseU & [ f 

Abr- Fitts & f °* 

Walter Robie Candia 

John Dudley ^ c , , 

% ,. , r £ Selectman 

for nimselt cc { c 

Ebenezer Cram & [ o j 

Thomas Gorden J * 



[In H. of Rep., May 12, 1774, the election was declared 
illegal, "set aside," and a precept ordered to be issued for a 
new election. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-1S4] [Supplies to Soldiers.~\ 

An Accompt of what is Ben paid to the Soldiers for the year 
1782 that Listed into the Contenelt Service Dureing the ware by 
this parish of Raymond 

William Towle Dr [items omitted] . £14.11.5 

Eliph' Gorden Wife Dr £ 4. 6.S 

James Wells Dr To Cash £ 4.16.0 

Francis Hodgkins") Selectmen 
Elisha Towle [■ of 

John Fullonton ) Raymond 

[Sworn before John Dudley.] 

January 24 — 17S3 Serg* William Towle have Received 
fourteen pounds eleven shillin & five pence according to the 
within ace 4 

William Towle 

[R. 3-185] 

This may Certify to all whome it may Concern that Judith 
Wormwood the wife of William Wormwood, was the wife of 
nehemiah Leavitt, late of Raymond Decs'. 

Dated at Raymond September 10 th 1792 

pr. Jona. Swain Just Peace 
Levi Swain Select man 

C^"^] [/Return of Ratable Polls, 1783.'] 

State of New Hampshire Rockingham ss 

Raymond Dec 1- 10 th 1783 — 

Pursuant to Orders from the Generall Court of this State we 
have Nombered all the Polls That is Twenty one years of age 
& upward paying Tax for them Selves and Do find them to be 
one hundred and seventeen 

Sam" Nay ) Select Men of 

1 nomas Gorden > ^ , 

Matthias Haines) ^ 

[Sworn to before John Dudley, justice of the peace.] 



[9-156] \_Sa??iuel Nay recommended for J. P., iy8 'jr.] 

To The Honb 1 President & Counsel We the Subscribers rec- 
ommend that Sam 1 Nay of Raymond in the County of Rocking- 
ham might have the Commiss" of a Justice a peice & we think 
very Sutible person as witness our hands State ofNewhamp- 
shire Raymond Aug 1 29 : 1 7S5 

Thomas Bean 
Rich d Robinson 
John folsom 
Daniel Todd 
Jeremiah Holman 
William Towl 
Benj a cram 
John Osgood 
Francis Hodgkins 
Timothy Osgood 
Josiah Fogg 
Josiah Robinson 
Ebenezer Present 

Joseph Dudley Ju r 
Caleb Smith 
Nath 1 Dudley 
John Stevens 
Reuben Tilton 
Alexander Smith 
Samuel Chapman 
Daniel moody 
Jeremiah Conner 
Isaack Smith 
Theophilus Loverin 
Elisha Towle 
Simon Page 

caleb smith ju r 
Thomas Gorden 
Josiah meloon 
James Merrill 
Levi Brown 
Joseph Clifford 
John Fullonton 
Samuel Cram Ju r 
Jacob Lane 
Ebenezer Page 
John Gilden 
Joseph Gliden 
Daniel Loverin 

[Nathaniel Dudley was appointed J. P. Feb. 20, 1786. 


The township was granted February 28, 1752, to Joseph 
Blanchard and others, in 71 shares. 

In 1760, the grantees having represented that in conse- 
quence of trouble with the Indians they had been unable to 
comply with the conditions of the grant, an extension was 
granted u until His Majesty's Plenary Instructions shall be 
received." This extension was granted by the governor and 
council June 1 1, 1760. 

By the grant above mentioned, Richmond territory ex- 
tended as far north as the north-east corner of Swanzey, 
there running to a peak. This triangular tract, with a base 
on Swanzey south line of 3^ miles and 40 rods, was severed 
from Richmond and annexed to Swanzey December 11, 

Another portion of the town was taken off June 23, 18 15, 
combined with portions of Marlborough, Fitzwilliam, and 
Swanzey, and incorporated into the town of Troy. 


By an act approved July 2, 1850, the north-west corner of 
the town was annexed to Winchester. 

Richmond men in 1st N. H. Reg't, Revolution: 
Thomas Powers, enl'd Jan. 1, 1777, dis. Dec, 1781. 
Corp'l Abner Powers, enl'd Feb. 13, 1777, dis. Dec, 1781. 
Noah Porter, enl'd Jan. 1, 1778, dis. Dec, 1780. 
Lemuel Rice, enl'd Feb. 14, 1778, dis. Dec, 1781. 
Wm. Taggaft, enl'd Feb. 4, 1778, dis. Dec, 1781. 
Lewis Wisco, enl'd Jan. 1, 1777, dis. Sept., 1781. 
Thomas Hunt, enl'd Feb. 1, 1778, dis. Dec, 1781. 

[Rev. Pap. p. 295.] \_Soldiers mustered, //7#.] 

I Walpole febuary 13 th 1 77S. 

this is to Sartifie the town of Richmond that Rufus Whippel 
hath got mustered thirteen men for the town of Richmond to 
sarve two years in the Conental Sarvis 

Joseph Powers £74 

peleg Williams Lieut Nathanel Powers £74 

Jon a Willard Ens Abner Powers 74 

John Symonds 74 

John Withy 70 Noah Porter 70 

L Lewis Wisco 70 J°hn Smith 70 

j James Wier 70 thomas Stuart 70 

Jeams Merrill 70 William tagart 70 

[9~ r 57] \_Joseph Blanchard's Plan of Richmond. ~\ 

The Plan Describes a Tract of Land of the Contents of Six 
miles Square (Lying between the places Called Winchester 
and Ashuelot and the montanous Land.) Bounded Thus it Be- 
gins at the South East Corner thereof at a Beach tree that 
Stands in the Province line, thence riming in that Line North 
8o ds West five miles and an half to Winchester Line (so Called) 
bounded there by a Beach tree and from thence North by the 
needle in S d Winchester line five miles and an half to a Stake 
and Stones the Corner of Winchester in Ashulot line, thence 
South Seventy Eight degrees East two miles to a Red Oake the 
Corner of Ashuelot from thence North 3Q ds East by Ashuelot 
line Seven miles to a maple tree marked from thence South Six 
degrees West Six miles One Hundred and Thirty rods to a 
Beach tree marked from thence South by the Needle five miles 
to the first Bounds mentioned with An Allowance for One Rod 



in forty to be taken out for Wind Falls uneveness, &c : measur- 
ed With the Assistance of Peter Powers & Josiah Brown, as 
Chainmen Who were Sworne to the faithfull discharge of that 
Trust. All the afores d Lines Run & marked in December 

Joseph Blanchard Jun r Surveyer 

[The plan is a simple outline, with points of compass and 
distances. — Ed.] 


[Richmond Proprietors.^ 

Joseph Blanchard 
Charity Lund 
Zacheus Lovewell 
Joseph Winn Jun r 
Peter Powers 
John Marshall 
Joseph Winn 
Joseph French 
Joseph Barns 
William Cumings 
Daniel Emerson 
Samuel Kenny 
Samuel Cumings 
John Chamberlain 
Josiah Brown 
Peter Powers Jun r 
Thomas Harwood 

Temple Kendall 
Stephen Chase 
John Searles 
Jonathan Snow 
Ephraim Adams 
John Butterfield 
William Cumings 

Jun r 
Elnathan Blood 
Sampson French 
Benjamin Parker 
Benjamin French 
Eleaz r Blanchard 
Joseph Blanchard 

Jun r 
Thomas Blanchard 

Jonathan Cumings 
Jonathan Cumings 

Jun r 
Phinehas Under- 
John LTsher 
Joel Dix 
Joseph Read 
Eleaz' Read 
Daniel Rindge 
Samuel Greele 
Benj a Whittemore 
John Coombs 
John Brown 
John Hunt 
Joseph Ashley 
Elijah Alexander 

Gideon Honey 
Samuel Greele Jun r Jonathan Chamber- John Rindge 
Samuel Farley lain Joseph Blodget 

Thomas Colburn Jonathan Parker William Lund Jun r 
Stephen Powers Thomas Parker Jun' Robert Usher 

John Lovewell Jun r William Parker 

1 First Minister 

2 Glebe for the Church of England 

3 Society for propagating the Gospel in Foreign parts. 

4 Coll° Atkinson 

5 Richard Wibird 

6 Coll Downing 

7 Coll Smith 

8 Sampson SheafF 

9 J Went worth 

1 1 500 Acres to the Governor to be laid out together 

I Tract Containing 500 acres to be accounted as two of the 
within mentioned Sixty Shares 

pray that the town may have a Short name 


[9-159] \_yustice of the Peace chosen } 1776. ~\ 

\ A Return of A Leagal Town meeting Held in Richmond in 

the Colony of New Hampshire on the 15 th Day of July Last — 
firstly Chose A moderater to govern said meeting then 
Voted and made Choice of Lieu' Henry Ingalls for a Justice 

(of peace 
Attest Henry Ingalls Town Clerk 
August y e 2 nd AD 1776 
f Daniel Read 

John Danly 

> Select men 

[9-160] \_Change of Date of Anntial Afeeting asked for, 


state of New Hampshire 

To the Honnarable Councel and house of Representatives Con- 
vend at Exetor in said state 

the prayer of your Humble petitioners sheweth that at our 
Last annual march meeting the town of Richmond voted pettion 
your Honors would take it unto your wise Consideration and 
grant us the previledge to Hold our anual meeting on the first 
munday of march Annually as the Last Wednesday in march is 
in the season of the year that wee make shuger as your Hum- 
ble petitioners in Duty Bound shall Ever pray in Behalf of the 

Richmond October y e 20 th 1779 

Henry Ingalls Town Clerk 

[The foregoing petition was granted November 16, 1779, 
and the annual meeting thereafter was to be held on the 
first Monday in March. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-1 S6] [Allowances to Soldiers, 1778. ,] 

[In H. of Rep., August 20, 1778, Jane Hix was allowed 
.£4, II, 8 for the funeral expenses of her husband, Bernard 
Hix, who died in the service. He was in Capt. Nehemiah 
Houghton's Co., Baldwin's Reg't, in 1776. Senate con- 
curred. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-188] [In H. of Rep., November 12, 1778, Eleazer 
Martin, of Capt. Ellis's Co., Scammel's Reg't, who was 


wounded near Saratoga, September 19, 1777, was allowed 
j£6, 4 for doctor's bill, and ordered to be entered on the 
roll for half pay. Senate concurred. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-189] [Stephen Harris was allowed ^20, 9, 4 for 
doctor's bills, etc., for his son Joseph, a soldier in Capt. 
Jones's Co., Col. James Reed's Reg't, who was left sick or 
wounded "on the march from Ticonderoga to the Jerseys." 

[R. 3-190] [Soldier's Order, 1785. ~] 

Richmond Jany. 27 th 17S5. 

To the Treasurer of the State of New Hampshire 

Sir. Please to pay Dan 1 Cook or order all that is due to my 
late Brother John Smith, who was a soldier for the Town of 
Richmond in the 2 d New Hampshire Regiment & was drowned 
in Nov r 1 78 1. 

Attest — Value Received, Witness my hand 

Samuel Smith 

[Moses Smith, town-clerk, certifies that Samuel is broth- 
er, and sole heir, to the said John. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-191] [This document is a memorial from Abner 
Powers, stating that he remained in the service until May 
1$, 1782, and explaining why he then left without a proper 
discharge. — Ed.] 

[9-162] [Oliver Capron for a Magistrate, 1782.'] 

The Prayer of us the Subscribers Inhabitants of the Town of 
Richmond in Said State Humbly Shews that since the Diffi- 
culty subsisted on account of a Number of People Calling 
themselves of a New State Called Vermont the Town of Rich- 
mond hath Laboured under many Inconveniences by Reason of 
having no Justice of the piece in the town ; these are therefore 
Humbly to Inform the Honourable Court that Major Oliver 
Capron is a man of an Established good Charctor in this and 
the Towns Round where He is acquainted and that he is a man 
that has Ever been firm for the Government of New-Hampshire 
against the userpation of Vermont and we Humbly Concieve a 
man Every way accomplished and Capable of performing the 


business and trust of a Justice of the piece and that it will be of 
public benefit that he may be appointed accordingly these are 
therefore Humbly to pray the Honourable Court to Inquire in- 
to the affair and act thereon as you in wisdom Shall think 
proper and as in Duty bound Shall Ever pray 

September the third 17S2 

Barnabas Threesher Moses Cooley 

Benjamin Threesher James Kingsley 

Tho 9 Dillingham Will™ Goddard 

Jeremiah Thayer Jon : Atherton 

Jeremiah Thayer Jun r peter holbrook 

Nehemiah Thayer Othniel Day 

Alles Thayer 1 

[9-161] [Instructions to Representative* 7/86.'] 

At a Legal town meeting held in Richmond the 31"' Day of 
August Last voted to give our Representative the following In- 
structions to motion to the general Cort at the Next Seting first 
to not grant the Requesition of Congress at present second to 
Receive final settlements at six shillings and Eight pence on the 
pound until) the fiftenth Day of December next for all outstand- 
ing taxes third to Call in all publick security's Drawing Interest 
that was Isued by this state and Cut them into Certifycats and 
said Certifycats to pay all state County & town taxes and to pay 
all Executions or to make paper money to Redeem said secu- 
ritys and to answer the purposes above said 

Richmond September 4 th AD 17S6 

Henry Ingalls Town Clerk 

[9-163] [Henry Ingalls for a Magistrate, J/Sj.] 

The Prayr of your Humble Petitioners of the town of Rich- 
mond in the County of Cheshire and State above Said is that 
Henry Ingalls of Said Richmond may be appointed and Com* 
missioned a Justice of the Peace as he the said Ingalls has for- 
merly Served in that office to the good Satisfaction of the town 
and County and as Colonel Capron is already appointed a Jus- 
tice of the peace in Said Town and living in one corner of Said 
town it is very 111 Convenient for the people in general in said 
Town that have Business to Do Before a Justice of the Peace to 
apply to him and Said Ingalls Liveing near the middle of Said 
town and on a Large Road we your humble Petitioners Do 



think it would be Greatly to the advantage of Said Town to 
have him appointed 

As we are in Duty Bound to Pray 

Richmond October the i 8t AD 1785 

Samuel Gaskell 
Ezra Allen 
Gideon mann 
Oliver Mason 
Jacob Bump 
Stephen gaillson 
Jems Ballou 
Jems wescot 
William Cook 
Nicholas Cook 
Ebenezer Peters 
Isaac Benson 
Aaron Aldrich 
Solomon Aldrich 
Royal Aldrich 

Peter Martin 
Luck Cass 
Paul Handy 
Joseph wing 
Moses Buffum 
Hezekiah Thurber 
Nathan Wooley 
Gideon mann Jun'r 
Amos Boom 
Nathan Ballou 
Nathan Bowen 
Nathan wescot 
Gorge gaillson 
John Bolles 
George martin 

Ebenezer Swan 
John Bates 
Paul Aldrich 
Moses Martin 
Jonathan Cass 
Esek Buffum 
Annias Aldrich 
Nathaniel Aldrich 
Nathan Aldrich 
Anthony .Sweet 
Jonathan Sweet 

James Cook 

[9-164] [Petition for Henry hzgalls, 1785. ~\ 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of Richmond in the County 
of Cheshire. Humbly Sheweth, that when the Late Constitu- 
tion took Place Henrey Ingalls Esq r was Not Reappointed we 
your Petitioners humbly Pray that the Said Henrey Ingalls may 
be Reappointed and duely ortherrised to act as A Justice of the 
Peace for the County aforSaid. for that wee your Petitioners 
Humbly Conserve that he is a man agreably Qualified for that 
Important Service and Lives near the Senter of Publick Bis- 
ness for the town, and also Sutes the maners and Costums of 
the People, and your Petitioners Humbly Submits this Petition 
to your Exelancies Grace Beleving your Exelancey in your 
Grate wisdom will do the thing that is Right as wee in duty 
Bound will Ever Pray — 

Richmond October 10 th AD : 17S5 

Daniel Read 
Abraham Man 
Moses Read 
David Barney 
William Barney 
John Garnsey 

John Bools 
Levi morey 
Darius Taft 
Silas Taft 
Edmund Ingalls 
Paul Boyce 

Cadis Boyce 
Allen Grant 
Jonathan Sweet 
John Boyce 
Nathan Boyce 


[4-165] \_£hiakers > Petition exempted from ^Military 

Duty, 1788.] 

Most Honourd Gentlemen we the Subscribers professing our 
selves to be peacable Citizens of our Country and having a de- 
sire to live in peace with all men not having any desire to Strike 
against the Laws or Government of our Legislators but are will- 
ing to submit our Selves to the Laws and Governments of our 
Superiors Neverthless we do most Ardently desire that your 
Honours would Consider us as to the Melitia act which as it 
now stands Demands of us that we do bare arms in order to 
learn the art of war which thing we do assure your Honours we 
do not Come out against because we have any antipothy against 
our officers or sivel Government but finding our selves to be 
under a Law to God and our minds being led we trust by his 
unering Council we do assure your Honours that it is in point 
of Concience that we do not Comply with the demands of our 
officers Humbly request that the General Coart Held in and for 
our State would take it into their Delibrate Consideration and 
that their might be some way opned where by we might be Ex- 
empted from doing that that is so much against our Conscience 
as we do assure your Honours we Cannot Comply with the Re- 
quest of our officers in bearing Arms let Come on us what may 
theirfore we your humble Petitioners do ardently pray that you 
would grant unto us the liberty of Concience in this respect and 
we have in times past dvised with the Honourable General Sul- 
livan who Recommended to us that if we had any Destress made 
on our bodies or Estates to petition to the General Coart for 
redress which some of us have SufFerd in some measure also 
advised by our field officers to petition in like manner 

Richmond Decm br y e 22 d AD 17SS 

Jonathan Bolles 
Simeon Thayer 
Nathaniel Bolles 
Aaron Cooley 
John Bolles 
Josep Newell 
Moses Cooley 

[9-106]"] [Quakers' Petition to be exe?npted from Military 
Duty, 17q6.~\ 

The petition of We the Subscribers inhabitants of Richmond 
in the County of Cheshire in Said State Humble Sheweth : 
that we are Conscientiously Scrupulous about the Lawfulness 
of bearing amies or equipting our Salves with amies or laming 


the arts of War by attending on Traneing or Muster Days ac- 
cording to the Law of Said State : Not having so larned Christ 
or been larnt of him : but Wishing and praying that the time 
may Shortly Come that the nations may larn War no more : 
but that they beat there Swords in to plowsheirs and there 
Spears into pruning hooks and larn agriculture and not War : 
and We further Shew that We have ever been Loyal Subjects 
of Said State & have been Willing to pay our propotion of all 
taxes for the Surport of Civil Government: and We further 
Shew : that Doubts has arisen in the minds of the Melitia offi- 
cers of Said Town Where the Constitution and Law of Said 
State Clears any that are Conscientiously Scrupulous of bearing 
armes : unlass he is a known and Owned member of the Soci- 
ety of frind (or Quakers) : and We further Shew that Said Offi- 
cers have issued there Warrats and have taken Sum of our prop- 
erty for fines for non attandance at musters cYx — Wherefore 
your petitioners Humble pray that your Honors W'ould take 
our hard Case into your Wise Considration : and Grant us Re- 
leaf Either by a Bill for that purpose in any Other Way your 
Wisdom Shall think Best: as in Duty bond Will Ever pray — 
Richmond November y e 15 th A D 1796 — 

Jonathan Bolles 
Joseph newil 
Simeon Thayer 
John Bolles Juner 
Amos Boorn 
Peter Martin 
George Martin 

Richmond November y e 15 th A D 1796 — 

we the Subscribers Select men of said Richmond hereby Cer- 
tify that we are well acquainted with the Signors of the within 
Petition & believe them to be Good & Loyal Citezens of the 
state of Newhampshire & we Likewise believe they are Con- 
scienciously scrupilous about the Lawfulness of bearing arms 

Moses Tyler j Select Men 

Nathaniel Aldrich > of 

Samuel Gaskill j Richmond 


The township was granted by the government of Massa- 
chusetts December 9, 1736, O. S. The territory was sur- 


RINDGE. 321 

veyed by Nathan Hey wood in November, 1738, and the 
grant confirmed January 24, 1738, O. S. (Feb. 4, 1739, N. S.). 
The grantees were soldiers or heirs of soldiers who partici- 
pated in the expedition under Sir William Phipps to Can- 
ada in 1690, and were residents of Rowley, Mass., and vi- 
cinity ; — hence the name of Rowley-Canada, by which the 
place was known until it was granted by the Masonian Pro- 
prietors, February 14, 1749, and called Monadnock No. 1. 
The town was incorporated February 1 1, 1768, and received 
its present name in honor of Daniel Rindge, then an influ- 
ential member of the council. 

Rindge took a prominent part in the Revolution, furnish- 
ing two regimental commanders, viz., Col. Enoch Hale, born 
in Rowley, November 28, 1733, a veteran of the French war, 
who was in public positions for many years, and died in Graf- 
ton, Vt., April 9, 18 13, and Col. Nathan Hale, born Septem- 
ber 23, 1743, who was in the service from the breaking out 
of the Revolutionary war until he died a prisoner in the 
hands of the enemy, at Long Island, Sept. 23, 1780. He 
was promoted for meritorious services to the rank of colonel. 

By an act passed June 17, 1847, the line between this 
town and Fitzwilliam was established. 

[9—167] [Petition of the Massachusetts Proprietors to have 
the Township iiicorporated : addressed to the Governor 
and Council, lyji.'] 

The Petition of Stephen Peabody & Thomas Wood Proprie- 
tors of a New Plantation Called Rowlv Canada in their own 
Names and in behalf of the Rest of the Proprietors of s d Planta- 
tion — 

Most Humbly Sheweth — 

That whereas the Great and General Court of the Province of 
The Massachusetts Bay Granted to John Tyler Joseph Pike & 
others Officers and Soldiers in the Canada Expedition in the 
Year 1690 the afores d plantation lying to the Southward of the 
Mountain Called Grand Monadnock which is of the Contents of 
Six Miles Square a plan of which being prefer'd to the Said 
Court of the Massachusetts Bay was approv'd of by the Same 
and y e Lands Represented by s d plan In r 73S was Confirm'd to 
the afores* 1 Grantees as by a Copy of the Said Courts proceading 
in Regard thereto herewith Exhibeted more fully may Apear 
which Court thought they had good Right So to do by Virtue 


of The Charter Granted by Their Mejestees King William and 
Queen Mary in the first page of which we find as followeth — 

" Whereas His Majesty King James the first our Royal pre- 
decessor by his Letters Patents under the Great Seal of England 
bearing Date at Westminster the Third Day of November in the 
Eighteenth Year of his Reign did Give and Grant unto the 
Council Established at Plymouth in the County of Devon for 
the planting Ruling Ordering and Govening of New England 
in America and to their Successors and Assigns all that part of 
America lying and being in breadth from Forty Degrees of 
Northerly Latitude from the Equinoctial Line to the Forty 
Eighth Degree of the Northerly Latitude Inclusive and in length 
within all the breadth afores d through out all the Main Lands 
from Sea to Sea together with all firm Lands Soils Grounds 
Havenes Ports Rivers Waters Fishings Mines Minerals &c with 
full power to Alienate" &c — 

And a little further in the Same page further Saith "And 
whereas the Said Council Established at Plymouth in the County 
of Devon for the planting Ruling Ordering & Governing New- 
England in America Did by their Deed Indented under their 
Common Seal bearing Date the Nineteenth of March in the 
Third Year of the Reign of our Royal Grandfather King 
Charles the first &c — Give Grant Bargain Sell Enfeeof Alien 
and Confirm to S r Henry Roswell S r John Young and others 
their Associates all that part of New-England in America 
afores d which lyeth and Extendeth between the Great River 
there Commonly Called Monomack Alias Merimack and a Cer- 
tain other River there Called Charles River being in the bot- 
tom of a Bay there Commonlv Called Massachusetts alias Mat- 
tachusetts alias Massatusetts Bay and also all and Singuler those 
Lands and Heriditaments whatsoever lying within Three Eng- 
lish Miles on the South part of s d Charles River or of any and 
every part thereof and also all and Singuler the Lands and Her- 
iditaments whatsoever lying and being within three English 
Miles to the Southward of the Southermost part of Said Bay &c 
and also all those Lands and Hereditaments whatsoever which 
lay and be within the Space of three English Miles to the North- 
ward of the Said River Called Monomack alias Merimack or to 
the Northward of any and Every part thereof and all Lands and 
Heriditaments whatsoever lying within the Limits afores' 1 North 
and South in Latitude and in Breadth in Length and Longitude 
of and within all the Breadth afores' 1 through the Main Lands 
there from the Atlantick and Western Sea and Ocean on the 
East part to the South Sea on the west part " — 

And in the Second page of s' 1 Charter with Regard to the 
Lands Contain'd in the Deed afores d we find the words follow- 
ing viz — "And whereas our Said Royal Grandfather in and by 

RINDGE. 323 

his Letters patent under the Great Seal of England bearing 
Date the fourth Day of March in the fourth Year of his Reign 
for the Consideration therein mentiond did Grant and Confirm 
To the Said S r Henry Roswell S r John Young & Their Asso- 
ciates Their Heirs and Assigns all the Said part of New-Eng- 
land in America lying and Extending between the Bounds and 
Limits in the said Indenture Expressed " &c. which was a full 
Confirmation of s d Lands. But if it Should be Objected That 
in the Thirty Sixth Year of the Reign of King Charles the Sec- 
} ond the Said Letters Patents were Cancelld Vacated and Anni- 

hilated by a Judgment Given in a Court of Chancery then Sit- 
ing at Westminster upon a Writ of Scire Facias brought and 
prosecuted in Said Court against the Governour and Company 
of the Massachusetts Bay in New-England — 

with Submission we beg leave to Answer that altho that was 
the Case the property of the Lands was never Efected thereby — 
but afterwards In the Third Year of the Reign of King Willim 
& Queen Mary they by their Charter afores d Incorporated the 
Colonies of the Massachusetts- Ply mouth Province of Main & 
Nova Scotia into one Province — 

And They the Said King VV m and Queen Mary Restor'd the 
s d Massachusetts and Province of Main to the priviledges follow- 
ing viz — 

"Provided also That it Shall and may be lawful for the Said 
Governour and General Assembly to make or pass any Grant 
of Lands lying within the Bounds of the Colonies formerly Called 
the Colonies of the Massachusetts-Bay and New-Plymouth & 
Province of Main in Such Manner as heretofore they might 
have Don by virtue of any former Charter or Letters patents 
which Grants of Lands within the Bounds afores d we Do hereby 
Will and ordain to be and Continue forever of full force and 
Efect without our further approbation or Consent " — 

By all which it apears the Said Court of the Massachusetts- 
Bay had Good Right full power & Authority to Grant the 
afores d Township or plantation it being within their Limits as- 
sign'd them as afores' 1 — 

But So it is His Present Majesty King George the Second 
hath Anex'd part of s d Lands of the Massachusetts-Bay afores d 
To this His Province of New Hampshire which brings the s d 
Rowly-Canada under the Jurisdiction of the Same but we ap- 
prehend property is no more Effected thereby than it was in y 8 
Reign of King Charles the Second — Notwithstanding the En- 
deavours of Some who Call themselves Lord Propriators of the 
Mason Patent to Suplant us — 

Therefore apprehending our Right to Said Plantation to be 
good are Desireous of Settleing the Same and Settleing a min- 
ister &c we find it Necessary we Should be put into a Capacety 


to Raise money to Build a meeting House & for other Charges 
of the plantation and also for our Quota of the Charges of the 
Goverment in which it now lys when ever your Excellency and 
Hon™ Shall Call upon us therefor Therefore we Humbly Pray 
Your Excellency & Hon" (if in Your Wisdom and Goodness 
Shall think proper) To Incorporate us into a proper Destrict 
Vesting us with the usual power and priviledges of Such that 
we may proceed as aboves d and as in Duty will Ever Pray — 

Stephen Peabody 
Tho 8 Wood 

At a legel meeting of y e proprietors of Rowley Canada Town- 
ship held at y e House of m r John Wood in Boxford on y e 25 th 
of December 1750 (f 7 ) voted that Cap 1 Stephen peabody & 
Thomas Wood be a Committee to go to portsmouth and apply 
to the Governor and Council their to form our Township Into 
a deStrect with full power as other Destrects have — 

Atest Tho 8 perley, prop. Clark 

[9—168] \_Petition for Conjir7nation of the jirst Grant: ad- 
dressed to the Governor and Council, jyjo.'] 

The Memorial of us the Subscribers humbly Sheweth That 
Whereas at a great and general Court or Assembly for his maj- 
esties Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New-England begun 
and held at Boston upon Wednesday the 31* Day of May 173S, 
& continued by Prorogation to Wednesday the 29 th day of Nov r 
following & then met January 23 d , A Plat of a Tract of Land 
of the Contents of Six Miles Square laid out by Nathan Hay- 
wood Surveyor & Chain men on Oath, to Satisfy a Grant made 
by this Court to John Tyler Joseph Pike & others Officers and 
Souldiers in the Canada Expedition in the Year 1690, lying to 
the Southward of the Mountain called the Grand Monadnock & 
adjoining to the Township granted to Sam 11 Haywood and 
others, beginning at a Maple Tree — the North easterly Corner 
of Dorchester Canada Township, From thence running North 
32 degrees. East two Miles & one hundred Poles to an heap of 
Stones, Thence North 22 degrees, East four Miles, Thence 
North one Mile till it meets with the S a Township granted to 
Samuel Haywood &c Thence West four Miles by the S d Town- 
ship to the Southwesterly Corner thereof. Thence North by S d 
Township three Miles & two hundred and twenty Poles, 
Thence West 30 degrees South five Miles and one hundred and 
eighty Poles to a Wild Cherry tree on the Southward of the 
Grand monadnock afores'd, Thence South one thousand and 
eighty Poles, Thence East 41 degrees South two thousand five 



hundred Perch to an Heap of Stones. Then North 12 degrees, 
east one Mile to the North easterly Corner of Dorchester Can- 
ada Township being the Maple first mentioned, with the allow- 
ance of one Rod in thirty for uneven Land and Swag of Chain, 
and a farther Allowance for ten large Ponds and a large Shrub 
Swamp about four Miles in Length and a Mile in Breadth And 
that We have expended Several hundred Pounds in bring- 
ing forward the settlement of the S d Township, have built a 
Saw-Mill, hewed Timber for a meeting house the Same Sum- 
mer the War broke out with the Indians and also cleared the 
Roads into the Township and cleared considerable Ground in 
it, but not expecting help from either of the Governments Suf- 
ficient to defend us in a Time of War, we were obliged to de- 
sist from bringing forward the Settlement aforsed till the War 
was over, But this Spring We are purposed to go up with a 
good Number of men in order to prosecute the Settlement of the 
S d Township. — 

And that Since the afores'd Grant, the Line has been run be- 
tween the Provinces, and S d Tract of Land granted falls into 
New-hampshire, and as we are informed Col 1 Blanchard has 
either upon a Pretence of Masons Right or of his own head en- 
tred upon S d Tract of Land granted as aforesaid and laid it out 
into two Townships with other Lands, although he must needs 
know if he would allow himself to consider that S d Tract of 
land is Several Miles Scetuated and lying to the Westward of 
the utmost Bounds of Masons Grant 

These are therefore humblv to intreat that your Excellency 
and Honours would not in your Wisdom grant the afores d 
Premisses granted as in the Manner afores d to the S d Col. Blan- 
cherd or any that may petition with or under him, or to any 
other Persons Who Soever, but would be pleased to reserve the 
Same to be Confirmed & ratified to us and the other Proprie- 
tors who purpose as soon as may be in a Body to prefer a Peti- 
tion to your Excelency and honours for that End 

And Your Memorialists as in Duty Bound Shall ever Pray &c 

Rowley March 2S, 1750. 

Stephen Peabody 
Thomas Wood 
Joseph Hale 
Jedidiah Jewet 
Humphry Hobson 
Joseph Hidden 
Jeremiah Jewett 
Jonathan Todd 

in the Behalf 

the Proprietors 


£9- 169] [ Co u n terfeit Mo ?zey.~] 

Rindge May y e I st 1776 
I Reuben Page own that I have Delivered to Lieut Abel 
Stone one bill of thirty Shillings as soon as I found it was not 
good S d Bill I Rec d of Samuel Parker of Rindge, — the reason 
of my taking S d Bill was, S d Parker wanted Some Velvet that 
I had got, I told him the S' 1 Parker that I would not trust it to 
any person ; he the S d Parker Said he had the Money at home, 
I told him that if he would fetch the money he Should have the 
velvet, after the velvet was Cut olf, he the S d parker told me 
that he had not got the money with him : but he had it at home 
and if I would go home with him he would pay me ; I went 
with him to get the Money ; and as we was a going, he the S d 
Parker Said he had the money with him but he wanted to talk 
with me, he said if I would go into M r Learned's barn, he 
would pay me, we went into the barn, and he took out of his 
pocket a Number of bills, and this amongst the Rest, I Said 
(Parker) lam afraid this is not a good bill, he Said it is a good 
bill as ever was look up at the top the Number is plain 

The above was Declared before v e Comm tee 
attest Edw d Jewett Com tces Clerk 

Reuben Page 

[R. 3-193] \_Danicl Russell, Soldier: addressed to the Gen- 
eral Court, 1778.I 

Humbly Shews Daniel Russell of Rindge in the County of 
Cheshire — a Soldier of Cap' Blodgets Company in Col° Hales 
Regiment in the Continental Army That at the Battle at Still- 
water on the nineteenth day of September A D 1777 he was 
wounded by a musket ball which passed thro' his body & was 
disabled from helping himself — that from thence he was carried 
to the hospital at Albany where he remained till the 2i 8t Day of 
October following. * * * * 

Oct. 30 th 177S Daniel Russell 

[He asked for an allowance for doctors' bills, etc., which 
was granted Nov. 3, 1778, to the extent of ^42, 13. He 
was mustered March 20, 1777, at the age of 17 years. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-194] [Lieut. Ja?nes Crotnbies Petition, J77Q.~\ 

Humbly Shews James Crombie of Rindge in the County of 
Cheshire Gentleman late first Lieutenant of the Company lately 

RINDGE. 327 

Commanded by Cap* Samuel Blodget in the 2 d Battalion of 
New Hampshire Troops in the Continental Army — That being 
upon Duty by order of Gen 1 Poor, in august 1777 he met with 
a hurt which has ever since disabled him from serving in the 
Army or doing any labour to maintain himself & family * * 
Exeter March 16 th 1779 James Crombie 

[He was placed on the roll for half-pay. — Ed.] 


[Rev. Pap. p. 61. ~\ [Col. Enoch Hale's Return, i7/9.~\ 

State of New ) 

Hampshire ) Rindge y e 9 th of October 1779. 

Sir In obedience to your orders of the 26 th of June last I have 

Raised vSixteen Soldiers for the Rhode Island Servis from the 

several Towns in my Regiment in the following manner viz — 

Packersfield 1 John French of said Packersfield 

Sliptown 1 Timothy Lock of said Slip 

marlborough 1 Elijah Parks of marlborough 

Fitzwilliam 1 Daniel Gould of Fitzw m . 

Rindge 2 Abel Kimball) rr) . , 

to c>. x, > of Rindge 

Simeon Bruce ) fa 

Dublin 1 Nath 1 Belknap of Dublin 

Peterborough 2 John White tr ) fD . , , 

7^-l 1 T-k • / of Peterborough 

Charles Davieson J & 

JafTrey 2 Bezaleel Sawyer * f t *r- 

James French Jr ) J 7 

New Ipswich 3 ( Isaac Taylor of New Ipswich 
< Asa Severance of Temple 
( James M c Kinsey of Westmoreland 

Temple 1 David Drurey of Temple 

Washington y 1 ^ Ebenezer Lowell of Washington 

Sir as the above Soldiers was all Enlisted Between the fifth & 
ninth of July and march 1 at one Time I have made no distinc- 
tion But date them all from the Ninth of said July 1779 
I am sir your most obed' Humble Ser 1 
His Hon r General Folsom Enoch Hale 

[R. 3-197] [Petition of Abigail, wife of Col. Nathan Hale, 

1 7 80.-] 

State of New Hampshire — to the Honorable the Councell and 
house of Representatives of Said State the petition of Abigail 
Hale wife to Nathan Hale Esq r Humbly Sheweth that your 
petitioners said Husband, ingaged in the Continental Service 


in the year 1775 and has continued in Said service ever since 
that time — but through the fortune of war your petitioners said 
Husband was Captivated by the Enemy by which means to- 
gether with other misfortunes after he returned home on parole, 
he was put to very great expense, and since that time being 
ordered to return to his Confinement greatly increased his ex- 
pense all which misfortune has intirely put it Beyond his power 
to do any thing towards the Support of his family, wherefore 
your petitioner although Contrary to her intention, being Bur- 
den d with heavy taxes together with the Charges of a young 
and helpless family, is under the necessity of applying to vour 
Honors for Releife, to be made her out of the depreciation of 
your petitioners said husbands wages — and your petitioner Re- 
liing on your Honors Justice, and wisdom, Shall as in duty 
bound ever pray &c 
Rindge June y e 9 1780 . Abigail Hale 

[Nathan Hale was captain of a company of minute men 
in April, 1775, and was promoted to colonel in April, 1777. 
His regiment received a violent attack from the enemy at 
Hubbardston, July 7, 1777, while covering the retreat from 
Ticonderoga, and Col. Hale with others was taken prisoner. 
On returning from his parole to captivity he died at Long 
Island, Sept. 23, 1780. — Ed] 

[R. 3-198] [Samuel Whiting, Soldier. ~\ 

[In a petition dated Rindge, Sept. 24, 1780, Samuel 
Whiting stated that he "enlisted into the Continental Servis 
in march A D 1777 in Cap 1 Blodgett* Company." He fur- 
ther stated that he was taken sick at Ticonderoga, and 
asked for an allowance and the balance of his pay, which 
was granted to the extent of ^20, o, 3. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-200] [Bounties paid by the Toivn of Rindge to Sol- 
diers zvho engaged for a less ter??i of time than Three 

W m Kendall, 2 years man £ 6,-19, 6 
David Brooks 2 • " " 17, 8, 9 
Jonathan Lake 2 " " 17, 8, 9 

David Robinson 1 " " 21, 6, 10 

£63, 3, 10 

RINDGE. 329 

The above sums have been deducted from the Soldiers depre- 
ciation — May 17 th 17S5. Certificate to Col° 
Enoch Hale — Attest Jos Gilman 

Exeter 17 May 17S5 

Reed an order for the Contents Enoch Hale 

[Ezekiel Demery, of Rindge, was in Capt. James Carr's 
/ Company Jan. 24, 1777. — Ed.] 

[Rev. Pap. p. 311.'] 

Rindge May y c 7 th 1777. 

Then Rec d of Abel Pirkins fifteen Pounds L. M° in full for my 
inlisting myself into the Service of the united States of America 
to do a turne for Eight Months for said Pirkins 

test Edw d Jewett Pr me Benj a Lovering 

[R. 3-199. J [Resignation of Col. E?2och Hale, 178 J : ad- 
dressed to the General Court. J 

it is Eight long years Since we have been ingagd in a Te- 
dious and most unnatural war in which I have Chearfully Sac- 
rificed a Considerable Part of my interest with the Rest of my 
friends & Countrymen I was Several years in the General 
Assembly and felt my Self So much ingaged in the Cause of 
my Country as to Neglect my interest at home I had the Honor 
to Command a Regiment and for many years Rec d Repeated 
orders for Raising men for the war & Turning out upon Alerms 
to defend my Country which I did as Chearfully obey 

I was Commissioned as Sheriff for the County of Cheshire 
Took the oath and Executed the office when many Persons 
Thought it to be at the Jeopardy of my Life It Could not then 
be for the Lucre of money but I Put my all at Stake without 
fear or Reflection upon what my fate might be : thus I Passed 
through the dark Scene until I Saw the dawning of the Glo- 
rious day — but alas the Scene was Changed Indeed — I Soon 
felt the Resentment of Some Part of my Country and Saw men 
Creeping out of Corners and Indeavouring to Intreduce them- 
selfs into Publick Life that dearst not Lift up there heads before 
they was well Convinsed how the matter would fall But To 
Return my Countrey are most hartily wellcomb to what Little 
Servis I was able to afford them and Could have Said Now Let 
thy Servant depart in Peace Since my Eyes have Seen thy Sal- 
vation But I am Supersccded in the Latter and do Now upon 


the most Coole Reflection Resign the former I wish my Regi- 
ment well I had maney Good officers and Souldiers I wish my 
Country well and do not forget Past favours Received from the 
Generall Assembly I am Gentlemen with Respect your Honor 8 
most obedient Hum ble Servant 

Enoch Hale 
Rindge June 7 th 1783 

[The foregoing was accepted June 13, 1783, and it was 
voted that he receive a vote of thanks for his faithful ser- 
vices. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-201.] [Relative to Isaac Leeland^ Soldier: addressed 
to the General Court, 1785.^ 

Humbly Sheweth, Joel Russell and Mary his wife of Rindge 
That the said mary was widow of Isaac Leeland Late of said 
Rindge deceased, that the said Isaac Leeland Inlisted himself 
as a Soldier In Cap' Blodgetts Company and Colonel Nathan 
Hales Regiment in the year 1 777- anc * left ms wife (the said 
mary) with a number of small children to Take care off. and 
in the month of September next following, the said Isaac was 
killed by the enemy. * * * 

Rindge May 30 th 1785. Joel Russell mary Russell 

[They asked for the balance due said Leeland, and the 
committee reported nothing due. Petition dismissed. — Ed.] 


[9— 171] [Selectmen relative to Soldiers' Pay, iy82.~\ 

The Petition of Edward Jewett Ebenezer davis and John 
Buswell Selectmen of the Town of Rindge in Said State — 
Humbly Sheweth that in the year A D 1779 orders being Sent 
To this Town for Raiseing Souldiers To Serve in the Conti- 
nental armey for one year that The depreciation of The Then 
Present Currency was Such that the Town was laid under the 
Necessatv of obligating themselves to the Souldiers Then to be 
Raised as Being Responsable for the State that all depreciation 
Should be made Good agreable to the orders then Received for 
Raising Such Souldiers and Notwithstanding The fatigue of 
Said ServisThe Said Souldiers Complain of not being made up 
for any wages or depreciation wherefore your Petitioners Pray 
in behalf of Said Souldiers as well as for the Town that the 

r 1 

RINDGE. 33I | 

Said Souldiers maybe made up agreable to the orders aforesaid 
and your Petitioners as in duty bound Shall Ever Pray 

Edw d Jewett ~) Selectmen 

Rindge march y e 6 th 1782 



Ebenezer Davis > of 

John Buswell ) Rindge 

[9-172] [Relative to fay of Soldiers : addressed to the Ge?i- 
eral Court, iy8j.~\ 

t The petition of Daniel Grag & others humbly Sheweth that 

In June A D 1779. orders were Issued for Raising Soldiers to 
Seirve one year In the contenantel armey with a promise of the 
1 - same wages and Depredation as other Soldiers was to Recive 

I In the contenantel armey and your petitioners Being called upon 

♦ to asist In Raising Sum part of Said Soldiers were oblidge d to 

\ Engage them their pay agreable to said orders the uncertainty 

/ of the paper money being Such and have Sence ben oblidg d to 

Settle and pay them accordingly without any Security Excep 
orders upon the treasurer for their wages when made up. 

Wherefore your petitioners Humbly prayeth that the Same 
may be made up acordingly. — 

And your petitioners as In Duty bound Shall Ever pray 

Daniel Gragg 
James Philbrick 

/ Josiah Ingalls 

Ezekiel Jewett 

I , Jacob Gould 

Rindge June 7 th 1783 

[9-174] [Petition for Authority to elect a Representative : 
addressed to the General Court, 1785.] 

The petition of us the Subscribers Select Men of Rindge In 
Said State. Humbly Sheweth that wheras the Said Town of 
Rindge hath never Receiv' 1 aney writ or preceipt Impowring 
them to Send a Representative to the General Assembly of Said 
State Sence the Astablishment of the present Constitution Not- 
withstanding the number of one Hundred and fifty Free Rata- 
ble poles that are more then Twenty one years of age are Res- 
ident within the Same, which we humbly Concive was Omitted 
In Conciquence of the Said Town* not Receiving any preceipt 
for Assertaining & Sending In Such number of Retable poles 
wherefore your petitioners humbly prays that Such writ may be 


Granted, and your petitioners as in Duty Bound Shall Ever 


James Crumbie") Select Men 
Jon a Ingalls > of Said 
Sam Whiting ) Rindge 
Rindge February 5 th 17S5. 


The township was granted by the government of Massa- 
chusetts, and contained the territory now in Farmington 
and Milton in addition to the present township. Rochester 
was incorporated by the governor and council of the then 
province of New Hampshire, May 10, 1722, and comprised 
about 60,000 acres of land. 

The first permanent settlement was made by Capt. Tim- 
othy Roberts in December, 1728; others soon followed, but 
were harassed by Indians to such an extent as to prevent a 
general settlement until after the reduction of Canada in 
1760. The population was quite numerous in 1775, and the 
town did its full share of service in the Revolution. 

By an act approved December 1, 1798, the westerly part 
of the town, called the north-west parish, was set off and 
incorporated into the town of Farmington, which, leaving 
the town over twenty miles in length, north and south, made 
it very inconvenient, and in 1802 the inhabitants of the 
north parish petitioned for a separate incorporation, which 
was granted by an act approved June 1 1 of that year, setting 
off the said parish, and incorporating it as a town by the 
name of Milton. July 10. 1846, a part of the farm of Rufus 
C. Varney was severed from this town and annexed to Bar- 

The village now known as Gonic was formerly Squaman- 

The following is a list of a few of the Rochester men in 
the Revolution: 

Wm. Harper, age 35, Col. Cilley's Reg't. 

Daniel Horn, age 27, Col. Nathan Hale's Battalion, Capt. 

Eben'r Chesley, age 2^, Col. Nathan Hale's Battalion, 
Capt. Rowell. 


Geo. Heard, age 20, Col. Nathan Hale's Battalion, Capt 

Jos. Pearl, age 17, Col. Nathan Hale's Battalion, Capt. 

Ichabocl Horn, Drummer, 2d N. H. Reg't, Capt. James 

James Marden, 2d N. H. Reg't, Capt. James Carr. 

Daniel Cook, Serg't, Scammell's Reg't, Benj. Ellis's Co., 


[9-175] \_Relative to Ministerial Affairs : addressed to the 
General Court, 1737.] ^'"" 

i The Petition of the Inhabitants of the Town of Rochester, in 

s d province, most humbly sheweth — 

That your Petitioners have been settled here, some of them, 
seven Years or thereabout, that we are now increased to the 
Number of about Sixty Families, & are as yet destitute of a 
Settled Ministry, & have no civil Order in the Town, having 
never had any power to choose town officers, or to act in town 
affairs, y* your petitioners put in a petition to this Hon ble Court 
at their Sessions the last Spring, praying for relief under our 
Difficulties afores d and also that, in Consideration of our low 
Circumstances and the Inconveniences and Charges such new 
Settlements are exposed to, a tax might be laid on the Rights 
of the Non-resident Proprietors towards the Support of the 
Ministry here ; but so it happened that the Matter was not per- 

{ fected, so that your petitioners remain still in the same unset- 

tled and uncomfortable Condition, and do therefore humbly & 
i earnestly entreat your Excellency and your Honours to take 

their Case into your compassionate Consideration, and that a 
Committee may be appointed to call a Meeting in Order to 
choose Town officers for the Year ensuing, and that a tax may 

^ be also laid on the Non-resident Proprietors of twenty Shillings 

a right per Annum, for Seven Years, next ensuing, for and 
towards the Support of the Ministry — Or otherwise to do for 
us, as to your Wisdom and Goodness shall seem meet — And 
your humble Petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever pray 

I Rochester March y e 1736/7 

Willam Eles 
Samucll merro 
John Gallon 
Richard wentworth 
Jeams Busell 

John atari 

John winford 


Joseph Hard 

Jack Busel 


Stephen Harford 

Joseph Richards 



Benjamin Merrow 

Joseph Hodgdon 

Robard Night 

John Bickford 



Jeams Lock 
Gesom Downs 
John Bickford 
Samuell Merow 
John Hardie 
Thomas Per kens 
Elesar Ham 
Ebnesar Place 
willam wolford 
Joseph Berrey 
Beimin Hayes 

John X Smith 


Joseph Richards : 

Timothy Roberts 
John Mackfee 
Zebuhin dam 
Benjamin Tebbets 
Joseph walker 
William Stiles 
Stephen Beary 

Joseph miller 
Paul Tebbets 
Jeams Cley 
Solom Clark 
will Door 
will alen 
Sam Richard 
Sam Tombly 
mathy mackfee 
Jonathan Cops 

[Legislative Action on foregoing.] 

In Council March 24, 1736/7 

Read & recommended Rich d VValdron Secy 

Ma T 26; 1737 In the House of Representatives the within 
Petition read : and Voted : That Paul Wentworth Esq r Cap fc 
Thomas Millet and Stephen Berry ; be authorized A Comitte to 
Call the ffirst Meeting to Chuse Town officers — and when such 
officers are Chosen, they to have full power to act as other town 
officers by the Law of the Province and they to have authority 
to Charge a Whole proprietors Share w th a rate of fifteen Shil- 
lings per annum towards paym' of a Ministers Sallary and so in 
proportion for y r part of a Share or Right each proprietor do 
possess or Claime : this rate to be made yearely for payment 
only while they have an orthodox Minister there ; not to con- 
tinue longer y n the End of y e yeare 1742 ; then to Support their 
minister as y e Law directs in other towns and that the Pet™ have 
Liberty to bring in a Bill accordingly — 

James JefTry Cl r Ass m 

In Coun 1 March 26, 1737 Read & Concured 

R Waldron Secy 
Assented to March 26 1 737 

J Belcher 

[9-176] [Petition for a Guard, 1744: addressed to the Gen- 
eral Court. ,] 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of y e Town of Rochester In 
y e Province afors d Humbly Sheweth, that whereas your Peti- 
tioners are settled In a New & a Frontier Town And being but 
few In number & Under Indigent Circumstances, we are Un- 
able to Defend ourselves, In case our Enemies Should make an 


assault upon us. And we cannot go about our Business as 
Heretofore without Endangering our Lives and y e Lives of our 
Families (The Enemy Having Been discovered Divers times 
Lurking about our Llouses and Fields) We therefore Humbly 
Pray.your Excellency and the Honourable General Court to 
take our Difficult Circumstances under youi Consideration and 
to allow us a Suitable Number of Soldiers to Guard us In our 
Garrisons and whilst we are about our daily Employments — 

And whereas we are called upon by the Province Treasurer 
to pay a Considerable Tax towards Defraying y e Province 
Charges, we pray your Excellency & y e Hon ble Gen 1 Court to 
Consider How we have been Shut up In Garrison ever Since 
y e News of a French War, & have not been able to go out and 
In to provide for our Households as their Necessity called upon 
us to do ; And a Considerable Number of Families have removed 
from us to other Towns &c — We therefore pray your Excel- 
lency and your Honours to Favour us In this Regard & declar- 
ing that we would not ask to be released from paying our Pro- 
portion if we had ability to Comply with y e Demands made 
( " upon us therefor 

And Your Humble Petitioners as In Duty Bound Shall ever 
Pray &c — 

Rochester Aug : 21, 1744 

Stephen Berry J onn Joseph walker 

Rich d Wentworth James Rodger Ebenzer plase 

Joseph Richards John Jennes John Bickford 

tertius Benjamin Hayes John Laighton 

Jn° Wentworth John Heard Joseph Richards 

Samuel whithoues John m c fee Juner 

Benjamin forst James Pleace Joseph Hogsdon 

I Samuell Coresen Jonathan Hodgen John Hamack 

Roberd Knight William Jennes Thomas Drue 

I Gesham Downes Clementt Dearing Allexander Hodgdon 

Eleazar Col man Thomas Perkens Elezar Ham 

Samull Tombly Icabod Horn Jonathan Cops 

* Stephen Harford Cap' Timo : Roberts 

Samull merro Isn Edward Tebbets 

[9-179] [Petition for Representation: addressed to Gov.B. 
Wentworth, iy62.~] 

The Humble Petition of the Town of Rochester in the Province 
Afore Sd May it please your Excellency — 

Humbly Shewing that the town of Rochester being Granted 
by Charter in the Reign of King George the first of Blessed 



Memory and Setled by a Number of Inhabitants for upwards of 
thirty years past and Have by the Blessing of Providence grown 
to the Number of upwards of a Hundred and thirty families and 
Have for a Number of years past paid our Equal proportion of 
the publick Charges of this Province and Never as yet have had 
A member to Represent us in General Assembly of Sd Prov- 
ince altho perhaps for want of proper Application we therefore 
Humbly pray your Eccellency would be pleasd to send us a 
Precept to Enable us to Choose a meet person Qualifyed by 
Law to Represent us in the general Assembly of Sd Province — 
which is the Prayers of your Humble Petitioners — 

Rochester february y e S th 1762 

Daniel WinJet 
Barnabas Palmer 
Ichabod Corson 
Gedion Tebbets 
Obadiah Tebbets 
Dodapher Garland 
Daniel Cook 
Thomas Withrcll 
Richard Nutter 
Daniel Garland 
Timothy Robarts 

Peter Horn 
Isaac Libbey Junr 
Eliezar Colman 
Ebenezer Place 

Joseph Knight 
Zebulun Dam Junr 
Moses Brown 
Thomas young 
Wentworth Hays 
Joshua Knight 
Henry Tebbets 
John Trickey 
Samuel winget 
Timothy Robarts 
Stephen Berry 
Joseph walker 
Edward Tebbets 
william Allen 
James Rogers 
Zebulun Dam 
Ephraim Berry 

Joseph Dam 

Stephen Wentworth Charles Rogers 

Moses Hays 

Samuel Cops 

Shadrach Allard 

Abner Dam 

Jabez Dam 

Jonathan Hodgdon 
Ichabod Horn 
Ebenezer Place Junr 
Jacob Chamberlin 
Benjamin Cops 
Samuel Chamberlin 
Samuel yeaton 
Benjamin Merrow 
David Place 
Solomon Laighton 
George Place 
Joseph walker Junr 
Moses Downs 
Josiah Main 
Henry Allord 
Thomas Pevey 
Jonathan Laighton 
David Laighton 
Joseph Haghdon 
John Nute 
Samuel Downing 

David Cops 
Ebenezer Chamber 

Thomas Brown 

Benjamin Foist 
James Knowls 
Isaac Libbey 

Richard wentworth John Hammock 

Samuel Alley Abraham Pearl 

Stephen Berry Junr Dimond Pearl 

Jonathan Cops James M c fee 

Joseph Tebbets Hezekiah Varny 

Aaron Tebbets Ithamer Seavy 

Elexander Hodgdon William Chamberlin Solomon Perkins 

Clement Dealing 
John Heard 
John Plume? 
Samuel Laighton 
Ephraim Ham 
Samuel Tebbets 
James Berry 

James Place Peter Wallingsford 

Paul Libbey J onn Richards 

Ephraim Chamber- Alexander Hoghdon 

lin Junr 

James Dealing William Ham 

Richard walker Daniel Forst 

Nathaniel Burnam Daniel M'neel 



[9-178] \_Goverrior Wentzvorth to Secretary Atkhisou, rela- 
tive to a Representative, i~62.~\ 

Portsmouth 12 th Feb. 1762, 

Sir Colonel Gage has laid before me a Petition from Roch- 
ester, praying they may have a precept for Choseing a fit per- 
son to represent them in General Assembly, which if they ob- 
tain they have promised to send Colonel Gage and if the Kings 
writt is not too far advanced insert Rochester and Kensington 
from which place Cap' Haly will come, but you must Inquire 
first w T hethcr it can be done without infringing on. Hampton 
Falls Incorporation 

I am S r Your Hum 1 Ser' 

B. Wentworth 

Colonel Atkinson 

The Sherrif is not to send out precepts to the old towns be- 
fore the latter end of next week, nor to Rochester if one goes 
there B. W. 

[It appears in the journal of the H. of Rep., March 12. 
1762, that a precept was issued to Rochester, and that Lieut. 
John McDuffee was chosen instead of Col. Gage. — Ed.] 

[9-180] \_JRelative to Dover Bridge: addressed to the As- 
se?nbly, i//'0.'} 

The Humbl Petision of Sundry of the Inhabitents of the 
Town of Rochester in S d province Shews our oppinion And 
Sentiments about the Bridges that is Built at Cochcho falls in 
the town of Dover in s d provnee Whereas we your humbl Per- 
tisoners think it Very Needless to Build a Bridge below the 
falls for it is So Discomogous to us and all the adgasent Towns 
and all travellers for it Carry s us and all travellers Between 
fifty and Sixty Rods farthar Round than the highwav formerly 
was and over Such Rocks and we look upon it that the town 
had no Rite to turn the Rode So far out of the way that was 
formerly laid out By the Governor & Councel without a greater 
authority than Such a Vote as we have Been Informed 

Whereas we think that the upper Bridge is most Convenient 
Both for the town of Dover and us & all the adgasent towns 
And all travellers it Being a much Better Road and your Per- 
tisioners are in Duty Bound Shall ever Pray &c — 

Gershum Downs John Nute William Ham 

John Ham moses Varney Ephraim Ham 



Joseph Tebbets 
Ichabod Corson J r 
Ichebod Corson 
Isaac Libbev 
Rich d Nutter 
Eleazar Coleman 
Stephen handford 

J uner 
Isaac Lebby Jur 
Solmon harford 
Ephraim Alley 
Bangmon dam 
Samuel Alley 
Thomas Young 
Peter Horn 
Stephen Bearey 
Benjamin forst 
Thomas Varney 
Ebenezer Varney 
Richard wintvvorth 
henry Tebbets 

Jonathan Tebbets 
William allin 
Stephen Harford 
Joseph knight 
Samuel Laighton 
Timo Robarts 
Timothy Robarts 

J uner 
Josiah Main 
Tristram Heard 
Joseph Heard 
Sam 1 Downing 
Paul Libbey 
Thomas Robarts 
David Place 
John Place 
George Place 
William M c dufee 
James JackSon 
James Horn 
Abner Dam 

James Dealing 
Peter Wallingford 
Zebulun Davis 
Reuben heard 
Alexander hodgdon 

John Hamak 
Richard Place 
Alexander Hodgdon 
Jonathan Bickford 
Joseph Bickford 
Thomas Brown 
Isaac Twombly 
William Jinnins 
Morris Ellis 
Moses Jennins 
Aaron Jennins 
Danel kimbal 
Aaron Downs 

[In H. of Rep., December 14, 1770, a hearing was order- 
ed for the next session. — Er>.] 

[R. 3-204] [Stephen Berry, Jr., Soldier, 1748. J 

Stephen Berry Jun of Rochester Testifies & Declare that he 
served as a Soldiour under the Command of Cap 1 Job Clemens 
in Scouting and Guarding at Rochester the last month that 
Cap* Clemens Serv'd there in the Service of this Province in the 
year 174S in the Room or Stead of Jacob Allen 

Stephen Berry Jur 

[Sworn before John MacMurphy, Portsmouth, May I, 
1753.— Ed.] 

[R. 3-21 1] [Daniel McDnffee's Order, 1778.} 

Sir Please to Pay or Deliver to James Knoles Esq all the 
money Due to thertv Seven men that Served in my Company 
as Solders Last fall at Still Water &C on Robert Swainsons 
Role & this Shall be your Receipt for the Same pr me 

Daniel M c Duflee Cap* 

To Nicholas Gilman Esq 1 " 
Rochester may y e 15 th 177S 


TR. 3-212] [Major Tebbefs Petition, I779>~\ 

[In a petition dated Rochester, March 8th, 1779, Ebene- 
zer stated that he was second major of the second regiment 
of militia ; " That in the Summer last past at the Requisition 
of the Committee of Safety for said State he raised a num- 
ber of men & marched with them as Voluntiers on the Ex- 
pedition at Rhode-Island." He stated that he " was on the 
ground as early as any of the Troops & left it as late," for 
which he desired to be paid. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-214] [Soldiers' Order, iy8o.~\ 

Rochester July 19 th 1780 

To the paymaster General of the State of newhampshire Sr 
Be pleasd to pay unto the .Selectmen of the Town of Rochester 
the Full of our wagers and other Incoragement that is to Be 
given by sade state to Soldiers Enlisted agreable to an act of 
this State out of the Militia For the Term of three months and 
in so Doing you Will oblige your Most obedient Humble Ser- 

David Wingate T , J A „ ™ ^t^. , -, 

hU to John X Allen IrustramX Richards 


James X Emery T r% , ■£ 

mark Joseph Clark T ,, ™* ^ r n . 

■d • u w t^ t ^.1 1 j lonathan X Wallingr- 

Beniah X Doar Jonathan heard J mark rf ft , 

*'-4 Thomas Pinkham A g L io ™ 

Jonathan X k Dore Joseph Wingate St ^ p ° h V n P Tebbetts 

[R. 3-215] [Daniel Wing-ate 's Bounty.'] 

This may certify all whome it may concern that I the sub- 
scriber paid M r Daniel Wingate Jun r with other Soldiers £34, 
each L. M : as a Town Bounty for three years Service as a Sol- 
dier from the 23 rd May 1777 for the 3 Ensuing years — 

Rochester 14 th Feb* 17S3 Eben r Tebbets 

[R. 3-216.] [Soldiers' Orders, 1784.'] 

To the honorable Committee on Claims now Setting at Exe- 
ter or to home it may Concern please to pay the hole of my 
wages to John Wingate or to the bearer for twelve months Ser- 
vice in the Continantal Armey of the United States of america 


for 1779 & it will much oblige me your most obedient and hum- 
ble Servante Isaac Hanson 

Rochester July 5 th 17S4 

Witnesses presente Jon a Meserve Thomas Davs 

[R.. 3-2 16] Rochester Sej:>tember 21 th 1784 

To the Treasurer of the State New Hampshire 

Sir plese to pay unto Daniel Cook or his order all that is due 
to me for my late husbands Daniel Alleys sarvises in the Sec- 
ond new Hampshire Reg' Value Received witness 

Lydia Alley 

Test Daniel Rogers Samuel Elkins 

I hereby Certify that the above signer was the wife & is the 
Sole heir to the late Daniel Alley who was a Soldier for the 
Town of Rochester 

Josiah Main town dark 

[Said Alley died of wounds — Ed.] 

[The following ordered their dues' to be paid to Daniel 

Oct. 11, Paul Cook, Joshua Woodman's Company, Col. 
Reynolds's Reg't, in 1781, ,£4-3-4. 

Oct. 27, John Perkins, same Co. in 1781, £4-3-4. 

Oct. 28, John Palmer, same Co. in 1781, £4-3-4 

Dec. 20, Jonathan Purzell, 2 d N. H. Reg't. 

Dec. 9, William Palmer, 2 a N. H. Battalion in 1780. 

Dec. II, Benjamin Perkins, Woodman's Co., Reynolds's 
Reg't in 1781, £4-3-4. 

Dec. 3, Joseph Clark, same Co. in 1 781, £4-3-4. 

Oct. 28, Joseph Heard, same Co. in 1781, ordered his 
dues to be paid to Stephen Wentworth, £4-3-4. 

The foregoing all state that they served for Rochester. — 

[R. 3-226] [Petition of Jotham Nute : addressed to the Gen- 
eral Court, Dec. 2j, 1789.] 

The Petition of Jotham Nute of Rochester in the County of 
Stratford humbly Sheweth — 

That early in the late Contest between the United States & 
the Kingdom of Great Britain — he entered the Service of his 
Country in the Regiment from this State, Commanded by Col 



George Reid, in which from his Fidelity and good service he 
was promoted to a Serjeant and continued in the faithful dis- 
charge of his duty till the month of July 17S1, when in an ac- 
tion with the British Troops near Tarrytown [N. York.], he 
was wounded in the thigh by a musquet ball, which lodged in 
his hip, where it still continues. * * * * 

Jon a Rawson Atty to the Petitioner 

[R. 3-227 is a certificate from Capt. Jere. Fogg, dated 
Kensington, Jan. 4, 1790, stating that Sergeant Jotham 
Nute was in his Company, and was wounded in the hip " in 
a very severe skirmish near Kingsbridge in which one fifth 
part of my Party were killed or wounded." Sergeant Nute 
also presented a discharge dated June 7, 1783, signed by 
Gen. Washington, in which it was stated that he had been 
awarded the badge of merit for six years' faithful service. 
The committee on the examination of invalids recommended 
that he be pensioned at two dollars per month. — Ed.] 

[9-181] [Relative to Lumber Act, Paper Money, etc. : ad- 
dressed to the General Assembly, 1785. ~] 

The Petition of us the Subscribers free Holders and Inhab- 
itants of the Town of Rochester, Humblely Sheweth, that we 
are largely Concerned in Lumber, and we understand your 
Honours has passed some late acts at your last Session, verry 
hurtfull, and Injurious to us and we believe to all Other Towns 
Concerned in the lumber way therefore pray you would repele 
the act that requires all boards to be Inch thick And Square 
Edgeed and Other lumber in propotion And likewise to repeal 
the acts prohibiting any Vessel Carrying Lumber the Brittish 
Islands in the West Indies that can procure Brittish papers for 
that purpose — 

And to repeal the Other act with regard to the Duty Laved 
on tunnage on Ships or Vessells belonging to foreigners which 
Duty we Look Upon to be Equal to Shuting up our ports 
against them, but If your Honours Dont see fit to grant the 
prayer of this Petition Wee would request a paper Currency on 
a Loan or in Such other way as your wisdom may Direct you 
to Support the Credit of Said Moneys, as in Duty bound we 
ever pray — 

Rochester Aug 8 ' 30 th 17S5 

David Place Jonathan Laighton Joseph Drown 

Abner Hodgdon Daniel goodwill Richard Furburjun' 

Ebenezer Place Jun r nehemiah kimbel Tobias Twombly 

Ebenz r Place Sen r Solomon Perkins Jun 



Moses Place 
Amos Place 
Joseph Thompson 
Joseph Thompson 

Alexander Hodgdon 
Eleazer Hodgdon 
Joseph pearl 
moses Ham met 
John Hammet 
Dimon Pearl 
James Young 
Joseph Clark 
Tobias Ricker 
Cornelius Jenness 
Jonathan Place 
moses way moth 
Thomas Drew 
John Richson 
James Dearing 
Moses Varney 
Jonathan Leighton 
John Place 
Jonathan place 
Thomas Varny 
Elijah Varney 
Rubn heard 
Bnjami meder 
Ephraim Ham 
Eleazer Ham 
James Ham 
Isaac Brown 
George Place 
Moses Roberts 
Ephraim wentworth 
William Wentworth 
Wentworth Haves 
Daniel M^Neaf 
Joshua Merrow 
Josiah Folsom 
Edward Rollins 
John Goodwin 
Benj a Odiorne 
Paul Harford 
Daniel Watsn 
Jonathan Heard 
Richard Hilton 

Bening Colbroth 
Geo : R Downing 
Ebenezer Varney 
Joseph Bickford 
Ebenezer Varney Ju 
John Bickford 
Samuel Varney 
Moses Varney 
John Rawlings 
Anthony Rawlings 
Joshua Rawlings 
John Cloutman 
Eben r Twombly 
Isaac Libby 
George Snell Hayes 
David Corson 
John Pergon 
Jonathan Twombly 
Elijah Horn 
Benjamin Copps 
Richard Manson 
William Manson 
Paul Copps 
Beard Plumer 
Enoch Hayes 
Daniel Cook 
Nich Wentworth 
David Horn 
John Carr 
Ebenezer Went- 
Daniel Garland 
Ephraim Twombly 
Daniel Kimbal 
John walker 
John Hanson 
Jeams Ed ley 
Nathan Nock 
Mark Miler 
Joseph Chapam 
John wentworth 
Elihu wintworth 
Samuel Jennes 
Garsom Downs Ju r 
Joseph Plumer 
David Walanford 
Closes hambliu 

John Knowles 
Joseph Heard Jun r 
Thorn 8 Virney 
Aaron Downs 
Gersham Down Jun r 
Wentworth Twom- 
Moses Downs 
Ebenez 1- Ricker J r 
Edmund Tebbets 
Joseph Knight 
Dudley Wentworth 
Daniel Bruster 
Stephen Wentworth 
Eleazer Coleman 
James Coleman 
James Rogers Jun r 
Moses Horn 
Jeams Bery 
John Bery 
Willam Bery 
John Tanner 
Abraham Cooke 
Rich d Walker 
John Wentworth Jr 
Hunking Colbroth 
Abraham Cooke Jur 
Reuben Heard 
Jacob Wallingford 
Morris A lies 
Thomas Peavey 
Daniel Peavey 
Anthony Peavey 
David Watson 
Edmund Wingate 
Jonathan Marry 
Benjamin Chase 
Ezekiel Ricker 
Nathnil Jonson 
Richard Nutter ju 
Joseph Holmes 
Jonathan wentworth 
Joseph Heard Jun r 
Enoch Hoyt 
Ichabod Corson J n 
Thorn 9 Pinkam 
Jon a Pinkam 


Ebenezer Horn 
Benjamin Rollins 
Ebenezer Ricker 
Joseph Dame 
Peter dishing 
Joshua Knight 
Jonathan Walling- 

Stephen Lee 
Benjamin Hoyt 
John Randale 
John Ham 
Timothy Heard 
Paul Place 
John Musset Place 
James Jackson 
Caleb Jackson 
Joshua Downing 
Ephraim Trickey 
Paul Cook 
Timothy Ricker 
william Jones 
Nathaniel Jones 
Samuel Palmer 


James vventworth 
thomas Plumer 
John Glidden 
Barnabas Palmer 
Gersum downs 
David Morison 
John Bickford 


John Roberts 
Ephraim Parker 
Elazar Dam 
Joseph Runels 
James Rogers the 

"William Huntress 
Jon a Norris 
Joaiah went worth 
Samuel Richards 
Timothy Robarts 
Francis meder 
Daniel Brewster 
Samuel Plummer 



Joseph Roberts 
Simon Torr 
Tim° Courson 
James m c Durle 
Robart Walker 
David Langley 
Ephraim Pickens J r 
Jonathan Richards 
William Wingate 
Benjamin Varney 
James Chesley 
John Place Ju r 
Thomas Roberts 
James Downs 
William Palmer 
Sam 1 Nute 
Isaac Wentworth 

■ place Jun 

barnebas Parner 
Richard Wentworth 
Peter Horn 
Moses Horn Jun r 
Joseph Walker 
Tristram heard 
Nathaniel Heard 
Tristram Heard 
Jas Adams 
Samuel Austin 
Jacob Elles 
Samuel Wingate 
Benj a Wingate 
Elijah Tebbetts 
John Trickey 
Samuel Door 
Silas Tebbets 
Heard Roberts 
David Tebbets 
Joseph Tebbets 
Ichabod Cossen 
william Elles 
David Wingate 
Samuel Allen 
Joshua Allen 
Micah Allen 
Samuel Downing 
Stephen Furnald 


John Rand 
John Ham Jun r 
John Stanton 
Daniel Page 
Joseph Page 
Voletine Railing 
David Jenness 
Joseph Meader Jnr 
Winthrop Nutter 
William Whitehouse 
Aaron Whitehouse 
George Meader 
Pelatiah Cartlan 
John Tucker 
Jacob Hanson 
Isaiah Jenkins 
Joseph meder 
Hatevil Laighton 
Solomon Drown 
John Drown 
Joseph Parker 
natthel meedor 
William Hanson 
Jonthan Meder 
William hodgdon 
Robert Evans 
James Place 
Paul Jennes 
Samuel Robeson 
Gorge Laighton 
timothy Richson 
Clem hays 
Stephen harfot 
John Davis 
Joshua Corson 
Ebenezer Corson 
Dodavah Gaiian 
Dodavah Garlan Jun 
Jonathan Elles 
Joshua Elles 
Rich* 1 Furber 
Benj* Furber 
Robart tebets 
Bengamin Went- 
David Allard 
Job Allard 



Moses goodwill 
Zabulon dam 
Richerd Parkins 
Silas Dame 
Enoch Bnrnham 
Lemuel Richardson 
William M c Durle 
John Richards 
Jon a Richard J r 


Benjamin Forse Jun r James Runnels 

Josiah Main 
Sam 1 Furbur 
Ephraim Kimbel 
David Twombly 
Daniel Page 
Nathanel Garland 
Benjamin Page 
Moses Jennes 

Jon a Bigford 
James French 
Edward Varney 
Moses Varney 3d 
Thorn 8 Davise 
James Twombley 
John Palmer 
Amos place 


[R. 3-229] \_Lieut. Samuel Nute's Petitiojz.'] 

[In a petition dated January, 1790, Jona. Rawson peti- 
tions in behalf of Samuel Nute of Rochester for back pay, 
etc., stating that said Nute was, "on the eleventh day of 
November 1776, by a Committee of the General Court of 
this State, appointed a Second Lieutenant in the Regiment 
from this State Commanded by Col Enoch Poor, & was 
duly Commissioned & served as such till the sixteenth day 
of September 1777" — Ed.] 

[R. 3-230] [Petition of yohn Tanner: addressed to the 
General Court, Nove7nber, ijqi.~\ 

The Petition of John Tanner Humbly Sheweth. that on the 
26 th day of March 1777 entered on board the Raleigh Frigate 
under the Command of Thomas Thompson Esq r as a quarter 
Master, and on the first of May 177S was discharged from the 
said Ship. In the Month of August following your Petitioner 
Entered on board the Hampden under the Command of Thomas 
Pickering, Esq r as Masters Mate, and on the Eighth day of 
March 1779 in a sevear Engagement had the unhappy Misfor- 
tune to loose my left arm and much wounded in my side by a 
shot from the enemy, and in the Month of July 1779 vour 
Petitioner entered on board the same ship under the Com- 
mand of Cap 1 Titus Salter Esq r as Masters Mate in the service 
of this State to Pernobcequet, and met with the Misfortune to 
be taken Prisoner by the Enemy, which was a great damage to 
me, and after my return in the year 17S1 — your Petitioner en- 
tered on board the Arm Ship General Washington, as Masters 
Mate, and our ship was unfortunately stove to Pieces in a Hur- 
ricane, by which I lost all my Close books & Instruments ex- 
cepting the Close on me. 

* * * John Tanner 


[He petitioned again in November, 1797; and also in 
June, 1802, at which time he was allowed $65. In the lat- 
ter he stated that the ship Gen. Washington was a " Letter 
of Marque, under the command of Charles Welden Esquire, 
bound for the Island of Martinique, in which expedition, on 
the 11 th day of October [1780] in a most tremenduous hur- 
ricane the ship was lost." — Ed.] 

[9-183] \_Report of a Committee to divide the Town, iyg4.'\ 

Rochester August y e 2S" 1 1794 
We the Subscribers being chosen a Committee by the Inhab- 
itants of Town of Rochester on the second day of June Last to 
divide said Town of Rochester into three Towns or Parishes, 
have attended on said Business, viewed the Plan of said Town 
& heard the Parties from the Different Parts of said Town, & 
have agreed to report & do report that the division of said Town 
made by Jonathan Dame Some years ago & accepted by the 
Inhabitants be not altered for the Several Reasons as follows 

I** It is our opinion that Said Division made by M r Dame 
the Surveyor is as equal & as just as the Nature of the thing 
will admit 

2 d,y As the first proposed Parish have considered Said Divi- 
sion binding & have built a large Meeting House near the Cen- 
tre of Said proposed Parish Which is submitted by your Hum- 
ble Servants 

Joseph Badger jur 
" Sam 1 Hale 
James Can- 
It was put to Vote to See if the Town will accept of the 
above report and it was Voted in the affirmative a true Copy 
attest Josiah Main Town Clerk 

[9-182] [Report of a Committee o?t Division of the Town, 

By virtue of a Vote of the Town of Rochester we have Run 
out & marked the Lines between the new Proposed Towns or 
Parishes as follows — 

Beginning at Barrington line in a Heath 22 Rods North wes- 
terly from the out let of Pickerel pond where we marked & Set 
up a Stake Call d N° 1 from which we run north 46 Degrees 


East a cross the Second Division Lott number 49 over a large 
Rock mark d with, a cross thence on s d Course through Joseph 
Meeders land So as Just to leave his house on the East of Said 
line to Meedersborough Road Thence on the South Easterly- 
Side lines of lotts N° 34, 31, 44, 47, 54 & 51. Then North 45 
degrees East from the North East Corner of the 2 Division lot 
N° 51 over Run through the fourth Division a little to the west 
of George Hayes house over a large ledge of rocks on the Brow 
of the Hill near Salmonfalls River which rocks we marked and 
Call d N° 2 and run S d Course to the River makeing marks & 
Setting up monuments by the roads and other necessary places 
which we made for the Head line of the lower Town or par- 
ish — 

Then we began on S d line at the Suppos d North East Corner 
of the Second Division N° 51 where we Set up a pile of rocks 
& Call d N° 3 from which we run about North west at the 
Northerly end of the Second Division Numbered 51, 52, 79, 
80, 81, 102 & 103 to the third Division, leaving the four Rod 
Road to the North of Said line and run on the North west 
through the third Divisions N° 6, 5, & 3S to Middleton line 
over a large pine Stump ct a rock which we marked with Sun- 
dry letters & marks and Call d N° 4 being a few Rods to the 
Southwest of the new Road leading from Middleton by Sam- 
uel Laightons — Run out this 13 th day of Novem br 1794 

By Ichabod Corsson ") 

Rich d Dame >■ Lott Layers 

Daniel Hayes j 

Voted to Accept of the Return of the Committee for the Run- 
ning of the within lines 

A true Copy from Rochester Book of Records 

attest Josiah Main Town Clerk 

[9-1 S4] [Petition for an Incorporation of the North- West 
Parish : addressed to the General Court, Ijg8.~\ 

Humbly shew — 

We the subscribers Inhabitants of the Town of Rochester in 
the County of Strafford, and of that part of said Rochester com- 
monly called the North West Parish, that sometime previous to 
the year Seventeen hundred Ninety four the Inhabitants of the 
said Town of Rochester at a legal Meeting warned for that pur- 
pose unanimously voted that the said town should be divided 
into three towns and a Committee was accordingly chosen to 
run, and make out the Lines of the several proposed towns 
aforesaid, pursuant to which Vote the said Committee ran out 




said proposed towns, a Copy of whose return Accompanies this 

That afterwards at a legal meeting of said town in the year 
Seventeen hundred Ninety four the said town appointed the 
Hon Wc Joseph Badger Jun r Samuel Hale and James Carr Esq" 
as a Committee out of town to reconsider of the Lines aforesaid. 
and make such alterations therein as they should think proper 
or to establish the old Lines as they should think most conven- 
ient for said town and proposed towns, which Committee after- 
wards on the twenty Eighth day of August in the same year 
met and examined the Lines aforesaid and reported that the 
former Lines and division be established as the boundaries of the 
several proposed towns, which report was afterwards at a legal 
meeting of said town Voted unanimously to be accepted — We 
the said Inhabitants further shew, that there were in said North 
West Parish the last Year rendered in the Towns Inventory, 
one hundred and seventy six rateable Poles, residing within the 
Limits of the said parish, that a great proportion of that num- 
ber, have to go as many as twelve Miles to Attend town meet- 
ings and business, and by far the greater part, not less than 
Eight miles ; 

That the unwieldy Situation of said town when met in their 
Town Meetings amounting freequently to such a number as 
renders it almost impossible to do the town business with any 
kind of regularity or dispatch — 

For these reasons and many others which might be men- 
tioned, we the subscribers Inhabitants as aforesaid, humbly 
pray your Honours that the said North West Parish compre- 
hended within the Lines and divisions before alluded to, may 
be incorporated as a town with town privileges, and such meas- 
ures taken to organize and incorporate the same, as to your 
Honours may seem meet And as in duty bound your Petitioners 
will pray — 

Rochester June 6 th A D 1798 

Ichabod Hayes Moses Hanson 

Daniel Hayes Rich d Furber J r 

John Ham Robart Berry 

Nathanel Watson Ju Jonathan Furber 
Winthrop glidden Daniel Varney 

James Nutter 

David Watson Jur 

Samul Hodgsdon 

semul Ran 

W m Wing-ate 

Eph m Perkins Ju 

David French Jur 

Amos Place 

Benj n Jones 
Ichabod Hayes 
thomas Davis 
David french 
Daniel Peevy Ju 
Danell Seavey 
Benja Read 

Hunking Colbroth 

Gilbert French 
Edmund French 
Moses Hayes 
Samul Knowles 
James French 
timothy Stepan 
David Roberts 
Samuel Holmes 
Samuel Gray 
John Walker 
RiclV 1 Hodgdon 
Job Allard 
Will" 1 Allard 



Joshua Watson 
John Robinson 
Valintinc Sergent 
John Locke 
Joseph Holmes 
Samuel Varney 
William Ham 
Moses Varney 
Joseph Emerson 
Thomas Leathers 
Timo y Dame 
Daniel Hayes 
Wentworth Hayes 
William Leighton 
Samuel Varney 
Sam 1 Furber 
Peter Akerman 
Samuel Hayes 
Simon Green 
Benjamin Furber 
Peter Akerman Ju r 

John Downs Jun r 
John Roberts 
James Downs 
Edmund Wingate 
Jonathan Watson 
Theodore Furber 
Stephen Clark 
David Watson 
Mark Read 
Charles Knight 
William Knight 
Winthrop Colath 
Enoch Burnam 
James Knowles 
Edward Knight 
Reuben Cano 
Robert Evans 
Richard Caverly 
Stephen French 
Edward Varney 
John Caverly 

Danul Coney 
Samuel Drown 
Benj Ham 
Samuel Holems 
Jonath Wentworth J 1 
William Whithous 
John Beeck 
Samuel Beeck 
John Murry 
Eben r Horn J r 


Abaraham Nute 
Isaac Libby 
Hanson Libby 
Jeremah Hodgdon 
Ely Sumer 
Joseph young 
Thomas Ham 
Joseph Thompson 
Joseph Thompson 
Samual Twomblv 

[In H. of Rep., June 13, 1798, a hearing was ordered for 
the next session, and the matter came up Nov. 28, at which 
time the petition was granted. The west parish was set off 
and incorporated into a town by the name of Farmington, 
Dec. i, 1798. — Ed.] 

[9— 1S5] \_Rochester Town- Meeting relative to a Division of 
the Tow 71, ijq8.\ 

The following are the proceedings of the Town of Rochester 
in Consequence of the Order of Court relative to the Division 
of said Town — 

" State of Newhampshire Strafford ss 

The Legal voters of the Town of Rochester are hereby No- 
tified of a Public Town meeting to be holden in the Courthouse 
in s d Town on Monday the 27th Day of this Instant August at 
two o' th Clock in the afternoon for the following purposes 

1"' To choose a moderator to Govern s d Meeting — 

3 dly To see what Method the Town will take with respect to 
a petition to the General Court from the South West Parish 
(so Call d ) for an Incorporation of said Parish and the order of 
Court thereon 

By Order of the Selectmen — 

Edward Rollins, Constable 

Rochester August 6 th 179S." 




4% At A Legal Town Meeting holden in Rochester on Mon- 
day the 27 th Day of August 1798 

I st Aaron Wingate Esq r Chosen Moderator 

3 d1 - 7 It was put to vote to see if the Town will Consent that 
the South West Parish So Call d in this Town Should he Incor- 
porated as a Seperate Town by themselves, agreable to the 
former lines, and Voted in the affirmative." 

A True Copy of the Proceedings of town of Rochester rela- 
tive to the Incorporation of the South west Parish (So Call' 1 ) 

Attest — 

Josiah Main Town Clerk 

Examin d & return d by 
Rochester Nov r 13 th 179S 

Rich d Dame ) Select men 

Jonas C March j of Rochester 

[9-186] [Petition for Incorporation of the CoJigregational 
Society, lygg.'] 

Humbly shew — 

The subscribers Selectmen of the town of Rochester for the 
year 1799, that the Congregational Society in the town of Roch- 
ester commonly called the first parish in said town has always 
hitherto been and continued unincorporated ; that many incon- 
veniences result to them from their continuing in that situation. 
Wherefore they pray that an act for the purpose of incorporat- 
ing said parish by the name of the First parish in Rochester, 
may be passed under such regulations as you in your w r isdom 
may think reasonable and just, and as in duty bound will ever 

Rochester June 3, 1799. 

Rich d Dame ~\ In behalf of said town 
Beard Plumer > and Selectmen of 
Joshua Allen ) the same 

[9-186^] [Petition from the North Part to be set off: ad- 
dressed to the General Court, l802.~\ 

Humbly Sheweth Your Petitioners Inhabitants of that part of 
Rochester call (l the North Parish, that as early as the Year 1774 
the Town of Rochester at a Legal Meeting, voted that it was 
expedient to Divide the Town into three Seperate Towns or 
1 Parishes, and then voted where the Division lines should be, 

Since that time have erected and Compleated a meeting house 
solely for the accomodation and Conveniency of the south Par- 



ish — that in the Year 1793 some parts of the Town Complain* 
that the Division lines were not equal and right, A meeting 
was call'd, and the Town voted to refer the Subject to a 
respectable Disinterested Committee who reported in favor 
of the former lines agreed upon and establish' 1 by the Town 
which report was accepted by the town — that in the Year 
179S, application was made by the Inhabitants of the west 
Parish, to the Honourable Legislature of the State, for an Act 
of incorporation, agreeably to the abovesaid lines, which, 
was Granted, bv reason of said Act the town at present is Di- 
vided into two parts, that only Corners one upon the # other a 
bout 150 rods — that many of your Petitioners has to travel 
twelve and some fifteen miles to attend meetings for the public 
worship of god and to transact town business — And many- 
other inconveniencies are experienced by your Petitioners by 
reason of their being in an unincorporated State — 

w r e therefore pray your Honours to incorporate all that part 
of Rochester that lies between Farmington and the Easterley 
line of the State into a Seperate and Acting town with town 
Priveledges so as to enable the Inhabitants to assess Collect and 
appropriate money for Civil and Religious purposes — this we 
apprehend will have a happy tendency to promote good order 
unite and harmonize the whole and make us better men and 
more useful Citizens — and will we hope add a respectable town 
to the State of New Hampshire 

As we in Dutv bound Shall ever 


Rochester May 28 th 1S02 

Benjamin Scate 
James C. Hayes 
Elijah Horn 
Thomas Nutter 
Joseph Plumer 
Moses Chamberlin 
James M c Geoch 
John Hanson 
Richard Miller 
Shadrach Hard 
Nathaniel Oilman 
Benj* Haggins 

James Berry 
Jeremiah Goodwin 
Hanrv Rollins 

Francis Drew 

Paul Jewett 

John witham 

Humphry Goodwin Henery Rollings 

John Remickjunr W ,n Corson 

Sam 1 Chapman 

Isaac Braeket 

Abraham Dearborn 

Joseph Dearborn 

Nathaniel Dearborn Samuel Twombly 

Nath 1 Jewett 
Nat. Pinkham 
William W Lord 
Benjamin Jones 

William Berry 
James Berry Jr 

Samuel X Wentworth Jun 


Shubel Roberts 
Stephen, Jcnnes 
Francis Berry 
Joseph Berry 
James Mcrrow 

Dudley Burnham 
John Twombly 
Ernest Corson 
Otis Pinkham 
Francis Nute 

Jotham Ham 
Joseph Cook 

Gilman Jewett 
Lias Ricker 
Ebenezer Ricker 
Daniel Dore 
Josiah Willey 



Samuel Nute Jr 
William Tuttle 
Robert Mathes 
Clement Hayes 
W m Palmer" 
John Palmer 
Dudley Palmer 
Ephraim Drew 
John Scates 
Ephraim Twombly 
John Remick 
Davied Corson 
Frederick cate 
John fifield 
Robert Heart 
william Jones 
Joshua Corson 
Richard Horn 
Jonathan Dore 


Obadiah Witham 
Gershorm Went- 

Ruben Jones 
John Jones 
Josiah Witham 
Amos Witham 
Samuel J Went- 

David Wentworth 
Timothy Roberts 
John Wentworth 
Jerediah Ricker 
Lemuel Ricker 
William Hatch 
John Downs 
Stephen Wentworth 

Jun r 
Samuel Twombly J r 

[The petition was granted, the territory set off, and in- 
corporated into a town by the name of Milton, June 11, 
1802. — Ed.] 

Robort M c Geoch 
Nicholas Hartford 
Samuel Nute 
John Ricker 
W^entworth Cook 
Gershom Downs 
Samuel Palmer 
Peltiah Hanscom 
Levi Jones 
Richard walker 
John Twombly 
Ichabod Hayes 
Caleb Wingate 
Daniel Hayes J r 
Jotham Nute 
Ezekiel Hays 
Joseph Walker 

[9-1863^] [ Consent of Town to foregoing. ,] 

At a Legal Town meeting holden in Rochester on Monday 
the 31 st Day of May 1S02 

agreeable to the first article in the Notification it was unani- 
mousedly Voted that the Inhabitants of the Northe East part So 
Call d beginning at the South East end of Farmington by John 
Trickeys Land North forty Six Degrees East to Salmon falls 
River have the approbation of the town to petition the general 
Court to be bet off a Seperate or Distinct town they haveing no 
objection to their being Set off 

a true Copy attest 

Josiah Main Town Clerk 


An unsuccessful attempt was made to procure the forma- 
tion of this town in 1796 from portions of Packersfield 
(Nelson), Dublin, and Marlborough. A committee appoint- 


ed to examine the premises reported favorably, but it met 
with opposition from the towns it was to be taken from, and 
the scheme was defeated. 

A petition from the inhabitants "of the southwest part of 
Packersfield, north part of Marlborough, and east part of 
Keene," presented to the legislature in 1812, asking to be 
incorporated into a town, was successful, the territory asked 
for being incorporated December 9 of that year as a town 
by the name of Roxbury. 

June 15, 1820, Samuel Griffin and his estate were severed 
from Nelson, and annexed to this town. 

By an act passed July 1, 1868, the entire town of Rox- 
bury was annexed to Keene : Providing, said act should be 
adopted by a majority vote in each town. The act, how- 
ever, was not adopted, and Roxbury remains as it was. 

' [9-187] [Petition f oi- a?i Incorporation, 1796. ~] 

Your Petitioners inhabiting the south west part of Packers- 
field, the North part of Marlboro — and North-west part of Dub- 

Humbly Shew 

That they live very remote from the Center, but more so 
from the Meeting-Houses of their respective Towns — 

That the situation is such by reason of distance & bad 
Roads, that they cannot attend Public Worship &c. with any 
convenience — 

That they are destitute of many Town preveliges. That 
some of their duties, as members of the several Towns are very 
burdensom — 

That the Town of Packersfield, has voted off a Tract of Land 
at the south west corner thereof and Marlboro — has voted off a 
Tract at the North End therof for the purpose of making a 
Township — 

That what has been voted off (in their opinion) is inadequate 
to make a Township — 

That your Petitioners have Petitioned the several Towns for 
a small addition to said grants, but without success — 

That if the Tract of Land alreadv voted off, with the addition 
of a small piece of Packersfield, Marlboro, and Dublin, might 
be Incorporated a distinct Township it would be highly ad- 
vantageous to your Petitioners and the Public Interest. — 

The Prayer of this their humble Petition, therefore is, that 



your Honors would appoint a 
Premises, at the Cost of vour 

Committee to Examine the said 
Petitioners — 

And your Petitioners further pray, that the Committee so ap- 
pointed might be directed (if after due examination they Should 
think it reasonable to make a Township as afore said) to fix the 
Bounderies and make their report to the Honorable General 
Court, to be holden in June next — 

And your Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray — 

Lott Cooke in behalf of the 
Petitioners — 

9th Dec. 1796 — 

[The petition was referred to a committee, who reported 
as follows : — Ed.] 

[9-1 88] [Report of Co??zmittee, I7Q7.~\ 

your Committee appointed in December the S, 1796 to take 
into Consideration & vew the Situation of the Southwest part 
of Peckersfield and the North part of Marlborough & the Nor- 
west part of Dublin as Set forth in the Petition of Lott Cooke 
and others. 

Report as followeth, 

Having Explored the above mentioned towns & the Situation 
of the premises pray d for in the aforeS d Petition are of opinion, 
that the prayer thereof be granted So far as that thay be incor- 
perated as a town according to the Descriptions following 

Begining at the Southesterlv Corner of Sullivan then run- 
ning Easterly till it Strikes the East line of Lot number Six in 
the fifth Range of Lots in the town of Peckersfild then running 
Southerly on S d line till it Strikes the Norwest corner of Lot 
N° 7 in the 2 d Range of Lotts in Peckersfield, then running 
Easterdly on the North Line of the 2 d Range till it Strikes 
Breeds pond so called then Southerly till it Strikes Dublin line, 
then on the north line of Dublin Easterdly till it comes to the 
northeastly corner of Lot N° 19 in the 10 Rang, thence Souther- 
ly on Sd line till it Strikes the Southesterlv corner of Lot N° 19 
in the 7 Rang in S d Dublin then Running Westerly on S d line 
till it Strikes Marlborough East line, then taking thre ranges of 
Lotts of the north End of Marlborough including two gores of 
Land one on the north line and the other on the west line of S d 
Marlborough against Sd Ranges, and from the norwest corner 
of Marlborough on the west line of Peckersfield to Sullivan 



South Line then Easterly on Sullivan South Line to the first 
menctiond bounds 

Dublin Apreel. 12. 1797 

all which is Submitted by your Committee — 

Nath 1 Emerson 
Benj a Prescott 

[The plan met with opposition, and was defeated in June 
following. See introduction. — Ed.] 


The township was granted Oct. 4, 1761, to Samuel Olm- 
stead and others, and regranted to Daniel Brainard and 
others, March 18, 1767, with the same boundaries as the 
first grant. Settlements were made in the fall of 1765, by 
Jonathan Cummings, and in the following year by James 
Heath, Daniel Brainard. and Moses Smart. 

A return made by the selectmen Oct. 28, 1775, stated 
that the town had eleven men in the army. The bounds of 
Rumney were established in 1784. (See Vol. XI, p. 729.) 

Rumney and Wentworth Union school-district was estab- 
lished by an act approved June 22, 1842, and an amendment 
passed June 28, 1847, defined its boundaries. 

John Stark and Amos Eastman were captured by the 
Indians while hunting on territory now in this town, April 
28, 1752. David Stinson, of Londonderry, who was with 
them, was killed ; his name is perpetuated in Stinson moun- 
tain, Stinson brook, and Stinson pond. 

[9- 1 89] \_Statcment of Grievances : addressed to the Assem- 
bly, 1770.] 

The humble petition of us the subscribers being proprietors 
& inhabitants of the town of Rumney in said province most 
humbly sheweth That Daniel Brainard of Rumney aforesaid 
Esq claims Sc votes upon the major part of said Township in 
all proprietary meetings and as the law of this province allows 
every person to vote according to the quantity of his interest 



RUMNEY. 355 

the said Brainard makes use of his power to oppress & injure 
your Petitioners in the following instances, viz' 

First they cannot obtain a Committee to examine what mony 
has been raised by said propriety & how the same hath been 
collected & how expended : and the petitioners suggest that a 
large ballance is in the hands of said Brainard. 

Secondly. The province road is neglected to be sufficiently 
repaired altho sufficient mony has been voted for that purpose 
& your petitioners have paid their part in labour. 

Thirdly. No Settlement is made with the Rev d M r Niles the 
minister of said town for four years past. 

Fourthly. The intervale is not equally divided. 

Fifthly. The publick rights are not laid out. 

Sixthly. The said Brainard hath not built the mills accord- 
ing to his agreem* altho he hath received your petitioners mony 
for that purpose & no Committee can be obtained to Call him 
to an account. 

Seventhly. The said Brainard against the will of your Peti- 
tioners hath voted away two whole shares of land in said town 
to his friends 

Wherefore your Petitioners pray the advisement of your Ex- 
cellency & Honours on the premises & that they may be re- 
lieved as shall seem meet : 

And your petitioners as in Duty bound shall pray & ca — 

Rumney, May 4 th 1770. 

Thomas Niles Richard Smart John Clifford 

Caleb Kimball " Hugh Ramsey Jonathan hall 

Barnabas Niles Elihu Johnson William Webber 

Pelatiah Watson Charles Clark W T illiam Presson 

Isaiah Bachelder Isaac Clifford Thomas Ramsey 

Isaac Clifford Jr Ma" Ramsey ' Nathaniel Hall 

[In H. of Rep., Jan. 8, 1771, a hearing was ordered for 
^ the next session. — Ed.] 



[9-190] [ Committee appointed to procure Arms and A?)imu- 
nition, iyy6.~\ 

Colony of Newhampshier Rumney June the 29 th 1776 — 

at a meeting held this Day Voted to Send Major Alexander 
I Craige, and M r Michael Dwyer to provide arms and Ammuni- 

tion to Supply the inhabitants of this town and to act and pur- 
sue Such Measures as the shall think most Effectual to accom- 
\ plish the matter above Mentioned in order to Defend our Lives 



i 1 




Liberties and properties Against the incursion of the Enemy 
on our frontiers, Likewise we bind ourselves to the S d Craige 
and Dwyer to Discharge unto them as Soon as the Return, the 
price and Cost of S d arms & ammunition with all other Charges 
Which may Arise pertaining to the Same By order of the Com- 

Ma w Ramsay 

Chairman — 

£9-191] [Petition for a Supply of Arms a?zd Ammunition, 


Rumney June the 29 th 1776 — 

Whereas we are alarmed with the News, that the Enemy is 
like to make incursions on our frontiers, the inhabitants of this 
town, hath at a meeting Called for that purpose Voted to Send 
Major Alexander Craige and M r Michael Dwyer to provide 
arms & amunition for S d town, in order to be in Readiness to 
assist our frontier Brethren to Defend our Lives Liberties and 
properties We therefore pray the Honorable Committee of 
Safety of this Colony to Supply the above Deligates with what 
the think is Sufficient to supply S d inhabitants By order of the 

Ma" Ramsay Chairman 
14 Stands of Arms a 3 per D° — £42 
6o ,b w* of Powder a 6/ per lb— 18 
180 D° of Lead 7, 2, 6 

100 flints 6, o 

£67, 8, 6 

the Above is a Calculation of What arms and amunition is 
wanted to Supply the Township of Rumney 

[9—193] [Certificate in favor of Peter Afa/iew, I77<?>~\ 

This May Certify that Peter Mahew is a Person, who we are 
well acquainted with, and of Undoubted Character, and Served 
in the Service of the United States, as an Interpreter, also in 
other employ, we recommend him to the Honorable Council 
and Representatives of the State of New Hampshire Convened 
at Exeter to take his Petition into Consideration, the Place he 
now Lives on being of little Value, and for the future he may 


RUMNEY. 357 

be of great Service, he understanding both the English and 
French Language — The Person who was the right Owner hav- 
ing proved Himself an Enemy to the States, and said Mahew a 
Loyal Subject — 

26 th Feb* 1779 

Jacob Bayley 

Alexander Craig 

Thomas Niles 

Charles Clark ) Select men 

Michael Dwyer ) ofRumney 

Moses Dow 

David Hobart 

Sam 1 Emerson 

David Webster 

Ma" Ramsey 

Joseph Senter 

[The petition referred to is No. 192, and is a request to 
have his title confirmed to some land situate in Rumney 
that he purchased of Stephen Holland, of Londonderry. — 

[9-194] [Return of Ratable Polls, 1783. .] 

We the Subscribers certify that in the Town ofRumney there 
is fifty Male Persons of the age of twenty one years and Up- 
wards paying for themselves a Poll tax 

Rumney 8 th Decem r A D 17S3 

Abraham Burnham \ Select 
Dan 1 Brainerd Jr J Men 

[R. 3-235] [Soldiers' Order, iy8o.~\ 

Exeter April 13 th 17S0. 

Pleas to charge me with Eight hundred dollars towards de- 
preciation & credit the same to L' Col H. Dearborn he having 
paid me that sum in money this day — 

W m : Presson Serg* 

To the Committee on Soldiers acc ts 

Presson belongs to Rumney 



[R. 3-236] [Soldier's Receipt.] 

Received of the Committee of Supplysto Soldiers fameliesin 
the town of Rumney Tenn Founds It Being What the town 
Rais d Last Annuil Meeting for the Supplies of the family of 
Thomas Pitts a Soldier in the Newhamshir Line During the 

I Say Receiv d the above Sum to my full Satisfaction 

Rumney December 21 th 1781 

Sarah X Pitts 


Wife of the above Thomas Pitts 
attest Benjimen Whitemore Levi Wyman 

[Prov. & Rev. Papers, p. 157.] 

Samuel Holland Esq — his Land Tax in Rumney 
Feb^ 1785 £21-9-0 

This may Certifle that their is Rais d 33 S on Each original 
undivided Right in Charter in theTownship of Rumney By the 
Proprietors of s d Township and that the following Rights are 
now the Property of Samuel Holland Esq, now an absentee as 
appears by the County Records 

Henry Champion £1-13-0 Ebenezer Spencer 
Francis Lock J 4 right 0-16-6 Aaron Breaneard 
Icabod Olmstead 1-13-0 Daniel Breaneard 

James Heath 1-13-0 Alexander Craige 

Moses Smart 1-13-0 Christopher Holmes 

Joseph Arnold y 2 right 0-16-6 Edmond Elliot 
Charles Clarke 1-13-0 Timothy Boge 


Zebadee Berry ) assessors for the 
Edward Everett j Proprietors of Rumney 

Rumney Feb 17-17S5 

[9 _I 95] [Pet it io7i for a Magistrate, 7/8 j '.] 

to the honorable general Court in New hamshier Seting in 

gantlemen we the Subscribers beg the faver of haveing A 
nother justice of the peace in this town by labouring under a 
















RUMNEY. 359 



disadvantage by his being absent At sundry times we are 

abli^ed to leave the town for the want of another Justice of the 
peace tharefore we desire your honours If you see fit to grant 
us this faver — 

Rumney October the iS A D 1785 


Charles Clark Reuben Doe 

I Thomas Newman Elisha Smart 

W m Presson J°hn weeks 

Thomes Ramsey Ebenezer Brainerd 

Matthew Ramsey Timothy Townshend 

Jonathan Clark Amos Stevens 

John Doe Daniell Smart 

[February 27, 1786, Major Alexander Craige was appoint- 
ed justice of the peace, and Capt. Abraham Burnham was 
appointed coroner for the county of Grafton. — Ed.] 


1 ■ 


[9-196] [Petition for Authority to Raise Money by Special 
Tax: addressed to the Legislature, jfanuary 77, iygi.~\ 

The Petition of the Select Men of Rumney in behalf of the 
Inhabitants thereof humbly shew that the Publick road through 
said Town is very bad and much out of repair and that the In- 
habitants thereof have made and kept in repair Roads and 
Bridges therein much beyond their ability and whereas it is for 
the Publick good as well as for the Inhabitants and adjacent 
Towns that some new road or roads be made therein— Your 

therefore In behalf of said Inhabitants humbly pray your 

Honors to grant a Tax of two pence on each acre of land in said 

Rumney, which is now laid out and appropriated, publick 

lands excepted for the sole purpose of making Si repairing roads 

and bridges therein one Moiety thereof to be laid out on the 

% now Publick or main road through said Town the other Moiety 

1 or half of said Tax to be laid out on the back road if to be 

j* spaired otherwise where the Select men of said Rumney for the 

time being may direct and your Petitioners as in Duty bound 

\ will pray 

Abrah m Burnh™ ) Select 
Charles Clark j Men 

[The foregoing petition was granted by an act passed 
June 17, 1791. — Ed.] 



Settlements were made on territory now in this town as 
early as 1635. It was called Sandy Beach for some years, 
and was connected with Portsmouth until the incorporation 
of New Castle, May 30. 1693, and was thenceforth a part of 
the last named town until separated by an act passed April 
30, 1726, and, in connection with portions of Portsmouth 
and Hampton, incorporated as '• a parish by the name of 
Rye."* By this act Rye was to send a representative to 
the assembly, and the selectmen for that year were to be 
William Seavey, Jr., Samuel Brackett, Joshua Foss, Richard 
Goss, Joseph Philbrook, John Garland, Richard Jenness, 
Lieut. William Lock, and Joseph Lock. The town elected 
Richard Jenness to the assembly the same year. 

December 17, 1763, an act was passed appointing Francis 
Jenness, Ozem Dowse, Joseph Brown, James Mardin, and 
Jeremiah Lock as a committee to construct a wharf to pre- 
vent the tide from destroying Sandy Beach. 

All that part of New Castle situated on the south-west 
side of the river was annexed to this town by an act passed 
Dec. 22, 1791. 

An act was passed Dec. 17, 1792, appointing James Hill 
of New Market, Jeremiah Batchelder of Kensington, and 
Joshua Weeks of Greenland, a committee to "establish and 
fix the line between said parish of North Hampton and the 
parish of Rye." The report of said committee, which is re- 
corded in Charter Records, Vol. 4, p. 257, was to be conclu- 

By an act approved July 20, 1876, the town of Gosport 
was annexed to this town. 

Rye contains about one third of the sea-coast of the state, 
on which are some fine beaches, which are much frequented 
in summer. 

[9—197] \_Pctitionfor Authority to raise Money by Lottery 
to drain a Pond: addressed to the Assembly, Dec. ji y 

Humbly Sheweth Joses Philbrook of the Parish of rye that 
there is a Pond in Said Parish called the Little boars-head Pond 

* For petition, see Vol. IX, pp. 735 to 740. 

RYE. 361 


Scituate about forty rods from Sea Shore which by Cutting a 
Canal from the Sea at or near Fox Hill so Called to the Pond 
would open a Communication with the Sea & the Said Canal 
being Secured with rocks (which is feezable) would open a 

I retreat for any Small Vessells where they might Anchor with 

Safety & would be of great Service to Coasters & fishermen — 
Especialv such as should be catched in the Bay with an Easterly 

4 Wind-—' 

I That your Memorialist has Attempted the opening such a 

Canal in the Place afore Said with out any asstance but finding 
it would be too Expensive to be at the Charge of Compleating 
the whole without some Aid Desisted Imagining a Thing of 
such Publick advantage would meet with Publick Encourage- 
ment — 

Wherefore he humbly Prays that he may so far have the 
Countenance of the Governmt as to be Indulged with the Lib- 
erty of raising (by way of Lottery) such a Sum as will Enable 
him to Perfect the said work the said Lottery to be under such 
rules and Directions as your Excellency & Hon rs Shall think 
" Proper — 

Your Petitioner is humbly of Oppinion that he could (upon 
being Admitted) give your Excellency & Hon rs Convincing 
Arguments to prove not only the great advantage such an Inlet 
would be to the Publick but also the feezableness of its being 
made Passable & Durable this Granted your Petitioner as In 
Duty bound Shall ever Pray &c 

Joses Philbrick 

[In H. of Rep., Feb. 18, 1757, the following scheme was 
presented and accepted. Hunking Wentworth and Elliot 
Vaughan were appointed managers, to which the council 
added William Knight and William Earle Treadwell. — Ed.] 

[9-198] \_Lottery Sc7ieme.~\ 

A Scheme to Raise by way of Lottery the Sum of Six Thou- 
sand Pounds Old Tenor agreeable to vote of the Gen 1 Assembly 
for Opening a Harbour at Rye — Viz t — 

6000 Tickets a <£ 6 — £36000 

1500 Prizes 
4500 Blanks 





Prizes Viz* — 




2 — 




IO — 

500 — 
250 — 







20 — 






143 1 6 

1500 PH2 
Allowed pro 





Charges of P 





The Above Calculation is three Blanks to One prize & Sub- 
ject to no Deduction 

[9-200] [Alleged illegal Electiori, 1775.] 

Colony of New Hampshire — 
To the honorable Provincial Congress to be held at Exeter 2i at 

day of Decern 1- 1775 — 

The Humble Petition of us the Subscribers Freeholders and 
Inhabitants of Rye in the County of Rockingham Shews that 
M r Nathan Goss of said Rye Carpenter at a Meeting of the free- 
holders and Inhabitants of said Rye held there the Eleventh day 
of this Instant by indirect ways and means obtained the major- 
ity of the Votes of said Inhabitants appointing him as a Dele- 
gate of said Congress, the said Goss having no real Estate in 
this Colony to qualify him for that important Trust 

Wherefore your Petitioners humbly pray that the said Goss 
may be dismissed and that the Inhabitants of said Rye may be 
admitted to a new Choice — And your Petitioners as in Duty 
bound will ever pray &c 

Rye Decern' 15 th 1775 

ozem Doust Nehemiah Moulton William Berry Junr 

Francis Jenness Arter Libbey William Berry 

Joseph Jenness Henry Elkins Nathan Towl 

Jonathan Towljun 1 " Samuel Elkins Nicholas Dolbeer 



Richard Brown 
Titus Philbrick 
Sam 11 Jenness 
Samuel Wells 
Simon Jenness 
"Jonathan Goss 
Job Brown 
James Hobbs 
Sam 11 Huntriss 
Stephen Dolbeer 
Rich d Jenness 3 d 
Benjamin Libbey 

Reuben moulton 
Simon Lampere 
Richard Jenness 
Sam 1 Jenness Junr 
Job Jennes 
Job Jennes Jun 1 * 
Joseph Sevey 
Joseph Rand 
Francis Jenness Jun r 
Rich d Jenness Jun r 
Jeremiah Berry 
Joseph Rand Jun r 

[The petition was not granted. 
" allowed to take his seat." — Ed.] 

Joseph Brown 
abraham Libbee 
William Seavey 
James Lock 
John Jenness Ju r 
Joseph Lock 
Jacob Tebbts 
Jonathan Jenness 
John Jenness 
Amos Pain 

Nathan Goss was 

[R. 3-237] \_Jonathan Philbriek, Soldier, iy6o.~] 

[In a petition dated March 24, 1761, James Philbrick stated 
that his son Jonathan was in the province service as a pri- 
vate under Capt. Jeremiah Marston in the expedition against 
Canada in 1760 ; that he was taken sick at Crown Point. 
He asked for an allowance to pay for getting him home, and 
for the services of Dr. John Weeks of Hampton, which was 
granted to the extent or ,£4, 10s. sterling.— Ed.] 

[R. 3-240] \_jfoseph Towle, Soldier, i/6i.~\ 

[In a petition dated Feb. 4, 1761, Jonathan Towle stated 
that his son Joseph was in the province service under the 
command of Capt. George March, in the expedition against 
Canada, and died on the way home, and " Everything he 
had was lost." He asked for an allowance, which was not 
granted. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-241] [Samuel r and Nathaniel Mar den, Soldiers. .] 

Nathaniel Marden and Samuel Marden, In the year 1775 
ware sick eight or ten days and Samuel Marden died being in 
the American servis and under Doctor hall Jacksons Care and 
the nursing of Samuel Marden 0-1S-0 
and Nathanel nursing 1-0-0 

Nathanel Marden 

W Au eS t~ t m i Marget X marden 

Abraham. Libbee mark 



[They were in Capt. 
gate's regiment. — Ed.] 

Joseph Parsons's company, Win- 


[R. 3-244.] 

[Rand's Etilistment, 1776.^ 

Rye March the 4 1776 

We the Subscribers Dvve in List in the american Servis Vnder 
Mr Nathaniel Rand for oueir Captain or Lefnt 

John X ordua 


timothy Berey 
James Lock 
noar Shirboun 
Solomon Verell 
Benjamin marden 
John Rand 
James Seavey 
Joshua Rand 

John X Verill 


William Rand 
mark Rendell 
Samuel Hunt 
Samuel Molton 
Samuel Morrison 
Rich d Rand 
Eleck Leear 

Elijah Tucker 
Gashiem Loumbey 
Nath 1 Harris 
Henry Long 


Eleck X Lear Jim 


JurWillm Gibes 
Jonathan Dow 
William Trefethin 
Nathl L. Tucker 
Alexander Morrison 
Henry Shapley 
Nathaniel Lear 
Peter grant 
Tob 9 Trundy 
Joseph Rand 
Thomas Lang- 
John Leear 
John Blunt 

James Roy in 
Stephen Barton 
Leevey Gooss 
Nathaniel Jording 
John Trefethern Jur 
Stephen Lawry 
Job foss 
Joseph Yeaton 
John Rand 
John Rand 3 d 
Edward Rendell 
William Yeaton 
Samuel Rand 
Nathaniel Tucker 

George Rendell 
Joseph horl 

[R. 3-246] 

[Soldiers' Orders.~\ 

Rye April the 16 th 1781. 

To Nicklos Gilman Esq r tresuery of the State of New hamp- 
sher, Pies to Pay my wagers to Jeremiah Lock Esq r as they 
shall Becom Due to me as a Continental Solger and you will 
oblig yours to Serv 

William gregory 
Sam 1 Jenncss 

[R. 3-247] 

Rye Dec' 9 th 1784. 
To the Treasurer of the State of New Hampshire. 
Sir. Please to pay Ben I. or order all that is due to me I 


RYE. 365 

having been a Soldier in the 3 d New Hampshire Reg* Value 
Received, Witness my hand 


William X Wallice 


Attest. John Haines John Nicholls 

[R. 3-24S] \_Peter Akerman, Soldier, 1 '777.] 

To the Honourable the General Court conven'd at Portsmouth 
this 7 th day of June A D 17S5 — 

The Petition of Peter Akerman of Rye in the State of New- 
hampshire and County of Rockingham Humbly shews that 
your Petitioner Enlisted a Soldier in Capt. Beel's Company 
Col 1 Scamels Reg* in the year 1777 for the term of three years 
that on the 19 th of September 1777 at the Battle at Bemous's 
Heights your petitioner was wounded by a Musket Ball enter- 
ing in at his Elbow and coming out at his Shoulder. * * * * 

Rye June y e 7 th 1785 Peter Akerman 

[Dr. Hall Jackson certified the truth of the foregoing, 
and the legislature voted him twenty shillings per month 
until further orders. — Ed.] 

[Rev. Pap. p. 55] \_Rye men in Col. Nathan Hale's Batt.~\ 

Joseph Lock, age 22, Capt. Bell's Co. 
Jonathan Lock, kt 20, u Blodgett's Co. 

Abraham Clifford" 

[9—201] [Relative to Continental Soldiers : addressed to the 
General Court, yune 10, lySj.'] 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of the Parish of Rye in the 
State aforesaid Humbly shews — That your Petitioners at the 
commencement of the Late War had their Proportion of Conti- 
nental Soldiers Liquidated to them according to the Number of 
Polls in S d Parish which made their Quota for the three Regi- 
ments twenty one Men — Afterwards when the other Regulation 
took place and every Town sent their Men according to the tax 
they paid (which we conceive is the only equitable Way) your 
Petitioners Quota for two Regiments was Eleven Men which 
makes it Evident their Proportion for three Regiments at the 
most wou'd have been but Sixteen Men and one half — There- 
fore we had three Men and one half in the Service for three 


Years more than our just Proportion And were also oblig'd to 
send out the Militia in the same proportion which put us to 
such an Expence as we have never been able to extricate our- 
selves from to the present Day — Your Petitioners conceiv'd at 
the Time it was more than their Equitable Proportion yet im- 
prest with a Zeal to serve their Country they without hesitation 
raised every Man except one and sent them into the Service — ■ 

Afterwards when by the misfortunes of War we were defi- 
cient four Men the Honourable Court order'd us by a Resolve 

To raise s d Men or pay into the Treasury of this State Eight 
Hundred Dollars which sum we are utterly unable to pay — We 
trust your Honours upon Examination will find if the above rep- 
resentation be fact which we are ready to prove that we have had 
three Men and one half in the Service for three Years more 
than our Just proportion and are deficient four Men the re- 
maining part of the Time by which it appears we have had 
more than our full proportion of Men in the Service during the 
War Comparing one Time with another 

Also by being a Frontier Town we were expos'd to the fre- 
quent insults of the Enemy and were oblig'd to guard the Sea 
Coast a Considerable time at our own expence, besides a Num- 
ber of our Seafaring men engag'd on board Continental Ships 
and others of private Property which depriv'd us of their Assist- 
ance and threw an additional Burden upon us — as we have 
always been ready to assist even beyond our Abilities in bring- 
ing about this important Era we wou'd by no means shrink 
back or endeavour to throw any part of the Burden from our 
Shoulders on others but are entirely willing to pay our full part 
of the Expence — but no more 

Relying on the justness of our Cause Your Petitioners hum- 
bly pray your Honours wou'd take the same into your serious 
Consideration and remit the foregoing Sum or redress them in 
Such Way as you in you great Wisdom shall see meet and your 
Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray 

Joseph Persons") 

David Lock > Select Men 

Isaac Dow ) 

At a Legal Meeting" of Freeholders and other Inhabitants of 
the Parish of Rye conven'd at the Meeting-house in S d Parish 
on Monday the Ninth Day of June A. D. 1 7S3 — 

Voted that the Selectmen Present the within Petition to the 
general Court and that a Copy of this Vote be inserted on the 
Back of the Petition 

True Copy Attest Joseph Parsons Clerk P. T. 





[9-202] \_Samtcel Jenness, for a Magistrate: addressed to 
the President and Council, f/84.'] 

We your Humble Petitioners Shoes that wharas Samuel Jen- 
ness Esq r of Rye in the State aforesaid and County of Rocking- 
ham has been one of our Justes of the Peas for abought Twelve 
Years and in Peticular through the Dehcaltes of the Late War 
and as their has Northing appeared against his Conduct in that 
office we your Houmbel Peti toners prayes that he may be Re- 
nued under the New Constitution and your Petitoners as in 
Dutey Bound will ever Pray — 

Rye January 20 th 1 784 

Joseph Rand 
Nathan Knowles 
Samuel Daves 
Jacob Reary 
Richard Brown 
Jonathan Lock Jun r 
Samuel Walles 
David Lock 
Isaac Dow 
Levi Goss 
Wiliam Seavey 
Samuel Morreson 
Jonathan Jenness 

Jun r 
Jonathan Lock 
Benjamin Jenness 
Frances Jenness Jun r 
Job Foss 
Robord Sanders 
Abraham Mathas 
Samuel Rand 
Daniel Seavey 
Dowst Rand 
Nathanel Rand 
Ebenezer Walles 
Daneil Mason 
Walles Foss 
William yeaton 
Timothey Berey 
Gorge Randell 

William Bary 
John Webster 
thomas Lang 
Samuel Walles 
Abraham Libbey 
John Jenness 
William Trefetheren 
Robord Sanders Jun r 
Enemiah Moulton 
Joseph Jenness 
Rich d Webster 
Jonathan Jenness 
Joseph Seavey 
Levi Jenness 
Benjamin Maiden 
John Doust 
Osem Doust 
Richard Jenness 3 d 
Rich d Jenness Jun r 
Joseph yeaton 
Peter Johnson Jun r 
John Foss 
Bickford Lang 
Jeremiah Barry 
Ben jam en Maiden 
Nathanel Tucker 
Isrel Rand 
Edward Hall 
Wiliam Tucker 
Joseph Hall 

Simon Jenness 
Frances Jenness 
Joseph Rand 
Joseph Rand Jun r 
Tristam Sleeper 
Ruben Moulton 
Jonathan Towl 
Samuel Towle 
Stepen Rand 
Jeremiah Brown 
Samuel Smith 
Henry Elkens 
Rich d Jenness 
John Jen ess 
Nathanel Jenness 
Nathanel Jenness 

Ruben Philbrock 
Peter Jenness 
John Jenness 3 d 
James Brown 
Job Jenness 
John Brown 
Eliger Lock 
William Lock 
Simon Jonson 
Peter Garland 
Neckles Dolbey 
John Garland 
Benjmen Garland 



[9-203] [Relative to the Representative Class: addressed 
to the General Court, Nov. <?, 1784.] 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of the Parish of Rye Humbly 

That the Parish of Rye when the Constitution took place was 
annex'd to the Town of Newcastle in Representation which 
they find to be very inconvenient expensive and injurious to the 
Town on many Accounts There being no Bridge renders the 
passing and repassing from one Town to the other very difficult 
and at some times almost impracticable Besides under the old 
Constitution they always had the liberty of sending A Repre- 
sentative and they want but a very few of the Number of Rate- 
able Polls assigned them in the Constitution to enable them to 
send one They also conceive their is a Clause provided in the 
Constitution which will entitle your Petitioners to send A Rep- 
resentative without being cias'd with any other Town — 

Your Petitioners Humbly pray your Honours wou'd take 
their Case into your serious consideration and discontinue the 
connection between them and the Town of Newcastle that Your 
Petiteoners may have the Liberty of sending a Representative 
by themselves and your Petitioners as in duty Bound will ever 
pray &c 

Joseph Philbrick 
Jonathan Jenness Nicholas Dolbeer 
John Foss Peter Johnson Jun r 

Rich d Lock Jun r 

Thomas Lansr 

Levi Jenness 
Tonathan Jenness 
John Foss 
John Garland 
James Perkins 
Sam 11 Knowls 
Rich d Webster 
Peter Jenness 
Joseph Parsons 
David Lock 
Nathan Goss 
Timothy Berry 
Joseph Rand 
Joseph Garland 
James Goss 
Joseph Lock 
Elijah Lock Jun r 
James T Berry 
Peter Johnson 
John Garland 
Jonathan Lock 
Benjamin Garland 
William Maiden 
Samuel D foss 
George Randell 

Jonathan Hobbs 
Sam 11 Lebbee 
Simon Johnson 
Rich d Jenness 3 d 
Jonathan Lock Jun r 
Eleck Lear 
John Seavey 
George Randall 
Sam 11 Morison 
Will" 1 Yeaton 
Nathan kowls 
Isaac Seveay 
Samuel Wallis Jur r 
Jeremiah Berry 
Henry Elkins 
Reuben Moulton 
Levi Goss 
John Fove 
Daniel Masson 
William Lock 

Jonathan Philbrick 
Nathaniel foos 
Samuel Elkins 
John Varrell 
Joseph Man Ju r 
Joseph Philbrick Jun r 
Rich* Brown 
James Brown 
Benjamin Mardin 

Jun r 
John Jenness 
George Rand 
Isaac Dow 
Simon Jenness 
EBenezer Berry 
Nat 11 Foss Jun r 
Sam 11 Berry 
Ebenezer Walliss 
James hobbs 
Joseph Rand 
Nathanil marden 
Abraham Libbey 
Nathancll Jenness 
Sam 1 Tenness 

RYE. 369 


[9-204] \Report of a Committee on laying out a Road, 

i 7 8 4 .-\ 

We the Subscribers Appointed by the hon ble Court of General 
Sessions of the peace to lay out a Road from that which runs by 
Rye Meetinghouse to Long lane (so Called) have done the 
Same in the following Manner Viz* Beginning at the South 
East Corner of Land of Samuel Rand & Benjamin Marden 
thence running on the Easterly side of said Land North about 
31 degrees west So Rods thence North 15 Degrees west through 
a Corner of Samuel Dowse Foss's Land leaving as Much of a 
Corner of said Rand and Mardens Land into said Foss's Land 
on this point 11 Rods — to be fenced by the Parish of Rye 
thence Northwest About 40 Degrees So Rods to Portsm Line — 
Which Road we have laid Out two Rods wide & have Esti- 
mated the Land being two Acres & Twenty two Rods at Ten 
pounds Ten Shillings to be paid to the said Rand & Marden by 
the Parish of Rye — The removing and building 171 Rods of 

1 Fence to be done & paid by the said Parish of Rye — From the 

said Portsmouth Line we proceeded North about 47 Degrees 
Weston the Easterly side of Mark Langs Land 173^2 Rods 
thence on the same Course on the Easterly side of Sherburnes 
Land 121 Rods to the said Long lane Road — It Appeared to us 
that there was a Priviledge of a Road three Rods wide from 
said Long Lane to New Castle & Portsmouth Line Nearly in 
the same place where we have laid out said Road and we have 
Estimated the making 173^2 Rods of Fence at Thirty pounds 
to be paid to M r Mark Lang by the Town of Portsmouth and 
the Making 121 Rods of Fence at Twenty one pounds three 
shillings to be paid to said Sherburne by said Town of Ports- 
mouth — May 5 th 17S4 — 

, W m Weeks 
Ephraim Pickering 
Joseph Dow 

A Copy Att d N Emery Jun r Clerk pro Tern 

Js. Peace 

4 [9—205] [Petition relative to JSIilitary Grievances : address- 

ed to the General Court, Feb. 9, i/Sj^ 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of the Parish of Rye Humbly 
shews — That your Petitioners by Virtue of an Act passed the 
last Session of the General Assembly were dissolved from their 
Connection with the first Reg* in this State and Joind with the 
Reg* Commanded by Col 1 Moulton which is very inconvenient 
to the Town in many respects — Your Petitioners before the 


commencement of the late War were an Independent Company 
— after the War began they were join'd to the I st Reg 1 which 
though it was not so agreeable to the Town yet considering the 
difficulty of the Times they acquies'd in it and wou'd still have 
remained happy in their Station had not your Honours seen 
cause to have alter'd their situation which besides other incon- 
veniences it maketh our travel more than Double Your Peti- 
tioners can't conceive the Reason why they shou'd be singled 
out as the only Time-serving Company in the State this being 
the fifth Time they have been shifted about from one Reg 1 and 
Station to another which they conceive has not been the Case 
with any other Campany in this State or even on the Continent 
— Being conscious that they have always discharged their Duty 
in every Measure that tended to the public Good they Imagine 
the Method now adopted will be a means of breaking up the 
peace and good Order that now subsists in the town — Your Pe- 
titioners therefore pray your Honours wou'd restore them to the 
Station they were in before the War in being an Independent 
Company as they conceive there is the same reason for their be- 
ing an Independent Company now .there was then (as they 
never forrieted the Birth- — ) But if that shou'd be found incon- 
sistent with the public Weal your Petitioners pray they may 
have the Liberty of reuniting with the i 8t Reg' again or if your 
Honours for any particular Reason shou'd not see cause to 
grant the prayer of this petition your Petitioners pray they may 
have a Day thereon and your Petitioners as in duty bound shall 
ever pray 

Joseph Parsons Beniamin Marden Abraham Libbee 

Nathaniel Rand Steven Marden Josep Rand 

Joseph Seavey Alexander Salter John Garland 

John Webster George Rendall Joseph Libbe 

Daniel Fitsgreald Jotham Berry Joshep Rand Jun r 

William Verill george Rendall Jun r Levi Jenness 

Thomas Rand William yeaten Jacob Brry 

John Rand nathaniel Foss Benjamin Jenness 

Levi Goss Abraham Mathews Isaac Dow 

Ebenezer Seavey Samuel Libbee William Lock 

Samuel Lear Joseph Rand Richard Lock 

Benjamin Lear Thomas Lang Simon Jenness 

eleck Lear Sam 11 Walliss Jun r Joseph Lock Jun r 

Joshua Rand John Varrill Peter Garland 

James Seavey Ebenezer walliss John Garland Juner 

Robert Sanders Jun r Daniel Mason Jonathan Garland 

James Seavy Jun r Dudley Norton Simon Garland 

John Seavy Nehemiah Molten Simon Garland Jun 

Amos Seavey Samuel Morrison Josph Garland 




Samuel Wallies 
James Seavey 
William Seavey 
John Foye 
william Berry 
Robert Sanders 
Simon Knowles 
William Sanders 
John Foss 
Job Foss 
Joseph Hall 
Israel Rand 
Edward Hall 
Richard Green 
Timothy Berry 
Edward Varrell 
Joseph Yeaten 
Rich* Webster 
Nathaniel Marden 

i uner 
William Trefethen 
Josiah Webster 
William Marden 

Peter Akerman 
Jeremiah Berry 
Levi Berry 
Jonathan Hobbs 
Solomon Berry 
James Hobbs 
Benjamin Garland 
Aons Garland 
James T. Berry 
Benjamin Marden Ju r 
James Goss 
Jonathan Lock 
John Lock 
Jonathan Lock Ju r 
Merefield Berry 
Ebennezer Berry 
Samuel wells 
John dowst 
Jonathan dowst 
Richard Jenness 3 
Nicholas Dolbeer 
John Lang 
Bickford Lang 

John Garland 
Nathan Knowls 
John Knowls 
Nathan Goss 
Elijah Lock 
Joseph Philbrick 
Job Jenness 
Rich d Jenness Jun 
John Browne 
John Lock 
David Smith 
Sam 11 Elkens 
Sam 11 Jenness 
John Jenness Jur 
Peter Jenness 
Jonathan Jenness 
James brown 
Jonathan wedgwood 
James Dow 
Joseph Jenness 
Nathanail Rand Jun 



The town was incorporated by the governor and council 
May 11, 1750, and comprised a portion of the territory 
which had previously been known as the " Haverhill dis- 
trict," and the territory severed from Methuen and Dracut, 
Mass., by the settlement of the province line. The petition 
for incorporation may be found in Vol. IX, p. 749. Pre- 
vious to its incorporation it had existed as a district, by 
virtue of an act passed March 18, 1741-42, which applied 
to all territory taken from Massachusetts towns by the set- 
tlement of said line, until it was incorporated into, or an- 
nexed to, towns in New Hampshire. 

A dispute arising between Salem and Windham, concern- 
ing the line between the two towns, was settled by the gov- 
ernor and council by an instrument dated January 9, 1752, 
establishing a new line. 

Salem man in First New Hampshire Regiment: Moses 
Heath enlisted April 6, 1781 ; discharged December, 1781. 



[9-2 1 1] [Relative to formation of Counties : addressed to 
the General Assembly \ iy6g.~\ 

The Petition of us the Subscribers being Inhabitants of the 
Town of Salem in Said Province, Most Humbly Sheweth that 
jour Petitioners being Informed, that the Province is about be- 
ing divided into Counties for the ease and Benefit of the Inhab- 
itants in General, In transacting their Business of a Publick 
Nature, And being also Informed that the General Assembly 
have Voted a small County, to be Set off adjacent to the West- 
erly Side of Merrimack River. Your Petitioners pray that the 
Towns of Bow Chester Londonderry Pelham Plastow Salem 
Hampstead & Sandown which lay Conveniently situated to said 
County may be Annexed thereto, as would Save the most of 
the Inhabitants of Said Towns thirty Miles travel in transacting 
their Business with the Courts Judges of Probates Registers 
v&c. And no other Person whatsoever would as your Petition- 
ers Conceive be Injured thereby — And your Petitioners as in 
Duty Bound shall ever Pray &c — 

Evan Jones Stephen wheeler James Gregg 

Richard Kimball Stephen Wheeler J r John Clement 

Daniel Peasle J°" a Wheeler Rob 4 young 

Abel Chase John Johnson Arron Copp 

Daniel Massey William wheeler John Rowell 

Benj tt wheeler J°hn Cross Oliver Dow 

Abijah Wheeler Joseph ordway 

Jonathan Massey Samuel ordway 

[Other petitions of the same nature contain the follow- 

Robert Spear 
Richard Kelly 
Nathan Webster 
Hasadiah Woodbery 
Eben r Woodbery 
Hugh Campbll 
Jonathan Woodbery 
Joseph Hull 
John Smith 
Arter Corkwood 
Ebenezer Hall 
Benj n Nesmith 
John Bradford 
Israel Woodbery 
John Woodbery 

Wi 11 Smith Jut- 
Joseph merrill 
Isarel Ober 
Ebenezer Page 
Abbit Pettengill 
Daniel Hardy 
Timothy Merrill 
Amos Merrill 
Jonathan Baley 
Rapha Hall 
W m Leech 
David Hall 
John Jaques 
John Jaques Juer 
thomas Runnels 

Nathan Hesseltine 
Daniel Hesselton 
Nathll webster 
John Baley Juner 
moses Baley 
Joshua Emerson Ju r 
Seth Patee 
Jerediah Patee 
Nath" Merrell 
Rich d Patee 
Edw d Patee 
Oliver Kimball 
Peter Merrill 
James Clough 
Benoni Rowell 



Simon Bradford 
William Thorn 
Elisha woodbery 
Timothy Lankaster 
I Asa Colles 

John Lovvel juner 
Joseph Cresey 
Jonathan Colles jun 
Richard Thisell 
Jona n Frye 
Jesse merril 
John Giles 
John Ellinvvood 
thomas mackglath- 

John moorland 
Willam moorland 
VVi 11 Gordin 
William Smith 
■ Joshua heath 
peter morrill jun 
Daniel Corlis 
Wimon Clough 
David Heath 
Jonathan Corlis 
Morse Corlis 
william Clough 
John Corning 
Abial Asten 

John Hall 
Joshua Hall 
Oliver Kimball jur 
David Neviens 
Derry & Chester, &c 
Tho 8 Douglass 
W m Sanders 
Nath 11 Dow 
Jeremiah Dow 
Oliver Sanders 
Richard Dow 
Asa Dow 
Rich d Cresey 
Timothy Emerson 
Daniel Bedel 
Jacob Bedel 
John Currier Ju r 
Joshua Sanders 
Jonathan Terry 
James Hastings 
Daniel Ladd 
Stephen Currier 
John Kelly 
John Lowell 
John Bayley 
Jonathan Bayley iur 
Thomas silver 
Jonathan Hesseltine 
Samuel Hilton 

Asa Rowell 
Philip Rowell 
John Allen 
Philip Clement 
Sam 11 Clement 
Israel young 
Nath' 1 Woodman 
Caleb Duston 
Daniel Gorden 
John Currier 
Johnson Hulehon 
Abraham Ames 
Alexnder Gordon 
Job Corliss 
Emil webster 
George Corliss 
William Corliss 
Amos Dow 
Samuel Kelley 
Richard Dow J r 
James Jones 
Sam 11 Sanders 
Joseph Sanders 
Peter Pa tee 
W m Clement 
Josiah Rowell 
Josiah Rowell Junr 


[9-214] \_Relative to Service in the Army, 1778. JVames of 
Soldiers furnished. ~\ 

The Petition of Richard Dow of Salem in the County of 
Rockingham in Said State Esq r Agent for the inhabitants of 
Said Salem — Humbly Sheweth — That the Said inhabitants being 
Sensible of the Justice & importance of the Grand American 
cause and the Expediency of the present Opposition of the 
United States against the Bloody & unrelenting hand of British 
Tyranny ; Sc the Necessity not only of Each State but the Sev- 
eral Towns ; & even individuals in the Respective States to 
raise their full Proportion of men for filling up the Continental 
Army & other Requisitions for the Support of Such opposition 
— Have at all times chearfully exerted themselves to comply 
with every order & Requisition for those purposes, and notwith- 
standing many Embarrasments have heretofore been able to 


furnish their full Quota of men and taxes without delay, and 
upon every alarm turned out a very large proportion of Volun- 
teers in the Cause of their Country — That orders were issued 
for raising twenty five men to Serve as Soldiers in the three 
New Hampshire Reg ts in the Continental Army for three years 
or during the war — Upon which Said Inhabitants with great 
Difficulty & Expence, in due time, procur d twenty two of Said 
men who Serv d in the Continental Army the last years Cam- 
paign — That contrary to the Resolves of this State & the State 
of the Massachusetts Bay, five able bodied Effective men have 
inlisted & now are Soldiers in the Continental Reg ts Raised by 
the Said State of Massachusetts Bay — (viz.) John M c Nell in 
Cap' Hustons Company. John Howard, uncertain in whose 
Company & both of Coin 1 Grains Reg' Nath 11 Woodbury in Cap' 
Billy Porters Company & the late Coin 1 Francis 8 Reg', James 
Berry in Cap' Marshalls company in Coin Marshalls Reg' & 
Enoch Bailey, uncertain whose Reg* he belongs to, which has 
drain d of Every man from amongst us that could be Spar d with- 
out great injury to the Town — That the families of three of the 
Aforesaid Soldiers are chargeable to the Inhabitants of Said 
Town in such Manner that notwithstanding the charity of indi- 
viduals, which has been very considerable the Expence has not 
been less than fifteen Dollars p r week for many months past, 
and the Charges are likely to increase, without the least Pros- 
pect of Assistance from the Soldiers to whom those families 
respectively belong — all which has hitherto prevented Said in- 
habitants from procuring the other three Soldiers required of 
them by the orders aforesaid — 

Wherefore your Petitioner in his Capacity aforesaid, without 
troubling your Honours with any larger detail of Grievances, 
begs leave humbly to pray That this Honourable Court would 
take the Premises into your wise consideration & Direct Some 
method of procedure whereby the aforesaid Soldiers may be 
allowed as part of the Quota of Said Town of Salem in Such 
Sort & manner as that Said Inhabitants may be Released from 
procuring those three Soldiers for making up and Compleating 
twenty five as afores d or any other way and Manner that your 
Hour' Shall See good to Relieve the Said inhabitants and your 
Petitioner, Agent as aforesaid As in duty bound will ever pray 
&c Richard Dow 

[R. 3-249] [Petition of John Balch, by Jacob Bayley, 
his attorney, who stated that he enlisted in the army in 
1759, in Captain Bayley's company; was taken sick at Al- 
bany, and was discharged in August. He asked to have an 
allowance to pay Dr. Symonds Baker for attendance. — Ed.] 


SALEM. 375 

[R. 3-252] [Daniel Peaslee, administrator of the estate of 
John Beadle, of Salem, stated that said Beadle was in the 
army in 1760, took the small-pox, and died. He asked for 
an allowance for the expenses of his sickness. Petition 
was dated May 27, 1762. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-253] [Soldiers' Orders, 1778, .] 

To Col Gilman treasurer Genearal Pies to Pay to Cap* Jere- 
miah Dow my ration money for my Servis in the Campain at 
Stilwater in the year 1777 I Being in Col° Drakes Ridger- 
ment & Cap 1 Jesse Pages Company & you will oblidge yours 

Salem November y e 16 : 1778 

Abijah Wheeler Lieut. 

[R- 3-*54] 

Salem in New Hamshir March 6 th 1778. mr. Nick Gilman 
Steate treasury Sur plese to pay to Cap 1 Jeremiah Dow my Bel- 
iten and rosians and twile A Blige yours to sarve 

Benj tt Hall 

[R. 3-255] [Petition of Aaron Copp, Soldier, I77Q.~\ 

To the Honb 1 the Council & house of Representatives for said 
State — 

Humbly Sheweth, Aaron Copp of Salem in said state that 
your petitioner engaged in the service of the United states for 
three years, in Capt n Stones Company in Col Scammels Reg* 
and being in Battle at Bemus's heights near Still water on the 
7 th of October 1777 received a wound in his arm which rendered 
him unfit for service, on account of which he received a furlow 
on the 23 d of Nov r following, and after his Return home was at 
considerable expense with Surgeons, & for Board, as will ap- 
pear by the accounts herewith exhibited, and after being healed 
of said wound Returned to the army — but being then unfit for 
duty was discharged from said Service on y e 2i Bt of May 1779. 

* * * * Aaron Copp. 

Exeter Nov' 5 th 1779. 

[He was enrolled on the half-pay list. — Ed.] 


[R. 3-258] 

[Emerson Corliss, of Salem, in a petition dated Dec. 16, 
1794, stated that he was heir to Jonathan Corliss, who was 
with the army on the retreat from Canada, and sustained 
sundry losses for which he wanted pay. — Ed.] 

[Rev. Pap. p. 55.] [Salem Man in Col Nathan Hales 2d 
N. H. Battalion.'] 

Solomon Cole, age 35, Capt. Robinson's Co. 

[9-2 15 ] [Petition for Incorporatio?i of the Baptist Society: 
addressed to the General Court. ~\ - 

The peteiton of Richard Kimball Jeams Webster and others 
the subscribers inhabitance of the town of Salem County and 
State aforesaid and in its vicinity most humbly shew that thay 
with thare famielies and each of them have long since ben and 
still continue to be of that religos perswaison Called Baptists 
that thay have for many years paid and Suported at thare one 
Expence an orthodox Minister of that princable who wos in- 
stalled over the church and congregation and officiated as Such 
utill he wos Called by the providance of God to leave this world 
and in order and for the incouragement of a nother pious and 
orthodox Minister to Setle among us as well to regulate our in- 
ternal affairs as a Religos Society ought to be governed and for 
other pies and Lardable purpuses we and each of us most 
humbly suplycate your Honors that we and each of us may be 
incorprated into a Society in Salem aforesaid by the Name Stile 
and title of the Baptist christian Society to have and to hold all 
the Bowers Rights priveliges as other incorprated churches and 
Congregations professing the christion Religion in the State 
aforesaid possessis and retains and as in Duty bound will ever 

Rich d Kimball Isaiah Wheeler Samuel Marbcl 

James Webster Nathaniel Woodman xVsa Corless 

Philip Rowell Richard Wheeler John Saunders 

Oliver Sanders Richard Kimball J r Luke Woodberry 

Jacob Rowell Jonathan Wheeler Jonathan Patee 

Abner Woodman Lemuel Rowell Jonathan Cross 

Silas Wheeler Nathaniel kelley David Wheeler 

Enoch Merrill Joseph harries Aaron Copp 

Warren Wheeler Ebenezer Woodbery Oliver Dow Jur 



Joseph Hull John Woodbery 

Amos Wheeler John Page 

Samuel Rowell Dudley Bayley 

Rawlings Webster Bena Rawlings 

Edmund Chase 
Israel woodbery 


\_Return of Ratable Polls, 1783^ 

A Return of the Male Poles from 21 y n & upwards for the 
Town of Salem Footed 235 

Dated Salem Dec br 15 17S3 

Abbit Pettengill ) Select men 
William Thorn j for Salem 

[Sworn to before Timothy Ladd, justice of the peace. 

[9-221] \_Petition to have an Election set aside, iy8j.'] 

Humbly Sheweth the Subscribers inhabitance of the Town of 
Salem in said State that at their meeting for the electing a Rep- 
resentative the Present year they proceeded in their Said meet- 
ing without aney Regard to the oath of Said State appointed to 
be taken by a Law of said state by the Electors previous to 
their voting in aney Town meetings that aney & all persons 
voted in said Election as well those whoe had not taken Said 
oath as those who had & your petitioners are of opinion that 
many more vots ware thrown by those who had not taken Said 
oath than by those who had & therefore they are of opinion that 
Said meeting & election are altogether Contrary to law & null 
and void wharefore your petitioners pray that Said Election 
may be enquired into & if the same is found to be illegal that 
they may have another precept in order that they may be Rep- 
resented in Said Court agreeable to the laws of Said State and 
your petitioners as in Duty bound may ever Pray &c 

Dated Salem february 13: 17S3 

Mathew Tayler William Duty 

Triad* Butler 
Rob' Young 
Stephen Currier 
John Kelly 
Will Somes Kelly 
John Low el 
John Baily 

Samuel kelley 
David Bursiel 
Simeon Clement 
Thomas Dow 
Abner Woodman 
John Johnson 
John Spaflbrd 

Samuel Webster 
Timothy Swan 
John messer 
Benja Woodbery 
David messer 
Elijah Hall 
William woodbery 
John Lovvel juner 



Stephen Wheeler 
James Webster 
Silus wheeler 
Dudley Bay ley 
Jonathan Massey 
Israel Woodbery 
Moody Morse 
Evan Jones 
Oliver Kimball 

Jonathan Bayley 
Samuel Aver 
William Ayer 
Nath 11 webster 
william clough 
Wooster Emerson 
Nath 11 merrill 
John Bayley iuner 
John merrill iu 

Jonathan Hesseltine 

J r . 

william Clough ir 

Asa Pettengill 
Danil Hesseltine 
Danil Hesseltine 
Jonathan Pettengill 


\_Relative to an Election, i/'8j,'\ 

Sir The Subscribers Selectmen &c of Salem having been 
informed that they were So very unhappy when before the 
Honb 11 house Yesterday, as not to State the facts & Communi- 
cate their Ideas Respecting the Number of Quallifid Voters 
that Gave their Suffrages for Cap 1 Allen in his late Election in 
a manner so intellegeble as to be properly Understood therefore 
beg leave Through Your Hon 1- to State To the Hon ble House 
the following Explanation Viz — that at the Said Election there 
was about Twenty Seven Jurors Or persons that had taken y e 
Oath of Allegeance that Gave there Suffrages for Said Allen — 
and there ware But About Seventeen Votes for Any Other Per- 
sons what Soever Except what were for Said Allen & Not more 
than one to the Best of our Knoledge of the Number last men- 
tioned that had Taken the s d Oath — This explaination we ad- 
judged was Our Dutey to Give to The Hon bl Court — & hope it 
will Not be Disagreable 

we are with Sentiments of Esteem your Hon 8 Most Obed* 
Servants — 

Exete r 27 Feb r 1783 

Wm Thorn Moderator 

Abbit Pettengill 

Tho 8 Runels 

Phinehas Gorden Town Clerk 


Hon° Speaker of the Hon bl house of Representatives 

[9-218] [Relative to the Election of yoJin Allen as Repre- 
sentative: addressed to H. oj~ Rep., iySj.~\ 

The Subscribers freeholders & inhabetence of the Town of 
Salem in S d State having been Informd that a few Persons be- 
longing to S d Salem have Exhibited to your Hon" objactions a 



gainst the Choice of Cap 1 John Allen being Representative for 
S d Town in the house of Represantives for S d iState alledging 
that S Choice was Illegal! and that the Ellectors who voted in 
S d Choice Not being Duly Qiialliried as by the Law of S d State 
is Diracted Respecting which the Subscribers beg Leave to 
Suggest to your Hon rs that most Part of those who have Joynd 
in the objactions are a mongst those who have Not here to fore 
Quallified them Selves to be voters by Taking the oath of El- 
lidgence and wee Reasonably Supose object to the Choice 
Meaning to Disturbe the harmoney that Subsist amongst us 
that the Inhabetence of S d Town Proceeded in S d Choice of 
Capt alien in all Respacts a Greable to what we under Stood 
to be the Law of S d State and that if there was the Least verea- 
tion from Law in their proceeding Respacting it it oregenated 
Intirely from a want of Information and Not from the Least Int- 
timation of Casting Contempt on the Laws or othority of S d 
State and there fore the Subscribers Humbly Request your 
Hon" Not to Set a Side S d Choice of Capt alien and that he 
may Continue to Represente S d Town in the Gen 11 assembly 
which will Not only prevent a vast Deal of Troble & Expence 
to S d Town but wall very much Oblige your Hon r * most obedt 
Humble Serv t9 — 

John Ellenwood 
David Hall 
Joseph Bowls 
Reuben Bowls 
William Smith 
Elisha Woodbery 
William Smith Jr 
Daniel Silver 

John Moreland Asa Corlles 

James Moorland Wyman Clough 

Lawrence Burkley Josiah Clough 

James mc glaughlon Josiah Thissel 

thomas mc glaugh- Richard thissel 

Ion John Hall 
Solomon Smith 
Francis Smith 

[Other petitions for the same purpose contained the fol 


Richard Clement 
John Clement 
Rob r Ellingwood 
Richard Kelly 
Israel ober 
Samuel Johnson 
Peter Duston 
Asa Rowell 
Joshua Bayley 

Simon Bradford 
William Bradford 
Zech woodbery 

Benf Bixby 
Timothy Duston 
Joshua Hall 
James Hastinges 

James Hastinges 
Richard Kiley Ju r 
John lankester 
Simon Johnson 

Thomas Douglass 
David Nevens 
John Smith Juner 

Joshua Baley Ju r 
Heman amy 
George Amy 
Alexander Gorden 
Edward Patee 
John mars Baley 
Stephen Duston 
Ebenezer Duston 
wiliam Clement 

Philip Rowell 
Nathan Asten 
peter Asten 



Luke Woodberry 
Samuel Cross 
John Woodberry 
Robert Campbell 
Hugh Campbell 
Stephen Rollins 
David Rollings 
Joseph Leach 
Dudley Merrill 
Enoch m err ill 
David Merrill 
Joseph merrill 
Dn 11 P. Merrill 

Nathan Webster 

Henry W T oodbery 

Natl/ 1 Gorrell 

Nath 11 Woodbery 

Daniel Morrill 

John Bradford 

William Gordon 

Robert Bradford 

Samuel Corlis 9 

Ebenezer woodberry John Smith 

Daniel Massey John merill 

Jonath 11 Tenny 

Asa Tenny 

Moses Asten 
oliver Kimball Ju 1 
Adam Cole 
Ebnezer page 
Jn a Emerson 
Asa Dow 
Henry Lankster 
Nathaniel Dow 
Jonathan Gorden 

[9—223] [Petition for Appointment of a Field Officer, iy84.~\ 

This petition of us Subscribers Humbly seueth, — 

- Being sensable of the new Establishment of an agreeable 
Mode of Government in this State, & that it is absolutely nec- 
essary that good & Wise Men be commisioned to carry into 
Execution the good & wholsom Laws that is or shall be made 
for the preserving of Saiftv, liberty, & property, of the good 
Subjects of s d State. It is expected by the people here that a 
new Settlement of this Rigement will take place soon & that it 
will fall to the lot of Salem to have one field Officer as there 
are two very fine Companies & pay Tax perhaps as large any 
Town in the Rigement 

We Y r Humble petitioners earnestly pray that Abraham 
Dow Esq ; may be the Man that is so Commisioned for a field 
Officer he being capable & sutable therefor We make no doubt 
will answer every intention Y r Excellency & Honors could 
Wish for. 

This Y r patitioners are bound in Duty & shall ever pray — 

Salem July 12 th 17S4 — 

Moody Morse Nath u woodman 

Daniel Gorden Jeremiah Dow 

James Webster Samuel Kelly 
Jonathan Massey 

[9-224] [Baptist Society for Incorporatioyi, I797*~\ 

The petition of Richard Kimbal James Webster & others 
the subscribers inhabitants of the town of Salem County & 
state afors d and in its Vicinity most humbly shew 





That they with their families & each of them have long since 
been & still continue to be of that religious persuasion called 
Baptists that they have for many years paid and supported at 
their own expence an Orthodox minister of that principle who 
was installed over their Church & congregation, & officiated as 
such, until he was called by the providence of GOD to leave 
this world — And in order & for the encouragement of another 
pious & orthodox minister to settle among us, as well to regu- 
late our internal affairs as a religious societv ought to be gov- 
erned, & for other pious & laudable purposses 

We and each of us most humbly supplicate your honors, that 
we and each of us, may be incorporated into a seperate society 
in Salem a for s d by the name stile & title of the Baptist Chris- 
tian Society — 

To have & to hold all the uowers, rights, privelages, prerog- 
atives, as other incorporated Churches & congregations profes- 
sing the christian religion in the state afors d possesses & retains 
— And as in duty bound will ever pray — 

David Wheeler Samuel Kellv 

James Webster 
Richard Kimbal 
Abner Woodman 
Richard Wheeler 
Jacob Rowell 
Lemuel Rowell 
Warren Wheeler 
John Page 
Nath 1 Woodman 

Philip Rowell 
Raw ling Webster 
Jon a Wheeler 

Silas Wheeler 
Samuel Marble 
Moses Brown 
Jon a Page 
Aron Copps 
Richard Kimbal Ju 
Dudly Bay ley 
Isaiah Wheeler 
Joseph Harris 
James Rowell 
John Saunders 
Oliver Saunders 

Ebenezer Woodbury 
John Woodbury 
Amos Wheeler 
Nathaniel Kelly 
Luke Woodbury 
Barnard Kimbal 
Enoch Merrill 
Benj a Ravvlings 
Nath 1 Woodman 
Stephen Wheeler 

[In H. of Rep., December 5, 1797, the petitioners were 
granted leave to bring in a bill. — Ed.] 


The township was originally granted by the government 
of the province of Massachusetts, under which it was called 

The settlement of the province boundaries in 1741 made 
the grant void, and the territory, proving to be within the 
bounds of the Masonian Proprietors' Purchase, was granted 


by them to Col. Ebenezer Stevens, of Kingston, and others, 
October 25, 1749, and went by the name of Stevens-town, 
until it was incorporated by the governor and council of 
New Hampshire, March 1, 1768, and named Salisbury. 

Among the first settlers were Ebenezer and John Web- 
ster, Edward Eastman, Nathaniel Meloon, and Philip Call, 
some of whom settled as early as 1750. 

Col. Ebenezer Webster, who settled in this town in 1763, 
was born in Kingston in 1739. He was in the province 
service in 1757 to 1759, and at one time a member of " Rog- 
er's Rangers ;" an officer in the militia, and in command of 
a company at the battle of Bennington in 1777 ; also in the 
Rhode Island expedition in 1778, and at West Point ; a 
judge of the court of common^pleas from 1791 to 1806; 
state senator in 1785, 1786, 178%, and 1790. He was the 
father of Ezekiel, an eminent lawyer, who was born in 1780, 
and of the renowned Daniel, who was born in 1782. He 
died in 1806, aged 67 years. 

By an act passed December 24, 1828, some territory was 
severed from the east end of the town, combined with por- 
tions of Andover, Northfield, and Sanbornton, and erected 
into the town of Franklin. 

By an act passed July 7, 1869, some territory was sev- 
ered from the town of Franklin, and annexed to this town. 

Salisbury men in First New Hampshire Regiment. 

John Ash enlisted March 8, 1777; discharged December 
3i,i78i. t 

Annanias Bohonon enlisted March 13, 1781 ; discharged 
December 31, 1781. 

Thomas Cross served 20 days ; discharged 1780. 

Levi Lufkin enlisted April 9, 178 1 ; discharged Decem- 
ber 31, 1 78 1. 

John Smith enlisted March, 178 1 ; discharged December 
31, 1781. 

Samuel Saunders enlisted March, 17S1 ; discharged De- 
cember, 178 1. 

[9-225] [Action of the Legislature relative to Guarding 
the Frontiers, iyj4.~\ 

At a Special Convention of the members of the General as- 
sembly at Portsmouth on the twenty Second day of August 



1754, in Pursuance of an order from his Excellency the Gov- 
ernor to the Sheriff of Said Province to Summon the members 
to meet as on file 

Whereas his Excellency the Governor, by his message of the 
twenty first Instant, takes Notice of Sundry Hostilitys Commit- 
ted upon Sundry of his majestys Subjects at a place called Ste- 
vens's Town, within this Province (by Indians Supposd to be of 
the Saint Francis Indians) and that the Inhabitants on the Fron- 
tiers are much exposed and so put in fear, That they Stand in 
need of Protection and Help — Therefore it is agreed upon by 
the members of the House of Representatives that there be the 
number of Sixty Men enlisted or Impressed and his Excellency 
is hereby desird to Give orders for the enlisting or Impressing 
that number for the Protection and Defence of the Frontiers not 
exceeding the Space of Two |nonths and that the allowance for 
their Pay Subsistance and ammunition be the Same as at the 
latter end of the last Indian War and in order for a fund there- 
for, It is further agreed, That there be so much of the Bills of 
Credit of the Interest of the Twenty five Thousand Pounds Loan 
in the hands of the Treasurer borrowed as will be Sufficient for 
the Same ; And that for the Replacing the Same in the Treas- 
ury it is further agreed, That there be a Tax layd on the Polls 
& Estates within this Province agreeable to the last Proportion, 
to be paid by the thirtyeth day of December 1755 — and that 
there shall be a Tax Bill for that end as soon as the General 
assembly shall be in a Condition to act in a Legislative Ca- 
pacity — 

Meshech Weare Speaker 

[The following memorandum is on the back of the orig- 
inal. — Ed.] 

10 men of Chandlers Co — 8 days 

10 men Volunteers — 16 days 

30 men ordered to Stevins Town 

20 do to VValpole &c 

10 men Col Gilmans Reg 1 posted at Nottingham 14 d* 

10 d° at Epsom Col° Smiths Reg' 14 d s 

[9—226] [ Captivity of Samuel Scribncr, I75Q.~\ 

The Petition of the Subscriber (who was an Inhabitant in 
that place Called Stevens's Town in the Province afores d ) Hum- 
bly Shevveth 

That your Excellency & Hon 1-8 Petitioner (with one of his 
Neighbours) was getting their Hay in a Meadow in the year 


J 759 where they were iVttack'd by a Company of Indians & 
taken prisoners & Carried off into a doleful Captivity : and after 
Some time your Petitioner was Sold to a French Gentleman 
(if he may be so Called) who was one of the most Haughty 
Tyrannical & Barbarous of the Romish Religion : Preferring 
his meanest Slaves to a New England Heretick : and your poor 
Petitioner remained under their Tyranny, until the time of re- 
demption, Came for when the Hon bIe Coll 11 Schyler was releasd 
& Sent home it was the Petitioners Lot to be releasd & Sent 
home with him ; for which Mercyful deliverance your poor Pe- 
titioner Cannot be Enough thankful yet when Comeing-Home 
out of his Miserable Captivity, with Scarcely Cloaths to his 
back & finding a wife with Six Small Children (one of which 
was born in the time of the Petitioners Captivity) ; moved 
down to Kingstown and there htiveing been Supported much 
by Charity were borely on it ; in regard of Cloathing and have- 
ing little or no provision laid in renders the Case of your Peti- 
tioner yet very distressing : Wherefore your poor Petitioner 
Humbly moves for an Interest in the Compassions of your Ex- 
cellency and Hon" praying that in your great goodness & mer- 
cy, you will be pleasd to Grant to your Petitioner something ; 
as your Excellency & Hon" shall think meet in order to pro- 
vide for & help Support your poor Petitioner & his distressed 
family : at least till the Revolveing season Shall Come wherein 
your Petitioner by the divine direction asistance & Blessing may 
in the Common Course of Nature & Providence provide for 
himself .& family : and so your Petitioner Humbly leaves the 
State of himself & family : with your Excellency & Hon" pray- 
ing your Serious Consideration thereof and Some Gift from 
this great & Gen 11 Court &c and to your Petitioner shall as in 
duty Bound ever pray &c — 


Samuel X Scribner 


Kingstown february the 26 th day 1759 
[The petition was dismissed. — Ed.] 

[9-226^] [Relative to a division of Lots, I773.~\ 

Kingston July 13 th 1773. 

at a Meeting of the Proprietors of Salisbury in the Province 
of New Hampshire 
jfttiy Josiah Bartlett chosen Moderator — 

ythTy Voted to make another division of Lots to each original 
right in said Town — 



gthiy Voted M r Benjamin Huntoon Cap* John Webster & 
M r Sinkler Bean be a Committee to see the laying out said Di- 
vision — 

Extract from the Proprietors Records 

Andrew Bowers P. C. 

[R. 3-259] [Petition of Peter Bovven of New Salisbury, in 
the province of New Hampshire, states " That he Inlisted in 
the year 1755 into the Province Service as a private Soldier, 
under the Command of Major Robert Rogers." He was 
wounded, and asked for an allowance, which was granted to 
the extent of ^15. See following.] 

[R. 3-260] This may certify whom it may Concern that 
Peter Bowen of Salisbury was in the Provincial Service in the 
year 1755 under the command of Major Rogers who was then 
a Captain, and that the Gun of*one Charles Mcauly a soldier 
discharged accidentally being Loaded with a Ball, which en- 
tered the Head of the said Peter near his right eye and blew 
the same out, I being personally present and see the same — 

December 24 th 1770 — 

John Stark, Lieut to said Company 

The Bearer hereof Peter Bowen having been under the care 
of Docf Carter my deceast Husband having had the misfortune 
of losing his eye sight by a shott of a Gun while in the province 
service: His account to the Docf amounted to upwards £200 
O : T : 

Attested by Ruth Fowler 

Boscawen Decern 1- 3 d 1770. 

[R. 3-261] [A List of the Traini7ig Soldiers of the Town 
of Salisbury, drawn May 27, Ijy6.~\ 

Serjeant Jacob 

Serjeant William 

Serjeant Ananiah 

Serjeant Phineas 

Richard Purmit 
Cutting Stevens 
David Petti ngill 
Nath 1 Marston 

Stephen Webster 
Philip flanders 
Ephraim Colby 
David Hall 
Jeremiah Webster 
Shubael Greeley 
Job Heath 
Ephraim Heath 
Benj n Howard 
William Eastman 
Reuben Greeley 
Jeremiah Eastman 

Jonathan Fifield 
Abraham Fifield 
Joseph Fifield 
Abel Elkins 
Jonathan Cram 
Moses Woodman 
Jacob Garland 
Edward Fifield 
Reuben Hoit 
William Searle 
Jacob Bohonon 
William Webster 



Ezekiel Lunt 
Stephen Cross 
Benj n Basford 
Reuben Kezar 
Jacob True 
Daniel Felch 
John Brown 
Edward Eastman 
Daniel Lowell 
John Sanborn 
Benj n Eastman 
Eben r Clifford 
George Bayley 
William Bayley 
James Johnson 

Rev d M r Jonath 

Elder Sinkler Been 

" Benf Hun- 
Dea n John Collins 
Capt John Webster 

u Matthew Pettin- 
Esq Joseph Bean 

Benj n Greely Ju r 
John Chalis 
Moses Sawyer 
Leonard Judkins 
Philip Lufkin 
Joseph Meloon 
Eben r Tucker 
Jacob Tucker 
Jonathan Forster 
Benaiah Been 
Edward Scribner 
Benj n Scribner 
Iddo Scribner 
Obadiah Peters 

John Been | 

Alarm List. 

D r Joseph Bartlett 

Ens. Andrew Bo- 

Ens. John W'ebster 
" Moses Garland 
" Stephen Call 

Benj n Sanborn 

Nathan Webster 

Robert Barber 

John Fellow's 

John Jemson 
Abel Tandey 
John Fifield 
Joseph French 
Moses Elkius 
John Collins Gale 
Natli 1 Huntoon 
Daniel Huntoon 
Moses Silley 
Gideon Dow 
John Rowe 
Philip Mitchel 
Matthew Greelev 

Nehemiah Heath 
Ben 11 Greeley 
Joseph Marston 
Nath 1 Meloon 
Nath 1 Meloon Jun r 
Ezra Tucker 
Hezekiah Forster 
Edward Scribner 
Andrew Bohonon 
Nathan Colby 

The Following; Soldiers are now in the Public Service- 

Joseph Basford 
John Bavley 
Philip Huntoon 
Sam 1 Loverein 
Reuben Hoit Jun r 

Jonath Huntoon 
Eben r Scribner 
Joseph Loverein 
Simeon Sanborn 
Rowel Colby 

James Basford 
Israel Webster 
Wells Burbank 

The with in is A list of the Company under my Command 

Test Ebenezer Webster Cap* 

[9-227] [Dr. yoseph Bartlett chosen Justice of the Peace."] 

At a Legal meeting of the Freeholders and other Inhabitants 
of the Town of Salisbury holden at the Meeting House in s d 
town on the 24 th of May Last in the afternoon of s d Day, Dr 
Joseph Bartlett was Legally Chosen for a Justice of the peace 


in the town of Salisbury, if the Hon bl? General Court see fit to 

Commission him. 

Jonat n Cram T : Clerk— 
Salisby June y e 14 th 1779. 

[Dr. Bartlett was the first man in town who received a 
commission as justice of the peace. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-262] [Captain Webster's Return, 1777- ] 

Sir I have sent two men acordin to order Jacob Tucker and 
Nath 1 Huntoon by Name the said Tucker wants a fire arme but 
it is Not in my Power to gite one for him I Hope he will make 
out to git one 

With Due Regards 

I am sir your Humbel Serv* 

Eben r Webster 
Salisbury may 22 1777 

To Col 1 Thomas Stickney 

[R. 3-264] [Return of Men for Abatement of Poll- Tax. ~\ 

To the Receiver General in & for the Colony of New Hamp- 
shir — 

Sir this Certify to you that those persons whose names are 
hereafter mentioned served in the American army last Summer 
and are engaged for the Coming year in the same Service 

Simeon Sanborn Colony Rate is 0—1-9-3 

Jonathan Huntoon °~ I_ 9~3 

John Kanade 0—1-9-3 

Joseph Loverin 0-1-9-3 

Single men all £0-7-3-0 

Attest John Collins ) Selectmen 

Leonard Judkins ) for Salisbury 

[The following named men were returned to Col. Stick- 
ney, in November, 178 1, to answer a call for three months* 
service: "Moses Fellows, Matthew Greele, Benja Sanborn, 
Elisha Shephard." (Rev. Pap., p. 75.) — Ed.] 


[Soldiers* Enlistment, i'/8i.'] 

We the subscribers whose name are Hear unto set do volin- 
tarily in List our selves in to the Sarvis of the State of New 
Hampshire for the term of three months from the time we Joyn 
the armey unless sooner discharged and Pro mis obedience to 
our offisers and to observe the Rules of the armey 

Witness our Hands 

Moses Fellows Matthew Greele 

Benjamen Sanborn Elisha Shephard 

Salisbury Sep 1 12, 17S1 

[R. 3-266] [Depositions relative to jfohn As/t, 1782.] 

The Deposition of Sam 1 Scribner of Salisbury of Lawful age 
who Testifyeth and says that Johsi Ash living with him when 
s d Deponent lived in Andover and when s d Deponent moved 
into Salisbury which was about the middle of October 177^ he 
the said John Ash moved with him and. lived with him the s d 
Deponent in Salisbury till about the middle of March 1776 and 
further Saith Not Samuel Scribner 

The Deposition of John Collins Gale of Salisbury of Lawful 
age who Testifyeth and Says that John Ash came to live with 
him the s d Deponent in Salisbury about the 6 th of April 1776 & 
lived with him the s d Deponent until about the last of August 
following, and then Enlisted himself as a Soldier to go to Cohos 
for a short time, and then Returned to me again and made my 
House his Home untill about a fortn* before he Inlisted into the 
Continental army which was some time in March 1777 and 
when s d Ash left s d Deponents House s d Ash went Immediately 
to Capt John Websters in Salisbury ; and further saith not 

John Collins Gale 

[Sworn to before Joseph Bartlett, June 19, 1782. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-267] [Account for Bounties.'] 

State of New Hampshire Hillsborough County 
To the Hon bl President of the Committee of Safety for said 
Be pleased to pay unto Elder Benj n Huntoon the bearer hereof, 
the wages due from the State to the Town of Salisbury on Ac- 
compt of the hire paid by said Town to the following persons, 
which inlisted into the Continental Army in April 1777 for three 


Years (for which each one Rec d Seventy Dollars) Viz Ephraim 
Heath, Moses Fellows, John Ash, Philip Flanders, Reuben 
Hoyt, Reuben Greeley, William Bayley, Philip Lufkins Benja- 
min Howard, Daniel Felch, Matthew Greeley, and Joshua Snow ; 
and in- August 10 th 1779 paid to George Nichols as a Bounty for 
his inlisting into the Continental Army during the War, Five 
Hundred Dollars of the then Current money — also the Travel 
Money of four Melitia raised in 17S1 to Springfield, and the 
Travel Money of one Melitia to Coos this Summer Past — and 
likewise such Securities as is Customary (if any is) for what 
Bounties was Voted by the Honb 1 General Court to Towns that 
hired Continental Soldiers for three Years in 17S1 it being seven 
that Salisbury hired ; and you will Oblige your Most Obedient 
and very Humble Servants — 

* Salisbury Novemb r 25 th 1782 

John Collins' ~) Selectmen 
Joseph Bartlett y of 
_c Phinehas Bean ) Salisbury 

N B Reuben Hoyt was paid by the Town Eighty-Five Dol- 
lars as by the Recep ts may Appear 
I Exeter Nov r 29th 17S2 

I Received an Order on the Treas r to pay by Discount One 

Hundred and twenty one pounds fourteen shillings and ten 
pence Bounties advanced by Salisbury 

Benj n Huntoon 

[9~~ 2 3°] [Petition for Authority to erect a Toll- Bridge: ad- 
dressed to the General Court, i/QJ^ 

Humbly shew the Subscribers that a bridge across merimac 
river between the towns of Northfield and Salisbury near Cross' 
ferry (so called) would be of great public utillity — Wherefore 
your petitioners pray that the exclusive previlege of building a 
bridge across said river anywhere within three miles distance 
of said Cross' ferry may be granted them and such as may be 
associated with them and their hiers and Assigns, and of receiv- 
ing a toll for their indemnification — And that they may be 
formed into a body politic and corporate for that purpose and 
have leave to bring in a bill accordingly and as in duty bound 
will ever pray &c — 

Concord June 13 1793 — 

Charles Glidden Peaslee Badger 

Jonathan Eastman Eben r Eastman 


Jere h Clough Tho 8 Gilman 

Obediah Clough David M c Crilles 

Chandler Lovejoy thomas Cross 

[The legislature granted the petitioners an act of incor- 
poration dated Jan. II, 1794. — Ed.] 

[9-231] \_Report of a Co?nmittee relative to a Bridge, 7794.] 

The Subscribers being Chosen by Henry Gerrish Esq r and 
Cap* Jonathan Eastman to say what Compensation the said 
Gerrish shall receiv d from Charles Glidden and others for giving 
unto them the privilage of building a bridge over Merrimack 
River between Northfield and Salisbury near Crosses ferry 
within the limits of the said Henrys Grant of a ferry — Report 
that the said Charles Glidden and others proprietors of the pro- 
posed Bridge provide in the most Convenient place and make a 
Road Sufficient for teams 4b pass from said Bridge to the said 
Henrys farm in Northfield and that they also Grant to the said 
Henry his heirs and assigns living in the house now ocupied by 
him and those in his and their immediate employ a right of 
passing and repassing said Bridge with horses Cattle and teams 
so long as the said Charles and others their heirs or assigns are 
proprietors of said Bridge and if the said Charles and others do 
not Comply with the above (that the publick may not Suffer 
for want of a bridge there) we are of opinion that the said 
Henry should oblige himself to build a Bridge there as Soon as 
may be — 

Exeter January 4 th 1794 

A Copy 

[9-231] [Petit io?i for an Incorporation of Salisbury Acade- 
my : addressed to the General Court, IJQ4.~\ 

The Petition of the undersigned persons Humbly Shews, 

That we have long experienced the want of an Institution in 
this vicinity where youth may be instructed in the higher 
brandies of learning ; cS: be prepared to transact the common 
business of life with advantage, or to finish their educations at 
a university We feel a deep conviction of the importance and 
utility of a general diffusion of literature and good morals. To 
facilitate the means of education is we are persuaded the most 
effectual means of accomplishing this desirable object. The 
dearest interests of our country are last developing upon the 



rising generation — they will soon become citizens — and invest- 
ed with all the relations of life. We regard them with a pater- 
nal anxiety, and ardently wish that they may enter upon the 
theatre of life with such qualifications as will do honor not only 
to republicans but to human nature. We consider knowledge 
as the palladium of liberty. W T e consider good morals as the 
foundation of happiness public and private. With such senti- 
ments we have associated for the purpose of erecting & sup- 
porting an Academy by the name of the Salisbury Academy 
where youth may be initiated in the arts & sciences — acquire 
habits of morality and piety — and an invincible attachment to 
the principles of civil & religious liberty. The design of our 
association has received the approbation of a majority of our 
fellow-townsmen, & we now respectfully solicit the patronage 
of the Legislators of New Hampshire. Your Honors must be 
sensible that the business of such an Institution cannot be 
well managed without a board of Trustees. We therefore pray 
your Honors for liberty to bring in a bill to constitute Hon ble 
Timothy Walker & Abiel Foster Esquires, Rev. Jon a Searle, 
Rev. Elias Smith & Luke Wilder a corporation by the name of 
the Trustees of Salisbury Academy, & to invest the afore named 
gentlemen, & their Successors with all the necessary powers of 
a body corporate to carry into execution the design aforesaid of 
your Petitioners — 

And your Petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray — 

Jonathan Searle, 
Moses Garland, 
Abel Elkins, 
Luke Wilder, 
Andrew Bowers, 
Jonathan Fifield, 
Elias Smith, 
'Caleb Judkins, 
Leonard Judkins, 
John Sweatt, 
JEphraim Colby, 
Jacob Garland, 
Moses Morse, 
Israel Webster, 

Nathaniel Ash, 
Benjamin Pettengal 

Jun r 
Stephen George, 
Reuben True, 
James Currier, 
William Eastman, 
Jon a C. Pettingall, 
Benj n Whittemore, 
Anniah Bohonan, 
Samuel Loverin, 
Samuel Green leaf, 
Stephen Webster, 
Joseph Severens, 

Joseph Adams 
. Joseph Fifield 
Benjamin Pettingall 
Eliphalet Williams 
Edward West 
Jacob Bohonan Jun r 
Leonard Judkins 

Jun r 
Levi George 
Andrew Bohonan 
Caleb Cushing 
Abraham Sanborn 

Salisbury Dec. 20 th 1794 — 

[Salisbury Academy was incorporated in 1795. — Ed.] 


[9— 233] [Petition for Incorporation of a Toll-Bridge : ad- 
dressed to the Ge?ieral Court, l8oo.~\ 

The petition of the Subscribers humbly shews that a Bridge 
over Pemissawasset Branch at Webster's falls, so called, be- 
tween the Towns of Salisbury and Sandbornton would be of 
great public utility and accommodate travellers and others much 
to their advantage : Your petitioners therefore pray that they 
may have the exclusive Right of building and maintaining a 
toll Bridge over said River at the most convenient place over 
the same within one mile of said falls either above or below ; 
and your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray. — 

Eben r Webster Thomas Clough Ju r Elijah Sargent 

Eben r Eastman Ellison Fowler William Smith 

Joseph Clark Eben r Clark 

Samuel T. Gilmon Jonathan Ayers 

[The foregoing petitioners were granted an act of incor- 
poration the same year, and the bridge named Republican 
Bridge. — Ed.] 

_ -4 


The township was granted by the Masonian proprietors, 
Dec. 31, 1748, to John Sanborn, of Hampton, and others. 
The grantees were residents of Hampton, Exeter, and Strat- 
ham, twelve of whom were named Sanborn : hence the name 
of the town. Settlements were retarded by reason of trouble 
with the Indians, and none were permanently made until 
1764. In 1768 there were thirty-two families in town. At 
a meeting held Jan. 8, 1770, a committee was appointed to 
petition for an incorporation. This committee petitioned 
on the first day of March following, and the town was in- 
corporated by the governor and council the same day. The 
town did its full share in the Revolutionary war, and in the 
war for the suppression of the slave-owners' rebellion. 

Sanbornton Academy was incorporated Dec. 20, 1820, 
and with others established subsequently, contributed large- 
ly to the prosperity of the town, and to the high standing of 
its inhabitants. By an act approved June 30, 1869, the 
south part of the town, formerly known as Sanbornton 
Bridge, was incorporated into the present town of Tilton. 


July I, 1870, some territory was severed from Tilton and 
annexed to Sanbornton ; and by act of July 3, 1872, a small 
tract was severed from the latter and annexed to the for- 

Sanbornton men in Capt. Benj. Ellis's Company, Scam- 
mell's Regiment, 1781, Nathan Hoit, Fifer, and Jacob Gile. 

[10— 1] \_Justice of the Peace zvantcd, 1770.'] 

Sandbornton Dec r 1770 to Cap* Joseph Hoit of Sfratham Si r 
we whose names are underwritten desire that you would Sine 
our names to a Petition to > e Governor for a Commission of the 
Peace for Dan 1 Sanborn of this town 

Samuel Shepard Nath 11 Tilton Samuel Smith 

Charles Thomas Israel Tilton John folsom 

Nathaniel burley William Hayes Isaac Colby 

william tomson William Hayes Junr Jonathan Smith 

Moses Danford William Durgan 

[10—2] \_Petition in favor of David Sanborn, 1770.] 

The Humble Petition of the inhabitants of Sandbornton 

We your Excellencys humble Petitioners Labouring" under 
the Disadvantage of Living at a Great Distance from a Magis- 
trate & Consequently are at a Grate Expence in Gitting our 
Business Done & Depending on your Excellencys Protection in 
our Civil as well as Relegious Priviledges would Pray your 
Excellency to Grant a Commission of the Peace to Daniel Sam- 
born of this Town 

your Excellencys favourable notice of our Circumstances & 
Granting our Request will we humbly Concive be of Grate 
Service to this Town in Saving Much time & Expence in Git- 
ting our Necessary Business Done & in Preserving Peace & 
unity amongst us & So of Consequence for y e Publick Good 

we Remain your Excellencys Loyal Humble Petitioners 

March y e 29 th 1770 

John Samborn Philip Hunt Benjamin Hoit 

Ebenezer Morrison Androw Roiii Samuel Shepard 

thomas Lyford Daniel fifield Charles Thomas 

Jacob Smith Aaron Samborn Nathanel burly 

Satchel Clark Edward kelley William Thompson 

Benjamin Darlin Josiah Canficld Moses Danford 



tho 8 Gilmon 
Nichelos Clark 
Josiah Samborn 
Chase taylor 
Thomas Sinclear 
Abijah Samborn 
Enock Eley 
Jonathan Thomas 
John Gibson 
Solomon Cops 
Thomas Critchet 

David Dusten Jur 
Jonathan Smith 
William kinston 
Joseph Carr 
Jacob Smith iun 
Joseph Smith 
Jonathan Lang 
James Cate 
John Gale 
Ben 11 Sanborn 
Cole Weeks 

Nathanel Tilton 
Israel Tilton 
Wiliam Hayes 
Wiliam Hayes Jun r 
Wiliam Durgon 
Samuel Smith 
John Folsom 
Isaac Colby 
Jonathan Smith 

[R. 3-297] \_Petition of Caftt. Chase Taylor : addressed to 
the Assembly, 1778. J 

The humble Petition of Chase Taylor of Sanborn Town in 
the County of Strafford Esq r 

Sheweth That on the 16 th day of August last past, Your Pet r 
was Capt of a Company in Col. Stickneys Regiment at the 
Engagement at Bennington. 

That by a Musket Ball from the Enemy, he had his Thigh- 
bone fractured, and remained utterly disabled from following 
any Business from that time till about the Beginning of May 
last, and his pay had ceased in the Sept r next before. 

That in the said Fight he lost a very good Gun of the Value 
of 20 Dollars (upon a moderate Computation) and his Cartouch 

Your Pet r therefore prays Your Honours to take the premises 
into Your Consideration That he may be recompenced for his 
Loss of time and Expences occasioned by his said Misfortune, 
and also on Account of the Loss of the said Gun &c 

And Your Pet r will ever pray &c 

Chase Tavlor 

[He was allowed £ 16,4s, and half pay. — Ed.] 

[R. 3-269] \_Petition of Tho?7ias Lyford, Soldier: addressed 
to the General Court, iy8o.~\ 

The Humble Petition of Thomas Lyford Late of Sandbornton 
Sheweth that your memorelest Engaged in the Continental 
Service as a Lieu 1 in major whitcombs Corps of Rangers Octo- 
ber the 14 th 1776 at ticonderoge in which Service your memo- 



relest has Ever vSince been Imployed and has Receive only the 
Sum twenty Six dollars and two thirds of a dollar pr month 
wages and ten Dollars pr month as Ration money therfore your 
memorelest prays that his Case may be taken into your wise 
Consideration and he be put on equal footing with other Conti- 
nental officers of this State of his Ranke or grant such other 
Present Releaf for the Surporting him Selfe and famerly as 
you Shall Se fit and as in Duty Bound Doth pray &c Sandborn- 
ton february y e i Et 17S0 — 

N : B money that Shall be granted me Should be glad that 
the same ma}' be Drawn by Ebenezer Smith Esq r to Convey 
to my famerly as I am about to Return to the army to my 


Thomas Lyford 

[R. 3-268] [Soldiers' Order, I7Q2.~\ 

Samborntown August 29 th 1792 
To the Treasurer of the State of Ncwhampshire 

Sir Pleas to Pay to John Nicholls or his order What ever is 
Due to my late Son Samuel Magoon he haveing Been a Soldier 

in the Ne£v Hampshire Regiment I being the ted 

father and Sole heir of Said Deceased it Being for Vallue Re- 
ceived Witness my Hand 


Samuel X Magoon 


Attest H, B. Eastham 
Daniel Kelley 

[10-3] \_Solo?no?i Copps, for a Ferry, 178 1.~] 

The Petition of us the subscribers select men and Inhabitants 
of the Town of Gilmantown in said County Humby shews — 

That Solomon Copps of sandborntown has for several Years 
Last past kept a ferry over Winipisseoke River at a place Called 
mohawk point and a Good Boat to accommodate Passengers 
passing and Repassing from Gilmantown to sandborntown to 
the satisfaction of People passing that Road and we are of opin- 
ion that it is Necessary that a ferry should be Established in 
that place we therefore pray that the said Copps may have a 
Grant of the same by an act of the General Court so Long as 
he his Heirs or assigns shall provide and Keep Good Boat or 



Boats for transporting passengers and Give Good attendance 
and we as in Duty Bound shall ever pray 

Dated at Gilmanton afores d march y e 2 d A : D : 17S1 

Joseph Badger 
Samuel Greeley J- 
ianj r ) 

Edward Gilm; 

") Select men 

Joseph Huckins 

Jeremiah Richardso 
Moses Adams 
Joseph Badger Ju r 
John Judkins 
Jabez James 
Ebenezer Paige 
W m Smith 

Joseph Shepard 
thomas Flanders 
njeremy Cogswell 
William Silley 
Joseph Parsons 
Antipas Gilman 
Jonathan Dow 
Peter Gilman 
Simeon Copp 

Noah Dow 
Joshua Gilman 
Paul Bickford • 
Benjamin dow 
Lemuel Rand 
Nath 1 Wilson 
Jacob Daniels 
Charles Rundlet 

[The petition was granted. — Ed] 

[10-4] [Solomon Cop ps for a Ferry, 1781."] 

^andbornton Feburary y e 27 th 1781 — 

The Humble Petition of y e Subscribers Inhabitants of Sd 
Town to y e President, Council, & House of Representatives of 
this State, whereas M r Solomon Copp of this Town hath in 
time Past been at great Expence in Providing & Keeping in 
Repair a Boat for y e accommodation of People in Crossing y e 
ferrry at y e narrows at mohawk Point So Call d , with but Little 

Profit we think it Reasonable & therefore P 


that he 


have y e Priviledge of Sd ferry given & Confirm* 1 to him by act 
of Court there being a Road Laid out which takes in y e Land- 
ing at Sd ferry — 

which your Petitioners as in Duty bound Shall ever pray 

Ebenezer Morroson 
Aaron Sanborn 
Samuel Lane 

James Cate jun r 
Stephen Gale 
Daniel Fi field 
Josiah Samborn 
Saml Morrison 
John thorn 
John Robnson 
James Cate 

Dan 1 Sanborn 
Nath u Tilton 
Jacob Smith 
Jeremiah tilton 
John Clark 
Jeremiah Sanborn 
Jacob Garland 
Ebenezer Gove 

Select men of 

Benjamin Hoit 
Benjamin Colby 
Josiah miles 
John Sanders 
Jonathan Sanborn 
Jonathan Chase 
William Robinson 
William Durgain 


Jonathan Thomas 
thomas Chrichet 
William Gilman 
Chase Taylor 
John Samborn 
James Gbson 
Abijah Sanborn 
Jonathan Judkins 
Ichabod Swain 
robart Smart 
Jonathan morison 
Nathaniel witcher 
David Blanchard 
Nathaniel Burley 
William burley 
Hugh March 
Nicolas Clark 


William Chase 
Jonathan Morrison 
Cole Weeks 
Joseph Hoit 
Jon a Taylor 
Josiah Sanborn Jur 
John Johnson 
N — Taylor 
John Lane 
Jacob Smith junr 
Jonathan Chase 
James Sinclear 
James Lary 
Nathaniel Burbank 
Daniel tilton 
Benjam P. Canfield 
William Prescut 


Jacob Garland 
Jacob Smith 
Ezekiel Gilman 
Joseph Clark 
Elisha Prescut 
Joseph Smith 
Thomas Cavvley 
Sam 1 morrison 
David morrison 
Aaron Ellsworth 
Edward Kelley Junr 
Edward Kelley 
Theo Rundlet 
Jonathan Judkins 
Josiah Sanborn Junr 
Ebenezer Gove 

[10-8] [Petition in favor of Daniel Sanborn, 1784.] 

Sanbornton April 20 th 1784 — 
The Humble Petition of the Subscribers Inhabitants of sd 
Town to y e President & Counsil of sd State — 

whereas the new Constitution is Soon to take Place and Dan- 
iel Sanborn Esq"" hath Serv d us as a Justice of y e Peace in this 
Town for many y$?ars Past to our Satisfaction we Pray that he 
may be Continued or appointed to Serve us in sd office in Pref- 
erence to any other man in sd Town 

Benaiah Sanborn 
Ens n Nath 1 Chand- 
Dan 1 Davison 
Ens n Nath 1 Grant 
Levi Robinson 
Josiah Shaw 

Samuel Brown 

Will™ Weeks 

Maj r Joseph Prescott 

John Gale 

Benj n Robinson 

Jon a Chase 

Will" 1 Robinson 

Will 1 " DurginJ' 

Jacob Garland 

Lev* Jacob Smith 

Ezekiel Gilmon 

Lev* Joseph Clark 

Ens" Elisha Prescott John Johnson 

Joseph Smith John Bryer 

Thomas Calley Dan 1 Sanborn J r 

Sam 1 Morrison Elisha Cate 

David Morrison Moses Danforth 

Samuel Prescott 
Chase weeks 
David Chapman 
Nathan Blake 
Josiah Cally 
Joseph Wadleigh 
James Wadleigh 

Lev* Benjamin Mor- Cap* Will'" Tomson 

Joseph Gilmon 
Joseph Grant 
Elisha Smith 

Solomon Copp 
Will" 1 Miles 
Nathan 1 Chany 
Dan 1 Gale 
James Fulonton 
Will" 1 Hersey 
Stephens Burley 
Joseph Burley 
Dudly Smart 



Aaron Elsworth 
Ichabod Swain 
Moses Randel 
Stephen Clark 
Andrew Roien 
John Clark 
Abijah Sanborn 
Dan 1 Fifeld 
Edmond Chapman 
Jon a Been 
Will"' Hayes 
Francis. Durgin 
Jon a Thompson 
Simeon Cate 
Jon a Cate 
Nath 1 Bui-bank 
Thomas Copp 
Thomas Shute 
Jon a Chase Jun r 
Thomas Chritchet 
Jon a Taylor 
Josiah Hersey 
James Cate Jun r 

Eliphelit Brown 
Moses Gilmon 
Elisha Chapman 
Jon a Hobbs Sanborn 
Sam 1 Hunt 
Jeremiah Gibson 
Simeon Hains 
Jacob Bamford 
Solomon Copp J r 
Josiah Miles 
Benf Perl Canfield 
Reuben Smith 
Stephen Fogg 
Noah Smith 
John Roberson 
Jonathan Smith 
Daniel Tilton 
Jonathan Cally . 
Cap 1 Will™ Harper 
Maj r Will m Prescott 
John Chapman 
Cole weeks 
Joseph Prescott J r 

Signed in 17S5 that did not in 1784. 

Will™ Burley 
Peter Hersey 
Moses March 
Moses Thompson 
Mathew Thompson 
James osgood 
Jacob Thompson 
James Cate 
Bradbury Johnson 
Benjamin Roberson 

J r , 
Nath 1 Burley 

Joseph Burley Jun r 

Jacob Thomas 

Edward Kelly Juri r 

Edward Kelly 

Theoph" Rundlet 

Jon a Judkins 

Josiah Sanborn J r 

Lev* Eben 1 * Gove 

James Gibson 

Nicholas Giles 
James Sanborn 
Reuben Rallns 
John Sanborn 3 d 
Dudley Cram 

Nathan Smith Benj a Smith 

John Cartey Gale Nath 1 Caverly 
James Fullonton J r Tme y Smith 
Sam 1 Fifeld 
James Sincler 

and 20 that would Sine no Petition but wase willing for the: 


[Ratable Polls, i/Sj.^ 

N° of Poles 21 years & upward 

Sanbornton about 1S0 
Meredith 85 

Newhampton 75 

17S3 Dec r E— Smith 

T "" 


[io-ii] [More Jtistices wanted, 178 j.~] 

Sandbornton Feb^ y e 2i et 17S5 
we the Subscribers Recommend M r John Sanborn & Mr 
John Lane for Justices ofy c Peace of this Town 

Chaise Taylor S Clark William Taylor 

Ebenezcr Morroson Nathan Taylor William Huse 

Abra m Perkins Nich Clark John Morrison 

Josiah Sanborn Josiah Emery Simeon Robinson 

John thorn Thomas Lyford Jeremiah Sanborn 

Benjamin Sanborn Thomas Critchet 

Sam* Lane Ebn r Samborn 

[10-12] [Petition for a Paper Currency, 178 j.~] 

Sanbornton Oct r 24 th 17S5 — 

The Petition of us y e Subscribers Inhabitants of sd Town, 
Humbly Sheweth that your Petitioners with others y e Inhabi- 
tants of this State, Labour under great inconveanency for want 
of a Currancy or medium of trade Sufficientto transact y e Com- 
mon busness between man & man & notwithstanding your Pe- 
titioners <£ we Concive that others in General are Desireous to 
Discharge all our Debts with y e Strictest Honour, the Payment 
of which, as also y c Common trading one with another, is Ren- 
dered next to Impossable, by Reason ofy e Scarcely of money, 
— and People of all Ranks, & Conditions, are Sue d & meney 
Put into Prison all of which tends to Impoverish Individuals, & 
Consequently fy e State in General ; — we therefore Prav that 
your Honours would as Soon as Possable make a Sum or Bank 
of Paper money Sufficient to answer all Debts or Demands in 
this State or for a medium of trade, & that Sd Paper money, 
may be made a tender in all Cases — and your Petitioners as in 
Duty bound Shall ever Pray. 

will m Chase 1 

James Hersev > Select men 

Nat 1 Grant * ) 

Dan 1 Sanborn Ichabod Swain Noah Smith 

Josiah Miles Solomon Copp Edward Kelley 

Jon a Hobbs San- Tho* Critchet Joseph Prescott 

born Elisha Prescott Dan' Gale 

Joseph Smith Jun r Nath 1 Chaney David Chapman 

James Sanborn Cole weeks Jotham Rallins 

Ahijah Sanborn Chase weeks Josiah Shaw 

Jon a Ch;ise Jun r will 1 " weeks will" 1 Tomson 

John Chapman Daniel Sanborn J r Sam 1 Prescott Jun r 



James Cate 
will™ Prescott 
Reuben Smith 
Moses Rendal 
Dan 1 Davison 
Sam 1 Prescott 
James Gibson 

Lovel Lang 
will m Prescott Jun 1 
Humphery Hunt 
Jon a Been 
Jon a Smith 
Dan 1 Tilton 
Jon a Thomas 

Peter Hersey 
Dan 1 Fifeld 
Eben r Colby 
True worthy Smith 
Benaiah Sanborn 
John Sanborn 3 d 
James Cate Jun r 


Sanbornton Oct r 24 th 1 7S5 
I have no Doubt But if y e Petition for Paper money from this 
Town was Carry* to all y e men in it there would be one hun- 

dred & fifty Signers for y e Same — 

Dan 1 Sanborn 

[For legislative action on the matter, see Atkinson pa- 
pers, Vol. XL— Ed.] 

[10-15] [Petition for a Change of Day of Annual Meeting: 
addressed to the General Court, IJQ4.~\ 

This petition Humbly Sheweth — 

that by the Charter of Sanbornton the Inhabitants are to hold 
their Meeting for the Choice of Town officers on the hist Tues- 
day of March annually to the ill-conveniance of the freeholders 
& whereas it is commonly bad traviling at that time So that 
many of the Inhabitants Cannot attend Said Meeting and there- 
by are excluded from giving their Votes for State and town 
officers, and whereas it Sometimes happens that the Inhabitants 
Cannot finish their Businees in one day but are under the neses- 
sity of adjourning to Some future day which must ofen be in 
the Month of April, and thereby the Selectmen Cannot take the 
Inventory in Season to the damage of Said town, — Therefore 
at a Leagal meeting Unanimously Voted that the Select-men 
Shall Prefer a petition to the Honnourable General Court Pray- 
ing that their Anual Meeting might be Earlycr in Said month, 
Wherefore we the Subscribers beg leave to Present this petition 
Praying your Honnors that the Said Meeting now held on the 
Last tuesday of March as by Said Charter, might in future be 
held on the Second Tuesday of Said month and we your Hum- 
ble Petitioners as in Duty Bound Shall Ever Pray — 

Josiah Emery ^ Select-men in behalf 
Moses Tomson >■ of the Inhabitants 
W m Chase \ of Sanbornton 

[This petition was granted. — Ed.] 



f 10-16] \_Tilto?i Bennett, for a Ferry over Pemigewasset 
River, 1798.'] 

To the honourable the General Court of the state of New 
Hampshire to convene at Concord on the third Wednesday of 
November instant — Humbly shew 

Your Petitioners, inhabitants of the town of Sanbornton that 
Tilton Bennet of said town has attended a ferry over Pemige- 
wasset River between Sanbornton and New-Chester for four 
years last past and has been at great expence to provide and 
keep in repair suitable boats for said ferry, wherefore your pe- 
titioners humbly pray your honors would grant said ferry to 
him, and as in duty bound will ever pray — 

November 2 d 1798 — 

Jonathan Weeks 
Nathan Blake 
Nath 11 Ladd 

Jonathan Thomson 
Moses Tomson 
W m Hayes 
John Clark 
Lowell Lang 
W m Weeks 
Nathaniel Piper 
Chase Weeks 
Charles thomas 
Cole Weeks J r 
Benjamin Rollins 
Edmund Chapman 

David Perley 3 
John Shaw 
Thomas Morison 

Josiah Shaw ir 
Joseph Chapman 
James Chapman 
John Adams Harper Daniel Johnson 


W ra Taylor 
John Sandborn 
Nathan Smith 
Moses Leavitt 
Josiah Sanborn y 
Jacob Tilton 
Lyford Dow 
Stephen Prescott 
Nathaniel Caverey 
Joseph Gale 
Joshua Bangs 
Joseph Conner 

Ezekiel Brown 
David Robinson 
Moses Colby 
Jotham Rawlings 
Henry Blake 
Ebenezer Swain 
Josiah Heath 
Moses Page 
Tilton Bennet J r 
Anthony Colby 

[A grant of a ferry was made to said Bennett the same 
session. — Ed.] 


Humbly shews 

Tilton Bennet of Sanbornton that he has attended a ferry 
over Pemigewasset River between Sanbornton and New Ches- 
ter for four years last past, and has been at great expence to 
provide suitable Boats for said ferry — wherefore your petitioner 
humbly prays your honors would grant said ferry to him, and 
as in duty bound will ever pray — 

November 2 d 179S Tilton Bennet 



[10-17] \_Pctitiojz for Incorporation of a Library: ad- 
dressed to the General Court, I'/gy.'] 

The Petition of the subscriber in behalf of the proprietors of 
the Social Library society in Sanborntown Humbly sheweth 

That said society have been at considerable Expence in pur- 
chasing a Collection of Books for the purpose of defusing use- 
ful knowledge amongst them, but find themselves under many 
disadvantages for want of being Incorporated — They therefore 
pray your Honors to pass an Act Incorporating them into a 
body politick for the purpose of regularly ordering said society 
under such rules and regulations as to your Honors may appear 
Just & reasonable and Your Petitioner as in duty bound will 
ever pray 

William Harper 

[This petition was granted, and the library incorporated 
the same year. — Ed.] 

[10-19] [Petition for the Incorporation of Sanbornto?i "Mu- 
sical Society: addressed to the Getter al Court, i/QQ .] 

Humbly shew, 

The Subscribers, inhabitants of the town of Sandbornton, 
that they have formed themselves into a society for the promo- 
tion of vocal and instrumental musick ; and that they have been 
at considerable expence to procure books, instruments, and 
able instructors, to teach the arts of singing and performing on 
instruments. — Your petitioners therefore humbly pray, that 
they, together with their associates, and all such as may here- 
after become members of the said society, may be incorporated 
into a body politic, by the name of " Sandbornton Musical So- 
ciety," and that they may be vested with all the powers and 
privileges incident to corporations of a similar nature: — 

And your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray. 

Joseph Woodman Jeremiah Tilton 

Samuel Lane Andrew Lovejoy 

Nathan Taylor Jeremiah Sanborn Jun r 

Samuel Gerrish Stephen Goodhue 
Joshua Lane 

[In H. of Rep., Dec. 25, 1799, leave was granted to bring 
in a bill. — Ed.] 




[10-20] [Petition for the Incorporation of the Baptist As- 
sociation: addressed to the General Court, fune, i802.~] 

We the Subscribers, inhabitants of the Town of Sanborn- 
town, Humbly Shew — That we have formed ourselves into a 
Society for the purpose of worshiping God agreeably to the dic- 
tates of our own consciences; that we have been at consider- 
able expence to erect a decent House for public worship ; and 
for the support of the Gospel among us; and that v.c labour 
under many disadvantages by not being incorporated, and being 
denied the privileges of incorporated parishes — Wherefore we 
humbly pray, that an act of incorporation maybe granted unto 
us, and such others as may hereafter associate with us, by the 
name of the Sanbornton Baptist association, and that such 
rights, privileges and immunities may be granted and secured 
unto us, our associates and successors, as others in similar 
cases have heretofore received : And we as in duty bound will 
ever pray — 

Sanbornton March 31 st 1802 

David Burley Jun r 
Peter Hersey 
Samuel Hersey 
Thomas Colman 
Jonathan Taylor 

Jun r 
Coffin Sanborn Jun r 
John Prescott 
Daniel Gove 
Joseph II Sanborn 
Levi Sanborn 
Benj a Robinson 
James Robinson 
Benj a Robinson J r 
Josiah Hersey 
Samuel Hunt 
Coffin Sanborn 
Abner Sanborn 
Jon* Chase 
Mark Chase 
Winthrop Diirgin 
Taylor Clark 
Elijah Durgin 
Thomas Copp 
Dudley Cram 
Timothy Smith J r 
Daniel Tucker 

John W Hunt 
William Hersey 
Jacob March 
Eben r Morrison J r 
William Durgin 
Thomas Cawley 
William Chase 
Nicholas Giles 
James Chase 
Ed Taylor 
Josiah Sanborn 4 th 
Joseph Prescott 3 a 
Jonathan Taylor 
Jonathan Webster 
William Rundlet 
Benj 11 Calley 
Cole Weeks 
Joseph Chapman 
Nathaniel Caverly 
Jacob Hun kins 
Chase Sanborn 
Henry Blake 
Charles Thomas 
William Eaton 
Reuben Eaton 
William Eaton J r 
Isarael Beckman 

Winthrop Durgan J r 
David Morrison 
W m Hersey J r 
Benj a Railings 
Josiah Blake 
Joseph Weeks 
Elisha Lougee 
James Chapman 
Edmund Rundlet 
Thomas Morrison 
John Morrison J r 
John Dearborn 
Simeon Cass 
Reuben Rundlett 
W T illiam Calley 
Thomas Eastman 
John Taylor 
Christopher Sanborr 
John Clark 3 
Nath 1 Hart 
George Whitcher 
Robert Steele 
Jeremiah Graves 
Winthrop True 
John Sanders 
Jonathan Lang 
Jonathan Calley 


Samuel Connor Jonathan Weeks Harper Quimby 

Moses Hunt Lyford Dow Samuel Elsworth 

David Clark Jeremiah Smith Samuel Chapman 

John Durgin Joseph Colby Benj a Steele 

Jonathan Thompson W m Weeks Josiah George 

Thomas Morse David Morrison J r Daniel Gale 

Jacob Thompson John Shaw Chase Osgood 

W m Dyer Chase Weeks 

Abraham Darling John Chapman 

.[ Vote of Town relative to the foregoing*~\ 

At the annual meeting of the legal voters of the Town of 
Sandbornton held March 8 th 1S03 

Voted That Coffin Sanborn & others may be incorporated as 
a Baptist Society in said Town and that Capt. Samuel Prescutt 
forward said vote to the Gen 1 Court — 

A true Copy of Record 

Attest Joshua Lane Town Clerk 
Sandbornton 8 th March 1S03 — 

The undersigners hereby Certify that they have been Suffi- 
ciently Served with a Coppy of the Petition of Coffin Samborn 
and others praying for an Incorporation as a Baptist Society in 
this Town before the Hon. the General Court at the last Ses- 
sion, and the order of Court thereon agreeable to said order of 
Court — 

Bradstreet Moody ) , 

t i.u r^i / Select men 

Jonathan Chase ) 

[The Baptist Association was incorporated in 1803. — 

S A N D O W N . 

The territory in this town was formerly in Kingston, 
from which it was severed by the governor and council, 
April 6, 1756, and incorporated as a separate town by its 
present name. This was done in answer to a petition from 
the inhabitants of the " Westerly end of the said Kings- 
town," and Col. Ebenezer Stevens was appointed to call the 
first meeting of the inhabitants. 

By the return of the selectmen, made in September, 1775, 



it appears that the town had a population of 635, of whom 
34 were in the army. In 1786 it had a population of 521. 

I cannot find any record of the addition of any territory 
to the town, or that any has been severed since its incorpo- 

Sandown men in First N. H. Regiment. 

Thomas Fuller enlisted April 3, 1777 ; discharged Decem- 
ber, 1 78 1. 

Israel Ingalls enlisted January 27, 1777 ; discharged Jan- 
uary 21, 1780. 


[10—22] [Relative to the Election of Representative: ad- 
dressed to the General Assembly, 1776.^ 

The Petition of the Inhabitants of Hawke & Sandown Hum- 
bly Seweth that where as the Legality of our meeting to Chuse 
a man to Represent us in Congress last December was disputed 
for which reason we have not been Represented and being 
Sensible of the priveledge pray for a New Precept to im power 
us to elect a proper person to represent us in the General As- 
sembly — and your Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray 

Caleb Towle 
Henry Morrill 
William Buswell 
Jonathan French 
Josiah Tuxbury 
Jonathan French 

Tho s Stow Ranney 
Jerema Towle 
James Towle 
Jon n Clough 
Hezekiah Blake 
Jabez Eaton 
Ezra Jones 
James Lowell 
Henry Elkins 
Samuel March 
Samuel Quimby 
John Sanborn 
Abraham Darling 
Richard Nason 
David Tilton 

Jethro Sanborn 

Henry Darborn 

Nathan Jones 

Nathan Jones Junr 

Isac Flanders 

Josiah Batchelder 

Joshua George 

Moses GrifTen 

Jonathan Whiteaker David Sargant 

John Collins 

Joshua Herman 

Peter Griffen 

Zephotous Griffen 

Samuel Sevens 

Richard Griffen 
Joseph Tilton 
John Tilton 
Benjamin wells 
william Rowell 
Timothy fellows 
Thomas Griffen 
Samuel Gedkins 

Moses Heath 
Asa Heath 
Samuel wiatt 
Nathan Hunt 
Benjamin Shaw 
Samuel Plumer 
Thomas Cotton 
Daniel Kelley 

Joseph Clifford San- Samuel Harsey 
born Robart Collins 

Sargant wells 
Jacob wells 
Timothy wells 
Phinacs Bachelder 
John Perver 
Benjamun Colby 
William Ferrin 
John Straw 
Benjamin Flanders 
Jonathan Huse 
orland Colbey 
Nathaniel Ingals 
David Bennet 
David Straw 
Jon a Straw 


Eliphalet Hoite Samuel Dannels Zebedia watson 

Joseph Williams Benjamin Hunkens Nathaniel Busvvell 

George Bartlett Stephen Longe Nathaniel Buswell J u 

Jedediah Philbrick Nathaniel French Samuel Beean 

Thomas Chelles Timothy Tilton william Beean 

Samuel Fellows Jethro Sanborn James Trussell 

Peter Elkins David Sleeper David Moulton 

Ann'is Campbell David Tilton Samuel Ingals 

Nathaniel Brown Moses Sanborn Sharbon Sanborn 

Nehemiah Sleeper Samuel Sleeper olever Sm Blake 

The above Names is a true Coppey of the Petitioners taken 

of by us — 

Reuben Clou^n") ,, 

ft the 

■V O 1 

Moses Colbev , 
David Quinby I 

Rpiibon Trnp l 

Reuben True 
moses Hook 
Ela Dow 

Sandown June 4 th 1776 

Read and voted to be granted June 5, 1776. 

of Hawke 


[10-23] \_Return of Ratable Polls, iy8j.~\ 

State of New Hampshire 
To the Council and House of Representatives at Concord 
Assembled convened — 

According to the Reques from the assembly of this State to 
make out a just account of all pols paying a pole tax for them 
selves we have taken the Number of all the pols paying a pole 
tax for them selves in the Parish of Sandown, and find they 
amount to the Number of one Hundred and three — 
From yours to Seirve — 

Ezra French \ Select men 
Alpheus Farrar j of Sandown 
Novr 27 th 17S3 

[Sworn to before Reuben Clough, justice of the peace.] 

[10-24] [Relative to the Line between Sandown and Ches- 
ter : addressed to the Assembly, iy8j.~\ 


As the Line between Chester and Sandown was Not Settled 
when we took the proportion Last Spring we took the Land to 
whare the Bounds .of the Lots Layd out by Kingstown we Now 


having settled the Line between the towns to be a Straight Line 
it cuts of Seventy two acres of Land and two heads and one 
house and a barn into Chester the Land supposed to be about 
twenty acres planting and moing and about twenty acres pas- 
tring and one acer and a half of orchard Land and thirty acers 
of unimproved Land £28 Value Buildings prisd at 6 pounds 
our prayers is that the above Heads Land and Buildings may 
be taken out of Sandown proportion as the above heads Land 
and Buildings are taken in to Chester proportion — 
From your most obedient and Humble Sarvants 

Ezra French | Select men 
Alpheus Farrar } of Sandown 
Dec m 4 th 1783 

[10-25] [Relative to Militia Affairs : addressed to the Gen- 
eral Assembly, I78j.~\ 

The Petition of the Subscribers freeholders and Inhabitants 
of Sandown in said State Humbly Shew that in the Late Devi- 
sion of the Seventh Regiment of melitia in this State, we are 
Informed that Sandown is Joyned to the Southwesterly Devi- 
sion thereof that Sandowm is the westerly Parish in the original 
Township of Kingstown and by being a Parish are naturally 
Connected with the other parts of said Town — That before the 
Revolution wee met with the other parts of said Town for 
Chusing Representatives and are now Connected with Hawke — 
another Parish in said Town for the same purpose — by which 
means our acquaintance & Connections with the other parts of 
said Town are greater than with the other Devision to which 
we are now Joyned 

We therefore pray that your Honours would be pleased' to 
Disannex us from the Southwesterlv Regiment and Annex us 
to the other Regiment to which the other parts of said Town 
belong — and vour Petitioners as in Duty bound will ever Pray 

John Sanborn Moses Hook Jona th Straw 

Moses Sanborn Ezekiel Eaton Banj a Williams 

Stephen Long Robert Collins Josiah morse 

Richard Long Daniel Sleeper J onn Pervere 

John Perkens Sherburne Sanborn Jonathen pervere 

Samuel Randall Tim y Tilton Samuel Flanders 

Abraham Hook Will' 11 Rovvell Benj a Flanders 

Samuel Sanborn David Sleeper Ephraim Flanders 

Ebenezer Long Samuel Sleeper Benjamin Colby 

John Sleeper Jonathan C Sanborn John Colbey 


Samuel Sleeper Junrlaac Tilton Ela Dow 

Josiah Derbou Benjamin Gilfling Nath 11 Ingalls 

Nathll French Alphs Farrar Peter Ingalls 

Phinehas Whitter David fuller Jonathan huse 

N Wells Benj a Hunkins Spencer Bennett 

Benjamin Taylor Isaac Hunkins Joshua Palmer 

Peter Taylour Eben Auls Jonathan Clough 

Joseph Tilton Asa Heath John Colby 

Daniel Davis William ferren peter CoLBey 

[10-26] [Petition relative to Paper Currency, etc. : ad- 
dressed to the General Court, ij86.~\ 

Humbly shew the Subscribers and Inhabitants of the town of 
Sandown in the County of Rockingham in said .State — 

That Your petitioners Labour under many and very Great 
Difficulties on Account of the great Scarcity of a circulating 
medium of trade also great Uneasiness has Arisen in ye minds 
of ye petitioners and many Others, on Account of a Claim 
Lately made to the Uncultivated Lands within this state and as 
your Honours are the Guardians of the Rights and priviledges 
of the people and as we have no Other Regular way of redress 
than by Applying to you therefore — we humbly request that 
your Honours would take our Case under your wise Consid- 
eration and Grant Us releaf Acting on the following particu- 
lars — 

i 8t ly That you would not allow those persons purchersers 
of the Allen Claims so called any part of their Claim within 
this State— 

2 d ly That not any of those persons that are purchersers of 
said Aliens Claim hold any Commission of profit or honour 
within this state for the space of one year — 

3 d ly That the General Court take Up the matter Respecting 
Masonan title to certain Land in this State which we think their 
title is not good and that those Lands Claimed by them be Con- 
verted to the Use of the State — 

4 th ly that thare might be a Bank of paper money made to 
redeem this State Security 

5 th ly that the General Court petition Congress to redeem the 
Continental paper Currency that is in the treasury in this State 
the same being more than our proportion of the Same — 

6 th ly that the ports and harbours in this State be opend and 
free trade for all Except the Refugees 

Sandown June i 8t 17S6 




Benjamin Flanders 
John Cheney 
John Tucker 
Jacob Tucker 
Peter Colby 
John Colby 
Charles Pressey 
Jonathan Huse 
Nathan Smith 
Thomas Hoit 
Nath 11 Ingalls 
Peter Ingalls 
Benjamin wells 
Timothy wells 
moses heath 
moses hath Juner 
Thomas Sherwell 
theophilus Grifen 
Ezekiel Eaton 
Spencer Bennet 
Ezra french 
Asa Heath 
otho Stevens 
Alpheus Farrar 
Sargent Wells 
Robert Chase 
Samuel Davis 

Benjamin Williams 
david Sargent 
Richard Long 
John Chase 
Jonathan Clough 
Ela Dow 
William ferren 
Rowel Straw 
Phinehas Batchelder 
Edmund Buswell 
Peter Sanborn 
John Pervere 
thomas Grifen 
Benjamin Shaw 
John Collins 
thomas fallows 
Ichobod Shaw 
Thomas Cotton 
Kelley Plummer 
Thomas Shaw 
Thomas Edmonds 
Benjamin Shaw jun 
Humphy Clough 
Moses grifen 
James Eaton 
Reuben Clement 
Robert Collings 

Samuel daniels 
Currier Fitts 
moses George 
Isaac Tilton 
Abraham Hook 
Jonathan C Sanborn 
Samuel Sanborn 
Henry Page 
Joseph Tilton 
Tim y Tilton 
William Rowel 
John Sleeper 
Nath 1 Wells 
John Sanborn 
Stephen Long 


Jethro Sleeper 
Josiah morse 
Edmund James Jun r 
Benj a Hunkins 
John Hearsee 
Daniel Kelley 
Richard Fitts 
Joshua George 
Joshua Palmer 
John Colby 

[For legislative action, see Vol. XI, p. 130. — Ed.] 

[10—27] [Petition from one of the Exeter Insurge7its : ad" 
dressed to the Ge?ieral Court, 1796. ~] 

Humbly shews, David Sargent Jun r of Sandown that in the 
year 17S6 belonging to the company of Militia in said Town and 
being young and quite ignorant respecting public afiairs, he by 
the request of the Officers and the example of many others of 
said Company was induced to join the party who went to Exeter 
as they said to seek for a redress of grievances — that your peti- 
tioner was one of those who were made prisoners and was then 
and there disarmed of a valuable firelock, which he is sensible 
was justly forfeited, but humbly prays that your Honours would 
consider him as an unexperienced youth at that time as he really 
was, and give order that he may receive said Firelock again, 
and as in duty bound shall pray — David Sargent 

Concord Dec r 


[The petition was dismissed. — Ed.] 


[R. 3-299] [Petition of John Colby, Soldier.'] 

Province of New Hampshire 

I the subscriber namely John Colby of Sandown in said Prov- 
ince Inlisted as a privit Soldier und r Coll Bayly the first year 
he went into the war and was taken by the Indians by Col 
Hinsdels fort and was Carried to Montrial and when that was 
taken I was Delivered out of Captivity and came horn Last 
October; and I never received any wages my self nor never 
gave any order to any person to draw any part of my wages 

John Colby 

May 4 : 1761 : 

[Sworn before Daniel Little.] 

[Said Colby appointed Jacob Bayley, of Hampstead, as 
his attorney (R. 3-300), in which he called himself as 4W Late 
of Newton, yeoman." Said Bayley petitioned in Colby's 
.behalf [R. 3-301), April 16, 1761, stating that Colby enlisted 
in 1755, was taken prisoner in July, the same year, and re- 
mained in captivity until Gen. Amherst captured Montreal 
in September, 1760. For particulars relative to Colby's 
capture, see Vol. VI, p. 412. — Ed.] 


The township was granted Oct. 25, 1763, to Samuel Gil- 
man, Jr., and others, in seventy-two shares ; and purported 
to contain six miles square of territory. The grantees caused 
the same to be surveyed, and finding the " Northerly & 
Westerly sides thereof, so loaded with inaccessable Moun- 
tains & Shelves of Rocks that it is uninhabitable," they pe- 
titioned for an additional grant of land lying south and east 
of the first grant. The petition met a favorable reception, 
and an additional tract was granted, Sept. 5, 1764, and called 
Sandwich Addition, with the following bounds : " Beginning 
at the south westerly corner of the aforesaid tract of land 
granted by the name of Sandwich, & from thence runs south 
one mile until it comes to (or upon a line with) the northerly 
side line of a tract of land called Palmers-town, or New 



Salem in that case to stop in a shorter measure ; then run- 
ning east between the aforesaid tract called Sandwich & 
the said Palmers-town eight miles ; then turning off & run- 
ning north seven miles ; then turning off again at right 
angles & runs west two miles, to the north easterly corner 
of the aforesaid tract called Sandwich." 

By an act passed Feb. 22, 1785, a committee were ap- 
pointed to fix the lines between this town, Tamworth, and 
Moultonborough, their report to be final and conclusive. 

December 23, 1808, an act was passed appointing William 
Webster, Noah Robinson, and Abraham Burnham "to es- 
tablish the jurisdictional lines between the towns of Sand- 
wich, Tamworth, Eaton, and Burton" (Albany). This com- 
mittee reported against making any change in the existing 
lines, and their report was adopted. 

£10-28] [Sandwich and J\Ioultonborotigh Inventories, 1773 .] 


The Inventory of the Pools & 
tonburough are as followeth Viz- 





Arable land 

Mow land 

Pasture land 






three years old 12 

two years old 24 

Yearlins 15 

Mills c 

Wharves c 

ferries o 


Stock in trade 

Estats of Sandwich & Moul- 



52 Acres 
100 Acres 
60 Acres 



1 three years old 





Arable land 

Mowing land 

Pasture land 






three years old 

Two years old 





Money &c 

Stock in trade 


76 acers 

117 acers 

80 acers 








The above is a true Inventory of the Polls & Estates in Sand- 
wich & Moultonborough taken by us the Subscribers in the 


Month of april 1773 in pursuance of an act of Court for that 

purpose pass d Janr y 14 th 1773 

Dan 11 Beede ) Select Men 
Bagley Weed j of Sandwich 
Sandwich ap 1 30 th 1773 — 

[Sworn to before H. Wentworth, Justice of the Peace.] 

[R. 3-298] [Relative to Moses Page, Soldier, 1778.2 

The Petition of the Selectmen of Sandwich in said State 
Humbly sheweth that Moses Page Son of Jonathan Page of 
Sandwich Came to his fathers house at Sandwich Jan y 15 th 1777 
where he abode till the 10 th of april and him the said Moses 
hath not been an Inhabatant of any other town or Parish from 
march 1776 at which time him the s d moses Enlisted into the 
Continental Service & there Remained till Dis Charged then 
Came to his fathers house at Sandwich as his only home & 
there had his name Entered in the Melisha List and Rate List 
and the tenth of april 1777 the s d town of Sandwich hired him 
the s d Moses at full price to Enlist Into the Continental army 
and Serve a turn for a man of Sandwiches quoto of the Conta- 
nental army Accordingly he Enlisted & passed muster for the 
town of Sandwich — Notwith Standing we have heard that Ep- 
ping have Returned him as one of their men which if so we 
pray your Honours hearing thereon & we make no dout but we 
Shall make fully to apear our Rightfull property to the Benefit 
of him the s d Moses — 

Nathaniel Ethridg") Selectmen 
Josiah Bean > of 

nemiah cram ) Sandwich 

Sandwich March 31 st 177S 

State of Newhamp 1 " 

Sandwich march 31 st 177S 
We hereby appoint mr Jonathan Page of Sandwich to pre- 
sent and prosecute the above Petition to Effect 

[10-29] [Pctitio?? to have Toivn-Mecti?igs legalized : ad- 
dressed to the Council and Assembly, Dec. 23, 1780.] 

The Petition of the Select Men of Sandwich in s d State hum- 
bly sheweth that the Inhabitancc of said Sandwich have ever 
from their first holding town meetings in said Sandwich for the 
Choosing the. town officers for said town held their Annual 


Meetings for the Choice of Town officers on the Last Monday 
of March whereas the Day appointed by the Charter of said 
town to Hold their annual meeting is the Seccond Tuesday of 
March annually which makes it doubtfull wheither their officers 
are Legally apointed if not they have no Legal authority to col- 
lect taxes &c — 

Wherefore we pray that your Honours Would Make an act 
or Resolve as in your Wisdom you see Good to Make Good & 
Valued in Law the appointment of the s d town officers & other 
Publick transactions of said Town of Sandwich as fully as if 
their annual Meetings had been held on the Day appointed by 
said Charter — 

And your Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray 

Daniel Beede ~) Select Men 
Ezekiel french > of 
John Present ) Sandwich 

[The proceedings at all prior meetings were legalized by 
the legislature, June, 1781. — Ed.] 

[10-30] [Relative to an alleged illegal Election, iYy6.~\ 

To the Hon ble the Counsel and Assembly of the State of New 
Hampshire — 

The Petition Memmorial & Remonstrance of the Inhaban- 
tance of Sandwich in s (1 State in Legal Meeting Convert hum- 
bly sheweth that whereas Jonathan Moulton Esq is said to be 
Elected to Represent MoultonBorough Sandwich & tamworth 
in s d State in the above Named Assembly we think ought not 
to be admitted and pray he the Jonathan Moulton Esq May not 
be admitted there unto for the following Reasons — 

First because him the s d Jon a Moulton Esq does not Reside 
within the Precinct nor County of the Electors 

2 d ly That on the meeting Day in the which the said Jonathan 
Moulton Esq was said to be Chosen and the dav before & sum 
Days in the week before the s d Jonathan Moulton Esq or his 
friends at Moultonbour 11 did make Entertainments at which both 
Victuals & Liquers ware distributed plentifully to a great Num- 
ber of Electors with an apparent View (as we Conceive) of 
gaining their Votes 

3 d ly your Petitioners humbly conceive that the said Jonathan 
Moulton Esq was not Choosen by the Majority of the Legal 
votes as the Ballet brought in to Meeting was but two the Ma- 
jority for the s d Jonathan Moulton Esq whereas more than that 


Number brought in ballet for the s d Jonathan Moulton Esq 
which had no Pretention to any Right to vote in s d Meeting 
Furthermore dureing the time of the said Entertainment the 
friends of the said Jon a Moulton Esq were disperced through 
Moultonberough Sandwich & Tamworth & brought in Votes 
from them that would not attend the Meeting a Small Majority 
of which were for the said Jonathan Moulton Esq and a nomber 
of which votes that were brought in for the said Jonathan Moul- 
ton Esq the men whose names were subscribed there unto deny 
that Ever Sign d assented or Consented thereunto and the Mod- 
erator of the s d Election Meeting being a Peculiar friend to the 
said Moulton Declar d the Meeting to be Desolved before we 
had an oppertunity of Examining into the Case All which doth 
appear to us fraudilent & Destructive to the good Government 
of a free People Wherefore we Rely on Your Honours Wisdom 
& Power to Interpose all such unjust measures and we as in 
Duty bound shall ever Pray — 

At. a Town meeting held at Sandwich Decemb r 16 th 1776 Le- 
gally Notified by the Select men for the same Purpose Voted 
Uannimusly that the foregoing Petition Memmorial & Remon- 
strance be Presented to the Councel & assembly with the Select 
mens — 

Return on the Precept &c — 

Test Daniel Beede Town Ok 

[The election of Mr. Moulton was set aside, and a precept 
sent for a new election. — Ed.] 

[10-31] \_Taxes on Exeter Academy La?tds.~\ 

A List of Taxes on the lands belonging to the Exeter Acade- 
my in Sandwich for the year 17S1 & 17S2 State & War Taxes 




1782 1781 [1782] 

The Right of 



Silver N Em 

Moses Thurston 

s. d. 

£ 5,10 

s. d. 

10, 33 

£1,11,3 £1, 2,8 

Clem* Moody 

5. 9 

9, 8 

19,— 16 — 

Nehemiah Cram 

6, 3 


i, 5'3 J > i>— 

Enoch Clark 

6, 9 

11, 5* 

1, 6,10 1, 2,4 

Edward Bean 

6, 4 

10, 3t 

i, 5-3 *> !' 

Tho' Reynolds 

7> 6 

i2, oi 

1,10,— 1, 5, 

Benj" Batcheldor 


10, 3 

1, 6,5 i, 1,— 

Ovven Reynolds 

5> 9 

9, 6 

1, 3,4 i8,S 


Benj* Atkinson 
Jos Atkinson 



6, 6 II, ij 

6, — io, i 

i, 6,o 
ii 4 — 

i, i,8 
I, o,- 

3' 2 > 8 5» 6 > 5 12,17,4 10, 9,4 
5> 6 ^5 3» 2 > 8 

£18, 3, 9 £i3,i2,— 

New Emission £13,12. 
Silver £18,3,9 
Copv from Sandwich Lists 

Tho s Odiorne 
Rec r Non Resident taxes 

[10-32] [Petition for an issue of Paper Money : addressed 
to the Assembly, if86.~] 

The Petition of us the Subscribers Being Inhabitants of the 
Town of Sandwich in S d State — most Humbly Sheweth that 
your Petitioners With Inhabitants of Said State Labours under 
Great Inconvenience for want of a Currancy or Medium Suffi- 
cient to transact the Common Business Between Man and Man 
and more Especially for the Payment of Public Taxes Within 
this State — and as the State is Grately in Debt and have Issued 
their State Notes to a Large amount — the Intrest of which they 
are annualy Taxed as well as for Part of the Principle and 
Whereas the State is also Called upon and taxed for a Very 
Large Sum for the Payment of Intrest on Continental Lone 
Office Certificates Issued in this State the payment of all which 
is Rendred Next to an Impossibility by the Scarsity of money 
— Notwithstanding your Petitioners are Desirous to Discharge 
their Public Debts with the Strictest Honour and Integrity that 
the Nature of things will admit of — Your Petitioners therefore 
pray your Excellency and Honours would Immedately make 
and Issue a Sum or Bank of Paper money Sufficient to pay off 
and Discharge all Such State and Continental Lone office Cer- 
tificates Issued in this as aforesaid and that Said paper money 
might Be made a Tender in all Past or futer taxes — and ansure 
in all payments in the Publick Treasury and in all payments on 
Private Contracts Whatsoever — Otherwise Relive Your Peti- 
tioners as your Excellency and Honours in Wisdom Sail Seem 
meet — and your Petitioners as in Duty Bound Shall Ever Pray 

Samuel Winslow Jr Thomas Burley Thomas Colby 

Benj ft Kimball Eliphalet Marefield John Glidden 



Benjamin Burley 
Sargent Kimball 
Elias Ladd 
Jacob Smith 
Elip' Smith 
Reuben Moulton 
Isreal Gilman 
John Brown 
Stephen Webster 
John Ladd 
Jethro Sanborn 
Jona. Gilman 
moses senter 
Samuel Burley 

Jeremiah Burpee 
Joseph Hoyt 
Nathaniel Ethridge 
Stephen Ethridge 
Edward wells 
Elisha Mudget 
Caleb Gilman 
Simeon Smith Jr 
Simeon Smith 
Dominicus Prescut 
Josiah Burley 
Daniel Moulton 
Thomas Burley 
Benjamin Adkinson 

Benjamin Blanchard 
Joseph Quenbe 
moses Brewer 
John Beede 
Edward Smith 
Bagly Weed 
Nehemiah Cram 
Jonathan webster 
Joseph thresher 
John Jewell 
David Bean 
Jacob Weed 
Bradbury Prescutt 

[10-33] \_JRefatwe t° disputed line between Sandwich and 
\Tamworth : addressed to the Assembly, Nov. ij, 7782. ,] 

Humbly Shews Nathaniel Folsom, Nicholas Gilman & Sam 1 
Folsom Esq" a Committee for and in behalf of themselves and 
other Proprietors of the Township of Sandwich in the County 
of Strafford 

That for a Long time past there has been Pending in the Su- 
perior Court of Judicature within this State Sundry Actions 
between the Proprietors of Said Sandwich and Sundry Persons 
Settled in the right of the Township of Tarn worth, which Ac- 
tions have been Prosecuted by Said Proprietors of Sandwich at 
a very Great Expence & trouble, and must be at much more — 

That by Interest of Some of the Justices of Said Court, and 
by other motives in Some others, Your Petitioners are in fear 
that they Shall never Obtain a Decicive Trial in those Cases 
Unless Your honours will in Justice 8c Equity Appoint and 
Commissionate Two, three, or four Special Justices to Sit in 
Said Court, and Adjudge those Causes, — wherein the Said 
Standing Justices are by Interest, or any other way Concerned 
or Disqualified to Judge thereof — Your Petitioners Therefore 
Humbly pray Your honours to Appoint a Sufficient Number 
of Special Justices to make a Quorum with one of the Standing 
Justices of Said Court to hear and Determine the Said Causes 
and any other in the Like Circumstances. That the Appoint- 
ment may be of Such Gentlemen as are Disinterested in Either 
of the Said Townships of Sandwich & Tamworth, And Your 
Petitioners Shall Ever pray &c — 

Nath" Folsom 
Sam 1 Folsom 

[See introduction. — Ed.] 


[10-34] [Return of Ratable Polls, l/8j.~\ 

State of Newhampshire & County of Straford — 

A Return of the Just Number of all the Male Poles Paying 
for them Selves a Pole Tax in the Town of Sandwich this Pres- 
ent Year 17S3 the Number of Which is one hundred & one 
Taken By the Select Men of S d Sandwich December y e S th 


Attest Jacob Smith \ Select Men 

John Ladd j of Sandwich 
[Sworn to before Daniel Beede.] 

[10-35] [Relative to Taxes on Acade?ny Lands : addressed 
to the General Court, yunc 4., iy88.~\ 

Humbly Shew 8 the Select men of Sandwich in s d State That 
the Genral Court on the 11 th day of aprel 17S0 Pas d a Resolve 
that no Lands belonging to Dartmouth Colege Should be Sold 
for taxes Soon after a Resolve Pas d that no Land belonging to 
the Philips Exeter Academy Should be Sold for taxes and it 
was further Resolv d that the taxes for the Present or untill a 
new Proportion Shall he made Should be Charged to the State 
at which time one Sixth Part of the township of Sandwich be- 
long unto Said Schools the Taxes due on which are as follows 

£ S d 
For the year 177S — 1 1 — 15 — o 
For the year 1779 — 107 — o — o 
for the year 1780 — 216 — 4 — o 

for the year 17S1 New emission Paper 16 — 4 — 6 — Silver 4 — 17 

for the year 17S2 £15 — S — 2 — 
for the year 1 7S3 — S — 8 — 8 — 

Which account was Presented to the General Court in the 
year 17S4 for allowance but through the hurrey of buisiness 
was not attended unto Since which we have been Obliged to 
Pay & Settle Said Taxes with the Treasurer Therefore we Pray 
The Hon blc Court to Grant unto the s d town or the Selectmen 
of Said town for the town use an order on the Treasurer for 
Such a Sum as Shall be Justly due to Said Town — 

And we as in duty bound Shall ever Pray 

Jonathan Gil man ) Select 
John Ladd j men 



[10-36] \_Stat7tient relative to Roads, Bridges, etc., 1791.'] 

Humbly Shewith the Inhabetance of Sandwich in Said State 
that the Roads in s d Town, are very wet Rocky and two 
Bridges over a rappid Stream which often raises twenty feet 
Parpendicular in a very Short time which often carris off Said 
Bridges that a road leading through s d town to Camptain is 
very much out of repare on which there is not one settlement 
for more than four Miles and another leading to Holderness 
equaly bad on which there is no settlement for three miles 
which two Last mention 11 Roads are all on Lands of non Resi- 
dents and altho the highway Rate in Said Sandwich for Sever- 
al years has been more than double to all other taxes vet are 
Very insuficient for the purpose of Repairing s d Roads There- 
fore we Pray s d Hon ble Court to Pass an act to enable the Select 
men- of Sandwich afores d to tax one Penny on the acre of all 
the unimprov d Lands owned by non Residents in Said Sand- 
wich Excepting Public Lands for the Sole purpose of Repair- 
ing said Roads leading to Camptain & Newholderness and as 
in Duty bound will ever Pray 

at a Legal meeting held at Sandwich Decemb 1 " 13 th 1790 
Voted the above Petition be Presented to the Hon ble Court 
above Said 

Nathaniel French moderator 
Daniel Beede Town Clerk 

[10-37] \_JVon- Residents' Answer to foregoing, ijqi.~\ 

WE the Subscribers owners of Land in the Township of 
Sandwich being informed that a Petition is to be presented to 
the General Court to Tax the Nonresidents for the purpose of 
repairing highways in said Township Hereby signify our Con- 
sent that the prayer of said petition be now granted on the fol- 
lowing Condition, on the part of the petitioners, Viz. that said 
Tax do not exceed One penny per Acre — 

Exeter January I2 ui 1 791 . 

John Taylor Gilman — Owner of sixteen Lots of One 

Hundred Acres each — 1600 

\V m Parker j r Six Lots one hnndred acres each 600 

Jonathan Cass four Lots 100 acres each 400 

Gideon Lamson four Lots 100 acres each 400 

Nathaniel Gilman Five Lots: 100: acres each 500 

Whole 35°° 



[10-39] \_Petifi01i for a Special Tax to Build Roads, 1796.'] 

The Petition of the Subscribers Selectmen in behalf and 
Agreeable to a Vote of the Inhabetants of the Town of Sand- 
wich Humbly Sheweth — 

That the Inhabitants of the Town of Sandwich by Reason of 
their local situation among Mountain Ponds and Streams are 
obliged to be at great Expence to Support their highways and 
that the Town of Thornton request a road to be laid out and 
Made passable to their Line which is about Six miles without 
Inhabitants another Road must be made to Holderness about 
Two miles thro unimproved Lands and another to Burton un- 
der the Same Circumstance abut three Miles and almost all our 
Roads in Town very bad. Therefore we pray that the Select- 
men may be impovvered to Assess on all the Lands in Sand- 
wich Two Cents per Acre for the Purpose of making and Re- 
pairing the before mention'd Roads and now laid out in Sand- 
wich where most needed or Grant us relief in Such manner as 
you Shall in your Wissdom Think best and we Shall as in duty 
bound ever Pray 

Sandwich Nov r 21 th 1796 

Tohn Folsom ) c , 

Asa Crosby J Selectmen 

[The foregoing petition was granted. — Ed.] 

[10—40] \_JVon- Residents' Remonstrance to foregoing. ,] 

The subscribers, owners of lands in Sandwich — being inform- 
ed that application has been made to the Legislature for grant- 
ing a Tax upon the non resident owners of lands in said Town 
and a time assign'd for a hearing thereon — Beg leave respect- 
fully to shew — 

That from the first settlement of said Township the proprie- 
tors have expended large sums for settling and defending the 
same and believe they are warranted in saying that their expell- 
ees attending the settlement & c have been at least equal to the 
proprietary expences of Any Township within the State. — 

That when the first grant of the Town was run out the pro- 
prietors found so great a proportion of bad lands within their 
limits that they determined not to prosecute the settlement un- 
less they could obtain an additional Grant — which they after- 
wards did obtain. — That it appears by a Census taken in pur- 
suance of the Act of Congress of March 1790 That the Town 


then contained Nine hundred and five persons — that since that 
time the number has greatly increased, that a great proportion 
of the Valuable lands are already settled and there is a large pro- 
portion of the lotts unfit for settlement and of Very little Value — 

That the Town petitioned the General Court in the year 1791 
for granting a Tax of one penny an Acre — That the then agent 
and representative of the Town shew this petition to a number 
of the non resident owners of lands and requested their consent 
to the Grant of the Tax that the act might pass without previ- 
ous public notice and from an Understanding with the said 
agent and Representative that on condition of their giving such 
consent no further request would ever be made on this subject 
they gave their consent in writing which was presented to the 
General Court and the Act passed at the Same Session — 

That a General act having been passed by the Legislature for 
Taxing non-residents they did not expect application would be 
made for particular Taxes — That a Tax of a Certain Sum per 
acre on lands without regard to their Value is in their opinion 
unequal & oppressive — Wherefore they pray that said Tax may 
not be granted — 

Nath 1 Folsom N 8 Gilman 

Nath 11 Gidding Nat. Gilman 

Gideon Lamson W m Parker j r 


The territory in this town was formerly a part of Hamp- 
ton, and was a part of the town of Hampton Falls when 
that town was established, and so remained until June 3, 
1768, at which time it was incorporated as a separate town 
by its present name, the derivation of which is obvious. 

The Quaker Society, formed in 1701, was largely in that 
portion of Hampton which is now Seabrook, and its mem- 
bers were, by the act incorporating the latter named town, 
to be exempt from paying any taxes for the support of the 
Presbyterian church. 

By an act passed December 7, 1816, a small tract of land 
was severed from Hampton Falls and annexed to this town. 

June 26, 1822, an act was passed establishing the west- 
erly boundary line of this town, by which a tract of land 
formerly belonging to South Hampton was declared to be 
within the jurisdiction of Seabrook. 

y? 0120? 97